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 Running out of Time (complete)

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Running out of Time (complete) Empty
PostSubject: Running out of Time (complete)   Running out of Time (complete) Icon_minitimeTue Aug 31, 2010 9:35 am

Chapter 1: It Starts Here

It was 1:05 in the afternoon at Capsule Corp. and Goku, Vegeta, and Krillin are sitting on the couch watching T.V. First they would wake up, eat breakfast, train, and head to Capsule Corp. to watch television. It was their everyday routine, and frankly they were getting tired of it which was obvious, due to look boredom on their faces. On the T.V. was one those boring soap operas that people hardly watch…

Vegeta: Why is it that we're watching some boring women's show that they barely even watch their selves?

Krillin: I don't know, but anything seems interesting at this point.

Goku sighs; yup that was their everyday routine alright. Bulma walks in to check the fighters, she notice how tired they were at their monotonousschedule and couldn't help to worry about their mental state.

Bulma: (Looking at what Goku, Vegeta, and Krillin were watching) "The Old, but Good Looking", now you know this is sad

even for you three!

(Vegeta, Goku, and Krillin glares at Bulma)

Vegeta: And you think we don't know that?

Bulma: Look I have an idea; I was just talking to 18 and Chi-Chi over the phone about our girls' night out. You should the same, you know have your own night out.

Vegeta: Normally I would disagree with you, but I'm bored and willing to do anything at this point.

Bulma: Great! Goku, Krillin, what do you think?

Krillin: Fine, I'm in.

Goku: Me too, I was getting tried of Chi-Chi anyways…

(Krillin, Vegeta, and Bulma stared at Goku, stunned by his blunt statement)

Goku: Oh, did I say that out loud? Sorry.

Krillin: Err… Anyway we should start planning our night out.

Chapter 2: Idea into Use

In Capsule Corporation Krillin, Vegeta, and Goku finally have their plans for the night, well almost…

Vegeta: Okay, I've finally came up with tonight plans and you are going to listen this time!

Vegeta stood next to the chalkboard pointer in hand. Krillin sighed and woke up Goku, who have fallen asleep during one of Vegeta's many presentations. Goku stretched, and wipe the sleep from his eyes. Vegeta has been sharing his ideas about their night out while not bothering to listen to theirs'.

Vegeta: Perfect, now that I have everyone's attention, I will present to you the best idea ever made. You see (points the pointer on the chalkboard)

I was thinking that we should go through here, then read some confidential files just for laughs then destroy them. After that we'll pour all of the gelatin into the pool, and go swimming in it. Last but not least, we'll pick on people, and steal their jackets.

Krillin: For the last time Vegeta, we are not breaking in to Okino's Psychiatric Hospital.

Vegeta: Oh, Really? It's not like you have a better idea!

Goku: Can't we just go out, and just do whatever without planning?

Vegeta: Since I have the best ideas I'm doing all the planning! Wait, I came up with a brilliant idea: why don't we do everything at the spur-of-the-moment! Yes, that's a great idea.

(Krillin rows his eyes, didn't Goku just say that?)

Krillin: Yes Vegeta, that's the best idea we've ever heard.

Vegeta: So this is finally over with. Kakarot, what time is it?

Goku: It says on the clock 6:45 P.M.

Vegeta: Excellent! We leave now.

(As the trio made their way to the door, a familiar blue-haired woman made it before them and stood in front of the door arms folded.)

Goku: Something's wrong Bulma?

Bulma: Where is it exactly that you're going looking like that?

Krillin stood back, and took a good look himself, Goku and Vegeta. Their sparring session earlier have left their clothes (what's left of them) destroyed beyond belief. All that was left of their clothes was tears, burns, and dried blood. Goku and Vegeta are oblivious to what Bulma had meant, and Krillin doubt that they could care less about their appearance.

Goku: What do you mean Bulma?

Bulma: I meant that you look a mess! If you three go out looking like that, people will think that you ran out of a burning building or something.

(Goku didn't think that they looked that bad, but the scowl on Bulma's face said otherwise.)

Krillin: I think Bulma's right, we should change.


Twenty-five minutes and new clothes later, Krillin was first to arrive at their meeting place at Blue Theme Park. Krillin was satisfied with the way he was dressed. His all maroon suit fit him perfectly, his brown tie, vest, and the ribbon that was around his hat also blended in well. Goku, the second to arrive decided that he would go with the dressy-casual look. Dressed in a short-sleeved silk blue shirt, a dark blue jacket, and a pair of dark blue jeans, Goku thought that he should wear something comfortable.

Krillin: Hey Goku!

(Goku turns around to see Krillin. He smiles his famous smile and walks over to Krillin)

Goku: Hey Krillin! Cool suit!

Krillin: Thanks, I had the tailor made it two weeks ago. You're not bad yourself.

Goku: (Scratching the back of his head, smiling) Thanks

Krillin: Are those your clothes?

Goku: Yes, who else would it be? What did you meant by that?

Krillin: Oh, it's nothing…

(Vegeta arrives at that time, wearing a black wife beater and black dress pants.)

Vegeta: Let's go, and get this over with.

(Goku and Krillin nodded and started walking with Vegeta following silently.)

At Master Roshi's Bulma was just telling Chi-Chi her idea.

Chi-Chi: You mean to tell me that they're going to be out for the night?

Bulma: Yeah, I thought it would be a great idea.

Chi-Chi: Uh-huh, and you let them out on their own?

Bulma: Yes Chi-Chi, Goku, Krillin, and Vegeta are out to have some time to themselves. It can't be more clear than that!

Chi-Chi: It's hard to believe that, you would be so stupid as to let them be on their own. Honestly Bulma, you know full well that those three aren't so bright, I mean they could be in trouble as we speak!

Bulma: Hey! Who are you calling stupid! Just because you don't care about them, it doesn't mean that I don't!

Chi-Chi: Look Bulma you don't understand! I had Goku just where I want him—

Bulma: What? Sad and miserable?

Chi-Chi: NO! I was molding Goku into the perfect husband!

Bulma: By keeping him sad and miserable?

Chi-Chi: Of course!

Bulma: WHAT!

Chi-Chi: By doing his everyday schedule, Goku will see that fighting, and getting stronger is useless.

Bulma: I still don't get it.

Chi-Chi: You haven't let me finish. By Goku knowing that fighting and getting stronger is useless, he will convert into staying home, and being with his family.

Bulma: You are one sick and twisted woman, Chi-Chi, if I can call you such.

Chi-Chi: Well, I wouldn't have it any other way.

Bulma: I still think that they should have their night out.

Chi-Chi: And who is going to take care of the children while we're gone?

Bulma: I was hoping that Gohan would take care of Goten, Trunks, and Marron for us.

Chi-Chi: Are kidding me! Gohan is still a kid! He needs to study, not take care of children!

(Bulma smirks)

Bulma: How about we ask him if he wants to baby-sit?

(Chi-Chi jaw drops)

In middle of nowhere, or somewhere, Goku, Vegeta and Krillin are walking.

Vegeta: Yeah, this is exactly how I picture going out would be, wandering the streets with two idiots.

Goku: Come on Vegeta, something will come to us eventually…

Vegeta: (Sarcastically) Whatever you say, Kakarot.

Krillin: Hey, there's a bar. Why don't we stop there for a while?

(Krillin, Goku, and Vegeta walks into the bar, and sat down near a table)

Vegeta: Yes, and now it gets better! I'm sitting in a distasteful bar with two idiots!

(Krillin shook his head and called over the waitress)

Waitress: What will it be boys?

Krillin: I'll have a beer. How about you, Goku?

Goku: Nothing, for me.

(Vegeta also declined, he didn't need some drink dulling his senses, not that it would…)

Krillin: This is boring.

Vegeta: Well what do you expect, we're in a bar! Let's go!

As the trio walks out of the bar, Goku spots something on the floor. As Goku bends down to pick up the item, Vegeta shouts can be heard from outside the bar telling him to hurry up. Goku tells him to hold on, and takes a better look at the item. It appears to be a necklace. The necklace has a jewel shape, and some kind of thick liquid that take on a clear sapphire color. The chain on the necklace was silver.

Goku: Wow! This looks great! I can give this to Chi-Chi. It will soften the blow the next time I make my leave…

Vegeta: (From outside the bar) Kakarot! You're coming or not!

Goku: I'm coming!

End Chapter

Chapter 3: It happens at Night

Out of the bar, and back on the street Goku, Vegeta, and Krillin are trying to think of better things to do. Goku thought about the necklace he picked up. It's such a pretty necklace, but something seems odd about it. The way it liquid in the necklace glows, the shape, the liquid itself, it was all strange.

Krillin: I'm telling you Vegeta, Randa's Food and Pet Store is the way to go.

Vegeta: Oh is it really? It seems inane to me.

Krillin: See you got it all wrong; not only do you get to buy food there, you can also buy a pet. The best thing about that is—

Vegeta: Enough with the nonsense already!

Krillin: It's not non- Goku? Goku? Hey Goku?

Goku: Wha? Oh sorry about that, I was just thinking.

Krillin: You ok?

Goku: Yeah, sure. What does your watch say?

Krillin: It's 9:05. We ought to go back home.

Vegeta: What a good night this has been…

Goku: I don't want to go back home. It's boring there.

Krillin: Wait! Goku what you said gave me an idea! We don't have to go back home!

Vegeta: It's not like we have anything better to do out here!

Krillin: Yeah, we do have something better to do here! Why don't we rent out a luxury hotel? I'm not talking about a room or two; I'm talking about the entire hotel. While we're at, it why don't we get us each one of those good suites? We'll be like royalty!

Vegeta: I am royalty, and you're forgetting one thing!

Krillin: What?

Vegeta: MONEY, you idiot!

Krillin: Now Vegeta, you've forgotten that you're married to one of the richest women in the world.

Vegeta smirked; yes he has forgotten that Bulma's family is wealthy. With that in mind, Krillin's idea was starting to sound good to him.

Vegeta: You may have something here.

Krillin: So what do you say, home or a luxurious hotel?

Vegeta: Fine, we'll rent out a hotel.

Krillin: Great! You know any good hotels?

Goku: Chi-Chi's always talks about this hotel she really wanted to go to. It's called "The Fortress".

Krillin: Perfect! Lead the way, Goku!

At Capsule Corporation, Gohan was in a great mood tonight and rightfully so. His mother is going out so he doesn't have to worry about studying, and Bulma is paying him 300 Zeni an hour to baby-sit. He had his night planned out; Gohan was going to feed Marron, Trunks and Goten and put them to bed early. With the kids and Chi-Chi out of the way, he get to spend some alone time with Videl. Yes, taking care of the children will be easy, or that's what Gohan thought.

(Goten, Trunks, and Marron sits on the couch, and watch Gohan pace back and forth.)

Gohan: (On the phone) So how about it? Just you and me…. No, they won't mind…. Okay, bye.

Goten: Can you believe this! It's Saturday, and we still have to go to bed early just so Gohan can have his girlfriend over!

Trunks: It's okay with me.

Goten: And why are you so calm?

(A sly smile appears on Trunks' face leaving Goten bewildered)

Trunks: Now Goten, you should know me by now.

Goten: Ohhhh, I see what you mean…

Gohan: Okay kids, are you ready for dinner?

Marron: Eat?

Gohan: Yes, eat.

Marron: Yay!

(Gohan smiles and proceed to set the table. Goten, knowing what comes after starts to panic.)

Goten: He's putting food on the table! There's not enough time! Think of something Trunks!

Trunks: Don't worry Goten everything will work out in our favor.

Goten: Alright, but how about her? (Points to Marron)

Trunks: She can be in it too.

(Goten raises an eyebrow)

Marron: In what?

(Goten, and Trunks' eyes widen)

Trunks: You heard us!

Marron: Of course I did! What, you thought I was deaf?

Goten and Trunks: Uhhhhhh…

(Marron rowed her eyes, and sighed. Boys can be such idiots.)

Marron: Just because I'm younger than you, it doesn't mean I'm stupid!

Trunks: Uh, yeah you're very smart…

Goten: (mumbling) More like dumb as a brick…

Marron: EXCUSE ME!

Goten: Nothing! Nothing! I didn't say anything!

Marron: That's what I thought.

Gohan: Time to eat!

(Trunks, Goten, and Marron took a seat near the dinner table)

Goten: Big brother, aren't you going to eat with us?

Gohan: That's okay Goten, I'm not hungry.

(Goten looks down)

Goten: Oh. Okay.

Ladies' night came for Eighteen, Bulma, and Chi-Chi as they were riding around town in Eighteen's new hover car. Bulma and Eighteen are talking, while Chi-Chi is being uncharacteristically silent.

Bulma: Wow Eighteen. This is such a good car. It must have been very expensive.

Eighteen: Yeah, it was.

Bulma: How were you able to afford it?

Eighteen: I pulled a few strings.

Bulma: What did you mean by that?

Eighteen: ….

Bulma: You stole it, didn't you?

Eighteen: Be quiet Bulma, I can't drive while you're screaming like that.

Bulma: Sorry. Wait, when'd you learn how to drive?

Eighteen: Err. Uhhh…

(Not knowing what to say, Eighteen decided to change the subject.)

Eighteen: Why is Chi-Chi so quiet? She's usually the one talking us to death.

Bulma: She's sulking. I guess she is still mad about, me asking Gohan to baby-sit.


Eighteen: Easy, Easy, you almost bust my eardrums.

Bulma: I don't see why you're so mad at that.

Chi-Chi: You stopped Gohan from studying, so he can take care of the kids. He wouldn't have to baby-sit if his father was home, which he isn't because, YOU sent HIM along with two other so-called protectors of the Earth out, just to have a good time! Because of that Gohan can never be a scholar like I've always wanted. Because of YOU, MY dreams will never come true!

Eighteen: What is that psycho talking about?

Bulma: Chi-Chi, you're over exaggerating.

Chi-Chi: Oh am I really? Not only won't my son become a scholar, but my husband will leave me too.

Eighteen: Well Goku was gonna leave you anyway.

Bulma: Eighteen!

Eighteen: What? You know it's true! And don't try to deny it!

Bulma: …..

Eighteen: I thought so.

(Bulma sighs)

Bulma: Look Chi-Chi, if you're worried about Gohan so much, why don't you call and see how he's doing?

Chi-Chi: Fine. Let me hold your phone.

(Bulma reaches into her purse, takes out her cell phone and hands it to Chi-Chi.)

Gohan: Can't you three eat without making a mess?

It looks like Gohan has some cleaning to do before Videl get here for, the kitchen looks terrible. Food was thrown all over the place, courtesy of Goten, Trunks, and Marron.

Trunks: (Smiles sweetly) What ever do you mean Gohan?

(Gohan glares at Trunks. The phone rings. Gohan sighs and answers it.)

Gohan: Hello.

Chi-Chi: (On the other line) Gohan! How are you? How are the kids? Are you Safe? Are they Safe? Did anything bad happen? Are the kids treating you right? How is Goten?

Gohan: Mom!

Chi-Chi: You sound worried, is everything alright?

Gohan: Everything's fine Mother.

Chi-Chi: Are you sure?

Gohan: Err… (He turns to look at Trunks, Goten and Marron who are engaging in a food fight.) Yes, I'm sure.

Chi-Chi: Ok, bye.

Gohan: Bye. (Hangs up phone, and turns to the trio) Ok, it's time for you three to go to bed.

Bulma: Well, what did Gohan say?

Chi-Chi: Gohan is suffering over there! He needs me!

Eighteen: What! You've got to be kidding me!

Bulma: Chi-Chi…

Chi-Chi: Eighteen, turn this car around, we're going back to Capsule Corp.

Eighteen: I drove for 2 hours trying to get to our destination. There is no way in HFIL are we going back we're going to Capsule Corp.

-11 Minutes later-

Eighteen: I can not believe we're going back to Capsule Corp.

(Chi-Chi, who is now in the driver's seat, is driving rapidly, while screaming at the people driving of front of her)


Eighteen: And I thought Seventeen had a bad case of road rage.


Bulma: I hope we get back soon; Chi-Chi's driving scares me...

Goku, Vegeta, and Krillin arrive at The Fortress…

Goku: This is it!

Vegeta: Not bad. Not bad at all.

(Vegeta walks up to the front desk and rings the bell. A pimply, teenage clerk walks from out the backroom, and stands behind the front desk.)

Clerk: Can I help you?

Vegeta: I don't know. Can you?

Clerk: Fine, 'May' I help you?

Vegeta: Yes you may, I want to rent out this entire hotel.

Clerk: Wha-WHAT? I'm afraid you can't do that sir, there is people already booked into this hotel.

Vegeta: I don't care if there are people already in this hotel; I want this hotel empty while I'm staying here!

Clerk: You cannot have this hotel to yourself, while there are still customers in it.

Vegeta: Now listen here… (Looks name tag) Tim, (Grabs the collar of his purple and gold uniform jacket, and pulls him close.)-

Krillin: (whispering to Goku) This could mean trouble…

Vegeta: - if you don't give me what I want, I will be forced to kill you. You don't want that now, do you?

(Tim shook his head)

Vegeta: I didn't think so. (Vegeta throws Tim to the ground. Tim slides back.) Go make yourself useful, and get me the manager of this hotel.

(Tim nods his head, and runs away)

Vegeta: (Yelling after Tim) I'll know if you escape, so don't even try!

(Goku and Krillin stares at Vegeta wide-eyed)

Vegeta: Well that's how you have to get through to people!

-An Hour Later, in the manager's office -

Vegeta: I'm glad we can come to a deal.

Manager: I'm also pleased with our deal sir, but because of it we might lose customers.

Vegeta: Well it's not my problem now is it? Let's go Kakarot!

(Goku follows Vegeta out of the manager's and into the lobby, where they met up with Krillin.)

Krillin: So we have the hotel to ourselves?

Vegeta: Of course, I've made a deal with the manager.

Goku: Vegeta said that he'll pay a certain amount of money per day.

Krillin: Oh, (smiles) well if you need me I'll be in the hot tub!

(Krillin walks away)

Vegeta: Humph, as if anyone would ever need him.

(Vegeta walks away, leaving Goku to himself.)

Goku: I'm all alone, now what? Oh! I know, (Takes necklace form out his pocket) I can some research on this necklace. Maybe there's more to it than it looks. It could be-

Person: Excuse me,

Goku turns to see a woman that is almost his height with reddish brown skin, green shoulder length hair, multi colored eyes (green and hazel), and a lighting shaped green mark on her right cheek. She is wearing a long sleeved, light blue shirt with pants, and shoes to match.

Woman: Don't you find it a little odd to be talking to yourself?

Goku: Oh, I'm sorry. It's just a habit of mine. (Smiles) Hi, I'm Goku. (Pulls out his hand)

Woman: (Take his hand and shakes it) Hello Goku, I'm known as Zemiarusen.

Goku: (Looking up) Zem-mer-ru-sen?

Zemiarusen: Yes, but you can call me Zemi. Are you here alone?

Goku: No, I'm staying with two friends. How about you, are you alone?

Zemi: Yes, I like to work here part time.

Goku: You do? (Zemi nods) Do you know this hotel well?

Zemi: Somewhat.

Goku: Can you give me a tour of it?

Zemi: Sure! Why not!

End of Chapter 3

Chapter 4: The Secrets of the Unknown

It has been ten minutes since Goku meet Zemiarusen, and she had already shown him over half the huge hotel called 'The Fortress'. Goku took notice on how quickly Zemi was moving. It seems like she was in a rush, but every time Goku question her about it she never gives him a whole answer, or she didn't answer him at all.

Zemi: Here is what the hotel calls the relaxation center. It's pretty much the hotel's spa.

Goku: Is it really?

Zemi: Yeah, and it's known as the hotel's most expensive part, costing at least-uh, you don't care do you?

Goku: No, not really.

Zemi: Didn't think so. Come on, we can sit at a table in the dining area. I'll show you the way.

Goku: Fine. Do you mind if I ask you something?

Zemi: No. You just did didn't you?

Goku: What are you; I mean, where are you from?

Zemi: Is that obvious that I'm not from the human race? Well I'm a Requeren, from the planet Utpoma.

Goku: Utpoma? I've never heard of that planet before.

Zemi: Well it doesn't exist yet.

Goku: What?

Zemi: I meant that it's very hard to find.

(Goku narrows his eyes)

Goku: Uh-huh, I see.

Zemi: Shall we continue?

Goku: Of course.

(Zemi Nods)

Zemi: (Thinking)It's just like me to get someone suspicious…

Goku and Zemi continue to walk to the dining area in silence. They took two seats and sat at a round table.

Zemi: You know, I didn't think there was still some of your kind left.

Goku: You mean saiyans?

Zemi: Yes.

Goku: I'm one of four that survived, but how did you know you I was one?

Zemi: The same way you know I wasn't human.

Goku: Huh?

Zemi: Uh, you said that you weren't here alone?

Goku: Yes, I'm with two other friends.

Zemi: I wonder what they're doing now…

(On top of the Roof )

Krillin is relaxing in the hot tub with six other women.

Woman 1: You're so strong, what do you do?

Krillin: (Chuckles and flexes his biceps.) Well I workout a lot. I like to keep my body in shape, you know.

Woman 3: (Giggles) You're so cute!

Krillin: (Blushes) Well, I…uh…

Woman 2: No he isn't! He's more handsome!

Woman 3: No, he's cute!

Woman 2: Handsome!

Woman 3: Cute!

Woman 2: Handsome!

Woman 3: Cute!

Krillin: Now, Now, let's say I'm both handsome and cute.

Woman 4: (sighs) Oh Krillin, you're so smart. That's why you're my man.

Woman 6: No, he's my man!

Woman 4: He's my man!

Woman 6: Over my dead body he is. (She attacks Woman 4, and they start to fight.)

Woman 5: Hey! Hey! Stop it! (Breaks up Women 4 and 6) Honestly! What's wrong with you two? (Turns to Woman 6) He's not your man, (Turns to Woman 4) and he's not your man! (The women start to feel ashamed of them selves.) He's my man!

Women 4 and 6 starts to assault Woman 5 until…

Krillin: Ladies please! There's no need to fight, there's enough of me to go around.

(The women sigh and continue to compliment Krillin.)

Woman 3: Your hair is so shiny!

Krillin: Wow, that's what my wife always says!

Woman 2: Your wife?

Krillin: Uh, yes.

(All women exchanged looks, and walks away.)

Krillin: Hey! Come back! We can still be friends! (They all ignore him, and continue to walk away.)

Krillin: (sighs) The only time when girls are interested in me, and I'm married.

(Back to the dining room)

Goku: Probably getting them selves into trouble.

(Zemi and Goku both laughs)

Zemi: Listen…

(Goku frowns, surprised by the quick change to seriousness Zemi displayed.)

Zemi: I saw that relic you had in your hands earlier. I must tell you: be careful with it.

(Goku cocks his head)

Zemi: It's very dangerous, but I can't tell exactly what it does.

Goku: Why? Another secret you're trying to keep from me?

Zemi: No, because I don't know what it does.

Goku: Oh.

Zemi: I advise you to put the relic back where you found it.

(Goku takes the necklace from out his pocket, it doesn't look dangerous…)

Goku: But what if- (When Goku looks up, Zemi is nowhere to be found.)

Goku: Where could she have gone so quickly? That's odd; she doesn't have a ki whatsoever. Well, I'll do what she says but, I have something important to do first.

Well Goku seems to think that, going to his hotel room to sleep is more important than heeding Zemiarusen's advice. I wonder how this turns out…

EndingChapter 4

Chapter 5: The Start of a Horrible Date

Gohan took a good look around the kitchen, to see if he missed any spots while cleaning. There are stains on the walls where the food used to be and yes, the kitchen appliances aren't working like they should be. The sink is spitting out rusted water, the stove cooling down instead of heating up, and the refrigerator door was stuck. Gohan managed to open the refrigerator door, to have found out that all of the food was mixed up with other foods. Gohan questioned the durability of Capsule Corp. products but then, he remembered with Goten, Trunks, and Marron anything is capable of being destroyed. Despite all of the tribulations, Gohan managed to put the kids to bed, clean the kitchen, and make dinner for Videl and himself.

(Door bell rings. Gohan rushes to the door. He fixes himself before answering it.)

Gohan: Good evening, Videl.

Videl: Hello to you too, Gohan.

(Videl walks in, and looks around the huge building that is Capsule Corporation.)

Videl: Wow, this place is huge! How did you get the owner to let you stay here?

Gohan: The owner and I are very close.

Videl: Is that true Gohan? I can't wait to tell everybody at School!

Gohan gulps, the thought of Videl telling everyone isn't very appealing…

(Trunks' Bedroom)

Goten and Marron, are sitting on Trunks' bed, waiting impatiently for the purple-haired boy to come back from wherever he went to. It has been 6 minutes since Trunks has left, and they were starting to get bored.

Goten: Where did Trunks go again?

Marron: How am I supposed to know?

Goten: I don't know. Didn't Trunks tell you anything?

Marron: Didn't Trunks tell you anything? I thought he was supposed your best friend.

(Goten sighed, and looks at the clock on the wall.)

Goten: It's 10:35, where is he already?

Marron: Look, if you're so worried about him, why do you do and look for him?

Goten: What if he comes back?

Marron: Who said I was going with you?

Goten: I thought-

(Trunks open the door. He picks up the large box sitting next to him, and enters the bedroom. Trunks sat the box next to the bed, then turned to Goten and Marron.)

Trunks: Sorry that took me so long, but here it is: The way to get back at Gohan.

Marron: A box! A BOX? You made us wait 10 minutes for a box?

Trunks: Not just any box…

Trunks opened the box to reveal a bunch of-

Goten: Folders?

(Trunk shook his head.)

Trunks: Not just any folders. (He picks up a folder labeled, "Gohan" and hands it to Goten.) Look for file B. (Goten found file B, which is labeled, "If Gohan Baby-sits".) Then look for part 4.5. (Goten found part 4.5, and it's labeled, "If Gohan baby-sits and puts us to bed early to have a date with Videl.")

(Goten and Marron's eyes widen.)

Trunks: See, I told it wasn't any box! It contains files for just incase something we don't want to happen, happens. We should get started on them now.


Gohan is standing near the doorway, while Videl is looking around the kitchen.

Videl: Such a big kitchen! You know, for such a rich family you'd think they'll keep this place cleaner.

(Gohan scratches the back of is head.)

Gohan: Hehe… Uh... Videl, why don't you do wait in the living room, while I finish making our dinner?

(Videl turns her attention to the stove; she notices the pot on it and decides to sample what's in it.)

Videl: (After tasting what's in the pot) Maybe we should order Chinese. (Tastes the stuff again) This stuff is disgusting!

Gohan: That's because it's soap water.

(Videl spits it out)

Videl: Why didn't you tell me?

Gohan: Well, when you didn't like it I thought you'd stop.

(Videl shakes her head.)

Gohan: I was soaking the pots and pans before I start dinner.

Videl: Oh. I'll wait in the living room, as you asked.

Gohan: Thank you.

(Three Hours, Fifteen Minutes, and a few Pranks Later)

Gohan: (From in the kitchen) Dinner's ready!

Videl sits at the table, and Gohan places the food in front of her. He sits at the table with his own food.

Videl: Wow! Spaghetti my favorite!

(Gohan smiled, it seems like he made the right choice. Videl takes the peppershaker to put some pepper on the spaghetti, the lid fall off and a bunch of salt poured onto the spaghetti.)

Videl: Salt? I thought this was pepper!

Videl looked at her food with disgust. When she wanted pepper she got salt, and when she got salt she was given a lot of it. "A lot", may be a tad of an understatement because, she had so much salt on her meal that it looked like snow. Well the fact of the matter is Videl can no longer eat her food. Meanwhile, Trunks and Marron were watching the scene of the other side of the doorway.

Trunks: (smirks) Well, an old trick has proven to be very useful.

Marron: Okay, how exactly did that happen? I could've sworn I had seen pepper in that shaker.

Trunks: The shaker was made to look like pepper on the outside.

Marron: Oh. Hey, where's Goten?

Trunks: He's setting up some more tricks. All we have to do is sit back and watch.

(Back to the Kitchen)

Videl: I'll be right back; I'm going to the restroom.

Gohan: You do that, and I'll make you another plate.

Videl: Thanks.

(Videl heads out to the hallway, and then she remembers something: she doesn't know where the bathroom is.)

Videl: Hmm… Let's see, bathrooms are usually upstairs so, I start up there.

(Videl saw an elevator near the stairs, so naturally she gets ready to use it. As she walks over to the elevator, she realizes that it has a sign on and it reads, "Out of order." Videl looks up at the stairs, and estimated to be nine flights before she can get to the next floor. She sighs, and began to walk up the flights of stairs.)

End of Chapter 5

Chapter Six: Different Period in Time

Goku: Whoa! What happened here?

Goku woke up in shock when he saw his suite in shambles. He rubbed his eyes. Nope, he's not dreaming, his once beautiful luxurious suite is now destroyed. Goku got out of bed, and started to look into the predicament. He found that he was lucky to have gotten out of bed or else, he'd collapsed along with it. He watched the bed as it fell through the floor, and into the suite under his.

Goku: This suite is really in bad shape!

Goku walked out of the suite and into the hallway to have found out that it was in bad shape also. The red carpet that used to cover the hallway's floors has worn off, and showed the old wooden boards beneath it. The old wooden seemed very frail. With that in mind, Goku decided to hover instead of walk to avoid collapsing though floors like his bed.

Goku: This is strange. Ok, I have to remember what happened last night. Let's see, I was talking to Zemi about that necklace and then I went to sleep. The hotel was in good condition then, and it was also in good condition when I went to the kitchen get something to eat later that night. Wait! I remember now. Zemi was there and she said something…


It was 12:43 and Goku is in the kitchen making a 42" inch sub. Carrying the sandwich, he goes into the dining room to eat, and then a figure appears of front of him. Goku stops to look at the figure.

Zemi: Hello Goku. How are you doing?

Goku: Fi-

Zemi: That's good. Look I need to talk to you regarding the relic.

Goku: (dully) Again?

(Zemi rows her eyes.)

Zemi: If you're going to hold on to that you have to look out for some changes.

Goku: Like what?

Zemi: Changing colors, strong auras, different shapes, stuff like that.

Goku: Anything else?

Zemi: I'm not sure. Just keep an eye on it.

Goku: Fine.

(End of Flashback)

Goku: Okay, I must get the necklace and check for any changes…If I can find it…

Meanwhile at the hotel lobby or, what's left of it…


Krillin: I don't know Vegeta.

Vegeta: Weren't you looking after him?

Krillin: Goku's a grown man, he can look after himself.

Vegeta: Humph, I doubt it.

Krillin: I don't know why, he saved the world more times than I can count.

Vegeta: Him saving the world has nothing to do with me waking up in a heap of mess that once a hotel.

Vegeta starts to pace around on the wooden floors of the damaged hotel's lobby. He continues his pacing until he stumbles over a board. Vegeta growls, snatches the board from off the floor, and chucks it towards Krillin. Krillin steps to the side and the board hits a window. Vegeta shook his head.

Vegeta: This place is fallen apart! (He leans on the registration desk and it well, falls apart)

(Vegeta snarls and Krillin laughs.)

While all of this is going on, Zemi was walking through the hallways of the hotel. She spots something out of the corner of her eye. She turns her head.

Zemi: A glowing green light?

It was coming from one of the suites, but what was that green light? Zemi goes into the suite and, walks towards the green light.

Zemi: Huh? What is this doing here?

The glowing green light was coming from the necklace, the same one that she saw Goku with earlier. There was a crashing sound, and then a bed fell through the roof of the suite.

Zemi: Ack!

Zemi jumped out of the way, as the bed fell through the roof. A second late, and she would've been crushed! Zemi took a look at the necklace that she now holds in her hand. It stopped glowing, but it was still green.

Zemi: I have to talk this over with Goku. Hopefully he'll let me hang on to this until I can figure out the reason for this sudden color change. (She pockets the necklace, and looks out the window. Her eyes widen.)

Zemi: EH?

It was then when Zemi realized that she was at her own time period.


Zemi jumped when she heard the abrupt outburst. She backed up onto the wall, and walked to the direction of the voice. She peaks around the corner to see two men. Not making a sound she listens in on their conversation…

Man 2: I don't know Vegeta.

Man 1: Weren't you looking after him?

Man 2: Goku's a grown man, he can look after himself.

Man 1: Humph, I doubt it.

Zemi: (thinking) They know Goku? They must be the friends that he was talking about. Wait! What are they doing in this time period?

Then there was a sound of glass shattering.

(Back to Vegeta and Krillin)

Krillin: Hey Vegeta, I just realized something…

Vegeta: What?

Krillin: Couldn't we just pick out Goku's ki?

(Vegeta slaps his forehead)

(From Vegeta and Krillin to Goku again)

Goku searched to and fro for the necklace, but there was still no sight of it.

Goku: Ah come on! Where could it be?

There is one more place to check, and that's the lobby.


Goku looked around, who said his name?


Goku: (telepathically) Krillin?

Yes it's me. We need you in the lobby. And hurry up, Vegeta's blowing a fuse.

(Goku walks into the lobby)

Krillin: Well that was quick!

Goku: I was on my way here anyway.

Vegeta: Good, now you can tell us what going on.

End of Chapter 6

Chapter 7: What else is worse?

In Capsule Corp. Videl look back down at the flights of stairs, finally she had reached next floor. Leaning against the wall she checked her watch, it's 11:05.

Videl: I can't believe it took thirty-five minutes walk up sixteen flights of stairs. I'm getting out of shape.

Oh yes, it was sixteen flights and she thought it was nine. Videl starts the walk down the hallway in search of a bathroom. It was not until the end of the hallway when she found it.

Videl: Finally!

Videl walk in to the bathroom and closed the door, unaware to the fact that there are two other people following her.

Trunks: Marron! Don't go any further. If we get too far down the hall she might hear us.

Marron: Fine. Hey where's Goten?

Trunks: (looks behind him) He was behind me a minute ago…

-To Goten-

Goten is still downstairs standing by the elevator. He snickers as he takes the "Out of order" sign off the elevator.

Goten: This should do it! Wait, I have to catch up with Trunks and Marron... I could fly to them…

He could fly to them but, Bulma forbids flying in the house.

(Goten snaps his fingers)

Goten: Ah ha! I got it!

Goten decides to use the elevator to go to catch up with Trunks and Marron.

-Back to Trunks and Marron-

Trunks: Marron! We have to hide she's coming!

Him and Marron hides in the supply closet in the middle of the hall, as Videl walks out of the bathroom. Videl walks to the end of the hallway and sighs.

Videl: Back down the stairs I go.

As Videl steps down the stairs, Goten walks out of the elevator. Sensing that Videl has left, Marron and Trunks got out of the supply closet.

Trunks: Goten where have you been! We have to stay close together if we want this plan to work!

Goten: I know Trunks. I'm sorry. I had something to do. So… What's next?

(Trunks chuckles)

Trunks: I'm so glad you asked, Goten…

-To Videl-

Videl finished going down the stairs within fifteen minutes. She goes into the kitchen where Gohan is waiting for her.

Gohan: What took you so long?

Videl: Do you know I had to use the stairs because the elevator was broken! Sixteen Flights! And all just to use the bathroom!

Gohan: Uh Videl, there's nothing wrong with the elevator. Besides, why didn't you use the one down the hall?

(Videl lifts an eyebrow)

Videl: What to you mean, 'there's nothing wrong with the elevator'?

Gohan: Like I said, there's nothing wrong with the elevator.

Videl: WHAT? There was an "Out of Order" on the elevator door.

Gohan walks out of the kitchen and to the elevator.

Gohan: I don't see a sign.

Videl: (who is now by Gohan) Are you blind Gohan? It's right here! (She points to the elevator door in which the sign was nonexistent) Huh? Where'd it go? It was right here! I saw it!

(Gohan shook his head)

Gohan: Well it's not here. You must seeing things.

Videl: I'm not seeing things! It was right here.

Gohan: Can we just forget it?

Videl: Fine.

(Gohan and Videl walks back to the kitchen)

Gohan: You're dinner is on the table.

Videl: Aren't you going to eat?

Gohan: I'm not hungry.

Videl: Oh, okay.

(Videl looks at the spaghetti to see that it's plain.)

Videl: Do you have any sauce to go with this?

Gohan: Yeah, it's in the cabinet.

Gohan left the kitchen, while Videl walked over to the cabinet. As Videl opens the cabinet a bowl fell out, and hit her on the head. It wouldn't be that much a problem, hadn't the bowl contained the sauce she was looking for. In anger, Videl left the kitchen to go the bathroom. This time she was mindful to use the one down the hall. While all of this was going on Marron, Goten, and Trunks were in the living room, plotting their next step to make Gohan and Videl's night together miserable.

Trunks: Okay! Now, we know that Gohan and Videl would want to watch a movie after dinner. Sooooo… we must start with the furniture.

Goten: What! You're not making any sense!

Trunk: It will once everything works out. Anyway, Marron would you mind putting all of the movies in a box of some sort, and hide it somewhere?

Marron: Yes, I do mind.

Trunks: Well do it anyway.

(Marron sighs before doing what Trunks asked her to do.)

Trunks: Goten, (Trunks takes a long, thin, cylinder stick from out of his pocket, and hands it to Goten) this is a small laser. It's able to damage objects without any noticeable marks.

Goten: Where did you get it from?

Trunk: My grandpa's lab.

Goten: What you want me to do with it, Trunks?

Trunks: I want you make slices in the furniture so it would break apart.

Goten: But, I could have did that without the laser.

Trunks: True, but it wouldn't be as subtle. We're looking for subtlety here.

Goten: What does "subtlety" mean?

Trunks: Figure that out while you work on the furniture.

-Back to Videl-

(Videl walks in to the bathroom. She stops in front of the sink and takes a look at herself in the mirror.)

Videl: Great! Just great! (sighs) Well I don't think Gohan would mind if I use some shampoo…

(She opens up the cupboard behind the mirror, and took out a lime color bottle with a drawing of a leaf on front it. She now unscrews bottle, then pours its contents on top of her head. Videl frowns and she massages the pink, gooey, substance in her hair. Lastly, she rinses out her hair and looks in the mirror.)

Videl: (screams) Whaa… What is this!

(Videl continues to stare in the mirror. She growls, then leaves the bathroom.)

While Videl was eating, Gohan decided that it would be a great time to pick up the puzzle pieces that Goten, Trunks, and Marron left lying around on the on the floor in the playroom Dr. Briefs had made for them. Gohan was just about to put the last puzzle piece in the box until Videl appeared behind him.
Videl: Gohan!

(Gohan yelps and jumps up, causing puzzle pieces to fly everywhere.)

Gohan: Wha-What happened to your hair?

Videl: That's what I want to know.

(Videl's once ebony hair is now sporting bright pink color.)

Gohan: What did you do?

Videl: I went to get the sauce from the cupboard and it spilled in my hair. Then after that I washed my hair and now it's pink.

(Gohan sighed and massaged his temples; something is definitely wrong here.)

Gohan: Why don't we just forget it and relax?

Videl: Relax! RELAX! Gohan my hair is pink and I want to know why!

Gohan: Okay, but stressing over it won't turn your hair back to its original color.

(Videl sighed, she hate admit it but he was right.)

Videl: Fine. Let's watch some T.V. or something.

With that said, Gohan and Videl advanced to the living room. Videl sat on the couch, and Gohan sat on the armchair beside it.

Videl: Hey Gohan, why don't you come sit over here next to me?

Gohan: I'm fine over here.

(Right after Gohan said that, the armchair collapsed in pieces beneath him.)

Gohan: …Or maybe not…

Videl: I guess you have to sit on the couch now.

(Gohan does so and Videl picks up remote.)

Videl: What's up with this remote? It doesn't work.

Gohan: I think the battery ran out. I'll get up and turn on the T.V.

(Gohan pushes the power button on the television, but it remained off. Afterwards the T.V. stand collapses under it, and once the T.V. hit the floor it too broke apart.)

Gohan: Huh? Everything's falling apart.

The couch collapses under Videl. Gohan, being the gentleman that he is, walks over to Videl to help her up. He manages to trip over the coffee table (which breaks apart afterwards) on the way over and fall on top of Videl. Now, of all times, the front door opens to reveal Bulma, Chi-Chi, and Eighteen on the other side.

Chi-Chi: GOHAN! What on earth is going on here?

Chapter 7 Ends Here

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Chapter 8: Shall we Begin?

Vegeta: Good, now you can tell us what going on.

Goku: What do you mean Vegeta?

Vegeta: Cut the innocent crap, Kakarot! You know exactly what I mean!

Goku: Huh?

(Krillin shakes his head)

Krillin: Goku. Vegeta wants to know what happened to the hotel. Surely, something strange has happen while we were asleep.

(Goku scratches his head)

Goku: Sorry, I haven't a clue.

Vegeta: Kakarot, you have better tell us what's going on or-

(Zemi appears)

Zemi: He doesn't know what's going on, but I do.

Vegeta: And who the heck are you?

Zemi: My name's Zemiarusen.

Goku: Zemi, you know what happened?

Zemi: Yes, somewhat. Over 30 years have passed since your own time, or haven't you notice?

Krillin: What?

(Zemi points to her left)

Zemi: Have a look at that window over there.

Vegeta, Goku, and Krillin look out of the window. To say that they where shocked would be an understatement. The buildings, the cars, the streetlights, even the street itself looked different. There are small tubes and thick power lines everywhere, for mail purposes perhaps? Everything had a more futuristic look to it.

Krillin: Well, this is unexpected.

Zemi: I assume that in one of the years that have passed, this hotel has been abandoned.

(The four of them walked out of the hotel)

Krillin: So now wha-

(Krillin stumbles as the sidewalk moved from beneath him. Zemi pulled him from off the sidewalk and onto the grass with herself, Goku and Vegeta.)

Zemi: One of the many inventions of the future. The sidewalk moves front and backwards so people won't have to be bothered with walking.

Goku: Why are we in this time period?

Zemi: I'm guessing it has something to do with this. (Zemi holds up the emerald necklace)

Goku: You've found it! Wasn't it another color before?

Vegeta: Okay, now I know this must be some kind of a joke! How does a necklace put us a few years into the future?

Zemi: I can't really explain all the details, but I know someone who can. Here, (Hands Krillin a piece of paper) go to this address. There are directions on the back. Oh, and Goku (Goku looks at her) I'm going to need to hold on to this (gesturing to the necklace). Until later, farewell!

(Zemi disappears)

Goku: Where'd she go?

Krillin: Where'd she come from in the first place? I guess we'll have to visit this place (Holds up the piece of paper) if we want answers.

(Vegeta snatches the paper away Krillin)

Vegeta: (Reading) 'To Yurin Lab' (turns to the back) 'Go left, go right, right, left, left, right, left, right, right, right, left'. Huh, what kind of stuff is this?

Krillin: Does she mean left from where we're standing, or from the street?

Vegeta: Heck if I know.

(Goku, Vegeta, and Krillin walked to the left, yet for some reason they're going right…)

Vegeta: Darn sidewalks!

(Vegeta notices Goku and Krillin are starting going left; however he is still going right.)

Vegeta: How the-

Krillin: You know Vegeta; we just realized that there was another sidewalk besides the one you're on that's going left.

Vegeta: Screw this!

(Vegeta starts flying to the left. Goku and Krillin exchanged looks and follow suit.)

(Going left leaded them to the end of the block. As the paper directed, they went right.)

(They went Right, there ends another block.)


(They went left again.)

(Right, Vegeta spats as a candy wrapper flew into his face.)



(Right again. Krillin lands as he sees normal sidewalks; Vegeta and Goku follows suit.)

(Right once more, Goku bumps into somebody while running.)

Goku: I'm sorry. Here let me help you.

(Goku gives a hand to the fallen figure, who takes it. Goku pulls the person to her feet. She rubs her head.)

Woman: Next time you should watch where you're go- huh?

(The woman stares at Goku)

Goku: Is there anything wrong?

Woman: Gra-Grandpa?

Goku: Huh?

Woman: It's you! It's really you!

(The woman tackles Goku with amazing force. A second later, Goku found himself on the floor with the unknown woman hugging him.)

Woman: I can't believe it's you actually came back!

(Goku attempts to pry the woman off of him but no avail)

Woman: I've missed you so much! Where have you been all these years?

(Vegeta rowed his eyes and pulled the woman off of Goku.)

Vegeta: Look lady, I have no idea who you are but I believe you are mistaken. This man isn't anybody's grandfather. Get the drift?

(The woman close her eyes, then takes breath. With a calm voice, she talks to Goku.)

Woman: I'm sorry. Forgive me; obviously I thought you were someone else.

(Goku gives her a warm smile.)

Goku: It's okay. It was just a mistake, right?

Woman: Yeah…

(The woman walks away.)

Krillin: That was odd.

Goku: Yeah.

Krillin: I wonder what that was about…

Goku: I guess she just misses her grandfather.

Krillin: Call me crazy but, I think she looks a little like Chi-Chi…

Vegeta: Humph, yeah right.

Vaughn Yurin sighed as she looks over a few documents relating Yurin Lab's net worth. It isn't good. The money that came in isn't much, not nearly enough to pay the rent to keep the lab running. Vaughn is a genius; she even graduated out of college at age four. Her father, a business tycoon, decided that Vaughn would be fit for managing his chain of labs throughout the city. Things didn't go as well as he thought it would.
The first thing that Vaughn did once she was in charge was hiring her cousin Kana as co-manager. Kana herself was a genius. Though not as smart as Vaughn, Kana has more experience working in business more so than Vaughn. Vaughn runs her fingers through her short, silver, hair. Their inventions in the past few months were a flop. One of their inventions was a robot servant. It was a good idea in its right but, it had problems with voice recognition.


Kana grabbed a clipboard as she makes her way to the lab's testing room. Once she arrived, Kana sat on the couch located in the back of the room. Kana check her watch.

Kana: Honestly! What is taking this girl so long? I have other things to do.

(Two minutes later, Zemi walks into the room with the robot wheeling closely behind her.)

Zemi: Sorry it took so long, Kana. Vaughn was too busy, so she sent me instead.

Kana: Whatever.

(Kana walks over to the robot, a smile planted on her face.)

Kana: Hello. You must be the little robot butler, yes?

Robot: Madam, please address me by assigned name. I am, "The Server Pro 3000".

Kana: (with an agitated voice) Well "Server Pro 3000", do me a favor, and go get me a cup a tea.

Robot: As you wish, madam.

(The robot left, and came back with container filled with yellow liquid. He sets down the container in front of Kana. Kana looks at Zemi, and Zemi shrugs.)

Kana: What is this?

Robot: Your cup of pee, madam, just as you asked.

Kana: I ASKED for a cup of tea, not a cup of pee!

(Vaughn walks in the testing room.)

Vaughn: Has anyone seen a beaker with a urine sample in it?

(Vaughn looks at the container in front of Kana.)

Vaughn: Ah! There it is!

Kana: What are you doing with pee?

Vaughn: This urine sample came from a human with abnormal powers. I want to see what it is that makes this person tick.

Kana: If you say so, Vaughn.

(End of Flashback)

Problems like those are what kept the lab from doing as well as it should.

(A knock on a door can be heard.)

Vaughn: The back door. I doubt it would be a consumer, or else they would have come through the front. Kana and Zemi both have keys…

(Vaughn stops what she is doing, to look though the peephole of the back door. She lifted an eyebrow. Though the peephole she see, two men with weird hairstyles. She opens the door.)

Vaughn: Well, Well, Well, looks like I have some visitors. Please, do come in.

(Vegeta barges into the lab, nearly knocking Vaughn over.)

Vegeta: Look girl need questions answered now!

Vaughn: Wha-

Vegeta: Who are you? Why are we here? And, how did we get here?

Vaughn: You came to see me; shouldn't you tell me who you are? How would I know? And, I think that's a story that you should let your parents explain to you.

(Vegeta grinds his teeth. Krillin steps forward.)

Krillin: A woman with green hair told us go to "Yurin Lab". She said that our questions would be answered here. You see, we come here from the past. I'm Krillin, the person you talked to first was Vegeta, and the guy behind me is Goku.

(Vaughn widens her eyes at the person who she failed to see through the peephole)

Vaughn: Oh, I see. You're the people that Zemiaru said needed help. Please, have a seat over on that couch over there. My name is Vaughn Yurin. I will answer all of your questions if, and only if, you do so in a polite manner. So, shall we begin?

End of Chapter 8

Chapter 9: The Necklace of Space and Time

Bulma sat on a chair, or she would of if it wasn't broke along with the rest of the furniture. To herself, she checked off what could go wrong. Let's see, Ladies' night out canceled… Check! A ruined kitchen… Check! Missing children… They have it! Broken furniture…Check again! An angry Chi-Chi…Yup, they have that too. What they have going on can no longer be called a problem; It would be called a disaster. Bulma knew that disasters such as these should be fixed one problem at a time, starting with the angry Chi-Chi.


(Gohan and Videl winces upon hearing Chi-Chi's loud outburst)


Videl: (Whispering) Gohan, I think this the right time for me to leave.

(With that said, Videl runs full speed through the front door.)


Gohan: Mom, I don't know what you thought went on here, but nothing happened.

(Chi-Chi narrows her eyes)

Gohan: Uh, would you look at the time? See you later, lots of studying to do.

(Gohan flies out of Capsule Corp. through a window without bothering to open it.)

Bulma: Chi-Chi calm down, there's nothing to worry about. The kitchen can be fixed, the furniture can be replaced, and Eighteen are looking for the children as we speak. You can't blame Gohan for everything that has happened.

(Chi-Chi turns to Bulma, and breaks down into tears)

Chi-Chi: Oh Bulma! I don't know what happened. I mean, Gohan was a good boy; he always had good grades. Now, now he's changed. Ever since that girl, Videl has been in his life he's changed for the worst. Gohan used have straight A's, and now he doesn't. I've just got his report card last week, and you want to know what he has?

Bulma: What?

Chi-Chi: Five A's, and an A minus. An A minus! Can you believe it!

Bulma: Uh…

(Eighteen returns to the living room; with her were Goten, Trunks, and Marron.)

Eighteen: Okay, I found the three little troublemakers.

Bulma: Goten, Trunks, Marron, tell me what happened. And I want the truth!

Goten: Well, Gohan made us go to bed early just so he can have a date with Videl. Trunks came up with an idea to get back at Gohan.

Trunk: We just wanted to get revenge; we didn't mean to make you mad.

Goten: Yeah, we're sorry.

Bulma: As well you should be! I mean, it's enough you destroyed my furniture just to get revenge, but you drag poor little Marron into your web of mischief.

Goten and Trunks: WHAT?

Bulma: You two in Trunks' room now!

Trunks: Bu-But She- - She…

Bulma: Now!

(Goten and Trunks did as they were told. Bulma kneels down to Marron's height.)

Bulma: You know, Marron, you help yourself to some ice-cream if you like.

(Marron nods, smiles, and runs to the kitchen. Bulma turns her attention back to Chi-Chi.)

Bulma: See, everything's falling back into place. Look, there's another T.V. in the entertainment room; we can still have the night to ourselves.

Eighteen: No, I refuse the look at T.V. without cable.

Bulma: What do mean? I do so have cable.

Eighteen: Not anymore. Apparently, Trunks cut the cables cords for some reason.

Bulma: Oh. Well we still have videos to watch.

Eighteen: No videos either.

Bulma: What!

Eighteen: I didn't see any videos.

Chi-Chi: Well, that's just great!

Bulma: Chi-Chi…

Chi-Chi: Yup, everything's just dandy! My son is going to be a failure-

Bulma: Chi-Chi…

Chi-Chi: -the other one a degenerate.

Chi-Chi walked over to the coat closet. She sighs, takes her coat off, opens the closet door, and...

Eighteen: Hey! What do you know! Chi-Chi found the videos!

Yes, she did, but not in the way she would have hoped. As Chi-Chi went to open closet, she was hit on the head with large wooden box that contained the videos Goten, Trunks, and Marron hidden earlier.

(Bulma sighs)

Eighteen: At least we got rid of the angry Chi-Chi.

Bulma: Yeah, but now we have an unconscious Chi-Chi to deal with!

Goku shook his head. Everything that has happened within the last few hours seemed so surreal. But then again, when was there a time when his life wasn't? What started as a night out for him, Krillin, and Vegeta ended up in a morning full of confusion. What they did wasn't out of the ordinary. They walked, stopped at a bar, spent a night at a hotel, and yet somehow they ended up thirty-eight years into the future. Now, they sit on a couch in some lab with a teenaged girl standing in front of them, who supposedly have the answers to all of their questions.
Krillin: How could we start? A green haired girl said you knew what happened to us.

Vaughn: Yes, I see. She told me everything, so there's no need to tell me what happened.

Krillin: Oh.

Vaughn: The 'green haired girl' also told me that you found a blue necklace, right?

Goku: Right!

Vaughn: Alright before you ask any questions, I'm going tell you a story about something that happened over a thousand years ago. Once upon a time-

Vegeta: I'm not interested in hearing a fairytale.

Vaughn: Do you want to know how you got here or not!

Vegeta: I'll settle for just going home.

Vaughn: Well you just have to wait until you heard the story first.

Vegeta: Humph.

Vaughn: Anyway, thousands of years ago there once lived a very powerful artisan named, Amoi. She made good weapons that had certain side effects, but the creations the she was most famous for were the 'Amoi's Series'. Amoi's Series consists of three necklaces. Amoinight, the first necklace, is referred to as the necklace of thoughts and dreams. Its color is purple, once activated it turns pink. The second necklace, Amoiswitch is referred to as the necklace of change and reverse. Its color is red, once activated it turns orange. And the last necklace, Amoipoint, is the one you have; Amoipoint is referred to as the necklace of space and time. Its color is blue, once activated it turns green. Those relics were scattered around earth. They're so are hard to find; it just boggles my mind on how you were able the find one of them in the first place.

Krillin: Do you know what set off the relic?

Vaughn: No. I don't know what could've activated it.

Krillin: How about that woman we met earlier?

Vaughn: Who, Zemiarusen? No, I doubt she'd know either, especially since she's not native to Earth. But hey, who knows? Maybe through her line of work she might have heard of something that might activate the relic.

Krillin: Line of work?

Vaughn: Yeah, she's a space merchant. She travels to different planets to buy and sell goods. She also has a tendency to time travel. She has been in your time period; she might have been in the time period in which the relic was made.

Vegeta: Wait a minute! Didn't you just say that the woman time travels? She must have some type of time traveling machine. We can use that to get to our time zone.

(Vaughn shakes her head)

Vaughn: It's not that easy Vegeta. You came here by Amoipoint. Because of that, the only way you can go back is with the Amoipoint.

Vegeta: So what you're trying to say is that we're stuck here?

Vaughn: Unless we can find a way to get you back using the Amoipoint, I'm afraid so.

End of Chapter 9

Chapter 10: A Whole New Case

Goku, Vegeta, and Krillin sat silently at the lab's dining table, too upset to even realize that Vaughn left six minutes ago. The thought that they may not make it back to their own time period struck them hard.

Vegeta: I don't care what that girl says. There has got to be a way we can go home!

Krillin: Yeah, but how Vegeta? We can only go back by using that relic, so we can't use the Dragon Balls.

Vegeta: The Dragon Balls might work anyway. Aren't they were supposed to grant any wish?

Goku: The Dragon Balls aren't really that reliable…

Vegeta: Look! All I know is that we have to find a way to get home.

(Vaughn walks into the dining room, and sets a cake on the table. Along with it were a few plates and a knife.)

Vaughn: This is all I found. I know it's not exactly what you would call "breakfast food", but this exactly breakfast time either.

Krillin: What time is it?

Vaughn: 1:35 p.m.

Krillin: That fast?

Vaughn: Well, times flies.

Vegeta: I bet it does… thirty years into the future.

Vaughn: I working your problem as hard as I can. There're other things I have to deal with too. Our lab hasn't been doing well as far as money is concerned.

Vegeta: Not our problem.

Vaughn: It can be your problem.

Vegeta: Excuse me?

Vaughn: No money means, no equipment, which could alter your chances of going home.

(Vegeta growled as Vaughn leaves. Goku shrugs, and cuts himself a huge slice of cake. Vegeta and Krillin stares at him.)

Goku: What?

Vegeta: Thank you for taking away three quarters of the cake.

Goku: Give me a break! I'm really hungry.

Vegeta: You're always hungry!

Krillin: Do you think we can help Vaughn make more money for the lab?

Vegeta: As if! I refuse to work like some poor person!

(A sound of a door unlocking can be heard.)

Krillin: What's that?

Vaughn: It's about time.

(Krillin jumps)

Vegeta: Look, I'm tired of people coming out from nowhere.

(The back door opens to reveal Zemi holding tall stack books. She walks over to the dining table, and drops books on it causing dust to fly everywhere. Everyone coughs.)

Vaughn: Zemiaru, where have you been?

Zemi: Calm down, Vaughn. Using my connections and resources, I have found I few old books containing information about the relics.

Vaughn: That's great!

Zemi: And you couldn't believe who was able to help me.

Vaughn: Who?

(Zemi walks over to the back door. Leaning on the door frame, she calls out to a person. A woman walks in, and to Goku, Krillin, and Vegeta's surprise it was the same woman that Goku had bumped into earlier.)

Vaughn: (Smiles) Hey, long time no see.

Woman: Hey Vaughn, I've missed too.

Vaughn: Who said I missed you?

(The woman rows her eyes and hugged Vaughn. Vaughn turns to Vegeta, Goku, and Krillin.)

Vaughn: Everyone, this is Pan.

Pan: Goku! I'm surprised to see you here.

Goku: It's nice to see you too.

(Vegeta frowns, but didn't say anything. Vaughn and Pan left the room to continue their conversation in private. Zemi takes a seat next to Krillin.)

Zemi: Well, I've already tuned Kana in about your situation. She's-

Krillin: Who?

Zemi: Kana, Vaughn's cousin. Vaughn hasn't told you about her yet? Anyway I've told her everything, and she's agreed to helping you out on your little problem.

Vegeta: Our problem is anything but little.

-Vaughn's Room-

Vaughn: I can't believe it!

Pan: It's true, Vaughn! In that dining room are my grandfather, and his friends that I was telling you about.

Vaughn: Goku is the legendary savior of Earth, father of the person who defeated Cell, and your grandfather, the person you've been telling me all about all along?

Pan: Yeah.

Vaughn: That means he's also a full-blooded saiyan. Blood of a very powerful, full-blooded saiyan is just what I need for my latest experiment…

Pan: My grandfather doesn't remember who I am, and all you can think about is stealing his blood for some experiment?

Vaughn: Hey, my experiment is important too, you know. It can either make or break this lab.

Pan: (sighs)

Vaughn: Pan. Goku, Vegeta, and Krillin came here from another time period in the past. Have you even considered, that they may have came a from time period before you were born?

Pan: So, my grandfather doesn't ever know that I exist…

Vaughn: Well no, at least not yet. So, don't tell him that you are his granddaughter, or else it could cause problems.

Pan: Right.

-Lab's Dining Room-


Zemi: (uneasily) So… Did Vaughn give you something to eat?

Krillin: Yeah, cake.

Zemi: Oh.

Vegeta: Kakarot ate it all though.

Zemi: Kakarot?

Krillin: He means Goku.

Zemi: Oh. Does he usually eats like that?

Krillin: Yeah.

Vegeta: The guy has an appetite of nine horses.

Zemi: Oh really?

Krillin: Yeah, he'd even ate a wolf one time.

Zemi: Interesting.

Vegeta: I'd say, the guy would probably eat-

Goku: Excuse me! I'm sitting right here!

(Krillin, Vegeta, and Zemi chuckles nervously. Kana walks into the dining room.)

Kana: Okay everyone, don't fret, I've arrived.

Vegeta: (dryly) Gee, aren't we lucky.

(Kana winces)

Kana: You must the unfortunate three. I'm Kana, you are?

Vegeta: Vegeta.

Goku: Goku.

Krillin: Krillin.

Kana: Nice to meet you all.

(Vaughn walks Pan to the back door.)

Vaughn: Okay, I see you later.

Pan: Okay. Bye, everyone!

(Everyone waves as Pan leaves)

Vegeta: Kakarot, I've notice something about the girl.

Goku: What?

Vegeta: She knew your name before any one of us mentioned it to her.

(Before Goku could say anything, Vaughn cuts him off.)

Vaughn: Well, I see you meet Kana.

Krillin: (sarcastically) Yeah, she's the light of our lives.

(Kana narrows her eyes)

Vaughn: Good, good. Now Zemiaru, you said that those books have information about the relics; why don't we have a look?

(Kana took a few books from the pile, and searches through the pages. She frowns.)

Kana: Zemi, these books are in another language! How do you expect us to read this?

Zemi: Hold on, let me see if I can understand it.

(Kana hands a book to Zemi. Zemi looks through the book.)

Zemi: Hmm…

Kana: Well?

Zemi: I got it!

Everyone: What!

Zemi: I got that I have absolutely no idea what this is saying.

(Everybody bangs their heads on the table)

Kana: I can tell this is going to be a long day.

Morning has arrived at Capsule Corporation, and Bulma who is now sitting on the couch in the newly repaired living room seems to be upset. Eighteen enters the living room.
Eighteen: Hey Bulma, what's wrong? Did Chi-Chi wake up?

(Bulma lifts an eyebrow)

Bulma: No, not yet. Eighteen haven't you noticed?

Eighteen: Noticed what?

Bulma: Vegeta, he isn't home, and I haven't heard anything from him either.

Eighteen: Now that I think about it, I haven't heard from Krillin either.

Bulma: And I was just talking to Gohan on the phone. He told me that he hasn't seen Goku either. Eighteen, I'm worried. What if something happened to them?

Eighteen: I wouldn't worry about it if I were you. They aren't exactly what you would call weak.

Bulma: Then what could they be doing to not get in contact their wives.

(Bulma pauses)

Bulma: You don't think they're...

Eighteen: No, I don't thing they would do something like that… Would they? No, they better not!

Bulma: I can't stomach the thought that Vegeta could be cheating on me!

Eighteen: Let's not jump to conclusions just yet.

Bulma: Maybe that is a stretch. I can't believe that our husbands are cheating on us.

Chi-Chi: (off-screen) WHAT!

Bulma: Uh-oh.

(Chi-Chi enters the living room)

Chi-Chi: Our husbands are cheating on us!

Bulma: Chi-Chi, no. It's just that, no one has heard from Goku, Krillin, or Vegeta. We didn't mean to put that idea into your head.

Chi-Chi: No, no, no, you're right! Our husbands could be cheating on us. I don't know about you two, but for me it explains a lot! Save the world, my foot!

Bulma: I don't know Chi-Chi. How can we be sure?

Chi-Chi: Here's what we do: We get dressed, track them down, and catch them in the act! Let's go!

(Chi-Chi walks out of the living room. Eighteen starts to follow.)

Bulma: Eighteen!

Eighteen: Hey I'm bored, I can use an adventure!

(Bulma sighs, and follows them)

End of Chapter 10

Chapter 11: Let's Get to Work

Now fully dressed and out on the streets, Chi-Chi, Bulma, and Eighteen are convinced that their husbands are cheating on them.

Chi-Chi: Figuring out where they could be isn't the hard part; the hard part is figuring out where they would take their lovers.

Bulma: Yeah but, wouldn't they take their lovers to place they would usually go to?

Chi-Chi: Right! That's true; I mean they aren't the brightest men in the world.

Eighteen: I know! They could be at "Randa's Food and Pet Store".

Bulma: Uh, I highly doubt they be there.

Eighteen: Why not? Not only do you get to buy food there, but you can also buy a pet. It's the perfect place!

Bulma: Isn't it a bit unsanitary to sell pets at the same place people are eating?

Chi-Chi: Ladies let's stay on topic! Focus on our cheating husbands, not on some dirty restaurant.

Eighteen: When you think about... it is rather disgusting to smell dog poop while you're eating.

Chi-Chi: On topic please!

Eighteen: Give me a break!

Chi-Chi: Finding our husbands should on the top of our list of topics right now!

Eighteen: No really, give me a break. We haven't had breakfast, and we've been on our feet for a while. Man! It would be easier the two of you could fly!

Bulma: Eighteen is right! I am a little worn out.

Chi-Chi: What! Are you kidding me! Our husbands are out there having an affair, and you want to take a break?

Eighteen: I know, let's go to that bar over there.

(Eighteen points)

Bulma: It's 8:45 in the morning. What's a bar doing open this early!

Eighteen: Don't know. Don't care.

(Eighteen heads for the bar. Bulma and Chi-Chi follows. The trio takes a seat on stools in front of the bar.)

Barmaid: What would you like?

Eighteen: I'd take-

Chi-Chi: Water, Water for the three of us.

Bulma: French fries with mine.

Barmaid: Anything else?

Chi-Chi: No.

(Barmaid leaves)

Eighteen: What's your problem, Chi-Chi?

Chi-Chi: No alcohol! We must be on our guard!

Bulma: It's too early to drink anyway.

(Eighteen growls)

Chi-Chi: We must come up with a plan.

Bulma: A plan? A plan for what!

Eighteen: Quiet, you two!

Chi-Chi: Quiet! We're trying to come up with a plan!

Eighteen: Listen!

(Bulma and Chi-Chi stops talking. The barmaids' conversation can be heard.)

Barmaid: I'm so glad that our shift is almost over.

Barmaid 2: Me too, we've been up all night!

Bulma: (Whispering) I don't see what's interesting.

Eighteen: (Whispering) Hold on.

Barmaid: At least this shift was pleasant.

Barmaid 2: Yeah, especially when those handsome men came by.

Barmaid: (Chuckles) They were pretty good-looking, strange hairstyles and all.

(Bulma lifts an eyebrow)

Barmaid 2: It's kind of sad really.

Barmaid: Why.

Barmaid 2: They're obviously taken.

Barmaid: How do you know?

Barmaid 2: While on her shift, Mindy was waiting on the guys.

Barmaid: And?

Barmaid 2: And as they were leaving, Mindy caught a glimpse one them carrying a necklace.

Barmaid: Really!

Barmaid 2: Yes! And Mindy said that necklace was beautiful. It was shaped like crystal, and it had the most gorgeous shade of blue you have ever seen.

Barmaid: Mindy got all of that from a glimpse?

Barmaid 2: Well you know Mindy, she's quite the spy. She even heard the name guy carrying the necklace.

(Eighteen, Bulma, and Chi-Chi lean in.)

Barmaid 2: Goku. That's what Mindy said was his name. That necklace must be for his girlfriend.

(Chi-Chi face turns pink with anger)

Barmaid: Oh.

Barmaid 2: And check this out, Mindy's shift was over so she followed the men.

Barmaid: Go on.

Barmaid 2: She overheard them talking about going to some hotel called "The Fortress". That has to be where they're meeting their lovers.

Chi-Chi's face went from pink with anger, to red with rage as she storms out of the bar. Bulma and Eighteen runs out after her.

Chi-Chi: I can't believe that jerk! Not only does he cheat on me, he gives her jewelry, and takes her to my hotel! MY HOTEL!

Bulma: So it's true, our husbands are cheating on us.

Chi-Chi: You know out of all the years we've been married, he's never given me any jewelry? I am not taking this sitting down! Come on, we're going to "The Fortress"!

From present time to future time, everyone in Yurin Lab is busy. Whether it's Goku and Krillin playing tic-tac-toe, Vaughn shuffling through papers, Kana looking through organizers, or Vegeta looking out of a window, everyone worked in their on code of silence. Kana addresses Vaughn in her office, electronic clipboard in arm.

Vaughn: What now Kana?

Kana: You know we have a gathering scheduled at 6:45 this evening.

Vaughn: What? Impossible! That gathering cannot be today!

Kana: Well according to my notes it is scheduled today, and I'm never wrong.

Vaughn: That party was for me to show off my invention for contributions, and it's not even finished.

Kana: Well, I suggest you get to work. That gathering is scheduled today, it's too late to reschedule.

Vaughn: Well that just great!

Kana: It's your fault you know. You should've been working.

Vaughn: I know you're not talking! What else you do here besides walk around with a clipboard?

Kana: Look you need to work on this experiment, or else you won't be able to pay the bills, and did you forget that we have three people who belong in their own time period as well?

(Kana exits the office)

Vaughn: Perfect! How am I supposed to find an energy source for my project, within four hours! Think, Vaughn, think!

At that moment, a light bulb appeared on top of Vaughn's head.

Vaughn: I got it!

(The Lab's Living Room)

Krillin: Ha! I win again!

(Goku simply smiles.)

Goku: You're right Krillin. You certainly are good at this game.

Goku flips page the over on the notepad that, he and Krillin used to play tic-tac-toe. On the clean sheet, he begins to set up a new game. Vegeta rowed his eyes from his spot near the window. He found it pathetic that Goku let Krillin win five times in a row, just so he can avoid telling Krillin how bad he really was at the game. Before Goku and Krillin can begin their new game, Vaughn interrupted them.

Vaughn: Hey Goku listen, I need your help.

Goku: With what?

Vaughn: Follow me, if you please.

Goku: Vegeta, can you play with Krillin while I'm gone?

Goku leaves along with Vaughn. Vegeta struts across the room, and took a seat on the couch next to Krillin. Unlike Goku, his doesn't have a problem with showing Krillin how bad he really is.

(The Lab's Lab)

Goku: Let me get this right. You want me to give you some of my power, so you can be able to use it for you project?

Vaughn: Yup, that right! I need something like blood to be able to transfer it to my latest creation.

Goku: Will taking my blood require a needle?

Vaughn: Yes.

Goku: Then, I won't have any part of it.

Vaughn: (desperately) Aw, come on! I need some kind of power from you.

Goku: I know a way I can give some of my energy, but I need you show me your invention.

Vaughn: …Fine.

(The Lab's Living Room)

Vegeta: Ha! Not only am I the prince of all saiyans, but I am also the king of tic-tac-toe!

Krillin: You cheated!

Vegeta: Yeah I did cheat, ten times in a row!

(Krillin crosses his arms.)

Zemi: Hey!

Krillin: What the- where'd you come from?

Zemi: Look guys, I've been thinking.

(Zemi takes a seat next to Krillin and Vegeta.)

Zemi: If we want you to go home, we must find a job.

Vegeta: What!

Zemi: I know, I know; this isn't what you want to hear, but it has to be done. Vaughn needs the money.

Krillin: She's right Vegeta.

Zemi: I already got the three of us jobs, so we can work right away!

Vegeta: As if! I am not working!

Zemi: Come on Vegeta, you have the best job out of the three of us. The job you have requires a man with power, confidence, and lot of will, and you fit the description. Vegeta, they need someone like you. The other employees will humble themselves before you, the minute you step in the place!

Vegeta: Hmm…Fine! I go to this job of yours, but it's only because it sounds like they know how to respect someone like me.

Zemi: Yes, that's right. You deserve respect!

Vegeta: Alright! I'm going!

(Some fast food restaurant across the street from Yurin Lab)

Vegeta stands behind the restaurant's counter, wearing the tackiest uniform ever known to man. The next consumer makes his way to the front of the counter.

Vegeta: Welcome to "Quping's Hot Dog and Tea Shack". May I take your order?

End of Chapter 11

Chapter 12: At this Point in Time

Krillin and Zemi immediately rushed home from their jobs as soon as they were let off. The duo made their way through the Lab's front door, to walk in to the event that is currently taking place.

Krillin: Who are these people?

Krillin and Zemi scan the lab's main room, the room where most transactions are made. Their eyes jumped from person to person, object to object, trying to figure out what exactly was going on. Zemi has never seen so many people in the lab at once. Clad in their expensive business attire, these people looked very important. Doctors, lawyers, Indian chiefs; who knows who they could be? Their eyes rest on the cloth covered, waist-length table planted in the center of the room.

Zemi: I don't know. Come on, let's ask Vaughn.

(Krillin follows Zemi into to the kitchen. Vaughn is found talking to Kana. Goku, who is not so far off, is leaning on the counter.)

Zemi: Hey Vaughn-

Vaughn: Zemi! I'm glad you and Krillin are back, I need your help. I'm running a meeting, and I want you to help me put the finishing touches on my project. (Turn to Krillin) As for you Krillin, I need you and Goku to stall. Keep those people out there busy or whatever, while we're working on the project.

Krillin: Stall! How are we supposed to do that?

Vaughn: I don't know! Advertise something, anything! Just make sure you keep them busy!

(Zemi exits with Vaughn. Goku and Krillin looked at each other, and made their way to the main room, followed by Kana.)

Kana: Everyone, can I have your attention please?

(Everyone turns Kana. Goku and Krillin stiffens.)

Kana: These two would like to present their product to you. We wish that you would show them your utmost respect. Thank you.

(Kana leaves rather swiftly, leaving Goku and Krillin in an awkward situation)

Goku: (whispering) What are we suppose to do everyone's staring at us.

Krillin: (whispering) Beats me. Uh… get something. Quick!

(Goku hurries, and gets some random crate he found, somewhere around the lab. He set the crate on top of the table in the center of the room.)

Krillin: Afternoon everyone. We would like show you the latest product, from… (Krillin's eyes wanders from the table, to the television planted on the wall, to the lab's leather couch set.) Tabelevisther.

(Goku lifts an eyebrow, and looks at Krillin.)

Goku: Tabelevisther?

Krillin: Yes, Tabelevisther. Our product… does things… it, uh-

Goku: Have you ever wanted to keep something safe, or had something you want to hide?

(Mumbles of agreement can be heard from the crowd.)

Goku: Yes. And how many of you tried to use locks or safes to keep them secure, but it doesn't seem to get the results you wanted?

(A few people raised their hands)

Goku: Well our product helps you to keep your things safe, and your secrets hidden.

Krillin: That's right.

(Krillin opens the crate and pulls out what appears to be a water gun. Krillin pauses.)

Krillin: You know, it's amazing how hard it is to keep a secret. (He gives the water gun to Goku)

Goku: Yeah, sometimes you have to rely on useless threats just to keep people away. (Starts to shoot using the water gun)

Krillin: Well you don't have to worry about that anymore as long as you use our product.

(Goku sets the water gun aside, and pulls another object from out of the box.)

Krillin: Alright, what we have here, (gestures to the slinky like figure Goku has in his hand) is a barrier. You can wrap it around your object, and makes it hard for the people to take it so your secret is safe.

(Goku set the slinky aside. Krillin pulls out another object. Krillin stiffens upon noticing what it is.)

Krillin: If you are of the female persuasion, you might find this (holds up a white, long, sheer, lingerie) useful for distractions.

Goku: Yes, there's nothing more distracting than women in lingerie.

(Krillin takes a look at Goku)

Goku: Or so I've heard. (Goku shrugs.)

Krillin: Anyway, (take another item from the box) this may look like a Chinese checkers board, but what it really is, is a defense system.

Goku: People tend to get a little crazy sometimes. Trust me, I know.

Krillin: Yes he has seen more crazy people than Gohan can count, and trust that he can count very high.

(Murmurs can be heard among the crowd, curious to know who Gohan is.)

Krillin: Back on topic, this is a very good and easy defense system to use. If anyone starts to attack you then whack them upside the head with it!

Goku: Just as simple as that!

Krillin: Thank you for allowing us to show you our product.

Goku: You've been a very good audience.

(Goku and Krillin take the box and leaves, while Vaughn enters with her project.)

Vaughn: Perfect! Now, prepare to be amazed at what Yurin Labs are offering to you…

In present time Chi-Chi, Bulma, and Eighteen has made it to "The Fortress". Chi-Chi stepped up to the registration desk.

Chi-Chi: Where is my husband?

(Tim, the desk clerk, clenched his teeth.)

Tim: I'm sorry ma'am I don't understand-

Chi-Chi: My husband he checked in last night.

Tim: His name?

Chi-Chi: Goku.

(Tim clicks and types on the computer set on top registration desk. He frowns.)

Tim: I'm sorry, no one by the name of 'Goku' checked into this hotel.

Chi-Chi: What! That's absurd!

Bulma: Maybe they used Vegeta or Krillin's name.

(Tim checks the computer once more)

Tim: Nope, sorry.

Eighteen: How could this be?

Bulma: Do you think they used an alias?

Chi-Chi: No. They're not that smart.

Eighteen: (to Tim) Have you seen a man with long pointy hair, one man about this high (gestures to her waist), and another very tall man?

Tim: No, I'd remember if I seen someone with such descriptions.

(Eighteen lefts an eyebrow)

Bulma: Well we're sorry for wasting your time.

(Bulma, Eighteen, and Chi-Chi, reluctantly, left the hotel.)

Chi-Chi: What was that?

Bulma: I have no idea. It seems that they haven't checked into the hotel.

Chi-Chi: Aw, come on! Where else could they be?

Eighteen: Something fishy is going on…


Back, or rather forward to future time, the gathering was finished five minutes ago. Krillin, Goku, and Vegeta, who came back not so long ago, were waiting in one of the lab's rooms that are near the lobby. Kana walked into the room.

Kana: Good news gentlemen.

Krillin: Great, we could really use some.

Kana: Because of everyone's contributions here today, we have come up with enough money to afford better lab equipment.

(Goku, Vegeta, and Krillin just stare at her.)

Kana: One of them being a translator. With that we understand the ancient readings of the books that have Zemi provided.

Goku: So-

Kana: In other words, we know how to get you back in your own time period. It won't be long until everything is completed.

(Goku, Vegeta, and Krillin only stare.)

Kana: Well smile at least! You're going home.

Vegeta: I'll only smile once I get there.

(Kana sighs)

Kana: Our project has gotten many orders. And there were a few for… Tabelevisther? Anyway, you're on your way home.

(Kana walks away)

Goku: That was, was um…

Krillin: It was what it was.

End of Chapter 12

Chapter 13: Time's Running Out

Gohan sat on the edge of a cliff that wasn't far from West City. Along with him was Piccolo, who was distraught by the story that Gohan has told him.

Piccolo: Gohan this doesn't make any sense.

Gohan: I know Piccolo, but according to Bulma that's what happened.

Piccolo: You're telling me that Goku, Vegeta, and Krillin has disappeared without a trace. What is even more disturbing is that I can't sense them anywhere.

Gohan: I know. I can't sense them either.

Piccolo: Either they've really disappeared or they have gone into in hiding.

Gohan: In hiding, for what reason?

Piccolo: Preparing for a new enemy perhaps. There's one thing I know for sure; they are not in hiding to cheat on their wives.

Gohan: Do you really think we could have a new adversary?

Piccolo: I don't know but we better look around to see if there's evil afoot.

Yurin Lab was absolutely silent. Not a sound was made. The trio of Goku, Krillin, and Vegeta sat quietly in the lab's lobby with anticipation, hoping that every one of their problems regarding time would be resolved. At 8:38 post meridiem Zemi decided to break the code of silence.

Zemi: It's time.

Krillin: Time for what?

Zemi: Don't play stupid! Vaughn and Kana have finished preparing everything that is needed to go back to your own time.

Goku: So we can go home now?

Zemi: Yup!

Vegeta: Well it's about time!

Zemi: Alright everyone, on your feet. Follow me.

Zemi led the trio further into lab, way back into its deep quarters that went unknown to them before this moment. The lighting slowly went from bright to dim. The light became dimmer as they headed for their destination. Finally, they were hit with total darkness. Krillin, who was closest to Zemi, stopped suddenly.

Krillin: Hey, where'd she go?

Goku did not notice that Krillin has stopped. He continued to walk, nearly trampling the little guy.

Krillin: Ouch, Goku! That's my foot!

Goku: Sorry.

Vegeta bumped into Goku's back. Rubbing his nose, he growled.

Vegeta: Darn it Kakarot! Watch where you're going!

Goku: I'm sorry! It's kind of hard to see here!

Krillin: I thought you two are able to see in the dark!

Vegeta: We're saiyans not cats!

A glow blue light appeared as if from nowhere. Goku, Vegeta, and took that as a sign and walk towards the blue light. They soon found Vaughn who held the beaker that emitted the blue light.

Vaughn: This (holds up beaker) was once the relic in which you came here with. For the relic to be activated it would have to be near an object or being of great power. Goku, the minute you held the necklace you've automatically activated it. If the relic was used once, it would then have to be recalibrated in order for it to work again. We did this using the power you lent to me while I was working on my project. The equipment purchased from our donation money had made it easy for us to fix it.

Krillin: So… We come go home now?

Vaughn: Yes, but we need something that was be used as a portal. Goku's power has reduced necklace into a liquid form.

Zemi: This mirror right here should work fine.

(Kaka inspects the full-length mirror that Zemi placed in front of everyone; she then turns to look at Vaughn.)

Vaughn: That should work.

Vaughn throws the beaker into the mirror. For a quick moment an incredibly bright light fills the room. No reflection can be seen through the mirror for it had a glowing green light coming from out of it.

Kana: Hurry! Go into the mirror!

(Goku, Vegeta, and Krillin stared to run into the mirror.)

Vaughn: Wait!

(They look at her.)

Vaughn: I have to say this: Thank you.

Krillin: What for?

Vaughn: For everything. If it wasn't for you three I wouldn't have enough money to keep this lab running. I would have to shut it down, and my father… My father put in so much effort to get this lab running. He would be so disappointed if I were to fail. So, thank you.

Kana: Yes, helping you have helped us very much. I wonder if you were sent to this time period for a reason.

Goku: No problem, we would have loved to help either way.

Vegeta: Speak for yourself!

(Vaughn looks at the mirror)

Vaughn: You should go now. Time's running out.

Goku was the first to go through the portal. After him it was Vegeta, then Krillin.

After hours of primping in front of her newly brought full-length mirror, the teenage girl fetched a pale pink, jean jacket from out of her closet. She puts the jacket on then, picks up a brush from off of her dresser. While looking for her purse, she stops in front of the mirror, and brushes some of her short blonde hair away from her face. The mirror abruptly produced a glowing green light. The girl stumbles backwards, frightened by the sudden display. She became even more afraid when she noticed people coming through the green light.
Krillin was the first leave the portal that was produced by the mirror. Upon exiting the mirror, he quickly notices that he was in someone's bedroom. His eyes locked on to the blue eyes of the teenage girl who is now sitting on the floor. She immediately jumps to her feet runs out of the room screaming.

Krillin: Oh crap!

Vegeta: Great! The girl didn't say anything about ending up in someone house!

Krillin: Let's go!

Krillin swiftly climb his way through the bedroom window, and flew away. Vegeta, slightly annoyed, followed suit; all of this running was getting on his nerves. Goku was about to leave when the mirror caught his eye. He takes it then leave. Their next destination, they've decided, was Master Roshi's.

End of Chapter 13

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