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 Golden and his father get Zucca a birthday gift

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PostSubject: Golden and his father get Zucca a birthday gift   Sat Aug 28, 2010 12:12 pm

"FROKU!" Golden’s mother called out to her husband. It was a Saturday morning and the Son family were getting ready to visit Zucca and his family. Zucca was turning - and Kulma decided to throw him a surprise party. "We can't be late. I still have to help Kulma cook, and you know you saiyans eat mounds of food." Golden’s mother crossed her arms.

Golden’s fatherand Golden walked downstairs and smiled at Golden’s mother. "What's with those grin?" Golden’s mother asked as she opened the door. "Dad and I got the best present for Zucca" 15 year old Golden nudged his Dad. "Hahah, He's gonna LOVE it" Golden’s fatherlaughed and winked at Golden. "Well, whatever. Hurry up and get in the car" Golden’s mother shrugged and walked out the door, with Golden’s fatherand Golden right behind.


"KULLA!" Shadow yelled "Give me back my shirt!" He chased after his sister, who was 7. The Brief house was loud with the footsteps of the two kids running around the house. "Shadow. Kulla. Stop running around the house and help me prepare the things for you know what" Kulma glanced over to Zucca who was sitting on the couch reading a newspaper. Shadow and Kulla stopped running and looked at their mom. "Kaay" The said in unison. "Hon, aren't you going to train?" Kulma leaned forward and looked Zucca straight in the eye. "Ya...later" Zucca answered and went back to reading his paper. Kulma gave a sigh and looked at the clock. "How am I gonna get him out of the house?" Kulma gave a 'stressed out' look. Shadow looked at his mom then to Kulla, who also had a worried face on her. Shadow gave a sigh and walked over to his dad. "Dad..." Shadow called out. Zucca looked up just in time for Shadow to land a punch square in his face. Kulma and Kulla both gave out a loud gasp and held their hands in front of their mouths. Shadow stepped back and looked at his dad, who had a bloody nose. A black aurora surrounded Zucca. He stood up and gave a glare to Shadow "You asking for a fight boy?" Zucca grunted and wiped the blood from his face. Shadow nervously smiled before sticking his tongue out. "If you can catch up with me..Pops" Shadow laughed and bolted to the door. Zucca felt a vein pop and bolted after Shadow, leaving Kulma and Kulla in a living room of mess. "Well, At least he's out of the house" Kulma sighed and rolled up her sleeves. "Let's get cracking sweety." She winked at Kulla. "Hope you survive, Shadow." Kulma closed the door and started to get ready for the surprise party. "Ah, Mom...Shadow-Neechan forgot his shirt" Kulla held up Shadow' blue shirt. A sweat drop fell on Kulma's face, she sighed and walked away.


"WHOA!" Golden Yelled as a big wave of energy passed their car. "Did you see that? Something just flew by us!"

"Where, Where" Pan, Gohan's daughter, leaped unto Golden's lap and frantically looked for that something.

"Well, it's gone now" Golden laughed as he played airplane with Pan.

"I think that was Shadow and Zucca" Golden’s fatherlooked at Golden’s mother

"Maybe" She answered and shrugged.

Golden’s mother landed the car in the back yard and everyone piled out. "Hey there everyone!" Kulma walked out the house and greeted everyone. "Shadow got Zucca out of the house, so we better set up before they get back" Kulma winked. Everyone went inside and started to set the decorations around the house and set the food and gifts on the table. At the side, Golden’s fatherand Golden were busy giggling to themselves as they set the big present for Zucca on the table. "What are you guys doing?" Gohan sneaked up on the two giving them a scare.

"N-Nothing" Golden laughed nervously.

Gohan suspected something was up between the two and just gave them the raised eyebrow look "Mhm"

"Well, It's Gohan. Let's tell him" Golden’s fatherlaughed and slapped the back of Gohan's back making him fall over. "Opps"

Gohan slowly got up and rubbed his back "Tell me..Tell me" He said with excitement of a five year old kid.

"WELL..." Golden’s fathergot closer to Gohan's ear and whispered him what was in Zucca's present. Gohan listened and nodded. "A-are you serious!" Gohan's eyes widened and looked at the two. Golden’s fathernodded in confirmation while Golden tried to contain his laughter. When Gohan knew they weren't kidding, he burst into laughter.

"You three!" Golden’s mother called out. "Come help carry these food!"

The three looked at each other and grinned as they looked at the present one last time before walking to the kitchen to help with the preparations.


"TRUNKKKKSS!" Zucca yelled after his son. "Come fight me like a man! Stop running away!"

"Doesn't this remind you of when we played tag, when I was a kid" Shadow yelled back.


The two had been flying all over the world for a few hours now before Trunk's watch beeped and Kulma's face popped on screen "Bring him home honey" Kulma smiled "and wear a shirt before you catch a cold" Shadow looked at himself and became red when he saw that he had no shirt on. "Opps" He grinned. "Kay, will be there in 10 minutes!" He turned off the watch and looked back at his Dad. "Try and Catch me!" He smiled and turned super saiyan before blasting off. "Damn you!" Zucca grunted then turned super saiyan as well. "You think you can outrun your old man, huh!"

"Kay everyone...They should be here soon!" Kulma announced. Everyone hid and Kulma flicked the lights off. They all quietly waited for the white door to slide open. Suddenly the walls blasted open. Shadow crashed inside the house and looked at everyone. "I'm Back" He smiled and laughed. He stumbled to stand when he was suddenly blasted towards the wall when Zucca blasted into the house. Everyone jumped up when they saw his face and yelled "SUPRISE! HAPPY BIRTHDAY ZUCCA!" Poppers and horns went off, giving Zucca a scare and making him jump. Everyone smiled and gave Zucca a hug. Zucca, still in shock, didn't refuse the hugs. Kulma gave him a kiss on the lips to wake him from his daze and Kulla jumped his leg giving him a bear hug. Everyone paused to see Zucca's reaction. A smile slowly grew on his face, then he went totally red. "Tch, Thanks Everyone" He laughed and brushed his head. "The King of Saiyans has finally smiled!" Golden’s fatheryelled and giving Zucca a good pat on the back. On the other hand Shadow was still getting up from the floor.

Few hours passed and everyone enjoyed the party. Dinner was inhaled by the Saiyans and the games well played between the friends and family. Finally, the moment Goku, Gohan, and Golden have been waiting for, present time. "Hey, hey Zucca..." Golden’s fathercalled out. He was holding the present he and Golden wrapped together. "For me?" Zucca grabbed the box and opened it quickly. Everyone all had eyes on him to see what he got, but was surprised at Zucca's face turning bright red. There was a pause and Zucca looked up at Golden’s father"KAKAROT!" He yelled as he pulled out a bra and thong with a note pinned on saying "Enjoy!" Goku, Gohan, Golden, and Shadow fell to the floor laughing and clutching their stomachs. Everyone else either shook their heads or was gawking. Zucca threw the garments to Kulma before bolting towards the four guys on the floor. "RUN!" Golden’s fatheryelled still laughing. The four got up and bolted for the door, still laughing their heads off. Zucca was right behind with a small smile on his face "Sheesh. What a troublesome family and friends I have" He said to himself and caught up , still smiling
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PostSubject: Re: Golden and his father get Zucca a birthday gift   Sat Aug 28, 2010 12:16 pm

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Golden and his father get Zucca a birthday gift
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