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 Shadow moves in with Golden part 1

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Shadow moves in with Golden part 1 Empty
PostSubject: Shadow moves in with Golden part 1   Shadow moves in with Golden part 1 Icon_minitimeTue Aug 31, 2010 9:22 am

Goku, Goten and Bra landed in front of the small house in the middle of the forest, followed by Vegeta and Trunks carrying Bulma.

"So this is your house, eh?" Vegeta questioned, arms crossed and slowly advancing toward the entrance.

Goku was the first to walk in, he saw Chi-Chi cooking stuff for dinner. "Hi sweetie." she said.

"Hiya, Chi-Chi..."

"Is there something the matter, Goku?"

"Well... there was a little accident..."

Chi-Chi immediately stopped what she was doing and ran up to Goku. "What happened? Is my little Goten alright? I knew this training was a bad idea, I should've made him study more like Gohan. Just because he's a teenager doesn't mean he can handle things any better! You need to be more careful Goku, where is he?"

"Chi-Chi! He's fine it's a different kind of accident..."

Chi-Chi sighed with relief, then noticed Vegeta walk into the house. "WAAH!" She grabbed Goku's arm and pulled him into the kitchen. "Why is that dangerous psycho in our house?"

Goku put his two index fingers together and moved them around nervously. "Uh, he and his family are going to be living with us for a while. We kind of destroyed their house with a minor training accident and they're staying until it's rebuilt."


Vegeta looked at them with a confused face and everyone outside came in. They all said "What's wrong? What happened?"

Chi-Chi pushed Goku aside and walked up to everybody else. "You all can't live in this house! It's way too small and the worst part is you'll all distract Gohan from his homework!"

Everybody sweat dropped. "Geez woman, give it up, your little brats won't ever be smart, so stop trying." Vegeta said with annoyance.

"WHAT WAS THAT?" Chi-Chi screamed in his face.

"And the fighting begins..." Bulma sighed and broke up the fight between her husband and her best friend. "Alright you two, let's just relax."

"How can I relax when there's four different people moving into my house!"

Goku stepped up to Chi-Chi. "C'mon Chi-Chi, it might be fun, like a long sleep over!"

"Urgh... fine. But no one distracts Gohan while he's working, clear?"

"Did I hear my name?" Gohan said, poking his head out of his room. "Um, why are there a bunch of people in the house?"

"I'll explain later Gohan, right now the Briefs are going to move into our house for a while." Goku said.

"Uh-huh." Gohan mumbled with a confused face.

Chi-Chi was trying to push Gohan back into his room. "Gohan you need to study more so you can get a degree."

"Mom I've been studying all day!"

Chi-Chi groaned. She started to ramble on and on about something like "Gohan" and "Vegeta" and "moving in" as she stomped into her room.

"Uh... this isn't her best day ever... heh heh." Goku said embarrassingly.

Vegeta crossed his arms. "Well Kakarot, aren't you going to show us our rooms?"

"Yeah sure! Follow me." Goku said as he walked into a door in the hallway, Vegeta and Bulma following. "You two can sleep here in the guest room for a while."

Vegeta looked at the bed. "This is a single bed."

"I'll just sleep on the floor." Bulma replied.

He threw open the blankets. "What the heck is this stuff on the bed?"

"Oh yeah, that's when I accidentally spilled grape juice..." Goku said with a cheesy smile.

"You what? I demand you get me new sheets! I am your prince and you will do as I say!"

"Alright alright I'll get you new sheets." Goku looked through the hallway closet but couldn't find anything. "Umm... looks like we don't have any spares."

"What? Kakarot I am not sleeping on this sticky purple bed!"

"Ugh! Vegeta it's the bed or the floor." Bulma yelled.

He growled. "Fine I'll sleep on the stupid bed."

Goku let the couple sort things out and ran to the living room. "Bra, I don't know where you can sleep..."

"I want to sleep with my big brother!"

"Oh no you ain't. Your sleeping with your daddy and I'm sleeping with Goten." Trunks replied.

"NO! I want to sleep with my big brother!" Bra started to fake cry so she could sleep in the same room as him.

"Why do you want to sleep in the same room as me? Daddy will destroy anything that's hiding in the closet."

Bra stopped crying and just looked teary eyed. "No he won't... he never believes me when I say there's a monster... he just says to go back to sleep..."

"It's fine Trunks, she can sleep with us." Goten said.

"Well... okay then."

Goku looked at the stove in the kitchen. "Waaaah!" he yelled. It was on fire! "Umm umm umm. Chi-Chi! Get down here!" But no answer came. He thought that she was ignoring him because of the certain events earlier.

He heard Vegeta and Bulma arguing about something, Bra complaining to Trunks, Chi-Chi was ignoring him, and the house was on fire.

This was only the start of the madness.
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Shadow moves in with Golden part 1 Empty
PostSubject: Re: Shadow moves in with Golden part 1   Shadow moves in with Golden part 1 Icon_minitimeTue Aug 31, 2010 9:25 am

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Shadow moves in with Golden part 1
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