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 Enter Tambourine

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PostSubject: Enter Tambourine   Enter Tambourine Icon_minitimeMon Aug 30, 2010 8:29 pm

Sunny morning, like always. Tambourine woke up in a tiny hut he had built not too long ago. He had lived alone in planet Namek for many years now. His routine consisted on waking up, training for the most part of the day, and casually spar with local namekian fighters; and sometimes they actually attempted to kill him.

As repetitive as it must've seemed, Tambourine never got bored, he never complained, and he never felt the urge to do something exciting and new. He could've lived the rest of his long life the same way without needing anything else.

He would often move from place to place, and would never live in the same place for more than two weeks. But he hadn't always been alone, he actually had four brothers, but their whereabouts where unknown to him.

He was often recognized by others for being the "Son of the Demon King", or "The Demon Prince", even though he was a demon, he had never felt as one.

Namekians would often see Tambourine with different, fearful eyes. They were usually afraid of him whenever they set sight of him, just because of that reputation. That angered him to no end.

Tambourine had never attacked someone without a reason. He had never stolen anything from anyone. He had never done anything so particularly bad that it would distinguish him from the namekians.

It must be my appearance... --he usually thought, as he, even though his father was seemingly one, wasn't born as a namekian. He didn't know what he was, he was just a demon.

The constant fear without any sort of valid motive from his neighbors eventually led to Tambourine moving to an isolated place. He still moved from place to place every two weeks or so, but he never went back to any namekian village in the planet.

That day, while he was smashing some rocks he found as training, Tambourine turned his head to his right and divised two adult namekians running towards him from far. Tambourine turned to them and waited silently, without moving an inch.

Half a minute later, when they were closer to him, Tambourine noticed one of them was holding some sort of dagger in his right hand.

Two more... what's wrong with me? Why am I so hated here!? --thought Tambourine angrily, changing his expression to a pissed one. He crossed his arms and waited patiently for the slow namekian "warriors".

Tambourine! --shouted the tallest one, after they stopped running when they were near enough--. We have come to put an end to your life, and gain glory and fame among namekians! Prepare to die!

The tallest namekian looked at the one with the dagger and nodded. The shortest namekian understood the silent signal and ran towards Tambourine as fast as he could, preparing his shiny dagger to stab the scaly demon's skin.

Seeing his enemy ready to attack him, Tambourine felt fighting back would be justified, and adopted a fighting stance. He was partly happy for this, because of his inner focused anger towards namekians like them.

When the armed namekian was right in front of Tambourine and prepared to stab him, the demon crouched, grabbed the namekian's armed right arm with his own right arm, and then, thanks to the enemy's impulse, lifted him a bit above him, and quickly proceeded to drill through his stomach with his left arm; as his companion watched the murder speechless.

The enemy namekian died quickly, with the same surprised expression in his face, the same expression Tambourine had just put.

The demon slowly removed the namekian's body from around his bloody arm, as surprised as the other namekian. Tambourine was socked he could have killed someone so carelessly... so cruelly.

I'm... I'm not like this! --thought Tambourine, after coldly murdering a namekian that attempted to kill him for no logical reason.

You scum! --shouted the dead namekian's companion angrily--, you'll pay for all of your evil acts up to now! In the name of my fallen comrade, I'll kill you!

Tambourine was immobilized after having taken a life so easily, but a narrow beam penetrating his left wing woke him up. Though the namekian's beam attack felt justified to Tambourine, he convinced himself that he didn't kill that namekian. His body moved on it's own somehow.

What? You won't fight back!? --said the namekian after shooting a blast from his finger at the green demon, but suddenly Tambourine disappeared from his sight, and before he knew it, the namekian's head was squeezed to death by a green, scaly hand.

It happened again! --thought Tambourine disconcerted, as he opened his hand and the namekian fell to the ground, dead--. My body didn't respond to me at all! What's going on? What's wrong with me!?

But soon after killing the namekian bounty hunters, another body, similar to his, began slowly coming out from Tambourine's body, painfully for him.

It was me --said the dark replica-- I controlled you to kill those fools. I have tried to control you for years, and now I have grown so much inside you that I've gained my own body! I am... your evil side.

This replica was identical to Tambourine, only a bit darker colored, but any normal person wouldn't notice the difference.

What... what do you Want? --asked Tambourine terrified by the sudden appearance of this part of him--. What is your purpose for being here?

The evil incarnation walked slowly and threateningly towards his good side, who was too shocked to move or keep his distance from the evil demon.

Nothing good, I guess... --thought Tambourine, anwering his own question.

What I want... -- whispered Tambourine's evil side on Tambourine's big hear when he was near enough-- is my own enjoyment.

What do you mean-!? --asked Tambourine worried, but he was interrupted by a powerful knee delivered heavily to his stomach, to which Tambourine reacted screaming in pain, falling to his knees and crossing his arms around his hurt stomach.

The evil incarnation of Tambourine smiled wickedly after attacking his other side with such power.

Call me T for future reference, --said the evil demon as he left the place running and laughing insanely, leaving his damaged good counterpart alone with two dead namekian bodies.

That... T! --thought Tambourine pissed, still feeling pain in his stomach area. He knew he couldn't let T roam freely around the planet, as the namekians would soon want to eliminate either of them both.

As his left wing had been damaged by a beam recently, his movement was a bit limited, but he could easily overlook that small wound, and he recovered from the knee hit soon after.

After half an hour of running without stopping once, Tambourine arrived at the first village, in which he suspected T would be because of his own habit to move to close places, assuming his evil counterpart had similar thoughts.

The green demon entered a house in which he heard screams, and he luckily found T inside it, who was slowly slicing a short knife through a namekian child's neck. An activity that T seemed to enjoy to his fullest.

As Tambourine arrived just before T could finish cutting the child's neck, T noticed his enemy and threw the child aside, enabling the child to regenerate slowly and painfully. The child's grandfather, who had been hiding the whole time, suddenly appeared to grab his grandson and cowardly ran away with him, leaving Tambourine and T alone in his house.

T didn't mind his victims leaving, since he was now too angry at Tambourine for interrupting his pleasant activity.

I can't let someone like you exist, T --said Tambourine, determined to even kill T.

I thought you would say that --said T confident and eager to kill Tambourine--. Let's settle this, shall we?

Both went outside, set themselves at a 5 metres distance, and stared at each other for a bit. Both were waiting for the other one to make the first move. Both of them thought the same things, in a different kind of way.

The battle took 5 minutes to actually start, when a tiny stone carried by the wind towards Tambourine's foot touched him, Tambourine startled and looked at it. T took this as an opportunity to deliver the first blow, but Tambourine had previously analized his own thought closely, and he knew what T would do in a situation like that, so he easily dodged T's kick by jumping, and attempted to deliver a kick himself aimed at T's face, now that he was high enough.

T quickly thought what Tambourine would do after he dodged T's first kick, and dodged Tambourine's high attack by stepping back. They continued attacking and dodging each other, until they got to a point in which both of them were wide open.

Both thought the same thing, that to avoid recieving a direct attack is better than delivering one at the cost of being hit, so both jumped back and set their distance from each other.

After they stopped their grapple, T was smiling with excitement, while Tambourine had a worried and serious face, making it apparent that their differences were in their personalities, not their likes and dislikes, or their skill to fight.

Both came to the conclusion that one of them would gain advantage in the fight only when there was outside interference, such as the rock that touched Tambourine from before.

As the fight progressed, and both demons launched and blocked each other's punches equally, T eventually noticed a small wound in Tambourine's left wing, something that differentiated them.

T exploited this weakness instantly, and eventually put both fighters in a situation in which their back wings would collide.

They did, and this caused a bit more pain on Tambourine than on T, pain that T took advantage of.

T turned towards Tambourine, and Tambourine did the same, but a bit slower than T because of this minor pain. But that slight difference in speed was enough for T to win the upper hand in the battle. As he could move a bit faster than Tambourine, their moves weren't the same anymore, and T could land a few hits on Tambourine, and progressively, as Tambourine's pain increased, could land more and more hits on him.

That minuscule wound in his wing had just caused Tambourine to slowly lose advantage in the fight, to the point in which he couldn't block or dodge any of T's hits, and thus, ending the mirror battle. Since they were now in different situations, they no longer thought the same things in the fight.

At one point of the long battle between good and evil, Tambourine was down to the floor, and T prepared to kill him by stabbing his heart with his hand.

Happy now? I never thought a soft hearted fool like you could bring himself to even hit me! --said T to Tambourine, mocking him-- I have proven I am superior to you! How do you feel now?

After his speech, Tambourine closed his eyes, accepting his fate, and T launched his attack, but before he could deliver it, a narrow energy beam coming from behind stabbed through T's neck, stopping his final attack. It was the child's grandfather who launched the blast, but he was seemingly too ashamed of having helped Tambourine that he hid quickly thereafter.

Tambourine noticed the beam and took this final opportunity. He used his last bit of strenght left to stab T's heart zone with his right arm, finally killing him.

I never tried to prove I was superior to you, --said Tambourine while T was still barely alive--. I just wanted to get rid of you.
Tambourine quickly fell to the floor completely tired, along with T's dead body around his arm.

Thank you... --said Tambourine weakly, just before he fell unconscious.

The old namekian heard this, and left the village ashamed of his usual rudeness towards Tambourine, after witnessing his will to kill the evil demon.
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PostSubject: Re: Enter Tambourine   Enter Tambourine Icon_minitimeMon Aug 30, 2010 8:30 pm

Soon after defeating his evil side, and still having it stuck in his arm, Tambourine woke up and removed the putrid body from his arm. He quickly went to a river nearby to wash his arm, which smelled horrible due to having been stuck n a dead body for about 8 hours.

Everything had returned to normal in Tambourine's life. He went nack to his house, which was located somewhere he couldn't actually remember, so he just "built" a new house, which was a hole in the ground he found while walking through Namek.

He trained for the rest of the day, and then jumped into his hole to get some sleep when it got late. Only one person would fit into that tiny hole, so when Tambourine entered it, the top of his head could be seen from the surface.

Four hours of sleep for the demon, until someone stumbled with his head. This instantly woke him up, and he jumped out to see who it was. He saw an old namekian laying on the floor, trying to get up. Tambourine then assumed the old man fell after stumbling with his scaly head.

H-Hello... --said the old namekian, after getting up and turning to Tambourine-- I have been looking for you the whole day. I don't know how I found you!

Tambourine looked closely at the namekian's face. He was the old man whose grandson Tambourine had recently saved from death. The one who had also saved Tambourine on an occasion.

If you want to thank me for saving the kid, --said Tambourine with a straight face--you did when you saved me from death. Now if you don't mind, I'll go back to sleep.

It's not about that! --replied the old man nervously-- It's because I knew you from before, and I know how everyone, including myself for a time, discriminates you with no reason, only because of the way you look or because of your family...

If you're done talking, --replied Tambourine hiding his emotions, and turning his back toward the old namekian-- I'll go back to sleep.

But I saw how yo risked your life to save my grandson! --said the old man with determination, and sure of himself-- I want people to see the good in you, so you can live among us... like one of us!

The last sentence caught Tambourine's attention, and he turned towards the namekian again.

What do you mean, exactly? --replied Tambourine with interest.

I'm talking about introducing you to the village elder! The one from my village --said the old man more calmly--. I'm sure that if he accepts you as a member of our society, other villagers will as well.

And how would you elder... accept me? --said Tambourine unsure about going to the village.

He's one weird guy, --said the old namekian smiling-- he'll give you an easy test and you'll become a member of the village instantly!

Without words, Tambourine looked directly onto the namekian's eyes, to make sure he wasn't lying or that it wasn't a trap to kill him. He decided to trust him and followed him on the path to his village.

Byt after 1 hour walking, Tambourine remembered it didn't take him so long to walk from that village to his place, and that they were walking in direction of the sun's movement, and he had walked in that direction when he was leaving the village.

Er... --said Tambourine unsure, interrupting the long silence-- I just noticed we're walking in the opposite direction of your village... should I take this as if you're leading me to a trap or that you just have a horrible sense of orientation?

What? --replied the clueless namekian-- Are we going to the village? You didn't say a wordm so I thought you wanted to accompany me in my daily walk...

Tambourine felt so stupid, he grabbed the old namekian by his head and ran towards the village at full speed. They arrived in five minutes.

We are here... --said Tambourine, letting go of the old namekian's head.

Y-Yes, I've noticed... --said the namekian breathing hard, thinking he would die from a heart attack from the sudden change of speed.

The namekian regained his composure and showed Tambourine the way to the elder's house. It was, surprisingly for Tambourine, a pink house. And inside it was an even weirder being: the elder himself.

As soon as the demon and namekian entered that bright colored house, they heard a voice from the ceiling.

Hello!! --shouted the elder, an even older and fatter namekian, while he fell from the ceiling to body slam Tambourine, and thus squashing him--. Who's the scaly guy, Bob?

I told you, my name's not Bob! --said the old namekian after sighing, but didn't seem surprised one bit after the elder's random attack at Tambourine--. This guy is going to form part of our community. I wanted you to publicly accept him as a member of planet Namek, since other namekians see him as an evil demon.

Oh, is that so? --replied the old elder, without moving from Tambourine's back, on the floor--. You know that I can't do that with anyone, Bob. He must fulfill one of my tasks. And not an easy one!

Can't... breathe... ---complained Tambourine with a weak voice, as he seemed to be asphyxiated by the elder's heavy body. But none of the two namekians heard him.

That's not a problem, --said "Bob" to the axcited namekian elder-- Tambourine is pretty strong, he can do anything.

If that's the case... --said the fat elder, standing up with a small jump-- I'll tell him right away! Is that okay with you, stranger?

But Tambourine couldn't reply, as he had fallen unconcsious due to asphyxiation. The elde'r body was even marked on Tambourine's.

Um... elder? --said Bob, a bit frightened.

Throw him outside --ordered the elder with an ignorant smile--. He needs sunlight.

Where... where am I? --thought Tambourine while scratching his head, looking around to see only black, empty space sorrounding him.

You'll never beat me... --said a strange namekian standing in front of Tambourine, with his back turned to him--you were born weak, and I wasn't. You'll always be in my shadow.

Who are you!? --shouted Tambourine scared, standing up in the empty space-- Why do you know me!?

The mysterious namekian turned to Tambourine, only to show he was his younger brother, Piccolo. Tambourine was shocked at seeing his brother after so much time, but he was still confused about what Piccolo had just said. But the demon could ask his namekian brother anything, the latter shot a spiral-like beam from two of his fingers, which got through Tambourine's stomach in an instant.

The elder instantly went outside after hearing screams of pain. He saw Tambourine in the floor, screaming with his arms covering his stomach. The elder quickly threw a bucket with water at Tambourine's head, instantly waking him up from his nightmare.

Elder... --said Bob disappointed-- you were supposed to throw the water from the bucket, not the buckend and the water!

We all make mistakes, don't we? --said the elder happily.

Tambourine slowly got up, with his hand on his damaged head area. He realized it was just a nightmare soon, and asked the elder about the "task" he had to complete in order to become a member of the village.

Oh, yeah! That... --answered the elder, trying to remember what it was.

Five minutes of silence, Tambourine started to get nervous, and Bob wouldn't say a word either.

After careful consideration, --said the old elder namekian, breaking the silence-- I want a new coat. And not any coat.

Tambourine swallowed saliva, as the crazy elder started looking more and more closely at Tambourine's skin. He even started walking towards him, with his eyes set on Tambourine's green, scaly skin. The elder smiled, a smile that scared Tambourine to death, because he realized what the elder wanted.

Let me think about it for a while... --said the frightened Tambourine to the excited elder, grabbing Bob to talk with him behind a random house.

Why am I doing this again!? --asked Tambourine worried, and then looked at his arm imagining it's skin as a coat for that old man.

Oh, come on! --replied Bob, smiling-- I'm sure you'll make an awesome coat! Everyone will envy the elder for his new coat, and you will become famous for your skin!

That's not the point! --replied Tambourine, almost shouting-- I want to keep my skin, thank you! This elder of yours is crazy beyond belief! What does he think I am, an animal!?

Bob was disappointed, as he shared the elder's sense of style. Tambourine angrily grabbed two large pieces of grass from the ground, and wanted to make the elder eat them, out of his frustration. He came out from behind the house, and walked towards the elder with the pieces of grass in both of his hands.

Do you know what this is!? --said Tambourine frustrated to the elder, almost sounding like a psychopath.

You did it! --said the happy elder, and took the grass out of Tambourine's hands--. You must really want to become a member of the village! But how did it grow back on you so quickly?

The elder ran to his house carrying the grass and closed the door heavily. Tambourine, still confused, walked to the elder's pink house to see what he was doing. To Tambourine's surprise, he was sticking the grass together to make a coat.

Are you... kidding me!? --thought Tambourine amazed at the elder's naive nature, but partly happy for having completed the task without sacrificing his skin.

Your skin actually does look like grass... -said Bob, who then procceded to enter the house and congratulate the elder for his new grass coat.

Do I really look like a grass themed demon!? --thought Tambourine.

He then entered the pink house to join the old namekians in their conversation.

So... now what? --asked Tambourine-- Can I just build a house around here and live peacefully or what?

What? Oh, right --replied the elder, who was so happy with his coat that he had forgotten about his promise--. Follow me, scaly guy. I'll tell the villagers.

Tambourine and the elder walked to the center of the small namekian village, and the elder called all of it's inhabitants by shouting. Then he raised Tambourine's arm with his own as if he had won a fight.

This guy gave me this awesome scale coat with his own scales --said the elder to his people--. He's a good guy. He'll be living here from now on.

What!? --complained an adult villager-- Are you going to let that demon live with us!?

The whole village was arguing and complaining about letting a stranger live with them like he was one of them. And on top of it all, he had gained the elder's trust by tricking him into making him believe that a grass coat was a scale one.

Like him --ordered the elder with a calm, but treathening stare--. I really like my new coat.

With that cold stare, everyone in he village instantly shut up. And out of their fright of the elder, the started greeting Tambourine one by one by shaking hands or tapping his winged back.

And that's it --said the elder to Tambourine changing back to his usual expression, when everyone had left--. Now you can do whateveryou want, so feel free to build a house around here, or sleep on the floor. Just don't start screaming again or I'll throw a bucket at your head again.

The elder left, and Tambourine was accepted, in a strange kind of way, but he still knew the namekians didn't fully trust him. He immediately started building his new house, regardless of what people would think.
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PostSubject: Re: Enter Tambourine   Enter Tambourine Icon_minitimeMon Aug 30, 2010 8:33 pm

Some days ago, after finishing building his own house in a village whose elder had let him live among them, Tambourine discovered Guru's house was near by, and Guru accepted the demon as his student. With Guru, who was always sitting in his giant throne, as a master, Tambourine's training became harder and better, and his new master also taught him some techniques.

Shall we start today's session, master? --asked Tambourine to Guru that morning inside Guru's house, unaware of what was just going to happen on planet Namek.

The second Tambourine finished his sentece, a shiny spot in the sky notoriously appeared out of nowhere. Both Tambourine and Guru looked through the window startled. The shiny spot quickly started to become bigger, up to the size of a meteorite, because that's what it was.

The flaming meteorite was heading towards the planet, and it landed abruptly in a matter of seconds since it's appearance. It landed behind some mountains, in an uninhabited area, luckily.

Guru quickly sent one of his many 3-man namekian teams to investigate where had that meteorite came from. Tambourine offered to go with them but Guru thought it would be way too dangerous to give one of his new students a task like that.

My strenght is not measured by the time I have been training with you! --replied Tambourine infuriated, and headed there anyway, disobeying Guru's orders. Guru sighed and let the demon go away without objection.

Tambourine ran across the mountains with ease, looking for something that would look like a meteorite, because he wasn't sure where it had landed. Finally, he found a giant, deep hole in the ground, after just 2 minutes looking. He concluded that it must have been a normal meteorite that had fell on planet Namek out of pure randomness, but something didn't seem right, Guru's team wasn't there.

Tambourine considered they weren't as fast as him while looking for the meteorite, so he sat and waited for them next to the massive hole. Three hours waiting, Tambourine couldn't believe Guru's team could be so slow and incompetent.

Or maybe... --thought Tambourine-- something happened to them?

The green demon prepared to leave the place and report back to Guru, to tell him the sudden incident was nothing to be afraid of. Something would soon change his mind, though. At the very instant Tambourine stood up, a light fast beam of ki was shot from the hole and exploded right in front of him. Tambourine quickly stepped back while grabbing his katana's handle, looking at the huge hole in front of him, and waiting for someone or something to come out of it. Instantly, a child namekian-like creature jumped out of said hole, roaring out of control. A namekian with his antennas cut off, with a blood thirsty, perpetually drooling mouth, with a pair of murderous red eyes, and a partially burnt body, with no clothes on either.

The twisted being, desperate and wild for seemingly pure biological reasons, jumped at Tambourine to attack him wildly. The confused Tambourine had no other option than to draw his sword and defend himself from the tiny namekian "animal". The demon could hardly swing his weapon correctly, due to having bought it just a few days ago, so his first attempt of an attack failed to hit the moving target, leaving Tambourine open for a direct hit from the young creature. The corrupted namekian didn't seem to know what it was doing, but he kicked Tambourine's chest when he had the chance, nonetheless.

I... I guess I'm still not ready to use a weapon yet --said Tambourine after recieving the hit head on and being sent flying back, until he hit a rock which stopped him from flying further.

Tambourine threw his katana aside to fight the uncontrollable namekian with his fists alone. He threw a small Energy Blast at it, and it hit it's face directly, making it protect his face and scream in pain afterwards. Tambourine took advantage of the opening he had created on his enemy and jumped back at it. He landed hardly onto the twisted namekian child, which was rolling on the floor desperately trying to decrease the pain from Tambourine's attack, making it lose it's breath from the impact.

Taking advantage of his position, the green demon tried to immobilize the kid holding it's arms and legs, but the kid was moving too uncontrollably for the tactic to succeed. Noticing this, Tambourine took a small piece of cloth out his pocket and, still trying to hold the namekian from moving, used it to tie the corrupted child's arms together from it's back, like it was a pair of handcuffs.

After tying the kid, Tambourine used both of his hands to hit the child's back of the head hard enough to leave it unconscious. Finally leaving the freak of nature quiet, Tambourine picked up his katana, and then carried the kid on his left shoulder all the way through the mountains, to Guru's house, hoping he would know something about the kid's strange "disease".

What's this... wet feeling!? -- suddenly thought Tambourine on his way toards Guru's place, but quickly noticed the "namekian" child had been drooling on his left wing the whol time.

What's with this guy's saliva? --he asked himself-- It never runs out!!

After a long way through the mountains, lizardman arrived at Guru's place with a new laboratory rat. Inside the house was an enormous namekian silhouette, most likely Guru, and another, not so big, but still namekian silhouette.

Tambourine... --said Guru with a sad tone, before Tambourine could even let him know he had arrived-- I am very disappointed... of you.

Wh-What's wrong, master? --said Tambourine confused as he walked slowly into the house, still carrying the twisted namekian child in his left shoulder.

When you left, I sent Ocarina here to observe you --explained Guru--, and he just told me about your fight with that strange creature, and about your use of your katana. I told you you were not ready to fight or go to investigate that place, but you didn't listen!

Ocarina, a namekian warrior standing next to Guru's throne while looking through a window, turned to Tambourine, and his calm face instantly turned into a nervous one.

What do you think you're doing!? --shouted the angry Ocarina-- Why are you carrying that child in your shoulder!? Return it now!

Wh-What!? --replied the still confused Tambourine-- I brought this kid here so Guru could possibly tell me what's wrong with it... what's wrong with that?

In that very moment, Guru warned both warriors that he sensed a strong evil force coming that way. Tambourine and Ocarina both went outside, and the demon left the unconscious corrupted child next to the house's door. Ocarina divised three adult namekians running towards them, miles away.

You stupid mutant namekian! --shouted Ocarina angrily at Tambourine-- This child alone was dangerous, but now that you've brought it here, it's tribe will come to get it back!

I'm not a namekian! --said Tambourine, regaining his composture-- We need to know what happened to these namekians, that's why I brought him!

Well... --replied Ocarina, calmly-- all that matters now is to protect Guru from these three, don't you agree? Then we can investigate all this and that.

Both warriors turned towards the upcoming corrupted adult namekians, knowing full well a battle would start soon. Half a minute passed, and the three enemies finally reached Guru's place, which was being guarded by Tambourine and Ocarina.

These namekians had the exact same twqisted body features as the kid. The lack of antennas, the red eyes, the drooling mouth, the burnt body... everything.

A, B and C --said Ocarina while pointing each one, as if he was naming them--, I'll take care of B and C, you take care of A.

Tambourine nodded, accepting the order. The three evil namekians jumped at Tambourine and Ocarina like savage animals, preparing to attack them wildly. But Tambourine thought of another strategy, as he quickly stepped back and threw the unconscious child at them.

This is what you wanted, right? --asked Tambourine-- You hae your child, now go away!

But the namekians couldn't care less about the kid. It just attracted them there, and now that they arrived, they wouldn't be satisfied unti they killed someone.

Ocarina didn't pay too much attention to Tambourine's "plan", as he instantly rushed toward his preys, "B" and "C", which were standing next to each other. Ocarina kicked C three meters away, and immediately afterwards he jumped a bit towards B and hammered the mutated namekian's face to the ground with both hands. A rushed towards Ocarina, as Tambourine, who was standing next to Guru's house, hadn't started fighting yet. Ocarina, as skilled as he was, quickly hit A with his elbow to stop A's movement, then grabbed A's right arm and swung him in circles around him. Then he threw A at Tambourine, hoping the demon would obey his initial order.

Tambourine noticed this, and kicked A upwards to the air when said namekian reached him. Then Tambourine jumped upwards, chasing his target, and prepared to thrust A with his right arm, but A reacted and it turned Tambourine's attack against him, grabbing the demon's arm and throwing him back to the ground.

Tambourine could land succesfully on the ground, luckily, and jumped a second time towards his falling target, this time punching it succesfully.

As Tambourine pursued his immobilized target in the air another time, he saw the opportunity to slash through it with his katana. He was hesitant at first, because of his recent failure using his weapon against a child, but he didn't want to miss the opportunity so he did so. He drew his katana smoothly and chopped the corrupted namekian in two halves, vertically.

After his trimphant kill, Tambourine landed on a rock, with the sword in his right hand pointing upwards. His enemy's halves fell a second after Tambourine, behind him. The enemy was dead.

Then Tambourine quickly turned around to see how Ocarina was doing against the other two corrupted namekians. He was doing quite well, fighting both of them closely at once, but Tambourine decided to help him nonetheless. He got a bit cocky because of his recent succesful attack, so he threw his katana at one of Ocarina's two enemies, hoping it would stab one of them.

One of the namekians, C, turned around randomly while trying to hit Ocarina, just in time to catch Tambourine's katana, and used it to cut Ocarina's right arm completely, from the shoulder onwards. Ocarina screamed in pain, putting his left hand in his shoulder trying to stop the bleeding. Out of rage, he launched a huge blast out of his mouth, which completely disintegrated C, the one which cut his arm.

After that, Ocarina fell to his knees out of pain, still with his hand on his cut off arm's place. Tambourine felt horribly guilty after having indirectly cut Ocarina's arm, so he rushed towards B, the last remaining enemy, which was beating Ocarina senseless. The demon grabbed his katana from the floor and quickly cut B's head off.

Ocarina stood up, seemingly feeling less pain. He concentrated his ki for about ten seconds, before Tambourine could apologize, and a new arm suddenly came out of Ocarina's shoulder.

Don't ever do something so recklessly again --said the calm Ocarina, touching his new aright arm, testing if he could control it.

Tambourine couldn't believe namekians could do something like that.

So, will these guys regenerate too? --asked the amazed demon-- You should disintegrate the other two too, then.

No --replied the confident namekian warrior--, these two are also dead. Now let's ask Guru about all this as you wanted.

Both of them entered Guru's house again. Tambourine noticed something odd at Guru's house's entrance, but he didn't know exactly what it was.

The meteorite... --said Guru as soon as both Ocarina and Tambourine entered his place-- these strange namekians came from there... I'll send you, Ocarina to investigate. And Tambourine, you'll wait here.

But your last team didn't come back! --objected Tambourine-- Why would sending Ocarina change anything!?

Oh, they did come back... --replied the calm Guru-- you just killed them out there.

Both Tambourine and Ocarina, who hadn't left yet, were incredibly surprised by these news.

I wasn't sure at first, because these powers I felt were evil... --explained Guru, who didn't seem angry at all after having his team killed-- but while you were fighting, I became sure. These twisted namekians you were fighting were my team. Something happened to them in their mission to inspect the strange meteorite. Their bodies were corrupted by evil, and they attained that unusual form. But I'm confident Ocarina is far more skilled than these three together, so he'll go.

Tambourine remained silent and confused after this, and Ocarina quietly left towards scene.

I'll go guard the entrance, master... --said Tambourine discouraged.

Guru allowed him, and Tambourine headed out. He was sure Ocarina wouldn't come back, but he couldn't disobey Guru again either. But if something about the meteorite's hole altered people, why didn't anything happen to him? Maybe because it only affected namekians... or maybe because he had already been altered.

The scaly winged demon looked beside him while guarding the place. Something made his jaw drop. The corrupted namekian child was nowhere to be seen. Tambourine thought it could have went back to get reinforcements and attack Guru's place again. Without thinking about it twice, Tambourine set off to the mountain to help Ocarina, who could've possibly already been knocked out by the corrupted namekian forces, considering the meteorite's "virus" affected more namekians. Guru sensed Tambourine heading towards the mountains, but didn't say a word to him, because he knew it couldn't be helped.

Damn... I don't remember where I found it last time! --thought Tambourine while jumping through the mountains, looking for the massive hole created by the meteorite. He could find it after he concentrated on hearing footsteps, and the constant growls emited by these mutated namekian beings.

Tambourine landed next to the gigantic hole, he heard the namekian's growls and random wild screams, but he couldn't see any of them. They were inside the deep black hole created by the meteorite, which buried itself when it landed. Tambourine quietly walked towards the hole, with his hand on his katana's handle, ready to take it out any time if needed.

The first to come out of the hole was the kid from before, with another similar kid following him closely. As Ocarina was nowhere to be seen, Tambourine knew he had to take care of the task himself. He didn't know if the would ever be an antidote for the illness created by the meteorite, but he was willing to sacrifice the two kids and any other infected namekian in order to have no more victims to the illness. He knew he had to destroy the core of this whole infection, and it had to be the meteorite, or something that had came along with it.

Soon after the two kids came out of the crater, they rushed at Tambourine, wildly as ever, attacking him with whatever they could. Tambourine didn't seem to have a problem keeping up with the children's simplistic attacks. He noticed they were way stronger than normal namekian children, but their lack of intelligence and rationality made them easier opponents. Tambourine would often notice openings in the kids' maneuvers, openings a normal intelligent being would never create, because of how stupid they were.

While fighting the little infected beings, Tambourine punched both of them some metres away, at some point of the fight. At this point, a taller and seemingly stronger corrupted namekian jumped out of the meteorite's hole. Tambourine had no problem recognizing it.

That thing... --said Tambourine angered-- he may have lost his antennas, his eyes may have become red, his body may have burnt, and his mouth may drool perpetually... but there's no mistake in it, that's Ocarina!

Tambourine was right about that, Ocarina had fallen under the effects of the infection the meteorite had brought to Namek. The once proud namekian warrior was now a savage beast, with no other purpose than killing endlessly, instinctively.

Tambourine knew what he had to do. Even though it would hurt him to fight a comrade, even though they met for the first time the same day, he had to do it for the sake of the planet's people health.

But soon after Ocarina, a new, blue, winged and scaly "namekian" jumped out of the crater. He seemed to be the boss, or at least he came along with the meteorite. That dragon-like being resembled Tambourine, and the demon himself noticed it, but this being was blue and slightly larger than him. It also had a completely different head, which looked like that a dragon, a strange kind of dragon. It's wings were notably bigger than Tambourine's, but other than that, they were almost the same.

Even though this strange feature resemlance with the infected "leader" and Ocarina's unwilled change of heart had him shocked, Tambourine knew he had to take on the four of them alone. It was just like the fight back at Guru's place, a fight that included himself, Ocarina, and three corrupted beings. But this time, Ocarina wasn't on his side.

The fight began, Tambourine rapidly drew his katana, prepared to kill his four enemies. He knew he had to put everything he had got in the upcoming fight.

The two infected children were the first to jump at Tambourine. Now the demon didn't hesitate to kill them, so he swung his sword a single time, cutting off one of the childs' heads off, and then kicking the remaining child away. Tambourine looked at the dead body and head of the kid he killed. He closed his eyes and looked away in embarrassment for having taken a kid's life so easily.

He stayed concentrated on the fight, though, and jumped towards the remaining child, which was laying on the floor after the demon's kick, falling towards it at an alarming rate while pointing his sharp sword towards it. The defenseless child could do nothing to protect himself, as Tambourine stabbed it from above and then sliced the kid in half, vertically.

The less dangerous opponents were taken down easily. Tambourine looked at his other half of opponents. The leader hadn't moved an inch the whole time for some reason, but Ocarina had indeed been doing something. Ocarina was charging up a powerful ki attack. His right palm was open and pointed at Tambourine, while his left one was grabbing his right arm, seemingly supporting it. A small ball of ki had been growing more and more while Tambourine was busy killing the children, and now the once proud warrior was ready to shoot it at Tambourine.

Tambourine quickly ran towards Ocarina, holding his sword in a low position with both arms. He tried to reach Ocarina before he could shoot his long charged blast, but he couldn't. The blast was shot just as Tambourine was half a meter away from Ocarina, and thus, it was shot in right in his green, scaly face. A huge ki wave came out of Ocarina's powerful right arm, and it carried a screaming Tambourine a long way backwards, damaging him to a huge extent. It was finally when a big rock that Tambourine hit altered his moving direction, and so he could escape from the blast, without Ocarina noticing.

Ocarina seems to know what he's doing, unlike other infected namekians... --thought the badly damaged demon, trying to sneak his way to Ocarina.

Ocarina kept giving energy to his blast, seemingly thinking Tambourine was still trapped inside it. Tambourine reached a point in which he was behind a rock near his enemies. If he moved and attempted to slice Ocarina from behind, his only obstacle would be the dragon-like leader, who would undoubtedly notice him and protect his ally; but that guy hadn't moved since he came out of the hole. He could very well be asleep.

Tambourine did so. He ran from behind Ocarina, intending to slice him in two. But when he swung his katana, the infected Ocarina turned around and grabbed the katana's edge, making his hand bleed badly, but he didn't seem to care.

Tambourine and Ocarina both struggled to move the sword towards their respective enemy's direction, so Ocarina now grabbed the katana with both hands. Tambourine knew he wouldn't win a direct physical battle against Ocarina, as damaged as he was, so he had to win the struggle. The exhausted demon put everything he had into pushing his katana downwards.

Things got bad for Tambourine, as Ocarina started to move the katana bit by bit. Tambourine hoped Ocarina had lost intelligence in his transformation, so he would do something stupid along the way, as he was starting to lose. And luckily, Ocarina did so. He grew impatient of waiting to cut Tambourine with his own sword, so he pushed it aside and charged a blast in his mouth.

Tambourine took this opportunity to slice Ocarina diagonally, ending the struggle. If Ocarina hadn't wasted so much ki in his previous blast, he would have been able to shoot this one faster, fast enough to kill Tambourine.

The exhausted demon could barely remain standing, but he knew he had one enemy left to defeat. He turned towards the dragon like being, and started to walk slowly towards him. He was not too far, so Tambourine reached him soon enough. He opened his hand and shot a weak ki blast at his enemy's face, which surprisingly hit him directly, and made his turn towards his right side.

Who... are... you!? --shouted Tambourine angrily at his enemy.

I am... --replied the emotionless infected leader, finally saying a word, without moving-- I don't know anymore... I was born as a namekian, but... many things happened... I was experimented on... they replaced my body parts... they sent me to another planet to test if I could live in space... and now it seems my sole existence is an obstacle for my planet... as something about me is mutating the namekians. I have looked endlessly for someone who doesn't mutate when he's near me... and I found him.

Tambourine was shocked yet again. He didn't know what to think about him now. He always thought of the leader as an evil being.

Now if you will... --continued saying the leader-- kill me. Put an end to my existence.

Tambourine, without saying a word, hesitated to do it. He coulnd't kill that strange, once namekian being which resembled himself.

Kill me! --insisted the namekian, showing some emotion-- If you don't, what were those sacrifices for!? I want this and so do you.

I'm sorry --whispered Tambourine, feeling a bit of remorse. He looked away and closed his eyes, slicing off the cursed namekian's head once and for all, ending what could have very possibly became an universal pandemic.
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This is ready for grading.
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350,000 pl

40 bp
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Only staff members can grade stories,not you.And don't even think about saying"I will destroy you and then your entire world,hahahaha" because that kind of stuff can ban you forever or just a week.
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dont worry he is a mod so i guess he can do it
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Dunkin wrote:
Only staff members can grade stories,not you.And don't even think about saying"I will destroy you and then your entire world,hahahaha" because that kind of stuff can ban you forever or just a week.

I will destroy you and then your entire world,hahahaha

Now...Go on Mr. Dunkin Doughnuts, BAN ME or BOW like a little bitch and be my slave.
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