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 Golden goes to high school?

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PostSubject: Golden goes to high school?   Fri Aug 27, 2010 9:08 pm

"haaa what a day just flying over Statan city boy i did hear that they did have alot of crime in this city but i haven't saw any yet hmph ah well i guess well that could be good" Golden flys over Satan city that people say is a realy high crime rate and mr. Satan lives there along with her dauughter videl but enough of that it really needed in this story.

"So a bank robbery huh well lets stop this well i better change my appearence so nobody knows so yea super sayian 3 haaaaa haaa hhahahaaaaaaa" then an explosion just came from Golden's body but not a very big one and when the smoke cleared Golden floated there and he had really long spiky golden hair and no eyeybrows just a big bumb above his really blue eyes and he has huge muceles so this bank robery will be nothing for him " lets rock " Golden flys down towards the bank " hey get out of here right now and just maybe i might spare your lives " Golden told the bank robbers but of course they didn't even listen all they did was make fun of him " hmph what are you going to do hmph what stab me with your freekishly long spiky hair hahahahaha" the other bank robber just laughed at his remark " hahahahaha yea like he can even do that just look at him he doesnt even have any eye brows" the Bank robbers just laughed and looked away and left with the money they took from the bank " hey i don't think so die now haaaa super slining slasher basher " Golden grabed his Z-sword and charged right at the bank robers then Golden swung his sword just once then it turned really white then blood just spladdered from the bank robbers and then Golden put his sword away then a orange stae that belongs to a student that goes to Orange Star High School " hey you there arent you supposed to be in school we appreciate your help but it is against the law not to go to school" But huh i don't need ti im 19 years old almost 20 that seems a little to old to go to school don't you think" Golden says to the police men " but you have the star on your shirt and thats enough proof to get you arressted" Golden agrees just untill someone comes or untill he thinks its time to go back to planet vegeta. " fine ill go but only for this year wich should be almost over right " " um well you have to graduate first but yea" fine then ill go but this is my last year of school i already graduated vegeta high and now Orange Star high if thats evev=n a real school oh well i guess its not like there is any thing i can do.

"ok class we got a new student and his name is Golden so be nice to him ok Golden take any seat" "ok thanks" Golden looks up and sees what seats are open untill some one yells " hey you you look pertty cool why don't you come up here" Golden look confused but he agrees " um ok i guess"

" ok class your big test is tomorrow so study" " hey Golden where you going to study how about at the library with me man how bout" "no thanks bob i appreciate your kindness of letting seat by you and you complement but i don't want to waste my time with pathetic human being now" Golden just leaves and heads to a room then bob looks at the door Golden just closed then bob heard an explosion and of course it was Golden turning into a super sayian 5 so he dosent get worn out all the time he transforms then bob walked in then Golden said " solar flare" then Golden instant transmission home to study so he dosent ever have to go to school ever again

The next morning

"so Golden what did you do yesterday after school" bobb was asking Golden " who me all i did was study so buzz off ? Golden just walked away then went to hus seat and sat down and grabed his one and only penceil then took a quick nap

30 min. later

"ok class heres you tests and you only got 30 minutes to finish this " "what only 30 minutes " th ewhole class was in shock but not Golden he was not worried at all.

15 min. later

"DONE"! the whole class even the teacher was in shock that Golden was done and then Golden went down to the teacher to give her the test " mam im going to the bathroom so hopefully you have the test results when i get back " " um ok Golden thats fine with me "

30 min. later

"ok class i did finish Golden's test and it was a perfect score so Golden here is your diploma and i hope you have a good life" " thanks i guess well good bye all you pathetic humans" so Golden left with the class in shock

" hmph i probaly will never go back to satan city oh well "

" i guess its time to find some true challengers"

so Golden left Satan city and Golden now went through two High Schools so now don't say you hate school because he had to go 2 yimes and for those that aren't in scool right now that do go to school still welcome back so muhahahahahhahahhahahahhahahaha
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Android 17

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PostSubject: Re: Golden goes to high school?   Fri Aug 27, 2010 9:14 pm

10 bp
100,000 pl and ki
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Golden goes to high school?
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