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 A Beast is born

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PowerLevel : 108,712,000
Ki : 108,712,000
Transformations : Super namek(used perm), Super namek 2 (Used perm), Final name trans (Used Perm)
Tehniques : Power aura,Flight,power up and down, Hell beam,Kaio-ken,instant transmission,enrgy field bomb, Planet eater
Battle Points : 0
Zeni : 450
Items : Weighted Training Armor
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PostSubject: A Beast is born   A Beast is born Icon_minitimeMon Aug 30, 2010 5:25 pm

The wind caushed the waves to crash against the rocks near the village the held within its walls the superior guard of the region. Training was undertaken daily by all within the walls and even high ranking officals trained for hours at a time. They were not super powered by any means but they were powerful by namekian standards and they kept peace in the small region they watched over. There was much peace due to there efforts and so they had slacked as of late in paying attention as anyone would when years passed and nothing happaned. Today however was much diffrent then the days before had proven, a upstart young namek who had a powerful ability had decided he would be crowned the king of namek by all or he would take the crown by force. The guards never saw it comming as a swift combo came at the first one. A kick to the stomach and an uppercut landed him flat on his back and shortly after a boot to the nec sucked the life force from his body and sent him to the afterlife. The second guard caught an elbow to the throat stealing the ability for him to take in air and also silencing him from a rousing call. A knee met the small of the guards back as powerful hands bent the guard into the forceful hit snapping the spine and sending the guard to the ground. Dakkon smirked as the first two of this area went down and he made his way over the wall and into the wide expanse of the base. Things like this were unheared of on namek due to the peaceful nature of the race. However as with all things with time comes change and today marked one of the biggest changes namek would see for a very long time. However with this change came the uncertanity of the future, for when one thing changes the course of the future changes with it.

Within the walls all was as normal with the regiment and day to day duties continued unhindered as far as anyone was concerned. However as the day wore on the base saw less and less activity and more and more dissapperances. Finally the highest ranking offical stepped into the center of the base. General Mekon looked around with a very unhappy expression as the place seemed to be a shell of its former glory with nothing but buildings and empty tents all around him. He moved from building to tent in search of his fellow guardsmen but without luck. Something was wrong here and he was not a fan of it. Finally he spotted a lean tall figure a few feet away and his eyes narrowed, he knew deep down this was the guy who had caused the sudden shift in activity within the area and so he had to pay.

General Mekon: "Who are you and what have you done here? Where are my men?"

Dakkon: "Times are changing my dear general and with them comes a new ruler for this planet to embrace. I am going to start here and move foreword to each and every outpost until no one stands in my way any longer. You can die happy knowing you will be the first one on my list to die in the name of my crown."

General Mekon: "We will see who dies here today you bastard...You plan to take over the planet but how will you keep the crown when everyone will rise up to fight you?"

Dakkon: " You assume that when the dust clears anyone will want to challenge y claim to the crown General. I will be a force unlike anything that has ever stepped foot on Namek and the futile attempts to take me out..and they will be futile..will stop in short order and my rule accepted."

General Mekon: "The namek people will never serve you!!!!! DIE!!!"

Dakkon: " We shall see general.....we shall see..."

Mekon rushed foreword with a flurry of punches and kicks but his target was gone already. Mekon powered up to 550pl and growled. "SHOW YOURSELF!" he yelled out into the air and a kick that did little but anger him connected with his back. He spun with a backhand that was ducked by his target and a booted foot connected with his chin stummbling him back a few feet. The anger on his face was plain to see as he stalked foreword at Dakkon who simply smiled and slowly began to glow a faint red color.

Dakkon shook his head as the general walked foreward and crakced his neck. "Now for a little suprise.." Dakkon fired a beam into the air which seemed to be eaten by the clouds and Mekon got into a guarded stance waiting for the beam to crash down onto his head. However the ground trembled under him and he looked down in time to see the beam erupt forth from the ground and engulf his body sending him flying up into the air and wracking his body with pain. Dakkon took off stright up flying into the air mirroring Mekon. Flying fast he turned and flew northeast to come up right above Mekon as the beam released him. Flipping backwards his right leg was stiff and stright and his left leg was pulled in so his foot touched his right knee. He preformed a beautiful backflip kick and crashed into Mekons skull and sent his limp body falling to the ground fast.

Mekon crashed into the ground hard and a crater formed where his body lay twitching and broken. The general was still alive but hardly so and Dakkon landed next to the hole formed by him.

Dakkon: "As I told you are the first one on my list that dies in the name of my crown. The people will be my slaves and I will treat them as such. I will use the to enhance my richies and my power until I find this planet no longer useful...then I will destroy the entire planet making myself one of the last nameks in the universe. I will strike fear into every heart and my name will be used to scare children of every race into doing what there parents wants. You will get to see it all........FROM THE AFTER LIFE!"

With that Dakkon launched a beam from his hand and Mekon screamed in pain as the ground charred and his body fell away into ash. A black mark was all that was left at the fall of Mekon and Dakkon set about destroying the encampment that he single handidly destroyed. When all was said and done the place was burning to the ground and Dakkon took off into the air heading for his next destination.
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Battle Points : 154
Zeni : 600,048,050
Items : 5 ultimate senzu beans, prince's scouter, king's armor, Z-sword Sword, Weighted armour
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PostSubject: Re: A Beast is born   A Beast is born Icon_minitimeMon Aug 30, 2010 5:31 pm

56,900 pl ki and zeni
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A Beast is born
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