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 Search and Destroy

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PowerLevel : 127,680,700
Ki : 127,680,700
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PostSubject: Search and Destroy   Fri Aug 27, 2010 10:24 pm

“Still in a coma. And its been almost two weeks! Her brain waves show no signs of her waking up either. We should just pull the plug!”

“No!” a second voice rang out, sounding shocked. “Give her till the end of the day at least! She's King Vegeta's greatest student. We can't give up on her that easily.”

“She has wounds that would have killed any other warrior,” the first doctor growled as he pushed his glasses back to the bridge of his nose. “Not to mention her leg is broken. I've set it, but the healing chambers only heal minor wounds, but she-”

“Shhhh!” a female voice rang out and the arguing saiyans quieted for a moment.

“What is it?”

“I-I don't know, I could have sworn I saw an increase in Blackfire's breathing,” she replied hesitantly.

“Well, anyway-” The glassed scientist was interupted yet again as the door to the healing chamber slid open and a shadow fell across the floor. All of the scientists let out gasps and dropped their clipboards, bowing to one knee and saluting.

Boots rang out on the stone floor and a spiky haired saiyan walked in, his red cape trailing on the floor behind him. “Get up!” he snarled clenching his gloved hands. He waited for the trio of doctors to get back up then jabbed a finger to the injured Blackfire, suspended in the healing liquid.

“She's been in there for over two weeks now. Is she going to get better or not?” all three of the doctors cast hesitant glances at each other. None of them agreed, but it was obvious that King Vegeta wanted an answer from them. “Well?” he roared, his voice booming through the chamber and causing the saiyans to flinch.

“We aren't sure my liege,” replied one of the scientists. “But if she wakes up, she can't go on any missions for at least a month until her leg mends.”

King Vegeta padded up to the chamber and peered inside at the unconscious Blackfire. “I see...” he murmured, running a hand over his beard.

“There is no sign of her waking up at all though,” one of the doctors chipped in. “We are thinking about taking her off tonight. We -”

“No!” King Vegeta's voice was sharp as he spun around, fixing the doctor with a fierce glare. He then turned away. “Give her one more week. At least.” Without waiting for an answer, the king of saiyans spun around and almost careened into another saiyan who was entering. The boy quickly saluted the king then rushed past.

Vegeta glared at him, but didn't say anything as he vanished back out the medical area, his boots clicking on the stone floor as he retreated back to his throne room.

“Omega,” chided one of the doctors as the boy who almost ran into the king of saiyans rushed inside, “We told you that we would contact you once Blackfire wakes up.”

“She's still not better then?” gasped Omega, casting an agonized glance towards the rejuvenation chamber. A doctor came up and placed a hand on the young saiyan's shoulder. He shifted his wieght from foot to foot, his head swinging around as if he itched to be doing something. But there was nothing he really could do. It was a battle for Blackfire to fight on her own.

“I'm sorry,” he murmured, clearly unsure on how to comfort the second class warrior. Omega seemed to shiver as he bowed his head in utter defeat. He suddenly looked smaller as he brushed the doctor's hand away and turned towards the door.

Water dripped off of Blackfire as she delicately limped out of the medical bay in the royal building. Finally she gave up walking all together and floated up several inches from the ground. It was rather annoying, but it was better than having pain shoot up her leg every step she took. She was barefoot because of the cast and the only thing the teen wore was a tight black bodysuit that she wore in the rejuvenation chamber. It was better than being naked though.

The orphan floated down the hallway towards the king's chamber, absolutely bored out of her mind. She needed to be doing something! She knew subconsciously that the king of saiyans would not send her out in her present state, but in Blackfire's fury, it made no sense to her why he wouldn't send her on a mission. The smell of food distracted her momentarily, but she continued on when she realized it was the king's kitchen. Two voices were in there, obviously in some heated argument, but the saiyan teen that was pretty much high on pain killers really didn't care too much to listen in.

As she finally made it to the stone door, Blackfire could see two guards posted at either side of the door. The left guard looked at his companion with a worried look on his face. But his partner simply placed his spear over to bar the door.

“What do you want Blackfire?” he hailed out to the groggy teen.

“Lesh me tho. I need fo see the shing,” she replied, the pain killers almost knocking her out of flight. She really needed to go lay down and get some sleep, but her bullheadedness was quite strong. It would take a lot to actually bring her down.

“The king is busy,” the guard replied harshly. “And you need to go back to the medical bay, did you even get an okay for release?”

Blackfire's ears burned. No, she didn't. But that wasn't something she was about to admit.

“Let me through,” Blackfire hissed stubbornly, floating an inch closer towards the throne room door. But the guard held his place, narrowing his eyes dangerously as he shifted his spear like weapon from hand to hand. At that instant though, the door behind the guards slid open, revealing the king of saiyans. But Blackfire's borrowed strength had run dry, and the teen saiyan suddenly crumpled to the ground, unable to even cry out in pain when most of her weight landed on her broken leg. A wall of darkness slammed over her eyes and she knew nothing more.

When Blackfire finally came too, darkness still greeted her eyes. It took several moments for her eyes to adjust to the gloomy shade of her bedroom. The orphan sat up in confusion. How did I end up here?

“You're awake!” Blackfire looked over to see Omega sitting in a chair beside her. “You are never going to get back to full strength if you keep doing stupid stuff like that you know.” He had a knowing expression on his face as if he knew exactly what the teen had done when she woke up, causing Blackfire to seethe under her skin with embarrassment.

“Shut up,” Blackfire growled, turning over in her bed so that her back was facing Omega. Silence filled her house for several seconds and she turned back around, locking onto Omega with a questioning glance. “What are you doing here anyway?” she queried sleepily.

The saiyan boy let out a little puff of laughter. “Someone had to carry you here right?” He glanced away for a second then looked back, changing the subject. “You've been locked in that healing chamber for two weeks, you have to be hungry! Lets go and grab something to eat.”

“Uhhh.. I can't right now, I actually have to go check something,” the orphan declined him, trying her best to ignore the hurt look on his face. She got up from bed and floated to her door, yanking it open and casting a glance behind her. “I'll take a rain check though.” With those words she shot off towards the palace.

It only took a matter of seconds for Blackfire to reach the royal palace. There was a tremendous feeling of dread running through the saiyan as she entered the silent hallways. She limped down the hall, her face contorted in pain. With every step, her broken leg throbbed. Omega was right, she really did need to rest. But the teen knew that she couldn’t leave until she found whatever it was giving her the uneasy feeling. But what exactly what was she looking for?

A crash alerted her and she whipped her head around. A single light was open, illuminating a nearby doorway in a soft yellow glow. The sound of a grunt and scuffling reached her ears. When Blackfire stopped at the door, she let out a gasp. Broli was on the floor, struggling vainly as he tried to escape a humanoid figure hovering over the behemoth with a hand crackling with ki. Blackfire vanished from existence and Broli’s attacker seemed to flinch, and then got up from Broli, standing still for a moment. Suddenly, his arm dethatched, falling to the floor with a crash.

“Fast,” was all he could utter, turning around to lock eyes with the purple eyed saiyan who had appeared several feet away. Sparks flew out of his dismembered arm, raining down on the stone floor. An android? But what’s going on? The orphan shot a questioned glance at the saiyan behemoth who was still on the ground, but the android she attacked suddenly let out a huge bolt of laughter.

“Ah yes, it took me a while, but I recognize you. I must admit though, I was sure that you would be out of commission.”

“It takes a lot more that petty wounds to keep me down,” Blackfire growled, narrowing her eyes dangerously as she waited for the humanoid to attack. But there didn’t seem to be any hostility from her foe. The robot only looked at her with a face of mild curiosity.

“You are a lot stronger than I thought you would be Komand’r.” Blackfire’s ears burned at the sound of her real name. Very, very few people knew about it.

“It is good to finally meet you Komand'r,” said the android with a dip of his head, his voice smooth as honey. Blackfire was visibly spooked and thoroughly unnerved. She took a shaky step backwards and a single bead of sweat ran down the side of the orphan's cheek.

“H-h-how do you know of that name?” she stammered, her entire body trembling violently as she struggled to control her nerves and slow her rapidly beating heart.

“Why, it's your birth name!” Exclaimed the humanoid, his eyes widening in surprise. “It was the name bestowed upon you by your real mother, not Kabu.” Blackfire flinched at this and clenched her fists.

“And how much more of my past do you know?” she growled, anger rising in her body like bile, threatening to overflow and condense into fury.

“Enough,” the android responded, sounding indifferent. But then his eyes glinted. “Oh I'm so terribly sorry. Does that bring up bad memories?”

“Shut up,” The saiyan orphan growled through clenched teeth.

“You still have nightmares to this very day about it,” the humanoid swept on mockingly, seemingly undaunted by the threatening tone in Blackfire's voice.

“I SAID SHUT UP!” The roar escaped her lips and she surged forward, laying down a shock wave the made the ground beneath her explode from her speed. Her blade glinted as she unsheathed it and bore it down towards her foe. Much to her surprise however, her attack never landed and Blackfire hovered in the air, completely immobilized.

The android made a 'tsk' sound and shook his head. “Dear Komand'r, you must learn to control your temper. It could get you killed. An invisible shockwave slammed into the teen's gut, sending her sprawling backwards against the ground. She was dimly aware of Broli going on the attack. But it didn't matter. She only had one chance to kill this machine. As soon as the saiyan behemoth disengaged for a split second, the teen sent a quick electrical charge into the ground and a giant ethereal wolf tore itself from the ground.

“What the?” The android yelled, his eyes wide. The oozoru sized electrical wolf closed its jaws around its victim though before he could even move.

The next day:

It seemed like every waking moment in Blackfire's life was spent either training, doing missions, or slaughtering people in battle. Sometimes the saiyan orphan just wished that she could do something more with her life. Exploring the universe would be nice. But alas, she was stranded on Vegeta-Sei until she could figure out how to build herself a space worthy ship. Omega had been kind enough to hack into the saiyan armory and give her the blueprints for a saiyan warship, yet building it was taking up a lot of her time. Not only was the building process difficult, but it was expensive for the parts as well.

Wiping the thin veil of sweat that had formed on Blackfire's brow, the saiyan tossed aside her tools and briefly wondered if she should go sparring in the artificial realm. But the teen decided against it. Though there was nothing more enthralling than the constant whirlwind of fists and legs while battling, Komand'r wanted an actual battle. And there was one place that saiyans always hung out at: the local pub.

It only took her a moment to get there due to her great speed, and when she landed to go inside, the guard blocked her way. “Sorry youngster,” he grunted gruffly. “Twenty-one or no entry.” A grin crossed his face. The saiyan was bulky, but giant muscles hardly meant a strong fighter. The saiyan orphan grabbed him roughly by his collar and tossed him aside. He fell to the floor with a crash and didn't get back up, causing the eyes of the saiyans inside to dart to the teen. The pounding music was now the only sound that greeted Blackfire as she padded inside the pub, thanks to her little cleanup, every one grew silent, quickly backing up away as she shoved her way though the throng of saiyans. Blackfire ignored most of them however, she only wanted to fight someone that was stronger than average. Her purple eyes rested on a saiyan with armor on that was of an unusual coloration.

“You,” she said simply, pointing a gloved hand in the saiyan's direction, then swinging it to the open door. “Outside. Unless you're scared of getting your ass beat by a girl that is.”

A sneer crossed Blackfire's face as the third class saiyan before her glanced at his companions then accepted her challenge. It was the folly of having the pride of a saiyan. She let her unnamed foe go ahead of her and was acutely aware of the multitude of eyes following both of them as they made good with their escape. Finally, the pair stood outside, only several yards apart. The black cape that Blackfire wore shrouded most of her. She gripped it with one hand. Most saiyans had to verbally introduce themselves, but Blackfire was privileged enough not to.

In one clean motion, the orphan ripped the cape from her shoulders and tossed it aside, revealing saiyan armor underneath. She wasn't used to wearing it, but it was mandatory now that she was a first class saiyan. And that was what identified her. There were two insignias decorating her armor, one on either side. The first on on the left showed her rank, and the other proved that she trained directly under King Vegeta, a rare privilege that nobody on the planet currently shared with the teenage girl.

The saiyan in front of her seemed to recognize her. She listened with a stone face at his small speech, letting a small grin cross her face as he neared the end. “At least you aren't completely incompetent,” she gloated. “Trying to strike a nerve? You are wasting your time.” She crossed her arms across her frame as she watched him power up, causing small pebbles to rise from the earth. After he was finished, there was a calm silence afterward.

“Let's do this!” her opponent shouted, throwing up his fighting stance. But Blackfire didn't even bother putting up a guard. She wouldn't need to.

“You first,” she invited, her voice as smooth as honey.

Blackfire watched her opponent’s movements with a stone face. There was no emotion at all on the Orphan’s face. All Blackfire could hope for is that this saiyan would at least be able to back his talk up. She assumed a looser stance so that she was light on her toes. Blackfire’s speed was her greatest asset. There were few warriors of her caliber who could even hope to match it.

The saiyan before her seemed to hesitate, then hesitate some more. Oh come on! Just as Blackfire was going to go on the attack herself, the third class surged forward finally, though it was at an agonizingly slow pace. His first two attacks seemingly passed right through the saiyan’s body. In reality though, Blackfire had dodged them at such a high speed that her opponent would not even be able to track her movements. As soon as her foe landed back on the ground though, he rushed forward with his hopeless assault once more, aiming a single hard fist to the Orphan’s face.

A smirk crossed Blackfire’s face as she moved out of the way, letting the attack pass harmless by. She grabbed his wrist as he went though. Only a split second was spent to decide her next move. With his arm fully in her vice like grip, she aimed a heavy punch to his gut, following it up to literally lift the saiyan off his feet and slam his back into the ground. Her hand still embedded in his gut, Blackfire let a blue orb of ki light up in her hands, sending a big bang attack at the poor sap at melee range.

The saiyan orphan gave it time to explode before letting her foe slip from her grasp, backing up a bit and crossing her arms across her chest. “Come on,” she growled. “At least try to put up a decent fight.”

The saiyan that Blackfire was fighting didn't even put up a defense to the teen's devastating combo. Blackfire frowned as she released her foe. Smoke billowed up from his charred abdomen. Was she wrong? Was the powerful vibe that she got from this saiyan false? Was it just an empty hope that perhaps somebody on the planet could stand up to her power? The injured saiyan got up to his feet shakily. The saiyan teen was actually surprised that he could stand after that massive explosion. Blackfire's body was stinging from her own attack, so she could only imagine the pain that her opponent was going through.

Finally, the saiyan opened his mouth to speak. “Sorry to keep you waiting for so long, I was thinking of a person, who sadly can’t join our fight. I know that you could easily take my life if you wanted to, but there is one thing you can never take from a saiyan even if you tried your best! His pride!”

A sneer crossed Blackfire's face, but she said nothing, only watching carefully as he leaped into the air and dive bombed the saiyan teen, attempting to connect a kick to the side of her neck. Blackfire waited until only an inch separated her attacker's foot from her neck before she grasped his ankle, throwing the saiyan down on his back like a rag doll. She jumped lightly up and attempted to crash both feet into his gut like a jack hammer before flipping backwards, attacking his rib cage with a heavy foot that would send her foe airborne.

Her next series off attacks would make her previous assault look like child's play. As her foe would be traveling upwards into the sky, Blackfire used her greater speed to surpass him, lashing out with two lighter jabs to his face as she passed. With a graceful flip in the air, she attempted to crash her elbow into the back of the third class saiyan's neck, to send him hurtling downwards to the hard ground yet again. The air whistled as Komand'r followed his path, her body slicing through the sky like a bullet as she tried once again to crash both extended legs into her hapless foe's face, to drive him into the ground once more.

Somewhere in the middle of her attack, the saiyan had managed to throw out two weak attacks which were swiftly knocked away like the gnats they were.

“My apologies,” Blackfire soothed as she floated back down to the ground after her terrible offensive blitz. “I figured you were stronger than this. Apparently I was wrong. Allow me to finish you.” With those words spoken, the saiyan teen spread her arms wide. A purple aura flared about her body and the entire planet seemed to shake as her power started to scale to new heights.

Not bad,” Blackfire muttered, her voice scarcely audible as her opponent had managed to defend against some of the teen's ruthless attacks. Despite him only being only an eighth of her speed when she wasn't even at her maximum, the saiyan was quite agile. Or perhaps it was just luck. Blackfire always tried to see the good in things.

Even now, when she was standing stationary, charging up her final attack, the saiyan proved to at least use some brains and attack when she was “helpless” in the sense of the word. Of course Blackfire had already accounted for the possibility of the saiyan going on the attack. Komand'r had backup. He shadow on the ground shifted and turned a shade of blue. It seemed to take on a shape before a wolf made of a deadly mixture of electricity and energy materialized in front of Blackfire as a shield of sorts.

Skoll had entered the battlefield, letting out a terrifying roar that would strike fear into the most courageous of fighters. As if in response, the entire battlefield seemed to take on a darker shade. Looking up, Blackfire saw that fierce thunder clouds had drifted over the sky. Lightning danced back and forth from cloud to cloud, lighting up the sky in a beautiful display of power.

In this entire time, Blackfire's foe had only gotten halfway to the saiyan who was almost finished charging her attack. It was just a show of her greater speed. Blackfire's foe dived at her, but instead of towards her, he went lower. She recognized one of her favorite surprise attacks of sliding under her opponent. Though she usually paired it with a more devastating attack such as the dragon dive.

Skoll had no intention on letting the slower saiyan complete his attack though. The spirit beast crouched lower towards the earth before leaping forward to meet his enemy's assault head on, using his greater strength to literally bowl the saiyan over. Skoll fell out of the sky to try and land on his prey before attempting to score his wicked claws into the third class warrior's side.

“So close,” Skoll snarled, his telepathic voice echoing outward so all could hear. “To bad you never stood a chance at all.”

Blackfire slapped her hands together at the wrists where a malevolent ball of yellow Ki tripped in size. Skoll knew to get out of the way and he leaped off of his prey, getting far away before his master attacked with the finale, vanishing from existence only to appear three feet in front of the hopefully downed saiyan.


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PowerLevel : 127,680,700
Ki : 127,680,700
Transformations : False Super Saiyan, Super Saiyan, Legendary Super Saiyan
Tehniques : Big Bang Attack, Flight, Energy Dan, Mouth Blast, Eye beam, Single Finger Blast, Deflect, Kiah, Power Blast, Final Flash, Ki Sword, Ion Beam, Ki Shockwave, Power up, Wolf Fang Fist, Electric Jaws, Summon Skoll, Solar Flare, After Image, Fusion Dance, Instant Transmission, Super Final Big Bang Kamehameha, Kaio-Ken
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PostSubject: Re: Search and Destroy   Fri Aug 27, 2010 10:25 pm

ready for grading

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PowerLevel : 127,680,700
Ki : 127,680,700
Transformations : False Super Saiyan, Super Saiyan, Legendary Super Saiyan
Tehniques : Big Bang Attack, Flight, Energy Dan, Mouth Blast, Eye beam, Single Finger Blast, Deflect, Kiah, Power Blast, Final Flash, Ki Sword, Ion Beam, Ki Shockwave, Power up, Wolf Fang Fist, Electric Jaws, Summon Skoll, Solar Flare, After Image, Fusion Dance, Instant Transmission, Super Final Big Bang Kamehameha, Kaio-Ken
Battle Points : 122
Zeni : 109,380
Items : weighted armor
Posts : 66
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PostSubject: Re: Search and Destroy   Sat Aug 28, 2010 8:17 am

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200,300 pl and ki zeni
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PostSubject: Re: Search and Destroy   

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Search and Destroy
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