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 Golden Saves Planet Vegeta from the infeno

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PostSubject: Golden Saves Planet Vegeta from the infeno   Mon Sep 06, 2010 5:51 am

ill do it but let me write it in a little
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PowerLevel : Good bye
Ki : 77,447,800
Transformations : Oozaru <> kaiokin <> False super sayian <> super sayian <> super sayian 2 <> super sayian 3 <> golden oozaru <> super sayian 4 <> super sayian 5 <> Super Sayian 6 <> Super Sayian 7 <> Super Sayian 10 <> Super Sayian 11 <> Super Sayian 13
Tehniques : Super Duper Final Mega Big Bang Blast Kamehameha X70 <> Super explosive wave <> Super Mega Final Big Bang Kamehameha x20 <> Revenge death ball <> violent thunder <> super slining slasher basher <> solar flare <> fusion dance <> after image <> Super Mega Death Ball <> Super Final Big Bang Kamehameha <> Kamehameha <> Spririt Bomb <> Super Dragon Fist <> Instant Transsmission <> angry kamehameha <> energy feild <> Super Kamehameha <> Final Kamehameha <> Big Bang Attack
Battle Points : 154
Zeni : 600,048,050
Items : 5 ultimate senzu beans, prince's scouter, king's armor, Z-sword Sword, Weighted armour
Posts : 601
Join date : 2010-07-16

PostSubject: Re: Golden Saves Planet Vegeta from the infeno   Tue Sep 07, 2010 6:59 pm

"Planet Inferno. It's small and on the outskirts of the galaxy. It's inhabitants are weak and pitiful. And you're telling me my own warriors can't handle them. Saiyan warriors?" King Zuccaglared in front of him at the three warriors on their knee's.

"Sir, if you please. You've- er We have underestimated them." one spoke up.

The king tilted his head. "Bring them." The king looked at his son beside him. "Come my son. I will show you how a Saiyan really captures a planet."

They followed him out of the ship and onto Inferno. Prince Zuccawas the only one with enough guts to walk beside the King, the rest kept a cautious distance.

The planet was a dry desert. It had on occasion a volcano here or there. It looked pathetic. The buildings were in ruin. There was no Infernians in sight. One might assume the Saiyans had already been there.

Within minutes of leaving their ship the Saiyans were blocked by the Infernians. King Zuccaonly grinned.

"Zucca, as a Saiyan Prince there are three rules you must live by." He took a few steps forward. "One, show no mercy and take no prisoners."

He extended out his arms and spread his fingers. Then with no effort at all, a blue beam came from his palm. And instantly they were killed.

The king threw his head back and laughed. "That's what you guys couldn't kill? Weaklings with 170 power level." his laugh was loud and obnoxious. "Absolutely pathetic!" he turned to his warrior. "But I'll deal with you guys when this is finished. Now watch me conquer this planet."

King Zuccasingle handedly slaughtered the Infernians. He should no mercy. He didn't break a sweat, in fact he was getting rather bored. He was a proud example of what not only a king should be but a Saiyan. By now Zuccahad most of the Infernians dead. He could easily count the last few on his two hands.

They now found themselves with in the royal home. The planets King sternly sat upon his throne.

The Infernian King stepped forth an challenged the Saiyan King. "If I win they leave." he pointed to the rest of the Saiyans.

"Alright, but when I win you and the rest of your people will die." Zuccagrinned hoping to get some excitement now.

It was King against King.

The Infernian King was fast. But the Saiyan was faster. The Infernian punched at the Saiyan with all his might which Zuccaeasily dodged. Zuccalet this continue for a while.

But by now he was finding himself bored, "Well your not much fun."

"You think this is some kind of game?" The Infernian King yelled. Angered and already knowing the Saiyans answer, the King landed a punch to Vegeta's face. "Peoples lives are not games you savage!"

Vegeta's face was full of shock. The weakling actually struck him. "You inferior filth. Your weak. Of course it's a game, like a hunt. I'm the hunter and you're my game."

The enraged Infernian attack Zuccaagain. This time Zuccagrabbed his arm and landed his knee into the Inferians stomach. Next the Infernian received a kick to the face knocking him to the ground.

Zuccaextended his arm forward. He started to charge a small purple sphere in his hand. "Execution Beam!" he yelled as he released the purple energy sending the a energy wave flying at the Infernian King. It killed him instantly.

Next he turned his attention for the remaining Infernians. They were all cowering in a group together. Without even thinking he extended his hand towards them and did the same attack.

King Zuccafinished off the Infernians with his own bare hands.

He casually walked up and sat in the recently deceased kings thorn. "Now, Someone go alert Lord Frieza that this planet has been seized."

He waited for sometime. Just sitting there watching the three Saiyans who couldn't even beat a few Infernians.

"Son." He called for the prince. "Would you like to hear the second rule?"

The Prince grinned, "Yes Father."

"The second rule is… Kill the weak. Even your own allies."

As soon as his words ended King Zuccajump forward and deposed of his weak warriors.

"That took care of the trash." He chuckled. "Come son. Lord Frieza has some training planned for you today." he said Frieza's name like it was toxic.

The young prince didn't move, "Father?"

The king stopped, "Yes son?"

"What's the third rule, sir?"

King Zuccakept his eyes off his son. "The third rule is to live. No matter how it will look, Zuccayou save your own ass. Survive."


As soon as he was sure the Saiyans were gone, Blaze crawled from hiding. With tears in the young prince's eyes he ran to his fathers body.

"Wake up father!" he called shaking the body. "Wake up!" he yelled.


Blaze screamed at the top of his lungs. "Father!"

He buried his face in his father's clothes. After weeping he made a vow. "Father, I will avenge you! I promise I will. I'll kill those Saiyans. All of them will pay for your death.
I stared at the mountain of work in front of me. I could already feel the headache coming. Every single class today decided to give homework. Why did I take all those extra classes?

Not only was I stressed from the work my school was giving me, but my father was forcing me to train harder then normal. He wanted me to be strong for the World Tournament. But honestly I really could care less about the fight. I wanted to eventually become President of Capsule Corp. Training for a tournament wasn't going to help me. Studying would.

I looked between my Calculus II and Physics homework. Where to start?

"Seriously? Its Friday night and your sitting here studying?"

I looked up to see Golden leaning against my door frame. I felt myself chuckle. Golden could care less about studying, even with a mom like Chichi.

"Hey Golden. What's up?" I said as I opened my Physics book.

"Well… I have a favor to ask you." Golden threw himself onto my bed.

I looked over my should, Golden's favors we always more then just favors. And often they involved either food or women… or both.

"What now?"

"Just come to the movies with… us…" he laughed nervously.

I forced my whole body to turn to face him. "Us being?"

"Me, You, and Valese. Oh," he coughed. "and your date."

I felt my cheeks get warm. "You idiot! You set me up again didn't you?"

"No, Valese did… it's her cousin." he reached back and scratched the back of his head. "Just come you never have fun! And plus if you don't show Valese will let me have it."

"No. I'm not going on a blind date! I'm not that desperate."

Golden laughed. "Your never that desperate, your nose is always in a book. Shadow you've never been on a date."

"Your point? I'm too busy. Maybe after I became head of Capsule Corp. I'll start looking. But not now."

"But your missing a very important part of you teenage years!"

"God. You sound like my mom." I said remembering all her speeches over the years.

Golden paused. "Well. That's because I'm repeating her."

"What?" my voice raised.

"Well when I came in she asked why I was here and after I told her she handed me a fifty and told me what to say."

I felt myself sigh. I cant believe my mom paid him. I expect my dad to do that but not my mom. "Then are you finished?"

"Um… No. Their worried that maybe your really… well fruity."

"I'm not gay!" I yelled.

"How would you know you've never been with a girl."

"Golden!" I yelled standing up.

"Alright alright. Sure. No need to go all super Saiyan on me. Geez." Golden laughed.

We got quiet.

Then after groaning, I felt myself ask, "They really think I'm gay?"

"Well your moms curious if you're starting to go down that path, and also said she doesn't mind she just wants to know what team your batting for. While your dad thinks you are 'a gay homosexual fag' and yelled about Saiyan pride."

"He said that? Ugh."

"Duh… he's Vegeta."

We got quiet again.

I stared to give in, "I'll go… I guess."

"Good I'll text Val-" Golden started.

"Is she ugly?" I interrupted.

"Ah.. Well she's… handsome." Golden scratched his chin.

"Oh my god. Your setting me up with the ugly cousin!"

"Not ugly… handsome." Golden corrected. "And she has a great body it's just her face."

"Seriously!" I started rubbing my temples, "I'm not going."

Golden groaned, "Please Shadow!"

"No…" I turned back to my work. "Your going to be late if you don't go."

"Shadow…" I heard him sigh, "Welp… I guess I'll see you tomorrow."

"Bye Golden."


I had just got about half way through my homework when my mom called me to diner. I dragged myself to the family dinning room not know if they would start another relationship speech.

I stared at the plate of food in front of me. Moms cooking has gotten better over the years. No longer did she burn her food. But I couldn't bring myself to eat it. I poked it as I listened to Kulla talking away about her day. Her mouth was flying a hundred miles per hour about who was dating who and what shoes were on sale. Everyone knew Kulla's whole day from beginning to end.

As if I wasn't stressed enough people were trying to help out my love life. Why could they understand that I just didn't want one. Not only did I not want one, there wasn't any worth taking out. When it came to girls I just never connected with one in a romantic way.

I know what I wanted… I wanted someone that could challenged me. Someone who could challenge my ideas for Capsule Corp. or actually give me a challenge while fighting. But lets face it, there's probably no one like that one earth.

"Shadow, sweetie. Is everything okay?" My mom called from across the table interrupting Kulla.

I forced the fakest looking smile I could conjure up, "I'm just dandy mom. Peachy, fantastic, thrilled happy, cheerful, in fact I'm just gay." I threw my fork beside my plate.

Her expression fell. "Shadow… I…"

"I'll be in my room if anyone needs me." I said as I pushed my plate away from me and stood up.

My father got up too. "No, we'll be in the gravity chamber training." he said walking away.

Great. Training. I shoved my fist in my pockets and followed my father. I kept my distance from him. We weren't your typical father and son. No paling around. No high fives. Just sweat, blood, and training. I don't even recollect him saying I love you. Not once.

One the way to the ship we didn't talk. We didn't look at each other. We were just two men on their way to train.

When we arrived my father shut the door and set the ship to a hundred times earths gravity. Quickly the pull on my body increased. My muscles tensed as they adjusted to the new weight of my body.

"What first?" I muttered.

"Punch me." he ordered.

In no time I was lunging forward at my father in hopes of lading a punch. But he easily dodged. Quickly collecting myself I started throwing punches from every angle as fast as I could. But nothing could get past him. He dodged each one I threw at him. I was fast but he was faster.

"Fool." I heard him yell at me as his fist planted into my face throwing me across the room.

It was a very weak punch for my father. He was holding back.

"Your letting your emotions interfere with your feelings." he snapped.

I snapped back. "Yeah well their not easy to ignore."

"Sit!" my father ordered.

I sat on the nearest weight bench and waited. I kept my eyes on the ground.

"Shadow." he called out.

I kept my eyes on the floor. "Hhm?"

"Look at me when I'm talking to you!" Zuccayelled.

I shifted my eyes to my father. "What are we going to have a special father son moment?"

"We sure are you smart ass. Now shut up and listen. This isn't normal. You should be out there dating and all that stuff. Kulla even has a boyfriend," he said with a flash of rage in his eyes.

"Dad just because I'm not out there dating doesn't mean I'm not normal." I spoke up.

"Then go hang out with Golden or something."

Shadow stood up, "Why so you can think I'm more of a gay homosexual fag? No thanks dad I'll stay in my room."

Zuccasnickered, "I already think that." He stared in my direction. "I just trying to say-"

"What?" I interrupted him. "That you had hundreds of girlfriends growing up?" I sat back down

"No. Your mother is the only person I've ever been involved with." He crossed his arms. "Saiyan laws. A prince marries who his father picks. I figured my father couldn't stop me so hell why not."

"Mom's really the only one?" I whispered with shock. "Then why are you guys always bugging me?"

"Because there are no Sacred Virgins for you to marry here." he snapped.

I blinked, "Sacred Virgins? What?"

"It's a group of women who protect the secrets of our past. It's kind of like our religion. And their all sluts and you can't trust them. A King normally picks one of those broads as a prince's wife."

I couldn't take my eyes off my father. It was rare for Dad to talk about the Saiyan life style. I knew tons about Saiyan power, but nothing about Saiyan life.

"Would you have picked me one?" I questioned. I was hoping maybe I could get some stuff out of him.

"Duh. It's tradition and law." He paused and looked at me. "Look, I'm not going to go to the mall and grab a random virgin for you to marry. You may have Saiyan blood Shadow but you're an earthling. So find your own virgin slut."

"I don't want to date father." I whispered.

"Then humor me and get the hell out of my house from time to time." he yelled.

I sighed. "Alright. Next time I'll go."

He snorted. "Hell, if I care. I was just sick of you mom nagging me." He was covering up the small amount of emotion he just showed me. Something I was used to.

It grew quiet. Then we both felt the pull on us lift off. Our heads snapped towards the door as it opened. My mother walked through the door.

"What do you want woman?" My dad yelled.

But my mom ignored him, "Shadow I have the perfect idea for you!"

"What's that mom?" I prepared myself for another of my mom's 'perfect' ideas.

"You need a vacation." she smiled. "Not just any vacation. You need to go somewhere grand. I hear the beach is good this time of year." She went on and on with ideas of where I could go.

Standing there, I gave it a thought. Vacation. It was perfect. I just need a break from all stresses in life.

"Mom?" I interrupted her.

"Yes dear?" She smiled.

"If I go. I want to leave the planet. Just take of and go somewhere new."
"Is it dinner time yet?" Golden yelled from across.

I sighed, "Golden you just had lunch!"

"Nah uh! That was forever ago!"

"Try thirty minutes." I went back to reading.

"Liar! It's been at least three hours! So if its not dinner then its time for Linner… or is it Dunch… I don't know Shadow but I'm hungry!"

"Golden if we ate every time you were hungry we'd run out of food in a day."

"Hey! So that's why you've been starving me. You only brought a little food!"

I rolled my eyes and ignored him. It's been the same conversation morning, afternoon, and evening, everyday for the past two weeks. When Golden and myself decided to leave Earth and go on a vacation, we didn't think about how we would spend our time getting to the planet.

So now our day involved some dull conversations and doing what ever we can to stay out of boredom.

On occasion we'd get a call from my mom and Chichi wanting to know how everything's going. We'll get to hear what's happening on earth and we'll finally get something to talk about other then food and girls. Oh and now Golden likes to start conversations by saying 'Man, Shadow the weathers nice today.' Were in the middle of space. There is no weather.

"Do you think Poljo is as great as Zuccasays it is?" Golden spoke up.

"It's Plaja. I don't know… You can't really tell how great a planet is by someone saying, 'It's a planet with a beach. Never cared for it really. It's where Raditz and Nappa would go while I was out doing what Saiyans do best! I concurred many planets while they were laying in the sand and drooling over woman.'" I mocked my fathers voice.

Golden laughed, "You sound just like him. Oh my turn, 'Shadow be a Saiyan and train." he 'mocked' my dads voice.

"No my dad would say, 'Shadow even in times of peace like these one must train and be prepared! You don't get a letter from you enemy about when you'll see them or where they'll be!'" I had to say my talent for mocking my fathers voice.

"Oh or 'I'm twice the man you are.'" Golden tried again.

" No, he'd say, 'Come on boy! When I was your age I had already concurred more planets then you can count on both mine and your hands and feet! You're a Saiyan! Now act like one!'"

Golden started laughing. "All my dad would do is ask were the food is."

"Like you? Face it Golden your just a Froku mini me." I grinned.

"Am not!" he defended. "You're the Zuccadouble with purple hair!"

"I'm nothing like my father!" I jerked out of my chair. "Your just as clueless as your dad!"

He stood up, "At least I'm not conceited! Now who else do I know thats conceited? …. Oh right Vegeta!"

"I'm not conceited!"

"Are too! Your always brag about how smart you are or how strong you are."

"Yeah, that's because I am smart and I am strong. Smarter and stronger then you."

We glared at each other. Fist clutched together. Jaws tight. Eyes narrowed. Waiting to see what each other would do. And then out of no where we both started laughing. Something about the situation just seemed funny to us.

Golden sat down, "Oh darling! Lets never fight again!"

I stopped laughing, "You know I really hate when you joke like that."

His laughing got louder, "You know you love it!"

"No…." But I couldn't help but laugh.

Suddenly we both got struck silent when the computer started to beep.

"Are we under attack?" Golden nervously asked.

I rolled my eyes. Him and I went throw this every single time mom called. "It's just the ships video chat."

"Oh…" he laughed.

I pressed the button on the computer. I didn't see the face I was expecting to see. A mans face appeared on the screen in front of me. He appeared human other then his pale blue skin and his eyes appeared to be completely black. He was wearing what looked to be a black uniform that covered his neck.

"Shadow that's not our mom's." Golden whispered.

"Good Evening Gentlemen." the man called out.

"Good Evening." I said.

While Golden said "Hey."

"I am Lieutenant Brass of Asgard. You are in restricted area. I must inquire you for your Nomadic Authorization Number please."

"Nomadic Authorization Number? Er.. I'm sorry but I don't have one. I wasn't aware it was illegal to travel through space." I stated.

"Then you are admitting you have no number?" He asked.

"I don't even know what this number is!" I kept my voice calm.

"And the other Gentleman?" Lieutenant Brass said.

Golden shook his head, "Dude, I ain't got one."

"Very well. Your behavior has been noted. You have been placed under arrest by all rights of Asgard. Will you go voluntarily?"

"If we go willingly will you hear us out." I asked.

"Of course. Asgard was founded on protecting ones rights. To imprison you with out 'hearing you out' as you say would be against what Asgard stands for." he stated.

I heard a clicking noise coming from his side. Then there was a shift in our ship.

"I have took control of your ship. It will take you to the Asgard Control Center. I will met you upon your arrival. You will arrive in approximately one hour and thirty two minutes. Till then gentlemen."

The screen went black.

"Oh god. I'm under arrest. Mom's going to kill me!" Golden whined.

"We'll get out of this. Space isn't something you can own. So they have no right for doing this." I sat down.

Golden got silent. "So did you noticed that he blinked sideways too?"


Our ship landed at the Asgard Control Center. This was completely ridiculous. We did nothing wrong. This Asgard was a joke. You can't arrest someone in space.

When we stepped off our ship we were met by Lieutenant Brass. He bowed and said, "Welcome."

"Where can we talk?" I said crossing my arms.

"Oh and can we get something to eat?" Golden said leaning forward.

The Lieutenant smiled, "How about we discuss things over dinner?"

"Alright I'm starving." Golden cheered.

I rolled my eyes. Golden's the only person I know who could eat at a time like this. I followed after Golden and the Lieutenant. The ship was massive. My mother would love it. Hell I love it. Building a ship like this would be amazing.

He took us into a room. There was a huge table in the middle of the room. It almost looked as if they didn't have enough room for all the food on the table. Golden's mouth instantly started drooling.

"Please enjoy." The Lieutenant said.

While Golden started downing his food, I took my seat.

"I do believe I didn't catch your names." Lieutenant Brass called across the table.

"I'm Golden, and that's Shadow! " Golden said in-between bites.

"Shadow and Golden. How unusual." he smiled.

I searched for what to say.

"Look. This arrest isn't justified. Where we come from I've never heard of Asgard or a Nomadic Authorization Number." I glared.

"And just where is it you come from?" he asked.

"Earth." I answered.

"Hmm… I do believe I've never heard of that planet."

"Well that doesn't mean it doesn't exist." I said threw my teeth. "Back on my planet we haven't made it past our own moon."

"Then how is it you have?" he raised the skin above his left right eye where his eye brow should be.

I clutched my teeth together. Something told me not to tell him about being part Saiyan or who my father was. "My family's a bunch of scientist. They've been inventing much of earths inventions. We merely wanted to test our skills. It toke some handing reverse engineering to get here."

"Reverse engineering… You don't say." there was something in his eye I didn't trust. "Where did you get the ship?"

Maybe I shouldn't have said that. I searched for what to say. "I'm not sure my grandfather did it…"

"If it was your grandfather then way doesn't you species know of this?"

Golden caught me off guard by saying, "Our race is to weak to survive what the universe has to throw at us."

He stared at us for a while. "I do believe you." he paused. "However… the council on the other hand will need some proof. I will bring your case to their attention in the morning. Until then you will stay with one of our crew members."

"We have to see a council?" I groaned.

"Of course. You did ask you be heard did you not?"

Great. Just great. Some vacation.

It was then a man entered the room.

"Gentlemen, I will like to introduce you to the man you will be staying with. He is the head of our engineer department. Shadow. Golden. This is Blaze."

I stared at Blaze from across the ship. His skin was a burnt orange color, while his hair was a red shade. I could see his stress filled face was very restless. He was also wearing a black uniform like Lieutenant Brass was.

"I don't know how long they'll have you stay with me until they give you your own barrack." Blaze said as he handed us a herbal drink, I guess it'd be like a tea.

I narrowed my eyebrows at him. "We won't be hear that long. Lieutenant Brass promised us he'd bring it to the council attention tomorrow."

"Is that so? Well Shadow, he promised me that five years ago. But tomorrow he'll say he forgot. And the next day they'll be busy. He'll keep giving excuses until finally you stop asking." he sipped his tea.

I felt my teeth clenched together.

"So, what? We're stuck here?" Golden asked.

"I'm afraid so. No one has ever escaped from Asgard before…" He looked me in the eyes.

"I don't understand how they think they have the right to do this." I crossed my arms.

"This solar system has had lots of problem with piracy. For the past hundred years they have been in communication with each other. During a raid almost seven years ago a complete civilization was wiped out. That's when they agreed that since they were all on the same page that they could control their solar system.

"Asgard was created in order to protect these planets. It sounds like a good cause but its not. They've been arresting people and refusing to release them. Soon the people work for them. Or they are disposed of."

"Asgard sounds like a real problem." I said through my teeth.

"Oh its nothing compared to my mission." He whispered.

"Your mission?" I asked.

Blaze hesitated. "Before I tell you. Shadow did you build that ship yourself?"

"With the help of my mother, yeah." I answered curious.

He shifted his eye sight towards Golden "And Golden can you fight?"

"Of course me and Shadow are top notch fighters on Earth." Golden bragged.

"Splendid!" He smiled. "Alright I'll tell you. If I can get you out of here will you help me?"

I stared over at Golden. "What kind of help do you need?"

"Well, I am the last of my kind. Many years ago my people were murdered. I only wish to bring my people justice." He said shyly.

"You mean revenge." I stated.

"Yes. Revenge… Shadow do you know what it is like seeing your people slaughtered in front of you. And you being a mere child. Helpless to do anything. I know it may seem wrong. But its something I must do. I must kill him."

"I don't know…" I thought out aloud. "It just doesn't seem right."

"This man killed my people how is it not right? You would do the same!" Blaze's voice started to rise. "Oh I am terribly sorry… I didn't mean to get angry with you…"

That was him angry?

Blaze got quiet almost searching for a solution. "How about this… I get you out of here, and you come with me. You don't have to help me kill the man. Just make sure I don't die by his hands as well. Then from there I'll take you anywhere you like. To your home. Or some where else."

"So if we make sure you don't get killed you can take us to Pligo?" Golden asked.

"It Plaja Golden." I corrected.

"Oh yes. I will take you to Plaja. It's a very nice planet!" he smiled.

"Alright, then its fine by me." Golden grinned.

Blaze looked at me. "Shadow?"

I sighed, "Alright, I'll help."

"Thank you! I truly appreciate this." He bowed his head.

"No problem." Golden and myself mumbled.


I was exhausted. Ever since we arrived on Asgard we've done nothing but help Blaze. He had been building a new ship. It was pretty neat. Better then anything I could ever build.

Blaze hasn't talked about the agreement we made since it happened. It's been nearly a week and a half and nothing. I'm starting to think maybe it's a plan to help Asgard keep us here.

Golden's snoring was extremely loud. It was keeping me up. Not that it was easy to sleep any ways. Being hear just made me nervous.

I heard the door open. And a hand touched my shoulder. "Shadow wake up. Its time."

I quickly a rose. "Were leaving?"

"Yes. But we must hurry." He said shaking Golden. "Get up Golden."

He looked at me full of fear, "We must hurry."

I walked over to Golden's cot and kicked him, "Golden, it's its time to eat!"

Golden shot up. "Where's the bacon?"

I grabbed his arm and pulled him out of bed. "Blaze is going to take us to get it."

"Sweet! I can already smell it!" Golden grinned as he slipped on his shirt.

Blaze hurried us along.

"What's the rush?" I asked.

"There's a meeting going on about Asgard's future. So most of the crew is back on the host planet. It's the perfect chance for us to escape." he whispered.

"Then let's go." I agreed.

He lead us out of his room and down the hall. We moved quickly. The ship seemed to be deserted. They path we were taking seemed familiar. After several minutes I realized we were going the same way to the area where the ship we had been building was.

"We're going to the ship?" I called out to Blaze.

"Yes, it's our escape!" He answered.

Finally we got to the room. He came to a stop just inside the room.

"The lights must stay off so we don't draw attention to our selves." He whispered.

"Alright." I nodded following after him.

"We're not getting bacon are we…" Golden whispered.

I rolled my eyes, "Not now Golden."

"Quickly, get in the ship." he pleaded. "We'll be safe in there.

We did as we were told. Once inside Blaze shut the door. He walked over to the ships controls. Sitting in one of the two control chairs he began pressing the buttons. Curious I sat in the other chair and watched what he did. I didn't understand its controls but it would appear to me that he was entering coordinates.

"Everything looks great. Golden you might want to have a seat for this." Blaze smiled. "You ready?"

I nodded, "Yeah lets go."

He pressed one last final button. I heard a buzzing noise come from the ship. I looked out the window. There was bright light flashing in every direction. At first they were faint but as the noise got louder the lights got brighter until all I saw was white. Then suddenly the noise stopped and the light was gone.

In fact. Asgard was gone. I saw nothing but space. I looked over at Blaze. He had a huge grin on his face. His hand extended forward and he pushed three sliding buttons away from him.

The ship zoomed off. My whole weight was pushed back into the chair. I heard Golden hit the floor.

"You all right Golden." I yelled out.

"Yeah I'm alright." he called back.

The star in front of me now made lines in my view. The ship was traveling so fast that the ship began to heat up.

"Blaze its going too fast!" I had to force my body to look at him.

He was leaning forward. The grin on his face had gotten bigger.

"Blaze!" I yelled again.


I couldn't tell how long we had been in this hyper drive. But my body ached. All I could do was sit there with my eyes closed. Blaze ignored me every time I called his name.

Then it was all to sudden that the ship stopped. My body went flying forward hitting the control panel.

"What the hell was that Blaze?" I demanded.

He didn't answer instead he said, "There it is."

He was in awe. I looked out the window and in front of me laid a crimson planet. It had two moons. Something about this didn't seem right.

"Blaze answer me!"

"Soon Shadow. Lets land first." Blaze said.

He took the ship in. Making its landing on the planet.

I looked behind me to see Golden laying on the ground with a sick expression on his face.

"Shadow I think I'm going to be sick!" he said trying to pull himself up.

"Whoa take it easy!" I offered my hand.

By the time I helped Golden and got him feeling better, Blaze had landed the ship.

"Come my friends!" he opened the door.

We followed him off the ship. I didn't trust him. I just kept getting this bad feeling.

The gravity pull was strong. A lot stronger then Earth's at least. It was nothing how ever to the gravity pull my dad would have me train in. The planet looked like a harsh desert wasteland. And oddly enough, the sky was red.

I could sense some power sources a good distance from here. I could even feel some closing. But what worried me the most was Blaze's was rising and it was rising quick. I could here him starting to laugh.

"Where are we Blaze?" I yelled but got no reply. "Blaze!"

He turned and grinned at us. "Shadow… Golden…" he extended out his hands. "Welcome to Planet Vegeta!"
"Welcome to Planet Vegeta!" Blaze laughed.

My eyes grew wide. "Planet Vegeta? That's impossible the planet was destroyed many years ago!"

His smile grow more conniving, "Yes it was. But how was I suppose to get revenge for my people on a race that was extinct?" He turned from us and looked out at the horizon. "For years I have been researching alternate time lines. Theories. Possible travel. And I came up with nothing. Finally I found what I was looking for.

"There was a small civilization on the out skirts of the galaxy that had been studying these theories for millions of years. They even claimed to be from an alternative line. At first they didn't trust me. It took me ten years to earn their trust and their work. Finally I got what I needed that ship behind you is the gateway.

"I fled off with it only to be caught by Asgard. Who began to demolish it. It took me five years to rebuild the damage done by those idiots. It would have taken me longer if you hadn't have helped me Shadow. And I thank you for that." He extended out his hands again

He started to increase his power level. "King Vegeta! I'm coming for you! I couldn't stop you all those years ago! But I can now! I'll let you watch as I destroy your people like you did mine!"

"Shadow what do we do?" Golden asked, his voice was serious. It reminded me of how Froku is before a fight.

Blaze turned back at us. "Shadow. Golden. Lend me your power! Help me fight." He extended out his hand. "Help me destroy the Saiyan race!"

"Blaze!" fury was shaking my whole body! "You can't do this! Who knows if they killed your people in this time line!"

"I don't care Shadow! Their still monsters!" he yelled.

I had to do something and fast. The power levels I sensed earlier were coming in on us fast.

"Your either with me or against me." Blaze glared at Golden and me.

"I'm not going to help you kill off my own people." I stated.

Shock spread across his face. "Your Saiyan?"

"We both are…" Golden said. "In fact, you could say were Super Saiyans."

"That's impossible! All the Saiyans are dead." he shouted.

I grinned at him, "You should have studied some more. Then maybe you would have found that there were survivors."

"Well then it looks like when I go back to our time line I'll have to destroy the rest!" Blaze grinned back at me.

"We're not going to let you do this!" I vowed.

"Ha! As if you could stop me! Your power levels are weak!" Blaze laughed. "However weak they our I'll take your power!" He started to snicker. "You see we Infernians have a wonderful technique. We can absorb others energy. Making us stronger! Of course we have to kill them to do it. This just insures that not only will I kill off the Saiyans but I will also become the most powerful being in the universe!"

Blaze positioned himself in a battle ready position. "Prepare to die you filth!"

The power levels were getting to close. I tried to come up with a plan. "How about this! You come back with us to the other time line and well settle this there. If you win you can come back."

"Or we can just do that here!" he grinned.

"No we have to leave!" I growled.

He tilted his head, "Why do you want to leave so badly?" Then his attention shifted towards the power levels. "Oh I see. The two little Saiyans don't want to get caught." He laughed. "I'll come for you two soon."

And just like that he vanished.

"Shadow… he disappeared." Golden whispered.

"He must know how to teleport." I groaned. "Damnit…"

The power levels were closing in on us. It was only a matter of time before they reached us. I looked around. The ship would be to obvious of a place to hide. I grabbed Golden's arm and pulled him towards one of the nearby rock formations. We quickly ducked behind the rocks.

"Golden lower your power level!" I ordered.

"Right!" He nodded.

We both slowly peaked over the edge of the rock in time to see six Saiyans arriving. There was five males and one female. But the thing that caught both of our attentions was the man in the front. He looked exactly like Froku. He had a scar on his left cheek.

"Dad?" I heard Golden whisper.

"Where do you think they went Fardock?" asked a very chunky Saiyan with a bowl cut.

"Who knows…" said the Froku look a like. Since he answered I would assume his name was Fardock.

"Fardock?" Golden whispered. "Shadow, that's my grandfather!"

"You sure?" I asked.

He just nodded. He was clearly interested in Fardock.

"It's like their power levels just disappeared." said another. He was more lean and tall with short hair that stuck straight up.

"People don't just disappear." said the girl. Something about her looks reminded me of Pan.

The one with extremely long hair laughed, "Their around here some where. After all they left their ship."

"Raditz." Fardock called getting the long haired Saiyans attentions, "Search the ship. Then get it back to one of the scientist. I don't care which."

"Yes father." Raditz respected.

"Father? Shadow that's my uncle! The one who kidnapped Gohan!" Golden whispered again.

I stared at the Saiyans, "It looks like a lot of stuff has changed."

"Yeah makes you wonder what else is different." Golden agreed.

Fardock continued to give commands. "Shugesh. Go north and search." The fat one with the bowl cut nodded. "Tora. Go east." the slender one agreed. "Borgos. You take the south." A extremely tall Saiyan with balding hair nodded. "And Gasha."

"Let me guess west?" the girl said.

"No your going to stay here in case they come back looking for their ship. I'll go west. No one goes home until you find them." Fardock ordered.

"Shadow, lets reveal ourselves!" Golden whispered.

"What are you crazy! We can't." I whispered back.

"Their going to find us anyways! And beside my grandpa will recognize me." he smiled.

"Golden, they might not know you exists!" but I was to late. He stood up.

"Hey grandpa. It's me Golden." he waved.

"You idiot!" I pinched the bridge of my nose in frustration.

"What?" Golden blinked.

I looked over the rock to see all the Saiyans standing there looking at Golden shocked.

"Who the hell are you calling grandpa?" Raditz yelled.

"Fardock of course you're my uncle." Golden smiled.

I stood up and covered his mouth, "Ignore him. He's confused by space travel. There's been a huge mistake and we need to leave."

Golden pulled my hand away. "Shadow! What are you doing?"

"Trying to leave." I answered.

"We can't leave Blaze here he'll kill all of them." He said.

"He's to weak." I replied.

"Not if he absorbs some Saiyan power!" Golden used his serious voice. "Do you really want the Saiyan race dieing again?"

"No but… This goes against all scientific laws." I whispered.

"Hey…" we heard some one called out.

"Shadow. Screw science." Golden smiled.

"Hey…" Fardock yelled.

We turned our head towards the Saiyans. Fardock had gotten closer.

"What the hell is going on?" Fardock snapped.

Golden looked at me. "Can I?"

I sighed and nodded.

"Alright. Well Zuccathought Shadow was gay and Shadow said he wasn't. So Kulma said go on a vacation. And I got pulled along. Then on are way to Pliji we got arrested by some ugly blue dude who blinked sideways! Then Blaze helped us escape and there was blinking light and I was pushed against the wall. I almost threw up. Next thing I know we were here. But where we're from here doesn't exist. Then Blaze started this bad guy monologue about revenge and how he wants to kill all Saiyans. Next thing you know I'm talking to you!" Golden said very fast. I think he didn't even breath.

Fardock stared at Golden like he was crazy. " What?"

"In other words. We're from an alternate time line."

"I said that didn't I?" Golden asked.

"Look all we wanna do is get home." I told him.

Fardock looked from Golden to me. "Well…" he started, "right now… your coming with us."

"Why? We didn't do anything wrong!" I defended.

"You land on our planet and breathed our air. That's reason enough to kill you. But your little friend caught my attention when he said something bout killing the Saiyan race." Fardock grinned.

"I can think of some people who would love to hear their story." Gasha grinned.

"Me too Gasha." Fardock stared at me directly in the eyes. "Borgos. Why don't you escort these boys? Broly will surely love the hear these boys out."


Golden looked at me. I knew he was thinking like I was. Broly was alive too. I wondered what else has changed.

Borgos walked up behind us.

Golden sighed. "Does this mean were under arrest again?" he whined.
Everything was going wrong. Golden and I are suppose to be laying on a beach right now. Not being taken in by some Saiyans on Planet Vegeta.

Now Fardock was staring us down like we were two idiots who found away to escape an insane asylum. Like at any moment we were going to snap. And Borgos was breathing down our necks. The rest of the group was just staring.

And who knew where Blaze went to. No one really knew what his power were capable of. It seems he can conceal his power level like Golden and myself. The whole time we knew him we kept seeing him being clumsy or appearing weak. Does that mean he was putting up a front so we thought he was weak.

According to him he can absorb peoples power after he kills them. If that's true does he have a limit? He asked us to lend our power. Does that mean he was hiding his true strength to absorb us?

I just don't know.

"What's wrong? You don't know how to fly?" Fardock toyed.

"Of course we do Gramps!" Golden smiled.

"Stop calling me that!" Fardock ordered.

Golden frowned, "But I'm your grandson!"

"I don't have any Grandkids! Hell my kids aren't even old enough to reproduce."

I heard Gasha laugh, "Fardock you idiot, both your boys are old enough. After all Kakarot's wife is expecting soon."

"Like hell if I care. I just know this kids not my grandkid." Fardock crossed his arms.

"Shows what you know Gramps!" Golden laughed.

"Boy if you call me that again I'll rip your tongue out." Fardock threatened.

"Golden stop." I said. "You have to remember this is an alternate time line. Things are different." I told him.

He sighed, "Fine, but Gra- I mean Fardock… Can you feed us… I'm starving!"

Fardock rolled his eyes and took off. The Saiyan quickly followed. Some were laughing.

Borgos stared down at us. "Start flying you two. And don't be slow."

We both sighed and followed after them.

According to Gasha, Froku and Fardock knew each other and Froku was expecting a child. In our time line Froku didn't know about being a Saiyan until Raditz showed up. So what does that mean? And what about Frieza? What could of happened to make him not destroy Planet Vegeta?

But I guess the real question is… Do I want to know? Or even should I know?

"Shadow! I'm starving. You tricked me with bacon." Golden whined. "Fardock." he yelled. "Fardock I'm starving!"

Fardock ignored him.

"Please, I haven't eaten anything in ages! Please!" Golden kept yelling.

Fardock kept ignoring him.

"Fardock! Fardock!" Golden kept at it.

Finally Fardock stopped forcing everyone else to stop. "Good God. If I get you food will you shut up?"

Golden smiled, "Yes!"

"Ugh…" Fardock rubbed his temples, "Alright…. Gasha" he yelled her name.

"I am not cooking for that little brat." She stated.

"Then you can explain to Prince Zuccaand Broly why their prisoner won't shut up." he used my father as a threat.

She crossed her arms and made a sound.

"Just as I thought." he grinned at his victory. "Alright, my house isn't too far from here."

He darted off again.


We arrived at Fardock's house. They took us straight in. Fardock threw himself down on his bed. Their house was very bland. It looked like a one room apartment. A kitchen and bed in plan sight. There was also a small table with two chairs. It looked well… crappy. There was no luxury to it at all. It basically looked like all they did was sleep and eat here.

"Break anything and I'll kill you." Gasha warned.

Golden looked at me confused. "Why is she ordering us around? Shouldn't Fardock be doing that?" he whispered to me.

"You idiot. I'm his wife." she said.

"You're my grandma?" Golden yelled.

"Do I look like I could be your grandma kid?" She snickered as she made her way to her kitchen.

Golden blinked, "No but… If your his wife…"

"Well lets say you really are Fardock's grandson for a moment…" she started.

"Gasha!" Fardock yelled cutting her off.

"Shut up Fardock." She looked back at Golden. "Now lets say you're his grandson. Who's your father?"

"Kakarot." Golden said as if his answer will get him a prize.

"Is that so?" she said curiously. "No wonder you're a pain. Kakarot was a pain in the ass since before he was born. I was in labor with the brat during the Kanassan War. Luckily, I popped him out in time and made it to Kanassa to help finish them off." She explained while preparing some food.

"Gasha, you don't think he'd really Kakarot's son do you?" Tora asked.

She closed her eyes and laughed, "No, I don't think he's my son's kid. However, you do have his ugly mug. And traveling between timelines is possible."

Fardock laughed, "There's no such thing as time travel, Woman. This is why they tell us men not to marry a woman who is educated."

"Fardock… My smarts make up for your lack of brains." She snapped back.

Fardock laughed, "I guess smart girls are better then those sacred virgin whores."

Does everyone think scared virgins are whores? I don't understand how a scared virgin could be a whore.

"So you believe us?" Golden asked Gasha.

"Not likely." she said as she placed our food in front of us. "Now shut up and eat."

We started to eat. The food looked horrible. Actually it tastes pretty bad. I took a couple of bites out of respect. I looked over at Golden. Of course he was downing it like it was the best meal in the world.

"Wow kid the only person who eats my food like that is Kakarot." Gasha laughed.

"Its really good!" Golden smiled.

"Wish I thought that." Fardock said before Gasha threw something at him.


Golden and I followed Fardock and his 'Elite Force,' as Shugesh called them, to a new location now. The building looked much newer then Fardock's house. It was almost like a giant arena. We walked in and people were staring.

There were people in front of us fighting. My eyes grew big as I saw my father dueling with some guy. His fighting style looked completely different. In fact his power level was a lot weaker then my father's.

"Hey Shadow." Golden started, "Its your fa-" I stepped on his foot before he finished. "Awwah…"

"Please Golden. Just shut up." I pleaded.

We all watched as my father beat his opponent. "Next!" he ordered. Another Saiyan walked up and bowed at my father.

"Fardock." A voice from behind us said.

Everyone turned to see Broly standing there.

"Are these kids from that ship?" He asked.

"Yeah. They claim being here is a mistake." Fardock looked over a at us. "But they also claim that their other little friend who's disappeared wants to kill the Saiyan race."

Broly looked over at us. "Is that so?"

I heard my father begin to laugh. "As if anyone could kill the Saiyan race!" He walked up to us splitting us apart. Everyone bowed towards him. "Tell me what kind of scum could kill the most powerful race in the universe?"

I stayed quiet I didn't know how to handle this. Golden looked at me. He was fine talking before why not now?

"Your suppose to answer the prince of all Saiyans." he yelled.

"Why should I?" I snapped. "No one will believe me any ways!"

Vegeta's face filled with anger. "Why you little-"

"Vegeta…" Broly placed a hand on Vegeta's shoulder. "Boy, what's your name?"

"Shadow." I said.

"And I'm Golden!" he jumped in.

"I see. And why do you think we won't believe you?"

"Because…." I started, "Because we're from another timeline. This guy named Blaze tricked us into helping him. He said he wanted revenge. But we didn't know it was on the Saiyans. The next thing we knew we were here. In an alternate timeline.

"Just how do you know this is another timeline." Broly questioned.

"Because where we come from Planet Zuccawas destroyed." I answered.

My father busted out laughing, "That's impossible! No one could ever destroy this Planet. You've been misinformed kid!"

"Yeah well where I came from, you told us yourself that Frieza destroyed it." I shouted at him.

Everyone looked at me like I was crazy.

"Frieza's been dead for decades now." my father glared.

"Yeah maybe in your time line but in mine he destroyed the planet and you just became his lackey." I probably wasn't saying the best things possible.

"You little bastard." dad said through his teeth as he grabbed me by my shirt.

I grabbed him back. "Some things haven't changed. You use to call me that when I was little, Father."

"What the hell did you call me?" dad tightened his grip.

"I called you my father! As in I was the product of you knocking up my mom." I said.

He released me, "I have no children. Especially not some weak little brat."

My whole life I wanted my fathers approval. But this man wasn't my father. This man was a cocky spoiled prince. And all I felt like doing was to show him how weak he was.

I tilted my head, "Weak huh? I'm hell of a lot stronger then you'll ever be!"

"Why you-" he went to grab for me.

"Zuccacontrol yourself." a voice yelled.

Everyone instantly dropped on to one knee except Golden and myself. We turned and looked at the same time. Before us stood a taller version of my father. Except he had some facial hair going on. He had a leader presence about him. His clothes were much more elegant then all the other Saiyan's. He even had a cape. I knew without any introduction who he was.

He was my grandfather King Vegeta.

"Father. Allow me to dispose of these scrum." my father asked.

"Vegeta, you dare ask for that without permission from the Sacred Priestess?" he inquired.

Dad looked up at him, "But father…"

"But nothing." He said. "Young men your story, although hard to swallow, is plausible. The Sacred Priestess will know if what you say is the truth. However if it is a lie. The punishment is death."

"Thank you, your Highness." I heard myself say before I bowed.

"You all may rise." The king told them. "And Broly I sent after a virgin. She should be here shortly." he finished before making his departure.

"Yes your Highness." Broly bowed.

My father looked at me and then growled before turning his back and following after his father.

"Fardock, You and your men and dismissed." Broly dismissed him.

Fardock just shrugged and left without another word.

Gasha winked at us, "Good luck with the Virgins."

"Bye Grandma." Golden waved.

I watched them as everyone left. Soon it was just Golden, Broly, and myself. It was strange being here with other Saiyans. Especially, enemies. This just wasn't right.

"Holy shit." I heard Golden say.

I looked up at his face. He had that some expression he does when he see's a hot girl.

I followed his gazed. My eyes got big. She was absolutely the most beautiful creature I've ever seen.
I was struck dumb. This young lady in front of me was beautiful. She had long, raven black hair and a deep blue color to her eyes. He face was beautiful and blank I saw no emotion about her at all. Her outfit was very similar to that of Broly's. Her skirt was long and red, similar to what Broly wore over his pants. She wore similar cuffs on each forearm. And the same necklace, only she wore it as, well I guess you would say, a shirt. It hung low enough to cover things that weren't appropriate to show.

Was this how the Sacred Virgins dressed? Does this mean Broly has a connection to them?

She was leaning against one of the many pillars in the area.

"Kolee." Broly addressed her.

She smiled at him, "Father. It's nice to see you."

"As it is you." he smiled back.

Father? Broly has a daughter? I looked to Golden. His face said it all. How can someone like him have her as a daughter. I was completely shocked.

"Kolee, these young men were ordered to see the Sacred Priestess by the King." Broly informed her.

"So the King is ordering My Priestess who she will see?" She pushed herself from the pillar. "Your lucky she's in a good mood today she has agreed to see them. In one month from today."

She started to leave. There was no way I was going to wait for a month. I went after her.

"Hey wait!" I yelled but she didn't stop. "Hey!" I grabbed her by the arm.

It felt like I was getting shocked. Like a huge serge of energy was running through my body. I looked at her face. She looked petrified. Like I just did something wrong. Well I did touch a 'sacred virgin.' She's probably never been touched before.

I let go, "I'm sorry.. It's just we need to get home and she's the only one who can help."

"I…" she started. She took a deep breath. "Follow me." She walked away from me.

I looked back at Golden.

Broly nodded at me. "You better go. My Kolee never goes against orders. Consider yourself lucky."

I nodded.

Golden ran down to me then together we followed Kolee. What was that electrical charge I felt from her?

"Soo! Tell me!" Golden grinned.

"Tell you what?" I kept my eyes on Kolee.

"Tell me what it felt like touching that angel."

I felt my cheek heat up.

"Hahaha your blushing. I'd blush to if I touched that hottie."

I glared at him. "Golden what if she hears you?"

"She can't hear me! Man, I'd do anything to be with that!" he pointed to her.

Kolee stopped dead in her tracks. "Is that so Golden?" she turned to face him.

How did she know his name?

Golden blushed. "What?"

She walked up to him slowly. "You said you'd do anything for me?"

"I.. ah… I'm sorry, I didn't know you were listening!" he defended himself.

She gave him a sort of seductive smile. "Well, Golden." She touched his cheek with her hand while pressing her body against him. He jumped at her touch. "Tell me what you think of me."

His face was scarlet red by now. "I umm… I.. well…"

"Don't be shy Golden." she purred his name.

"Well," he laughed nervously, "your very beautiful and hot."

She smiled, "You're attracted to me?"

"Oh god very much!"

"Would you do anything to get in my bed?" she asked.

"Hell yeah!" he grinned like he just won a prize.

She bite her lip, "Surrender your power to me," her voice was very seductive, "lock away your ki. Lock it away deep with in you." her lips were nearly touching his. "Give in to me."

That definitely didn't sound good!

"Golden." I yelled. "Stop!"

His eyes looked at me they were glazed over.

"Golden. Look at me." I got his attention again.

"Golden! Stop it!" I screamed. But he didn't budge. It was like a trace. I had to pull him out I felt his power level draining. This wasn't like Golden no matter how hot the girl he never persuaded her because of Val… Val? "Golden! Stop. Valese. What would Valese think!"

He looked at me again. Then back to Kolee. His eyes grew big and he jumped away from her.

"Ehh! What the hell just happened?" he yelled his voice was very high pitched.

Kolee looked shocked. "I didn't even touch his power level." she whispered looking at her hands. Her eyes moved back to him. She tightened her jaw and turned on her heels. She started walking again.

"Shadow what happened?" Golden whispered.

"I'm not sure Golden." I watched as she walked down the path away from us.

She seemed to be leading us around the palace. At least that's what my guess is. I'm not even sure if this is the palace but the King and Prince are here so it must be right?

In the distance I saw a gate connected to a large white wall. As she walked up to it the doors opened for her. Walking in I felt my jaw drop. There were a lot of half naked women all over the place. Some of the women started to make their way toward us. They were winking and giving the most seductive gestures.

Kolee growled. "These men are the high Priestess'."

They all froze and turned their backs on us.

They ignored us and went back to what they were doing. Some dancing, others feeding each other. Then I started to see something beyond weird. I started to see some men. Every single one stood perfectly still with their eyes shut and their arms crossed. While the women literally were kissing and touching them everywhere.

"Umm… what's going on?" I whispered.

"It's a ritual." Kolee said from out in front of us.

Golden gave me a weird look. "This isn't like any ritual I know."

"Is that so? Just what kind do you have?" She turned to face us she looked intrigued.

"I've never done them, but your suppose to sacrifice a human heart or a baby lamb or food or something. Which is ridiculous! Who throws out perfectly good food?" Golden ranted.

She looked puzzled. "What kind of rituals are those? How are they suppose to test your warriors?"

"Huh?" Golden looked as confused as her.

"Back on Earth people have these rituals for either protection or favor from the gods." I spoke up.

"That's what were doing here. Except were asking for power. For a Super Saiyan." She looked at us like we were the gods answer. "You see every warrior in our army undergoes a test. This ritual is just that, their test. If they can control themselves and not defile one of Maluk's Sacred Virgins. Then Maluk will bless them and grant them the ability to become Super Saiyan, on the condition that they must unlock the power themselves."

"Who's Maluk?" I asked.

She smiled, "Maluk the Legendary Super Saiyan. Maluk was the first Saiyan to reach such a power level. Many have tried and failed at mastering the gift. A some handful, however, has succeeded. But it's been over a thousand years since that happened."

She crossed her arms, "Now when talking to the Priestess you must follow these rules. Never speak unless spoken to. You must address her as Priestess. You will bow to her. And you will not stare."

We nodded. She lead us into a temple that was close by. It was very open. Not walls just columns to hold the roof up. It was very Grecian to me. She lead us to some stairs that lead down.

"Wait here. I will inform her of the situation." She said. "Oh and one more thing. If you touch her the King will kill you with his own hands."

"Whys that?" Golden asked.

"Because she is his wife."


Waiting was boring.

All their was to do was watch half naked girls walk by or listen to Golden's stomach growl.

For a while I was studying the Statues they had in the Temple. I quickly ruled out the idea that they were of my grandfather. One they looked nothing like him. And for two the figure looked ancient. I inferred that the statue was that of Maluk His clothes were very caveman like. He was slender built. He had a soft expression on his face. Really soft. In fact if I didn't know better I'd say Maluk was a woman. But I've never heard of a woman becoming Super Saiyan.

It's probably one of those cases were it was created by women for a female temple and it just subconsciously became a girl.

"So how do you feel about meeting your grandma?" Golden tried to lighten the mood.

"I'm not sure… it feels strange." I said. "But I should have guessed. Before I left my dad told me about the Sacred Virgins. And he told me about how we princes were suppose to marry them."

"Huh… Weird."

"Yeah and now I know why he called them sluts."

We laughed.

"That sounds like him." Golden said before it grew silent again.

"You may go in now." turning to see who spoke behind us we came face to face with Kolee.

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Transformations : Oozaru <> kaiokin <> False super sayian <> super sayian <> super sayian 2 <> super sayian 3 <> golden oozaru <> super sayian 4 <> super sayian 5 <> Super Sayian 6 <> Super Sayian 7 <> Super Sayian 10 <> Super Sayian 11 <> Super Sayian 13
Tehniques : Super Duper Final Mega Big Bang Blast Kamehameha X70 <> Super explosive wave <> Super Mega Final Big Bang Kamehameha x20 <> Revenge death ball <> violent thunder <> super slining slasher basher <> solar flare <> fusion dance <> after image <> Super Mega Death Ball <> Super Final Big Bang Kamehameha <> Kamehameha <> Spririt Bomb <> Super Dragon Fist <> Instant Transsmission <> angry kamehameha <> energy feild <> Super Kamehameha <> Final Kamehameha <> Big Bang Attack
Battle Points : 154
Zeni : 600,048,050
Items : 5 ultimate senzu beans, prince's scouter, king's armor, Z-sword Sword, Weighted armour
Posts : 601
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PostSubject: Re: Golden Saves Planet Vegeta from the infeno   Tue Sep 07, 2010 7:00 pm

sorry for all the errors but im sure you will figure what im talking about though
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Android 17


PowerLevel : 75,850
Ki : 75,850
Tehniques : Power Blitz, Energy Field
Zeni : 500
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PostSubject: Re: Golden Saves Planet Vegeta from the infeno   Tue Sep 07, 2010 7:02 pm

you get what ever it said ok
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PostSubject: Re: Golden Saves Planet Vegeta from the infeno   

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Golden Saves Planet Vegeta from the infeno
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