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 Worst nightmare (complete...finally)

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Ki : 4077266
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PostSubject: Worst nightmare (complete...finally)   Fri Aug 27, 2010 4:31 pm

Running down a spiral staircase, his leather moccasins clacking on the metal rosters. Dr Thorn ran through the laboratory untill he reached that what he wanted to reach; his children, his lifework, the dreaded AS13. They were his most prized creations, build by bio-engineering technology, modified on his master's DNA structure. They were the absolute perfection in his eyes. A sigh escaped his lips as he uncovered them, the strongest androids he had ever built.

"Come children, today it is your lucky day."

While smiling viciously, he began to enter a code on the touchpanel of each frozen tube, ending the eternal slumber of his children. A soft hissing sound began to escape from every tube as the liquid began to melt and dissapear. After a few long seconds the tubes opened and revealed what was inside; three androids in three different colors, resembling Thorn's master in every way.

while singing from joy or just pure madness, Dr Thorn began to inject each of them with a small syringe filled with a purple liquid. Instintaniously they awoke after having their shot. Slowly they began to stroll out of their tubes and looked at Thorn.

"Children, the base is under attack, we need your help in this matter. You are my most wonderful creation, show those intruders what you are worth."

All three androids smiled and took one of the modified scouters laying on the table in front of them. In a sudden burst they flew right through the roof of the ship, causing massive damage and water pooring in to the ship. As the broke through the last metal plates, they jumped out of the water with great force, creating a small tidalwave as they emerged. All of a sudden all three spoke with their shrieky voices;

"Who are you people, you who dares to defy the will of our master?"
Gosai and the mystery blond had been locked up in battle yet again when the three robot? Clone? Whatevers. Finally emerged from the water. The shock of their arrival caused both humans to seperate from each other. Gosai looked little worse for the ware. Perhaps a bit sooty from one explosion or another, and he was sweating a little from the continued exertion.

For a moment he simply blinked at the new arrivals. They'd come in a cacophony of color, leading him to wonder if, perhaps, he'd been hit a little to hard in the head. Blue, yellow, and red Chill's assaulted his vision. And then they spoke. Gosai cast a glance to Azumi who looked nervous with the new arrivals.

Okay, so I'm not hallucinating... that's good, right? Gosai thought to himself as the trio began to speak.

"I didn't know Chill had brothers. Or... are you his sisters?" He asked, tilting his head to the side. Their voices left him slightly confused on the matter. They seemed to straddle the line of male/female and it was clouded ever more in that it sounded like they were just picking up and eating cigarettes at this point.

"You idiot!" The blond female screamed, pointing up at the trio with her unarmored hand. "That's AS13! Doctor Thorn's favorite, and probably most powerful, development. If he sent them... then you're really in trouble."

Gosai raised an eyebrow, extending his ki sense outward. Yeah, all three 'AS13' copies were at least moderately powerful. One on one, he had little doubt he could deal with them... but he doubted they'd consent to fight that way.

And then there was his blond assailant. She was fairly powerful in her own right... at least, as long as she had her weapons she was.

"So... is this gonna be four on two then? It hardly seems fair." Gosai commented, before flashing all three of them with his patented smirk. One that just seemed to scream 'for you, that is'.

With his opening comments made, Gosai simply slipped fluidly into his ready stance allowing his attackers to make the first move.

The woman smiled as she saw Gosai take his stance. She wondered if this human even knew what he was up against. Even so, he would have his hands full with them, meanwhile she could take care of his 'girlfriend'. Straightening herself, she turned towards the dangerous trio and shouted her orders.

"AS13, battle-formations, do not go easy on them!"

The three little androids suddenly took on their own stance and simultaniously dashed forward towards the young human. With their shrieky voices they began to cackle as they began to assault Gosai with various kicks and jabs. While defending himself from their attacks, he looked aside for a brief moment and saw that the mysterious woman had already engaged against Azumi, yet he couldn't help her, not that she really needed it though.

Suddenly a smirk came accross Gosai's face. He closed his eyes and began countering all three androids with outmost ease and tranquillity. The assault of the three little androids was now turning in Gosai's favor, as he, with his eyes closed blocked and dodged every single punch and kick that was thrown towards him. Angry as they became the three androids began to lose their temper and started with a full blown onslaught of their own again, in the hopes that they would finally hurt the human. After a few minutes a swift punch from the red AS13 finally made a connection with Gosai's gut. Sliding backwards the young martial artist opened his eyes and smirked.

"Heheh, seems it was about time someone laid a hand on me, who was it? The red, the blue or the yellow midget?"

Suddenly Azumi knocked down the blond woman and yelled at him;

"It was the red one!"

Gosai smiled and increased his power a bit more, as in a flash, he stood right beside the red one.

"Congratulations, here's your price."

With a swift push, he made the red android lose his balance and plunge in the cold water. The yellow and the blue android started cackling at the sight of their red sibling falling in the cold water, yet their fun was abrubtly ended as they too made a sudden dip in the cold water.

"You're playing games with them!?" The blond screeched, appalled by the manner in which Gosai was dealing with AS13. This moment of distraction, unfortunately, left her wide open for Azumi to plant a firm kick into her mid-section, sending the skate wearing fighter rolling backwards across the plains.

"You made one big mistake, lady. Roller blades on dirt? C'mon, that's just stupid."

"I'll show you stupid!" The woman yelled out, pointing her mechanical cover at Azumi, a missile quickly loading up into it. Point to fire took only a few moments, leaving the brunette martial artist just barely enough time to fall to the ground to avoid the deathly projectile.

Gosai however, was still amusing himself with the copies of his old 'friend' Chill. "So, when exactly is Chili-bowl himself getting here?" Gosai queried, pointing both of his palms at the shallow pit of water the three were in. A prolonged beam of ki was doing all the hard work of quickly heating the water until the trio jumped back up into the air.

"Don't mock-" The red one began.

"The master, you-" The blue one picked up.

"Worthless human!" The yellow one finished.

The trio of fighters quickly repositioned themselves in the sky for a moment, forming a small triangle in the air, the red 'Chill' at the top, pointing both of his hands down at angles. The blue 'Chill' at the left, holding one hand pointed towards the red one's outstretched hand, and another in the yellow 'Chill's directions. For his part, yellow was a mirror image of blue. All three of them holding their arms outward.

Faintly at first, a burst of ki began to ripple between the three of them, passing frome one's hand to the next, each of them adding a fractional amount of ki as it bounced around before the red yellow one spiked it at the human fighter.

"Well... that's new." Gosai admitted, raising up both of his hands over his head, collecting his own charge of ki. "Looks like I get to test my new move... masenko!" The male human cried out, launching his attack into the ball of energy the Chill Trio had fired at him.
The trio of Chill's tried to hold on their attack, but in just a matter of seconds, the Masenko blasted through it and made its way towards them. Swiftly they jumped aside, only being singed a bit by the Masenko's raw power. Looking at the explosion of the Masenko a few hundred meters further, the trio finally understood that the human was not just an ordinary one, this one was strong, stronger than they were in their current form.

"We too..." yelled the yellow Chill

"Have a..." screamed the red Chill

"Special trick." shouted the blue Chill.

They suddenly began to morph into each other, forming a much taller and more muscular form of themselves. The new monster's voice was deep and distorted, it's entire body was the mix of the trio's colours. It's powerlevel was severely increased compared to before.

"Perhaps I should demonstrate what real power is, young human."

Swiftly the creature darted forwards and threw his massive fist at Gosai's gut, followed by an entire assault of punches. At the end of his attack, he slammed Gosai away with his thick and muscular tail, sending the young martial artist sliding backwards. Gosai smirked and lowered his arms after he stopped sliding.

"Was that all, really, come on. I mean, I thought you would've been like superstrong, but this is just hilarious."

The monstrous being began to roar and held out both arms, launching several Sokidans at the human warrior, destroying the entire area where Gosai was standing. As the creature ended its lethal barrage, it smiled and began yelling.

"Hahaha, you did not see that coming did you?"

"Actually, I did."

Surprised, the big monster turned around and widened its eyes. There he stood, right behind him. The monster couldn't understand it, the human did not even have a scratch on his entire body, even after all those punches.

"Who are you?"


a few miles away

A massive ship is landing on a large open field, bearing the symbol of the banished tyrant, lord Chill. As it touched the ground, its hull opened and a few people stepped out of the large craft; two beautifull women and a handsome man. Stepping on the grass, they all turned around and bowed, except for the woman with white hair, she just ran towards the creature coming out of the ship and hugged it.

"Well, well this is Namek, good. This is the perfect place to exact my revenge."

"Me?" Gosai queried, pointing a finger towards himself. "I'm just Gosai Matsuhito. Maybe you've heard of the name?" He added on with a smirk, leaping towards the now massive changeling in an attempt to drive his knee into, what he assumed, were still relatively sensitive muscle clusters on the creature's back. With luck, he might be able to finish this fight right now with one attack.

Unfortunately, just because the changeling was shocked didn't mean it was stunned. The creature lashed out with it's tail, knocking Gosai to the side. The human quickly gripped the dirt between his fingers, sliding to a stop near the water's edge just in time to intercept the next frenzied assault of the monster.

"Not bad." Gosai puffed, pushing another punch aside before firming himself against a knee strike. The changeling had the advantage in reach now. But Gosai had always been a long term kinda fighter anyway. Heh, that's right. That big bulky body takes more energy to move than mine. And the way you're swinging it around... go ahead and tire yourself out. The human chuckled to himself before trying to push his way through to an opening for a strike at the monster's gut.

Azumi on the other hand was still keeping a frenzied pace. The mystery blond was attempting to keep the brunette at a distance after finding Azumi's speed to much to compensate for. As it turned out, the mechanical arm was quite versatile when it came to projectile attacks. Missiles were scorching the ground while she occasionally used it as a shield against her opponent.


Farther away on Namek however, Enoki sat alone at the table of Gosai's ship, contemplating a cup of tea. A cracked cup, split down the middle almost perfectly.

This is a bad omen. He thought silently, not moving from his spot, not looking away for a second. But, is it meant for me... or for Gosai? ...Will that even matter?

A trembling Doctor Thorn was sitting on his chair, looking at a big screen in front of him. He saw the power ratings come up on his screen, as a hint of fear struck at his heart.

dear lord, he has arrived; thought Thorn,This isn't good, not good at all.

Kaz meanwhile, was slowly recuperating from the shock that the liquid had given him. Looking in the mirror, he widened his eyes. His turquiose skin had turned bright green and his orange hair was now bright red. He felt the power flow inside him, like a constant rush of adrenaline pumping through his veins. He had never felt so alive, so sharp on the edge, it was exillerating. He noticed that his uniform and armor were shredded and threw them off, not even bothering himself with taking on a new vest and armor.

"Are you fine, Kaz?" the Dr asked him while he was still admiring himself in the mirror. He swiftly turned around and tried to give a light slap against Thorn's face, yet his light slap knocked the Dr. through his transmissionscreen and against the steel wall of the ship. Surprised by his own power, Kaz began to laugh as he noticed that Dr. Thorn had lost consciousness. "Well, I guess I'll be the one to report your failiure to lord Chill;" said a smirking Kaz to the unconscious doctor. Seconds later, he climbed out of the ship and blasted off, faster than he ever could before.

Outside, the fight was still going on and was progressing slowly but steadily in both Gosai and Azumi's favor. While the big Changeling-android began to power up for a big attack, it suddenly was hit square in the face by Gosai's knee, followed by a hard hammerblow on the back of it's neck. Roaring with its deep voice, the monster got back to his feet, trying to retaliate. Yet suddenly something happened, as the monster stood up and lifted his arm in order to land a punch at Gosai, it's muscles began to pulsate and deform. In a matter of seconds, his arm began to deform and exploded in a large pool of goo accross the ground.

"No, not yet. It can't be an hour yet, Noo!"

Seconds later, all muscles began to pulsate and deform. As the entire body was beginning to deform, it exploded into a massive pool of greenish goo, leaving no trace of the big changeling-android. At the same time, Azumi saw her chance clear of getting a good hit against the blond female, landing a swift karatechop against her airpipe, Azumi knocked her out cold.

"Hey, wanna watch what's inside?"

Gosai arched an eyebrow as the massive changeling exploded into goo all around himself and Azumi. "Well, that was... unexpected." He finally spoke up, pulling off his gi shirt and attempting to flap it in the air to get some of the goo off. After a few moments' consideration however, he nodded to Azumi's comment.

"We've come this far, might as well see it all to the end." The human male nodded, walking towards the water's edge. He scanned the liquid for several long moments before nodding towards part of it. "Right there. That's where the three of them came out from. How long can you hold your breath, 'Zumi?"

"Long enough." The female returned, taking in a deep breath of air before diving into the water. Gosai was not far behind, wondering in the back of his mind if what they were diving into was salt water, fresh water, or some other compound entirely. Fortunately, it was pure enough they could see through it.

And at the bottom of the area, almost cut off from the light of the suns of Namek was a single ship. Similar in many ways to Gosai's own ship. It was large, it was circular, disk like really. But the major difference was the multitude of holes smashed into it. Crude metal plating was slammed against these points in an effort to keep out the water.

The human duo swam quickly, with Gosai grabbing hold of one of the broken areas of the ship. He gestured to Azumi who swam up next to him in interest. It took only a few seconds to pull on his ki enough to break through the metal barrier, a single well placed blast punch broke it. The two were quickly sucked in by the currents of water.

"Door's closing!" Azumi called out, trying to get out of the room before the emergency equipment could seal it up.

Once again, Gosai was proving his speed had increased since the two had met. Seemingly vanishing from the water, he was able to grab the sliding door before it could close. "Ladies first." He offered to Azumi with a grin.


Meanwhile, Kaz flew onward, unaware of the bullet he'd just dodged. No, right now only one thing was on his mind. According to the scouter's readings not only had Lord Chill arrived, but he'd brought his usual entourage of warriors. Those humans wont know what hit them. He thought with malicious glee.

The duo had made a fool of him and defeated his men with an ease that was terrifying. But then, until only a few moments ago, he and they had all been grunts. Now, he was much more.

The entire flight took only moments before he landed on the ground with a harsh 'thump', falling immediately into a kneeling position before the tyrannical changeling. "Forgive me, my lord." He spoke in rushed, clipped tones.

"But our enterprises on Namek have been... interrupted. Our forces are under assault by warriors of power that may be comparable to your elites. They defeated our soldiers with ease, Area was sent out with AS13, but I fear that Doctor Thorn has promised far more than he can deliver with those projects."

His report finished, the alien kept his head bowed, awaiting the response of his overlord. He doubted very much that Chill would be pleased with the news... and many of his species had a reputation for 'shooting the messenger' as the saying went.
"So let me get this straight, Kaz. You mean that both Area and the AS13's failed. Weren't you supposed to guard doctor Thorn untill I had arrived at the location?"

The alien warrior bowed his head again, hoping to be grated some slack. Yet his hopes were in vain, as a second later a full force smack against his jaw made his neck snap like a fresh twig. The devious changeling instantly cackled as he saw the alien's lifeless body fall to the ground with a sad expression on his face.

"My, my, it seems I'm not quite used to my new power, hahaha."

Meanwhile in the underwater ship, Doctor Thorn just regained consciousness and tried to make a connection to Chill's transmitter. The large screen showed the changeling's devious face, smirking at the doctor.

"Mylord, it seemed I have failed to create perfection, if I just had a good sample of Sh..."

"You shut your mouth doctor, you have failed me one time to many. There is only one choice left, survive the intruders and get killed by me, or assimilate yourself. But perhaps I might still find a need for your intelligence, doctor. I'll tell you what, you'll get your perfect testsubject soon enough."

Bowing his head, he recorded the transmission and saved it on the hard drive, just as an insurance. He knew he needed to carefully download every message he had been given, just to use it when needed. A loud bang from the etage above him made him wake up from his deep thoughts.

"It seems they have reached the second level, I'll see them soon enough."

Opening a drawer, the doctor pulled out a 45. Magnum and loaded it. Holding out his gun towards the door, he awaited the intruders, who where most likely on their way.

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PowerLevel : 4077266
Ki : 4077266
Transformations : second form, third form, final form (current),final form 100%
Tehniques : telikinesis, deathbeam, deathstorm, deathball, nova charge, supernova, rapid ki blast, kiai, deflect, bukujutsu, instant transmission, deathwave, daichiretsuhan, kienzan, solarflare, afterimage, super mega deathball, super slither slasher basher, DeathCounter, violent thunder, revenge deathball
Battle Points : 224
Zeni : 916033
Items : weighted armor, ToM x19 (used), Z-sword, King's armor, prince's scouter, ultimate senzu, super saibamen (extra large bag=30 seeds)
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PostSubject: Re: Worst nightmare (complete...finally)   Fri Aug 27, 2010 4:41 pm

At the same time, a large troop of Universal Technology soldiers was flying through the air, looking for a saiyan warship they had spotted when The Marauder was still in orbit. Their orders were very clear; every man that came in their way had to be captured as it could be used to lord Chill's advantage. As the troop flew through the air, one of the soldiers suddenly yelled at its captain;

"Sir, there, down below. There is a man sitting outside that ship. Isn't that the ship we were looking for?"

"Indeed right you are. Call general Spectra and ask her for assistance, we can't take any chances."

"Yes sir."

In a swift motion the entire group of soldiers made touchdown, equipping themselves with their armblasters and Mark II outfit. If this man was one of the two people that were close to their master's archnemesis, then they had to be carefull.


Meanwhile on the ship in lake Fujara

The doctor trembled as he heard the noises come closer, he remembered that bullets were almost useless against these so-called superhumans, who could destroy entire cities if they had to. The steel door to his laboratory slowly opened. He couldn't handle it anymore, he would not die at the hands of Chill just because he failed to create perfection, he definitly wouldn't die at that cruel man's hands.

As the door opened, Gosai and Azumi saw something they would never want to see, as the doctor smiled insanely as he stuck the large 45. Magnum in his mouth.

"You will never get me, never."

A loud bang followed as a second later, the Doctor fell to the ground with his entire skull being ripped to pieces by the bullet of his Magnum. Yet by accident, his hand fell on the transmissionbutton and opened up an old file, a message that he never played and was just sended to him while he awokened the AS13. The large screen turned on and a dark, obscured face with vicious green pupils looked straight at the human duo.

"Welcome Gosai, I have been expecting you. As we speak all who you hold dear will be in danger. I will be the one to decide their fate, or their death. Let's have a word dear boy, that is if you have the guts to face me one more time and if you truly hold your friends dear, I suggest you hurry. My patience is not endless."

With a sinister cackle the transmission ended, with the hand of the doctor sliding off the panel.

The elder Matsuhito said little, lost in his meditations upon the events conspiring on Namek. He wasn't blind to the appearance of Chill's ki, nor to the soldiers he had brought with him to this world. A darkened, malevolent ki that spoke volumes of the man who projected it.

"Heh, I suppose I still do live in interesting times." Enoki finally commented, rising up to his feet as he focused his senses upon the soldiers. The doors weren't sealed. Was he caught off guard? Or had he expected such an event? Either way, what was coming couldn't be changed now.

The old man was determined to meet the attack with dignity, poise... and all the obstinacy the Matsuhito family was known for. As the door to the room he was waiting in burst open, the elder martial artist kicked the table upward, flipping it to take the initial barrage of ki-blasts.

The wood splintered easily from the force, but Enoki's 'defense' wasn't finished yet. Quickly he began punching the air, smashing his fist into the still burning chunks of table falling to the ground. Each one launched like a shot at a different soldier, smashing against their bodies with surprising force, even leaving cracks in the armor of a few of the lower level soldiers.

Before the barrage was even over however, the human fighter was between a few of the soldiers, his hands were nimble, jabbing fingers towards pressure points, intending to immobilize his remaining foes with the least effort. Technical skill was keeping him a step ahead of the low soldiers. A few jabs, or quick kicks. A convenient block and he was treating them like the cannon fodder they were.

"Come now, do you plan to let the minions do all the work?" He asked aloud, addressing the other power he was feeling on the ship.


Gosai's mouth was gaping open as he stared at the suicide in front of him. Oddly enough, despite his profession... or perhaps because of it, death was still something new to him. He hadn't had to deal with much of it in his so far short life. "What the crap!?" he demanded once he began to regain his wits.

Azumi's hand moved up to her mouth in shock. She had no idea what to say or do. Her eyes refused to leave the corpse in her presence, even as Chill himself appeared on the screen. Her expression was fixated upon the remains of Doctor Thorn.

The male however glared quickly at the figure of the changeling warlord. "Ah, Chili-Bowl. I was wondering when you'd show up." He declared, putting all his cockiness behind the words once again. He paused, allowing Chill to utter his threat before laughing. Yes, laughing. At Chill.

"Really? That's your big ultimatum? 'Everyone you care about is in danger'? How cliche can you get! Besides that, I've got Azumi with me.. and trust me, if you send anyone after grandpa... he'll put them down himself." Gosai asserted confidently.

Spectra looked at her scouter, noticing that the old man's power was far greater than she could've expected. Suddenly she felt a cold shiver creeping up her spine, as a slender female hand slithered up accros her side to her chest. A soft voice whispered in her ear, sounding smooth, but poisonous.

"Is that my plaything for today Spectra?"

Spectra stood silent, almost frozen solid. She did not know the powers of this woman, but she was able to stay close to her master and had no fear at all for him. More freightening was the fact that she had a cold behavior, almost insane, as if she enjoyed to torture and kill.

"Yes, he's an old human martial artist, do not underestimate him, Suigintou."

A smile crept on Suigintou's face as she heard Spectra's comment. Yet besides Chill there was no other person who truely understood her abilities and what she was capable of. Thousands of years she had survived the dead planet Rath, for centuries she was frozen in the ice of Rath before she was discovered by her true master. She wasn't affraid of anyone besides her true master, so she wasn't really impressed by the show given by Enoki.

"Hmm, I think I know exactly how to catch this poor old man of guard."

Slowly but certainly she began to change her shape, stretching to a staggering seven feet tall. Her muscles began to enlarge as a black stretchsuit began to envelop her. Metal plates began to form an armor as at the same time a long black cape emerged from the suit. As final touch, a large metallic helmet encased her head, deepening her voice. Her aura shifted from her beautifull white to the same black color as that of Chill. Turning around she began to throw orders at the remaining soldiers and Spectra.

"All of you, form a horizontal line and walk to the top of this plateau, then me and Spectra will join you."

As Enoki had beaten the last grunt that attacked him, he looked up and saw a line of easily fifty soldiers stand straight on the plateau not fawr away. Suddenly a young woman came on the plateau, followed by a large man covered in black robes and wearing a finely crafted armour, his black aura flaring up with every step.

It can't be , thought Enoki as he looked at the man.

Enoki's body was frozen. Tensed with surprise. Memories long buried rising up in his mind like bile. "I suppose it was wishful thinking to believe you were gone permanently." He spoke allowed, the air was still, the soldiers silent. In the calm before the storm his words carried easily over to his foes. "Though to find you off on Namek... I imagine you're here for something."

The aged master had a storied past, one his grandson had little suspicion of and right now much of it was flooding back to him. The carnage, the chaos spreading across whole worlds... armies destroyed and warriors perishing. The screams were still fresh in his mind and with an effort he pushed them away, stepping forward slowly, considering his options.

He's weakened though. Requiring so many soldiers... he can't be anywhere near his full strength. If I can plan it out... I can get lucky... I can stop him.

"I'm afraid, however, that this time your reign will end before it even has a chance to begin." The elder Matsuhito chided, sliding his foot across the ground, the edge of his toes picked up a rock with the momentum, the stone sent hurtling straight at the armored figure's face.

Already he was practically running across the heads of the rank and file soldiers, almost as soon as the rock came to the armored figure Enoki landed on the ground behind him, spinning to plant a double palm strike into the armor's back.


Gosai on the other hand was largely unaware of the entire situation occurring at his own ship. His home away from home was being invaded... and instead, he was following the familiar, corrupted ki of one of the small group he was beginning to understand did truly consider him an enemy.

What is with this guy and attacking me? The human fighter thought to himself, flying through the air at top speed, Azumi was right behind him. It was the safest place either of them could think to let her be. Beneath him remnants of the battle could slowly be seen passing underneath them. Injured and unconscious soldiers...

"Eh?" Gosai declared, pausing for a moment in mid-air. "The blond went missing..." he commented, gesturing to the part of the ground Area had previously been unconscious upon.

Suigintou noticed that Enoki wasn't really impressed, immediatly coming to the conclusion that the human had the ability to read Ki. She was able to transform into other people as well as their Ki signature, yet her power stayed the same. No matter, she had enough power to deal with him, at least she hoped. But she also had a full repertoire of neat tricks, which if used properly, could easily turn every battle in her favor.

As the old man suddenly showed his speed, he caught all soldiers except for Spectra and suigintou by surprise. As he appeared right behind Suigintou, he lashed out, yet his hands were driven through a thick mist. It seemed he was on another planet, not anylonger Namek. The soldiers were gone, the blonde bossy woman as well. He did not understand, yet his mind told him that he had been here before. Suddenly he was startled as he heard voices yell around him, he recognised them. Looking straight ahead of him, he saw the same armored man he saw before, Shadow.

they were alone, no person except for them stood in the wide foggy open plain. He watched as the armored man came closer, and the closer the man came, the thicker the fog became. Untill he was surrounded by a dense and impervious fog, shrouding his entire view. A deep and dark voice seemed to boom out of nowhere, coming from everywhere.

"Did you really think I was dead, don't you understand that god's can not be killed. I will have my vengeance, I will destroy all who oppose me, all who defy my will. Everything you hold dear will perish, all you know will dissapear in my darkness. Worlds will once more crumble beneath my force, solarsystems will yet again fall under my terror."

As the voice silenced, the fog seemed to open up and eventually dissapeared. Yet as soon as the fog was gone, Enoki realised, he was still at the same place. At his right, the armored man showed up.

"I am the ruler of the universe"

suddenly another armored man showed up at his left.

"I am the destroyer of faith."

Yet another armored man showed up.

"I am the banisher of hope."

The longer he stayed, the more armored men showed up, swarming around him, while at the same time the sky turned completely black.

"I am the lawyer..."

The wind began to blow harder and more violent, while more and more armored men showed up.

"The procecutor..."

The wind had now turned into a massive storm, and rain began to poor from the darkened sky.

"The judge..."

Looking at his hands, Enoki noticed that the rain wasn't normal, it was red and smelled like iron. It was blood, the entire field was being drenched in blood, spilled in the past millenia, the blood on the hands of one being; Shadow. He looked up, widening his eyes.

"The Jury..."

Two large green yes appeared in the sky a massive vile grin as well. The armored men around him, began to claw and grab at him, trying to tear him to shreds somehow, yet everytime he tried to hit them, his fists and feet went through them as a loud sinister laughter sounded from the sky. The large maul opened and came downwards, seemingly aiming to swallow the entire place Enoki was standing in a single gulp.

" The Executioner !!"

The old man closed his eyes as the maul came down, still hearing the men around him speak.

"Once more I'll drown the universe in blood."

The elder Matsuhito's heart rate was increasing. This was a place he had been before. The battle that had nearly ended dozens of the most powerful beings in the galaxy decades ago... and after decades of relative peace he was back here. The battle was rejoined. But now he was alone. The great men who fought Shadow the first time were nowhere to be seen, all that remained, the only one to stand today was a young man, now old.

Focus, you old fool! Enoki's mind screamed at him as he attempted to follow Shadow's movements with his eyes. Each new 'Shadow' however added to the complexity of this game of hide and seek. The rain of blood... a nice touch. Dramatic and intimidating all in one go.

Ignore it. The aged martial artist ordered himself. He'd expected a physical assault, but no. It seemed that the entire planet had opened up beneath him, leaving the old man no choice but to give a sample of more than simply his skill. Pushing his ki beneath his body, Enoki launched himself skyward. Think. Think. Remember everything you knew about Shadow. Everything he could do... all the stories.

It was more than that, he felt he needed the real Shadow. To land a strike on that one could shatter the illusion, break his focus on whatever power he had unleashed. But then, he realized what he'd been thinking. 'Illusion.'

"That's it!" He declared aloud, settling himself on a risky gambit. He struggled to remember just where he'd been standing originally. Guessing his body was still reacting to what he thought he was doing he pointed his hand out in front of him.

I hope this works. He thought to himself. Otherwise it's so much wasted energy. With that final thought he lashed out again. A small ki-blast sent directly forward as he launched himself behind it, recalling the positions of Shadow, the woman, and even several of the grunts. As he touched ground again, he threw a low kick towards the knee of what he hoped was still a closely placed fighter.

Make their focus waver. Break out, Enoki. Just break out.

"I think you might be losing your touch Shadow." The old man declared. He wanted his target talking. He wanted him splitting his attention in as many directions as possible.
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PostSubject: Re: Worst nightmare (complete...finally)   Fri Aug 27, 2010 4:54 pm

After his many manouvres, suddenly, Enoki felt his hand reach something, actually touch something. It wasn't like the misty Shadow's he tried to attack moments earlier. Taking no chances, he raised his knee and felt it hit that same thing, a thump could be heard. His eyes opened, looking at Gosai's ship, the soldiers surrounding him, looking at the fallen figure on the ground. The armored man was laying on the ground, his helmet knocked off.

This was indeed a big surprise, what he now saw wasn't Shadow, it was a young woman in an armor exactly the same as Shadow's except for the fact that it seemed to take a different shape and eventually looked like a feminin version of the' evil overlord's armor. The woman was seemingly unconscious, laying on the ground.

The bossy woman ran to Suigintou, completely ignoring Enoki and picked her up. The soldiers were shocked, as it seemed that their leader was defeated. Yet the game had just begun and the danger was now reaching its critical levels. Enoki felt it and the soldiers and Spectra noticed it on their scouters. A large Ki signature was coming their way and fast. Enoki already felt the malicious energy of Chill as he descended. "I guess you are behind all of this;" the old man said as he looked at the changeling.

The changeling looked at him and coldly walked passed him. Looking at suigintou leaning unconsciously on Spectra's shoulder, he turned around and examined the old man. This man was able to break through Suigintou's powers, but he had not yet seen Chill's powers.

"I bet you train the human called Gosai am I correct. Well than I think my current form will not be enough to defeat you."

In a matter of seconds, Chill began to grow under the sound of snapping and reattaching muscles. Standing at easily eight feet of height, the changeling suddenly dashed forwards and landed his fist right in the old man's gut at full force.

"Lets see how you like this form, hmm."

"Well," Enoki murmured, borrowing one of Gosai's own tactics... or perhaps Gosai had long ago borrowed it from Enoki. "that's certainly an ability I haven't seen in a very long time." The elder martial artist merely smiled however, as though such a technique was a mere trick. Beneath his notice on every level.

"You've come all this way to fulfill a vendetta against my grandson?" He asked, sizing up the changeling tyrant, moving in a slow circle around him, looking for an opening in his defenses. Seeking the point that would cause the most damage in the attack. He continued smiling, not wanting to admit it, but feeling a thrill he hadn't felt in years.

The thrill of a fight with everything on the line. Where more than just his pride was in danger if he lost. He could feel the adrenaline pumping in his veins. "Tell Shadow that I fully intend to send him back to whatever plane of existence he's been hiding in these last decades."

Finally the elder fighter charged forward, engaging the Changeling hand to hand it seemed. I'm lucky. He has some obvious tells. He considered, raising up his arms to block a wide smashing attack from both of Chill's own forearms. Even still, he felt jarred by the attack, backing up slightly, just barely in time to jump over Chill's tail.

The changeling tyrant however was less than content to allow his opponent to get away, the fifth appendage rushed upwards, cutting through Enoki's shirt, leaving a thin cut along the elder fighter's chest.

"Mm, you do have some training I see." Enoki mumbled, brushing his hand over the blood on his chest. "That's good. I'd hate for this to be over to quickly. Wouldn't you?" He inquired, taking another step back, pulling his shirt the rest of the way off.


Gosai froze once again, landing on an outcropping of rocks and staring off into the distance. "No... way..." He mumbled, narrowing his eyes, as though it would somehow allow him to see as far as he needed to.

"Gosai? What's... what's wrong?" Azumi questioned, growing worried. It seemed that ever since they'd landed on Namek it had been one crisis after another. For a peaceful planet it was becoming incredibly nerve wracking.

"It's Chill..." The human male mumbled. "He's found the ship! And grandpa! We've got to get moving, now!" He shouted, taking Azumi's hand and launching into the sky again. "He has a lot of back up there too... grandpa might actually need our help..."

Chill suddenly understood that he might've underestimated the old man. No smile, nor anger was shown in his face, only a cold and stern look that did not prophisized good intentions. Slowly he took a few steps back, widening the distance between him and the old man. At the same time, the unconscious Suigintou forcefully opened her eyes and fell to the ground, coughing up blood. She was the first to feel it due to their connection.

"I think I'll have to show you something no man has ever seen before you weak human."

A shock went through the ground as Chill raised one of his arms and clenched his fist. A circle of black energy began to cut into the ground as all of a sudden the ground crumbled beneat Chill's feet and a large crater was formed due to the intense rise in Ki. At the same time, the black energy began to swirl all around Chill, as his chestplate, armplates and legplates and the plates and horns on his head began to liquify. The liquid dropped to the ground and changed to a pool of some kind of metallic matter, while at the same time, Chill's body slightly shrinked. His muscles seemed to become more compact yet still toned.

His body began to take on more human aspects as it started to prepare for the final stage of its transformation. The liquid began to bubble and slowly floated upwards towards Chill. Covering his feet and legs, forming metallic boots, bending in various patterns accrosss his legs, and reatching up to his groin, forming graves. The places that werent covered by the large chunks of armor seemed to be covered by a more stretchy thin layer, resembling a jumpsuit beneath the armor. The liquid in the meantime, had reached his arms and chest, forming horned bracers and a spiked chestplate, while the abdomen was covered by the thin layer.

Seconds later, the same thin material thickened a bit and began to form a long cape. At the end his 'human' head was being covered with liquid and it formed a helmet as it covered his eyes, leaving two holes open to see through, forming a sharp hawklike beak at the end. A single horn sprouted from the helmet and ended the liquids process. The black energy began to revert to Chill as his transformation was almost complete. As his feet touched the ground, his black and menacing aura seemed to form two giant black wings behind him, his cape dancing in the violent storm of energy. As he opened his eyes, one could see the end of the transformation, as his eyewhite turned black and his irises poisonous green.

A massive shockwave of Ki knocked down all bystanders, except for Enoki. Chill was right, he had never seen this form before, yet it strangely did ressemble a lot of Shadow's armor.Suddenly, in the blink of an eye, Chill was gone, reappearing right beside Enoki, his soothing, yet malicious voice slowly whispered at him.


In a second a loud explosion was heard, Violent Ki ripping through the old man's muscles and bones. As the dust cleared, the soldiers looked in awe at the sight that was given to them. An old man was fighting for his life, both arms numb and hanging at his sides, gurgling with blood trickling from his mouth as a black hand was cleched around his throat.

The old master had no time to react to this new development. Chill's transformation had hit Enoki like a physical attack. He felt winded, the dirty corrupted ki was so similar to one he'd never forget. To Shadow's. I thought that war was over. He mused to himself as the ki ripped at his body. He might have been able to recover, but it would still take time. Time he didn't have as he felt the changeling... demon... thing's hand around his neck.

Arms wont move... heh. After all this time, I'm dying against him? In truth, the old human had believed that this terror was one long past... but, apparently some evils simply refused to die. I'm sorry, Gosai. I tried to protect you. With that comment, he reared back with his head, attempting to smash his forehead against the flat of Chill's helmet. "If I die... I'm going to die fighting!"

His arms may have been limp and useless at the moment, but his legs were still working to an extent. Yes, the headbutt at least was simply a distraction for Enoki's attempt to drive his knee into the tyrant's kidney, attempting to loosen the monster's grip on his neck.

Gosai skidded to a stop on a large hill, landing as silently as he could. "No..." He whispered, his eyes locked on the two combatants in the center of the 'arena' of soldiers. One was unmistakeably his grandfather. Battered, broken, but apparently not beaten. He was still fighting.

"Azumi!" He hissed under his breath. "We need to save grandpa, got it?" His tone and expression told the brunette martial artist quite firmly that there was only one correct answer to this question, and she nodded along with it.

For the human male, it was difficult to enact the plot that quickly came to mind. He couldn't find his center quickly enough for him. Each second dragged on to him like an hour. Each moment could have been Enoki's last, and that was all he seemed to think of.

Still, in a few moments, he built up two basketball sized orbs of ki. He was holding up his 'spirit ball' technique again. The attack had a myriad of uses, and he was finding one of them now. He left both attacks hovering in the air for a moment before nudging them with his hands, sending both attacks outward.

The human fighters began running towards Chill from behind while both of his spirit balls coming at the changeling tyrant, one from each side.

If Gosai got this moment right, he should be landing his opening strikes at the same time his ki strikes hit.

"Blitzkrieg... bomber!" Gosai yelled, throwing his punches along Chill's back.

After getting the old man's headbut Chill tightened his grip at the man's neck, Yet it seemed the old man wasn't done yet, as a swift knee rose to break free. It worked, yet the effort proved to be in vain, as when Chill released his grip, he felt Chill's foot being planted on the back of his left knee, rupturing his tendons. Swiftly Chill grabbed the old man by the back of his head and lifted him up.

The scouter on his head beeped as the two spiritballs were created. Pulling Enoki closer to his own face, he whispered again in the old man's ear with his soothing voice.

"I'll end it all old man. I'll soon regain my full power and rule the universe once more.

Suddenly Chill's tail extended and grabbed a soldier by the throat, crushing it instantly with it's massive pressure. With a powerfull swing, he threw the lifeless body of the soldier to one of the spiritballs, letting it explode in midair. With his free arm, he made a swift swipe in the air, slicing the other spiritball in two parts, which exploded several meters from Chill.

"Blitzkrieg... bomber!"

A soft smirk came accross Chill's face, turning around swiftly, he held Enoki in front of him, who would eventually take the full brunt of the young human's attack. As blood spatted out of the old man's mouth, Chill pushed his finger against Enoki's lower back, firing of a fast and thin black beam through his spine and abdomen, directly at Gosai. With a single palmthrust, Chill threw the old man's battered body right at the young human.

"So you finally decided to come, Gosai."

Noticing the woman coming behind Gosai, Chill stretched out his arm and fired off two insanely fast thin black beams at her. The show had just started, there was no need for intruders. The soldiers gathered around Chill, with both Spectra and Suigintou standing right beside him.

Everything was going wrong for Gosai, and it was all going that way far to quickly. His grandfather was lying on the ground, lord only knew how badly he'd been injured. At the very least there was probably internal bleeding and broken bones. In fact, Gosai was certain of that much. Azumi's own offensive was cut short as Chill grabbed her out of the air, firing beams of ki through her at Gosai.

The human fighter grit his teeth, with his friend being used as a human shield, he could do little more than attempt to dodge the attacks and hope Chill exhausted his ki reserves in the opening assault. His feeling of helplessness was almost something physical as he slid into his favored stance, raising up an arm into a defensive position to defend himself, his legs moved into a position to allow him to move quickly as need be.

"Chill, I'm going to give you one chance, and only one chance, to leave this planet. If you don't, I'm going to freaking obliterate you." Gosai growled, his aura surging around his body, small bits of debris from the battle rising up around him as the human began to unleash the entirety of his power. There were one or two tricks he still had up his sleeve but he didn't want to use them yet. He needed to know what he was dealing with... and if he was going to be this badly outnumbered, he'd need a trump card. Several more than likely.

"So get the hell off of this planet, and take your trash with you." The human fighter ordered the changeling tyrant. In fact, the warning had been issued only a moment ago before he vanished from where he stood. The human quickly came back into existence next to the armored monster before throwing a punch down towards his side, attempting to break ribs with the blow as ki flexed along his hand.

Let's here that little 'crack' I love so much. Was all he thought of the matter of the attack.

Azumi, although injured, was far from a docile captive. She began wriggling in Chill's grasp, thrashing with her arms and legs as best she could manage. Specifically, she was attempting to smash her feet into Chill's own kneecaps and hopefully cripple, or at least hobble, the tyrant.

"Let go of me!" She screamed, throwing back her entire head in before pulling the entirety of her body forward, attempting to pull out of his grip.
Chill didn't react at the human's rantings, looking coldly at the young human. As the human began to show his power, only a brief moment he could've seen a look of surprise on Chill's face. Yet as soon as the human began to reach his peak, Chill lifted his arm with a clenched fist, as he opened it, he unleashed his aura, cracking the ground beneath him with the pressure of his power.

As soon as the rantings were over, he noticed the human had dissapeared. Seconds later indeed a sound could be heard, yet sadly for the young human, it was not a crack one could here, more a thump. Meanwhile the human female squirmed, pulled and pushed with all her might to get out of Chill's grip. Luckily for her, his main target had closed the distance and her need was gone. Swiftly, he tossed her aside and turned around, his hand holding thight onto Gosai's fist.

"Now tell me again, what did you say?"

His hand began to turn, hoping to force Gosai to his knees, while utilising enough force to break his wrist. He was still in controle and he knew it, he liked it.

"By the look of things there is only one piece of trash on this planet and that is you. I'll be glad to clean this planet up from it's filth. First you and your friends and then the namekians."

Suddenly, two slender hands embraced Chill's arm, Suigintou was kneeling, sitting right in front of Gosai. She looked in his eyes, her rubyred eyes piercing into his very soul and beyond. She was gorgeous, like an angel with silvery white hair and red eyes. Her lucious lips gently touched Gosai's cheek untill she reached his lips, a long sweet kiss followed.

"Please, mylord, can I first play with this one?"

"Sure you can, but make him suffer."

Gosai's scowl deepened as he locked eyes with Chill. With as much effort as he dared put into it, he fought against the Changeling tyrant's grip, attempting to release himself... at least until Suigentou had interfered in the battle between the warriors. He cast an eye at her nervously, uncertain just what she could do. His free hand clenched before he gestured to her, attempting to fire off a mesposo at her face. Perhaps distract Chill and herself and come up with a new plan of attack.

Enoki on the other hand was rising back to his feet slowly and painfully. A shock of pain surged through his damaged leg as he rested his weight upon it. No time to worry. Just keep moving. Don't think about it. The elder human thought to himself, moving towards Chill and Suigentou at as quick a pace as his battered form could manage. "Get... get away from him!" He declared, throwing a punch at the back of the tyrant's head, to his great surprise, the blow landed true. But in his condition he wondered how much it had actually accomplished.

Fortunately, the elder human wasn't to be alone in his assault. Azumi had been lucky in what Chill had done. She had re stabilized herself, realizing that despite her pain, apparently the ki blasts that had gone through her had missed anything vital. "Hey, jerk!" She screamed, rushing at Chill in the aftermath of Enoki's attack. With only a little force she jumped from the ground, her foot aimed at his neck. "Detonate!" She cried out, attempting to burst the attack right against his throat.

Sadly, while the attack had landed, the changeling tyrant had simply turned, allowing her blow to land with only minimum discomfort upon his shoulder. A swift backhand knocked the brunette martial artist to the ground, leaving her to gasp as pain shot through her torso, jolting the wounds she already had.

Enoki refused to stop his assault however, driving his fist forward, attempting to put Chill on even a momentary defensive. "Azumi! We have to coordinate!" He shouted to the young woman as she had positioned herself on her hands and knees.

The two coordinated easily enough, with Enoki attacking 'high', attempting to attack muscle clusters located in the tyrant's arm. Azumi came rushing towards his legs, attempting to lock him up and perhaps force Chill into a vulnerable position.

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PostSubject: Re: Worst nightmare (complete...finally)   Fri Aug 27, 2010 5:15 pm

Chill was surprised by the old man's reaction, as it seemed he was not yet completely incapacitated. Followed by a near hit by a dynamite kick. Chill released his grip on Gosai who had the unlucky fortune to be trapped in Suigintou's illusion. Turning his attention towards the old man and the young woman, he ordered his men to stand down as this was his fight. Looking at how Azumi slipped a little green bean in Enoki's mouth, Chill smiled knowing that this could prove to be some genuine fun.

Bending through his legs, he braced himself for the attack. In a flash, Azumi ran towards him, landing a double jab at his chest, pushing him back following her jabs with a precise jumping knee against Chill's chin. Taking a step back every turn, Chill was amazed that the female human possessed such speed and elegance, even for him it was hard to ignore her and block everything. As the knee connected with his chin, another fighter had joined the fray, as Enoki made a swift jumpkick against the side of his face, sending the tyrant backwards through the ship's hull.

Not hearing Enoki's comments of being carefull, Azumi ran through the hole Chill had left behind, with a sighing Enoki following her. As he entered he had to catch a flying Azumi in his arms, while Chill was storming towards them. As he put down Azumi swiftly, Enoki grabbed on to the tyrants shoulders in the hopes of pushing him back. Yet as soon as he grabbed the Changeling's shoulders, he felt a fist mangle his intestins with a single punch. Spatting out blood, Enoki yelled at Azumi, telling her that she had to save Gosai. Yet before he had returned his attention to Chill, she planted her foot on the old mans shoulder and jumped over Chill. As she fell to her feet, she made a swift spinkick against the tyrant's lower back, hoping to break it, which didn't happen, but it had effect.

As he felt the kick hit his back, Chill lessened his grip on Enoki trying to turn around, but Enoki did not let him go. Suddenly Chill grabbed Enoki by his own shoulders and began to pressure them, forcing the old man to kneel, followed by a hard knee planted against Enoki's chin, sending him backwards against the steel hull of the ship. Azumi at the same time jumped up and tried to execute her shooting star kick, yet was grabbed in mid air by her leg and slammed to the floor. She quickly rolled aside as a foot nearly crushed her skull, flipping to a handstand, while thrusting her feet against the tyrant's abdomen.

Enoki swiftly regained his composure and rushed at Chill, grabbing him by his waist and pushing him back with all force and speed he had. As they crushed through another wall, Enoki fell on a metal roster, while Chill fell over a railing right to the bottom of the engine room. Azumi followed the duo and jumped down with Enoki, yet Chill was nowhere to be found, with the steam of the coolingsystem rendering their view to almost nihil, Azumi and Enoki carefully walked through the massive engineroom.

Suddenly Enoki pushed Azumi aside and ducked to the ground as a massive black sword cleaved through some of the pipes at their side. Chill was now using his Zweihander of Glory in the fight, hoping to maintain a certain distance, yet the cramped space between the pipes and the low visibility made it hard to use his sword. While he heard a noise, he once more swinged his sword downwards, only to be caught by Enoki, who skillfully stopped the massive blade in its path, by pressing his two hands against it. Chill began to push and pull to retrieve his sword, but Enoki didn't give in, even after getting a foot planted right in his face, he did not give in.

Azumi suddenly appeared from out of the steam, flying through the air as her leg connected with Chill's head she screamed; "Detonate!" A large explosion followed, slamming Chill through some of the clusters of metal pipes, thereby even densening the steam. A moment of silence followed, with Azumi and Enoki carefully watching their steps. Chill was still around there womewhere, but where, that was the question.

Chill's wrath

Suddenly a large figure was visible in the steam. Enoki jumped right in front of Azumi, hoping to protect her, yet all of a sudden he heard her scream, seeing a large hand reach out and grab her head. Running towards the place where she stood, seeing Chill lift her up in the air and pressurising her skull to nearly its breaking point. As fast as he could Enoki jumped at Chill and slammed his elbow against the tyrant's face. Throwing Azumi against a boiler, Chill turned around and grabbed the jumping Enoki's leg, slamming him against the same boiler. Yet Enoki did not give up, as he suddenly acted as a shield for Azumi. She screamed as she saw Chill stand up and come out of the steam towards the duo. A shock went through Enoki's body while he was protecting Azumi. followed by another one, and another, his back began to feel numb as he was being beaten, while Azumi pleaded for him to stop.

Suddenly a hand struck right through his abdomen, bloody nails touching Azumi's thorn T-shirt. A scream escaped from her lisp as she felt droplets of blood being coughed up by Enoki touch her face. Slowly, he began to rise in the air, as Chill began to lift him up. As Enoki was high up in the air, Chill curled his tail around Azumi's neck and threw her against the wall, followed by an unconscious Enoki being thrown in her hands. Now he came closer, slowly walking towards her and the unconscious Enoki, slowly unsheating his Zweihander of Glory again and holding it high up in the air. Azumi closed her eyes and screamed, awaiting the impact. yet it didn't come, as she heard a yell and a thump, she opened her eyes, seeing Clarinet float in the air, with Chill making some unbalanced steps backwards.

"Run away, I'll keep him busy."

thankfully she lifted up Enoki and ran away, hoping to get the Senzu beans she left outside in time. Clarinet dropped down and looked up, seeing the tyrant with his own eyes. Was this really the terror that he heard of, was this really the monster deafeated by Gosai? He didn't understand how then it was possible that the tyrant was so powerfull now. Yet he stopped wondering and bravely attacked the changeling, only to be caught by his arm and slammed against the railing. He looked straight into the cold dark eyes of the tyrant, they seemed the same as those of Fujara, so he was truely evil, no doubt. Swiftly he threw his other hand forwards, hoping to hit Chill, yet the tyrant was gone. Looking around, he did not notice Chill reappearing behind him.

Outside Azumi searched for her Senzu beans only to see that Spectra and her men had already found them. The situation was growing more dire with every second. She knew that Clarinet could maybe use his healing powers to save Enoki, yet her hope was shattered as she saw the Namekian fly through the steel hull of the ship. Both his arms gone, he was in danger himself. Slowly Chill came out of the ship, Namekian and Human blood dripping from his face and hands. This was the end...

Looking straight in his eyes, two rubyred eyes began to take controle over Gosai's mind. Slowly his mind descended in darkness, a void in the middle of nowhere. Standing on a rocky plateau, he saw Chill in front of him in his third form. Chill suddenly began to grow, larger and larger, untill Gosai was just as sall as the nail on his pinky. A loud laughter boomed through the air as suddenly Chill vanished. In front of him stood a broken and beaten Enoki, staring at Gosai with glass eyes and a hole in his abdomen, flies swarming around him.

"Why have you done this boy, why?"

The old man vanished in a cloud of dust, as the dust cleared, Gosai could see a head with long hair roll towards him. he recognised the head, it was Azumi's. Suddenly the eyes on the head opened, two glass eyes looking at him, with a ghostly voice the head started to talk to him.

"Why did you leave me, why didn't you save me?"

The head rolled back to the dust, suddenly he saw Chill again, a black massive back blade in his hand, fresh blood dripping from the blade, in his other hand rested the head of Azumi. He turned the head to his face, his soothing voice sounded sinister and dissapointed as he spoke.

"Poor girl, no match after all."

again the scene changed, Gosai was sitting on the grass of Namek, he felt something on his lips, openeing them, he saw that he was being kissed by Suigintou. He heard a familiar voice scream, yet it seemed so far away, as if he couldn't focus. The feeling on his lips vanished, yet another feeling came on his chest and back. Suigintou's hands rested on his chest, he could feel her warm breath at his ears, her head resting on his shoulder. In front of him, he saw Azumi trying to protect a near dead Enoki, as out of the ship the tyrant emerged. His blade rose to the sky, falling down the scream was cut short, a head rolling on the grass, leaving a trail of blood behind it.

All of it vanished once again, as right in front of him now a Namekian was standing, his arms laying on the ground, blood trickling from his mouth. The Namekians white eyes looked straight at him, as if he accused him for something. Again Gosai felt the soft hands of Suigintou slide over his body, softly caressing his chest, she came closer and pushed her lips gently to his. As she stopped kissing him, she laid her head on his shoulder and gently whispered in his ear.

"Dont you rather want me? Just say yes and I can make it stop, just say yes and I'll make sure your friends don't suffer...a lot."

He raised his hands clenching them around Suigintou's throat, squeezing with all his might. Yet she laughed and suddenly he was wrestling with a snake. Throwing it to the ground, he turned around and saw a lake, bathing in a bright sun. As he looked closer, he saw that a young woman with white hair and rubyred eyes was bathing in the fresh water. As she rose from the lake, he could see her white skin, her curves, everything, yet suddenly it started to rain. Looking up, he felt that the rain was heavy and smelled like iron. As his eyes turned back to the lake, he began to understand, it was blood, it was raining blood, turning the lake completely red. Still the woman kept bathing in it, drinking from it, playing in it.

He saw them float in the bloodred lake, Enoki, Azumi, Clarinet. They suddenly stopped floating and vanished beneath the surface of the bloody water, only to resurface at the edge of the lake, walking, strolling like stiff corpses. They came closer, their hands pointing towards him, wanting to grab him. As they reached him, they began to pull at his clothing, clenching their bloodsoaked hands around his neck, wanting to strangle the life out of him. Suddenly his feet were lifted from the ground, no longer were it his friends strangling him. This time it was something else.

It was Chill, or was it not? The image in front of him shimmered constantly, with only the dark eyes that watched him staying the same. He recognised at least one of the images as Chill, but the other was far more freightfull, darker and substantially more evil. Gosai slammed his hands at Chill, the image dissapearing, falling down again. As he fell down, he felt that he landed on something soft. As he looked down, he saw he had fallen on a corpse. Gazing around, he noticed that the entire ground was replaced with corpses. Suddenly, the ground began to move, the corpses opened their eyes, their hands pulling at his clothes as from the mountain of corpses a massive creature rose. Yet again it was Chill, but slightly different, with his hands he began to grab corpses from the ground, breaking them in halve and devouring them one by one.

In the midst of this see of corpses, he noticed the body of Enoki. Trying to go to the corpse of his grandfather, he heard that same recognisable scream again. It was Azumi, being grabbed by Chill, he lifted her to his mouth. His jaws closed, a disturbingly crunching sound could be heard, followed by a popping sound as the massive monster spewed something out in the direction of Gosai. It was Azumi's head, crushed and shredded, but with her eyes still open, she began to talk with a broken voice, yelling at Gosai.

"It's all your fault, you left us! You are to blame for all of this, you were weak!"

The sea of corpses dissapeared, he was sitting on his knees. His head went up, hoping it was over, he saw Suigintou right in front of him. She spoke to him, her gentle voice carried by the gloomy wind.

"Do you want me to end this torture? Just swear that you'll be mine forever. You can't get out, just be kind to your friends and swear it to me."

Enoki groaned from the ground, wheezing as his battered body attempted to rise back up one more time. The battle was still joined as far as he was concerned, and it would remain so until he was dead... or the changeling was. "Shadow," the old human spoke, his voice a harsh croak, carrying over the winds of the battle. "I wont... let you return to this world." He gasped, bracing himself, his body going numb. Was he going into shock? Or dying?

It didn't matter, he decided. All that mattered was Chill, and the being hidden within him. "Your era ended a long time ago." He continued speaking. "I may not end it here... but... there is a story on Earth. A carp that can jump over... the dragon's gate... shall be transformed to a dragon."

"And you think you're a dragon?" Chill intoned, his attention having been drawn away from the wounded Namekian to the stubborn old man. He let out a low, rumbling laugh as he advanced upon the human, preparing to deal with his insolence at last.

"No." He admitted. "I've clearly failed that endeavor... and like the carp who cannot make the jump... I will be devoured. But Gosai... he will become the dragon." Enoki declared, shifting into his stance once more, his breathing heavy, his eyes slightly out of focus. We need time. He admitted to himself. And he had one or two moves that could still buy them that moment.

His feet felt heavy, but he still moved with great speed, breaking the ground in his wake, seeming to vanish from reality before appearing in front of Chill. He offered only a grim nod to the tyrant before lashing out with his attack.

"Zanryoku!" He declared, driving his fist deep into Chill's gut, ki surging throughout his entire body, his aura focusing entirely into his fist as he struck out. His hand seemed swallowed up by the tyrant's body as the monster doubled over. The elderly human jumped backwards, gasping for air as he watched the changeling begin to vomit up blood and bile upon the grass of Namek.

"H-how did you-?" Azumi began to ask, only for the older man to shake his head, cutting her off.

"It... wasn't strong enough to kill him. I'm... too injured. Not enough power left in me. Need... need a moment to recover. But don't let him have the same chance!" The elder human continued gasping, trying to regain his breath. He had never felt so old, so exhausted... and there was still so much to do.

But Azumi did not shirk her duty. No, she ran at Chill again, fast and furious while the tyrant was recovering his own wind. Her foot landed square on the center of his head as she flipped herself backward, using his skull as a jumping point. The female fighter attempted to press her advantage but to little avail. Although the changeling was wounded enough that she put him on the defensive she landed only a few of the blows she threw at him.

"Human," Chill's voice was a dull rumble as he locked eyes with Azumi, startling the girl into taking a few steps back. "I should have finished my work the first time. I wont fail again... once I've killed the lot of you, I'll return to the Earth and wipe out your entire insolent species!" He bellowed, aura flaring around his body uncontrollably.

As the tyrant advanced on his target, Enoki attempted to move to her defense but stumbled instead, finding himself still exhausted from his last attack. "No..." He whispered hoarsely.

Before Chill could make good on his threat of death however, a massive burst of ki smashed into the tyrant from the side, stumbling his path away from Azumi. "You'll not be given the chance to even leave Namek, monster." Clarinet asserted, moving to take up position next to Azumi. His arms had regenerated already, and he put them to fast use, extending both of them at the monster in his view while unleashing both an eye beam attack and an eruption of ki from his mouth and antennae.

The changeling tyrant simply laughed however, allowing his power to erupt from his body yet again, sending the two ki attacks off course while he took to the air above the three warriors and began peppering the ground with ki attacks.

Henchmen on the ground began attempting to scatter, pleading with Lord Chill to spare them and refocus his efforts. For the three warriors he was battling however, it was sudden blessed relief from the battle they'd been fighting.

The Namekian warrior was still relatively fresh, able to nimbly dodge the barrage of ki fired by the tyrant and even attempt to return fire between his actions.

Azumi was having a bit more difficulty but in general staying out of the path of stray ki blasts, only singing her arms a few times when she proved to slow.

Enoki however, unrecovered still from his assault was finding his efforts to dodge less than satisfactory and thus quickly switched gears. A gaggle of Chill's soldiers were still near him. Or... were still. The old man hesitated only a few moments before he began to grab hold of the changeling's followers and hurl them into the paths of oncoming attacks.

"We need a plan!" Azumi gasped as Chill finally paused in his barrage of ki, floating back down to the ground. She turned to look at the elder human as he clenched his fists again.

I could hit him with another Zanryoku, but I don't think I'll get that close a second time. Even if I did, I'd have to use all my remaining ki, and perhaps even my own life force to strike him down. No, we need is another tactic. Enoki thought out, feeling his ki flowing a bit better as he watched the Changeling standing there. Challenging their power.

"Shadow," the elder human mumbled, assuming a stance known to many students of the turtle hermit. "why don't you take another gift from the Earth before you try and destroy it." He smirked, charging a ball of ki between his hands. "Kaaaa... mee..." He grunted, forcing as much power as he could behind it.

Azumi and Clarinet quickly formed up on the sides of the elder master. Each of them raised their hands over their heads, powering a ball of ki between their hands as well. "Masenko..."

"Ha!" The three warriors cried out in unison, firing off triplet bursts of ki. The gravity of Enoki's power was enough to draw the two masenkos around it however, swirling into a bizarre hybrid of ki attack and corkscrew. One that smashed into the changeling tyrant's chest with a fantastic explosion, leaving the trio holding their breath, hoping it had truly landed... and perhaps finished the battle. Or at least injured the changeling.

Please be dead, please be dead, please be dead. Azumi found herself chanting over and over in her mind.

For the people of Namek... I cannot allow this evil to survive here. Lord Guru, I shall not fail in the responsibility you've entrusted to me.

Gosai, I don't think I'll be able to offer any greater help to you than I have. I'm sorry, boy. But if I must do so that you can live... it's well worth the trade. Old man dies... young man lives.

The settling dust however seemed ominous. No attacks were coming from it. No laughter. No noise.

None of the three believed Chill could really have been done in already, it seemed ominous. A calm before another storm began.

Gosai's mind was pulled in so many directions at once. A deluge of images flooding his mind. From sensual pleasure, a possible escape from the pains of his reality, of his other nightmares... and an equal, perhaps greater number of agonies for him to suffer. Watching his friends and his family died in pain over and over again. Helpless to save them. The young man wasn't sure how much of it he could take as he stared up at the sky, the down poor of blood splashing across his face as he watched angry clouds swirl about him in a storm of suffering.

He had been offered a way out. His captor, Suigentou had given him an escape. Painful as it might be, a blow to his pride. A blow to his devotion to those who cared for. Pledge himself to her forever.

He could be free of the suffering.

But then no one could save Azumi... his grandfather. Clarinet. The entire planet, perhaps more than a single planet, would suffer for his callousness.

But he would feel pleasure. Trapped in a dream. An illusion of happiness forever.

I can't abandon them like that. They need me...

"You can't save them." The silver haired woman whispered into Gosai's ear, her arms wrapped around his chest, her face buried in the crook of his neck. An intimate embrace from the woman playing the devil upon his shoulder.

However, there was to be no intervention from the angel resting on the opposite shoulder. Only screams of pain in the distance, rapidly approaching him. Flashes of bright light, ki blasts over the horizon.

"I have to help them." He protested, his resolve was growing weaker however.

"You can't." Suigentou insisted, tightening her embrace. "The only way you can 'help' them is to survive. And you can only survive if you promise to be mine forever." She smiled, the look somewhere between a predator and a lover as she kissed him again. "I can keep you safe."

"You don't know them." The boy mumbled, clenching and unclenching his hands in impotent rage. All about him the scene began to shift again. He was standing in a darkened room, unable to move or even blink but forced to watch what was happening before him.

Suigentou stood behind him, something he sensed more than saw as the young man's eyes were locked onto two operating tables. Lying atop them were Azumi and Enoki. The two of them heavily sedated but alive.

Their bodies torn open, organs still moving. Lungs inflating and deflating in their rhythm. The two had been vivisected by forces unknown, left lying on the tables in preparation for either study or further dissection or... or...

An animal was inside of the lab, prowling it. Sniffing the air and moving towards them slowly. With a nimble, feline hop, the creature... something that bore a strong resemblance to the large cats that hunted on Earth hopped up onto the operating tables, ripping and tearing at the entrails of Gosai's friend and grandfather in an effort to sate it's own hunger.

"S-stop it!" He declared, shaking with a cauldron of emotions. Before, the world had been clear to him. It had been fun, an adventure.

This was something else altogether. This was bare wire nitty gritty... and he couldn't joke his way past this one. It was a situation he was entirely unprepared for.

"You know what you have to do in order to make it stop." Suigentou whispered in Gosai's ear, leaning in to kiss his neck, her teeth sinking into the flesh, drawing a small bit of blood she licked away, displaying her amusement. "Vow yourself to me." She commanded him.

"I wont... give in..." Gosai whispered, his eyes shut, trying in vain to block out the deluge of sensory input Suigentou was forcing into his mind. "I wont!"

"You don't get it." She purred into his ear, sounding at once disappointed in the boy's stubbornness, but amused by his ongoing attempts to fight back in any fashion. "You're trying to choose the hero's road. But do you know why there are so few of them?" She asked, embracing Gosai from behind once again, her warmth spreading through him in the cold of the illusion.

"Why?" He felt compelled to ask, trying to shift out of her grip.

"Because the road of the hero is nothing but suffering. Watching the people you love die in front of you, at the hands of maniacs and killers." She whispered, her voice harsh as she spoke. "The ungrateful masses hanging you up for failing to save them when they did nothing themselves to help. And eventually... you die. Killed by the villain who proves stronger, or smarter, or maybe just a little luckier than you are. Is that the road you want to walk?"

"Can you," Gosai whispered, the tension flooding out of his muscles as he sagged in the demonic female's arms. "can you promise to let them live? Let Azumi and grandpa go... go free. Off of the planet. Alive, unhurt, let them go and... and-"

"Tch." Suigentou clicked her tongue, offering an amused smile as she played with the boy's hair, leaning in to lock eyes with him. Expressionless red orbs meeting fearful, concerned green ones. "You're not in a position to be making bargains." She pointed out. "I don't have to offer you anything you know. I could just... force your mind. Leave you here until you're broken... an obedient little dog at my feet." She declared, a sinister smile playing across her lips.

"But," the female continued, her hand trailing down to cup Gosai's cheek. "I'd rather you came to me of your own will. I can be anyone you want." She smirked, her form changing. First her hair began to change. Blonde, to red, to violet and several colors not found in normal humans. Last to brunette. Her body began changing, taller, shorter, plumper, thinner... athletic. Her face began to contort as well, and Gosai knew what she was becoming. Azumi.

"I... she... you..." His mind was starting to slow down. It was getting hard to think with the screams in the background. On one second, off the next.

"But... if you say 'no'," she commented idly, the flesh tones changing slowly, becoming the pallid grey of the grave. Her lips draining of color, eyes remaining expressionless. "I can't be held responsible for what does happen to your friends."

"Don't... they can't just-"

"I can send you to heaven." She continued, ignoring Gosai's words. Her form wasn't changing however as she turned away, the world around Gosai was filled with dozens... hundreds... of Enokis and Azumis. All being tortured and killed in the most horrific of ways. All by different people.

Chill. The mysterious 'other figure' he'd seen in this illusion. Chill's soldiers. Suigentou.

Even Gosai himself was taking part in their deaths in some of the images.

"S-stop it!" The young man cried out, his muscles tensing all over again, his aura flaring around his body in a vain attempt to cast away the darkness with the light of his power. The rain of blood had changed to a monsoon. The clouds were Azumi and Enoki.

The carnage was all Gosai could see now, powerless to even close his eyes in the face of this assault. An attack on the one place he couldn't protect. His mind. His heart... his soul.

"This can all end." Even in the wind and thunder, the lining and the storms... her voice, soft and reassuring carried over to him. It was... soothing.

Offering him a way out. An escape from the pain.

Could he take the exit? Could he really abandon his grandfather, the man who had practically raised him... and Azumi? He was supposed to protect both of them. He was supposed to be powerful.

I've already shown how weak I am. Gosai thought, looking down at the ground. By even considering the offer.

"You don't have a lot of time you know." Suigentou commented, tapping her foot impatiently on ground that had become slick with blood.

The cloud of dust began to darken, suddenly black strings of energy began to shoot out of it, a massive shockwave, a sign that it didn't work. A loud laughter came from the dark cloud. Enoki's eyes opened wide when he heard that laughter, he heard that same laughter, many, many years ago. The black aura began to mix with the cloud, growing thicker and larger. It began to take shape as well as reveal Chill. Completely covered by the metallic substance that they saw before, a black metal changeling. He had another form, yet another boost in power.

Before Enoki could react, Chill stood in the midst of the three warriors, his tail curled around Clarinet. Enoki yelled at Clarinet, at Chill, at himself. Yet the fatal word softly came from Chill's lips, a single word that had defeated Enoki.


Right before Enoki and Azumi's eyes, an explosion, purple blood splattering at their skin and thorn clothing. They experienced it in slowmotion. Enoki yelling, Azumi screaming, while Clarinet looked at them, his look was shocked, he didn't understand what happened, his legs and abdomen fell to the ground, while his upper body slowly flew in the air, his eyes turning white as he hit the ground.

Chill began to laugh as he saw through the last seconds of the Namekian's life. A piece of art, nothing more, nothing less. He looked at Enoki, Enoki looked back, their eyes colliding with eachother. One felt alife, the other felt as if he was dead. A split second, only a split second, that was all it took. Chill had his hand clenched around Azumi's throat, slowly choking her. His finger touched her collar, slowly grabbing it, he ripped his finger though her T-shirt and her pants, revealing her body. A smile came on Chill's face, his finger began to press against her lower waist, slowly piercing the skin, leaving a drop of blood trickling down.

"It's a shame to kill such a beautifull specimen of your race isn't it Enoki Matsuhito. You don't want to see it do you, another loved one to die in front of your own eyes. Just surrender and I'll spare her...perhaps."

Azumi's screams began to tear up his last hope, his soul.

"You were always a weak person Shadow. You never dared to damage yourself, a weakling. You were always and will always be a weakling."

Chill threw down Azumi and suddenly stood next to Enoki. A smile on his face, his hand resting on Enoki's shoulder.

"Yet here I am, stronger than you, smarter than you and better prepared. Do you remember the screams, you do don't you. The burning villages, the soldiers marching, killing and burning. I will let you relive the past, feel the pain again, forever."

A swift stomp against his wound was enough to drive him to his knees.

"In the end it was I who had truely won the battle.

He looked everywhere around him, though it was painfull to look at the constant slaughter of his companions, he could and would not give in. He would not fail, he would not flaw. Though the offer was tempting, was it right? Would it really help Azumi and his grandpa. Those soft hands carresing his back, that beautifull body he held, the soothing voice, was it worth his life, that of his friends?

Deep inside him a voice kept saiying to stand strong, eventually the good prevail. Yet the longer he held Suigintou, the softer the voice became. The offer, the idea was an easy way out, but was she to be trusted, afterall she was a companion of Chill. He strengthened his hold on Suigintou, now softly whispering in her air.

"As tempting as it all seems, I must refuse. They believe in me, my friends believe in me. They count on me, as I can count on them. How can I betray my grandfather who thought me to do the right thing? How can I turn my back at Azumi, who was as a bright star in my lesser days?"

Suigintou's eyes widened, she was amazed, even after all this time, this man wasn't broken, he did not give in. Was he that strong, she felt her heart beat faster. He actually refused her offer, she who could play with every man, she who even conquered the heart of the so-called monster of Frieza. Yet she had failed to persuade this simple human.

"Then you leave me no choice, you shall stay in this torment forever, forever will you be haunted by the death of your friends. I am sorry..."

A crystal clear tear fell to the ground, she tightened her grip around his back. She didn't want to let go, but she had. Yet as soon as she let go, a loud scream of a voice familiar to Gosai resonated in the illusion, yet sounded far more real then the screams he had heard up till then. A single word came from his lips as crackles began to form in the surrounding off the illusion;


He awoke from the illusion and pushed Suigintou away from him, stumbling back she fell backwards. Suddenly, he saw it, Chill was going to fire an attack to finish off Enoki, yet as Suigintou fell backwards, she fell against Chill. A black beam bursted through her body, tears began to flow from her eyes as she grabbed a hold on Chill. Seeing what happened, Chill fell to his knees with Suigintou in his arms.

"I'm sorry...Chill...I...I...Failed."

Chill reverted back to his former form, black strings of energy surrounding him and the body of Suigintou. The energy began to crackle, forming black lightning crackling around them. His black aura flared up high, surrounding both him and Suigintou. His eyes, beneath his armor turned normal, tears flowing down from his eyes.

"Suigintou...Suigintou, it'll be allright, I can fix this, I can...I can..."

"Shhht's allright, I...I'm sorry I'm so ss....sss....."

Slowly Suigintou began to vanish, dissapear inside Chill, the last piece of the puzzle had been set.


Shadow/Chill's vengeance

The armor began to shift again, the black lightening became more violent, more dangerous. His aura flared up, high into the sky. His eyes turned Black, without the green pupils this time, a purple and black substance began to siple out of the holed that showed his eyes, His armor turned completely black, with the horns turning in a metallic silver. Several shockwaves were felt through the air, obliterating trees, knocking soldiers in the air, several other soldiers suddenly were pulled into the air and began to circle above Chill, suddenly being shredded to pieces by the violent energywaves that were emitted. A rain of blood was followed by the sky turning black.

"You'll pay, no longer, no longer will I tolerate this. I'll tear you apart, shred you to pieces. I will destroy your planet, your race, your hope. I'll anihilate you all, whipe you out of existance!"

The ground began to crack open, Lava spouting upwards, water rushing over the ground. At the same time a crater was being formed at the place where Chill stood. His aura grew every second, reaching up to the heavens, casting a large shadow over the land.

"I will kill you all."
"You've over-estimated yourself, Shadow." Enoki mumbled. The words were hard to get through his mouth, injuries catching up with the aging human once again. He'd fought the good fight as long as he possibly could but sadly his power simply wasn't enough. Gosai, I'm sorry... but it's all on you now. The old man was prepared for the final strike from Chill, shifting his body simply to try and shield Azumi as long as his form would allow him.

His death was not to be. Not yet at least. One of the alien warlord's subordinates had stumbled into him, causing Chill's attack to misfire, taking perhaps the first significant casualty on his side for the miniature 'war' the two factions were fighting here. At the very least, it was the first casualty that seemed to upset Chill, the tyrant's form shifted back to his earlier levels. Something that, even in their weakened conditions, the trio could have beaten with a combined assault.

But then... then, he began transforming again. Enoki felt a familiar sinking feeling in the pit of his stomach as he watched the Changeling's body twist and alter one final time. The appearance was one terrifyingly familiar to him. "Shadow." He whispered once again. The elderly master looked down at his fist, forcing as much ki back into it as he could. But this time... there was nothing. Well, that wasn't entirely accurate but it might as well have been nothing. There wasn't enough power left in his body to injure Chill's new form. It really was up to Gosai now...

Azumi hadn't moved from where she'd been thrown to the ground by Chill. She was frozen. Shocked, repulsed by everything that had occurred so much death... and the implications Chill had made towards her. It seemed however, things would only get worse. She looked up into the air, watching as the sheer power the changeling exuded began to rip apart his own soldiers. "Gosai..." she whispered, hesitant. Then more forcefully. "Gosai!" She called to him, stumbling back in the wake of the monstrous new power they were confronted.

"You're going to kill us all?" Gosai asked, taking a step forward. His indecision, his own fear and nervousness, it was all gone. He was focused. He was ready.

"How do you plan to do that?" The human asked, allowing a taunting smirk to grace his lips. "You can't even kill me. Everything you've sent has failed miserably Chili-Bowl. Oh, and by the way? You don't get to be pissed at me for any of this. You attacked my family. My friends. Me. Everything I've done was in self-defense."

The battle was rejoined, and this time it seemed only one of them would leave it. The humorous fighter, the light hearted Gosai was gone for now. First blood was Gosai's however as he punched the changeling with as much force as he could put behind his fist.

Chill moved his head, bending under the blow, but other than that showed little sign of duress from the attack. Then he retaliated, driving his fist into Gosai's stomach with as much force as he could put into it, similar to Gosai's own attack.

For the first few moments, the fight progressed like that, the two of them literally trading punches in an attempt to fell the other one. Realizing they were getting nowhere fast however, both combatants took a step back from one another, the monster changeling folding his arms over his chest, assessing his foe.

"I'm stronger." He declared simply.

"Not for long." Gosai retorted, glancing towards his companions. "Grandpa, take Azumi and get out of here. As far as you can. There's a Namekian village somewhere nearby, see if they have a healer. Go!"

Enoki would have been more than willing to stay and fight at Gosai's side, but at this point he would merely have gotten in his grandson's way. The aging human stumbled towards Azumi, feeling his body slowly beginning to give out. Both humans were leaning against one another as they stumbled, offering mutual support.

Chill's soldiers, taking the hint to scram were running and flying off in every direction. Well... that fraction of them that remained alive at least.

And there they were. Human and changeling locking eyes with one another. Each waiting for the other's first move. Neither wishing to give ground to the other.

From the distance, Enoki had but one last bit of advice to give to his grandson, regardless of how helpful it might turn out to be, it was the last he could give him. "Do not take him lightly, Gosai. This isn't the same person you fought before." He declared, casting one more look at the changeling. Memories of Shadow cropping up in his mind once more. Armies marching across whole worlds and enslaving the population.

I'm sorry, Gosai. I tried. Truly, I did.

"We shouldn't be abandoning him..." Azumi whispered, helping Enoki limp away. Their ship was almost in ruins. Their only way off the planet was... unavailable, and they were leaving Gosai entirely to his own devices against the most dangerous opponent they'd ever encountered.

"We don't have a choice..." Enoki whispered, his eyes drooping shut.


Gosai's feet parted, leaving a small trail in the dirt. "You know, Chill... you're not the only one who can transform anymore." He declared with a smirk, pushing his aura outward, pebbles and smaller debris slowly circling around him. The color of his aura shifting from the nearly clear color of most warriors at his level to a nearly opaque white. "Let's put an end to this whole thing."

"It doesn't matter." Chill retorted, snorting as he rushed forward, his hands moving at high speeds, blinding to nearly any other being. The battle was joined for the third time as both locked up with the respective versions of the hassuken.

Punches were thrown, blocked, and dodged. Hundreds in the space of only a few moments before they each landed. Gosai landing where Chill had been standing previously, and Chill where Gosai had been.

"You're slower than I remember." Chill taunted his foe, raising up his hand. "I'm really going to enjoy this you know." He smirked. Or, as best as Gosai could tell it was a smirk.

"I kicked your ass last time, I can do it again." Gosai declared, vanishing from where he'd been standing, coming back into phase with existence behind Chill. His fist moved fast, attempting to cripple the changeling with one swift punch to his spine...

However, he hadn't accounted for the tail, which wrapped easily around his wrist, pulling him closer to the alien warlord.

"Things." Chill began, punching Gosai in the gut. "Are." Another punch. "Very." A third punch. "Different." And a fifth. "Now."

Gosai gagged, choking back his own blood after the savage punches before he looked into Chill's eyes, a surge of ki erupting from each of his own, sending the changeling stumbling backwards, cursing, with his hands over his eyes. The human hit the dirt, his only concern getting more oxygen back into his system.

Damnit, damnit, damnit! He's definitely stronger. I... I don't know... if I can win...

"You... insolent... human!" Chill's voice rose over the din of the growing storm. The power concentrated between both combatants was beginning to affect the weather patterns. A dark cloud forming around them, rain pelting the ground, turning it muddy beneath their feet. Another level of complexity to their battlefield.

Lightning struck the ground nearby, very nearly taking both fighters off their feet by the fury of a planet defending itself from their battle.

This whole thing just keeps getting worse and worse, doesn't it? Gosai thought, coughing as he spit mud back onto the ground.

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Worst nightmare (complete...finally)
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