Golden's Dragon Ball Z RPG

A wonderfull Dragon Ball Z RPG that is really fun and is really the best of them all!
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 Golden's Quest for the Dragon Balls

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PostSubject: Golden's Quest for the Dragon Balls    Fri Sep 03, 2010 9:15 am

Golden: hmph the radar that Bulma gave me says the dragon ball should be somewhere around here oh there it is the 7 star ball cool my first one did you that vegeta my first ball it was easy too now its time to go and find my second one

Golden flies to his next destination and then he found out it was under water

Golden: damn it under water well this won't be fun its probaly all the way at the bottom well here gose nothing

Golden put the radar in his pocket then looed at the sky

Golden: ka me ha me haaaaaaaa

Golden shot a kamehameha wave towards the sky to get some speed to get te bottom and then once he got to the bottom he grabed the dragon ball and shot another dragon ball at the ground and flew towards the surface

Golden: haaaaaaa that was way easier then i thought well here is the 1 star ball now its time to get the next dragon ball and once i get all seven vegeta will come back tto life

Golden went towards an montain hmph well it must be on the mountain better not to be to loud to cause a avalanche well her i go

Once Golden was closer to the mountain he saw a montain and then he saw a tunnal he went towards it

Golden: it must be in there well here i go then

Golden walks in the tunnal and come across hthe dragon ball

Golden: this is way too easy

Golden of grabed the dragon ball and quickly went super sayan to get out of herre just in case a avalanche happened or a trap and of course there was there was the whole mountain crumbled

Golden: that was a close one wasn't it well any way this means i got 3 dragon balls now so 4 more to go

Golden says while he was looking at the 5 star dragon ball then he put it in his bag then went for te fourth one

Golden: haaaaaa a beach so peacefull too i better make this quick so i don't bug people well it should be a couple of steps north

Golden walked north

Golden: haaa it should be right here i guess i should start digging then

Golden only dugged a few inches

Golden: haaa that wasn't much digging so the 4 star dragon ball then hmph well time to go find the 5th dragon ball then

Golden was happy that this quest isgoing by pertty quick but then he saw a tomb

Golden: so thats where the dragon ball is then well here i go then lets get that ball

Golden flew in the tomb so he didn't set off any traps then after a couple minutes he found the dragon ball bu before he grabed it he shot a kamehameha wave so he can get out quicker then he grabed it and flew away before the traps that was set could get him

Golden: hmph the 6 star ball well all i need is 2 more balls then 2star ball and the 3 star ball well lets get the show on the road

Golden flew in the city and then landed by a sewer and went down and found the 3 star dragon ball

Golden: wow that did not require much work at all well now it is time to get he 2 star dragon ball

Golden left and went to the beach and took a little bath then he went to the last dragon ball then he found it in the volcano

Golden: this might be the hardest one yet

Golden flew in the valcano and grabed the 2 star dragon ball and flew out

Golden: never mind well now its time to summon shenlong

Golden flew to a open feildand laid down the dragon balls and summoned the dragon

Shenlong: what is your wish speak it now

Golden: please bring the life back to my friend vegeta

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Android 17

Android 17

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PostSubject: Re: Golden's Quest for the Dragon Balls    Fri Sep 03, 2010 9:20 am

ooc: are you waiting for me to accept the quest well if you are then here you go

Shenlong: youwish has been granted

ooc: you get 100,000 pl ki and zeni for doubling it and tell vegeta he isback
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Golden's Quest for the Dragon Balls
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