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 A Journey To Last (Ccomplete)

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Ki : 98,240,100
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PostSubject: A Journey To Last (Ccomplete)   Sun Aug 29, 2010 8:23 am

Goku looked around as the bright light reflected of his face. There was no ground, no water, no trees here, nothing but what looked like fluffy grounding. Goku bent down slowly touching the ground and it was nothing more than clouds. Looking around Goku could that the sky was so serine and peaceful, there was no wind but it felt like it couldn’t get any better.

A push on his leg interrupted Goku from his thoughts as he looked down. It was a small cloud like shape wiping by him, noticing now there were many of them even thousands of them. Goku looked up seeing a building and as he looked further the little cloud shaped things were going in.

“Move it two legs, we are all trying to get into heaven to ya know”

“Huh, Heaven” Goku said

“Yea this is the line to see who goes to heaven and who goes to hell.” The cloud said

“Well no worries there” Goku said pushing past the little bubbles of floating clouds.

It seemed as if Goku was walking forever as he thought he was walking closer and closer to the building. But when it seemed like he was getting closer the building would just seem to move away. Goku began to run faster and suddenly stopping in the line as if he had just hit a brick wall.

Goku couldn’t move, his entire body stiff as a log. Goku relaxed himself as he began to rise off the walkway and over the building and was slowly set behind it. Goku surprised by this looked around looking for what would happen next.

Not knowing what had just happened or what would happen. He stood in front of two very large doors as they creaked and slammed open.

“Aw Goku my boy welcome to my lookout” A giant man said walking out

“Where am I and who are you.” Goku said.

“Aw, how rude of me, I didn’t think to introduce myself, I am King Yemma, Keeper of the next Dimension. I see who is good and who is bad. Those of pure evil are sent to hell, Those of Good and pure hearted and sent to heaven.

You my boy are of the purest heart, and that is how you can maintain your full body. Most do not get this pleasure, but that is why I have brought you here. You will be going to heaven and you now have two choices.” King Yemma said pointing out.

Goku turned around looking at what seemed to be a long and winding path going off into the distance. Down the other path was a short and narrow path and a large and bright building stood there. Goku looked back and forth for a few minutes trying to understand what it was he was looking at.

“The path on the left is called Snake Way; it will take you to King Kia’s planet, A very loyal and powerful Kia. You will be rewarded for the travel of snake way and if you make it you may train with him, but fall off and you will not be able to go there.

The path on the right is the path to the Dojo of Light where you can train and be teleported to the Grand Kia which is the strongest and oldest of the Kia’s. Please tell me what path you will choose” King Yemma said

Goku looked back and forth at the different paths, thinking to himself what would be the best choice. Goku didn’t know how long he would be here if not for ever but he knew he wanted to train with the best so turning around he looked up at the giant man and said,

“I will take the right path to the Dojo of light and to the Grand Kia”

“Aw, excellent my boy, NOW before you can go there is something we must test you with, your choice has been made and there is no turning back now. We have had problems with creatures from hell trying to escape into our lands, You must take care of this and return them all back down there. Doing so will gain you entrance to the Dojo of Light.” He said in a very stern voice.

“Yes, I can do that” Goku said

“be warned that these creatures have devilish powers that can turn even the most purest of heart evil, so do not allow this to happen or you will become evil and no longer allowed to enter” he said

“Now off you go, I will be giving you the power to go in-between dimensions as you kill off these creatures and bring the balance of the two back to where it needs to be.” Yemma said as he raised his hand.

Goku’ body glowed with a bright light as he was given a special power. He knew he would need to do this so he could benefit from being here. Goku looked out over the cloudy terrain and blasted off. Pushing the large man back a few feet and cracking the ground.

“Well now that was suddle” King Yamma said smiling.

Goku flew off into the distance where King Yamma had pointed him to looking around and seeing nothing but clouds and sunlight. The sky was so peaceful here, no darkness, or bloodshed, no fighting, nothing. Everything seemed peaceful, the only wrong doings where those of trying to keep Hell from breaking lose and entering this world.

But it was something that had to be done apparently, something that someone had to do and was not an easy job according to Yamma, Goku down and below the clouds. The barrier broke as he touched it and closed back as soon as he passed. Goku was now in the between, a dimension between dimensions.

Looking around he couldn’t see anything, it was mildly dark here, but with light barely enough to see. Goku heard some clashing and immediately looked in that direction that the noise was coming from.

Though not really seeing much he flew off into the direction the sounds were coming from. After flying a while he finally came up to a group of evil looking monsters smashing themselves into the barrier.

“I don’t think that’s a good idea” Goku said smiling at each monster stopping what their were doing to look at the new warrior now right in front of them.

“Well now what do we have here, looking at the halo over your head your from the Heaven side of this world. I bet we can rip that right off using it for our means” one creature said

“I think not my weird little friends, there will be no getting in for you. You all will be taken back down to hell for an easy job or we can do this the hard way” Goku said unfolding his arms and dropping them down to his side.

As Goku looked at the group as each one fly right for him, Goku raised his arms spinning as a aura burst around him twirling in every direction the aura met at the top of his head as he stopped cuffing his.

The aura fell around him as it centered into his palm. Goku released a loud roar as pure power ignited in his hands as it shot out. Hitting the front monster the wave exploded hitting the entire group sending them flipping thru the air.

Goku flew catching the first one with a powerful kick cutting him clean in half. Goku then shot sideways catching anther by the face as his hand covered his entire mouth. The creature looked down as Goku’ light up with power and exploded sending the creature into pieces and back to hell.

Two of the other creatures flew down on Goku landing on him and squeezing him. Goku smiled as he broke free grabbing both and slinging them. Both collided in mid air as Goku flung two powerful balls of energy right toward them exploding on impact and leaving nothing but ash and red dust floating in the air..

Goku looked around for the last one and couldn’t sense it. These creatures had the advantage here taking the environment and using it. Goku looked down into the darkness and all the sudden it wasn’t dark anymore as a blast of reddish energy shoot up from it.

Goku threw his arms together in the form of an X as the blast smashed into him. Goku slowly pushed the blast out grabbing it and focused energy into the center of it as a blue wave of energy was released from his palms. Both blast being sent back into the darkness.

With a flash of light the two exploded revealing the last creature, Goku disappeared into thin air and reappearing behind the monster. Grabbing the creature Goku squeezed it until he shouted out in pain. Goku squeezed harder as he felt the bones in the little creature begin to crack and snap in two.

Grabbing his arm Goku twisted really hard breaking it in half as he slung the monster downward and back into Hell. A flash of light caught Goku’ attention as it appeared to be above the cloud and dimensional barrier. Goku flew up as fast as he could right in front of the blast.

Breaking through the barrier Goku caught the blast slinging it upward and it exploded. Looking where it came from was another small group of hideous looking monsters and one bigger that looked like the leader? Pointing his finger the creatures flew straight for Goku ready to fight.

Each surrounding Goku and throwing punches and kicks. Each one using everything they had as Goku began to kick and punch back blocking each hit with one of his own. A few flew back sending their own barrage of ki blast.

Goku grabbed two creatures throwing them into the blast and exploded on impact. With a twist Goku released two of his own blast and directly hit the two previous monsters killing them instantly. Looking back at the other group Goku stood there with his neck slightly tilted looked at them as his body remained forward.

The leader of the pack gleamed at Goku and snarled as if motioned for the last few of the creatures to attack him. As the group of monsters charged Goku and came closer to him each pulling their fist back and striking, Goku flickered into pieces as he disappeared right in the face leaving thrier attack worthless.

Reappearing behind them Goku charged his palms yet again releasing a powerful yellow blast, hitting only a few of them killing them. The rest jumped sideways and shoot for him flying with speed and accuracy.

Getting inches from him they grabbed him and grew a dark purple as it drifted from them and into Goku. Goku closed his eyes as the darkness flared in his body trying to take of the light that was only knew by his body.

Goku eyes faded from blue to dark red as they changed back and forth, struggling as Goku tried to keep the darkness down and trying to free his self from the grip of the creatures. The leader of the group now laughing and telling his minions to finish it only pissed Goku off.

Goku closed his eyes as he summoned every ounce of power he had and released it. A golden aura burst around him creating an oval shaped barrier as it spread throughout the area. King Yamma signing papers ran outside as pieces of the waiting station feel from the rook.

Looking into the distance Yamma could see a massive and bright blue and golden mushroom cloud spreading all around the station. Looking further he could see it was caused by Goku and ensured himself everything was going good.

“I forgot to mention to not blow up the entire world though huh” King Yamma said concerned

Goku now breathing hard from his powerful ki explosion raised himself up looking around. The creatures once holding him now where falling thru the dimension barrier and back to hell, but not the main one he stood there as only dark smoke feathered from his armor.

“Mighty impressive” he said

“I can do much more then that” Goku said facing him
“See why don’t you join us and help take over this weak excuse of a world” the man said

“Because I stand for more then what you could ever become and there’s nothing you can do to stop me from ending this right now” Goku said pointing at the man

“Well, what a shame. It would have been good to see you join with us, but now you will die” he screamed as he charged Goku.

Goku stood there watching the moron charge in and oblivious to anything. Goku dropped down thru the barrier as the man got close enough and flew back up landing a fierce punch to the man’s stomach causing him to spit up blood.

The man regained himself quickly as he knew his opponent was very fast from the last attack he had just suffered. Grabbing Goku hand the man tried to pull him up but was quickly stopped by the retraction and power of Goku.

Goku could sense his power and knew it was a one sided fight, but wanted the man to think he was winning and then he would finish it.

Goku flung the man in the air and charged after him placing both hands above his head he smashed in the man’s back breaking it upon impact. The man released a horrid scream as he feel toward the clouded ground. Goku raised both hands cupping them as a powerful ki ball burst into his palm.

Releasing it, It flew toward the falling man colliding into his stomach pushing him thru the dimension barrier. Goku watched as the man feel thru exploding once getting past the floor and watched as the clouds sucked back together.

Looking around Goku searched for anymore of the evil creatures that could have escaped in the battle between good and evil, a never ending battle but a battle that must be taken so the balance of life could be maintained.

As Goku flew back towards King Yamma’s station he was suddenly interrupted by a large explosion. As the smoke cleared in front of him he could see four figures floating above the cloud line. Laughing two of them shot forward hands drawn back and filled with a dark glowing ball.

Goku threw up his hands in an X formation as the two creatures released them and smashing into Goku forearm. Goku looked up as the two flew right into him knocking him back. Goku raised his eyes slowly as he became very irritated with the creatures.

In a flash of light Goku was gone in midair and reappearing behind them. Goku threw up both hands placing them on the backs of the two beings and released a massive blast obliterating them to pieces. Goku flung around only to be caught by another one as his hands pressed against his face.

Goku looked up and tried to move but it was too late the beast pressed out a small but powerful blast right in the face of the saiyan warrior, Goku smashed down into the clouds and hitting the barrier as if hitting the ground or a hard wall.

Goku looked up shocked that he didn’t sense the beast coming. Raising his hands Goku pushed himself off the ground and back into the air right at the idiot who dared to defy him. Goku threw a fierce kick and landed it in the side of the man.

Before he could let out a painful cry Goku returned with another powerful punch to the face and he flew backwards towards his last comrade. Goku could see now that it was the leader of the pack once again and he knew he would have to kill him otherwise they would keep coming back.

Goku flew forward releasing multiple blasts into the air and right at the monsters.
The leader flung his mate into one of them killing him as he dodged the rest. Flying up he swung both hands back and released his own powerful blast.

Both exchanging powers back and forth until they became close enough and pushed hands together. Lightning flashed in the distance as the immense energy radiated off the two warriors.

Goku pushed harder and kicked the man backwards flying right after him instantly flying upwards then back down kicking him in the gut. The last beast cough up a mouth full or spit and blood as Goku flew down and up over and over again landing very powerful attacks.

As the man lay on the cloud Goku floated in a circle above him watching him very contently. The man lifted his self up as he grabbed his side in pain. Looking at Goku with anger he flew into the air floating across from him.

“I told you once you will not become part of this dimension so it’s in your best interest to go back to Hell in peace if not I will destroy you very essence.” Goku said

“I will do no such thing, I am the mightiest of the underworld and we will rule this pathetic dimension for all time” the beast said

“Well to be the best you sure aren’t putting up much of a fight” Goku said as a grin formed across his mouth.

The man angered charged Goku with powerful speed and raised both hands as it ignited with a powerful ball. Goku leaned back cuffing both hands and met the power plus tenfold. Both warriors released their attacks and as they collided Goku’ attack quickly and easily overpowered the mans and instantly engulfing him.

The man screamed as he was soon nothing but floating red dust in the air. Goku looked around trying to sense anyone else ready to spring a trap but couldn’t sense anything once again. Knowing now he had ended it for good he powered up and flew back toward the station smiling and ready for the next quest to be taken. Finally reaching the door he was met by a happy and giant King.

“Everything I could find has been dealt with’ Goku said walking toward the King

“Excellent as of now everything is working and going as planned, from this you will be rewarded with entrance to the Dojo of Light. Make sure to take advantage of it and of the Grand Kia as it can only happen once in your appearances here in the afterlife” King Yamma warned Goku

“I will and thank you so much for allowing me this chance” Goku said as he turned from the man and walked toward the Dojo.

Goku smiled as he thought of what it would be like to train with a Kia at most the greatest of them all. Goku picked up his speed to a run until he reached the door. Grabbing both handles he flung them open and became engulfed with bright lights.

Goku slowly stepped in and the room became visible to him as the door closed behind him quickly allowing no other to see the scenery within the Dojo…

:Brief Scenic view from a Telepathic link:

As Goku entered the Dojo he could see many other fighters, fighting alongside some of the best Masters in the universe. As Goku walked further into the room he could different rooms giving off different power levels as each race had their own perception.

Goku could see water filled rooms for aquatic races, and very intense hot rooms filled with the fighters who lived and survived on the hottest terrains and there were normal rooms just for normal races like humans and some alien races.

Saiyans where born and breed as the strongest of every race, giving them the ability to be the protectors of the universe but the known few turn evil and go against all the morals we are taught as good saiyans depending on where we was born and raised at.

Goku had been fighting all his life for the sake of the good in the universe and it was finally paying off. Only a select few was able to enter this Dojo and he knew that. But he knew he needed to take the time and really train as much as he could before leaving.

Goku walked closer to one of the solid fabricated windows warriors could view thru and it was the aquatic filled room. Fighters were zipping thru the water at the speed of sound leaving only a hollow shaped circle dashing thru the water as the water tried it’s best to keep up and fill in like nature intended it to.

“Excuse me you must be Goku” a voice said

Goku looked down as his thoughts were interrupted by something that looked like a midget but with a bright robe around him.

“Yes I am” Goku said as he turned around to get a better view of the man

“We have been waiting on you for some time. It seems you have done good things in your lifetime and we are happy to reward you for it. I’m sure Yamma has mostly told you the basics about Heaven and about our Dojo. You may only come here one time but the rewards are very substantial. My name is Tonal, and I am the Dojo Director here.” He said

“Very nice to meet you and yes Yamma did tell me a few things but not to much about this place.” Goku said looking around.

“Well this is the Dojo of Light, only the purest of heart can come here. Those allowed to keep their bodies are allowed to travel to Heaven and train here. Only those of greatness may train with the Kia’s as you allowed, we have our Grand master here who is the Grand Kia, the oldest and strongest of them all or you may go to King Kia who is very wise and the next strongest” Tonal said

“I see, so what will I be able to do as of right now” Goku said looking around at the different fighters and what they were doing.

"As of now you will be able to train with the lower masters first to determine your skill base then after a week you may travel to Grand Kia’s or King Kia’s planet. Once there you can train for them as long as you would like up to your term in the afterlife.
Yes there is a time limit sense being as you are the purest of the pure.
We will give you some wonderful training here, just take it to heart and remember everything you learn here and you will be rewarded greatly.” Tonal said

“I will you can count on that.” Goku said

“Ok then walk over there to the furthest side and begin your training and the live dummies, these are just moving and thinking spar partners, they’re not really people just moving wood that’s all so do not fell like you hurting someone.”

“Nice, so will they take damage or will I be getting news every so often” Goku said

“You will pick up on that once you get settled in, now head on over there and get started” Tonal said pointing behind him

“Great, I’ll go now, thanks a lot for helping me, this place is really nice and with some aweomse benefits to.” Goku said walking over to his side of the Dojo

“O, and another thing they are very fast leaners so the more you fight them the more they pick up on your attacks and how you move and become even harder to defeat. Make sure you take the breaks you need so you are not deathly injured ok. Dying again in heaven is not a good thing” Tonal said laughing really hard.

Goku began inspecting the wooden people like objects, as he stroked one of them feeling it’s soft wooden base. Goku pushed it and it feel over instantly flipping over before landing on the ground. Goku jumped back a little startled and smiled

“Wow what a thing, they’ve managed to create here.” Goku said as he prepared himself for his training soon to make him the strongest and most skilled opponent in the universe.

Goku through off his armor and leaped in the air striking the the wooden based object sending it flying backward and slamming into the wall behind them. The base jumped up and mimicked Goku’ same attack but Goku was much faster and moved out the way.

The base flipped back kicking Goku in the back of the head and flipping him over, Goku looked up as the base had sensed Goku speed at that point and e knew he would have to play it only allowing a little bit of his speed to be released at a time so the base wcould never match his own.

Goku smiled as he picked himself up and knew exactly what he needed to do as he left the ground cracking it and aimed right for the base smiling…

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PowerLevel : 98,240,100
Ki : 98,240,100
Transformations : (False Super Saiyan)~(Super Saiyan)~(Lengendary Super Saiyan)~(True Legendary Sayain)~~
Tehniques : ~~(Kamehameha)~~(Warp Kamehameha)~~(Spirit Bomb)~~(Instant Transmission)~~(Solar Flare)~~(After Image)~~(Kiao Ken)~~(Energy Bomb)~~(Super Slither Slasher Basher)~~(Super Mega Death Ball)~~
Battle Points : 2,157
Zeni : 19,065,102
Items : (Z-Sword)~(Kings Armor)~(Weighted Armor)~(Ultimatre Sensu Beanx5)~
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PostSubject: Re: A Journey To Last (Ccomplete)   Sun Aug 29, 2010 8:42 am

It was a hot and humid day on Vegeta as Goku roomed the city, looking at the different corner shops lined along the street and watching kids play with their weapons and shoot small and harmless blast at each other. Training was an everyday trade for everyone that lived on Vegeta, whether saiyan or another race.

It had become a daily activity for every, no matter who with or wher4e it was, training was always going on. It never ceased to surprise Goku as he watched kids of all ages battle until they couldn’t stand anymore, but it was something they was taught to do and they did it very well.

Each saiyan had their own special set of skills that made them unique; Goku looked for these skills in everyone, giving everyone a chance to prove who they are.

Goku gave everyone a fair equal chance to show him what they were made of. Goku wondered the streets for hours until he came to the palace where he was actually heading until he was distracted by the lives of the saiyans who inhabited this planet.

Goku entered the gate as many of the lower level soldiers gave their respectful dues by stopping as Goku walked by them. Goku knew he had grown stronger and worked hard to be where he was today.

He knew he would only continue to do missions for the king until there was nothing more for him to accomplish on Vegeta then he would move on to another world and master it.

Goku entered the palace heading for the training room. He had not trained all day and he wanted to start out with a good session. Walking up the stairs he was interrupted by one of the kings Generals.

“Goku you are requested by the King”

“Ump, well maybe I won’t have to train at all then” Goku said changing his direction to the opposite way in which he was going.
Goku followed the guard back to the Kings Throne room where he saw the king and a few others of the saiyan elite body guards standing in different places.

“Aw there he is, one of my most prized and trusted servants” The king said walking toward Goku

“Yes your highness, I only serve you” Goku said as he gave his respectful bow to the king.

“Stand up, stand up, I have something of somewhat importance to ask you and you must do this for me, I know your promotion is coming up for you to progress from a 2nd class warrior to my 1st class warriors, my ole my you sure have progressed quickly now haven’t you” the king said looking Goku up and down as if impressed by his confident stance.

“Yes sir it’s only because I strive hard to become the best, and work hard to do as many missions for you as possible my king.” Goku said

“Well you’re in luck then I have another mission for you, this won’t be as difficult as some of the missions sense the beings you must take of are only half what your strength is, but still a mission and one that must be completed.” the king said as he turned from Goku and walked toward a table with some paper on it

“Anything you need” Goku said following the king.

As Goku approached the table he could see that on a larger piece of paper it looked more like a blue print of a lab or something. It showed many casings or different large tubes, and stairs and an outside field that said “Testing Grounds.
Goku couldn’t help but wonder what this place was and what exactly was worked on at this location.

“This is a large lab outside of town about 50 miles, we had a doctor able to get free and come to us just in time. This place is a genetic engineering laboratory built to test different potions and medicines, but somewhere near the lab was a pod filled with little aliens called Saibamen.
Apparently the lab exploded sending these chemicals out and infected those little aliens, well as you can imagine it has created some terrible killings and town destructions, now the little bastards are running around my planet ding as they wish. I want you to take care of this Goku.” The king said as he turned to Goku for assurance.

“I will eliminate the problem” Goku said as he gave a quick nod and turned to walk off.

Goku walked off back down the hallway in which he came and down the stairs into the great room, where he had his battle armor awaiting him. Goku looked around at the great room and everything in it, looking to and from at all the head mounted creatures sitting everywhere on the wall.

King Vegeta had spent many years going from planet to planet killing and making trophies out of the different type of animals he came across in the universe.

He was a collector of heads, and never failed when trying to obtain one. King Vegeta was very smart and knew things that would make most Kings look like kids.

He had a sense of notion on things and what to do, and what would be the best outcome for most any situation. Goku knew he had a good king and would serve him the best he could.

Goku sucked in as the armor feel over his head and down around his broad shoulders, and fitting into place. Goku took a deep breath and has he’s chest rose out with power, the armor stretched like wearing in a new leather belt. The armor felt its owners body stretched itself out to fit the massive body of its owner.

Goku turned around and walked toward the door and opened it. A warm breeze blew faintly in as Goku step outside. The sound of silence was broken by guards running everywhere, up and down, training, firing ki blast at each other.
Goku looked up and shot up, dirt cyclone up like a raging tornado and followed until it reached its peak high in the sky and fell to the ground. Goku flew thru the sky looking down at the city’s he passed by over head, looking at all the people living their lives never knowing the real threat that really lurked about.

They went on living their lives never knowing what was really out there until it was too late, but will there always be someone there to protect them, will someone be here to protect them. No one can tell, they just live their lives as we risk our lives for them every day. Goku flew further and further in the direction which he was told until a faint burnt smell caught in his nose.

Goku looked out past the plain and saw a lot of smoke pouring into the sky, from buildings and trees and anything that could burn was on fire, brightly lighting the sky with red and orange. Goku flew down and landed in the middle of the city.

“Um, something is defiantly wrong here.” Goku said looking around with caution.

Goku walked deeper into the city, noticing dead bodies of women and children lying all over the ground. He could also see reddish ooze sliding down from buildings and on the ground. Goku walked closer to a building and was suddenly a tight grip shot up from his ankle.

Goku looked down surprised but came to realize it was only a young boy. Goku bent down and threw off the debris that was lying on top of him. Goku could hear the boy’s breath pick up and retain its normal pace.

“What happened hear boy” Goku said as he grabbed the boy and leaned him against a nearby tree to comfort him, the boy coughed and spit up blood before his lips opened and whispered out,
“We were out playing and all we heard was an explosion coming from the lab center outside of town. We didn’t think much about it, but no more than an hour later these little creatures came in and started to destroy everything.
They all flew back there I saw but some stayed here eating and destroying everything. Please, they killed everyone and my family, please kill them all.” The boy said as he coughed uncontrollably and his head fell back as his eyes closed and his breath became less and less into it was no more.

Goku touched the boys chest and felt no heart beat, and stood up “Don’t worry I will take care of this” Goku said as he walked away from the boy and into the city.
Goku approached a building where he heard weird noises coming from and slowly picked in. his eyes picked up the shape of the little alien saibamen.

Goku made a faint mumble and the aliens jerked around, each jumping off the ground toward Goku. Flipping back Goku opened his palms firing multiple blasts from his palms.

Igniting the building on fire and blowing it up. The creatures bounced off the ground and stood back up, each laughing with a menacing laugh. Goku jumped in the air swinging his leg and kicking on in the face, knocking its head clean off, the little alien feel to the ground.

Goku landed on the ground right where the alien feel dead and jump back in to the air cuffing both palms and stopping. Goku fired a massive blast in between the last little creatures creating a massive explosion. Nearby buildings feel on top of the dead saibamen and Goku could the dead bodies of the saiyans that once lived in the now collapsing apartment.

Goku looked around to see if any escaped but couldn’t pick up any type of power level reading from the rubble and debris that was now under his feet. He then turned his attention up and looked further into the distance searching for the once standing lab and he saw it, smoking and still on fire.

With a quick jolt, Goku blasted off toward it picking up speed and retracting both hands. Each hand sparked until balls where formed in each. Goku shot both hands forward as each blast left his palm leaving a trail of energy behind them.

The fallen lab exploded under the power of each blast, sending pieces of the walls and equipment in every direction. Goku stopped and waited for more of the little aliens to surface. In less than a few seconds Goku saw a group fly out of the rubble glowing in red from the chemicals.

Each alien shooting right for Goku, the creatures fired little blue blast from each palm, Goku slinging his hands blocking each one and knocking them to the ground. The group of aliens surrounded Goku and throwing punches as Goku moved in and out blocking them.

Punch for punch and kick for kick Goku blocked the creatures from touching him. A few aliens shoot upwards as a small group stayed and continued to fight Goku. The group above Goku fired and Goku moved. The blasts hit one of their own comrades blowing him up and sending the rest smashing into the ground.

Goku flew up high charging his palms and releasing a massive ball of energy. The group moved and dodged the attack by inches but the group on the ground was not so fortunate. The ball smashed into the dirt, sending out a repulsing shockwaves killing them instantly. Goku without hesitation flew down and punched on the unguarded aliens sending him smashing into the destroyed lab.

Goku flipped around punching the other and sending him flying into the same direction. Goku stood there hovering in the air waiting for the two aliens to come back but nothing happened for a while. Goku moved closer being cautious and out of nowhere a bright light broke thru the rubble and the two aliens flew upwards.
Goku stopped and watched the two creatures as they moved closer together until they touched. Goku surprised moved back as he saw the two creatures join together and fuse into one. The creature now was three times as big and foam dripped out of his mouth as it let out a eerie howl. The monster opened its mouth and large blast shot out.

Goku threw up both hands catching the blast, grabbing it and throwing it into the air; He could now see the look of frustration on the monsters face. The monster flew in toward Goku throwing a massive punch. Goku could feel the newly found power by the fused aliens and knew he should end this quick.

Goku grabbed the monsters arm and went to flip it down toward the ground but the alien reared back and kicked Goku right in the face. Goku released his grip smiling at the creature. The kick was lucky and it hurt. The creature began laughing hysterically as it back up slinging both hands up and in an instant a blue ball formed with red outlining.

Goku could see that on the inside of the ball was a red looking liquid and looked at the monster as he was sneering. Goku jumped back charging his power up once again. Goku could tell he shouldn’t touch this move and knew he must deflect it with his one of his moves.

The monster released his attack as it trialed downward Goku. Goku threw both hands forward as a medium size wave blasted from his palms. The two powers met halfway sending a huge shockwave booming threw the air, knocking down the rest of what stood of the laboratory.

The mutant screamed a high pitch and loud yell as the power of blast grew in size and pushed it closer to Goku. Goku smiled as he drew back his arms and quickly moved them back forward, sending the same effect back at the creature. Goku wave over powered the creatures weak wave and sent his power right back at him.
The creature was covered in light as he began to scream and his scream broke into a scrambled scream as his body exploded from the inside out. Goku lowered his palms and watched as the monster blew into thousands of pieces.

As the smoke cleared Goku watched the ashes fall to the ground and something red caught Goku’ attention. The red ooze that turned these aliens into this was floating on the ground. Goku flew up higher as he raised both hands; the ground shook from the great power of the mighty warrior.

Goku knew he would need to destroy the entire area to ensure none of the chemicals could escape. With a quick roar and ball formed outside of the palms of the saiyan. The ball began to spin as it gained more and more power. Goku knew he didn’t want to put to much into it otherwise more then what he wanted would be destroyed.

The powerful ball hovering above his head reached the zenith of what Goku wanted and with a snap of his wrist the ball flew thru the sky. As the ball came closer to the ground and the destroyed lab, pieces of the walls and roof started to raise up and the ball struck instantaneously and created a powerful explosion.

A huge wall of power ripped thru the ground melting everything it touched as it stretched out past the lab ensuring everything was killed that was touched by the chemicals. The wall of power came to a rest and a cloud of dark smoke and fog filled the sky.
Goku watched as it cleared and all that remained was no longer a genetic lab or anything else but only a crater and nothing else. Everything was killed and destroyed and the problem was solved. The city no longer stood proud and all the people where dead.

Goku felt sorry that everyone still alive had to be killed by his doing, but it was something that had to be done to ensure safety to everyone else. Goku took another glance around the area to make sure everything was safe and nothing was of harm and saw that his work was complete.

With quick and skillful movement Goku blasted down toward the ground pulling up only feet from the rubble, kicking up lose dirt and rocks that cyclone around him as he blasted off back toward the palace to fill the King in on the news.

Goku reached the palace sometime near night fall, and found the king in the great room pacing around.

“There you are, is it complete” the king said

“Yes, the job is done” Goku said

“Was it a mess or was it a easy clean up” the king said back to Goku.
It was a easy fix, but I had to blow up an entire town and kill to many innocent saiyans, for the mistake of others, but I know it was needed to ensure safety to Vegeta.” Goku said as he tilted his head looking out at the window.

“Yes it was, and you will be rewarded my student. It was needed and it’s over so let’s go now and eat and enjoy the rest of the night.” The king said placing his hand on the shoulder of Goku and both walked off into the palace.
It had been to long since Goku left Vegeta and entered the universe looking to further his skills and become mightier. Goku had been to the farthest depths of the universe back toward the Ippen territories.

It had been a rough ride but Goku knew he had grown from it and even created a powerful planet to call a second home where he had built an elite warrior alliance for support in the most deadly of times. Goku knew he would need to check in and look around Vegeta because it had been so long since he had been here.

Goku lifted his head breathing in the tough cool Vegeta winds. He couldn’t feel the weight of the gravity anymore from his training under much greater levels on planet Ippen. Goku flew up toward the sky as a small cloud like effect twirled down from around him.

Goku stopped high in the sky as he looked in every direction. Goku could feel the dry air blowing against his skin and it was a sensation he had long missed in his many battles here on his home planet.

Goku tilted his head from left to right looking in every direction to see the mountains and forest and small cities that he been away from for far too long. Goku had remained a 2nd class saiyan so he could reach a whole new level before attempting to step up in the world of the saiyan elites. He had known that it was his time and his chance to show the King and hold a title only for the strongest.

Goku’ thoughts were interrupted by the sound of footsteps and voices from underneath him. Goku quickly looked around until he saw a group of saiyan units running straight for him. Goku immediately went into action and went into defense mode. He didn’t know if these saiyans where good or bad, and to what their purpose was.
Goku picked up intense power levels but it didn’t worry him. Goku knew he was stronger than the levels of power he had just sensed. Blue light filled the air as balls of energy came rushing thru the sky at Goku cutting clouds in half as the speed of the blasts grew faster. Goku looked in every direction once and lifted his arms as the meet at his chest and crossed over each other.

Goku could see the saiyan units coming straight for him as he floated in deep within the clouds. The blasts grew closer to Goku as bluish aura whipped around Goku. Teach blast hit with minimal damage.

These blasts came from the high flying 2nd class saiyans zooming toward Goku. All the saiyans looked up trying to see if the ki blasts did their jobs but as the smoke cleared they could see that it didn’t.

Goku dropped his hands releasing a small yell creating a medium size self combustion type effect with a clear type shield. The effect ripped out knocking the saiyans off their feet and sucking right back up slamming them all together and sending the once flying saiyans slamming into the ground.

“Now what is the meaning of this, I am a Saiyan Elite. What meaning do you have for attacking me” Goku said

The guards and warriors looked up in shock.

“Sir” they said all bowing to show respect.

“We didn’t know it was you.” A General said walking toward Goku

“Well why the up tightness then my brother’ Goku said as they both reached out grabbing each other’s shoulders.

“We have had some real problems with a group of demonic worshippers. They have taken many warriors and killed them for ritual reasons and turning them into demons, that are killing us.

They can easily take a lower level warrior and transform them with saiyan elite powers and they are taking over our cities and soon the Palace” he said looking away

“Well I’ve been itching for some fun and some action, So where can I find this group of people. They must have a weakness or a leader I can talk to or kill, either way I will not fail.” Goku said flicking his hand away in disgust.

“Past those mountains you will travel over a lake and thru the forest they are located somewhere deep in the forest. But be careful my brother.

“I always am” Goku said as they both grinned.

Goku turned toward the mountain and a white aura burst around him as he blasted off the ground leaving a crater in the ground. The general looked at his guards and motioned to head back to the palace for protection.

Goku drifted thru the mountain peaks and lowered himself near the water as he speed over the lake lowering his finger touching the water and cutting it in half as his power pushed the water around him in a cyclone type effect.

Goku lifted his finger out of the water and his aura grew bigger as he burst into a higher speed as he entered the forest. Goku knew he would need to remain calm, and figure out how he had even gotten into this mess. He knew he should’ve went to Namek to kill the low class warrior Razak but maybe next time he was out traveling in space he could do it..

Goku began to pick up some powers as he approached to what seemed like a small temple like object with fires burning all around it. Goku could also see Saiyan warriors flying around the temple as if protecting it from anyone or anything. Goku did not want to hurt his own brothers so he would try to just quickly eliminate them unconscious and maybe it would be quicker and easier to end this.

Goku flew right at the temple and Goku saw that they looked his way as if sensing something but nothing was there Goku was gone. Each looked in the direction of where Goku was but Goku was much stronger than them and could easily out maneuver them. Goku had teleported high in the sky as he held both hands together powering up.

The demonic warriors all looked up but it was too late hundreds of blasts blast thru the clouds and impacted over the temple terrain. Saiyans scattered everywhere, as Goku continued to fire ki blast everywhere destroying the temple and knocking out the warriors.

A group of warriors managed to get past the blast flying right toward Goku. Goku released a few more blasts and flew sideways catching two of the saiyans throwing both knees out stopping them dead in their tracks. Goku flipped around grabbing a nearby warriors arm as he tried a quick sneak punch toward Goku’ back.

Goku gripped the warriors arm slinging him toward the ground and ending with a loud thud as the saiyan smashed thru the ground creating a small crater.

Goku moved so fast it was hard for them to keep up with the newly formed warrior. Goku stopped in mid motion as the warriors surrounded him with each cupping their hands releasing harmless blast at Goku.

Goku raised both hands as he started to spin around like a powerful and unstoppable tornado sucking up each blast and slinging them back at their creators. The move was so fast the saiyans didn’t have time to react as each blast landed with a direct connection to their chest sending them falling motionless to the ground.

Goku looked around for anymore surprises to spring up, but saw nothing so he flew towards the temple to engage them. Goku landed in the middle of all the rubble and saw a middle aged man dressed in white standing near the temple door.
Goku looked at the man and lowered his hand as a bright and deadly ball formed on the rim of his palm. Slowly walking toward the man Goku held the ball in case he would need some hastily damage done.

“You need to leave this planet or die” Goku said

“Why on heavens would I do that, there’s so much potential here on this planet, so many weak warriors to control and make stronger for my use of taking over this world” the man said.

“This is not an option, your taking our warriors and turning them against their will and against their family and friends and killing them, I will not allow this to go on anymore.” Goku said as he slowly lifted his hand toward the man

“You can’t stop me, There’s only one of you and many of them” the man said. As he finished his words Goku could see and feel a group of more powerful warriors stepping out of the temple that had not been damaged. These where Saiyan Elites and Goku could tell by the armor they wore and by sensing their powers.

“They will do nothing to stop me from ending your rein on Vegeta.” Goku said.

“You have no choice, you see I control them as I have summoned many demons and turning these worthless saiyans with ease.” The man said

“Let’s see you try that on me then” Goku said closing his fist and allowing his deadly blasts so disappear.

“I don’t need your permission I can do it without you even knowing” the man said.

“Then stop talking and let’s do this”

The old man raised his hand as the ground started to shake. The top soil exploded and little aliens started popping up like corn stalks in a crop field. Each looking at Goku with red blood shot eyes. The old man held up his hands and yellow strings beamed thru the air and grabbed hold of Goku.
Goku looked down and smiled as the man started to moan. Bigger strings ripped on top of the smaller ones hitting Goku and going straight to his head, as they pushed their way into his brain, controlling his every movement. Goku jerked and scurried around as he struggled to break free of the man’s grip.

The old man smiled as he sensed Goku slipping into his control. A loud laugh followed the man’s grin and was suddenly stopped. Goku bent down as he released a loud roar and a massive golden aura. The strings broke free of his body and Goku flipped back cupping both hands releasing a medium sized blast.


The power blasted from his palms, as the Elite warriors jumped in front of him creating a barrier throwing two of them into a tree from the power of the blast.

“That was just a taste of what will happen if you continue to defy my king” Goku said stepping toward them.

The man yelled in anger and fury,

Each alien jumped up and landed on Goku, The Elite warriors fired their attacks all hit Goku as the little aliens began to glow as each one exploded. Goku smiled as each attack attempted to damage him. But the attacks were pointless; Goku was much stronger than them all.

As the smoke cleared Goku was gone, and the old man smiled in victory, but was silenced as a sharp pain connected on his neck. Goku had reappeared behind the man and unnoticed by the warriors. Goku leaped back kicking an elite standing him in the face sending him smashing thru a rock.

Kicking back Goku fired two massive blasts at the last two Elites, blasting them thru the temple bringing down the last standing piece down on top of them. The old man screamed for help, but it was no use Goku though. As the man fell he hit the ground with a snap from the impact from the hit from Goku, his neck broken in two

Goku looked around; he knew the man didn’t scream for nothing. As he looked left he saw a small group of the last bit of aliens, Their power levels where bigger than those Goku had been playing with the whole time.

“This is what I’ve been waiting for” Goku said walking toward the group
The group jumped up and flew toward Goku, all ready to fight. Goku leaped up and flew in the middle, each swinging at Goku.

Goku threw kick and block and punch as the group was focused on one thing, Taking revenge for their dead master. A sharp kick from one alien sent Goku flying into a tree, but Goku recovered quick, bouncing back and grabbing one and twisting as he quickly released sending him flying into two of the aliens.

Goku flew upward into the sky firing small ki blasts at the group of aliens making perfect contact with them. After a short while he stopped firing and descended back down to the now devastated ground.

When the smoke cleared Goku saw his one of the aliens lying in a crater. To ensure he was dead, Goku leapt into the crater and trampled his opponents head until it was dust.

Nearby he saw two other aliens shoot up into the sky. One of them had black armor and was bald; the other one wore more traditional armor and had long, black hair. Goku decided to join the flight and tensed to take off and flew head-first at the bald one. Knocking him back he raised his hands above his head and then hammered down.

Goku then spun around and launched a flurry of punches and kicks to the other alien. Suddenly Goku felt a sharp pain in his shoulder. The bald alien was standing with a broken-off wooden pole in his hands. Goku looked down at his shoulder to see the other end of the pole sticking out of his shoulder.

"This guy's mine!" the bald one said swinging the stick aggressively.
"You're going to regret this." Goku said ignoring what he'd just heard.

Goku looked around casually and then suddenly grabbed the long-haired alien. He hurled him at the bald saiyan and then fired wave after wave of powerful ki blasts at them both.

Goku flew back and charged an especially powerful blast and fired. When the smoke cleared, Goku was alone in the area
Goku tensed up and wrapped his fingers around the splintered pole. He closed his eyes and took a deep breath.

Then he roared at the top of his lungs and tried to yank the pole out of his shoulder. After nearly thirty seconds, the pole came loose and Goku threw it to the ground below.

He descended to the ground and began to stroll through the crumbling temple. He looked around for any spare armor as his was damaged. He spotted a dead body next to an office block and flew over to it. He bent down to pick it up and suddenly hands came out from behind him and grabbed his neck.

The bald alien whom Goku had encountered earlier came crashing through the temple rubble. Goku started to choke as his opponents hands gripped tighter.

Desperately, Goku slammed his elbow backwards and drove it into his adversary's gut. Breaking free he spun around and slammed his hands forward to attack again. Knocking the bald warrior back, Goku spat out blood and wiped his brow.

"The name's Goku." He said.

"I'm Canban." The bald alien replied as he began to power up.

Goku also began to power up and his tail stood on end. He circled around Canban and kneed him in the small of his back. Canban tried to dodge the rest of Turtles’ attacks but failed. Goku kicked him up into the sky and then rocketed up to follow. He then hovered just below him and launched a powerful ki blast hurling him up, high into the heavens.

Goku landed on the ground and put his hand on his wounded shoulder. Suddenly he saw a tiny dot in the sky. It was coming closer and getting bigger. It was Canban.

Canban stopped in mid flight and swung both hands forward and released his most deadly attack, a bright dark red ball.
“Falack Death Star” Canban shouted. The ball shot thru the air right at Goku. Goku swung up both his hands as he powered up his next attack to end the fight. Lightning bolted down all around him hitting the ground, causing small and powerful explosions and sending rock and debris everywhere.

Rocks lifted off the ground as the power of the attack grew larger. Goku slowly drew his palms together and focused on his target. With a loud yell and powerful jolt Goku released his final attack

“FIIIIIIINNNNNAAAALLLLL….” The powerful wave formed in his hands, blasting back the debris of the temple and the limp bodies of the stunned saiyans lying all around Goku.


The force of the blast sent Goku sliding back a few feet as the blast ripped thru the sky. The impact of the two power blast hit and created a massive and bright explosion. The aliens attack was no match for such an attack that Goku released.
Goku power ripped thru the aliens’ death star and hit the alien directly completely disintegrating him.

Goku lowered his hands as sweet dripped off his eye brow. Goku after resting a few minutes looked around to check on his fellow brothers who were sadly hurt by him. Goku grabbed each one pulling them into the shade of the forest.
Each one opened there eyes and had no idea what had happened.

So Goku explained to them the entire event that had just taken place, each one thanking him for not killing them. Goku grinned helping each one back the palace and filling the king in on the good news. The King welcomed Goku back and prepared brand new saiyan armor for him.

Goku walked to the hospital grabbing some sensu beans and taken them immediately filling his power grow, and fill back up. Goku smiled as he enjoyed every minute of every battle and wanted more, wanted more training, and wanted more adventure.

Goku knew what he would do next after training a little bit longer on Vegeta he wanted to train in the legendary chamber of time.
And grow in power and skill as he pushed himself to the limit to become the best.
Bright sunlight hit Goku in the face, birds chirp as happy as ever. Goku had never seen a place like this before. The planet was so beautiful. It was the planet earth.

Goku arrived here not long ago because he had heard of rooms to train in to obtain great power and Goku wanted to achieve these powers. Goku had been training hard over the years and took on any task he could get.

“Man this is one beautiful planet.” Goku thought out loud to himself. Goku knew

Vegeta wasn’t a good planet to see but it was beautiful to him. It was a warrior’s planet, a planet for only the strongest. Vegeta was harsh, cold, the gravity was much more than that of earths but it had its inner beauty if you only looked for it. There was peace but nothing like this planet.

Everything seemed so peaceful, so quiet…

“Ahhhh, Help me, someone anyone help me”

Goku looked around listening with his great hearing he had as a saiyan. Goku’ eye caught a little girl running right his way.

“Sir help me please,” the girl screamed.

“What is it” Goku asked looking down as the girl stopped looking down at the ground panting really fast and hard.
“My people need help, in our city there is evil people there killing everyone, and raising the dead right out of the ground with some sort of black magic.” The girl said

Goku looked around and knew that like his planet, evil lurked even on this planet. Goku looked down at the girl wishing he could help.

“I am new to this planet, I can’t put my nose in this planet’s business, I am sorry.” Goku said standing back up.

“But please sir, we really need help, my mommy and brother are going to die if you don’t help. I have been running for hours until I saw your ship land and I ran right for you,” the little girl said.

Goku looked around and back at the little girl who now had trickles of tears running down her cheek, something Goku was not used to seeing. Being a saiyan meant never showing weakness only show honor and righteousness in battle and in life itself.

Goku pondered to himself if he should interfere with another planets problem. In the midst Goku could hear scratching like people walking this way. Goku looked beyond his ship and saw flashes of light speeding right toward him.

Goku leaped in front of his ship throwing both hands forward releasing small ki blast. Intercepting the oncoming blast aimed right for his ship and anyone else in the area.
Each blast hit each other exploding on impact. Goku looked past the smoke and saw a group of slumped over people walking his way lined with a group of dark hooded people. Goku knew now this had become his fight when he was fired upon.

As the group approached him the little girl ran up behind Goku hiding behind him. Goku looked down and pushed her aside. This was no place for someone so small to be. This was a battle and every battle was life and death.

As the group approached they slowly stopped within feet of Goku. The middle split and a darker hooded figure walked out thru the middle. Raising his hands he flipped his hood of starring at Goku.

“Who are you” the man said

“That’s of no concern, why have you fired at my ship” Goku said

“Well, we can do what we want and we saw people over here, all will feel my wrath” the man said.

“Well when you attack me there are consequences, as with all things” Goku said slowly lowering his self in an attack type stance.
The man nodded and backed off as five of the dead looking humans walked toward Goku each lifting their hands. Goku looked at them in confusion as he had never seen people like this, nor knew what they were doing. Each corpse raised it’s hand as the palms ignited with weak blast.

Goku could easily deflect these and he knew that there was no threat in this group. But something about them alarmed Goku what it was he was not sure yet. Each human released their little blast as Goku just stood there.

Every blast bounced back to their original creator killing them, leaving nothing but smoke and ash behind. The man jumped back in shock and screamed in anger.

“Get him”
The group of dead humans ran at Goku throwing punch after punch and kick after kick. Goku moved with ease as these were weaklings compared to what he was used to.

With each human meeting their end at the hand of Goku, Goku leaped forward landing in the middle of the last group slightly yelling as a blue aura sparked out of his body throwing them all on the ground.

“I will not play games with you, you will leave here this instant or you will all die” Goku said

The man picked his self off the ground as a evil laugh escaped his mouth.

“You fool, My army is endless”
With the same last breath the man gave as speaking this, a hot breeze swept the ground where the remains of the humans lay, each pulling itself back together and becoming much stronger Goku could sense.

“you see with every death they face their powers multiply by tenfold, so you see you can’t beat me, I will always win.” The man said backing away and laughing even harder.

“Well then I guess I will have to kill them all again and then kill you” Goku said leaping forward into the air.

With a quick flip of his wrist and a pointed finger the ground exploded sending them all into the air. Goku immediately disappeared. Each looking for him until a loud groan exploded into the air. The hooded group gasped as they saw their leader spit up blood.

Goku stood behind him, and pulled his arm out of the man’s back. The man fell toward the ground gasping for air but couldn’t find the strength to retain any. The man lifted his arm as the ground of dead humans feel toward the ground.

Goku looked around as the wind blew harder this time. But there was something different this time; the wind blew inward and toward the man. Each hooded figure walked closer to their leader and the cloaked dropped revealing no one there. Sparkles filled the air as each pushed its way into the dying man.
Goku backed up as he watched the man’s wound heal. Skin closing over the hole, blood sucking back into his body and finally the man lift his head, finally breathing once again. The man smiled as he lifted his self off the ground starring at Goku.

“You see I will always live, there is a new era in this world and I am it.”

The man leaped off the ground throwing a punch at Goku, but was quickly reflected as Goku slung his arm knocking the man down. The man looked at Goku confused but angry, and jumped to his feet.

Goku backed up ready to attack but the man jumped into the sky and flew off in the direction which he came.
Goku watched him as he disappeared into the sky.

“Sir you must please go after him, he is going to raise more dead by killing everyone in our city, and he will become stronger and stronger with each death he gives.” The little girl said.

Goku looked back up in the direction which the man flew and looked back down at the little girl.

“Stay here, and do not follow me” Goku said
Goku jumped in the air and blasted after the man. The wind felt warm and humid as Goku saw himself getting closer to a very dark city, hovering above it were dead dark clouds, filling the city with darkness. Goku reached the center of the city where he saw the man whipping his hands around at a group of people.

Goku lowered one hand and released a small but powerful last. The man jerked around knocking the blast to the ground. Goku slowly landed feet away from the man.

“Stop this or it will only end in your death” Goku said

“I can’t die; this will end in your death “the man said raising one hand above his head.

Dark swirls whipped around his hand as it formed an evil looking circle. Goku readied himself as the man flung his arm backwards slinging it at Goku. The ball slowly lifted away from its master and lowered itself above ground level and in an instant picked up speed and blasted toward Goku.

Goku placed both palms out ready stop the ball, but something weird happened the ball went right thru Goku. Goku pulled back stunned looking around his body as the color of his skin tone changed from dark to white, white to dark and back and forth for a few minutes.
Goku began to shake, as the evil power to take hold on his body, trying to change him into something else.

“That’s right, struggle all you want it makes no difference, that ball turns you into an evil monster and completely under my control.” The man said laughing.

Goku struggled as he grabbed his head and hit his knees in pain. The pain tore thru his insides as it made its way up to his head. Goku flung his head back as he opened his eyes. His pupils and eye turned completely black as it faded to white from Goku struggling.

Goku powered up pushing the man back, Goku stood up and lifted up off the ground as he began to turn and turn more. The man looked in amazement as it had never taken anyone this long to turn, but Goku wasn’t human he was a saiyan and a fact that Goku was well enough ready to prove.

Goku lowered his hands as his aura grew in size, he released a loud roar as his aura begin to sparkle and grow even bigger.

“Now let me show you what we saiyans can do” Goku said

With a final and loud scream Goku’ aura exploded from within stretching outward. (With great power comes great responsibility Razak). Goku slumped over breathing hard lowered himself to the ground looking at the man.
“This ends now, you can’t win this battle. I am not of this planet and your little tricks won’t work on me.” Goku said.

Goku leaped off the ground toward the man and punched him in the stomach. The man arched forward spitting up blood. Goku reach up grabbing his neck slinging him into the air. Goku lowered his palm as it glowed. A small electrical ball sparkled in his palm.

Goku flung it into the air. The ball hit the man dead on exploding on impact. Nothing but ash was left as the man was blasted to pieces. Goku looked around as he looked to see if anything else remained of this evil. The clouds started to part in the sky and sunlight finally broke thru the darkness.

People ran out of their homes looking around and wondering if it was over. People started to cheer as they saw their hero standing in the middle of the street looking up.

“Thank you so much”

“We are saved”

“We have been rescued”

“Our hero has saved us”

Goku could hear the shouts of the many people happy to finally be in peace. But will it stand =, will it last after Goku has left this city. Only time can tell.

Goku looked around to see all the happy people screaming and running around the streets as if they haven’t been free to do so for so many years. Goku began to leave until he felt a slight tug on his armor. It was the little girl who asked to help.

“Th..Thank you good sir, you have saved my family and my city.” She said as a tear slid down her cheek

“It is is ok” Goku said as he out stretched his arm placing his hand on the girls shoulder.

“You were very brave running to get help like that, and because of you, this city is safe again, you are the true hero” Goku said giving the girl a small smile.

The girl turned around and ran with her family as to enjoy the freedom at last. Goku took one good last look around as he flew off back toward his ship and back toward a new mission to become the strongest in the universe.

“Death Baaaaall” Rizo shouted throwing a car sized ball right at Goku. The blast moved as fast as lightning and Goku in a split second threw both hands up catching the blast from his back.. The ball was so powerful it pushed Goku deep into the ground.. The ground cracked under the immense force of the blast pushing down on Goku.

“Haha, you see, whatever made you think you could have defeated me, A 1st class sayain. You’re nothing but a low leveled sayain piece of garbage. “Rizo said laughing

Sweat poured down the cheeks of Goku as he struggled to hold the blast just inches above his face. Goku was looking death in the face literally. The energy was powerful, and Goku needed just a quick moment to change the table but by the way it was looking Goku wouldn’t get that chance. Goku pushed with all is might but he was low on power. The fight had almost drained him and he was running out of options.

“This is were you die sayian” Rizo shouted

“No” Goku said looking to the ball and past it at his opponent. “I will not go out like this, you will not defeat me” Goku entire body bulked instantly, every muscle pulse sating with power and energy. Goku started breathing heavily. “I will not allow you to defeat me, I must win.” Goku said to himself. Goku pushed as much as he could and barley leaned off his knee. Goku was standing straight up still glaring at Rizo.

“Wh..What is this, No you shouldn’t be able to do this. How is this possible” Rizo shouted in anger

Goku’ eyes shoot faded red, and a firery red aura burst around him sending shockwaves all around him. A cloud of dust and debris kicked up around Goku and slowly etched toward the sky toward Rizo. It was only a split second before Rizo could see just a glimpse of a bluish outline of Goku standing in the dust. Rizo tried to move but it was too late.

Goku placed both hands together in a form of a small oval and twisted them behind his back. Goku moved so fast Rizo couldn’t keep up with him and Goku had moved right on top of Rizo.

“SUPER DODONPA” Goku shouted. Sparks erupted from his palms sending a massive power wave just feet from Rizo.

“Galac GUN” Rizo Shouted as in an instant his palm filled with a purple winding ball. Throwing his palm forward toward Goku…
“Your highness we are growing in strength and we will soon be unstoppable”

“Yes I know this, I don’t need you telling me this” King Vegeta said

“Yes sir much apology’s” the guard said

“Yes just don’t let it happen again” King Vegeta said

“Yes sir, we still have one that isn’t doing everything he is asked to sir your majesty”

“Yes I know bring him to me this instant” King Vegeta said as he turned and
walked off toward the palace window to look out it

“Yes sir” The guard said as he rushed out the room.

“Ahh” Smoke and fire blew into the air. Two warriors shot thru the smoke exchanging blows, and kicks. One kicked landed by the bigger warrior to the smaller sent the smaller speeding toward a nearby building shattering it on impact.

“Come on now Patro, your getting slow on me” Goku said laughing

“Aw shut up I’m still getting there, you’re twice my power level man” Patro said

“It’s not about how powerful you are its tactics” Goku said

“Yea I know” Patro said. Patro blasted up toward Goku leaving a blue streak behind him. Lifting both palms toward Goku he shouted and a blue wave left his hands. Goku grinned and slightly bent over as raised his palm and shouted releasing a massive beam straight thru his palm. The two powers connected and imploded on impact.

“Very nice, but you’ll to do more than that Patro” Goku said trying to look thru the smoke.

“Ahh” a voice shouted from behind Goku. Goku spun around only to be met by a powerful ball. The ball hit Goku right in the chest. Goku flipped thru the air smashing into the ground. Patro floated above breathing hard. It had taken everything he had to warp and blast like that on Goku.
Goku lay in a mangled crater looking up smiling at Patro. Goku pushed himself up aching all over and whipping the blood from his mouth.

“Very nice, Dam that really hurt” Goku said

“Well good cause I’m all out now, just wanted to show you I still had a trick up my sleeve” Patro said.
Both laughed like old friends and sitting down on a few logs knocked down during their intense battle only moments ago.

“It’ll take me days to heal from that fall.”Goku said

“Well hell you did a lot more damage to me “Patro said

“Well I was going easy on Ya” Goku said smiling

Goku looked up seeing a group of the Kings Guards flying right at them.

“Wonder what these bone heads want” Goku said standing up

“Yes” Goku said addressing the guard in the front
The guards landed near Goku and walked toward him. “You are wanted by the King, so let’s go” the guard said motioning Goku to fly next to him.
Goku looked back at Patro and smiled” Well, I’ll be back soon so keep training and we’ll have a rematch when I get back ok.

“Sounds good be easy and safe Goku” Patro said waving his friend off

“So what’s this about” Goku said to the guard

“I don’t know we just follow orders as you do Goku, you know this.”The guard said

“Yea I guess so” Goku said.

After a few minutes of flying through the lands they finally reached the outskirts of the city and came to a halt on the palace balcony. The others dropped down as Goku walked in followed by the General of King Vegeta’s elite warriors.

“Goku” King Vegeta said

“Yes your highness, May I ask what’s the meaning of this request” Goku asked as he stopped in the middle of the grand hall

“Goku I see great potential within you, but I also see great defeat. You are no doubt a fine warrior and a loyal warrior to this planet and me. I have come to realize that you don’t share the same feelings as some of the other warriors and I want to test your will and skill if I can say that.

You only fight when you commanded to and not for any other reasons, and being a sayain means you must fight to prove your race” King Vegeta said as he walked closer to Goku
“Well, I just see no point in fighting 24/7 it’s pointless to me, I fight when I’m ordered and that’s it” Goku said waving his hand from side to side.

“Well it’s time for that to change my young student. As of now I am placing you under probation. I am sending you out deep within the Dark Woods were you will stay for two weeks. During this trail you will not use your KI, I have already placed scouters all along the forest, and if you even allow a pebble sized blast out we will know and you will fail and will no longer be my student, is this understood?” King Vegeta said

“Yes your majesty” Goku said in a state of confinement.

“Guards escort Goku into the woods, and leave him there.” King Vegeta said waving at the guards near the door.
The guards took Goku and the left the palace. The flu deep into the forest and Goku could see small and large scooters mantled on trees and the ground and some placed inside poles stuck into the ground.

“Well this shouldn’t be to hard I hope” Goku mumbled to himself as a grinned slowly formed across his mouth.

“This is it, remember Do not use any KI Goku” King Vegeta can’t stress it enough. If you want to remain a student of the king you will do your best.” The guard said
The group landed and Goku looked around to see a premade tent, and some small objects that he could use in his defense from the creatures out here in the woods.

“We will come retrieve you when the 2 weeks are up” The guard shouted as the group flew off back toward the palace. Goku looked around to get a snap shot of his surroundings.

Goku knew it would be a long two weeks but he would make good use out of it. He sorted the things out in the pile pre-made out for him and there was some under garments, fire starter supplies, and long double bladed sword, and some water jugs.
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PostSubject: Re: A Journey To Last (Ccomplete)   Sun Aug 29, 2010 8:42 am

“Well at least they left me the good stuff” Goku said laughing to himself and feeling dumb for laughing out loud to himself with no one else around. “Well let’s get this going” Goku stood up looking for wood. Goku walked past a few trees and started to gather some wood as he threw it back to his home for now. After about an hour of gathering wood Goku figured it would be sufficient enough to last for two weeks.

Goku figured he would continue to train during the day time and rest at nights, but he wondered how he would power train if he couldn’t use any KI. Goku walked around for a few minutes before he came to realize he would just suppress his power so much he would only have to physical train himself. So Goku sat down next to the fire and crossed his legs as he brought both hands atop his knees where he rested them.

Goku closed his eyes, and started concentrating; he felt his power slowly slip down to nothing more than a dim light within the darkest cave. He felt the major difference in his power level and new this would be a new feeling to him but he liked doing new things, Goku liked to achieve new levels of power, and knew this would only help him out.

Goku laid down to rest up for a new day of training tomorrow with his lowered power level he knew things would be different and wanted a good night’s rest. The sun sprung up past the forest line and forced its way thru the trees and branches. Birds chirped their sweet sounds as the sun caught the face of Goku laying outside. Goku opened his eyes and sat up.

Goku could hear everything, the smallest sound to the loudest roar of nearby creatures. Goku could see the smallest of insects, and focused on his senses for a few minutes and realized he had more then what he knew.

Goku had always used his power to the max, and never took the time to realize the smaller but major things about his race that made him so powerful. Sayain senses are amazing, like a falcon flying in the sky saiyans were tenfold the falcon senses, with speed, sight, sound and power.
Goku could feel things he never tried to feel, once he relied on just his might and not power Goku knew he would learn new things and knew he should have done this way sooner.

“Hm, this is cool, I should’ve done this much sooner, crazy how it takes the King to make me do this, do I actually realize I have something” Goku said out loud.

The sounds of branches breaking, made Goku jump up and look around. Goku could smell the rough and nasty smell of a animal. Branches broke all around him as he started to hear silent but noticeable thuds on the ground. Goku bent down and grabbed the doubled bladed sword he was given.

“Shit, my big mouth alarmed something out hear and now they must want a piece of me” Goku said smiling to himself

Goku looked slowly and careful thru the trees but couldn’t see anything. Everything looked the same, bushes, limbs, trees, rocks, a few creeks in the back behind some patches of trees, but nothing moving.

“Um, what the hell was that” Goku said. As fast as he said that a pack of ten largely sized animals jumped leaped down from the tree tops. These creatures were the size of lion but with bigger teeth, way bigger teeth. They were quick and apparently hungry. Each one showed it’s teeth with while dripping foam out their mouths like each one was rabid with some type of sick disease

“Dam, your ugly things, Well I won’t be eaten today my furry little creatures.”Goku said turning slowly back and forth, trying not to use his power to sense each one.

Goku knew this would light work, but without using his power it would be a feat he’s never taken on before, so he would have to learn to sense each one quickly and precise with his sense, using sight and sound the maximum.

Before Goku could finish his thought one of the animals jumped in the air to attack him, but Goku ducked and spun to the ground as he threw up a punch that connected right in the creature’s stomach. The animal hit the ground and slid backwards hitting a tree knocking it unconscious. Goku he see that each animal was watching him very strictly as if trying to learn him, as Goku was doing to them.
‘Come on, you pack of wild dogs, give me a fight” Goku said twirling the sword from hand to hand. The biggest of the pack more or less the leader Goku thought to be snarled and 2 of the animals rushed in, One from the front and the other from his back. Goku leaped up dodging one as the other leaped up on Goku’ back.

Goku flicked the sword up catching right in the beats mouth. Teeth cringed around the sword as Goku pushed up and flipped around with a swiping sensation. The blade cut right thru the face of the animal as it feel toward the ground. Goku kicked the dead and limp creature right at the biggest one, as if taunting him.

The biggest animal looked down and swiped his dead comrade away from him. With a massive and loud roar the other animals all charged as once as with the leader. Goku turned around and ran into the woods, jumping up as his foot caught a limb and he leaped over a fallen tree. The creatures jumped tree to tree digging their claws into each tree keeping their balance and ripping chunks of the bark out every step.

Goku turned as one of them jumped off and flew right toward Goku; Goku ducked and hit the ground as he rolled a few times. Goku flipped off his hands and swung his sword cutting the animal in half.

Goku looked around and saw two more creatures in mid air. Goku ducked and the two animals smashed into a tree behind Goku. Goku could hear the necks of the animals snap upon the impact.

Goku flipped around to see if anymore where on the attack. But it was quite and motionless. Goku couldn’t hear or see anyone of them. After several minutes of silence Goku starting to think they left after he had killed so many of them already, but as quick as he thought that he heard a very soft scratch above him. Goku slumped over and looked up trying to peer thru the tree lines but was unable to see anything.
Goku calmed his thoughts and slowly started to listen more, look harder and actually use his senses. Goku heard a faint beats, to what him sounded like heart beats from the animals chasing him. Goku could know hear each one of them and he looked right past the limbs and could see one of them. Goku jumped up and kicked off the tree, throwing his sword. The sword pierced the animals chest and feel to the ground with a loud thud.
Goku ran over and grabbed the handle of the blade, but he quickly halted by the last two of the animals. The biggest one and a medium sized one. The medium sized one jumped up and Goku caught it just inches from his face. Spit and foam dripped on Goku’ face as he struggled to grip the animals face, the beast kept biting down as if already tearing Goku’ face off.

Goku lifted his knee and caught the mid-section of the animal stunning it for a brief second but long enough for Goku to react. Goku grabbed the animal harder, and twisted over throwing the animal into a tree. Goku jumped up grabbing a branch and ripping it right off a nearby tree, as he plunged it into the side of the animal. It let out a loud roar as it dropped its head.

Goku turned around breathing hard, and whipping his face from the ooze that covered it and coming face to face with the last and biggest creature. The animal had snuck up behind Goku and put his face just inches from his.

Goku stood his ground and starred the beast in the eyes. Both stood face to face for what seemed like an hour, until the animal finally backed off until he came to a complete stop.

Goku waited for the next move in a defensive stance as the animal placed both hind legs deep into the ground and opened his mouth. Goku could see the animal’s mouth spit light flickers and in an instant a yellowish wave shot out. Goku jumped out the way landing next to his sword, he grabbed it without hesitation and leaped up before the beast could recover from his mouth blast.
Goku slammed the blade in the head of the animal as they both fell toward the ground. Goku kept grip on the blade as it cut deep into the animals head and into the ground. Goku pulled the blade out and sat down next to his defeated enemy to catch his breath.

“Well I didn’t see that coming” Goku said smiling. Goku pulled the dead animals back to his camp knowing he could cook and eat them for his remainder of his stay here. Goku trained and trained harder on all his senses of the next two weeks until he knew he had perfected each sense based on their own dynamic skill.

Goku had been resting on the last day he thought to be out here. Goku felt the rise of power levels in his head and jumped up. He could sense many different ones and could instantly tell his enlighten senses have gave him more power then he thought. The guards dropped down and looked around at the mess that was left behind of the few weeks Goku had been there.

“Well Congrats, the king has passed you on the Wilderness trail, now just one more test for you lets go” The guard said

Goku was confused on this but did as he was told and followed the group back into the city and back to the palace. The group landed behind the palace inside a make shift arena. Goku knew he would be fighting someone and looked up awaiting the king to show himself and for his opponent to show himself.

“Welcome back Goku” The king said as he walked out the bottom door and out into the open. With him was what Goku knew as a 1st Class Sayain elite. Goku knew how powerful these warriors were but had no worries for some reason. Goku learned to never doubt your abilities and always stay focused on the task at hand.

“You have passed the first test and no you have a final test to complete or fail, I’m sure you know this is Rizo a 1st Class Elite of my army. You will fight him and the victor will gain a special reward.

Rizo walked to the arena and stood feet from Goku and starred down on him for having to fight a low level sayain.

“This is a waste of my time” Rizo said

“Um, we’ll see about that” Goku said as a smirk crossed his face
“This is where you die sayain” Rizo shouted

“No” Goku said looking to the ball and past it at his opponent. “I will not go out like this, you will not defeat me” Goku entire body bulked instantly, every muscle pulse sating with power and energy.

Goku started breathing heavily. “I will not allow you to defeat me, I must win.” Goku said to himself. Goku pushed as much as he could and barley leaned off his knee. Goku was standing straight up still glaring at Rizo.

“Wh..What is this, No you shouldn’t be able to do this. How is this possible” Rizo shouted in anger

Goku’ eyes faded red, and a firery red aura burst around him sending shockwaves all around him. A cloud of dust and debris kicked up around Goku and slowly etched toward the sky toward Rizo. It was only a split second before Rizo could see just a glimpse of a bluish outline of Goku standing in the dust. Rizo tried to move but it was too late.

Goku placed both hands together in a form of a small oval and twisted them behind his back. Goku moved so fast Rizo couldn’t keep up with him and Goku had moved right on top of Rizo.

“SUPER DODONPA” Goku shouted. Sparks erupted from his palms sending a massive power wave just feet from Rizo.

“Galac GUN” Rizo Shouted as in an instant his palm filled with a purple winding ball, throwing his palm forward toward Goku. Both energy blast collided in midair causing everyone on the ground to be knocked down, both warriors pushing out more and more energy.

“I can’t lose to a low level sayain how can this be possible?” Rizo said as Goku energy started to overcome that of his own.

Goku’ seized the moment and released a loud shout as his aura burst even bigger and another more powerful wave of energy was released from his palms toward Rizo. Rizo couldn’t stop the wave and it hit him dead on. Rizo became engulfed in the light of the energy and was blown to bits.

Goku dropped his hands and floated down to the ground taking a kneel to rest himself. King Vegeta applauded and walked toward Goku.

“Very nice, I knew you would win once you realized your true inner strength Goku” King Vegeta said

“Please stand up and let’s go, you need your rest” The guard said

“Yes, I am wore out, from that.” Goku said
Goku looked back at the ash that floated in the air were Rizo once was and smiled.

“Now who’s the low level sayain fool” Goku said turning around and heading for a long and well achieved rest.

“Goku lets go, the King wants us to hurry and leave. The bastards need to be taken care of. I’m wasting my time waiting on you” Red said

“Just let him be, he’s coming” Burke said.

“Ahh, What the hell do you want Red, can I not use the bathroom in privacy around here, your always whining about something, what is it this time. Your tampon fell out.” Goku said cracking a smile

“Ha-ha, your such a funny little man” Red said

“Well I am funny but not as funny as your mother was last night” Goku said laughing hard as Burke joined in with his laugher

“He got you on that one Red, O man, what a day” Burke said

“Alright enough of the games, let’s go before Red gets his panties in a knot, and cry” Goku said opening the Locker door and walking out into the bay hallway.

“Ok this is what I’m thinking we all three go but only one of us actually go onto the planet and rid of all these little live plants HAHA,” Goku said cracking another

“Alright I’ll jump in on that” the other two saiyans said at the same time, and glancing at each other.

“How will we decide on who’s going in” Red Said.

“Um, Paper, Rock, & Scissors” Goku said stopping in his tracks and turning around to face the others.
The three stood waist to waist as they all raised their hand counting 1 2 3 and on three stopping with each choosing a object to beat the other.

“Ah dam, Paper” Red said

“Scissors, beats both of you” Goku said. “What a bunch of losers, even in a hand game you can’t beat me”

“Shut-up” Burke said smiling
The other two moaned as they walked out into the bay and walking to prep the pod for departure.

“Make sure we got enough fuel to last us to get there and get back” Goku said in a smartly way.

“Aw no for real, why would I not think of something like that, Goku you’re a clown you know that right” Red said

“Well yea who else could be the leader of two lower class clowns except an Elite Clown” Goku said nudging Burke for support and smiling

“You’re not funny, let’s just go please” Red said turning around.

“Well, hell I kind of think I am ha-ha” Goku said loading up some packs of food in the pod.

“Goku” A Guard said running to them

“What” Goku said turning around to face the guard, seeing it was an imperial guard for the King.

“The king said leave no one alive on the north west part of the planet. He said they all die for the treachery they’ve caused” he said looking for assurance from the group.

“It will be done, no worries. They will be taking care of and the rest will know what happens when your double cross the saiyan race.” Goku said.

“Good” the good turned and walked back in inform the king that his orders will be carried out with ease.
Goku and the two other saiyans took a few more seconds to ensure the pod was ready for launch and they all loaded getting set up in the pilot seats. Goku set the coordinates for Planet Mortoseth. The computer verified the destination over the speaker to ensure it knew where we were going.

“Proceed to the stated destination” Goku said

“Destination confirmed. We will arrive at Planet Mortoseth in four hours” the computer whispered out as it made a few ringing noises.

"Let’s go, I’m tired of waiting” Red said

The pod shook and lifted off its handles. As it turned to blast off into the sky, Goku could see his city and the Palace off behind him. It was an amazing view he thought to himself. The pod left the bay and moved up into the clouds, as it gained speed and broke thru the atmosphere. Fire burst around the pod as it continued to speed thru the blazing ozone.

Goku looked down thru the pod window at the panoramic view of his planet and in a split second they warped into warp speed and the stars became streaks of small white light and planets faded into the same color as the dark and motionless universe.
Goku was sitting at the control panel with his leaned back. His hair folded over the back of the chair and his eyes closed. Goku thought to himself about how much work it would take for him to ascend to his ultimate form. He had been reading up on the legendary super saiyans and knew that was his new goal.

He would bypass all others and become the strongest in the universe. But Goku knew if he kept his heart pure he would be stronger, he would fight for the weak, defeat the evil and leave no question about his power to float around anyone’s mouth.

Goku searched his inner soul and began to feel his power rise. He calmed it like turning off water. He could control the power of his body like breathing air, letting go as much as he wanted and slowly releasing it for longer fight. Goku knew he wanted astronomical power.
Power only meant for the gods of men. Reading the history books only intrigued him to want to become better. Goku knew he would take on as many missions and fights as he needed to align himself with the gods.

“Goku we are almost here are you sleeping,” Red said breaking Goku concentration.

“NO, I am not I’m am thinking about a few things if you must know” Goku said snapping up in his chair and looking back.
“We are approaching the atmosphere of Mortoseth. Please hold on while coming out of Warp Speed” the computer voiced

“Humph. Stupid little planet, why are we wasting our time here?” Burke said

“Because our king asked us to, that’s why” Red said

“Well can we hurry up and at least land, dam we’ve been here for 2 hours I’m ready to get off” Burke said
“Red and Burke turned to Goku who was standing at the front of the pod looking out the front window. Goku armed crossed glared at the planet. Something was different sense the last time he had been here. The planet looked brighter and the land looked more covered.

“Both of you come here look at this” Goku said

Both rushed over as if waiting for something extraordinary. But once they got there they stood there in a state of confusion looking out the window at the new reformed planet.

“Well what the hell is going on down there” Burke said

“Idk that’s what I’m trying to figure out” Goku said.

“Well something has changed, we was only here maybe a year or two ago, and it didn’t look anywhere like this. Maybe this has something to do with them rebelling against the King” Red said

“Um maybe, but either way we need to focus on just the north western half nothing else is our concern” Goku said as he turned away and faced the computer

“Continue to the destination set” Goku commanded

“The destination will be reached in 5 minutes” the computer voiced back.
The ship circled the planet as it closed in quickly on its coordination’s. Once above them it lowered itself past the firery atmosphere as the pod was engulfed by intense flames again. The shuttle bounced and shook as it dropped thru the sky and slowly landed on the forest ground.

Goku stood up and walked to the pod door as it slowly opened releasing steam on all sides to cool the platform so the saiyan warrior can walk without worry on the it.

“How about you try to hurry up and get this over with” Red said in a mocking tone.

“Shut up, your just mad cause you lost” Goku said tilting his head and smiling toward the other two.

“Well, next time it’ll be different” Burke said
“Ight well I’m off, be back after while” Goku said as he slowly lifted off the ground. The ground cracked under the pressure of Goku’ power and dust circled up in a cyclone type effect. Goku blasted off through the forest looking in all directions. Goku knew the people of this planet looked exactly like plants so it would be easy for them to hide to the untrained warrior. But Goku could sense the power of anything and did not worry about it.

Goku could sense power in north of him and knew he was going in the right direction. As Goku flew thru the forest he could see small metal camera like objects posted up on trees everywhere, as if someone was keeping a close eye on the land. Goku had been growing stronger and stronger over the many months and weeks of his intense training and he wanted to test some of his newly found might he had acquired. He had hoped for something battle worthy during his time here and he knew anything that happened would be a surprise to him.

The forest line ended and he was now flying over a medium sized lake. Goku lowered his hand and allowed his fingers to touch the water gently cutting it in half like a sharp knife.

“This bores me, let me pick up the speed a little” Goku grumbled
Goku powered up and blasted off faster. Water shot up around him as he continued to fly over the lake creating a circular water cone behind him. Goku finally passed the lake banks and was know flying thru mountains weaving in and out of the mountains near the ground. Goku could sense he was getting close to a bunch of power levels and flew higher to get a better look.
He could see a bunch of smaller facilities aligned next to some much bigger ones. Goku landed in the middle of the town where he knew he was meant to be. The streets were filled with people who stopped and looked the new comer standing right in the middle.

Goku began to walk down the street toward the main palace just feet in front of him. There he stood in front of the gate looking up at the top where he saw the small mushroom people looking down at him. Guards began to rush toward the gate with the weapons drawn.

“Who are you?” a voice said standing on the balcony.

‘I am Goku, and I am here on behalf of the King Vegeta” Goku said looking up to the balcony

“Well now, I knew this day would come. Tell you king he will no longer receive anything from us” the voice said

“I don’t think you understand, I’m not here to relay messages to anyone. I am here for one reason and that’s to carry out a destroy order” Goku said smiling

“Well now, I don’t think we can allow that. Guards arrest him” the voice said as he lifted his little hand pointing at Goku.

Goku smiled and looked down at the gate. The guards lifted their weapons and one of them yelled “FIRE”. Goku crossed his arms and in an instant a bluish red aura burst out around him from his feet and moved all the up past his head. The aura began to spin around him and the he could see the guards firing their weapons. He could see these were not bullets but some type of small needles. The needles hit his aura and feel to the ground.

The aura acted as a shield to him and nothing to pass it. Goku knew he was much stronger than any of these futile creatures and he wasn’t going to waste any time drawing this out. Goku lifted his hand and opened his palm.
Sparkling light started to spin inwards toward the center of his palm and a small blast shot out toward the created blowing it to pieces. The blast hit a few of the guards and they were killed instantly.

Goku began to walk thru the gate as the guards continued to fire the little needles at him. Goku could conclude it was some type on sedative to put him to sleep so they could arrest him. Goku began to fire small blast from his palms in every direction leaving massive holes in the ground where the guards were being blown to pieces at.

“Kill him now, protect this palace” The voice said on the balcony.

At that the ground opened all around the palace and immediately huge nets shot out. Electricity ran all along the wires. Goku dodge in and out the way as the nets where non-stop shooting out the holes at him. Goku was slow on one and the net bypassed his aura and hit his lower left side were his armor covered.

Goku looked down stunned the net broke thru and he could see his armor was burned. As he looked back toward the battle he took aim at the holes in the ground and blasted them, causing dirt and rock to cover each hole.

Goku flew alongside the palace shooting each hole not paying attention to his unattended side. More holes opened in the ground and shot more nets out. The nets caught Goku and he hit the ground rolling along the dirt and hitting a rock and bouncing to a halt. Goku could feel the electricity running thru his body somewhat stunning him.

It wouldn’t be so bad but one of the nets caught his tail and was tightly fitted around it, sending non-stop amps thru him. Goku couldn’t move and he knew unless the net was removed from around his tail he wouldn’t be able to.
The guards ran up to Goku aiming their guns at him. The man on the balcony was now walking out a small door and Goku could see him walking up to him.

“We know you saiyans are useless when your tail is grabbed or touch or anything. So as long as this remains on your tail, you are at our mercy. The net will continue to send amps thru you until I tell them to stop.” The man said

“We’ll see about that fool”

“Get him out of my face now” the man said.

The guards raised their guns as if to shoot Goku with the needles. All of a sudden Goku saw to beams blasting down thru the sky. The beams hit the guards killing them. Two more beams shot down killing more guards and sending them slamming in the palace wall creating large holes.

Goku saw Red and Burke slam into the ground and take aim on the rest of the guards killing them all. The others ran into the palace shutting the door behind them. Red and burke looked around looking for more action but there was no one left. They had took care of them all.

“Well Well the mighty Goku is out for the count” Red said laughing

“How did I know to come check on you” Burke said

“Just get this dam thing off my tail dammit, they got lucky with these nets of theirs” Goku said leaning over

“Yea I bet they did” Red said looking at Burke laughing.

Red blasted the net off Goku and Goku tore the other nets off. Goku looked up at the castle aiming both palms at the door. Blue light covered his hands as he shot a powerful blast at the door, blowing the entire door to pieces along with half the walls on both sides.

The three stood there looking inside waiting for something to happen. Goku kept his eyes on the ground waiting for more nets to shoot out but nothing happened.
“Well this isn’t right, they must been planning something so look out” Goku said

“Umph this is stupid, how these creatures are going to take three Elite saiyans” Red said

“You’d be surprised Red, so don’t rush in being stupid. These weapons of theirs are surprising.” Goku said

Red didn’t listen and walked up to the door. Yellow steam shot right down on him from above the door hitting Red right in face, Red back throwing his hands in his face screaming. It was some type of blinding spray.

“Aw dam this burns, shit I can’t see.” Red said

“I told you not to rush in idiot” Goku said rushing up and pushing him back

“Burke grabbed him so he doesn’t wonder off and get killed.” Goku said

“Red you are stupid, come here and get out of the way” Burke said

Goku looked around to see if he could see where the spray came from. He grew tired of these games and wanted to end this stupid problem.
“Burke grab Red and move back” Goku said as he lifted off the ground toward the sky

Goku looked down at the palace and saw it wasn’t that big and would be easy to destroy. Another aura burst around him and Goku drew both hands together. Sparks of bright lightning flickered in his palms and a yellow ball form. Goku aim the ball right for the middle of the palace to bring it down in one blast. The yellow ball started to spin as it made a wining noise.

Goku lifted his hand as the ball followed in his palm and in one quick motion he threw his hand down towards the palace and released the blast. The blast hit the palace exploding on impact. Explosions blasted everywhere inside the palace. Goku looked down as he saw his power in work. He couldn’t tell if it was killing anyone so he flew toward the palace looking down at the once proud standing palace to the mushroom people.

As Goku flew over the ruins he saw an opening in the ground and slightly saw movement rushing thru the hole. Goku then knew they had fled underground so he flew ahead sensing the powers and shot towards the ground throwing his hand up and shooting a blast at the ground.

The blast made a hole in the ground and Goku landed on the floor of a hidden tunnel they had built in case they needed to escape. Goku looked up and saw he had landed right in front of them all. The man who commanded the guards to kill him was now standing feet from him again. Goku smiled and stepped forward.
“Well now I bet you didn’t expect this now did you. You could never kill me stupid little man” Goku said

“Guards kill…

As the man started to speak he was interrupted but bright lights. Goku had blasted everyone behind him killing them all and caving him the tunnel behind him, leaving the man nowhere to go.

“I told you, you can’t kill me and no you will die, for trying to make my King look like a fool.” Goku said as he lifted his hand putting it in the face of the little plant like creature.

Goku could see the creature shaking. Again Goku palm ignited with light and the creature was nothing more than dust in the air. Goku smiled and flew back to where his partners still stood waiting for him. Red still had his hands on his eyes from the yellow spray that cause him to be temporally blinded.

“There is a lake going back toward the ship, use that water to wash your eyes out clown” Goku said

“Ahh shut up” Red said as Burke began to laugh followed by Goku and then Red cracked a smile knowing what he did was dumb but he could laugh about it.

“Alright let’s go, we are finished here.”Goku said

Burke put Reds arm around his neck and they flew up toward the sky. Goku joined and stopped in high in the sky, and looking back down at the palace that once was.

“Hold on a minute let me just make sure there is no one left down there.” Goku said

Red and Burke stopped and they knew what Goku meant by that, he was going to destroy the entire part of this land. Goku lifted both hands above his head. Goku began to shake and lightning sparked from the sky into his palm and as blue ball began to form in his palm. The ball grew bigger until it stopped the size of medium sized space pod. Goku dropped both hands flipping them over.

Goku created spinning blades in each hand and threw them into the blue ball that floated above his head. Goku twisted both hands and the ball began to spin out of control. Clouds above began to spin with the ball as the created a sucking motion.

“Ulttrraa Cannnoon RAZOR” Goku screamed as he threw the blast down towards the ground.

The blast hit the ground with catastrophic damage. It took the place the place of ten meteors hitting the ground at the same time. The ground and everything that was hit by the explosion was immediately destroyed by the blast. A Cloud of smoke shot towards the sky creating a mushroom cloud from the power of the explosion.

“Huh look at that, the cloud resembles the people how convenient” Burke said.

"I don’t think that was really needed Goku, a simple blast would have done the job.” Red said smiling

“Well you never know now days, the little bastards could’ve been hiding everywhere and we was told to leave no one alive. Well let’s get out of here I grow tired of this planet.”Goku said

The trio of saiyans blasted of toward their ship and back their planet to inform their king of the news of their mission..
It was a warm and breezy day as Goku walked thru the middle of the small town. There were small children playing out in the road with what looked like a make shift ball bouncing it back and forth using small and harmless ki blast. There we small market huts with fruits and vegetables and other small gadgets and torn armor, helms, and other saiyan wear.

Goku continued to walk down the market and as he passed a tall nicer building compared to the other buildings on the street something hanging on the door caught his eye. It was a gold tablet that had small inscriptions in them.

“Looking for two saiyans to complete a very important task, Please enter if you up for the task”

Goku starred at the tablet for a moment before making a quick decision. Goku was looking for something adventurous to do. He grew tired of living the same ole day to day activities here, and wanted something more for himself and more to gain. He was hesitant at reaching at the door and grabbing him. He knew not what lay on the other side of the door.

So before he could think more on it he opened the door and walked in. The room was dimly lit and there was a round table in the middle of the room with a few candles on it and some stacks of books and papers and the far end of the round table.

Sitting behind the stacks of books was an older man, he looked near his mid two hundreds and still young. As the door shut behind Goku a small bell sounded off getting the attention of the other man. Goku could see the old man look up with a grin on his face.

‘Welcome young saiyan, please come back, come back here so I can see you” the man said. Goku slowly walked thru the doorway and into the room where the old man had walked around the table and closer to Goku. The two locked eyes for a brief moment before a sound in the background alarmed Goku and he looked up. It was another younger warrior, younger then Goku. Goku looked down at the old man confused and the man caught this glance and stepped sideways to start explaining.
“I need two warriors, just two no more. There are rules, consequences, and rewards. There will be blood, pain, and a new beginning. I need two that will follow my orders and carry them out as quickly as possible without questions.” The man said

The other saiyan warrior stepped forward and looked at the old man “You have my word” he said.

Goku looked at both the men standing in front of him and a small grin spread across his face. “What is this mission.” He said as he walked forward to show the other two men he was ready for anything to happen.

The old man turned around and paced over to the far end of the table and grabbed a small book with the stack of books. He held it up and on the front of the book read “Planet Plin and its Torturous ways”

“The man placed the book on the table and began to explain what was going on.
“I have known about this planet for some time since I was much younger then I am now. I have had many warriors scout out the planet, but never return. There has only been on man to have ever lived there and come back, not so much alive but… um how can I put this well half the man he used to be. I knew I had to get a hold of him to figure out what was going on there.

You see our King here does not concern himself with other planets and their issues but what he doesn’t know is that this planet ventures out to other planets and uses a very powerful drug to drag the victims of the planet back to their planet. Once there they do unimaginable experiments on them, and kill them afterwards. So I have taken it upon myself to take action and do something in return, we are the strongest race in the universe and we will stop these sick people” the old man said as he slammed his cane into the ground
Goku did not know what to think, he had never heard of this before, and if so why would they be doing something like this. There must be a reason or were they just that sick. IF anything he would ask question first and destroy them all if it was true. “When do we leave for this” Goku asked walking closer to the old man.

“Soon, But if either one of you are caught, you’re on your own. There will be no rescue and no helping from our race. King Vegeta would kill me if he knew I sent an elite warrior of his to a help me with this problem.

“You know me then” Goku said surprised

“Yes I know you are an elite saiyan for the king, and this is why I was happy when you walked in. I knew if anyone had a chance to take action it would be you, an Elite fighter.” He said

“Well let’s get this mission going I’m tired of standing around and who is this you have failed to introduce me to.” Goku said pointing to the quiet saiyan standing far off to the left now.

“This is Palpon he is just another saiyan off the streets wanting to help but he has special abilities that will help you two out see more than the normal eye could. He can see thru solid objects like the ground, walls, and things like this. So utilize this power and find everyone and destroy them all but DO NOT destroy the planet, it will only set off a massive explosion blowing up the planets sun and doing mega-tonic damage in the universe.” The man said in a caution tone.

Goku and Palpon walked together talking back and forth getting aquatinted with one another and sharing their basic abilities so they knew what each was capable of when and if it came to that time to use these abilities. Both piled into a two man space pod, and it blasted off thru the sky. As they shot thru the sky the speaker system came on and it was the old man’s voice.

“Now a word caution, the inhabitants of this planet are no known for their fighting abilities but for their sense of technology. They will know you are coming and once they figure out your not welcome or part of their planet they will try to capture or even kill you, so be very, very alert while on this mission” the old man said.
“We understand” Goku said as he leaned his head back looking thru the little round window at the stars and as the pod turned he could see Planet Vegeta and he was bluish green and very pretty sight if never seen before. But what lived there was not so serene and peaceful but deadly warriors of great power.

Goku wondered what exactly he had gotten himself into but that thought was soon interrupted by the speed burst of the pod zooming into the depths of outer space. What seemed like mere seconds was in fact days of traveling. As the broke the thru warp speed and came to a slower speed, both warriors peered out the window at the planet slowly coming up on them.

The planet was medium sized and dark in terrain. A devilish aura sparkled around it, and nothing else could be seen due to the clouds that outlined the entire sky. The closer they came to the planet the more Goku had a burning gut feeling. Goku became cautious and began to concentrate to see if he could sense a power levels. Smaller forms or power where sensed at a distance, probably the people on the planet but nothing big was found. So Goku opened his eyes and began to get ready for the entrance of the atmosphere.

Palpon looked at Goku for reassurance that nothing was around, and Goku gave a nod he was looking for. The pod turned bright red as it broke thru the atmosphere of the planet. It began to shack uncontrollably and started to heat up. But the armor that was being worn by the saiyans could take the heat and so could they. They could travel outside of planets and into the Universe but it wasted to much power to maintain a steady form, so they just made it easier and toke ships to and from places.

Goku senses started to rattle as he stood up it was too late, a flash of light had engulfed the pod and it exploded. Goku threw his hands up and caught Palpon and they stood surrounded by the smoke of the once whole pod. Palpon was no were near as powerful as Goku so he kept his distance to allow Goku to sense what was going on and to keep control of the battle at hand. Thru the smoke and debris Goku could sense other objects approaching.
“Move now” Goku said as he lifted both hands to his side’ Palpon back up out of the smoke and into the clearing only to see thirty to forty small light beams tearing thru the sky right at Goku. Each one aiming it’s deadly power to destroy another object. The beams hit simultaneously releasing a massive shockwave pushing Palpon back a bit, but Palpon could still hold his ground. As Palpon looked thru the debris he could see a bright blue and white aurora and inside was Goku. Goku still standing there looking around with the aurora ripping around his body creating a powerful force field nothing could penetrate.

“Fly upwards Palpon” Goku said

Goku had sensed and watched where the blast had originated from and there was about forty beam launches in their position. Goku pulled both hands in toward his stomach and raised them slowly above his head. Yellow lines formed all along his body as they moved up to his hands, outlining his body while moving.

“Energy DANNNN” Goku shouted.

Yellow ki blast shout up thru the clouds, and his hands was empty of the yellow power in the same instance. Goku dropped both hands and the blast shot thru the sky as the balls of power scattered the entire planet. Palpon could see the ki blast connect with the cannons but nothing happen. Palpon looked at Goku and he was lowering his right hand.

Goku hand dropped to his waist and he lifted two fingers and shot them toward the sky, at that very instant ever powerful little ball exploded sending the cannons into little pieces everywhere. Goku stood still as if trying to sense any more harm coming their way.

“Let’s go” Goku said. Both saiyans flew off into the mountains ahead both looking around trying to figure out where exactly they were heading. Palpon used his abilities to look the solid ground to see if anything lay beneath them as Goku used his regular sense to look above ground.

“We need to find the main station on this planet and just destroy that, and all others should follow it’s destruction” Palpon said.

“Yes everything should be in the same spot. There is only a hand full of people on this planet the old man said so if we find one base everyone alive here should be in that spot.;” Goku said.
After flying for an hour or two Palpon stopped as he looked deep into a crater into the ground. Palpon motioned to fly higher and they both did, deep into the dark clouds. “Right down there, is a huge underground base. It spreads for miles north of here and follows east. We can just destroy this and the hole things will fall to pieces under the ground. As Palpon finished talking a loud ringing sound made them both cover their ears. Lights appeared beneath them and it lit the ground, as if a mini sun grounded from no were.

“Their self defenses most likely,” Goku said.

“Yea let’s get this together” Palpon said

As fast as the words left Palpon mouth hundreds of red blast shot up from the depths of the crater below. Goku and Palpon raced thru the sky dodging and firing back their own barrage of deadly weapons.

“I’ll hold them off you go down and figure out what needs to be down” Palpon said

“Thanks, I’ll make sure I look around and figure out the weak point to dispose of it in the same turn.” Goku said. A bluish and white aura flashed around Goku body as blasted off from Palpon, The red balls zipping and bouncing off Goku as he approached the ground where the power was being created from. Goku started spinning as he came closer to the ground.

The aura formed around him started to spilt into small lines as it created a sucking motion. Goku was spinning fast now as it began to suck in the red blast shooting past him. Goku focused everything to his head and lifted his hands as he clapped all the red blasts surrounded him shot forward hitting the ground and blasting thru the wall of the underground building.

Goku slowly lowered himself to the floor. Dust and debris filled the hallways as he could hear small screams and footsteps running away. As he looked down he could see that underneath the rubble was a victim of Goku powerful move.

Goku whipped around as he heard something move behind him and reach thru the dust and grabbed the neck of the creature running away. Goku slammed the creature into the wall creating a compressed oval. Goku looked into the small like green human creature he held off the ground.

“What is this place, and do not lie to me, I will not hesitate to crush you into little pieces” Goku said squeezing the neck of the creature.
“I think you already know what this place is, that’s why you’ve come. We can sense your thoughts but not your present thoughts Goku of Planet Vegeta” it said
“Well then you know why I’m here and that I will succeed in my mission” Goku said

“Yes you will but you will not find any answers here, no one will talk and we don’t want to. We are a small and defenseless race, and we knew this day would come. But our work will live. We have sent out many books of our works to different plants so it will never stop.” It said

“Well then I don’t need to ask any more questions” Goku said.

The creature grinned as it knew what would happen to it. Goku twisted and slammed the creature to the ground. Cracking filled the empty hallways as the bones in it’s body broke into little tiny pieces. Goku did not care to go any further but to end this now. He looked up thru the hole he had made and saw that Palpon was doing fine defending himself.

Goku closed his eyes as he barley bent over pulling both hands into his side. A thick bluish red aura blasted around him as Goku feet left the ground. The walls started to crack and crumble by the immense power bursting off his body. The entire earth started to shake as Goku powered up even more. The aura grew larger and thicker as blue lightning flashed thru it and touched the walls causing it shatter like glass. The ground shook more abruptly now as Goku’ body turned bright red.

“AHHHHHHHH” Goku screamed. The aura blasted in every direction as it made a circle motion straight up. Palpon stopped in mid air and lifted his hand closer to his face to block the blinding light from the blast. Goku had created an energy destruction blast, using pure energy to destroy every bit of the underground buildings with ease. The blast wiped out every living things for miles leaving a massive crater in the ground.

Goku broke free of the rising smoke and debris as he floated next to his partner.

“Well that was easy enough. You get any info down there” Palpon said

“No got a hold of one of them and they knew we was coming, they can read past thoughts, thoughts that have passed and are no longer present, so they knew why I was here and he told me to go ahead and do what I was thinking. But he did say they have sent their work to many other planets and it wouldn’t end here. But this was the main station so I think we put a big dent in this little ordeal.” Goku said.

“Well lets get back to Vegeta, and I’ll explain to the old man what has happened here, but we can go our separate ways now if you’d like you can follow but not a big deal.” Palpon said

“Yea I think I’ll hand back and then come back I want to just relax out in the open space and relax. Need to regain some lost energy before I head back” Goku said as they both laughed.

Palpon left back to Vegeta as Goku floated up into outer space where he laid back like laying on a small bed and rested for a bit.
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PostSubject: Re: A Journey To Last (Ccomplete)   Sun Aug 29, 2010 8:43 am

It was a sunny, breezy day near Goku’ home in the forest. The limbs of each tree bent and swayed in their own dance like manner, birds chirped and all sorts of animals crawled and jumped along the forest ground. Goku was lying on his back with his eyes closed. It had been a long week of training, and battling. Goku was in for a long rest, and a long rest he would get no matter what. Goku thought back to all the things that had happen to him since he crash landed on his home planet. He had left here a long time ago and never knew why he was sent there until he came here and learned that at the age of an infant, saiyans are sent to planets to maintain a powerful race.

Goku sat up as he dusted the dirt and leaves off his armor and stood up. As he walked to the edge of the forest to lookout over the lands his eye was caught by something moving far out in the dessert. Goku stood there watching and waiting for the thing he saw to come closer. The object was finally close enough to where Goku could see it was a younger boy and as the boy reached Goku he stopped and bent over trying to catch his breath.

“What is your meaning boy” Goku said as he walked closer to him

“I. I… I was sent by my master, he is in need of a protector.” The boy said

“Excuse me, explain, yourself a little more” Goku said with confusion.

“My master is a Master Monk named Vin, he has come back to Vegeta as a renounced saiyan. No longer fighting the war of the saiyan race but to try and save us from killing ourselves, by teaching us the peaceful ways of the Monk. Well at a gathering we had yesterday a threat was made against his life and no one will protect him and we can’t fight because we made a vowel.” The boy said almost scared like

“How did you come to find me and about me, and what makes you think I will help you” Goku said as he turned around and stood starring at the sun setting in the mountains far from reach.

“We were told about your works against a saiyan who disrespected your name, they told us you only fight for the good and not in vain like the King wants, Vin really needs your help, he can offer a reward like no other, he can transform what you stand for, and that’s for good and you can still keep your fighting instinct. Please, please you must help us “The boy said as he kneeled down.

“Ahh, stand up boy, I am not one to kneel down for. Now tell me what I need to do to help this Vin warrior” Goku said as he turned around to as he sorted thru a few things in his belongings.

‘Thank you so much for helping us good sir” the boy said as he stood up and waited for his helpful warrior to get ready.

Goku turned around and motioned to the boy to lead the way. As they flew thru the sky, Goku could see a lot of cheaper huts and towns in as he continued to follow the boy, remaining close by him. After around half an hour of flying they started to fly over a largely shaped forest and Goku could see a medium sized temple like housing. They both landed outside the wall and the doors opened as a group of people walked out of the temple wearing just a single gourmet over their entire body. Right behind them a older guy followed in a white robe with a smile on his face he walked up to Goku, looking him up and down as he starred in the eyes of the massive warrior in front of him his lips moved as he pressed the words out of his mouth.

“You must be the Goku I heard about” the guy said

“Yes I am, who are you and please explain to me why I am in the middle of nowhere.” Goku said as he stepped past the monk and started to study his surroundings.

“I am Vin, the renounce saiyan warrior, I left many years ago and found this place on accident where I met my master, who is sorry to say not with us anymore. I was a saiyan elite but I got tired of it and my master saved me from myself, save me from the destruction of our race.
This is why I have asked you to help me. I can’t put myself in violence it is against everything I worked for, and well, an arrogant fighter had been attending my sessions around the towns, and finally one day he tried attacking me and I fled and now he is searching for me and my followers killing them. I know he is a assassin from the King, because the King hates our type, the peaceful type on his planet.” Vin said as he turned around and looked at his followers

“I can’t allow these innocent people be hurt by this evil fighter, he is coming here and he knows we live here and he has threatened to kill us all.” Vin said with a saddened face

“Ok I will help you here but I have no quarrel with this fighter, I will speak to him if anything first, but I cannot promise anything, I do not know this saiyan and cannot say I can do anything yet” Goku said searching the sky.

“But he is not here right now nor will he be right now, he is still looking for this temple, so until then please my follower here will show you where to rest your things and your heart.” Vin said as he waved his hand toward a nearby young man.

Goku followed the monk inside and found himself suddenly in a room with a bed and a rug on the ground. He laid his stuff next to the bed as it lay on the ground.

“You will be fine here, we will alarm you if anything happens” the monk said

“There is no need I will sense it before you can alarm me” Goku said as he slipped his gloves on.

A few days had pasted and Goku had been learning exactly how these monks live. Trying to understand the teachings of their master, and the serenity he was preaching. He learned that one should be one with his body and one with his heart mostly. The heart was the life of everything and how they live it was so peaceful but Goku was a warrior like no other, his heart was pure and he only fought when he needed to. He never killed an innocent person because it would take away a piece of his soul every time and he knew it.
It was a sunny day and Goku was awakened by the sounds of the forest around him. He could sense that he was growing stronger in his training, his senses where building to new level, his power was rising and rising faster everyday and he knew it was all for the best. Goku sat up in his bed as he stretched and slowly moved out of his bed.

Before he could realize the sudden rise in power inside his hide, and that it was not coming from him it was too late. A sudden explosion blasted the walls of his room in, and created a sucking type effect as everything was sucked out of his room. Goku’ ear were ringing from the blast and was still confused and trying to regain his sense, as he looked out the newly formed opening in the temple leading straight to his room.

Goku could see bodies all over the ground, and in the middle of the bloody scenery Goku could see the man he knew as Vin standing there without fear in his heart, welcoming death as like an old friend. Above him hovered a saiyan with both his arms folded over each other, starring down at the monk. Goku jumped up and walked out the hole in his wall. The saiyan startled turned and quickly moved to an attack mode, as he could now sense Goku’ power level.

“What is this meaning of this” Goku said as he stopped a few feet from Vin

“This is not your fight saiyan” he said still hovering above the ground

“You see yes it is, I was hired to protect and I see by the likes of things you had to sneak up on these good people here and kill them” Goku said with a look of anger on his face.

The saiyan grinned and slipped out of his stance to a now more relaxed stance as he crossed his arms again.

“I do what I am told by my King, and that is all that matters, your death is not needed but we can make an exception if you proceed to interfere with my business” The saiyan said

“Well I guess I will have to test that theory of yours, because this is my business” Goku said as he measured the saiyan up and down.
Vin slowly backed up to break free of the intense star down going on between the to deadly warriors. The saiyan caught Vin walking away in the corner of his eye. The saiyan leaped sideways and raised his hand releasing a smaller blast. The blast was strong enough to kill the Monk and Goku knew this. Goku leaped off the ground punching the blast upward back toward the controller, the saiyan lunged out of the way without a moment too late.

The saiyan looked surprised and slowly backed up in the sky. Goku looked around to see if the monk was alright. He stood there right behind Goku both hands still in each sleeve as he stood there starring at Goku.

“You must not feel anger toward this saiyan, he is just lost and must be found, only feel pity for him because he can’t accept peace in his heart.” Vin said smiling at Goku

“Well it looks like he doesn’t want that peace in his heart.” Goku said looking back at the floating saiyan in the sky. Goku turned to face his newly created opponent. As he both feet left the ground the monk quickly touched his back.

“Remember keep the good in your heart, remember what you have learned in your time here.” He said as he released Goku from his touch.
Goku looked down and smiled and quickly began to gain altitude as he flew closer to the saiyan in the sky. He stopped a few feet in front of him.

“What is your name” Goku said
The saiyan grinned and opened his mouth “I am Gabo, The Kings second Elite, and you have made a bad choice defying me and my King.” Gabo said as he slightly turned sideways as he prepared for battle.

“Well, Gabo I think it is you that made the mistake, harming these monks as it they stood a chance to fight, your picking on harmless people and you will pay for that.” Goku said

Goku without hesitation blasted off toward Gabo. Gabo quickly moved left as Goku flew right past him and disappearing in midair. Gabo vanished from sight also as the both connected higher in the sky the powerful hits thrown toward each other shook the ground far below. Both were powerful warriors and not giving it any less then their full power. Gabo’s palms became visible as he shot multiple blasts from his hand.
Goku quickly deflected a few of the blasts behind him as he shot past the others ones and came right in the saiyans face, landing an uppercut in the face of Gabo. As Gabo lifted upward from the force of the punch Goku grabbed his foot and twisted and twisted and released the saiyan as he went flying the air. Gabo slammed into a nearby mountain, sending rock, and debris everywhere. A cloud of dirt mushroomed up toward the blue sky parting the clouds as a hot knife cutting thru butter. Goku stood there watching to see movement within the debris. Suddenly the ground began to shake and rumble, light pierced its way thru the cracks and the ground exploded and the Gabo flew upward covered in a bluish covered aura.

Gabo starred at Goku as he lifted his hand whipping the dirt and blood off his face.

“Well I see you are strong, but not strong enough, I will show you what a true Elite is” Gabo said as he flew right at Goku.

Within feet of Goku, Goku threw a quick punch suddenly knowing he was no longer in front of him but at teleported behind him. Gabo twisted and kicked Goku in the back. Goku shot forward, Gabo without a second to spare teleported again right under Goku as he flew downward and landed a gut wrenching shot to his stomach, stopping Goku right on the spot. Goku spit up blood that dripped down his chin, gasping for air, and eyes white from the punch.

Gabo slowly dropped his hand and opened his hand to reveal his palm and a sparkling effect started to trickle from his fingers and a blast shot from the depths of his inner being. Goku blasted toward the clouds and the ball exploded sending Goku hurling toward the ground.

As he approached the ground with tremendous speed he was caught and was slowly lowered onto the grass beneath him. As he open his eyes he saw Vin standing above him he realized he was not alone in this fight. On further notice looking past Vin, Goku saw a bright ki blast shooting right toward them. Vin jumped up kicking the blast into the forest causing a massive explosion.
“You must finish this fight Goku, I know you have the power to do so, all you need is the motivation” Vin said smiling.

As Goku stood up, a blur flashed before him hitting his friend standing next to him. Vin skidded across the forest floor and smacked into a tree. Blood dripping from his noise and ears, he lay there solid as a rock. Goku became angry at the sight and grabbed the so called elite by the throat not releasing.

Gabo threw a kick into the rib of Goku but Goku did not release but squeezing harder and harder. Gabo tried to break the grip of Goku but couldn’t. Gabo didn’t know where this power came from. As Gabo looked down he saw the one thing that could stop Goku in his tracts, the one Saiyan weakness.

As he struggled to lower his arm he managed to grab the tail wrapped around the waist of Goku, squeezing it with all his might. Goku loosened his grip and fell limp. Gabo coughed and gasped for the air that was ripped from lungs by the mow motionless Goku.

“Fool, what makes you think you could’ve defeated me” Gabo said

Gabo planted one foot behind him and grabbed the tail with both hands as he twisted around faster than any tornado, as he released Goku he teleported into the clouds above. Goku flew thru the air only to find him facing Gabo once again. Gabo already prepared landed a massive elbow to the mid section of Goku sending him blasting right back thru the path as to which he came.

Goku body shot through the sky, the clouds parted as if they had a mind of their own, and he plummeted past them. His body fell with such force that a hallow boom resonated from the impact and a cloud of smoke rose to dance in the wind. The field shook from the force, and now each blade of grass stood silent in the stilled wind. It was as if the world had taken in its breath, and the moments were slowly ticking by.
The crater that had formed from the sudden collision held the prone form of a man. The smoke still snaked upward warily, not ready to dissipate. Cracks littered the earth downward, and Goku lay practically imbedded in the crust. His flesh gave up steam; a strange wetness covered his body.

The skies seemed dark now, the clouds grew moody. The figure stirred, and he moved within the ruble. He sat up as a piece of hair fell into his face. Each hand was held before him, he clenched them and each knuckle went white from the pressure. He shook, as if ready to explode, but he simply shot to his feet and looked toward the now rumbling sky.

A look of pure passion, rage, fear, and confusion filled his eyes as he searched the sky for his enemy. Each emotion passed and came, until he sensed the saiyan approaching. With a grin on his face he looked down at the ground and whispered,

“Well now this isn’t working out as I planned,” his voice broke as he coughed and looked up.

A red ball blasted through the clouds and a rumble responded as it quickly approached Goku’ still body. With his fists now clenched and his eyes looking so expectantly towards the sky. Goku threw his up looking at the now speeding ball and he stretched his fingers open and he returned fire. Shooting a long bluish green blast from his palms, it stretched thru the sky and the two connected. On instant contact a shockwave spread throughout the sky as if a nuclear bomb had just exploded.

As the clouds were whipped away by the wave a figure could be seen now holding one hand out in front of him, as he guided and pushed his attack closer to Goku. Goku struggled as beads of sweat began to drip down his face and fall off his cheeks. He’s eyes flickered as he tried to strain and push more power out but he was draining it faster than he could think. He knew he had never fought anyone like this saiyan before and he was so closing to being defeated that he could taste the slowly approaching blast on his tongue.
Goku pushed harder and harder as he began to make some positive gain on the immense battle of power. As he looked past the two energy balls crackling, and moving back and forth he could see the villain, the one trying to harm an innocent person, the one who needed to die, the one he would defeat, but how, how could he do it.

He seemed so much stronger and trained then he was. The monk he had been protecting now lay no more than twenty-five feet away, his clothes rippled around his skinny body as the waves off the fight was shooting everywhere, bending the thickest trees to almost touch the ground, nearby lakes and rivers were bone dry as the water was pushed all over the lands that surrounded it.

Goku looked back at the monk and thought this would be it, the monk would die because he couldn’t defeat this saiyan fighter…

“NO, no, no I will not let this happen, I must defeat this evil person, I am a good person, and I will defeat you.” Goku said as his eyes became focused again on his opponent.

At that very moment Goku grunted and a lager blast sprinkled from his palm shooting upward inside his already formed beam. The second wave connected, and more waves repeatedly fired thru the beam. Goku screamed louder as his force started to move Lopaions move backward to him. The ball exploded as Goku ki blast continued to create waves thru his beam. The beam shot thru the newly formed clouds and hit Lopaion. It happened so fast that Lopaion couldn’t react he was frozen from the fact that Goku had just destroyed his most deadly attack. A dark cloud filled the sky immediately upon impact, and Lopaion fell toward the ground.

Goku knew he needed to finish this fight right now so he fly high into the sky as Lopaion continue to fall. Just out of sight of Lopaion, Goku stopped he threw both his hands emphatically above his hand, bringing to life sparks in his palms brighter than the sky that stood motionless around him and in no time at all, the fledgling light manifested itself a hundred fold.
Goku still glaring at his fallen opponent on the ground resting in his own grave closed his eyes as he forced all his power into his final move. His stomach twisted and his chest began to burn as the ball slowly lifted off palms and floated into the air.

Goku lowered his arms to his side holding them out. Yellow beams formed out of his chest and wrapped about around his arms as it tailed into a thin round razor type effect. As each hand formed a razor shaped form outside his palm, he slowly began to raise his hand back toward his newly formed powerful ball floating above his head.

He slowly pushed each razor into the large mass and with a twist of both his hands the mass started to spin around and around, faster and faster. Small streams of the clouds started to move and form a sucking like motion into the ball. Goku looked down and grinned. Lopaions eyes were closed and Goku was about to destroy this evil person, The one who killed a whole town, the one who put a monk on the brink of his own life, the one who will spent the rest of eternity in Hell.

“ULTRA CANNNONNN RAZZZOOOR” Goku shouted as he bent over with both hands following him his movement. The energy ball moved al tremendous speed as in a split second had made impact with its target. The ground was like a dark hole as it sucked everything into a canyon that was created by the blast. There was no chance Lopaion could have survived that, the shockwave spread for miles destroying trees and creating a dirt plain over what was once a green grass plain. Goku lowered himself as he touched the ground softly.

He knelt down and picked the monk up. He flew into the air and carried him thru the sky until he could reach a nearby hospital. Near sunset he reached a town and a hospital lay right in the middle. Goku flew right to the door and walked in. A few medical personal brought a bed to him he laid the monk down it, and the monk opened his eyes as his hand rose to touch the chest of his savoir.

“Th..Than. Thank you, good sir. You will be rewarded for saving my life” the monk said as he once again closed his eyes and was pushed away from Goku deep into the hospital.

Goku knew the monk would be taken care of and so he left the hospital and flew out of the unknown town. Were he went home and laid in bed as he was entitled to a long and fruitful rest. Goku still glaring at his fallen opponent on the ground resting in his own grave closed his eyes as he forced all his power into his final move. His stomach twisted and his chest began to burn as the ball slowly lifted off palms and floated into the air.

Goku lowered his arms to his side holding them out. Yellow beams formed out of his chest and wrapped about around his arms as it tailed into a thin round razor type effect. As each hand formed a razor shaped form outside his palm, he slowly began to raise his hand back toward his newly formed powerful ball floating above his head.

He slowly pushed each razor into the large mass and with a twist of both his hands the mass started to spin around and around, faster and faster. Small streams of the clouds started to move and form a sucking like motion into the ball. Goku looked down and grinned. Lopaions eyes were closed and Goku was about to destroy this evil person, The one who killed a whole town, the one who put a monk on the brink of his own life, the one who will spent the rest of eternity in Hell.

“ULTRA CANNNONNN RAZZZOOOR” Goku shouted as he bent over with both hands following him his movement. The energy ball moved al tremendous speed as in a split second had made impact with its target. The ground was like a dark hole as it sucked everything into a canyon that was created by the blast. There was no chance Lopaion could have survived that, the shockwave spread for miles destroying trees and creating a dirt plain over what was once a green grass plain. Goku lowered himself as he touched the ground softly.

He knelt down and picked the monk up. He flew into the air and carried him thru the sky until he could reach a nearby hospital. Near sunset he reached a town and a hospital lay right in the middle. Goku flew right to the door and walked in. A few medical personal brought a bed to him he laid the monk down it, and the monk opened his eyes as his hand rose to touch the chest of his savoir.

“Th..Than. Thank you, good sir. You will be rewarded for saving my life” the monk said as he once again closed his eyes and was pushed away from Goku deep into the hospital.

Goku knew the monk would be taken care of and so he left the hospital and flew out of the unknown town. Were he went home and laid in bed as he was entitled to a long and fruitful rest.
It’s been a few days since Goku had fought in the Chamber with his comrade Spoc. They departed a few days after their victory and set to take on their quests alone. Goku had been training all day in the northern mountains of Vegeta alone for the days that have past, and came to forget time. He had needed to go into town to grab some supplies but found everything he needed in the local woods. Fresh crisp rivers to drink from, animals to cook and eat after a hard days train, and a nice cozy bed he made out of pine needles, and a few elephant plants nearby, and roped them up in a nearby tree and hung it a few feet of the ground. Goku had walked back to his little spot he called home and gathered a few things so they wouldn’t be destroyed while he was gone and set fourth toward town.

On his way he saw a few huts alongside the dirt road to which he saw the little saiyan children in. He had come to know his true race as one day during training something happened to him. His tail grew back and saved his life. He had it proudly wrapped around his waist, as did most of the people on this planet. Goku lowered his head as he walked and closed his eyes for a moment to remember the odd situation.

In an intense fight for his life after hurling two of his most power blast in the air and homing them back on him, He was so weak he had not foreseen that he put too much into the blast, but what should’ve been child’s play soon turned into a life and death game. The blast came together in midair as Goku had commanded them to. Goku leaned sideways to take the full impact of the single blast. The blast hit is palm, knocking him back twenty feet if not more. The ground had deep crates in it where Goku had slid caused by the impact.

His very arms were shacking with weakness, and he could not hold the ball anymore. Sweat poured down his face, as he struggled to stay on both feet. Holding the powerful ball took more than he had and he didn’t have any more. His arms began to fold back, Turtles’ knee kicked from under him and he hit the ground, down on one knee as his other foot struggled to maintain its power. Goku lowered his head as to almost give up, and in that very moment of weakness, in that very moment of defeat, in that very moment he had actually won. A sharp pain ripped at his lower back. Goku screamed in pain and as he struggled to look behind him there he saw a long fury tail. He wiggled as if talking to him, and in that sense Goku understood it. He had felt his blood rise as his tail almost guided him and showed him more power. Goku’ eyes turned red as to almost morph into another being. The powerful blast was pushing him deeper into the ground forcing a much bigger crater around them then before.

Goku looked around and felt as if he had slept for days and regained all his strength. He pushed up off his knee and stood up, taking one hand off the ball and looking at it. He slowly grabbed his tail to examine it. Goku turned back to the ball and threw it into the air. He watched it enter the sky; with a wave of his hand the ball exploded lighting the sky with a bright blue. After a moment of calming down his eyes turned back normal and he felt his rage start to grow calmer. He then realize what all had happen., he had lost complete control of himself and fell into his rage, and in that very moment his tail had almost needed to grow back, as if it knew the life of its owner was in danger, so it sprout out of his back like a weed after a morning mist, to ensure its master would not perish but instead gain the ability to understand his rage form.

“Excuse you” someone said
Goku had been walking with his eyes close, and had forgotten everything else but his thoughts.

“O excuse me mam” Goku said as he walked past the women almost running her over. Goku finally reached town by that time the sun had reached the horizon slowly moving into its nightly slumber as to allow Vegeta it’s well needed darkness for the people to sleep on. Goku had not been paying attention to the world around him but still on his thoughts about his tail and this form he had almost changed into, he was still so new to this race and wanted to learn more. Goku approached the store and walked in. Only to be stopped by a group of younger class fighters.
“Haha there is the one that got beaten by an Elite Fighter” said one of them

“Ya for real look at this moron. What were you thinking I heard you got beaten so bad you were begging for your life” said another one

“What is the meaning of this? I have been in no such battle.”Goku said walking closer to the young fighters.

“Well that’s not what we heard from Fabio a Elite for the King. He was in the bar a few nights ago. He told his all this after your victory in the Chamber he said he could do it to, and his fellow Elites said he was jealous of you and so he set out to find you and stomp you into the ground.” The last boy said.

Goku bent over and into the kids face.

“Does it look like I’ve been into a fight? Look at my face. LOOK AT IT!!!! Goku reached down and grabbed the laughing boy and threw him up against the wall.

“Now let me tell you something, I have been in no such fight with anyone, but this changes a lot. Where is this fool who mocks me and tells these childish rumors for the glory of a fool to believe in? Goku said as his face turned red. His tail whipped from around his waist and stood curled behind his back as to almost be looking around to watch Goku’ back for him.
Goku’ eyes started turning red as sickening rage built up inside him. Goku realize this and dropped the boy to regain himself before he lost control and caused more than enough suffering and pain to the boys. The three tried to escape in fright of the newly aroused Goku’. But before they could exit the store Goku caught them.

“Where is this Fabio, where can I find him?” Goku said with anger

“He lives just north of here on the left, he’s there right now, just don’t hurt us” the frighten boy said.

“Get out of my face” Goku said as he exited the store and headed north to confront this so called elite fighter. Goku had finally reached the house the three boys told him about and saw that the name on his door hanger in fact said Fabio. So he approached the door and knocked. A few minutes past before the door opened and a man stood there no bigger the Goku himself. As they both stood there starring in each other’s eyes finally the silence broke.

“Well well if it isn’t the mighty Goku” Fabio said

“I do not consider my anything but a person, I want no title based off of anything I do, yet alone from a no good so called fighter like yourself. Starting rumors behind my back as if I’m some child you can sucker a win out of. If you want a fight then a fight you will get.” Goku said backing up

“I have no idea…” before the saiyan could finish his words he was interrupted by Goku.

“I know all about your little rumor about you beating me into the ground so end the talk and step outside right now.” Goku said with anger in his voice and showing on his face. The elite saiyan was stunned by the interruption and a grinned left his once unstill lips as he walked forward closing his door. The two fighters stood face to face, ready for a battle to commence on the spot.

“We will not fight here we will go outside of town and finish this” Fabio said

“Yes we will” Goku said. Both fighters flew side by side to the outskirts of the town where they stood feet apart glaring at each other waiting for the other to make the first move.

“I will defeat you and once I do I will take your limp beaten body to the palace gates for all to see how worthless you. You are nothing more than a worthless liar and this ends now.” Goku said leaping from the ground. Fabio jumped back as Goku came in full force throwing punches. The ground shook under the powerful hits being blocked from each fighter. Fabio flipped sideways to gain an advantage, but Goku read his movement and threw a fierce kick which landed, the kick connecting with Fabio’s ribs. Fabio slumped over gasping for air.

He knew then that Goku was not playing a game and he needed to stop playing around. Goku seeing his kick working flipped in midair doing a spinning kick landing his foot in the face of the opposing fighter. Fabio slid backwards digging his feet into the ground as his was head tilted back from the force of the kick. Fabio dropped his head as blood dripped from his busted lip. Raising one arm Fabio whipped the blood of his chin and mouth.

“So this is how it will be then.” Fabio said

Fabio jumped up toward Goku. He had known he had moves Goku didn’t and he would use these to his advantage. Goku twisted in a side stance to try and block the hit, but it was too late as quick as Fabio approach he disappeared into midair. Goku looked around but it was far to late. Fabio had teleported behind him kneeing him in the spine.

“Ahhhh” Goku blurted out in pain”

Fabio seeing his foe kneeing from the impact grabbed his head and tilted it back looking into the face of the known lower class warrior.

“So pathetic, you can’t even sense my power, this is your weakness and it has brought the fight to an end as quick as it started fool” Fabio said laughing. Goku was still trying to regain himself, but as he tried to move Fabio quickly reached down and grabbed his Goku. Goku’ eyes went white and he slumped over.

“Fool, you haven’t even figured out your tail yet, and you think you can beat me?” Fabio said

Goku’ mind was racing inside but he couldn’t move, he was paralyzed, he had never known grabbing the tail would cause such damaging effects. He tried so hard to move but the only thing that could escape the cage, was light moans.
“I grow tired of these games, this ends now” Fabio shouted as he threw Goku into the air. Goku flipped uncontrollable in the air, and had still not regained himself after the last move Fabio pulled off on him. As Goku stopped spinning and came to a stop high in the sky, he open his eyes but it was too late. Fabio had unleashed a multi-shot blast. Firing 10-15 power blasts at him.

Goku felt a weird feeling, he managed to look back and there his tail stood wiggling at him again, telling him to look up. It had been a heavily clouded night so no one could see what laid high above the clouds on this night. A full moon laid like a prize wrapped deep within a box for someone to only see and use. Immediately Goku eyes turned bloodshot red. His heart beat began beating erratically, his very body became something he never knew, his mind slowly drifted away.

The only thing that kept him in mind was his tail still there wiggling talking to him with no voice, talking to him in his mind, almost directing him on what to do. His tails had known him from the beginning, seen all, felt all, and known all and know it was time for Goku to become the saiyan he was meant to be. The blasts shot thru the clouds as Goku was still in mid transformation, the blasts made a direct impact hitting him in the chest. The blasts were weak now compared to the strength Goku had just obtained. But the blast did something. It hindered Goku from transforming to 100%, He was half man and half giant ape. Goku feel to the ground hitting it like a meteor hitting a moon. The force knocked Fabio off his feet.

“Impossible” Fabio said.

Goku stood up laughing as if he enjoyed the very sight of Fabio. His anger was deep flowing river never stopping for anything and raging down a valley, powerful and unstoppable. Fabio stood frozen in fear; he knew he was no match for the beast that stood before him. Goku without hesitation lunged forward and grabbed Fabio by the neck. Fabio could not react for Goku was too fast and strong now. Goku lifted Fabio off the ground with ease, and squeezed. Fabio’s faced turned blood shot red and his eyes started to roll back into his head. Goku lowered his arm and jumped up into the sky. As Goku approached his zenith he twisted and threw Fabio toward the ground.

Fabio flew through the air as a cloud burst around him as to almost break the barrier of sound, pushing the air right out from underneath him. Fabio hit the ground with tremendous force sending a mushroom cloud blasting into the air. Goku laughed as Fabio cried out in pain. As Goku raised his hands high above his head he let out but a smile on his face and moaned as he let out two very powerful ki blasts. The blasts ripped through the sky and hit Fabio with a powerful blast shaking the ground and sending tremors out for miles. Goku flew down and slightly touched the ground keeping one of his hand pointed at Fabio.
Fabio lay in a crater covered in blood, his clothes ripped to shreds, threw up his hands in defeat. He knew another blast like that would disintegrate him. Fabio’s arm dropped next his body and his body went limp passing out from the pain. Goku lowered his hand and stood there as he tried to regain his calm. His tail wiggled as to help him with this task. His face slowly began to shrink as did the rest of his body, his blood shot eyes turned back to their normal color and he was him again. Not the beast he just was just seconds before.

“The power was immense.” Goku said with a confused look on his face. Goku walked over to his newly fallen opponent and grabbed his ankle as he fly into the air and back to the palace. Fabio dangled in the air still passed out. The palace quickly came into sight and Goku landed only feet from the gate. Guards ran and aimed their weapons at Goku waiting for him to try to make a single move of attack toward them.

Goku raised Fabio into the air and threw in toward the gate. He hit the ground and bounced and rolled and finally came to a stop inches from a high officer. The guards looked down and looked up at Goku with their mouths dropped. They knew this saiyan laying at their feet was an Elite Saiyan and they are not weak and for someone to beat one is an amazing thing.

“Take this fool and make him an example for trying to dishonor my name.” Goku said as he turned around and walked off. The guards grabbed Fabio and carried him inside behind clothes doors. Goku walked down the dirt road in town after grabbing his supplies and headed back to his little home in the forest. He wanted this day to end so he could move on with his life.

He knew he would be searched out for the action he took in battling and defeating a kings guard but he did not care he just wanted to rest so he laid down his bed and feel asleep.

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wow exellent gues what if you print that paper out it would almost be 100 papers well you probaly just want to know how much stuff you get well you get 1,050,000 ki pl and zeni along with 341 bp
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A Journey To Last (Ccomplete)
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