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A wonderfull Dragon Ball Z RPG that is really fun and is really the best of them all!
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 Short control.

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PowerLevel : 1,153,600
Ki : 1,153,600
Transformations : oozaru, False Super Sayian, Super Sayian, Super Sayian 2, Super Sayian 3, Golden oozaru, Super Sayian 4, Super Sayian 5
Tehniques : Kamehameha, Dark Big Bang Kamehameha:It's like Big bang kamehameha of Gogeta ssj4 but the power is Dark.
Battle Points : 34
Zeni : 671,200
Items : weighted armor, Z-sword, King's Armor, Prince's Scouter
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PostSubject: Short control.   Mon Aug 30, 2010 10:32 am

It was finally the day when Luis would get his father's weapon."Luis,I hereby give you the Z sword,use it wisely".The king said.He went to his spaceship and practiced the mighty sword.While practicing he saw that there were 3 meteors coming his way.So he went outside and used the Z sword.The meteors got sliced into two pieces but when he tried to slice the third and final soft looking meteor the sword broke.He used his dark powers to restore the blade and then practiced again.But using his dark powers wasn't a good idea in fact Super cell was reborned by the powers and stronger with 10000,000 pl and Ki.He appeared in front of Luis at normal size and started to take his revenge."You'll pay for destroying me Luis,I have taken all the data from our previous battle".He said while finishing him off.He got hurt a lot but while he was being beaten up someone transported him to another planet.When he opened his eyes he saw someone who he recognized."Supreme Kai,what happened?.Supreme Kai told him to take away the dark powers he had put in the Z sword so he did and an old Kai came out who said he could unlock/awake his sleeping powers.And 30 hours later he was successful and Luis turned into dssj13 like he did last time but this time he had control.When he went back to the planet he saw cell turning into his final form.When he completed both their power levels and Ki levels were at Infinite."Super nova howl"Luis said,"Final mega revenge death ball".Cell said.Luis made the death ball go back to Cell.Cell was at a mere 200,000 power level now so he absorbed him.He fainted,and lost his power to go dssj13.He trained with the z sword which was fixed by the Kais.He still knew that deep inside he still had the power to go dssj13.
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PowerLevel : Good bye
Ki : 77,447,800
Transformations : Oozaru <> kaiokin <> False super sayian <> super sayian <> super sayian 2 <> super sayian 3 <> golden oozaru <> super sayian 4 <> super sayian 5 <> Super Sayian 6 <> Super Sayian 7 <> Super Sayian 10 <> Super Sayian 11 <> Super Sayian 13
Tehniques : Super Duper Final Mega Big Bang Blast Kamehameha X70 <> Super explosive wave <> Super Mega Final Big Bang Kamehameha x20 <> Revenge death ball <> violent thunder <> super slining slasher basher <> solar flare <> fusion dance <> after image <> Super Mega Death Ball <> Super Final Big Bang Kamehameha <> Kamehameha <> Spririt Bomb <> Super Dragon Fist <> Instant Transsmission <> angry kamehameha <> energy feild <> Super Kamehameha <> Final Kamehameha <> Big Bang Attack
Battle Points : 154
Zeni : 600,048,050
Items : 5 ultimate senzu beans, prince's scouter, king's armor, Z-sword Sword, Weighted armour
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PostSubject: Re: Short control.   Mon Aug 30, 2010 11:56 am

31,000 pl ki
15,500 zeni
3 bp
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Short control.
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