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 Marching on

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PowerLevel : 108,712,000
Ki : 108,712,000
Transformations : Super namek(used perm), Super namek 2 (Used perm), Final name trans (Used Perm)
Tehniques : Power aura,Flight,power up and down, Hell beam,Kaio-ken,instant transmission,enrgy field bomb, Planet eater
Battle Points : 0
Zeni : 450
Items : Weighted Training Armor
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Marching on Empty
PostSubject: Marching on   Marching on Icon_minitimeMon Aug 30, 2010 6:51 pm

Dakkon had slaughtered yet another town of innocent people and had come to the mountian that was the home to the legendary guru. Guru had the ability to unlock the hidden potential of nameks and Dakkon had come here for just that, and he was going to get it. Heading up the moutian two guards went to stop him and one caught a kick to the stomach while the other one caught a hard fist to the face. The kick shattered all the ribs in the first guards body leaving him on the ground gasping for air while the second guard who caught the punch had every bone in his face broken and lay on the ground battered and destroyed. Dakkon continued up the mountian with a smirk his power more then 100x what it was when his journey had started just a few days before. The genuis that was Dakkon had sent work to another general that he had planned to kill guru today if he did not show up at the base of the mountian with by himself ready for battle. The general was none other then Guru's only son and that was going to give Dakkon the leverage he needed to make Guru do exactly what he wanted today. A smirk crossed his face as he headed up the mountian dispatching all the guards set in place with ease and pileing them up at the base of the mountian to show the general he was not kidding. Reaching the top where the cave that held Guru was Dakkon headed inside and before him sat the rather large namek Guru.

Guru: "You are and evil being Dakkon who knows very well that he will not get what he wishs from me and I know what you are after because I am known for one thing beyond my wisdom and that thing is the only reason you are here. Kill me if you wish but I will not make you stronger."

Dakkon: " You say that now but Guru you, for all your wisdom, have yet to thinkt hat I would not come here and gone through the trouble of killing all your guards if I did not have a plan in mind. Your guards are some of the strongest that planet namek has to offer and yet here I stand without a scar on my body....what would you say if I told you your son was a target of mine? I am going to destroy this planet without a second though along with your son however if you grant me the power I seek I will leave this planet in tact."

A look of horror crossed Guru's face but he composed himself quickly and shook his head before responding.

Guru: "My son would not be just show up here unless-"

Guru was cut off as his son ran into the chamber "Father am I to late?!" and before he could crest the halfway point to his father Dakkon caught him with a roundhouse kicked that laid him flat on his back almost knocked out. Dakkon lifted him into the air and charged a Ki ball in his hands pointing it at Guru's sons face.

Dakkon: "Give me what I seek and he lives as does the planet....your choice but time is running short with my patience."

Guru wore a look of helplessness now and sighed heavily with tears in his eyes as he held his hand out before him.

Guru: "I will gran you what you wish but don't kill him please I beg you spare him and the planet."

Dakkon grinned and tossed the battered but breathing body into a wall and stepped under Guru's hand. From the massive hand shot a beam of gold and pale white the filled Dakkons body with even more power then he had when he came in and he laughed and evl laugh as his power continued to grow. The feeling was like a drug and that drug for Dakkon was power. He bathed in the light until its job was complete and Dakkon stepped back a bit as his red eyes met those of the crying Guru's.

Dakkon: "You have done will sage namek and so as I promised your planet shall be spared and I will not kill your son....until I have killed everyone else on this planet first except you. You I will let live out the rest of your days here on namek witht he knowldge that you helped create the monester that destroyed your people....Make your son train hard for he may be the only weak hope your people have left."

With that Dakkon turned and left the cave heading down the mountian and off to his newest target. There were only two cities on this planet and one was much smaller and served as nothing more then a trading post. That was Dakkons next target for his wrath. He had a small ways to go before he had a chance at taking the king of Namek out. His power was not yet strong enough for that but it was rapidly approching what it needed to be and so Dakkon took off in flight with an evil grin.

(I need the post gains as well as the gain from Guru if you grant any for it. Thank you very much ^.^ Ill double the pl and ki gain from the post for the armor I bought myself but should I double the one from Guru if there is one as well?)
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Garlic Jr

Garlic Jr

PowerLevel : 69,000
Ki : 1 Trillion, Billion, Zillion...evil ki.
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PostSubject: Re: Marching on   Marching on Icon_minitimeTue Aug 31, 2010 12:15 am

120,000 pl

20 bp
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Marching on
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