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 From monster to god (complete)

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Ki : 4077266
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Battle Points : 224
Zeni : 916033
Items : weighted armor, ToM x19 (used), Z-sword, King's armor, prince's scouter, ultimate senzu, super saibamen (extra large bag=30 seeds)
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PostSubject: From monster to god (complete)   Sat Aug 28, 2010 4:14 am

Did you ever dream? Did you ever dream? That all was different and that war was just a word in a dictionary, long forgotten by all races in the universe? That fighting and battles were only terms in sports? That the darkness had not clouded and shrouded us? Because believe me, when I say...those were only dreams."

As a shimmering silver star, a ship called the Marauder, raids through the vast space called the Universe. It aimlessly wanders through the void, its commander thorn apart by hate and regret, its crew more dead than alive. Yet deep, deep in the belly of this silver star, a ray of hope does not shine, a spark of love does not come, a shine of faith does not exist.

Only darkness, pure and unbound hatred resides in this wandering vessel of despair. Months have passed since the commander of that ship started to travel. Many things have happened and shipped away piece by piece, his soul and sanity. Long has time been forgotten by this creature, this monster. It holds no more meaning for this abomination of creation.

Months ago, this creature had found someone able to grant him power, more than anyone ever could give. A warlock named Vakaarl had attempted to purge the earth, yet failed due to the heroic actions of all warriors combined to oppose him, but he survived and retreated to his lair on the distant planet of Eldrazi, also called the dead planet, as it harbors no live, nor can ever sustain or has ever sustained any.

Hidden deep inside a dark cave, with hundreds of minions working for him, this evil overlord, master of death, was observing the flow of meaningless time and found the darkness. His slimy nostrils shook swiftly, as his hand floated above a black orb. He sensed someone, something arriving to his planet, his dominion. He closed his eyes and focused on the darkness, the insanity he was feeling.

"You will never be evil, compared to me you are just an infant. A mere pest, thinking to conquer, but not even fit to rule the dirt. A pointless waste of my time.

In his mind, a dark shadow encumbered him, shrouded all the rest of his mind, focusing him on a soft whisper, which only he could hear. A whisper with a broken voice, a split tongue. The whisper became louder, the words understandable. Visions started to overwhelm him, visions of the time after he had failed to purge the earth. Visions filled with blood, torment and terror.

He saw earthlings run in fear for their lives, hunted by soldiers. He saw soldiers of the PTO being brutally slaughtered by a vicious beast. He noticed the torture and despair among a small band of humans. He experienced the sound of namekians being crushed and thorn apart by a wicked and evil monster. He saw the banishment of the shadow, the combinement between the mind and soul of two monsters.

Suddenly it all vanished and he was shrouded in darkness again. Looking around, he could not een see his own hands, as he felt the darkness strangle and choke him. Grasping and clawing at his throat with its chilly cold and boney fingers. Right in front of him, he suddenly noticed two large fearful eyes opening and gazing at him. Two vile green orbs in a shiny black eye, staring at him, piercing through his mind and his filthy black soul. A mouth started to form, two full black glossed lips appearing in front of him. Suddenly the mouth moved, showing two imaculate rows of sharpened teeth. First without sound, but the sound came to him. First as a whisper, yet soon as a rolling thunderstorm, the voice spoke to him.

"I am coming home, Vakaarl. I am returning home...master. Whaahaahaaah!"

The mouth opened and reached towards Vakaarl, just as the teeth were snapping at him, swallowing him in eternal darkness, he came back from his deep trance, lowering his hand from the orb, while cold watery beads rolled down from his neck. Turning around, he slythered more than walked, towards a few minions and smacked one of them against its head with his rod.

"Move your leggs, you slimy putrid insects, I am having company. Yesss, finally, he has come for me...Chill."

"Fear not the darkness of the world. Fear not the terror from villains. Fear not the evil of Hell. Only fear the fear and despair that come after."

Slowly the silver ship floated closer towards the dead planet of Eldrazi; the lair of the evil warlock Vakaarl. It seemed to drift without an aim as it got towards planet Eldrazi, almost as if it was just unlucky to have a planet in its path.

Inside the ship, soldiers were running around like ants on a collony, working as if their lifes depended on it. And depending it did, as they harbored something, someone that would give nightmares to children for an everlasting eternity. A monster of such brutal power and vicious villainy, that as it would speak, a man could simply drop dead from utter fear.

Closed behind a finelly carved wooden door, in a dark underlit quarter, a creature sat in a red velvet, cushioned chair, drinking and enjoying a glass of Chateau neuf du Papes of 1966. A wine he had acquired on earth. The shining, ruby red liquid was swirling in the exquisit silver challice in his hand, made by the PTO slaves on planet Cold. It geniunely looked like blood inside the Judaschallice and he was the Devil drinking from it.

A soft chuckle escaped the creatures black glossy lips as it looked through the small window, giving sight of the planet they were about to land on. The creature slowly stood up from his chair and swallowed the entire amount of wine in a single gulp. Putting down the silver glorified cup on his expensive mahogany desk, another chuckle came from his mouth. His thin greyish white finger with finely manicured black nail pushed the red button next to the microphone on his desk and from his mouth a barking order erupted, yet it sounded as if it was filled with poisonous joy and not murderous temper.

"Captain, how long before we have landed on this godforsaken rock, I have other bussinesses to attend to as well?"

A shakingly, frightened voice came from the speaker, while the green light flooped on.

"We'll be ready for touchdown in a matter of minutes, a quarter of an hour at most, mylord."

Turning his gaze back to the small window in his cabinet, the creature seemed to be shocked as he heard a familiar voice ressonate in the room. He knew that voice very well, as it was the same voice he had heard over six months ago. The voice of a creature so far over the border of death, one dared to say, he had a deal with the dark gods themselves. And while far away an intergalactic war was escalating, both that so-called devil and the wellknown monster on that ship were getting started with a simple conversation, ignoring the petty quarrels that happened lightyears away.

"So after all this time, you have come to pay me a visit, dear Chill. On what matter do I deserve this honour from you. You who so bravely comes and ask me to react with proper conduct and courtesy. As the info I have is correct, you cant be called, real high company anymore do you. You are no longer part of the changeling house of dukes, nor the royal family."

"No matter how you think of yourself Vakaarl, times have changed, I am far beyond the point of being part of some foolish royalty or some corrupt filthy government. I come here under my own title, as Envyncar of Rath.

A vicious slimy snort was heard, mocking Chill's last statement. The Fallen Tyrant turned around in the dark room, facing directly towards the hologram that was showing Vakaarl. He no longer looked so terrifying as before to Chill, perhaps because of the fact that Chill had seen and done equally terrifying things in his life since that passing of their first meeting. His hands were now equally, if not more stained with blood than those of Vakaarl.

In Vakaarl's lair, another hologram portrayed Chill, in the dark warlock's quarters. The old creature looked at the changeling's eyes and believed that he had grown a fair lot since they last had meet. In that time Chill was not even a thread to his own pinky, but now, the changeling tyrant seemed to have more power than back in those days, way more power.

"I must admit, you are no longer that reckless, overconfident fool from last time. I can see your hands are almost drowning in the blood you have spilled. Tell me, did you enjoy it?"

"Oh yes I did, yes I did indeed. Time has passed quickly, lord Vakaarl. When we last meet, I was not as bloodstained as I am now. I have had my fair share of luck, death and despair. I have felt the pain of sorrow and defeat. The stinging sensation of betrayel and banishment."

Vakaarl smiled, well at least, he seemed to do so, as it was hard to tell by looking at his face. He was pleased that the changeling warlord carried so much darkness with him and so much suffering, it was invigorating for the old warlock. He felt proud that he meet Chill at this moment, as he felt his power weaken due to the lack of strong pupils.

Slowly the saiyan warship carrying the fallen tyrant landed on planet Eldrazi. As it approached a large mountainridge, the mountains suddenly split open and gave way to a large landinghangar for the ship. With the backward thrusters engaged the silver machine came to a halt as it descended in the hangar. As the engines stopped, a double door at the side of the ship opened and a large silver stair slided out. Two rows of soldiers wearing a black uniform and a Mk II blasterrifle came out, with between them, the fallen tyrant known as Chill.

Coming from a sliding door not far away from the ship, dozens upon dozens of Vakaarls evil minions poured in the hangar to welcome Chill. Behind them, the old warlock entered the hangar and strolled towards the changeling warlord. As he came close, he noticed that Chill was dressed like royalty at war, a kind of clothes he had not seen in many years. Now that his pupil had arrived, it seemed Vakaarl could finally test him and see if he was fit to replace Wytch and Mallos, the henchmen he had lost on earth.

"Welcome on planet Eldrazi, lord Chill. I hope your stay will be prosperous for both our sakes.

Vakaarl stepped closer, but halted briefly when Chill's soldiers formed a small platoon at a barking order from Chill. Yet as they were settled in their new position, Vakaarl stepped closer again. Nodding slightly, he reached out his slimy, slick hand to Chill. Taking the old warlocks hand firmly, with a slight shake, the deal was made between two of the most evil forces in the universe. A union of fear.

"Power is nothing but a tool to do great things. All great men have power and are not affraid to use it. But when that power is used for evil, it becomes force. Power without justice is the most dangerous of all, as it is not bound by the code of honour, nor the rules of combat. Great things are but a tool to obtain power."

After the meeting, Vakaarl insisted that Chill should walk with him to his personal quarters. As the walked through the great hall and over the training plains, Chill could finally see the scale of Vakaarl's most impressive army. He could also see the hundreds of ships lined up next to each other, enough to make a massive scale invasion. An invasion of an entire galaxy and not like Vakaarl did before; a single planet. Suddenly Chill saw the massive ship floating above them, a shining arrow of more that a dozen miles long and two miles wide at the end. This was the ship Vakaarl was planning to use to ressurect his empire and regain the power he had before his defeat.

The black ship Vakaarl used on earth was floating not far from the massive ship Chill saw minutes ago. It was still being repaired and still bore the marks from the battle on earth. It was during the blood moon that Vakaarl attacked earth, but sadly failed. Chill on the other hand had much greater expectations and much more devious plans that needed Vakaarls experienced help. As such, Chill got a hold of Vakaarl's wherebouts and tracked him down to call for his teachings.

"Tell me Chill, why did you come here in the first place?"

Chill stopped walking and looked up to the sky. A sigh left his lips as he started to speak.

"Look up Vakaarl, look up and see those inconcievable numbers of stars. I want them all, so badly, that I need your help to teach me. Teach me everything you know, teach me every dark secret you discovered, every technique in warfare at your disposal. Teach me how to cause fear, despair and hate. I want to rule the galaxy and as such, I need your help."

Vakaarl smiled after Chill had ended his speech. This creature seemed to have more potential than he ever imagined. So much even that he feared, he would not be able to harness all that sweet potential of his. After walking further through the halls of stone and steel, buzzing with the sound of tens of thousands of Vakaarl's minions, they finally reached his quarters at the far end of the mountain. Opening a glass door with a steel frame, Vakaarl offered Chill to sit down in one of the comfortable chairs, while the fallen tyrant's soldiers were led to the barracks by a few higher ranking minions of Vakaarl.

Pouring some purple coloured liquid in a crystal glass, Vakaarl gave it to Chill and sat down behind a white marble desk in the midde of the room. He placed his hands against each other and huffed a bit before reaching at a silver waterpipe and lighting it with a weird kind of lighter. Puffing out some smoke from the corner of his crudely composed mouth, Vakaarl grabbed a few documents.

"Very well, I will teach you all I know, but it is at a price ofcourse. You will have to be willing to go to the very limits of your skills and beyond. Are you prepared to sacrifice everything for power, if not I can not teach you."

"It is not the number of soldiers that makes a victory on the battlefield, but their valour that determines a victory- Horace"

The air was damp, hard to breath and foul to smell for the sofisticated nose that belonged to Chill. The fallen tyrant was standing on the training grounds, enclosed by large steel walls on each side. Vakaarl was standing behind a three inch thick glass that protected himself from everything that would happen beneath. He pushed a few buttons on a machine and a large cast iron gate opened.

A ghust of wind and dust left the dark area behind the large and heavy gate when it opened. A deep and loud breathing could be heard in the darkness. Chill took a few steps back when he heard that noise. The small changeling was feeling a bit weird as he whitnessed the creature that came out of the gate. Suddenly the eerie voice of Vakaarl sounded in the arena, strengthened by a dozen of highly technological speakers, his voice boomed in to Chill's earvents.

"May I present to you a creature I have subdued on one of my travels. It is a Barracan from the planet Yawgmoth. A large, semi-cybernetic creature. It seemed to have been build by an ancient civilization but further developed itself on its own and is most likely one of the strongest, most feared creatures in the universe. Oh yes Chill, beware, it can be quite vicious."

As the semi-cybernetic abomination emerged from the darkness, Chill's eyes spread wide open. Never in his life had he seen such grotesque and appaling creature. Standing easily fifty feet high and weighing over ten ton, the beast was a mountain of cybernetic flesh and muscles. It's eight large, but sharp scissor-like legs scratched wildly on the gravel floor. Its head was covered with a large slick shield with a large horn protruding upwards from what Chill could determin to be the creature's nose. It had four fingerlike attachements in front of its mouth, resembling the poisonous fangs of the spiders he had studied on earth. The creature had no arms, but because of the flexibility of its spine, it was easy to say that those sharp legs could be used as such when needed.

"Allright, this will be a hell of a training."

Just as Chill gave his sarcastic remark, the monstrous creature attacked, boring his two front scissor-like legs in the ground, right on the spot where Chill was standing just an second ago. Already exerting himself a bit, Chill had doubled his speed by using his Zanzoken technique. It seemed it was the right move, as the creature was much faster and flexible than it looked. Just a split second later, Chill was forced to speed teleport from his position as the creature yet again lunged his dangerously sharp libs towards Chill, missing the changeling's head just by a hair.

"I think this needs some effort."

The creature seemed to go wild as it started to hack and slash every time Chill appeared, wearing down the changeling tremendously, while he still had no chance to transform or to do anything in a matter of fact. Yet suddenly, he understood that he could only transform if he gave himself an oportunity. Something this monster would not give. Suddenly vanishing in to thin air, Chill was jumping through the plane of invisibility thanks to his handy wizardbelt. Thanking the heaven's for this wonderous thing, Chill reappeared right next to the creatures head, ramming it at topspeed and with all might crashing in to it with his knee stretched out. A loud knock was heard, followed by a violent roar, as the creature was surprised and took the full brunt of Chill's surprising attack. Falling to the ground, the creature could feel a burning sensation at its side as a black disc of energy sliced through three of its legs at the its right side.

As the limbs fell to the ground and dust thrusted upwards by the creatures falling weight, Chill took his chance and rapidly started his first transformation. Growing to tremendous sizes of his own, Chill's entire body emanated ripping and swooshing sounds as he began to bulk up and transform into his monstrously large second form. Though he now stood a whopping nine feet hight, Chill was still a measily insect comppared to the massive Barracan, which had lifted itself back to its remaining legs and charged wildly at the small thing that had done those attacks to it.

"Allright, come on. I'll show you what real strength is."

Chill roared loudly, almost scaring the creature for a slight moment, as the fallen tyrant made a wild charge of his own. The monster threw its head down when it charged, its mouth opened and showed two rows of lethally sharp teeth.

From his protected viewbox, Vakaarl could see the monster's jaws snap and bite until dust covered the entire are. He could not see Chill, but he did notice that the monster did not or could not retreat its head from the cloud of dust. As the dust rose, he suddenly saw that Chill was holding the creatures jaws steady with his own hands gripped thight at the jaws. With a loud ripping and crackling noise, Chill stretched out both his arms, and as such dislocated the creatures lower jaw and ripped open the monsters jawconnections. The metallic skin started to bleed with a green liquid while the monster screamed and started to swing violently with its head, as if it was being attacked by a swarm of bees.

"Hahahaah, Vakaarl, is that all this so-called Barracan can do?"

Yet as Chill looked up to Vakaarl, he noticed the slimy creature smiling, which completely unnerved the fallen tyrant. Swiftly he turned his head to the Baccaran and saw why Vakaarl was smiling. The game was not over yet.

With awe Chill watched as the creature started to regrow its lost limbs and as its jaws reattached in a split second. Now he understood why this creature was feared throughout the universe. It wasn't only strong and fairly adept to fighting, but it also had regenerative capacities that would make a bio-android or a namekian jealous.

"Now I see your power, dear boy. How amusing, I must admit I did not see that one coming. But don't fear, you'll be dead before the hour is passed. Haahaaahaaaah."

The monster did not wait for an attack from Chill as it swiftly rushed forwards in an attempt to eradicate the pescy intruder once and for all. Jumping up, Chill managed to evade the creatures charp head, yet as it seemed the creature was more flexible than the changeling warlord could ever imagine, as it turned his head in an angle of one hundred eighty degrees in a single motion, same for his legs. In a swift motion, the creature ripped out a large chunk of flesh from Chill's side, severely wounding the changeling with a single strike.

Falling against the steel wall and sliding down, while leaving behind a large purple trail of blood, Chill reached the ground and sunk to his knees. He was startled by the creatures abilities and felt his lifeforce diminish rapidly. The only way to heal was to use a senzu bean or a medical treatment, yet he had none at the moment and a medical treatment could only come after this fight. He had to think quick, as his time was running low and he had not many options to rely on.

Suddenly he smiled and stretched out one arm, while covering his large wound with the other. Concentrating his ki in the tip of his two stretched out fingers, he made two large swipes through the air. Those swipes raced at the creature and swiftly and cleanly removed it from all its limbs, while Chill rose upwards with his arms stretched high to the sky.

"Surely you must have noticed that his limbs just grow back, Chill. I hope you have a plan, cause otherwise your chances are running low with that ugly wound of yours. Did I mention that his cuts are poisonous? When he cuts you, it injects a deadly venom that paralyzes every muscle within the hour. I have the antidote, but you have to win to deserve it."

Chill knew Vakaarl was not lying. He felt his muscles become stiff and soar, as if he had trained in times sixty gravity for ten hours straight. At the tip of his finger, a small black orb of Ki started to form, growing larger and larger every second he had to spare. The monster had fallen down, but it wasn't going to stay that way for long, as it was already starting to regrow its limbs. Chill had to end the creature before he was finished by the venom. Cursing and swearing, Chill was pumping all his Ki and power in the small black orb, hoping to end the creature with his most devastating attack; the deathball.

As the orb had reached its maximum size, Chill forcefully threw it down and fell to the ground. He felt his muscles cramp up and it became harder and harder to breath sufficiently. The venom was nearing its final stage and as such, all hope was vested in the deathball he had thrown at the beast. With a loud noise, the deathball made contact with the enormous creature. The weight of the ball instantly pushed it back to the gravel floor, while the electricity that crackled arount the deathball started to crisp and burn the creature's regenerating limbs. Suddenly the ball turned from black to deep red and then to bright orange, resulting in a large cataclysmic explosion, blasting the creature to pieces the size of an atom or less. Just as the smoke cleared, Chill could feel a needle being drilled in his neck by one of Vakaarl's minionS.

"Good, very good. You passed, my boy. My minion has just injected the antivenom, so take some rest and meet me back here in a few hours for your next trainingsession."

"Let us not forget the dark ages, where men and beast were more alike. Let us not forget the days of darkness and evil, as the black death sprawled accross the lands. Let us not forget the demise of the heretics, the devilworshippors and witches, as they were the most important days to become civilized as we are today.

Days had passed since the first training that Vakaarl offered Chill. The pain of the venom made the changeling tyrant more determined to set through with his plans.Though the Barracan was formidable, the fallen tyrant knew that he would need a lot more strength and power to take on the prince of all changelings. He knew he was not ready yet, not by a long shot.

One morning he was called to lord Vakaarl's personal quarters. Guided towards them by two of the lower rank and file minions, the changeling warlord was anxious to hear what Vakaarl had to tell him. As they passed through the stone halls, they reached the glass doors sealing off the ancient evil's quarters from the rest of the base.

"Come in, Chill. I need to show you something. Please leave us my children."

As the two minions bowed and left, Vakaarl crept closer to Chill and gestured him to come closer with a wave of his thin, boney fingers. In front of him, a large eliptical object was floating in a concentrated magnetical field. The object was as large as a pigskinned american football and covered in different shades of brown and red, posing to be the seed of a once mighty tree.

"This, my boy, this is what I call your ticket to power. Soon you will need it to become what you wanted to become; an unsurpassable ruler in the universe. This seed which you can see, is one of the few remaining seeds of the ancient tree of might.

Chill blinked a bit. he heard that name from somewhere, yet could not recall what it was or why it was that important to know.

"The tree of might, which is what, if I might ask."

"I can understand that children of the universe, who have not yet seen and experienced what I have, do not immediately know what the Tree of Might is. Well, let me tell you, please take a seat, as the story will take a while."

Vakaarl licked his lips for a moment, his gills fluttering for a moment, before he started to speak.

"More than ten millenia ago, a planet existed deep in the center of this galaxy. That planet had one remarkable aspect compared to all others. It had just one tree, no bushes, no grass, Just one tree. The inhabitants of that planet called it the tree of life, as it sustained their eco-system for centuries and also acted as their god and formost important food resource. This tree bared fruit which could heal any wound, strengthen every creature that ate from it. It could even create strong warriors out of peasants. It was a magnificent tree, worshipped by millions of inhabitants of the universe. At first the fruit was used to help the sick and the wounded in several wars. The tree was always planted on an already dying planet, so that the natural balance would not be disturbed. The seeds of those trees were guarded by an order of priests who were assigned to this sacred duty. Time turned and so did the religion of the tree of life, as certain less benevolent individuals started to plot and plan to take the seeds of the tree for themselves and amass enormous power with the fruit of the tree. When those first individuals caused massaclres and bloodbaths amongst the priests only to obtain the seeds, the name of the tree was no longer the same, as it was since then called the tree of might.

This tree's fruit grants an enormous boost in power for those who eat it. This is my gift to you, Chill. When you are capable enough to harness both the power of absolute darkness and have been strengthened with the blood of the First, you will be able to take the seed out of the magnetic field. Listen carefully, as long as you do not possess the needed amount of power, you will not be able to take the seed. Even if you would think of killing me to obtain it, the act would be futile. Now, I only wanted to show you the seed, so you know that you will be able to rise to the ultimate power. I will help you obtain that power, and train your skills of combat and the power to harness the ultimate darkness. Follow my lead, listen to my words and you will be remembered as the greatest ruler of the universe. You will be able to destroy and vanquish your enemies and you will be able to conquer countless planets. I will teach you everything, so that one day, you could succeed in which I have failed; galactic conquest."

The magnetic field with the seed of the tree of might was being covered by a metal cylinder again, as Chill and the evil overlord Vakaarl walked out of the room. The fallen tyrant already started to dream about the possibilities, the numerous enemies that would bow before him. He thought about it all and it gave him a good and warm feeling of impending doom for all but him. With a vile smile on his face, he left the room and followed his teacher in the dark arts. As from now on, the training would be harder than ever and he would learn to controle what no person ever could; the ultimate darkness.

"The way of war is the way of men, the way of peace is the way of fools."

A few days had passed since the changeling warlord had arrived on planet Eldrazi, only to be trained to become the ultimate conquerer. Chill was pleased that the ancient overlord Vakaarl had chosen him as a student, as this creature was one of the strongest forces of darkness in the universe.

As the changeling overlord slowly crept out of his bed, he walked towards the mirror in his room and watched himself, his face, his skin, his eyes. In those few days of training, Chill had changed significantly, as his skin turned more pale and he began to look older, but he felt stronger than ever before. He felt as if he had been given the fruit of the tree of might already, which was sadly not the case yet.

Walking down the stairs, after having taken a shower, Chill bumped in to a few of Vakaarl's minions and imagined how it would be to have soldiers linked to your own blood, so they would grow when he would grow. He knew that Vakaarl was somehow linked with his minions, as they gained strength when he did and visa versa. It was an interesting thought that stayed in his mind for the reminder of the entire training day.

The training was the same as usual, being teached in history and war tactics for four hours straight, afterwards meditation in the darkest cave of Eldrazi. It all became a routine for Chill, as he started to grow accustomed to this new rythme he had been given. Yet he was surprised that Vakaarl only gave him lessons like this and nothing like his fight with the Barracar anymore. But he did not complain, faithfull as he was in Vakaarl's teachings.

After his meditation, he wanted to go to the training grounds to spar with Vakaarl's minions again, yet as he arrived there, he found only the dark overlord himself. Carefully entering the grand hall, Chill bowed his head for Vakaarl. The ancient creature asked him to remove his Zweihander of Glory. Chill was quite surprised as he was given a Paladin Longsword as replacement.

"I have asked your lieutenant Zechs, to buy that sword as he was already staying on Avalon. I believe this sword suits you more properly. It is not as unwieldy as your Zweihander and has a better balance compared to your old sword.

carefully accepting the sword, Chill waved around with the sword for a bit. trying to grow a bit accustomed to the Paladin longsword, he had to admit, it felt better in motion and grip than the large zweihander. It was of at least equal craftmanship but with a better handling and it gave a certain boost in strength, almost as if he gained a large amount of power already from just holding the sword.

"Now as for today's training, I only want you to rest, as you will be having a very rough day tomorrow."

With a smile on his eerie face, the ancient overlord left the training grounds and left Chill alone with his sword. Knowing not to disobey Vakaarl, Chill took the ancient creature's advise and went to the dormatories again, resting far mor early than usual, which indeed would mean the next day would've been rough compared to the current one.

For those without power the only way is pain, for those without pain the only way is death, for those without death the only way is fear, for those without fear the only way is power.

The long hours of sleep and rest had done good for the changeling tyrant, as he felt better than ever before, being well rested and now ready for his training that was promised by Vakaarl. Yet as he came to the studyroom, Vakaarl was not present, neither was he to be found in the meditation cave or the training grounds. Worried, Chill went straight for Vakaarl's private chambers and knocked on the smoked glass doors in the hopes that Vakaarl was in his chambers. As soon as he knocked the door, a minion of Vakaarl arrived and asked Chill to follow him as the master awaited him.

The minion took the fallen tyrant accross countless marble stairs and in to a large white hall. There Chill noticed Vakaarl standing amongst a small group of his precious children, his minions, all wearing a white labcoat and a mouthmask. Eager to know what was going to happen, Chill went straight to the evil overlord and asked him what he had to do today, yet he was answered by vakaarl in a simple way;

"Today you will do nothing, but we will do everything for you. It is time to go in to the next fase of our training. The only way to make sure your body will be capable to sustain both the power of ultimate darkness and the power of the fruit of the tree of might. You will be genetically altered today. You will still be a changeling, but enhanced with the blood of the First, to increase all your abilities and as a bonus, you could grow a bit."

Before Chill could even answer, he was led to a table in the center of the white hall and strapped tightly to it. From out of nowhere different kinds of buzzing and pumping machines appeared in to the white room. One of the minions was holding a large syringue with a deep purple liquid. Popping off the protective plastic cap, the minion started to pry the long shiny needle in to Chill's artery in his neck. The syruppy liquid was then slowly injected in the changeling's system and after that the minions carefully monitored Chill's response to the strange purple liquid that began to coarse through his veins.

A shock went through Chill's body, followed by the sound of bones elongating and muscles snapping and reattaching. It almost looked like Chill was transforming to his second form, but the bulky musculair look was not present. In stead, Chill just got longer and more toned down, growing a full two feet to a new height of nearly seven feet. Though pain was overwhelming Chill's thoughts, he also noticed something else change in his body. It seemed as if he regained a great amount of lost strength and also felt that his body was now more capable of handling tasks than before. His eyes went to significant changes as well, as the green pupil slowly changed it's form and became a narrow cresent moonshaped ellips. The red veins turned green as well, giving his eyes an even more terrifying look than in the days with the Shadow.

As last, Chill's teeth seemed to reform themselves more or less like those of a venomous snake, as his teeth got bigger and sharper, especially the four cornerteeth. After a few minutes, Chill's straps were undone and Vakaarl helped the Changeling to his feet. Chill immediatly noticed that this time he was almost as tall as Vakaarl, having grown a full two feet. Yet he was already wondering how this change would've affected his transformations. trying out his easiest transformation, he began to hunch over and growl deeply as his power began to raise extensively and his muscles began to twitch and turn.

Chill began to feel his bones snap and regrow, his muscles ripping apart, bulking up and growing together again. All seemed normal, except for the fact that he had grown more than usual, as he was now standing at a massive ten feet in stead of his usual eight feet. He also noticed that he was far more muscular than before, his muscles more pumped up and more shown than before. His stretch jumpsuit was almost incapable of growing along, that was how much Chill had changed. Chill was now carrying the genes of the first Changeling and as such, he would be able to controle the ultimate power of darkness and the amount of exessive power from the tree of might.

"This town needs a better class of criminals"-Joker

As soon as Chill had grown accustomed to his larger self, he was made to run tests. Meassuring his capacities, his resilience against Ki, his defensive and offensive powers, it was all tested under the watchfull eye of Vakaarl. Ofcourse, there was also the training, hours long of meditation, tactical understandings and the most dangerous part; physical training.

Chill had already fought The Barracan, a vicious semi-cybernetic creature, but after that he only had practice sessions with Vakaarl's minions and with his own soldiers, which after those long days, started to bore him, as he desperately needed a good challenge, a real dangerous adversary. It was as if Vakaarl had listened to his prayers, as after long days of intense boredom, the day arrived for Chill to finally see the extend of his new skills. Though his training was far from completed, at least he would be able to see the progress and more important feel it.

Walking towards the training grounds, the fallen tyrant already expected that he would be meeting with Vakaarl's minions, who would bring him to the large arena in which he had first shown his potential to the ancient overlord. As he strolled on the dusty gravel floor, Chill looked up at the spectatorbox and awaited Vakaarl's greeting. Before he really thought about that, the eerie voice that belonged to the evil creature ressonated through the arena, booming in to Chill's earvents like striking thunder and lightning.

"Goodmorning Chill, I was expecting you to show up a bit later, but no matter. Today will be your midterm. We will now monitor your progress against another of my precious collected beasts of the universe. Behind the gate, you will find a vicious, vile and venomous monster, feared for its ability to absorb Ki. I believe only two are left, of which the other one is currently in Maverick's hands. First, do know this specimen is carefully maintained and as such is still as wild and dangerous as before it was cought. Well then, shall we?"

A loud roar was heard when the gate slowly opened. A pair of bright opalesque eyes watched from the darkness, glaring at Chill, hoping to find a decent meal in this arena. As the ground started to shake, a massive T-rex like head came from the shadows, filled with two rows of enormous sharp teeth, able to slice through carbonized steel. A large body covered with scales and two large legs and a thick tail were the features of the creature. Though it was big and loud, it seemed less dangerous than the Barracan, Chill had fought days ago.

"Master are you serious? How can this beast be stronger or better than that Barracan?"

Before Chill's last word escaped his lips, a large shadow came over him, as the beast's massive foot tried to flatten the changeling tyrant. Rolling aside, Chill managed to dodge the stomping destruction and smiled. Thinking that this was too easy, Chill thought about what Vakaarl said, that this beast absobs Ki. Chill laughed about it and ignored it, looking at how utterly dumb the creature seemed to be. Stretching out his arm, he sliced through the air, aiming for the beats's large gaping maul. Yet as the invisible beam of ki reached its intended target, the beast simply opened its mouth and sucked the beam up. With a little burp, it announced that the beam of Ki was scrumptuous, totally startling Chill with this seemingly harmless skill.

"Darn it, I have to beat this beast bare handed? That will not be as easy as I thought...Urgh!!"

It felt like his chest had just collapsed, as the beast had send his tail slamming against the changeling's chest in a broad swing. Crashing against the wall of the arena, Chill slowly slided down like a groggy drunken man. Shaking his head in disbelief, the fallen tyrant stood back up to his feet and thought about his next move, while skillfully evading the large creature's incoming attacks. The longer he thought about it, the less ideas Chill was having. It seemed that regular Ki attacks would not work and even if they did, the monster was to big to be affected by the normal attacks in Chill's repertoire, yet using a deathball had to be timed and presisely thrown, or survival was not an option.

Waiting for his moment, Chill saw an opening in the beast's defense and took this in his advantage, as he rushed forwards and lashed his own tail against the creature's anckles, forcing it to tuble down due to the loss of balance. With a thundering smack, the beast fell to the ground, causing a shockwave through the ground when its weight almost made the floor collapse. With a loud roar, the creature tried to get back up, only to see, that Chill had created a massive deathball above his head and threw it towards the stunned beast. It quickly opened its huge maul and absorbed the deathball in one piece, twarting Chill's plan in an instant.

Vakaarl seemed to look dissapointed as Chill could not let go of using Ki attacks, but suddenly Vakaarl lost track of Chill. All of a sudden a scream of pain and agony filled the air together with a dangerous gurgling sound, as Chill had plunged his paladin sword in to the beast's throat,, therefore triggering the just swallowed deathball to explode.

"See you in hell, beasty"

"I do not kill to do evil, I kill to root out the weeds of society."

after he had struck the beast's throat with his newly bought Paladin sword, boiling blood gushed out of the monsterous maul as the deatball's essence imploded and vaporized the creatures internal organs. With a loud smack the beast fell down, lifeless. From the cloud of dust and rubble that was left behind, a blood-covered Chill emerged, smiling triumphant for this well earned victory.

From behind the thick glass of the monitor room, Vakaarl couldn't help but grin at the sight his new pupil had left before him. He was pleased with the results, knowing that he had yet again created a blood thirsty, diabolical maniac. A feat he was distinctively proud of. On the solid ground, Chill sank through his knees, blood dribbling from his entire body. First he started to snicker, almost cry, yet this soon turned into frantic laughter, bellowing from deep inside his body.

The fallen tyrant was close to his ultimate goal, the ultimate power of darkness. He felt new power erupt from inside, grow like a wildfire. It stirred his mind, body and soul. He could feel the menacing darkness spread through his veins, consuming him if he did not learn to controle it. He was still laughing, louder and louder as Vakaarl entered the arena and softly padded his head.

"Come my child, it is time for your final lessons. You will need to focus a bit more and then, then you will be ready to go forth and fullfill your destiny, your destiny to controle the galaxy in an iron grip of fear."

The changeling nodded his head in agreement and got back to the dormatories to clean himself up a bit and to take some rest. He knew that he was nearing the end of his training and the beginning of exacting his ultimate revenge. Soon, soon he would be ready, but not yet, not yet.

"When failiure is tolerated, war is inevitable."-Napoleon Bonaparte

The days yet again passed by like stones in a river. All balanced with equal meassurements of meditation training, physical workouts and studies in warfare and tactics. Yet every aspect was now becoming more and more focused on Chill's future plans, his awaiting destiny. He also started with a new training, under the watchfull eye of Vakaarl. It was meaned to create a new technique with the vastly improved amounts of Ki Chill had at his disposal. He had to create a technique that would be perfect to show people his form of power, of terror.

It was a hard and tiring training, but every day that passed, he began to improve more and more, as eventually and by accident, Chill discovered a new technique that was so terrifying that Vakaarl's minions were frightened, even with their strong master in such close proximity. Chill on the other side, was intrigued and tried to polish and perfect this accidentla creation, which he even gave a name; Deathstorm.

Vakaarl was pleased to see that his pupil was making such great progress and decided that the day for the changeling's final test was close at hand. The ultimate test; destroy an entire planet and do it in style.

Yet again, Chill was studying, trying to perfect his new technique. After countless exhausting hours, he finally began to get the hang of his technique. Placing his elbows at his sides, he started to accumulate the Ki inside his body, slowly but steadily pressing the violent energy outwards, through his arms, untill the black Ki erupted from the palms of his hands formed like a black twister, yet sounding like the howls of deceased spirits, a terrifying technique indeed.

As a little test, Chill performed a deathball in the air, pumping the monstrous ball to its maximum power. Swiftly, the changeling tyrant teleported himself to the ground and awaited the incoming deathball. Without Chill noticing it, Vakaarl already satdown, looking at the show his pupil was giving with a pleased feeling, a tingle that told him that this was the technique he had waited for. Chill in the meantime, braced himself and started to build up all power he could muster. Failiure was not an option, if he did, he would have destroyed the entire planet with that deathball. Slwoly, but surely, the enrgy started to build up in his arms, channeling to his wrists and with a loud howl, the energy erupted from the changeling's hands in a black spiraling deadly twister, drilling through and cancelling out the deathball in just a second.

"At last, the ultimate technique, I controle it, I created it, it is mine, haahaahaaah!"

"Earth is just another form of hell and humans are its demons-Lucifer, dante's inferno"

A massive black ship was sliding through the vast space that we ordinary people call the universe. Inside that monstrous black beast, a master and his pupil awaited their arrival on their destination. The final test for the creation of the perfect monster, the ultimate evil.

weeks have passed since Chill first arrived on planet Eldrazi, in the meantime a lot had changed. The fallen tyrant did now certainly deserve his title. His eyes were now dark and restless, piercing through the mind and soul of all who opposed him. His change in bodystructure, his higher posture, it was all part of Vakaarl's ultimate masterplan. To become more intimidating, Chill had to change in appearance. His eyes, teeth, skincolor and height, it all fitted like pieces of one seriously changed Chill.

The evil changeling strolled down to the hull of the ship as a small blue-green planet appeared on the radar and the monitorscreens. Slowly the hull opened, giving the changeling tyrant a magnificent view on his chosen target. His mission was simple, he liked it and remembered what Vakaarl told him on the bridge;

"It is very simple, boy. The only thing you have to do is have a grand entrance, kill their leader or champion in a quick move and then tell them you'll blow the planet up in ten minutes, just to see them squirm and turn for their lifes. As I said, style is important."

Chill simply grinned viciously as he remembered those last words; style is important. He was going to show Vakaarl his own sense of style and he was going to make sure that nothing went wrong. In a quick motion, the changeling tyrant jumped out of the ship and dove down towards the small planet like a hawk on a prey.In mere seconds, Chill had reached the outer layers of the small planet's atmosphere and was glowing red all over from the frictional heat. He did not count the minutes, nor the seconds before he dropped. With a loud thunderous crackle, Chill landed on top of a large statue in the middle of what he believed to be the capital.

The statue broke down beneath his feet from the exerted pressure, yet the changeling t§yrant tapped down to the ground soundless and elegant. Gazing around, Chill noticed that the inhabitants of that planet were humanoid, except for their blueish green skin color and bright orange hair. They were swarming around him like bees on a flower, yet they seemed smart enough to to come any closer than two arm's length. Yet from Chill's point of view something was missing, he did not gain any knowledge about their leader or champion, which was after all an essential part of his final test. He had to find and kill their leader or champion, or he failed his test, which was out of the question.

"Tell me, who is this wretched planet's leader or strongest fighter? Do tell me, because that person will be your last hope of survival, but really no guarantee."

The mass of people first looked startled and then started to laugh like barbarian hordes from the ancient times on almost every civilized planet in the galaxy. Deep and loud, they laughed when Chill made his ultimatum. One very big specimen walked towards Chill, his massive arms spread wide, he tried to pin the changeling with a certain move resembling the sports wrestling, which Chill had seen on earth a few times. As soon as the big man tried to shut his arms tight around Chill's waist, the changeling graciously lifted his indexfinger, halting the man in his tracks by pressing the big chest with his indexfinger. In a swift and almost invisible motion, Chill sliced the man's throat open with his fingernails, yet stayed as calm as a cucumber.

"I guess if that is all... You have ten minutes left to survive...have fun."

"In the end all that is left to determine succes or failiure, is power.-Julius Ceasar"

Slowly Chill began to fly upward, back through the atmosphere, noticing all people, all inhabitants scream search for solutions, try to get away. This was Chill's moment of truth, the moment in which he would return to the universe as his new self, reborn as a new monster, a new leader. The further away he got from the planet, the louder he started to laugh, turning into a frantic, insane laughter. Landing on some sort of moon of the planet, Chill counted down the minutes, awaiting the end of the tenth minute with great anticipation and anxiety.

suddenly Chill grinned and pointed his arms forward, thrusting his elbows backwards soon after, he began to accumulate his dark energy in his arms. He started to pressurize the energy to his wrists. Very softly a few words left his mouth, like a whisper on the last remnants of the planet's atmosphere.


A shockwave went through space, shattering the planet's moon within it. Chill was creating two large black spheres at the palm of his hands, letting the swirl around like controlled fire. Pulling back his arms, he squeezed his hands tight, compressing the energy even further, while he yelled something as he fired of two massive black intertwined spiraling beams towards the planet.

"All hail ME!

The beams simultaniously ripped through the planet's crust, it's mantle and its core. It seemed for a moment like nothing happened and the planet was saved, yet seconds later cracks started to form all over the planet, heralding its impending doom with a colorfull lightshow. As the cracks scoured the entire planet, a loud sizzling and cracking noise was heard, as the planet was litterally imploding while exploding. The core was ready to blow, but thanks to the severe shifts in gravity, the mantles was pulling itself inwards, resulting in both a nuclear explosion and a full scale implosion. The show lasted for a few minutes, as the planet's mantle shrunk away and swallowed itself with a loud shockwave, while the core overheated and delivered both Chill and his master some extrordinary fireworks.

"At last, the seed is mine.

A large white hall in the silver ship that was on its way to Pefu, was filled with a symphony of electrical sounds. The buzzing noise of various unknown machines, the slurring, snorting sound of a blooddialysis machine and the various clicks and beeps from multiple monitors. In the middle of that large white hall, a creature was almost completely burried beneath tubes and electrolytes. A deep breathing sound emanated from the creature, as if it was sound asleep, yet its dark, yet sorrowfull eyes were open, gazing at the cealing of the hall with nothing more than hate and anger in its eyes.

Various men in white coats with the Universal Technologies-signature walked around, carefully monitoring the buzzing machines, the blooddialysis and the creature at the center of the large room. The creature itself was also hooked on a machine to examin its powerlevel and the ki-drainage of the treatment he was having. That malicious creature being treated, was none other than the Fallen Changeling Tyrant, also known under the name Chill.

It had been a few weeks since his training with the dangerous, evil overlord Vakaarl, but since he had used the fruit of the Tree of Might, the tyrant started to develop a rather peculiar disease. The process of aging, which amongst the royalblood changelings usually halted at their adulthood, suddenly started to work aggressively on the tyrant. Aging at a speed, not normal for a changeling, the tyrant had to rely on his resources to maintain a certain status quo with the disease. In time he hoped to find a cure, but as long as he had not created one, he had to resort to a long series of treatments which consumed much of his time.

Every week his blood had to be filtered, his cells had to be jumpstarted with the dangerous ReGen14 liquid, which had been created by the late Doctor Thorn. It was his first semi-succes of cheating nature, yet had caused such a commotion in its time that it was labeled as strictly forbidden, yet as Chill still controlled the multiglobal corporation, he had commissioned the use of the dangerous chemical for his own health. Daily doses of the chemical substance were used in a controlled form, to slow down the aging process and keep up the cellular production, preventing the rapid detoriation of the mighty warlord's body.

He still had so much to do, he still had so many obligations to himself and the changeling empire to fullfill. He feared death, not the fact that he would die, but the fact of dying in such a way. He had always hoped to die in battle against a warrior who was both powerfull and wise. He knew only a few who he deemed fit to be the person to end his life honorably, yet this strange disease frightened him, it made him angry and frustrated. He hated that he was slowly losing controle over the one thing he had fought for so dearly; his own body.

He had lived long enough with a cursed parasite in his body, fought it many times and finally got rid of it. He was so pleased to hear from the doctors at that time that the abnormality in his blood and psyche had dissapeared, only to hear several weeks later that he was struck by a rare and unknown disease. In fact, they told him that he could bless himself for being a changeling, most likely the only creature to sustain the disease for a longer period of time due to the enormous lifespan of the race.

Yet he was not amused and quickly assembled his medical team to arrange various treatments to ensure he could live on while the rest of the experimental department was searching for a cure. Now aboard his ship, heading for the planet called Pefu, the fallen tyrant was doing every treatment needed to conserve his lifeforce. His precious power was all he had left, a thing he was not ready to lose at such a pitifull disease. He knew that prince Frieza had spies in every changeling's army, even in his. He knew and also feared, that the cruel prince would already have heard of his situation. Knowing that Frieza would rather see him dead, he also feared that Frieza would do everything in his power to stop him from finding the cure. What was even worse, was the fact that Frieza could be willing to dispatch a few of the headhunters guild's assassins to kill the weakened tyrant in his current condition.

Chill despised the idea of dying before he had his chance for revenge. Since his training from Vakaarl, only one thing consumed his mind, apart from the disease. His everlasting desire to wrap his hands around Prince Frieza's small neck and snapping it slowly and painfully. He wanted the cruel prince to squirm for what he had done, to squirm in front of the true changeling emperor. Chill had no other desires, than to singlehandedly butcher Frost and his corrupt band of royals. They were the reason for both his pain and his suffering. He hated them, despised them and most of all wished to see them drown in their own blood.

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As the massive silver saiyan warship is heading for its destination, the creature is still hanging at the machines, being monitored by various doctors and researchers. All of them, paid to keep him alive, no matter the cost. One of those costs has been very visual, the reason why he began to wear a mask, why Chill started to hide his face behind a mask that neither smiled nor cried, did not look angry nor fearfull. Though they had found the means to slow down his aging tremendously, they were to late at some point, as his face has been aged beyond recognision, the skin dry and flakey, ripped by just saying something. The cheeks gone or ripped open as the skin could not stretch any longer. The monster had turned into a horror, a walking corpse from the looks of it.

His robes hide the old dry skin of his neck and arms, wearing a complete jumpsuit, even covering his legs. Wearing boots and gloves, just to hide his age. Yet worse had to come, as the doctors had ordered him not to transform for now, not knowing what the effect could be on the already delicate remains of his skin. His horns, once black, glimmering and smooth are now greyish and shine no more, they are rough and unpolished, only fit for lower class changelings. With his rough and broken voice, the tyrant started to speak when one of the doctors gave him a mirror to look in,"Though...hurgh...I survived...graahg...a terrible curse and...hurgh...lifted it, I am yet again another one. Does...hurgh...this nightmare never end?"

Yet as gloomy and dark as he seemed, another grave fact made him worry him even more. On the wall of the large white hall, a video is being played over and over again. A video his company had found in Frost's records after so many years. It had been eighteen years since Chill lost his dear fiancéé lady Ice on a mission, but what he saw filled him with both joy and regret.

Lady Ice was laying on a hospitalbed, screaming and breathing deeply. Her belly was buffed up and every idiot could see she was pregnant. It was all so weird for Chill to see his wife being alive and delivering a baby. Yet as the delivery was done, he saw a large changeling enter, a man he hated as much as Frieza and king Cold, the real brain behind Chill's pain and suffering; Frost. He ordered Ice not to talk about the baby and to give it to him. He promised that Chill would know of the child, but only when the time was right...

The video stopped and repeated itself, but for Chill it was enough, as he sat straight up without his mask on, he yelled, while accidentally ripping his dry skin again, fueling his anger even more. "After...hurgh...Pefu, set course to planet...hurgh...frieza.". The officers who were watching and studying his treatment from the monitorroom saluted and nodded in agreement. The Tyrant would return home, after such a long time, he would return and be glorious again.

Plans were made, the routes carefully studied. His second and third in command were being called upon. Spectra was called back from her diplomatic mission with the saiyans, Zechs was recalled from his mission on Avalon. The time for war had come, perhaps not as massive as the current war, the tyrant was skillfully evading and ignoring, but at least equally important. He would use this war as a diversion from his attack on planet Frieza. It was needed toplan this endavour with carefull motions, but with the mainfleet and the Blizzard division gone, Chill could rely on his ever loyal fleet, which was still stationed on planet Frieza and his fleet in exile, which had exponentially grown over the months.

As he strode to his own compartment on the silver ship, he took a small mirror from within his robes and looked at his face as he uncovered it from beneath his silver mask. Well, well look who's getting old. You sure you dont want my help?, the voice in the mirror spoke with a sharp tone. It had been a while since Shadow dared to say anything again, but as he saw the deteriorated face of the tyrant, he could be happy for a bit. At least because he could not do anything except being sarcastic inside his mirrorprison.

The monster outside the mirror did look more fearsome than the ancient demon inside it, but their behavior was so much different. Where Shadow prefered random destruction and warfare on a massive scale, Chill was rather precise in picking targets, never straying from his path, like a real hunter following his prey untill he could snatch it between his crushing tallons or his shredding jaws. On this way, he had followed Frieza's every move since he left planet Frieza for the first time. He watched and learned from his cousins mistakes, accepting and treating the saiyans with a degree of dignity rather than being an enemy to them.

Every step, he ought to be a wrong one, he corrected and perfected it. As he could easily proove, by having a saiyan as a semi friend, an ally to rely on when he would finally exact his masterplan. But for now, the fallen tyrant was stuck with his disease, his obnoxious appearance and his fear of not reaching his goal. Though there was one thing, he knew he could never reach without help. He would never be stronger than that saiyan called Pan or Seta, but he hoped he would never need to be, as she was able to end every changeling's life by just saying the word to the saiyan army. Chill even knew that not only Frost and frieza feared her, but also her own king feared her ferocity and power.

with long, slow strides, the fallen tyrant walked from the large white hall, to the bridge, sitting down in his commander's chair. He looked at the dozens of monitors, playing every single image his probes and homingdevices around the galaxy recorded. He saw everything, the battle between Pan and the saiyan prince Tarble, the fight between prince frieza and his own general Tehran'he. He even noticed that the human called Gosai had regained consciousness and was being treated by the remainders of the namekian people. He saw King Cold sitting on his throne far from home, he saw it all, and soon all would see him. He started to grin behind his mask, followed by a dark and disturbing frantic laughter.

The entire crew seemed a bit unnerved as the malevolent and dark changeling tyrant started to laugh. His voice was broken, his body deteriorating, but his mind was clearer than it had ever been. He felt better than ever on that point, knowing that he was able to outsmart even the Avalonian empire, that had made a warrant for his arrest. Avalon always loved to capture a royal changeling, as punishment for King Cold's attrocities and for the pain Chill had caused on one of the protectorate's planets, namely earth. But they could not capture, nor kill him thanks to his neutral status in this war.

He gave them no reason for an arrest, as such they could not harm him or obstruct him in his path. He also outsmarted Seta, who knew not to trust him fully, but she still agreed to stand by his side in his struggle against the rest of the changelings. He created an entire corporation based on technology, but with the intention to controle everything and everyone using the same technology. With every piece he sold, his power grew, a deal worth fighting for. Yet as powerfull and smart as he was, it would've ment nothing if Frieza would be able to learn about his current state.

That would've been disastrous for both his plan and the chance of finding a cure. He had to calculate every move he did, very carefully plan and monitor every step that was to be taken. Every thing that happened, had to be carefully checked and considered before it was truly accepted. Chill was cautious, certainly now, now that war was raging. He had to avoid large fleets with his ship, avoid being caught in crossfires. It was all exhausting and important. But soon, very soon he would stand strong again, stronger than ever before, stronger than any other changeling. He would at last, finally crown himself to be the Cosmic Emperor, emperor of planet frieza, Envyncar of Rath, Tyrant of the galaxy

The small Pefurian guide was waiting in the snowy white blizzard, freezing his toes off while waiting for the man that had called him for his services. He was by far the bravest guide of them all, as all other guides would refuse to lead a person to the cave of spirits at the far end of the white mountains of Lamihaway. It was believed that the cave of spirits was a haunted place, adding on to the mystery and danger of the place, was that the cavern was located at one of the most dangerous places of the Lamihaway, constantly being feared for sudden snowstorms and huge avalanches. But luckily for his customer, this guide had no fear for that place, as long as the payment was correct and on time, the guide had no problem with going to the cave of spirits.

After he had waited a full hour, a loud buzzing noise came from over his head, as a massive silvercolored Saiyan Warship buckeled through the storm, gliding over the combination of ice and snow on which it had to land. With a loud snearing noise, the massive vessel came to an abrubt halt. A few minutes got by, when finally the sidedoors opened and a large silver staircase folded outwards. Out of the ship came a masked creature and four of his troopers, ready to go on the journey to the cave of spirits.

"Man this weather is friggin' unbearable, sir," said one of the troopers while rubbing his hands and occasionally blowing with his warm breath on them. "Shut up Hasle, you're just a snivvling kid," said the other trooper, who seemed a lot more resistant to the cold than the first one, while carrying his blasterrifle in both hands.

"So, ye are me customers of the day?" the peruvian guide asked while carefully unpacking his equipment for the journey. "Yer boss doesn't say much, does he?"

Suddenly the masked creature grabbed the Pefurian guide by his collar and jerked him towards his face."I will only talk to people who are worthy of my time, you dimwit. Now, is everything ready for the trip? With every second I have to wait, you will lose one percent of the price I would pay you, so get a move on", after having this said, the creature fiddled with his boots and gloves, to be suree they were fitted correctly before heading in to the storm.

"Allright, of we go. It is a long walk and I guess time is not in our favor if we look at the clouds," said the Pefurian guide before picking up his backpack and putting on his gear. "The cave of spirits is still quite far away."

For hours the group of men had walked, through the blistering cold and the tons of snow and hail falling from the seemingly endless sky, yet they did not give up, as it was their goal to reach the infamous cave of spirits. Chill, who was trying to get the ultimate transformation of his race, had heard of that place, as it was told to him that in the cave of spirits one could find the secret to the ultimate form of the changeling race, a form not seen in centuries.

It was believed that King Cold would've been the first to search for the secret, but he got obsessed with his gems of power that he ignored the sudden growth of the super saiyans. But Chill was smarter and understood that without that legendary final form there would've been no hope on challenging the other great empires, who all had one of their own champions. The first super saiyan and overlord, Seta was most likely the most notorious, being nothing more than a rampaging barbaric monkey, followed by the edgy hero Tapion, who according to the latest reports was dwindeling in his pure alignment. But most impressive and illusive was the human Videl, who just like the saiyan called Ra was a mere rogue warrior, but of such caliber that every empire would pay her a fortune to join there ranks.

Chill on the other hand knew he could not get a hold on any of these persons, as he was still seen as a mere fly compared to them. Nor did he really want them to join him in his struggle for dominion, though he had sincerely hoped that Seta would join him if he swore fealty to her and agknowledged that King Cold was an unworthy ruler. But all ideas aside, he failed, as the saiyan overlord had betrayed him by swiftly attacking him on planet Namek without even saying a word.

Thinking about this all, Chill listened to both his troopers and the Pefurian guide talk by the warming campfire. Looking in to those dancing red flames, Chill remembered that other changeling, Tehran'he. She was at first an incredible nuissance, believing she was actually better than him, but ofcourse back then he was still a pampered little brat from the royal court of planet Frieza, not yet fully tainted by the darkness and the burden of his past. Now though, he would have easily considered taking steps on persuading Tehran'he in joining him, but the main obstacle was her loyalty to Chill's most dreadfull enemy and rival, prince Frieza, second son of King Cold.

Suddenly the Pefurian guide called him, taking him back to the present, by asking if he had a good story to tell. With a smile behind his mask, Chill got next to the fire and softly began to whisper; "A story, I know quite a few, but let me start with a story none of you could ever have heard as it is only passed on from one pure-blooded changeling to another..."

the three men sat quietly, as Chill started to tell a story from long time ago, long, before people had heard from the lost, before the dreadfull Shadow made his appearance, long before anyone could even remember.

"When I was younger, my father told me this story as the first sign of my adulthood, the secret of our race."

Long time ago, when the universe was still in its childhood, still creating itself to what it is today, a planet far in the outer rims of a desolate solar system at the edge of the galaxy was being suffocated in a terrible war. A small group of people from that planet fled and searched for a new planet to call home. That group consisted out of the so-called first five or the Elders and a few dozen others. After years of searching a suitable planet, they found the planet we now call planet Frieza. It was a planet covered with ice and snow, but on the equator it had lush plains and forests, a good home for a civilization that could live in peace and harmony.

When they arrived on the planet, the first problems started to appear, as the group of five had to fend off the iceworlves that were the toppredators at that time. As time passed by, they learned how to controle their Ki and the moment they did, they started to hunt and defeat each pack of icewolves to prove their dominance over the planet. Their names are all written in legends and each of them has made a bloodline. The leader amongst the Five was Frieza, a smart and wise changeling, who sought only the best for his kin, but he was being corrupted by Frost, the grandfather of the current high chancellor Frost. As time got by, Frieza lost his initial ideas and started to create a new system in which he had all power and absolute controle.

But the other four were not on the same page, as Frost did not like to be cast aside while he had made Frieza think different. But also Artic, who was the oldest of the group, was against Frieza's new and radical idea and sought help from his younger brother Chill, who was seen as the most cunning and slick amongst the Five. Chill easily persuaded Hayl to join him and his brother. A small struggle ensued and after months of small skirmishes and useless fights, they finally agreed to make a pact.

Frieza was in honour of who he was before being corrupted, given the title of leader, but he always had to consult the others, who just called themselves The Counsil. For a while this particular system worked and soon the small group of changelings had created a society to be proud of, and as their technology grew, so did their population, as they had already conquered all other sentient races on that planet and converted them to their system. After a few years, the Counsil had grown from four changelings to a wide variety of races. Frost and Chill then agreed that it was time for a change in the system, which led to the second war amongs the Five, as frost had suddenly claimed the title of King, immediatly demoting the other five to common folk.

But as time would tell and show, it did not last, as Frost started a war with the other members of the Five. Years passed and Frosts power was waning more and more, as most members of the counsil still saw Frieza as their leader. At long last, on the dreadfull day we Changelings dare to call the day of Reconcilliation, Frost was defeated and imprisoned for a short time. The council decided to crown Frieza as King, but to uphold the strength of the Five, the other four were entitled as dukes and duchesses, so that they could watch over the king's actions and still remain part of the counsil.

At the moment of his crowning, Frieza pledged that he and all his heirs and descendants would rule fair and with dignity, an oath that had always been renewed with the crowning of a new king. Another law was that if it so were to happen that the king had no heir, the oldest child of the four houses would be crowned king. This ofcourse did never occur, because the bloodline of Frieza was a strong one and one carefully maintained. Next to the bloodline of Chill, who dared not to delude his blood, Frieza's bloodline was strong as well, surviving to this very day.

But the oath is gone and the King neglects his duties, even in such a manner that one who is not king can rule.

"This story is the reason for what I'm doing, my entire life was based on it, to end the mockery we live in and to finally end the bloodline of Kings and start a new bloodline, hailing from my line, the bloodline of emperors."

After the long and enthralling story, Chill told the men, they decided it was time for a well earned rest as the dawn would soon arrive. Hours after the group fell asleep, the Pefurian guide woke up in the middle of the night and found out that the changeling warlord was still awake, slowly coming closer, the little man started to talk to the introvert looking monster.

"Why is it, that all the time you seem to look sad sir, is this not what you wanted?" asked the Pefurian guide with a small tremble in his voice. The changeling looked at him and forced himself to somehow grin, yet failed to do so and the halfhearted expression on his face was terribly hidious. "If things in my past would've gone differently, I would not need to do this my dear man. I am only driven by hate, pain and vengeance due to the abysmal things of my past."

Though Chill lately thanks to his violent growspurt looked rather imposing, at that very moment he looked like the newborn chick of a majestous eagle, not even close at being the king of the sky. His eyes seemed heavy, his voice was gloomy and his mouth curled downwards just reminding his past. Though he wanted no pity, so he suddenly forced himself to smile and regain his composure.

"But enough about my past my dear man, let us not ruin this beautifull morning by sulking and soaking. Tell me, how come you are the only one that was eager to guide us?" asked Chill while breatthing in the crisp morning air. The Pefurian guide smiled and jumped up, right on his feet, while pounding on his chest with one fist. "I was always an adventurer. I have seen the northern iceridge of planet Frieza, climbed the shadowrocks of Mortoseth, so as you see, a simple gloomy and superstitional cave does not scare me," said the man proudfully, even making the small sparkle of light left in Chill's heart to react. "Well then, I might think about granting you a more satisfactionary job once I have obtained my goal.

When the troopers were finally awake, the small companionship started moving towards their goal again; the cave of spirits. Travelling through blizzards that could knock a house away, climbing slippery icey mountains and passing through dangerous ravenes, the group came closer and closer to their goal. As the wind blazed at the men, suddenly one of them made a sorrowful step into oblivion, as he slipped and fell off a cliff, landing a dozen meters lower on a large plateau sticking out of the mountain. Screaming in agony and of overwhelming pain, the trooper called for help. Suddenly Chill looked down and opened the palm of his hand, creating a large and black spinning disc. In a split second, he threw the kienzan down and severed with it, the troopers head from his torso, giving him eternal peace, as also the plateau was cut of and send to the deep end of the cliff.

"Your life will not be spilled in vain, dear comrad."

Eventually after several days of hard work at climbing the icey mountains, the Pefurian guide screamed his longs out, purely out of joy. The cave was found and to Chill's delight, it seemed to be a perfectly normal cave, without the gruesome monsters or devious critters that would have guarded it in all those typical spooky stories about the place. Slowly, the men walked inside the cave and in a matter of seconds, all of a sudden two rows of torches lit up, yet they did not burn on oil, nor gave light with fire. Amazingly, Chill recognised the torches as being of the late imperial age of the Lost, being fueled by planetary energy. these torches were of that making and stupified both the Pefurian guide and the trooper.

None of them had really learned anything concerning about the Lost, except for the obligatory historylessons at school, yet Chill had a broader knowledge about them, both by the Shadow's influence and because of his high scholing as a member of the royal changeling family. Though he also knew that the Lost were commonly known for their life enhancing inventions, he also knew they were excellent creators of complex and mathematically flawless traps. As said, after a few minutes of walking through the long hallway, they had their first encounter with such a trap, as the pefurian guard stepped on a tile, pressing it downwards. A clicking sound was heard, followed by the sound of various pumping cylinders. For a moment nothing happened and the trooper started to joke with the guide as they went on, as suddenly a large spearlike object flew through the side of the wall, impaling the poor trooper by his shoulder.

Chill swiftly turned around as the trooper started to scream, muffling the man's mouth with his hand, he pulled out the spear, shocked that it just weighed a mere ounce. With his Ki, Chill burned the wound of the trooper quickly, closing it and as such making sure the wound would not get infected. Without saying a word, the fallen Tyrant walked on at an increased pace, carefully watching his steps, making sure no other traps would be activated. After half an hour of carefull and slow walking, the group reached a large hall with an impressive statue from what Chill remembered would have been made in the early days of the changeling empire. The statue represented the Elder Frieza, who was holding a large flickering gem, maybe worth the same as Lord Frost's entire fleet of ships.

Chill seemed to be enthralled by the gem, not being able to take his eyes off of it. Slowly he started to climb the staue, hoping to grab the gem. As he finally reached it, he touched it and all of a sudden everything went dark.

"Now starts the last journey of the elder Chill, find your true power and rejoice in the glory of the Five!"

"Were am I, what happened?"

Chill was stunned, as he looked around, he could not see anything else than complete darkness. Suddenly he felt something cold and metalic in his hand. As he looked down to see what it was that he was holding, he saw it was a mirror, not just any mirror, but the one Guru used on Namek to free him from the curse he had to live with, it freed him of the worst terror the universe had ever known, the Demonlord known as Shadow.

"Well,well Chill it has been quite a while."

A dark voice arose from the mirror, as it reflected Chill's face, yet somehow it was different, younger, yet more evil than he had imagined. The black eyes without pupils looked at him, while a devious, vile grin appeared on the dark face that represented himself. Suddenly, the glass of the mirror shattered into a thousand pieces, as some kind of smoke escaped from it.

"Did you really think you could stop me from returning to my full power? Tsk...tsk...tsk, such ignorance. Nothing can stop me, not the legendary super saiyan, not the Lost and certainly not...YOU!"

Chill's legs started to shake heavily, both out of fear and despair. He did not understand, he was trained to be the most dark force, most powerfull changeling ever, why would he now be overwhelmed with fear? Though he did not know, he did know that what was forming in the smoke would be a lot worse than anything he ever dreamed of. First the arms, the legs and the torso, then the neck and head and eventually the eyes. What had formed in front of him was nothing else than the true form of the demon known as Shadow.

"I controle your mind, your body and your soul. You belong to me Chill and you know this, you know this very well."

"This is impossible, you were gone, I saw it. You vanished from me, you were defeated."

A loud creepy laughter erupted from the creatures mouth, unnerving Chill completely. He did not understand what was happening, but he did know that he had to get out of this nightmare, before he would end up dead, or worse insane. Yet as soon as he tried to do anything, the Shadow dissolved in smoke as it curled up around Chill's body.

"Let me have soe fun, sweety. I can help you to get rid of all that bulked up stress. Hmmmm..."

The soft whispering voice calmed Chill, as it felt so good. But he knew this was not real, yet he hated to admit it, as the voice was very familiar, the voice of his last sparkle of love, which had died, bloodily murdered with his own hands.

"Sui...Suigintou, is that you?"

Suddenly the soft touches and the whispers were gone and he was yet again surrounded by total darkness, a void possibly larger than any galaxy in the universe and colder than the heart of the Fallen Tyrant himself. He was terrifyingly affraid, genuinely scared of this place. When he tried to speak, he choked, when he tried to listen, he grew deaf, when he tried to see, he turned blind. Slowly he started to descend into a spiral of madness, as he fell down to whatever he could call the floor and started to laugh and cry at the same time.

Slowly he opened his eyes, the sun shining in them, nearly blinding him. As he looked around, he saw he was laying in a bed, with a blue satin sheet covering him, wearing the crest of the first house of dukes. He stepped out of the bed and walked to the mirror, being startled of looking at himself, yet easily half a century younger, perhaps even more. He was short again, like he was before he was injected with the blood of the first by the evil overlord Vakaarl. He could not believe his eyes, yet still doubted that this could be real, as he knew what had happened in his life, still clearly as if it happened yesterday. But he was also starting to think, wether it could be possible that that all would just have been a dream.

Walking outside the room, he found a small alien creature, most likely female, picking up the laundry. As he approached her, she seemed to be startled and swiftly made a deep bow. Trying to calm her down, Chill grabbed her by her shoulder and looked straight into her eyes.

"please tell me, do you know a saiyan called Pan or rather Seta? Or perhaps an elegant looking alien warrior called Tapion?"

The alien nodded and answered him with a trembling voice, as if she feared him somehow.

"No mylord, I do not know of those of whom you speak, I only live to serve the great royal family of the changeling empire."

Stunned by this answer, Chill ran out of the hallway and suddenly found himself in the diningroom of what he could remember as his family's old palace. He slowly walked towards the table, as a low voice suddenly addressed him, saying that it was time for breakfast. Shocked, he sat down at the table, trying to eat some of the dishes. He took a sip of the drink that was given to him, suddenly remembering the taste as being from the icegrapes, he used to drink when he wasn't an adult yet.

"Why do I get this and no wine?"

The man approached him and excused himself for being so forgetfull about his master's newly achieved adulthood. This ofcourse blew Chill's mind, he knew it, remembered it. He had seen it all, lived this moment before. He so dearly hoped he was wrong, yet moments later, a large imposing figure entered the room. The man bowed to the arriving changeling and called him Lord Eyser. At that moment, just a few soft words left Chill's lips, a terrifying thought of his past was recalled and he almost began to cry.

"No, no this cant be, make it stop, make it stop please?"

The large changeling looked at him and smiled. Drinking a glass of wine and then coming closer to Chill. With every step the changeling made, Chill became sicker and sicker, almost vomiting as he knew what would come next.

"My son, to celebrate your adulthood, we are going on a mission. We are going to conquer planet Zoron."

"We are going to conquer planet Zoron"

The voice of his father shattered his soul once more, his heart froze, he choked when he tried to convince the great changeling commander not to go on the mission. Inside he cried out, but no words came from his lips. His eyes became wet, yet no tears came down. Sitting all alone in his room, he started counting the hours untill that final moment, that dreadfull second in which he lost his father.

"Why, why did you leave me? I couldn't do it alone, I fell into a spiral of despair and pain, still you were just the beginning of my pain."

He sat there on the blue satin sheet of his bed, the lights dimmed. His slender fingers sliding slowly accross the familypicture taken at the imperial palace. He remembered that day very well. He, Ice and Frieza were teasing his cousin Cooler, they were just mere infants at that time, but Frieza was already different, as he enjoyed torturing vermin and later servants. But for him it were happy times, times of joy, times of laughter. He remembered how his father and mother smiled that day, how his godfather King Cold bragged about his victory on the Avalonians a month earlier, How his father stumbled over the leg of a chair and smacked against his mother on the ground. Those were happy days, the last of which he could remember, before Frost ordered his father on missions, his mother on important tasks of diplomacy.Painfully lonely, he lied in his bed, his legs and arms tight around the sheet, the picture next to his face.

When he woke up, he was startled to find himself standing outside his father's mothership; the Gladion. He was looking at a battle between the soldiers from planet Frieza and the strong resistance from planet Zoron. Then the shock came to him, as he saw his father fighting bravely in the middle of the battlefield, ordering his troops around as a true commander. Chill wanted to shout, yell at him to get out of there, but it felt like cold ghostly hands clamped around his neck and forcefully prohibited this from happening. He suddenly heard a whistling noise in the air, he knew what it was, yet was powerless.

A single touch with the ground was enough, resulting in a cataclysmic explosion of charged electrons. He saw through the bright light, his father's armor dissolving, the great changeling, the loving father, the superb commander evaporate to mere dust. The resulting shockwave from the blast knocked the young changeling back into the ship. He screamed and yelled, soldiers grabbed him and held him down, preventing their new commander from taking his own life by running into the still continuing blast. A soldier, Lord Eyser's personal quartermaster was crying while holding down Chill. Suddenly Chill heard a voice in his head, a voice he did not know, but it sounded familiar, as if he had heard it somewhere before;"All life passes one day, a pain which has frozen your heart for over two decades. The first stone that would reroute your lifestream."

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PostSubject: Re: From monster to god (complete)   Sat Aug 28, 2010 4:21 am

Chill woke up again after hearing that voice, looking around he saw that he was standing in a hospital room. In front of him on a bed, he saw his former self, a few years after the frightfull day on planet Zoron. He was staring out the window, looking at a beautifully sunny day, yet his eyes were hollow and empty. He remembered it again, his years of silence and selfpunishing. He had already judged himself. He never forgave himself of surviving the day his father died. But his mother came by, every day, hoping her son would return from his numb mindless state to what he used to be before; her proud and slightly arrogant child.

Chill walked through the room and wanted to touch her shoulder, but to his surprise, his hand went straight through her. She could not hear, see, feel or smell him. In this room there was only one Chill, the hollow shell on the bed. Time shifted onwards and Chill was looking at himself again, seeing that this time, his former self was even to weak to sit straight up. He remembered he had not eaten for years, only being fed by the baxter to ensure his survival at any cost. Yet to his despair and fear, he also knew what was going to happen today.

Heavily panting he ran up to the main entrance of the building, there he saw him. His eyes cold, filled with unspeakable darkness; Frieza. He ran to the changeling prince, wanting to grab the treacherous creature by his throat, yet again, his hand slid through the prince as if he was just a ghost tormented to see and relive his past, his pain. He followed Frieza, yelling at him, screaming, eventually begging for mercy, but the prince could not hear, see, feel or smell him.

He noticed they were entering the room he used to lay in, panic almost tearing him apart, he jumped in front of his mother, but to no avail as a single precise shot from the prince's pointed-out finger pierced through his body and through his mother's heart. As she fell down, he could feel something actually touching him; droplets of purple blood falling on his hand, followed by a small puddle of blood streaming on his own chest. He watched down and saw that he was now laying in the hospital bed, his mother swiftly going for the final end of her life. She slowly tried to lift her hand to Chill's face, her voice broken and trembling.



He saw the tears on his mothers face, as her hand fell down against his cheek and her body grew limb. His eyes became wet, but no tears left them. He opened his mouth, slowly stuttering one single word;


He looked at Frieza's face, filled with droplets of his mother's purple blood, licking it away while displaying a vicious grin, already pointing his finger at Chill. Suddenly everything seemed to stop and Chill was yet again standing outside his body, but also outside the building, onthe street. Frost was holding Chill in his arms, fallen in a coma it seemed. Rain poured down from the sky, with King Cold standing a few feet further with his son. He yelled at Frost, ordering him;

"I do not care if you deem him usefull, I told you to get rid of that monster, Frost. I have misguided my best friend and ordered my son to kill my sister. I did it all to get rid of that abomination, so do as I say and either get rid of him or bear the consequences when he fully awakens that thing inside of him."

Chill was shocked, as he had never heard those words, never heard the truth about his parents deaths. But now it was clear, they died because of him, because of Frost's stubborness to keep him alive. He should have died, one shot from Frieza could've ended all his suffering and the suffering of all he loved. Chill screamed in the air, rain dripping on his face, But none could hear his words, though as meant as they were;

Why? Why? Answer me goddamned! Why did they have to die, all of them? Why not me? They did not deserve such cruel fate, it was me you should've taken, it was I who was meant to be judged and whom's life deserved to end! If you are there, if you even exist answer me, tell me why they had to die, why they had to suffer! Tell, damn...damn"

Again he heard that same cold and distance voice in his head. He already grew to hate it, asking why he had to be tormented like this, why he had to go through all this suffering again. But the voice ignored both is anger, his sorrow and his pleas;"As another life ended too early in your presence, your sanity started to crumble. Your happiness was at its last draw. But eventually even this wound was healed partially, though you never forgot that moment. This was the second stone thrown in the river of your life, changing its coarse yet again."

Suddenly he stood on a large red sandstone plateau of a planet he did not recognize. He looked around and was startled deeply. All around him were thousands, even tens of thousands of changelings dressed in ancient armors fighting with each other. They did not use Ki or machinery, but hacked and slashed at one another with bronze, iron and steel. Swords, spears, large clubs were used to beat the enemy's brains out, break and shatter their bones, but worst of all, only changelings were fighting against changelings.

The cold voice spoke again, louder, but also full of emotion this time; "What you see here is both the origin of your line and that of all other remaining changelings to this day. What happened here is the direct reason why you know no more than a mere hundred true changelings. What you see here is the reason why our race is dying, grasping desperately at its last chance of survival. Yet, this day of bloodshed and terror has two connections with you, two connections, so interwoven through time and at long last combined at your birth. It is to say, you were at least smart enough to get rid of one of those connections, but you greatly improved the other one as replacement. Here now, watch this battle, a battle only known from stories and so changed in time, that the truth of the Elders is not what it should be."

Amazed, Chill observed the entire battlefield, seeing as men and woman ripped out each others organs, flesh and bones, to lose their own seconds later. As the fight continued, he immediately began to notice a small band of warriors that stood strong and fought together as a true team. As he counted them, a shock went through him, as he realized it were five warriors, the Elders of the ancient times. A second shock went through him when he saw a changeling who looked almost the same as Frieza, but much taller slash with his blade through another changeling's neck, while not noticing another enemy changeling creeping closer.

Then He suddenly appeared, the changeling he was born to strife to equalize. A tall, but sleek changeling jumped from behind the Elder Frieza and plunged his blade in the heart of the enemy who was creeping closer. That changeling looked the same as Chill, it was chill's forefather, the one who had the same name and almost equal status to Frieza. He also recognized the other Elders clearly now, especially Hayl, who even covered with blood, was a wondrous woman to look at.

"Now see, see and learn, as what has been your curse would also be your birthright. In truth, Chill, second of the Elders, never reached planet Frieza. It was due to his brother, that your family held its position at the royal court and also because of Chill's best friend and brother in law Frieza."

And then, all of a sudden Chill saw why the Elder with the same name would never reach planet Frieza. Amongst the hordes of warriors, a massive figure appeared, a man whom's aura and feeling Chill would never forget; Shadow or as he was called in those days Der Ritter des Tothen. His massive blade swung from side to side, clearing a path towards the five warriors. As the monstrous demon reached the group, it seemed that the battle suddenly froze, as all eyes were now fixed on what would happen between those formidable warriors.

It was a short but intense battle, as the monster known as the Shadow started to fight with the Elder Chill, fiercely hacking and slashing at each other. Nor the demon, nor the changeling retreated or surrendered. But once a foul creature, always a foul creature, the Shadow used something the Elder Chill did not know, nor was even capable of; a Ki attack. With a single black beam from his eyes, the demon pierced the warrior's armor and chest. As the changeling sank to the ground, Shadow turned around and seemed to leave the warriors alone, but suddenly the Elder Chill seemed to snap somehow, as he bulked up his muscles on a massive scale and in a few paces reached the Shadow, who was unaware of the changeling's presence.

As Shadow finally felt the danger, it was already to late. Elder Chill's blade drove deep in the heart of the monster and recited an incantation only a few of this day could know. In seconds the Shadow's body fell to the floor, but a black shade was left, running away while ordering others to take care of the body.After seeing this, Chill heard the voice again, not really being bothered by it anymore; "You were fooled and bretrayed your whole life, as it was not the Lost who defeated the monster, but your race. He was keened on destroying your race because of its fearsome potential. Shadow still had loads of power, but the loss of his original body had at that moment, crippled him. This is a pain of your life, a burden you had to carry for a long time. A third stone which was covered with mud, to darken your life and the river that represents it."


-the original incantation:
Grack mulon assapri no tarmuk no flanu. Ison bar te ga'ana no fracco pio do morto.
-translation to English:
Demonic creature spewed out by the bowls of Hell, nor shall I rest, nor shall I fade untill you and your companions are dead. It is hereby that I declare that we are bound, shall an heir come forth of my line capable of handling you, you will be bound to him and be beaten by it like you are beaten now.

Though Chill's mind had partially found some rest during the moment he had a look at his race's true history, it was not to last long, as he was yet again to face the pain and suffering from his own life. And he did remember the next painfull moment very well, as it marked the end of his weak period and the start of the period in which he gained the infamous title of Monster.

In a swirl of darkness, the Fallen Tyrant travelled through the void again, to find himself in his own bedroom, sitting straight, but still weak with his back against the wall. His body already rapidly deteriorating from his complete lack of lust for life. Yet he still had one thing, one person to truly live for. She wished nothing else than seeing her fiancee get out of his bed, return to his fathers fleet and assume command as he was ought to do. But how many times she implored him that he would lose status among the people if he sat there like a beaten dog, how many times she tried to force him to at least walk again, it was a lost cause.

Though Chill was no longer hollow or in a state of deep slumber, he still had no reason, no lust to rise from his selfproclaimed tomb and finally reassume his duties as a royalty member. Yet as his body deteriorated, Chill used this time to read books and documents, filling his brain with massive contents of knowledge and wisdom. The Chill from the current day arrived at a moment, a moment easily being described as his last moments of true happiness. Though he knew that he loved Ice, he could not get out of bed, as she had not noticed really, that he was almost coverted to nothing but skin and bones.

It was on that very same day that Ice ran to his room, wanting to tell him her exciting news. The current Chill sat on the corner of the bed, his eyes widened as the changeling beauty entered the room. Though she was happy, as Ice entered the room, she became quiet and tried to talk to the past day Chill, who was reading in a large book, while having a glass of rubyred wine on the nightstand.

"Chill, dear? Do you want to hear something great?"

Chill looked up, both from the corner of the bed, as well as from the large book. Looking at Ice's glowing, even radiating face. He layed down the book next to him and sipped from his glass of wine.

"What is it?"

His short answer went as a shock through the female changeling's body like a spear of ice and it remembered the current Chill of one of his most damned moments in his life; the loss of the one he was supposed to marry with; lady Ice. She was thrilled, thrilled that she had gotten permission from her father to go on a very important mission to the planet Rukuto, yet Chill, who had lost his father on his first mission, was not that appeased with this dreadfull news. He sat up and turned his head to her, his eyes, for once full of life and sorrow.

"Please, please Ice, promise me, promise me you'll survive, please?"

His voice was trembling, he wanted to lose not another important person, not again. She smiled and kissed him firmly on his lips, promising she would return. As she left the room, Chill stayed and watched out the window, a tear escaping his eyes as he waited for his loved one's safe return.

The current Chill watched as she left, he was stunned. He almost forgot how beautifull Ice was. He had not seen her in nearly fifty years, a lifetime for most sentient beings in the universe. Yet the curse of not seeing her again, gave Chill a very bad feeling. He knew what would happen and though he would do everything to stop and prevent it from happening, he knew it was impossible.

Suddenly, he was standing on the hull of a ship. He looked around and recognised her, his first true love, his wife to be, Lady Ice. Yet he also saw what was happening. He saw that she was badly wounded, lost her tail and was fighting at full power. She swiftly created a deathball and threw it down. Yet at that very same moment, Chill saw what transpired and screamed in a dozen languages only to remember that she could not hear him. A massive blast erupted from the ground, slamming into the deathball and even pushing it back towards Ice.

She seemed stunned, as she was trying to hold back her own menacing attack. But it seemed to be all in vain, as she was pushed further and further back, she eventually dissapeared in the heat of a dying star that acted as the planet's sun. With her, his last day of happiness vanished, his last trace of true sanity.

Back in the hospital room, he reappeared, apparently many days later, as he saw his former self crawl out of bed and walk to the hall, to finally find out that Ice had died. With tears in his eyes, Chill saw how he himself fell to his knees and started to cry. He remembered everything again, how at that time he had heard the cursed shadow for the first time, how that same demon had poisoned him with lies, only to betray him many years later. He cursed everything, sdhouting that all who were responsible would pay. As all of a sudden, he again vanished in a spiral of time and darkness, vanishing to the moment he wanted to see the least. The moment in which he had felt the faults, the mistakes of a lifetime all at a second's passing.

Though he tried to escape from this horrid moment, he could not leave that place. With fear he watched, he watched as he recognised the place, as it was Namek, a scene that happened a good two months ago. It was the moment he was fighting that strong human Gosai and his pathetic friends. He watched as he saw himself fire off a single shot towards the elder man who was accompanying Gosai, he remembered that he was readying himself for a second shot as that was when it happened. He watched with tears in his eyes, how his last love, the one who might've been able to heal his pain vanished in an instant.

Falling down, Suigintou landed right against Chill, whoms shot was fired a split second later, shredding through Suigintou's beautifull body. She became limb, as she hung down against his chest. Chill screamed and noticed that at that time he gave Shadow complete controle, the possibility to seize power was out of Chill's mind, he was lost again. Yet at that time, he heard the voice again, the voice that plagued him with all these images of pain and suffering.

"Now you see, that in your life, it all came to this. You became bittered, gave your inner demon more freedom than in the early days, hoping that power would let you forget the pain, but in the end it only destroyed you even faster. In your rage, you made the people of Namek suffer as much as you did. You turned aside your first gentle nature and attacked ruthlessly and without any mercy. But now that you have seen, fullfill your destiny and end the pain. The line of Cold and Frost have done much harm. To end it, you have to use everything you can find. Feel it, look deep inside. There you will find the power you were looking for.

The Pefurian guard had seen it all, he had seen the changeling warlord climb the statue and vanish, but then there it was. In a shock the staue seemed to fall apart and inside it, a changeling was standing with its eyes wide open. That changeling was Chill, who had travelled through the pain and suffering of his past. It was Chill who had spoken to him, it was Chill who had done it all. But now it would also be Chill who would end it.

Suddenly, the cave of spirits started to shake, as swiftly repeating shockwaves blew everything away, including the guide, who grabbed a hanging stalactite to marvel at what was happening.

Chill was screaming, roaring out in a deep and loud voice. His eyes turned bright green, he grew tremendously and became his monstrous second form. His muscles bulked up, looking like a multitude of muscles pumped into one. But the screaming and roaring did not stop, as the hardened parts of Chill started to melt and he started to tone down to a more athletic looking body. His liquified goo, reattached and formed an armorlike exterior, making him look rather humanoid. Seconds later, he screamed and roared again, pushing his power to even higher peaks. The armor started to shift and envelop his entire body in a black and silver layer.

The pefurian could not believe his eyes, as he was looking at the full body transformation of Chill, a changeling and being able to live and tell about it. He was scared, but also completely bedazzled by the wondrous show he was looking at. He would be the first to actually see the ultimate changeling transformation, a changeling's ultimate form of both lethal power and deadly efficiency. The pinnacle of the absolute evolution to power. He would see a transformation more powerfull than Trancendance, more rare than a super namek and worst of all, more legendary and equally powerfull as a super saiyan.

Then it began, the cave started to crumble, as a massively growing darkness began to fill it. A large dark and suffocating aura began to envelop Chill, who at long last was not screaming or roaring anymore. No, he was laughing, loud and clear, he was laughing like never before. He felt his own power push through every limit he ever had, glad that his body had been altered to cope with this massive powerincrease. He noticed his own skin take on new shapes, as large sharkfinlike horns sprouted out of his forarms, His muscles seemingly becoming more tense and visible . He felt his head slightly elongate upwards, forming a large plate with pins protruding from it. He saw how a mask-like plate started to halfly cover his face and how his chest was granted with a similar plating to ensure an equal meassurement of defense and offense.

As soon as the transformation ended, his aura exploded and his body seemed to be electrified, as green lightning crackled around it. His eyes pierced through the dark cave. He raised his arms a bit and remained to laugh frantically. As he formed fists with his hands, he tightened every muscle in his body and flew through the cave's roof and as such the entire mountain in just a split second, reaching the clouds even before one could start counting. In the air, thunder and lightning erupted, just by the influence of the dark tyrants new ammassed power, the power of a true god.

One two, I'm coming for you. Three four, better lock your door. Five six, take a crusafix. Seven eight, better stay up late. Nine ten...Guess who's back again, Whaaahaaahaaah!!"

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From monster to god (complete)
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