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 Bar Room Brawl

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PostSubject: Bar Room Brawl   Sat Aug 28, 2010 11:02 am

Your charts read normal." The Saiyan practitioner reported. "I'm not seeing any inirregularities in your cerebral cortex or any of your MRIs."

"But I have this voice in my head and then I black out." Tarble replied as he tapped on his temple.

"More than likely it’s a coping mechanism used to alleviate guilt." The doctor stated not once looking up from his chart. "I've see it many times from new recruits. After some experience it will go away." The doctor made a few marks on his tablet.

"But I'm not a new recruit." Tarble replied as he slid his arm into his under armor. "I've been with the Ouzaru Special Forces for six months now and will be applying for my First Class Saiyan ceremony soon."

Without looking up the doctor nodded. "Yes, yes. Well it will pass eventually." The doctor walked out from the room without any kind of personal sentiments.

Alas that's how it was with Saiyan doctors. If you weren't dying or fatally injured they didn’t care much. Even if you were badly injured, they would just throw you into a rejuvenation tank and press the little green button that reads 'On'. Caring isn't a Saiyan's strong suite. Keep people alive so that they can kill others. That's all the doctors cared about and if that meant dismissing Tarble without a second thought, then so be it.

After the ordeal on Pefu, Tarble had undergone several psychiatric evaluations as his memory losses bacame more and more common, but without much concern the doctors dismissed him with a simple case of the "Noobies"

“Why does no one ever take me seriously?” Tarble asked himself as he walked down the hall, away from the medical bay. “I don’t understand at all. I bet it’s because I’m short.”

“That’s exactly what it is!” An all too familiar voice answered Tarble.

Looking up Tarble could see Sergeant Kraut standing there. He was as big as ever, and the glare from his bald head could blind a Saiyan wearing an eye shield.

“What do you mean?” Tarble asked, raising his arm up to block the glare.

“Saiyan’s are supposed to be big and strong,” Kraut explained. “And while you are strong, you do not look the part; to them you look only like an incompetent child.”

“But I can’t help it that I’m short.” Tarble replied with a snort, crossing his arms.

“Very true, but I know of a place that will put hairs on your chest.” Kraut reached into his pocket and pulled out a folded piece of paper. “Here,” Kraut handed the short Saiyan the paper. “Go spend the entire day there. I assure you, it will be most rewarding. I do have to go now though, I will see you around young Saiyan.” And with that simple goodbye Kraut disappeared around the corner.

Tarble looked at the paper the large Saiyan had handed to him. There was only a single address written there.

224 East Vegeta Way

“Hmm, 222 and 226 but no 224.” Tarble commented as he looked up at the building numbers on East Vegeta Way. “Did he lie to me? Nah, why would he do that?” Tarble concluded as he searched around for anything that may help him.

“Excuse me.” Tarble called out to a Saiyan who had been walking by. The Saiyan stopped and turned to Tarble. “Do you know where I can find 224 East Vegeta Way?” A silent pause filled the air.

“What are you fucking crazy man?” The Saiyan responded a look of terror on his face. “Why would you WANT to go there?” The Saiyan took a couple steps back.

“Someone recommended the place to me.” Tarble responded with a peaked curiosity. What could be so wrong with a place that it would have the locals flustered.

“This world is getting worse and worse every day, if even a shorty like you is in with the likes of them.” The Saiyan commented causing Tarble to frown hearing himself be called ‘shorty’. “That alley over there.” The stranger pointed to an alley that separated both building 222 and 226. “That’s still considered East Vegeta Way, you will find the door you are looking for in that alley.”

“Thanks.” Tarble said as he turned to go to the alley.

“May Vegeta have mercy on your soul young one.” The Saiyan called out before taking off down the street.

‘What a weird man.’ Tarble thought as he entered the alley way. The alley walls were littered with graffiti of several warnings like ‘Get Out’, ‘Point of No Return’, and even one said ‘You shall not pass’; easily enough, Tarble passed it.

After a hundred feet or so, Tarble came across an old beaten door. There was an address plate hanging by a single nail that read ‘224 East Vegeta Way’. This was the place Tarble was looking for. With a single gulp Tarble slowly opened the door, not knowing what awaited him on the other side.

‘You can’t be serious’ Tarble thought as his eyes gazed upon the contents off 224 East Vegeta Way. He was in a bar. It wasn’t even a filthy bar, it was just a regular old bar, with seemingly regular Saiyan’s doing regular things.

On the right wall was the bar, it sat maybe ten to fifteen people, with only four of the seats filled. There were round tables scattered around that could sit easily five people. In the left corner one of these tables was full. It had a group of average looking Saiyan’s playing cards. And as for the rest of the bar, there were a few loners sitting by themselves, eating finger foods and chugging down some beer. All in all it looked like a regular bar.

Tarble walked over to the barkeep.

“Ah a soldier.” The bartender commented as he noticed the 2nd class armor Tarble had been wearing.”Name is Reggie. First drink is on the house. What should I get ya?”

Tarble sat on one of the cushioned bar stools and took a look at the tap. He didn’t recognize any of the names since he wasn’t a big beer guy.

“Uh, I’ll take your most popular beer.” Tarble replied, having no clue on what he just ordered.

“One Ringying comin’ up.” Reggie grabbed a glass and poured the Saiyan warrior a dark lager and threw it onto the bar in front of Tarble. “There ya are. If ya need anything else just lemme know.” The barkeeps words tended to slur together, it wasn’t a dialect Tarble heard often, usually Saiyans are taught how to properly speak and were often criticized if they did not speak correctly.

Tarble grabbed the beer and threw it back, chugging half of he beer in a single go. ‘Not too bad’ he thought to himself as he finished off the beer.

“Wow yer a quick one ain’t ya?” Reggie commented as he started to pour another beer. “Here ya are, figured ya would like another.” Reggie placed the beer next to the empty glass.

“Thanks, Reggie.” Tarble said as he grabbed the other beer and chugged a smaller amount.

“No problem, I’ll start ya a tab.” Reggie paused for a second. “Oh yea and your name?”

“It’s Tarble.”

+++An hour or so Later+++

“You should get like this more often.”

“You again?”

“Sure is, smart ass. It seems like when you get shit faced it’s easier for me to move around.”


“Never mind. Just enjoy yourself for now.”

“Don’t have to tell me twice.”

Tarble was on his seventh beer and was starting to feel the effects of his drunken stupor. The bar didn’t seem to fill up too much. A couple left but shortly they were replaced by some other Saiyan who just wanted to forget their worries for a night.

There was a new group that walked in made up of three larger than average Saiyans. They took a seat at one of the empty round tables near the center of the bar.

“Not these guys again.” Reggie said in a quiet undertone. Tarble looked up at the bartender, curious to what he was saying. “These guys come in here every now and then, making trouble for the rest of the patrons.”

Tarble looked back at the group of Saiyans who were snickering about something over at their Table.

“Want me to do something about it?” Tarble asked.

“No no no. I don’t want any trouble…” Reggie paused. “But if they do happen to come over her and…”

“I got it.” Tarble responded as he finished off another beer only to grab a hold of another.

Not long after the conversation Tarble and the barkeep had. The three men all stood up and wandered over to the bar.

“Yo Reggie!” One of the guys called out. “How ‘bout a few free beers for me and my buddies here.” The others laughed.

Reggie glance quickly over at Tarble and then back at the three hooligans. “Sorry guys, you will have to pay for your beer like everyone else.”

“Eh?” The leader’s tone suddenly got serious. “You can’t really expect us to pay can you?”

“Sorry guys, this time you will.” Reggie replied sternly, knowing that Tarble had his back if things got ugly.

The leader of the group laughed as he looked toward the other two members, who followed suit. Quickly the Saiyan’s fist found itself onto Reggie’s jaw, knocking him on his back. The leader jumped behind the bar and started wailing on the barkeep.

Tarble jumped up and eyed the three large Saiyan’s.

“What do you think you are looking at?” One of the Saiyan's asked as he cracked his knuckles.

Tarble stood frozen.

“Why can’t I move?”

“Come now. why should you help him?”

“I told him I would!”

“But aren’t you having a great time just chugging the beer?”

“Yea I suppose.”

“And didn’t you just bet a small fortune on a tournament?”


“Well you don’t really have the zeni to spare for your drinks do ya?”

“Not really?”

“Well then, why not just help yourself?”

“It’s wrong!”

“Nah, if you weren’t here it would happen anyways.”


“Trust me.”

“I said, what are you looking at chump!?” The grizzly Saiyan stood just a few inches from the frozen Tarble.

“Nothing that concerns you peon.” Tarble said in a cold voice. He turned to the Saiyan who stood behind the bar staring at Tarble. “You there, bosso!”

“What do ya want?” The leader asked with irritation.

“While your back there, poor me a drink.” Tarble commanded with an evil grin.

“Heh heh.” The leader chuckled as he grabbed a nearby glass. “I like your thinkin’ kid.” The leader slid the beer down the bar as Tarble grabbed it and downed the beer.

“Refreshing.” Tarble looked over at the notebook near the register. “Now for the issue of my tab.” Tarble grinned as he raised his finger up and pointed it toward the register. A small ki blast shot from his finger taking out both the register and the notebook which contained all the tabs.

The three Saiyan’s stood shocked. “Are you frickin’ crazy man?!” The leader shouted as a hint of concern filled his voice. “We don’t want to blow the place up!”

“Then get the fuck out or I’ll blow you up!” Tarble hissed. He didn’t like to be told what not to do.

“Fuck this…” The Saiyan’s bolted out the door.

“Dammit,” Tarble pounded his empty glass on the bar with such force that it shattered. “I should have told them to pour me another.”


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PostSubject: Re: Bar Room Brawl   Sat Aug 28, 2010 11:09 am

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Bar Room Brawl
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