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 Path to Rightouness(Complete)

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PostSubject: Path to Rightouness(Complete)   Path to Rightouness(Complete) Icon_minitimeFri Sep 03, 2010 11:34 am

It had been a long and rough life line for Turles as he had to endure of the past years on Vegeta and the other planets he had been to. Turles went from planet to planet taking everything he could from the stores, town’s people and masters trying to obtain everything he could obtain to become the best. Turles was told about a far off planet named Patonas.

Patonas was a crooked and evil planet filled with sick people. Patonas had once been a happy planet flourishing with plant life, riches, mines, and profitable stores, but one peaceful day a large ship landed almost engulfing the entire planet.
Out of the ship came hundreds of thousands of deadly warriors followed by their evil and demented king who turned the people against each other, killing those who disobeyed his rein and kept law under his name and no other.

This is the story about a great saiyan warrior ending the evil kings rein and bringing peace back to a lost planet and lost souls.

“Turles Path to Righteousness”

Pieces of glass shot across as the room as a glass cup smashed against the wall, two men jumped up and started fighting over anything they could. The two pushed and shoved a blue aura flashed around one and a sharp kick followed him.
The other saiyan was sent flying into the wall cracking it and breaking chunks of it off sending them crashing to the floor. The owner of the bar yelling at the two to get out but neither was listening. As the two continued to fight they feel into a back table with a single saiyan sitting drinking a cup of Ale eating a small bowl of meat and bowl of salad.
The table flipped up sending the food and drinks everywhere, the saiyan sitting at the table jump up starring down at the two. A small brief red blue aura flickered around him as he stood tall over the two fighting strangers.
“I’m almost certain the bar owner said to leave but you two don’t listen, I am a first class saiyan and you two are nothing compared to me, so I suggest you leave right now before this gets any messier.” Turles said
Turles moved booths to a nearby one which wasn’t damage by the two low level saiyans fighting over nothing but a simple bump. Turles looked around the room and caught the gaze of a changeling or some sort of alien being starring right at him.
“May I help you with something” Turles said
The alien stood up walking straight for him but Turles not scared allowed himself to remain calm and sitting as the alien sat in the same booth across the table and searched Turles up and down as if looking for something.
“May I ask why you have sat with me” Turles said
“Yes my name is Dola; I am a citizen of Patonas. I have escaped to find help and through further research it seems you are my best and only option. I need your help” the alien said.
“And why is this any of my business.” Turles said to the alien
‘Well it’s not, I just assumed I could ask you of this and you might help a in need planet and race before we are entirely extinct.” Dola said
Turles leaned back in his chair as he thought to himself. He knew it would be a good adventure and he would gain some good training from it but he didn’t want to involve his self in other planetary problems. The saiyan thought of the bad that could come from this choice and well in all his thoughts couldn’t find one.
The saiyan leaned forward starring the alien dead in the eyes as if searching more for something that wasn’t there and after a few minutes the sound of Turles’ voice broke the silence.
“I will do this under one condition if you see another saiyan similar to what I look like but with a sharp scar on his left eye and his name is Razak tell him he’s a loser” the saiyan said as he stood up.
Dola stood up handing Turles a piece of paper with the coordinates to his home planet and the saiyan left..Turles flew towards his home and to his ship so he could get ready for the mission he had just accepted, Turles wondered if he had done the right thing.
“Well it’s a little too late now, there’s no turning back not after I just told him I was going to do it.” The warrior said out loud to his self.
Turles flew for a little over about thirty minutes before reaching his house on the further side of Vegeta. Landing at his front door step Turles went into his bedroom as he packed a few belongings getting only what he needed for the trip. After getting his bags and grabbing them he went out his back door and placed his bags on his large ship.
Walking back down the ramp Turles unplugged all the fuel lines and electric lines that charged his ship and threw them aside and walked back to the ship ramp closing it as he walked inside. Steam pressured itself all around the sides of the opening as the ramp closed tightly shut as to keep everything from not being sucked out once in space.
Turles approached his computer and punched in the coordinates for the Planet Patonas, the computer made some clicking and buzzing noises and a few seconds later the computer responded,
“Destination complete, Arrival time is 4 hours and 36 minutes at max warp speed. Fuel Check at 100%, Power at 100%, Weapons System at 100%, Ship is ready to depart Master Turles”
“Precede” Turles stated back
A sharp shack sent a tremor through the ground the legs rest on as the saiyans house moved a bit before settling back down. Fire shot out of the engines and the ship began to lift off the ground instantly gaining speed and shooting through Vegeta’s atmosphere and into deep space.
Turles paced around the ship’s main command room as he thought to himself weird but different things. The saiyan didn’t know what lay ahead of him nor did he know how he would accomplish the things that were pre-planned for him.
Turles knew he would be traveling back to his home planet soon enough to fight yet another powerful warrior but he would need to take this task on first so he could achieve a higher power level and grew to become a better fight and a more deadly warrior.
Things in Turles life always seemed to level out no matter what and there were things he had wanted to do and look for but they would have to wait a little while as Turles tackled the task in front of him. The saiyan walked nearer to a bigger and more relaxing chair as he fell down into allowing his arms to drop to his side.
Turles laid his head back as his thick black hair made for a pillow somewhat for him to brace against. The warrior thought more to himself as he closed his eyes allowing his body to enter a complete resting state.
A Dream inside a Dream
Turles rushed into the king's throne room, a sly grin upon his face. His saiyan armor was cracked and broken; his body was covered in bruises and scars. He wiped a bit of blood from his mouth as he entered the room and knelt before King Vegeta. He bowed his head in respect, and spoke.

"Sire, I have returned from my assignment. The planet Tolap has been thoroughly eradicated of any and all life-forms. It is now ready for sale on the galactic market. I'd say the planet should pull in a hefty price."

King Vegeta clapped lightly. He showed an expression of gratitude,
"Well done Turles" he said in his usual booming, authoritative voice.
"I must praise your efforts on your recent assignments. You are taking some of the most dangerous missions I have to hand out."

Turles grinned as he listened to the King talk about all his great achievements he had finally wanted his rightful recognition for.

"Thank you for your commendations, my lord. As always, it's been a pleasure, doing your missions for you."

King Vegeta chuckled. "Well Turles, you are climbing the ranks as one of my most faithful warriors. Along with Bardock, you've certainly began to stand out as a fearless saiyan among the masses. But now, I've got some business to attend to. You're dismissed, standby for another assignment, Turles. Enjoy some relaxation while you're home."

Turles bowed his head. "Thank you, my lord."

Turles stood, turned and exited the throne room. He walked slowly down the corridors to his quarters. He soon reached his room and opened the door, a large grin adorning his face. As he entered his quarters, he closed the door.
He then lifted his saiyan armor over his head and threw it to the ground. It landed on the floor with a thud. The cracks in his chest plate gave in, causing the armor to fall apart into several pieces. Turles looked down to his armor and laughed.

"Well, looks like it's about time for a new set. That battle on Tolap really took its toll on that armor and even on my body." Turles entered his bathroom and washed his face in the mirror above the sink. He looked to a small jar on his bathroom counter. Inside the small glass container, laid three small seeds. He picked up the jar and held it at his eye level.

"One day" I will find a planet suitable for planting the tree of might.” Turles turned to his bed. "But now, time to relax"

Turles lay on his bed closed his eyes and slowly drifted off to sleep.

The Dream within the Dream

Several warriors rushed Turles. He searched around for an escape; He jumped back and threw a large blast, wiping one of the hostiles from existence. Turles laughed, knowing he would soon gain the upper hand. He burst forward and delivered his right knee to the gut of another soldier. As the enemy keeled over, Turles placed a hand against the top of its head and blasted.
Turles quickly turned to another fighter and slammed his elbow into the chest of his opposition. He followed quickly with a swift kick to the side of the head, killing his enemy.
Turles looked around. No one stood before him. "Well now, no one wants to play" Time to rake in the fruits of my labor.."

Turles looked off to the west, he saw a massive tree sprouting from the ground, this caught Turles’ interest. He flew off towards the tree. He looked among the branches, and spotted a piece of ripe fruit.
"Maybe the fruit was a little more liberal than I had expected.” Turles though out loud to himself.

The saiyan lowered his self to a nearby branch that arch right below a hanging fruit, Turles grabbed the fruit, and examined it. He smirked and took a bite out of it. Suddenly, Turles was overcome with shock as he felt a huge jump in his personal power. He looked into the fruit and grabbed a few seeds. He tucked them into his armor, and grinned.

"The ultimate power.. He muttered. “

Turles looked up towards the sky as he lowered both hands and quickly slinging them in the same motion as they once dropped. Two blasts ignited from each palm and flew from his palm, each slowly drifting towards each other until they combined. Turles waved his hand and the blast exploded with intense power. The explosion sent the very air that he breathed crushing down on him as he flinched and caught his footing.
“Dam, got to be careful there, didn’t know he it would do that much damage”

Turles awoke the next morning to a dismal, rainy day. He got out of bed, threw on a jumpsuit, and headed to the armory. The uniform managers fitted him, and handed him a set of armor. Turles handed over some currency, and took his new armor to his room. There he changed, and headed to a commons area. His fellow saiyan warriors applauded him, as he stepped into the lounge.

A saiyan approached him. He wore green and black saiyan armor. A scar adorned his left cheek. A red headband wrapped around his forehead.

Turles snarled in disgust. "Bardock" he muttered.

"Turles Don’t you think for a single moment that you've tricked everyone into thinking you're some kind of hero. You haven't fooled me. I know what took place on Tolap."

Turles stepped close to Bardock and spoke quietly into his ear.

"You know damn right that you can't prove anything. Besides, I had no choice."Turles laughed. "I am the hero...I am the most elite soldier in the entire saiyan army. No one can touch me."

Bardock looked over Turles' shoulder. Bardock dropped to one knee, along with the other soldiers in the room. Turles turned around, and immediately dropped to a knee. A young boy stood in the doorway. He wore saiyan armor, adorned with a red cape and the royal emblem.

"Prince Vegeta, How unexpected of you to praise us with your presence." stated Turles.

Vegeta scoffed. "Save it. My father requests council with you in the royal chambers. Something regarding a new assignment..." Vegeta looked to Bardock, a sly grin spread across his face. "It seems you have been replaced as my father's 'go to man'..."

Turles looked back to Bardock and smirked. Bardock whispered a few choice words under his breath. He stood and followed Vegeta out of the commons to his father's chambers. Through the massive corridors, neither saiyan uttered a sound. Turles had grown used to the halls. He'd been visiting the King a lot as of late.

They approached the massive wooden doors to the royal chambers. Two guards bowed towards the prince. They opened the doors. Vegeta entered, and headed to the right, toward his private quarters.

Turles entered. The king stood staring out of a window, looking out upon the valleys of the planet Vegeta. Beside him stood another figure; this one much shorter than King Vegeta. The mysterious figure turned away from the window. He wore saiyan armor, and a pink scouter adorned his left eye. Two horns protruded from the sides of his head.

He spoke in a shrill voice. "Well now, at last we meet. Turles, I must commend your work as of late. You've been nothing but impressive. You're quickly rising among the ranks to the title of a First-Class warrior."

Turles bowed. "Thank you Lord Frieza"

Frieza nodded. "Therefore, I've decided to send you on a mission. I've got an assignment I want taken care of, and I'm sending the best saiyans to complete the job. The planet Plianee is full of highly advanced, incredibly strong warriors. Therefore, you will take with you a partner, the saiyan known as Bardock."

Turles scoffed. "Lord Frieza, I ask to be teamed with any other saiyan than Bardock. I despise him with my entire being. Let me take Nappa, Paragus, Raditz, anyone! Not Bardock."

Frieza turned to the window. "My decision is final Turles. I don't appreciate the argument."

Turles nodded. "Yes, my lord."

Turles exited the chamber and headed back to the commons area. Bardock looked at him.
"So where are you going now?"

Turles stepped up to Bardock. He stood close and whispered.
"On this mission, I'm stuck working with you. If you get in my way, don't think I won't send you to Hell in the blink of an eye." Turles stepped away, and then headed back to his personal quarters.

Turles knew tomorrow would be a big day. He decided to head to the library to research the planet Plianee. Apparently, Plianeens are what evolved into the Namekian race. They were sent to Namek after a previous saiyan invasion, almost 80 years ago. Turles was overwhelmed with two words he found in the text.

Dragon Balls.

He read an explanation as to their purpose and knew what he had to do. He would collect the Plianeen dragon balls, and make the wish for immortality. At dinner, Turles sipped his wine with a little more confidence.

Turles rose early the next morning. He headed straight for the gravity training chamber. Turles read that the planet Plianee had a gravity level of over 6x that of Planet Vegeta. As Turles passed through the Atrium, he passed the Memorial Hall. He decided he had time before his training to pay his respects to the fallen warriors.

Turles walked through the hall, checking the commemorative statues as he passed them. He walked up to one. A marble figure stood, his arms crossed upon his chest. He wore saiyan armor, a scouter, and stood with the flag of Planet Vegeta. Turles placed his hand upon the golden plaque on the marble post in front of the statue. He closed his eyes.

“Soon father…I will make you proud of me. I will be the son you’d have wished for. I refuse to let you down father….”

Turles ran his hand across the text. “Julopia. Saiyan Power Personified, Killed in Battle. Survived by son, Turles, and brother…” The next word had been scratched out, now illegible.

Turles exited the hall, and headed towards the training facilities. He entered the gravity chamber, set it to twenty times gravity. “Well, this will give me an even bigger advantage…”

Turles was slightly overwhelmed by the intense gravity. He managed to pull himself to his feet. He lifted his armor over his head, and threw them to the ground. It landed with a thunderous impact. He began jumping around, attempting to get used to the gravity. Every time he landed, he would throw a few punches and kicks. After a few moments, his movements began to flow easier and look a lot smoother.

Turles knew it was time to test his combat skills in this gravity level. He leapt to a room to the left of the entrance, He opened the door. “Six. Go.” He said. Several grunts were heard.

Turles stepped aside as several green blurs rocketed out of the room. They landed in the center of the training floor. Turles leapt to the floor. He looked around as the green creatures circled him. “Well…these saibamen should do nicely for some combat training.”

Turles balled his fists and turned stood firm. “Alright, Attack! All of you!”

The saibamen laughed and jumped towards Turles. Turles leapt backwards, the saibamen came close to colliding with each other, but managed to stop them from doing so. They formed a huddle, and seemed to converse. As they split, two rushed Turles.
He grinned and took to the air. As the saibamen neared him, he put his hands out, and threw two energy blasts at them. Both saibamen were completely incinerated by the wave. The four remaining saibamen gasped in horror, then flew towards Turles.

“Come on! Don’t hold back!” yelled Turles. As the saibamen drew close, Turles rushed towards them. He slammed his right fist into the face of one saibaman, knocking his head clean off of his shoulders. He turned to another, and swung his left leg up and kicked the head of the dead saibaman. The head rocketed towards another saibaman, and drove its way through its chest.

Turles lowered to the ground, his aura burst around him and the last two warriors down to him. Turles ducked, and laughed as the two saibamen slammed face first into the floor. As one climbed to his feet, Turles put a hand in front of his face. The saibaman gasped, seconds before he was claimed by an energy wave.

“Hm…one left…” said Turles, as he turned to the last one. The saibaman rushed him and threw his arms around Turles. Turles struggled, and managed to free one of his arms. With it, he grabbed the saibaman by the head, and threw him to the ground. Turles lifted his foot in the air, and slammed it through the head of the unconscious saibaman.

Turles looked around and laughed. “Well…that was interesting.”

He stepped towards the control panel and powered down the chamber.

“Well tomorrow, I take off for Plianee. Should be a simple mission… Hopefully the natives will realize my superiority….”

Turles stepped through the doorway, and into the cold, crisp autumn air. He shivered slightly and made his way back to his quarters. He decided to rest as much as he could this day, because tomorrow, he’d be well on his way to Plianee.
Turles punched in the numbers and his door lifted up in an instant Turles felt a sharp pain in his stomach, as his room lights cut on he looked down to see a sharp blade sticking straight through his armor and into his stomach. The saiyan managed to look up and caught a slight glimpse of his long life enemy.
“Barr,barr, barr”
The words couldn’t escape his mouth as he hit his knees.

End Dream Scene

BEEP BEEP. Destination has been reached, Master Turles, his computer sounded off [/]
Turles shot up and looked around grabbing his stomach.
“What the hell was that” Turles mumbled to himself.
“Was I dreaming, it seemed so real life I was taken to another dimension and was alive there also? I can’t remember it all, but it felt real enough.
Turles stood up pacing back and forth next to the computer screen as his ship lowered itself to the ground.
“Welcome to Planet Patonas” the computer stated again
“Yes, shut off all power, and engage Security once I’m off the ship” Turles said heading toward his belongings
“I need to let it go, it was only a dream. My focus is now upon me and I must focus on this”
Turles walked to the door and cool steam shot out all along the edges of the metal plate as it slowly lowered itself.

Turles stepped out of his ship looking around. What the saiyan saw was discussing and vile. The lands and trees were almost dead like as each tree wilted over as if having no energy to stand tall as they should be standing.
Flowers and grass and lakes all lay there lifeless and lacking the energy to shine and produce life for the very planet they were made to support. Turles walked further out only seeing things to become worse and worse.
“This is just wrong, what happen to this place, has it always been like this or is something these evil people cause, Well I will find out and I will change the thing that seem to be and make things better.” Turles said
Turles lifted off the ground with great power sending medium sized shocks though out the ground level leaving behind a small crater in the ground from where the saiyan was just standing only moments ago. The saiyan looked over the terrain as he pressed forward gathering a better outlook of the planet and learning his surroundings better.
Closing in Turles could see a small city to which he headed for to see if he couldn’t gather more information as to what exactly he was looking for. Landing midways within the city Turles was greeted by a few small alien type beings.
Each looking at him like he was the alien but to Turles they were the aliens.
“I am looking for someone who can help me” the warrior said to the group of aliens
The taller alien walked closer looking Turles from head to foot until he finally allowed himself to speak.
“What is it that you want saiyan?”
“Ah so you know what I am, but do you know what I want” Turles answered
“I have a hunch, but it is not my concern, what you do here is your business but beware Molap will not allow you to do anything without his say so.”
“Well it’s him I come for so I could care less what he thinks he can allow me to do, I am trying to find him do you know where he is”
A few minutes passed as the group spoke in their native tongue to each other before a smaller one stepped forward pointing west of where they was standing.
“You can find him in our palace west of here you won’t miss it, his ship engulfs our entire planet almost”
“Yes I saw that entering your planet’s atmosphere”
“Be careful young warrior, for these warriors are heartless and cruel and would kill our entire families if they knew we helped you”
“Do not worry yourselves this will be soon over and this planet will be free.”
Turles looked around as he focused his attention west toward his goal, toward his mission at hand. The saiyan knew grave danger lay ahead but he would continue on and help these people who have so long endured death and decay, evil and killing, poverty and despair.
Turles gritted his teeth as he continued to think about all the evil things he could only imagine these evil warriors were causing to these innocent people. Lowering himself the saiyan leaped from the ground as a massive aura burst around his, as he shot off a ring of cloud exploded from around him causing the very sound barrier to be broke instantly.
After flying for several minutes Turles train of thought was broke instantly by a blue ball that flew right past him almost hitting him.
“What the hell was that” Turles shouted out loud
The saiyan looked around instantly picking up a weaker power level standing up top a mountain looking right at him.
“Who are you and why have you attacked me” Turles screamed
“Who I am is none of your business, what I will do to you is killing you.” She said
The alien fighter jumped from the mountain top and aimed right for the saiyan. Turles readied himself as she collided into him with a strong kick. Turles grabbed her leg slinging her to the ground and as he lowered himself he could sense that she had flew out the hole and behind it.
Turles touched down and watched as the smoke cleared before speaking out loud to the female alien.
“I will not go easy on you just because you are a girl, this will not end in your favor so back down or fight me” Turles said angrily
“I will kill you, stupid monkey.
The saiyan launched into the air and charged at the female fighter before him, She never knew what was happening until Turles slammed right into the female, sending her flying through the air with the saiyan hot on her trail.
When the female alien managed to recover herself in midair, she was immediately hit again, this time being sent into the ground, dust being kicked into the air as she crashed into the earth.
Floating above the dust cloud, Turles smirked. He might have overestimated this girl. He was pushing her around so far; not much a fight if you asked him.
Down in the crater, the fighter berated herself for dropping her guard. This wasn't a normal fighter she could brush off; he was a saiyan, a trained warrior. She'd have to be more careful than usual. Standing up, she held her arms up, aimed at her opponent, unleashing a barrage of ki blasts at him.
Seeing the blasts heading towards him, Turles used a burst of speed to dodge the attack, reappearing behind the female, grabbing her shoulders and planting his knee in her back.
She let out a cry of pain as she felt the knee slam into her back a couple more times before her saiyan opponent hit her in the head with a roundhouse kick, sending her flying across the plain. Once again she recovered, but she managed to block Turles' charge, counter attacking quicker than the saiyan expected.
Fortunately, he blocked the sudden attack, reacting with a flurry of punches which she blocked, sending her own barrage at him. For awhile, both fighters launched punch after punch and kick after kick at each other, always blocking the blows, dust being kicked up from their fight.
Then they both separated, jumping away from each other. Once she landed on the ground, she raised both hands again and fired a ki blast. Turles dodged the blast and started to run, avoiding another blast as it was fired at him. The alien continued to send blast after blast after her saiyan opponent, each beam hitting behind him as dirt was kicked up and mountains were destroyed. Just as Turles ran behind on mountain, he disappeared, leaving the large rock to get decimated by his opponent.
Finally she stopped firing, just standing there with her arms stretched out. Her eyes scanned the surrounding area. Nothing seemed to be jumping at her yet, but it was only a matter of time before the saiyan launched another attack. She'd just have to beat him to the punch then.
Lowering her hands down, she balled one of them into a fist; the other sticking a little away from her body, her hand remaining flat. Slowly, she gathered her ki until she had the right amount, but she refused to let it form. She'd wait until the last possible moment.
Suddenly, she felt the saiyan's ki jump behind her. She knew exactly where he was. Immediately, she formed her gathered energy into a disk that floated above her hand. Swinging her body around, she threw the disk; the disk flying towards a mountain and cutting it in half diagonally. Slowly, the top half slid off its base, revealing Turles, a scratch on his cheek with blood slowly dripping from it.
An astonished look was on his face for awhile until he lifted his hand to touch his face, smearing the blood on it. He hadn't expected that to happen. That disk had come out of nowhere. Maybe he had underestimated this girl.
There was stillness for a few moments until two loud war cry sounded off, followed by the sound of fists colliding with each other. As each fighter threw their strongest punches, Turles soon tired of the stalemate disappeared, reappearing behind the female and threw a roundhouse kick making contact and sending him into a mountain.
Floating in midair as Turles watched the crumbling rocky mass, waiting for the alien to launch another attack. Despite having the upper hand currently, the fight had been much more even than the saiyan had thought it would be. But the saiyan was not concerned, Turles knew was only using a small piece of his great power and knew that at any moment he could end this.
Turles wanted to obtain everything he could from this planet, leaving no one and nothing alive that doesn’t belong here. Turles was toying with the alien girl as her actions were of pure evil and there for of no concern to Turles.
And like expected, the girl came rushing out of the debris, both of his hands balled into fists. Flying backwards while facing his opponent, Turles maintained his distance until he had gathered enough ki for his next attack. Pointing his finger at her, Turles cried out his attack "Light Beam," the beam racing towards his charging opponent.
However, the attack went right through her, an image of him slowly fading away. Before Turles could react, he felt a knee ram into his face, sending him flying. Soon a barrage of ki blasts hit him, exploding on contact and burning him.
As he managed to recover himself, Turles landed on a rocky mountain, breathing a little heavy, keeping himself on guard as he stared at his opponent, who had also landed on a mountain.
"That was very impressive, I didn’t know you had that kind of speed in you” Turles mocked
“I have more than that in me, you will get to see it all do not worry, monkey” the alien said.

The alien raised her hand as a small blue dot erupted from it, the blue beam raced from the girl as it headed for its target. His eyes widening, Turles leapt into the air, dodging the blast as it consumed everything in its path, an explosion erupting when it couldn't maintain its stability.
However, Turles was ready for a surprise attack and not getting disappointed as she appeared, throwing a barrage of punches and kicks; the saiyan returning the barrage with his own as both warriors attacked each other fiercely.
Turles, however, wasn't having as much trouble as the female. Charging the saiyan threw a punch, which she dodged, and imbedded her own fist in his face; another punch planting itself in his gut, bending him over as air, spit, and blood flew out of his mouth; and finally a palm slamming into his face, sending him into a mountain, coming out the other side of it as it fell apart, and skidding on the ground for several feet.
Shaking as he picked himself up, Turles ached all over. There weren't too many places on his body that didn't have a throbbing pain in it. Somehow this human girl had gotten the upper hand on him and hadn't relinquished it since. If things kept up like they were, he wouldn't be living too much longer.
Turles shook his head. He needed to get those negative thoughts out of his head. They wouldn't do anything but effect how he fought and that wasn't something he could afford at that moment. He'd beat this blond bitch down, no ifs, ands, or buts.
Managing to climb to his feet, the saiyan swung his self around, only to see an outstretched arm clothesline him, knocking him back to the ground.
"Is this the strength of the saiyan race? Pathetic," She said.
After awhile, Turles managed to quiet himself down. If he ever got his hands on that bitch, he would make her beg for mercy from the pains he would cause her. He just needed to get an advantage now, before he couldn't do anything then be a punching bag. Getting to his feet again, the saiyan floated up into the air, hoping to change the location of the battle.
Turning to look at his opponent, he saw her flying straight for him, a small smile on her face. Breathing heavily, Turles waited until he saw She pull her fist back and throw it at him. Dodging it, the young saiyan stuck his hand at her and fired a ki blast at her, blowing her away.
As she tumbled through the air, Turles charged her as fast as he could, passing her, striking her with his knee in her gut when she reached him, and then jack hammering her in the back, sending her flying into the ground. Even if he was beaten all over, he would still get his licks in.
She soon appeared again, looking up at the saiyan. "That was a pretty good shot you had there," she called up to him. "But unfortunately for you, I didn't take too much damage from it. You're going to have to do better than that."
Turles growled. This was just getting to be too much. It seemed like no matter what he did, this alien could outmatch him somehow. It was infuriating. Looking around Turles could see that something white and large appeared through the woods.
“That’s it, her ship they get their power from their ship, Dam I am stupid” Turles thought to himself.
Just as he was about to launch into another attack, the saiyan paused. He knew that She just wanted to rile him up and cause him to make a big mistake, one he couldn't afford to make. He needed to be smart here. So far little was working, so he needed a stronger attack. Turles knew he would need to save his power for their leader and he was doing good keeping his true power hidden from the alien girl
"Okay lady, if you're as strong as you say you are, you really don't need to be taunting me. Prove you can take me down."
She just stared at him before smiling, "As you wish saiyan."
Suddenly she disappeared, reappearing right in front on him while trying to uppercut him. Turles managed to block the attack and counter attacked. She twirled out of the way of the punch, still spinning through the air until she roundhouse kicked her saiyan opponent, sending him flying. She wasn't done just yet with him though. Gathering her ki, she fired a blast at him, expecting it to hit and kill the fight.
However, Turles recovered enough to maneuver himself to kick the blast away, taking off to put distance between him and his opponent.
She just watched with amusement as she saw the saiyan flee. She'd show him that he couldn't run from her even if she wanted him to.
Landing behind a mountain, Turles breathed heavily. He was getting tired which wasn't a good thing, his body was still in pain, and it didn't look like he wasn't causing any damage whatsoever. Those were three things that didn't add up to victory. It was now or never if he wanted to defeat this girl. Concentrating, the saiyan gathered his ki slowly, so that She wouldn't detect that he was up to something. Just as long as she didn't suspect that he was preparing something, everything would be okay.
Suddenly, a tapping sound caught his ears. The more he listened to it, the more it sounded like it was nearby. Sensing the area around, Turles paled when he discovered her ki on the other side of the rock. How could she have found him so soon?
Dashing off, the saiyan moved all over the terrain, hoping to lose her. However, when he came to a stop, he saw that she had just been waiting for him, sitting on top of one of the mountains. With her legs crossed, her elbows pressed into them as her hands held up her head, the blond woman gave a small smile. "It's about time you got here."
Turles rushed away, coming to a stop right in the open, turning around to watch his opponent. Enough stalling, it was time to enact his last card.
Turles grew tired of games with this fighter and intended on ending this fight for good. Powering up Turles felt the power rise up through his body as he pressed both hands together cupping them and slowly bringing them to his side.
Sparks flew all around the saiyan as the ground began to shack and kick up dust and rocks. Turles powered up even more trying not to alarm any other alien on the planet. Finally after several moments a blue ball formed into the saiyans palms and Turles pressed both hands forward releasing the powerful attack.
A large blue blast erupted from the saiyan, racing towards its surprised target. She was astonished that the saiyan still had so much power left in him. She knew she was in trouble if she couldn't stop it. Catching the beam at the last second, she poured all of her strength into stopping the attack while she was being slowly pushed backwards.
Watching as his blast was slowly being stopped, Turles growled. Turles grew tired of these games and raised one hand releasing more power,
The energy rushed down the beam's path, crashing into the obstacle that was holding it back. Losing her balance from the sudden push, she was swept off her feet and carried by the blast, flying across the terrain. As she was consumed by the attack, she screamed in pain, her body being pushed faster and faster until the blast exploded, obliterating her from this world.
As Turles watched the explosion, and felt her ki signal disappear, he smiled in victory and fell backwards, hitting the ground hard. Laying their arms spread wide open he recovered himself for a few minutes before going on.
“This is becoming more of a problem then I thought. These aliens are stronger then what they did seem, but no matter I will end it all very soon.” Turles said as he lifted himself off the ground and looked in the direction to which he was heading before he was stopped by the alien now dead.
As the saiyan flew closer and closer to the signal his scouter was picking up along with where the local aliens told him, he could sense a much more powerful being drawing closer and closer to him. Turles lifted his hand touching the part of armor gripping his chest. His heart began to race as he picked up speed.
“I need to hurry up and end this, I am getting to excited over this and most assured for nothing I presume.” Turles said aloud as he playfully laughed following his worries.
Voices became apparent in the saiyans hearing and he immediately stopped. Looking and moving into a defensive state Turles looked around, trying to pick where the voices where coming from, before a matter of seconds past a quick flurry flashed before the saiyans eyes.
Turles felt a strong and tough impact to his face as he caught the glimpse of a larger alien. Turles eyes shut as he began to black out and back in. Turles’ limp body smashed thru rock hard trees smashing them in two.
As the saiyan smashed into the ground his body bounced off a rock knocking him further into the deep forest and a sudden covering ov shading and a hard floor allowed the saiyan to open his eyes as his body lay smashed against what he thought was a cave wall.
Opening his eyes he could sense the warriors flying around looking for him but the impact was to fierce and quick and was a complete surprise to him. Turles’ eyes rolled back causing the same to black out.
[i]An Untold Resurrection

Orbiting the Earth, the space sphere of Turles encircles the planet. Within the said sphere, lies a regeneration tank, where the man called Turles is recovering from fatal wounds inflicted by the Genki Dama. His hair all but gone, his skin burnt and resembling darkened leather, even the regeneration tank cannot keep the pain at bay.
In the back of his mind, only one thing plays throughout his fractured mind… his defeat at the hands of Goku.
The room dissolves around Turles, as he finds himself standing in the center of the Tree of Might. Dismissing his ship from the site as it'll decompose after he eats the remaining fruit, Turles is admiring the beauty of the tree when he hears his name called out. Turles looks to his left to see Goku, walking towards him.
A few words are exchanged, but then silence. Finally, both sense each other attacking, with Turles unleashing a massive chi blast and Goku throwing the Genki Dama. Breaking through his blast, Turles' body is engulfed by the Genki Dama's energy, which also ignites the fruit as well.
Energy rivaling the big bang is unleashed, destroying the Tree of Might and re-dispersing the energy to everything it stole.
As for Turles, the blast launched his burned and shattered body onto an island more than a thousand miles away. By all means, Turles should have died. But for a Saiyan, especially one who usually faces opposition on many planets, they always have a backup plan. For Turles, this backup plan has his space-ship attuned to his body functions, so that in times of trouble, it would home in on his position and rescue him. This is what happened here, as the ship arrived and a robot servitor brought Turles aboard, placing him in the regenerative tank.
As the hallucination fades this time, Turles briefly opens his eyes and they shift from his normal blue to green… only to shift back to blue again. Then, the hallucinations continue…
Back at Goku's homestead, his head snaps, pulling him away from the plate of food sitting in front of him. Goku looks behind his chair with a worried look on his face.
"Well this is a first, I've never seen you stop eating." Chi-Chi, wife of Goku, says to her husband.
"Huh? Oh, I just got the strangest feeling… like there was an enormously evil presence near us only it disappeared as I sensed it."
"You don't think…"
"No Chi-Chi, I don't. He died when the Tree of Might exploded. Although, it's a shame I never figured out why we looked exactly alike…" but the thought is put out of his mind as his nostrils catch of whiff of the plate of beef before him and he started stuffing his face full of food.
Back on Turles' ship, all the internal organs have been repaired and his skin is underway. He can feel his skin tingle as it's rewoven all around him…
On Earth, Gohan and Krillin are hanging out by the lake, having went out to eat lunch.
"Say Gohan… did you feel that mysterious energy, just a few seconds ago?"
"Yeah, I did. Was it just me or did it feel familiar?"
"No… it felt like the power from that monster Turles… but how could survive a Genki Dama? I mean, sure, Vegeta did but it wasn't a full blown one like the one Goku hit him with… "
"Anyhow, I hope it isn't. I never want to see that man who wears my dad's face again…" and with that said, Gohan and Krillin leap into the air to head towards Bulma's house to prepare for the trip to Namek.
At the same time, Goku is kissing Chi-Chi goodbye and asking her to wish him luck in stopping Vegeta from nabbing the Namekian Dragonballs.
Gohan, Krillin and Goku arrive at about the same time, to see a Namekian ship standing next to the recently designed Caspule Corp space-ship.
"Wow, you mean we'll be traveling in these?" Gohan asks, as his inquisitive nature starts to kick in.
"Well… you, Krillin and I are taking the Namekian ship, while Goku takes the Capsule Corp one. That's been built with a gravity controller which'll help Goku train better."
"In that case, why don't I travel with you, Dad? I'm sure we'll do great together!"
"Sorry Gohan, but I'm planning on some extensive training and I'm not sure you'd be able to handle that. Plus, I only have a limited supply of senzu beans, so I want to train as hard as I can in order to use those to power up again. Besides, Krillin will need someone to spar with and I think you'll keep him sharp and likewise."
"Ok…" Gohan says with a bit of a pout.
"Goku, this is what you'll need to do to activate certain controls…" Bulma says as she begins to walk Goku through the process of controlling his ship.
After an EXTENSIVE and REPEATIVE rundown on controlling the ship, Bulma leaves Goku's side and begins to warm up the Namekian ship. Once prepped, Gohan and Krillen get onboard and both ships take off towards Namek!
Both ships are detected by Turles' ship, which catalogues what class ship they are and the species type of the occupants inside.
Inside the tank, it starts to bubble as the liquid recedes. Completely healed, Turles takes off the oxygen mask and exits the machine as the door opens. Standing there, with his tail waving in the air, Turles can't help but smile and laugh.
He's cheated death and he feels better than he ever has in his entire life.
He walks calmly over to a flashing computer counsel, where he notices the biological readings of the occupants of two ships. One of the readouts is a pure Saiyan… and the other is a hybrid Saiyan.
"Computer, chart their course and follow." And as Turles walks away to lie down in his own bed and rest form the ordeal of the past few weeks, he thinks…
"Kakarotto… my dear brother, you're worst nightmare is coming back to haunt you…" and his laughter echoes down the halls of the spherical ship, creating an ungodly sound… although no one but him hears it.
Hyah!" Goku yells as he throws a punch in the air, trying to resist the gravity which is now 50 times that of Earth. It's only been a 3 days since his craft left the Earth, heading towards Namek where Vegeta said he was heading to. Goku has also been warned by King Kai of a danger perhaps even greater than Vegeta… a planet destroying monster called Freeza. But despite all of this, Goku has a nagging feeling that something is just not right. He can't quite put his finger on it, but something seems… different. He constantly checks the ships navigational systems and everything's okay. Goku checks with Bulma and the gang on her ship and there's nothing wrong there.
Perhaps it's just his imagination, but he can feel a presence around him. At first, Goku thought Piccolo changed his mind and stowed away onboard. Or maybe it's because Goku is a bit lonely.
What Goku doesn't realize is that only a few miles away from his ship, Turles ship is right behind his, cloaked from all detection. Trailing him to Namek, Turles plans on eliminating all the pawns from the game.
And onboard Turles' ship, he is in a specially created war-room, where he would spar with his pirate servants. But with them killed by Goku's hands, Turles is merely sparring empty air… just like Goku is.
"Hyai!" Turles yells as he does a leaping spinning back kick. Landing on the ground, his face runs with sweat.
"Yahh!" and this time Turles does a roundhouse kick. Turles is breathing hard a bit, as he's been practicing for the last 5 hours… he's one who always strives to keep himself in tip-top shape. Running his right hand through his hair, Turles decides to take a break. Walking out of the war-room, he walks to the bridge and looks out of the cockpit to see Goku's ship right in front of him.
"I gave you a chance to join me. You refused and finally proved to me that you are indeed an earthling, in spirit if not in flesh. I had hoped that there was some of the Saiyan way left within you, but there isn't. I should've known when your son believed the garbage I fed him about why we looked alike and the fact that you never second guessed my looks." Turles thinks as he walks away from the glass and heads to the main controls that controls navigation as well as weapon systems.
"I could just use my weapon systems to blow a hole in your ship, where you'd be sucked out into outer space and your body destroyed by the vacuum…" Turles thinks as his hand reaches for the weapon activation button…
"But that would be too easy for you. You caused my body to burn and then left me for dead. It's the least I can do to make you feel that same type of pain… except 10 times worse. But for now, you serve a purpose. I'll use you and your friends to eliminate pawns for me and then, my dear Twin Brother, you'll die by my hands." Turles thinks with an evil grin on his face, as he turns around to work off more aggravation.
Back in Goku's ship, he is so busy training, that he doesn't hear the incoming call beep which signals him when Bulma is calling him. And it's an especially bad time to not hear it, as Bulma is changing her course because of an electro-magnetic storm and it trying to warn Goku about it!
And learn about it he does, as when his ship passes through it, it alters the gravity to a 100 times normal Earth gravity, sending Goku down to the floor!
"Whoa! W-What's h-happening?"
And on Turles' ship, he doesn't realize it either, which also screws around with his gravity system. But when his system adjusts to a 100 times normal Earth gravity, he senses only a minor shift.
"Hmm, seems to have gotten a bit heavier in here. No matter, it'll help me train…" and Turles begins to train once again, starting with punches…
An hour passes and Goku is stuck on the floor. He's been training so hard that his body is weak and aching… which isn't helping him get off of the floor.
"Got… to get… up…" Goku barely mutters as he can hardly open his jaw due to the oppressive gravity. He can now hear Bulma's voice over the intercom, as she has overridden the system.
"Ku… Goku, can you hear me?"
"I-I can…" Goku says, although it's too soft for Bulma to hear it.
"If you can hear this, you've entered an electro-magnetic storm. Unfortunately, we cannot re-adjust the gravity until you're out of the storm. Please hang on Goku, it should only last an hour."
"An hour? Lying on the floor?" Goku thinks to himself. Any normal man would accept that and just lie there still… but not Goku. No, this is a challenge… a challenge that will help him gain the strength to defeat Vegeta and Freeza on Namek… one that Goku shall not fail!
Gritting his teeth, Goku places both of his hands firmly on the ground, mustering all of his strength to slowly lift his body off of the floor. As he about to move his knees in order to sit up, Goku falls to the floor again. His face grimacing in pain, Goku almost utters 'Kaio-Ken'… but that would be cheating. Goku will do this on his own… with no Kaio-Ken and no senzu beans… and then train.
Back on Turles' ship, Turles slaps his hands together and then slowly brings them apart. A small circle of energy is created in the space between his hands and he thrusts his arms forward, which launches the circle which grows exponentially bigger as it moves forward. Turles then whips around in front of the energy circle and lets it strike him. It explodes… but Turles yells and dispels all the energy. As the smoke fades, there isn't a scratch on the walls or the floor… and Turles smiles.
"Heh… that shows you Father, I can indeed do it…" Turles thinks as he whips a towel around his neck and remembers his 'father' Paragas… and his 'brother' Brolly.
"You miserable piece of genetic trash… to think I waste my time on you." Paragas says as he watches a young Turles try to move in a gravity room where the gravity is that of the Planet Vegeta. His movements are rough and sluggish… nothing compared to Brolly, whose moves are elegant and graceful.
"Come on! You can surely do better than that!" Paragas yells, as sweat is beating down Turles' face.
"I'm trying too! What does it look like I'm doing?" Turles yells as Paragas walks up to him and backhands him, which sends Turles to the ground.
"How dare you talk that way to me. ME! If it wasn't for me and my son, you'd be nothing more than space debris like the planet Vegeta. Now get up and try to dispel one of your own blasts." Paragas says, as Turles wipes some blood off of his mouth. Turles stands up, claps his hands and creates an energy circle and throws it. Racing in front of it, he tries to dispel it, but it explodes and knocks him down to the floor.
Brolly begins laughing at Turles and says,
"You are so pathetic, 'brother'… you can't even dispel energy blasts. And to top it off, your energy style is so dull… here's how you do it." And energy begins to collect into his palm, which forms a small ball. He flings it at Turles which explodes and sends him flying into one of the walls.
"You are right my son, he IS pathetic. Let's leave him alone to contemplate this fact while we look for another planet to plunder…" Paragas says as he and Brolly leave the room. But as Paragas exits, he adjusts the gravity to three times that of the Planet Vegeta, which pins Turles down to the ground.
"You think you can just talk down to me, treat me like dirt and spit on me? I swear… even if it takes me my entire life, I'll find a means of increasing my strength so that even your precious Brolly won't stand up to me… and then I'll kill you both."
Paragas snaps out of his daydream as he feels his stomach rumble.
"I think it's time for an exquisite meal with a glass of wine to go along with it…"
Back on Goku's ship, he has finally managed to stand up and is now throwing punches while trying to keep his balance.
"From now on, I'm training in 100 x's Earth's gravity. I've got a feeling that it is what's going to help me on Namek…"
End Blacked Dream

The sun broke thru some broken trees and managed to shine right in the face of the saiyan warrior. Turles eye lids flickered as they slowly began to open from being asleep for God knows how long.
“Dam, that hurt like a bitch” Turles moaned as he grabbed his cheek
Leaning forward the saiyan realized he couldn’t hear any more voices but something was wrong, it was too quite. Turles was now feeling now more pain as it was only something that lasted as a surprise attack would and the attacker would suffer Turles thought to himself.
The cave entrance filled with a yellowish light as the saiyan jumped back. Instantly four different blast exploded at the entrance and collapsing it to the ground.
“I grow very tired of these games. This will end now” Turles said lifting both hands
A medium sized yellow blast formed in the inside of the saiyans large palms and began to rotate. The blast left his hands smashing into the crumbled roof of the cave sending rocks and debris flying into the air and filling the air with smoke and a huge unmovable cloud of dust.
Turles sensed out the weaker fighters and moved quickly through the smoke eliminating them one by one until he could only see and sense the strongest warrior In front of him but still hidden by the cloud of dust.

Turles tried defending against Molap's attacks, but he was slowly slipping. Turles knew he had to try, despite the clear possibility of death. He didn't want to die, not here! He had more to live for and so did the people on this planet, the people he was fighting for. But he knew in the back of his mind, that if sending Molap back to hell included him, he'd gladly due it, Because it would be better than allowing him to stay any longer on this planet corrupting it and the people with his evil.
Molap's strikes were taking their toll on Turles, his defense was loosening. When Turles’ arms dropped from exhaustion, Molap let Turles’ chest know it was over. Turles screamed in horror as he felt the mace-like tail tear into his chest, this hurt more than anything he felt before, including tail accidents, pieces of Turles armor tore completely off leaving a massive hole in it as blood began to trickle down the saiyans stomach and armor.
Turles looked down lifting his hand upward touching the spot where the tail like object had just jerked out of his armor. The hole in his chest was not deadly but was enough to slow Turles down a lot and almost took him out the fight. Turles looked up and into the eyes of the evil fighter as he gritted his teeth. Turles leaped up into the air as with the other fight and started once again changing blows.
Their furies of kicks and punches came at the same pace, but Turles could tell something was holding him back, he knew that somehow he could move fast than this, but just couldn't find it in him to move fast. Molap had grown tired of these inane games, He felt as if he was the most omnipotent creature on the planet.

Molap's concentration broke, as a small craft flew almost invincibly over the battle field. This gave Turles the opportunity he was looking for! Without any hesitation, Turles punched Molap's right breast as hard as he could. Molap reared back, and swung his tail against Turles’ back. Turles fell forward as he grabbed for his back as the pain was immense and shot through his entire body.
Turles flipped back still in pain but able to keep his composure and grabbed Molap’s throat squeezing it harder and harder. The eyes of the saiyan grew in color of pure blue as a blue aura ripped all around the body of the saiyan. Turles began to shake as he pressed all his power into the grip. Molap reached up trying to force the grip off his throat for a breath of air but Turles was relentless and wouldn’t let go.
“You have stayed on this planet for long enough, you pathetic evil fool. I will make sure you never hurt again, never live again, where you’re going you’ll be there for eternity.” Turles said
Turles reared back his free fist and pulling it forward with unstoppable speed, his fist connected purely with Molap’s armor. The armor broke as with did Turles’ in the almost same type of attack. The saiyans fist pressed against the hardened armor breaking through as it touched cleaned flesh. Turles twisted and pushed with his entire mite as his fist broke through his skin and going completely though the aliens body.
Molap spit up a large amount of blood as Turles dropped him to the ground. The alien hit his knees holding his stomach and coughing up blood at the feet of the saiyan. Turles looked down raising a single palm into the air.
“You see, you could have never beaten me, I live for something much more then you do, I live for the innocent and for the good hearted. Something you could never understand.” The saiyan said.
Molap looked up as Turles’ palm was only inches from his face. Sparks sprinkled along the insides of his palm as a small coin size ball formed and grew a hundred times its created size. Turles released the blast and it completely obliterated the alien.
Turles lowered his hand as a gust of wind blew the reddish cloud of smoke that remained away from him. Looking up the saiyan could see the destruction Molap caused and knew the people of this planet would have their hands full rebuilding their lives and rebuilding their planet.
But one thing still needed to be taken care of, the Ship these evil creatures lived on and came here on still remained embedded into the planet. Turles blasted off the ground still in pain as blood trickled from the small hole still in his chest, but the saiyan ignored it, there was more important things to do as the ship needed to be destroyed.
Turles reached the zenith in the ozone and raised both hands slightly, each arm began to shake erratically as Turles powered up. A reddish gold aura burst around his entire body, Clouds and the wind started moving in directions that was not, north east south and west but all directions at the same time.
A medium seized ball formed and disappeared and formed again as loud cracks echoed through the sky. The energy formed a small ball as Turles released it, the energy bolted through the air connection with the ship instantly, but the ship didn’t blow up, it didn’t move, it did nothing.
Turles with both hands still outstretched and shaking lowered one hand as the entire ship ignited with light. The saiyan raised his still high hand and the ship began to lift off the ground. The ship grew higher and higher as rocks and dirt fell from all around the now floating empty machine.
Turles with both hands now lowered quickly slung them above his head and the ship flew upwards and blasted though the atmosphere and into deep space only exploding moments later. Turles lowered his arms as sweet poured down his cheeks and around his chin and the saiyan lowered himself to the ground.
Turles fell backwards landing on his back and looked up toward the dark and at the same time clear blue sky, it seemed the planet knew that the evil was gone off its soil and Turles could feel the planet starting to retract all the evil and replace it with the good that it had built up inside itself.
“Are you ok”
The words broke the saiyans concentration and resting.
“Hey Turles, are you ok”
The voice sounded familiar as the saiyan lifted his head only to see an alien that he recognize as the one responsible for bringing him here.
“Ah, there he is. I told you I could do this. It was close and hard but in the end I always win because my heart can sense what I stand for and as long as I have the will power I will always do what’s right.” Turles said out stretching his hand and catching it with that of Dola’s.
“Yes I see and I don’t know how we will ever thank you for what you’ve down for us Turles” Dola said pulling the saiyan up.
“There’s no need for a thank you, I was only helping and doing my job”
They both laughed as Dola helped Turles back to his ship and all the people of planet Patonas waved as the saiyan that saved their lives and their planet vanished into Space and never to be seen again.

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