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 Golden Gose back in time

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PostSubject: Golden Gose back in time   Sat Aug 28, 2010 10:23 am

Following the defeat of Wreeza on Namek, the heroes of Earth had known only peaceful days. Those killed by the Saiyans had been revived and even Zucca had struck an alliance with them, if only to see Froku again and challenge the warrior to a duel. They all knew Froku was alive and he would be returning some day. They just weren't expecting to feel several powerful ki signatures coming towards Earth. Mike, Jillin, Jillico and Zucca recognized one of the signatures as Wreeza's. In a near state of panic, the warriors had gathered in a deserted little desert as they awaited Wreeza.

"What do we do? Froku's not here and we can't beat Wreeza on our own." Jillin said.

"Shut it, baldy." Zucca reprimanded the fighter.

"We don't need you to tell us what to think." Tien exclaimed. "You killed me. I don't know what you're even doing here."

"Relax, Tien. Zucca's on our side." Kulma told her three-eyed friend.

"This bickering does nothing for us. Wreeza is our worry." Jillico stated.

"Why are you even here, Kulma?" Mike asked.

"I never saw Wreeza before. Not even on Namek. I just want to see him." She responded.

"Whatever you do, keep your power levels low. Wreeza can't sense ki but they will obviously be equipped with scouters." Zucca said. "We'll walk to where they're landing."

With a decent plan in the air, the heroes traveled through the vast desert to seek out Wreeza.

"What do you think of this planet, son?" King Changlingasked Wreeza.

"It's not a bad place. I'm sure we could actually fetch a decent price for it." Wreeza stated.

"And what of this Froku that you mentioned?" King Changlingasked.

"We'll kill all the people of this planet before he arrives and then kill him in retaliation for humiliating me." Wreeza said, his normally calm voice giving rise to a tinge of anger.

"Hhmm? My lord, there is someone approaching us." One of the grunts said.

Wreeza looked ahead as he saw a mysterious figure approaching. Upon getting a closer look at the figure, he saw a young man with spiky black hair wearing an orange gi.

"So it seems you've arrived already, Froku. I don't know how you beat us here but it doesn't matter. You're going to die here." Wreeza stated as if he were speaking fact.

"I'm not Froku." The young man said.

"I'm sorry, I forgot what your pitiful monkey name was." Wreeza replied.

"Whoever you think I am, I'm not. Well, unless you think I'm going to kill you. That much is true." The young man said.

"Insolent little monkey!" Wreeza exclaimed as he fired off a ki blast. The young man casually flicked the blast off into the distance.

The grunts didn't even wait for their order to attack but before anyone could see anything, they were all dead on the ground.

"Hhmmpphh… Pathetic little grunts." King Changlingsaid.

"Shall we end this now? I'm not in the mood to drag this out." The young man said.

"What are you plotting, monkey?" Wreeza hissed out.

The young man smiled as a wave of energy rushed over him. His spiky black hair rose up and changed from black to a very shiny gold and his eyes changed to a very greenish-blue. The whirling of energy stopped and Wreeza took a step back.

"Afraid? You should be." The young man said.

"Wreeza, get a hold of yourself." King Changlingcommanded.

Wreeza merely grunted out in anger and released wave after wave of energy, hoping to strike the Super Saiyan down. But it was to no avail.

"My turn." The Super Saiyan said.

With a quick motion, the Super Saiyan was punching Wreeza in the chest and unleashing a powerful ki blast that vaporized him.

"What's that?" Mike asked.

"What is it, Mike?" Kulma asked.

"Wreeza's been killed." Jillico said.

In a rush of emotion, Zucca took to the air to find the source of this new ki. The others followed, with Yamcha carrying Kulma in his arms.

"Well, most impressive. You defeated my son as if he were nothing." King Changling said .

The Super Saiyan remained silent as he turned to see King Changling standing before him. "Go home. I have no interest in fighting weaklings." He said.

This insult had damaged King Cold's pride and he charged at the young warrior. With a flick of his wrist, the young warrior had knocked the terror of the galaxy down. He let loose a ki blast and made short work of the evil alien overlord. He quickly drew his attention to Wreeza's spaceship and destroyed it with ease.

"Phew…" The Super Saiyan sighed as he powered down. He turned his head to see Zucca, Jillico, Mike and the others floating in the air.

"Golden?" Zucca exclaimed.

"Huh? Who is that? I'm going to meet Froku now!" The young man said.

"Huh? That's not Froku? But he looks just like him." Kulma let out.

"No, his ki is a little different. That is definitely not Froku." Jillico stated.

The young warrior stood there as Earth's heroes approached him. He looked lost in thought, as if he wondered what he could say. He knew they had at least a million questions for him.

"Well, I guess it's okay for me to say this. No, I'm not Froku." He said.

"So who are you?" Jillin asked.

The young warrior paused for a brief moment before speaking. "My name is Golden. Froku's my dad."

To Be Continued…
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PostSubject: Re: Golden Gose back in time   Sat Aug 28, 2010 10:30 am

"Golden?" Mike asked.

Golden nodded. "It's good to see you again, big brother… Hhmm… That sounded a little strange…" Golden said out loud.

"Wait, you're Kakarot's kid?" Zucca asked.

"Who is Kakarot?" Golden asked.

"He means Froku." Jiccilo said.

"Huh? Oh, yeah. Froku's my dad. I suppose there's no reason to keep this a secret. I'm from about 20 years in the future." Golden said.

The others looked on in shock.

"My brother from the future?" Mike asked.

Golden nodded.

"You didn't come all this way to tell that brat he would have a brother. What are you doing here? How did you get here?" Zucca asked demandingly.

"Huh… I'd really rather tell this story once. Can't we wait for my dad?" Golden asked.

The others remained silent, as if afraid of Zucca's reaction if they said they were okay with it. Zucca huffed and sat down.

"Good." Golden said.

Zucca said nothing but the others knew he was pretty upset and they were right. Zucca was struggling in his mind to rationalize a half-breed brat being stronger than him. Not to mention the half-breed brat of a 3rd class warrior.

Golden sat down and smiled. It reminded the others of Froku. He seemed carefree but they could all tell he was hiding something mysterious under his cool demeanor.

"Mike, it's great to see you again." Golden said.

Mike was unsure of how to react. He was visibly nervous at meeting his younger brother from the future. He turned to Jiccilo as if to get advice and Jiccilo merely gave the boy nodding approval.

"Uumm… Hi, Golden… It's good to meet you…" Mike nervously said.

Golden once again smiled as he picked up his big brother. "You did this to me all the time." Golden said as he moved his arms up and down carrying his brother.

Bulma was actually relieved to see Mike take this so well. She cared about the boy and it warmed her heart to see him being a normal brother even if the circumstances were weird. "So, Golden, did I build your time machine?" Bulma asked.

"You did… Or you will... Thanks, Bulma." Golden said.

The fear and nervousness that had existed within the warriors was replaced with comfort. Golden was a lot like his dad. Only Zucca was uncomfortable right now.

A strange beeping sound came from Golden's gi. This caused Golden to put his brother down as he pulled a strange square from his gi. "Dad's coming right now." He told the others.

Golden took the lead and the others followed him as a small spacecraft fell from the sky and landed several yards away. Once the craft opened, Froku, wearing a very strange black and red get-up looked on to see his friends cheering as well as himself in the background.

"Huh?" Froku asked. "What's going on, guys?"

To Be Continued…
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PostSubject: Re: Golden Gose back in time   Sat Aug 28, 2010 10:47 am

Let's go!" Goku exclaimed as the warriors flew down to check the explosion.

They landed on the ground, Tien soon meeting them on the ground. "Where's…" Yamcha began to say but was interrupted.

"I didn't think he would be able to handle this." Tien explained.

"Probably a good idea." Goku said.

"What's that?" Gohan asked, pointing to a mysterious man.

Goku and the others looked to see two mysterious figures. One was a rather fat looking male with skin as pale as Chaotzu's. The other was an old man with long white hair and a long mustache.

"Are you the androids?" Goku asked.

"We are. How did you get here so fast, Goku?" The mustache one said.

"That doesn't matter. Who are you? Why are you doing this?" Goku asked.

"This is #19, you can call me #20 or Dr. Gero." #20 said.

"What?" Gohan exclaimed.

"Let's not fight here. Too many people could get hurt. It's me you want anyway, isn't it." Goku stated.

"That's fine." #20 said.

Goku and the others took to the air and flew a few miles away, ironically they flew near Freeza's final resting place.

"This is the place." Goku said as he set to land.

The warriors and their opponents landed on the ground.

"So this is revenge for the Red Ribbon Army?" Goku asked.

"I will complete my life's work. #19, get him." Gero said.

With that, Goku began to power up. His hair stood up and changed to blonde and his eyes changed color. "What?" Gero exclaimed.

"You don't know about this, huh?" Goku asked as he stepped forward.

"No matter what you do, it doesn't matter." #19 said as he charged at Goku.

The others watched as Goku blocked #19's attack and let loose with his own counterattack. A kick knocked #19 to the ground. Goku let loose with a ki blast that hit the machine. Once the air cleared, they saw #19 still standing, his arm extended as if he were collecting the energy from Goku's attack.

"Goku?" Picollo said as he saw his friend struggling for air.

"What's wrong with him? Is he sick? Wasn't he supposed to take the medicine that Goten gave him?" Yamcha asked.

"He… never showed any signs of being sick so he never took it." Gohan said.

"C'mon, we have to step in." Picollo said.

"That won't be necessary." A voice said from behind them. The others looked to see Vegeta standing behind them.

"Ah, Vegeta, it's an honor for you to join us." Gero said.

"I don't know what this Red Ribbon Army nonsense is and I frankly don't care. You bastards are as nothing to me for I am the prince of the Saiyans." Vegeta stated.

"Doctor, Goku is far too weak to continue this. Shall I finish off Vegeta now?" #19 asked.

"Very well. I'll take care of Goku." Gero said.

"Oh, you can try you mechanical bucket of bolts but let me ask you something first. Do machines feel fear?" Vegeta asked.

The others looked at Vegeta with curiosity. He was hiding something. As #19 stepped forward, Vegeta began to power up and his hair and eye color had changed. Vegeta was a Super Saiyan!
"Surprised? You shouldn't be. If a low-class warrior and his half-breed offspring could achieve this level, it should come as no surprise that I could as well." Vegeta smugly stated.

#19 showed no fear as he charged at Vegeta but the Super Saiyan made quick work of the machine. He ripped his arm off with ease and proceeded to beat him to death with it. The robot exploded Vegeta's power.

"Pathetic. No wonder your offspring couldn't deal with this thing. 3rd class warriors and their pathetic offspring are as nothing to me," Vegeta said. "Now hurry up and get home to take your medicine like a good little boy."

"I'll take him home," Yamcha said. "I don't think I could do much with you guys around."

"Take care of him," Picollo said. "And you better take some of that medicine yourself just in case."

Yamcha nodded before he rushed towards Goku and picked him up. "Let's go, buddy," he said just before he took to the skies.

"Now what do we do about you?" Vegeta asked Gero.

The old scientist knew he was outmatched. But he still had his ace in the hole. His secret weapons would be able to handle these fighters. The problem was activating them. That's when he merely began to run away.

"Hahahaha! He's running in terror!" Vegeta burst out.

"After him!" Gohan said as the others took to the skies.

They were surrounded by rocky cliffs, unable to track him because of his lack of ki. The warriors kept searching for #20 but saw no signs of him.

As the warriors searched for #20, Goten arrived to see the remains of #19. "What is that?" He asked himself.

Unaware of what exactly was going on, Goten searched for his friends. He couldn't feel his dad's ki, which worried him. But he felt Vegeta's and Picollo's and Gohan's. They were nearby. The young warrior took off to track them down and get some answers.

#20 was frustrated as he ran around the cliffs. He needed a plan of attack. Sensing the warriors around him, he devised a plan to take them out one at a time. Or at least distract Vegeta long enough to make a difference. He saw Picollo on his own and made an attempt to attack him. This proved to be a rather horrible mistake as Picollo overpowered him and forced him out into the open.

"Picollo, finish him off and let's go home already. This whole experience has been incredibly disappointing." Vegeta said.

Just as the others watched Picollo getting ready to finish off his enemy, they sensed a powerful ki approaching them. Goten had arrived.

"Goten?" Picollo exclaimed.

Goten looked down at the machine man below and confusion crossed his face. "Who is that?"

"What? This is the threat that you told us about!" Krillin exclaimed.

Goten shook his head. "That's not what the androids look like." He said.

"What? What's going on? Answer me!" Vegeta demanded.

"I… I think I may have changed history… Dad was supposed to defeat Freeza…" Goten said.

Just as the warriors argued amongst themselves, they saw a plane approaching. It was Bulma. "Oh crap, what is she doing here?" Goten asked.

Dr. Gero, sensing a distraction, used this moment to destroy the plane. Goten rushed to save Bulma and Trunks and managed to succeed. Vegeta had his attention turned to finding #20, who had gotten away.

Goten gently set Bulma and Trunks down, much to Bulma's relief. The others, except Vegeta, landed to make sure their friend was okay.

"Thank you, Goten." Bulma said.

Goten was actually upset that Vegeta didn't care about his son or his significant other. "What the hell, Vegeta!" Goten exclaimed as he flew up to confront him.

"I don't need lessons from a 3rd class wretch like you. Let that stupid bitch and her bastard son die for all I care." Vegeta said as he took off to find #20.

"I don't get that guy at all." Goten said as he flew back to Gohan and the others.

"We have bigger problems than Vegeta's pride." Picollo said.

"What did you mean when you didn't recognize that android?" Krillin asked.

"Because I don't recognize him. That's not what the Androids look like…" Goten said.

"What do they look like?" Gohan asked.

"One of them is a boy around my age with shoulder length black hair and wearing a ribbon. He's #17. #18 is a pretty young blonde girl with blue eyes. But don't let their youthful looks fool you. They are more powerful than anything we've faced before." Goten explained.

"I think they might be in Dr. Gero's lab." Bulma said.

"Where is that?" Goten asked.

"Somewhere in the mountains?" Bulma questioned herself. She seemed to know more about what was going on when Trunks started to cry. "There, there, Trunks…"

"In any case, now that Vegeta is a Super Saiyan he might be able to handle this on his own." Picollo said.

"He won't. He was a Super Saiyan in my time but he fell just as easily as anyone else," Goten said. "We have to go after him."

"How am I supposed to get home?" Bulma asked.

"Aahh… Gohan, could you take her?" Picollo asked his pupil.

Gohan merely nodded.

"Goten and the others quickly caught up to Vegeta. "Any sign of him?" Goten asked.

"Do you think I'd still be here if there was?" Vegeta retorted.

The warriors sighed as they searched for #20.

"They'll be okay, right?" Gohan asked.

"I'm sure they will. Vegeta is very powerful and your little brother is there too." Bulma said.

"My brother…" Gohan said.

"I forgot to ask your brother about Trunks in the future." Bulma said.

"I'm… not sure you'll want the answer." Gohan said.

Bulma said nothing, concerned over her little baby.

#20 had managed to sneak into his lab without the others knowing. He quickly rushed forward to activate the other androids. "Now Vegeta and the others will know what it's like to be afraid." Gero said to himself.

"What are you doing?" Vegeta asked him.

Gero turned to see Vegeta and the others, one of whom looked just like Goku. "What? Goku's better already? That's impossible!" Gero exclaimed.

"It's over, Gero." Goten said.

Goten knew that was a lie when he saw #17 and #18 stepped forward. He was overwhelmed by fear as he saw them. For the first time, Vegeta and the others saw Goten take a step back.

"What are you doing, boy?" Vegeta asked.

"Now, kill them!" Gero commanded his creations.

"No." #17 said.

"What?" Gero exclaimed.

"You're the only one who will die." #18 said as she punched Gero in the face, knocking his head off.

"WHAT?" The heroes exclaimed upon seeing Gero's murder.

Vegeta wouldn't allow himself to show any fear. He merely charged forward only to find #17 avoiding his attack with ease and kicking him to the ground. Vegeta had been knocked down.

The others nervously stepped forward…

Gohan and Bulma had arrived at Goku's home in the mountains. Gohan dropped Bulma and Trunks off on the ground very gently as he rushed inside. "Dad?" Gohan called out.

"He's in here, son." Chi-Chi called from the other room.

Gohan, Bulma and Trunks entered the room to see Goku in bed, breathing hard for dear life.

"We've already given him the medicine your brother gave us." Yamcha said.

"Brother?" Chi-Chi asked.

"Mom, there's something you should know," Gohan said. "The reason we've been training so hard is because we received a warning from the future. The warning came from my brother, Goten."

"Goten…" Chi-Chi said out loud.

"Chi-Chi?" Bulma asked.

"My baby…" Chi-Chi said.

"Mom, what's going on?" Gohan asked his mother.

"I don't know how to tell you this so I guess I'll just say it… I'm pregnant…" Chi-Chi said.

"What?" Gohan exclaimed.

The warriors had been so immersed in training they didn't even notice Chi-Chi's belly was a little bit bigger. "My baby… I can meet my baby…" Chi-Chi said.

"That's great, Chi-Chi." Bulma said.

"We should still probably get out of here. If the Androids are as powerful as Goten claimed, they could come after Dad while he's sick." Gohan said.

"I'll call my dad and get us out of here. Your dad shouldn't be carried right now." Bulma said.

Earth's heroes were on the ground, all defeated with ease. #17 looked at Goten, the mysterious boy who looked like Goku. But somehow #17 knew it wasn't Goku. "So where is Goku, you weak imposter?" #17 said.

Goten said nothing. He wasn't afraid of dying to protect his father. #17 merely shrugged and knocked Goten's head into the ground. He and #18 would find Goku very soon.
Good luck, guys." Gohan said.

Picollo had been holding on to the Senzu beans but he was far too weak to use them. So Krillin, the one least hurt, managed to give everyone a Senzu bean. The quickly recovered warriors looked to Goten.

"Dammit, they shouldn't be this strong. I can usually handle one of them, it's when they gang up on me that I lose." Goten said.

"Time must be changing because of your trips to the past." Picollo said.

"Argh, you're not helping us at all." Vegeta told the time traveler.

"I think we need to find my Dad." Goten said.

"Probably a good idea." Tien said.

"You can do whatever you want. I'm out of here." Vegeta said, flying off on his own.

Goten and the others searched for Yamcha's ki and found it. It was traveling toward Kame House.

As the plane Bulma called for flew toward Kame House, Chi-Chi and Gohan were watching over Goku and seeing him holding on for dear life.

"Dad…" Gohan said.

"We'll be at Kame House soon, guys." Bulma said.

Chi-Chi was holding little Trunks and wondering what her own baby would be like. Hearing that he had come from the future had made her feel nervous. Her baby wouldn't be a baby but a young man.

As the plane started to descend, Chi-Chi wondered when she would be able to meet her son.

Goten and the others arrived at Kame House to see the plane on the island.

"I guess they're already here." Krillin said.

Picollo stepped into the house first, only to see the old turtle hermit on the couch. "Picollo?" Krillin said.

"Where's Goku?" Picollo asked.

When Goten walked into the room, Master Roshi nearly fell over. "G-Goku? But y-you're in the other room…" He said.

"Master Roshi, what is it now?" Chi-Chi said as she peeked her head out and saw a young man who was the spitting image of her husband. Chi-Chi even looked back at her husband on the floor to make sure there weren't two of him.

"Mom?" Goten asked.

Hearing that word caused Chi-Chi to freeze. "A-are you… Goten?" She asked.

Goten nodded. Chi-Chi wasted no time rushing to give the young warrior a hug. Goten blushed as his Mom gave him a big hug.

"It's okay, Mom." Goten said.

"Goten, you're here." Bulma said as she walked out of the room.

"Yo." Goten said, still in his mother's arms.

"How are you doing, Goten?" Bulma asked.

"Not well… The androids are free and seem even more powerful then in my time." Goten said.

"Where's Vegeta?" Bulma asked.

"He flew off somewhere. He's probably embarrassed that he was taken down as easily as the rest of us." Krillin said.

"How's my Dad?" Goten asked.

"He's getting a bit better. The medicine you gave him is really strong." Bulma said.

"Oh, son, have you been eating well?" Chi-Chi said.

"I'm fine, Mom. You were just as worried about me when I left." Goten said.

"What happened in your time?" Bulma asked.

"You wanted to go, Bulma. But I think you were too scared of what you might say if you saw yourself after Trunks died…" Goten stopped himself.

Hearing that her son was dead in the future caused a rush of emotions to overcome Bulma. She wanted to cry but she fought back the tears.

"What about your big brother?" Chi-Chi asked.

"I'm sorry, Mom." Goten said.

The news of Gohan's death caused Chi-Chi to let go of Goten and she sank to her knees. She had to fight back the tears.

"Can I check on Dad?" Goten asked.

The others couldn't say a word. They merely nodded. Goten walked out into the bedroom to see his father barely breathing.
#18 and #17 were searching another one of Dr. Gero's labs when they noticed a strange little test tube holding a green orb in it. "Ugh, what is this?" #17 said.

"Just destroy it and let's find #16." #18 said.

#17 complied and fired a ki blast that destroyed the test tube. He quickly turned his attention to the casket before him. He opened it and saw a large android wearing green. The two quickly got him online.

"Where…" #16 let out.

"Hey, we're looking for Goku. Do you know where he is?" #18 asked.

"I do." #16 said.

As Bulma sat on the ground, worried over her son, she heard her cellphone ringing. "H-hello?" She let out.

"Bulma, we've found something strange." The voice said.

"What is it?" She asked.

"I don't know. You should take a look at it." The voice responded.

Goten couldn't believe he was seeing his dad so weak. It hurt him to see his father dying before his eyes. He didn't know what to do. Gohan was right next to him.

"Goten… We may have a problem." Bulma said.

"What's wrong?" Goten asked.

"My father's company found a… we don't know what it is. I want to take a look at it. Can you take me?" Bulma requested.

"Sure… Gohan, do you want to come with me? We can't just wait around here…" Goten said.

Gohan merely nodded his head. "Chi-Chi and the others will look after Goku." Bulma told the brothers.

Goten, Gohan and Bulma soon landed at the sight that Bulma was told about. The area was sealed off now as Goten looked at what looked to be another time-machine.

"What is it, Goten?" Gohan asked.

"It's… a time-machine… Just like the one Bulma made for me. But it's… old… It looks like it's been here for years." Goten explained.

"It's not yours?" Bulma asked.

Goten shook his head. "My time-machine is state of the art." He said.

"What's going on here?" Gohan wondered.

"Did somebody else come from the future?" Bulma asked.

"As far as I know, I'm the only one." Goten said.

"But that might not be the case if this is here." Bulma told Goten.

"This could be really bad." Gohan said.

Goten's mind raced with the possibilities. He didn't understand what this second time-machine meant.

"There's something strange about the ground here." Gohan said, leaning down to a hole in the dirt.

"What did you find?" Goten asked his big brother.

"I don't know. But this soil looks different…" Gohan said.

"Do you think whatever came out of the time-machine went into the ground?" Bulma asked.

"I don't know…" Gohan said.

"Let's get back to Kame House." Goten said.

The androids had made their way to Goku's home in the mountains but as they searched, they saw no trace of the Saiyan.

"Where is he?" #17 asked.

"If he's not here, the most logical place he might be is Kame House." #16 answered.

"So what are we waiting for? Let's go." #18 said.
"So you found another Time-Machine, huh?" Picollo questioned them.

"That's right." Gohan said.

"None of this adds up. Time is a lot different from what Bulma and Mom told me." Goten said.

"Suppose that, in order for time not to completely be destroyed by changing history, a new history was created. When you traveled back in time, you created a parallel universe that was the same as yours until you came back here." Bulma said.

"You lost me…" Goten said.

"It makes sense. You created a new world when you came from the future but your world still exists. That's why nothing is as you said it was, this world has a different history." Picollo said.

"I see… So I'm not doing my world any good by being here, am I?" Goten asked.

He was met with silence.

"So what are you going to do, Goten?" Gohan asked.

"I'll stay to see this crisis through. This world needs protecting, after all. I can't just abandon you guys. And… I would like to spend some time with Dad." Goten said.

"He's resting now but he should be fine." Chi-Chi said.

"After this is over, maybe I'll spend some time here. Get to know you guys." Goten said.

"If you need help, you know we'll come with you." Gohan said.

A smile crept across Goten's face. "Thanks, big brother."

The Androids had finally made their way to Kame House. #17 opened the door to see Picollo, Gohan, Goten, Chi-Chi and Bulma standing inside.

"What?" Picollo exclaimed with shock at the sight of the Android.

"Oh crap, Dad's still not better." Goten said.

"Dad? Interesting. We knew you weren't Goku but you're his son? You look a little too old for that to be the case." #18 said.

"What do you want?" Gohan asked.

"We want to ask your dad a question." #17 replied.

"Tell us…" Goten said.

"We want Goku to tell us why we're here. Why did Dr. Gero do this to us?" #18 said.

"You… You don't know?" Bulma asked.

#17 shook his head.

"Goku destroyed the Red Ribbon Army. You were built to get their revenge." Goten said.

#17 and #18 had a look of disgust on their faces. "That's what this is about? Getting revenge?" #16 said.

"I'm afraid it is." Gohan told them.

"Ugh… Tell Goku we don't care about that. We're going off to live our own lives." #18 said.

"Dr. Gero is dead. You don't have to worry about this threat anymore." #17 said.

"Wait… We're just supposed to let you go? After what you do…" Goten said.

"What do we do, son of Goku?" #16 asked.

"You… You terrorize the world for kicks, killing people for fun." Goten said.

"Ah, I see… A time-traveler. Well, don't worry about it. We have no interest in that kind of life." #17 said.

Goten's head shook with shock at the thought of this.

Just as #17 and the others prepared to leave, a giant hole in the ground appeared. Before anyone knew what happened, #17 was gone.

"17!" #18 exclaimed.

"What's happeneing?" Goten cried out.

When the dust settled, a large green creature with a long tail emerged from the ground. A smile crept across his face.

"Who the hell are you?" Goten asked.

"I'm Cell. It's good to see you again, Goten."

“ never mind I don’t care who you are I will send you straight down to Hell where you belong “
“yea you Golden beat me hahahahahahhaha don’t make me laugh “
“Ka me ha me ha me haaaaaaa” A giant beam came out of Golden two palms went made cell dead
“thanks for helping us Golden”
“yep no problem”

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Golden Gose back in time
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