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 The destruction (Complete)

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PowerLevel : 127,680,700
Ki : 127,680,700
Transformations : False Super Saiyan, Super Saiyan, Legendary Super Saiyan
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PostSubject: The destruction (Complete)   Sat Aug 28, 2010 11:21 am

Sunlight greeted Blackfire as the orphan exited the royal building, her skin crawling with anger. The over jumpy king had sent her out on yet another scouting mission to make sure that no avalonians were present on the planet. Crisp air met her nostrils. Although the ice was completely gone, it would still take some time for the planet to get back to normal temperature. A shiver gripped her body as she trudged on. It was still too cold for her. At least it wasn't life threatening though.

Blackfire stopped several miles out deciding it was time for a break. King Vegeta would be displeased, but the orphan didn't care. All she wanted to do was start a fire and get warm. A shadow overhead caused her to look up and a saiyan landed beside her, his face bright.

“Still cold here!” Omega exclaimed cheerfully. Blackfire gave him a friendly flick with her tail glanced around. There was nobody in sight for miles. “What's up?” the saiyan boy questioned, clearly seeing that something was troubling the saiyan orphan.

Blackfire shook her head. “I just keep thinking why King Vegeta is so jumpy lately.” She glanced into Omega's ebony eyes. Blackfire suddenly realized that Omega had become a good friend. The transition was so sudden however. He obviously cared about her more than as a friend. Do I think the same for him? Blackfire blinked, realizing that she couldn't answer the silent question.

The boy shrugged good humorously. “You can hardly blame him. After that attack on our planet, he's bound to be suspicious.” Blackfire sighed. He was right, but she still hated being the one that had to scout the planet. It was so boring! The air suddenly seemed to quiver though.

“Shhh,” she ordered Omega, “I think somebody is coming.”

Kale glided through the dense mist that inhabited the skies of his planet, a slight gush of wind shoved by him as he left a hole in the clouds. The clouds easily separated as he parted their cores, an effortless feat that he did on a whim. The sun glared and he felt it as he made his way into a space where there seemed to be no clouds present. He stopped slowly and straightened up. Kale looked up to the sun and grinned very gleefully, then stretched with his arms raised up towards outer-space, letting the sun embrace every inch of his exposed skin. Swinging his arms, Kale popped his back and felt the pressure release with each muted crack.

With pure instinct, Kale suddenly flung the focus of his energy down to his legs and feet, propelling him forward for a long distance as he closed his eyes. He arched his back, causing him to ascend past the skies. Discontinuing the unknown objective, Kale peaked slowly and then began the plummet to the surface of his home planet.

Falling carelessly, Kale dropped without any effort, and soon arrived. About 600 feet up, he was able to pick out two figures almost a whole mile off from his position. He decided there's a chance that they might be Avolonians, maybe left behind on their last invasion. So, he hooked to the right and slowed down drastically, touching down with both feet. They had been close enough to the forest's edge so that they were clearly trying to avoid detection, but far enough from it so that they could still be seen from his close range. Kale ran a light jog in their direction, and sprinted into the thick woods before they would have a chance to spot him. As they came into view, through a clearing of trees, Kale stopped moving entirely and waited as they seemed to be conversing. Crouching behind a wide tree, the Saiyan hid his body from sight and listened to them interacting.

“Someone is coming?” Omega asked, barely remembering to keep his voice down. Frowning, he pressed the button on the side of his scouter, scanning the area. “Yeah,” he whispered with a side glance at Blackfire. About a hundred yards east. Do you think it could be some remaining Avalonians?”

Blackfire shuddered at the name. Only three days ago, Vegeta-Sei had a major cold spell. Literally. Avalonians had taken their chance while most of the saiyan army was away to attack the planet, plunging it into sub zero temperatures. Almost everything was instantly frozen. Unfortunately for the fish aliens, several saiyans survived and put a halt to their plans. Blackfire pushed the memories aside and turned her attention back to Omega who was obviously waiting for a response from the purple eyed saiyan.

Blackfire sighed, running one hand through her long black hair. “Unlikely. I've scoured this planet enough times.” She got up from her position, stretched each leg in turn, and stared directly at the fallen log where the unknown power level radiated from. It was weaker than hers but she knew not to take risks and not to let her guard slip. “Come on out,” the orphan called out, her voice seeming to echo across the red sands of Vegeta-Sei. In response, several birds took off from the ground, calling out loud alarm cries as they flew away. “I know you're there!”

There was no answer and Blackfire exchanged a glance with Omega. The boy shrugged. “Shall I go flush him out?” Blackfire shook her head and raised an arm. It glowed purple for a second, then a single ball of Ki erupted from it, shooting towards the log that concealed the unknown power source.

“I warned you to come out,” the orphan said simply, cocking her head indiffrently.

Within moments of diving behind the tree, it exploded as an attack impacted on the opposite side. The eruption of dirt and flames cast him backwards, nearly knocking Kale to the ground, but he caught his balance and just skidded backwards about 10 yards. "Whoever they are, they can't be friendly..," he mumbled as he stood up and brushed the dirt off of his armor. "And if they're not friendly, I get to handle them..," he smirked.

Kale braced his right hand against the tree that he landed next to, and squatted down. Tightening his core and flexing his muscles, the Saiyan let his power level spike, causing the atmosphere around him to get very uncomfortable. Kale screamed even louder as the ground below him began to crack and splinter. With both feet planted, he bent down and shoved, launched himself almost 50 feet in the air. As his leap peaked, he easily rose above the trees and eyed the two figures that stood below.

With the adrenaline reacting at a molecular level, Kale shoved his arms in the air with out-stretched fingers as two green orbs condensed in each hand. In an instant, the orbs had doubled in size and using every muscle in his upper-body, Kale flung them to the ground, and lit another one in his left hand- casting it along with the other two.

Blackfire watched with cold eyes as her blast hit its mark, sending the entire side of the forest ablaze when it exploded. A yell met her ears and Omega's scouter started beeping, registering a slight power increase. Omega glanced at it with a sneer forming on his face.

“Pitiful, it's under four thousand..” Blackfire nodded when suddenly a shadow erupted from the tree line. The sun was behind the figure and several balls of Ki came raining down. Omega blasted off to the side, but Blackfire stood still, fully knowing that the attacks would do minimal damage to her. Several explosions rocketed around her as the blasts struck home and the saiyan orphan idly wiped a smudge mark away from her armor.

“Little twerp,” Omega growled, placing his hands to his sides. Purple Ki flared in his hands. “Galic-” he was silenced as Blackfire barred his shot with an outstretched arm. The boy gave her a questioning glance and Blackfire shook her head.

“I'll handle him,” she said, giving Omega a fierce glare that warned him not to argue. With a sigh, the second class absorbed his Ki and backed up.

“Alright,” he said shrugging his shoulders, “I'm headed off to the palace then.” Blackfire nodded briskly and the saiyan took off, his body quickly disappearing as a speck in the red sky. The saiyan orphan turned her attention to the saiyan that was visible in front of her. It took a couple of seconds before she recognized him.

“Kale!” she snapped, anger in her voice. “What the hell is wrong with you sneaking up on us like that? And while I'm at it, you would make a terrible spy with the ruckus you were making.” She shifted into a fighting stance with a huff that made the hair in her eyes flicker away. “You've got me worked up though, so I'll have to relieve my tension on you. Defend yourself!” Dirt and debris exploded from the ground she was standing on as she popped out of existence. Sunlight glinted off her sword as she swiped it across her foe's chest twice in an “X” formation. Reappearing behind Kale with one arm extended and glowing with Purple Ki, She launched a multitude of blasts at point blank range.

Kale landed on the ground with ease, as he watched his blasts make contact. A massive dust cloud was created from them, but he saw one of the targets dive out of their path. As the dust settled, the one that had retreated seemed to be flying off in the opposite direction, leaving the slimmer of the two standing without a scratch on her- this caused a slight knot in the Saiyan's stomach.

"Kale!" the woman's voice shrieked, "What the hell is wrong with you sneaking up on us like that! And while I'm at it, you would make a terrible spy with the ruckus you were making.” Recognizing the obnoxious voice belonging to a young Saiyan he had met previously, Kale readied for the predictable violence. She warned him, “you've got me worked up though, so I'll have to relieve my tension on you. Defend yourself!"

He widened his stance and took a calming breath as she did the opposite. One shred of a rock split and rose above the surface, Kale blinked, and she was gone! With no warning except for the glint of her sword as it whizzed through the air, the Saiyan attacked and made contact with his chest. Anticipating a second swing, Kale dipped his upper-half as the blade narrowly missed the opposite angle of his armor. The attacker disappeared as he spun to the side, and she began to unleash a massive wave of relentless blasts directly behind him.

The first few of the blasts caught Kale's side, and spun him into the center of the blasts. A few whizzed past him, launching chunks of mud and dirt into the air, while a couple impacted square on his chest and back. The force of these blasts, shoved Kale forward at an immense speed and back into the thick of the forest. The Saiyan smashed through two trees, each collapsing, and the velocity slowed until he landed on the dirt. Kale rebounded off of the ground and jumped to his feet in a swift moment. The dust and smoke began to settle and die down within moments, allowing the Saiyan to easily locate his opponent.

Kale turned his head and forced it up with his right hand, causing a low pop, and release of pressure. Stepping over a tree that he recently became acquainted with, he made eye contact with the black-haired Saiyan that stood before him. A smirk slowly formed on his face, and then he was gone from sight. Appearing just a few feet away to her right side, Kale charged towards her with only two steps and smashed his knee into her stomach. His palm glowed bright green as the orb flashed, increasing with power. Kale proceeded to smash the other fist into the back of her head, immediately following up the orb he held, by throwing it down onto her.

Blackfire’s speed proved to be Kale’s undoing as crimson blood squirted out from her first sword strike. Though the saiyan was wearing traditional saiyan armor, it didn’t protect him from the orphan’s sharp Katana. A wicked smile crossed the teen’s face as Kale’s blood splashed on her face. The scent seemed to release something inside of her, something downright dangerous. Luckily for her foe, basic survival instinct had taken over and he ducked, dodging her next strike by a hair. A sharp whizzing sound rang though the air as her blade sliced through emptiness.

“What’s the matter Kale?” she jeered, as blast after blast rained down on her hapless foe. He dashed forward towards her at an agonizingly slow pace. First came a knee which was met with Blackfire’s own. A shockwave of pure power erupted as the blow was picked out of the air expertly. The next punch never landed an omen of how the fight would turn out. “Are you so scared that you can’t even talk?”

As the fist flew through the air, the saiyan orphan ducked to the side, catching his wrist with her open hand. Lurching forward, Blackfire threw Kale over her shoulder into the hard ground. The deadly assault was far from over though as she came down in full force in an attempt to slam her elbow into his throat. If it didn’t kill him, Kale would most likely be out of commission for a while.

However to his credit, the third class saiyan wasn’t giving up without a fight. And although the fight may have been fruitless, it was a fight nonetheless. How fitting, She sneered as a ball of Ki slammed into the back of her skull, doing little but making the orphan stumble a bit. She concentrated her Ki to the center of her core, a purple aura flaring around her as power surged throughout her veins. Finally she glanced up, a sneer crossing her face as she vanished from sight, her speed reaching incredible levels. When she came into existence, her hand was practically pressed up against the back of Kale’s skull.

“Big Bang Attack!” she roared, firing the deadly pay load.

With a deafening crack, the dried crust of dirt was obliterated as Kale was thrust into it. With the force of the Saiyan's whole palm pushing upon his skull, his teeth were pushed deeper into the moist clay, that lay beneath the surface. Finally, she relented and let go, alleviating the seemingly limitless pressure. Managing to turn his head and take a quick breath, Kale inhaled as soon as he could, but for only a moment before his forearm barely connected with her elbow. Kale gritted his teeth sharply as he forced her off of him.

A deep and thunderous echo started just ahead of where he lay. Piercing his ears, the voice raised higher and higher, then shouted her next move, causing his muscles to tighten and instinctively spring from his laying position. "Big Bang Attack!" she shrieked from behind his view.

She clearly wasn't holding back, she gave it her all as it tore up the soil around him. The pure heat was enough to rip apart an entire structure, and so it seemed to do without remorse.

Kale grunted as he lunged from the attack and continued to roll away from the destruction. The muscles were beginning to get sore, but he ignored it and sat up any way. The Saiyan laughed as he stared her in the face, stretching his ribs that might have been bruised at this point. "I'm not much of a talker, I'm more of a physically-responsive kind of guy," Kale bragged intentionally. He stood still, but without hesitation.

The sand was whipped around as the Saiyan planted his feet firmly. Kale tightened his hands into fists and held them tight. "ALRIGHT! Let's finish this, little girl!!" He shouted fearlessly into her eyes. He sprung instantly at her, reappearing to her left, and then to her right, smashing both hands into the top of her spine. He followed it up by colliding his knee with the girl's exposed side, trying to break any ribs that he could. His off-hand met with her shoulder, releasing a low crack that couldn't of felt good.

Kale exhaled as he stepped back, and released a low grunt in satisfaction. The Saiyan stared intently upon her, breathing heavily. Sparks erupted and whipped past him as he focused. His hand glowed bright as silver emanated from it and colored the ground around him. He laughed loud and angrily as he flexed his arm, increasing the size of the light. "This should be fun!" he taunted in a sinister tone.

Kale cocked his arm, and flung the orb barely missing his foe. It whizzed passed her head, and over the trees it ascended as it climbed and climbed. He watched with his fist raised following the silver flash, then released his grip and extended the fingers. "Get ready," he said, "open and expand!!"

The silver light exploded and reformed itself into a large circle, Kale's grin began to fade as he stared in amazement.

The battle had raged on for quite some time now. And while Blackfire looked relatively fresh minus a few scuff marks on her armor, Kale looked like he couldn't take much more of a beating. The wildlife around them seemed to take on a eerie hush, as if the whole planet was waiting for the final blow.

Blackfire took in a deep breath of the crisp and cool air. “Can you hear it yet, Kale?” she whispered, the cocky sneer never wavering from the teen's face. “The gongs sounding as your death gate slowly opens for you? It's beckoning you, Kale. Answer its final call!”

A wind suddenly rustled through the battlefield, whipping Blackfire's hair up and causing it to flow through the air. The orphan reached up with one hand to brush it out of her face. She was always told to cut it because it would only get in the way while battling, but Blackfire felt strangely reluctant to do so. Although she was a saiyan, she was a girl. And her hair made her look good. The teen brushed away her thoughts as Kale suddenly rushed forward in what could only be described as fruitless assault. However he disappeared from existence before he reached her.

A slight tug in the air alerted Blackfire of Kale's reentry and she twisted downward as two blows cut harmlessly through the cool air. “Faster!” Blackfire yelled, suddenly lashing out with a hard fist aimed at her foe's wide open gut. “You're too slow!” Confident that Kale would be doubled over in pain from her counterattack, the saiyan youth brought both arms above her, hands interlocked. The air seemed to vibrate as she attempted to crash it into her opponent's skull.

With a huff, the purple eyed saiyan took several steps back with a disgusted look on her face as if she had stepped in something nasty. But her look soon turned to a slight grin as the third class saiyan once again charged her like an angry rhino. “I'll tell you what,” Blackfire laughed, uncrossing her arms and holding them outward. “I'll let you have some free hits. Go ahead,” she purred inviting the weakened saiyan. “Hit me with your best shot.”

Kale wasted no time. A puff of dirt was kicked up as he took another stride which halved the distance between the brawlers. The next stride ended the distance completely. His unexposed knee came flying up, striking Blackfire in her ribs. The thin metal undergarment that she wore during battles helped absorb some of the impact, yet Kale still had some strength behind his attack. It was enough to cause the saiyan teen to flinch. A fist came next, careening into her shoulder, and knocking her back several steps before she stopped herself, the indifferent look still plastered on her face.

“Not bad,” she huffed, rubbing her right shoulder to get the blood flowing. “But that was your free hits. You'll have to work for the rest,” the orphan added with a sneer. A neat and compact aura flared around her skinny frame for a second. The teen's power increased and she felt some of her stamina return. Which was good, because a feeling of dread was creeping up the orphan's spine. Something was about to happen.

Kale stood still for a moment as if he was concentrating his ki. Blackfire's eyebrow raised. What is he planning now? She was impressed though. It seemed like Kale was actually planning out a strategy instead of mindlessly trying to beat on her like a combat dummy. Kale's already pathetic power seemed to dip though, and a yellow orb of Ki appeared in his hand, doubling in size within a second.

“Let's have some fun,” Kale sneered, apparently clueless to the horrible shape he was in. It took Blackfire a second to recognize the weird vibe she was getting. It wasn't normal Ki that floated above her opponent's outstretched palm. The teen's eyes widened as the realization suddenly hit her like a train. That's a Moonshine Blast!

The third class saiyan's arm lurched forward as he chucked the orb of ki towards Blackfire. Out of instinct, the frail teen tilted her head to the side to let it whiz by. Whatever you do, the orphan ordered herself fiercely, don't you dare look behind you! The entire battlefield exploded in a white flash of light and the grin on Kale's face suddenly vanished as he took in the gamma waves emitting from the false moon. His pupils dilated and fangs started to sprout out of his maw.

Okay, I have two choices. I can play around with a five ton ape, or I can finish this while he's helplessly transforming! And I'm allergic to apes! Blackfire's mind was quickly decided, and she took out her katana. The sound of scraping metal could be heard as the blade scrapped against its scabbard. With a roar, she dashed forward. She only had moments remaining before Kale would be able to move in his still transforming body. Hair was already sprouting along his body. It was truly a disgusting site to behold. Luckily it would hopefully be all over though, as Blackfire attempted to sink her blade into the very heart of her opponent.

Once again, Blackfire's speed was the deciding factor in the relentless onslaught that Kale endured. Well, not quite endured. As the teen's blade sank into Kale's still transforming chest, the third class let out a single breath. His ebony eyes seemed to glace over, and the saiyan fell to the ground. The transformation started to undo itself. The crunching of his bones could be heard as they shrunk back to their original size. Fangs disappeared back into his jaws, and his lips turned back to normal.

The brown hair that was sprouting all over his body seemed to literally be sucked back into his body. Crimson blood poured out of his still beating heart and Kale let out a feeble wail, his body jerking as he reached his final moments.

“I'm sorry Kale,” Blackfire whispered reaching underneath her armor and pulling out a black envelope. I have nothing against you, but I had orders to kill you.” Blackfire frowned as she glanced at the ebony envelope. She had received it almost a week ago. And though the teen had no idea who sent it or why, she was compelled to obey it. Her mind was jerked back into reality as Kale's body gave one last jerk then lay still, a sigh escaping from the saiyan's lips and his eyes staring sightlessly to the sky above.

Bending down, Blackfire carefully pried the third class saiyan's right hand open and placed the orders in the outstretched palm. It would be proof of her dirty deed. She then closed his eyes out of respect. Though he wasn't strong, he put up a fight. It was all any saiyan could expect from an opponent.

Only one thing remained left to do. Blackfire charged herself up for a second, forming a blue ball of Ki in her outstretched hand until it throbbed with power. Quickly pinpointing the false moon behind her, she chucked the ball of explosive ki at it, completely obliterating the moonshine blast before the orphan could transform. With a sigh, Blackfire lifted up to the air. Her job was done.

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PowerLevel : 127,680,700
Ki : 127,680,700
Transformations : False Super Saiyan, Super Saiyan, Legendary Super Saiyan
Tehniques : Big Bang Attack, Flight, Energy Dan, Mouth Blast, Eye beam, Single Finger Blast, Deflect, Kiah, Power Blast, Final Flash, Ki Sword, Ion Beam, Ki Shockwave, Power up, Wolf Fang Fist, Electric Jaws, Summon Skoll, Solar Flare, After Image, Fusion Dance, Instant Transmission, Super Final Big Bang Kamehameha, Kaio-Ken
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PostSubject: Re: The destruction (Complete)   Sat Aug 28, 2010 11:21 am

Ready for grading.
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PostSubject: Re: The destruction (Complete)   Sat Aug 28, 2010 11:27 am

205,350 ki pl zeni
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PostSubject: Re: The destruction (Complete)   

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The destruction (Complete)
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