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A wonderfull Dragon Ball Z RPG that is really fun and is really the best of them all!
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 Just a story

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PowerLevel : Good bye
Ki : 77,447,800
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Tehniques : Super Duper Final Mega Big Bang Blast Kamehameha X70 <> Super explosive wave <> Super Mega Final Big Bang Kamehameha x20 <> Revenge death ball <> violent thunder <> super slining slasher basher <> solar flare <> fusion dance <> after image <> Super Mega Death Ball <> Super Final Big Bang Kamehameha <> Kamehameha <> Spririt Bomb <> Super Dragon Fist <> Instant Transsmission <> angry kamehameha <> energy feild <> Super Kamehameha <> Final Kamehameha <> Big Bang Attack
Battle Points : 154
Zeni : 600,048,050
Items : 5 ultimate senzu beans, prince's scouter, king's armor, Z-sword Sword, Weighted armour
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PostSubject: Just a story    Just a story  Icon_minitimeTue Sep 21, 2010 6:49 pm

Golden is flying just for fun "hmph well it dosen't look like nothing is going on i mean there is noound to battle so its all boreing around here well i guess i could train" Golden goes to his house and trains

2 days later

Golden finally leaves the gravuty machine and gose to eat something "well that was some good training but that was a really long time i mean a really long time weel i guess i should go to Kig vegeta i have a appointment with himtoday i hope any way" Golden uses instant transmission to get there "well again im here i hope im not late though or im sure King Vegeta will do something to me for that

10 min later

"king Vegeta my hinece i Golden is here to serve you what do you wish" Golden asks King Vegeta "Golden there is no need to be all formal anymore you ved yourself worthy by a long shot well i called you here to fight all tghe people at planet kodarot we believe that they want to destroy planet Vegeta so go take care of him at once so do you need me to have someone to prepare a spaceship for your departure" "King Vegeta not to be rude or anything but i know you know that i can just use instant transmission you know" "fine by me well what are you whating for go now" "don't worry King Vegeta i am on my way later" Golden vanished

At Planet Kodarot

Golden reappeared "well well what do here i guess i could just go to the leader and take some money and then say i would spar him then blow up he planet and be on my way back home" Golden walks to the castle and walks in and desrtoying everyone for the sayian race then once he reaches to the leader he talks to him "you i am olden and im here to save the sayian race from the scums like you" "hahahahaha you think you can scare us yea right guards come now" Golden laughs "hahahahaha they aren't coming lets hjust say ii killed like a 3/4 of the population now ill spar you if you give me 10,000,000 zeni got that" the leader is dissapointed "ok fine here you go and we won't destroy your planet now please leave" Golden is now glad "thank you"

10 minutes later

Golden shoots a kamehameha at the planet then instant transmission at the nearest planet the he watches the planet explodes then he leaves to planet Vegeta and shows right in front of King Vegeta

"King Vegeta i destroyed the planet jut like you asked sir but before that i destroyed 3/4 of the population and then the leader gave me 10,000,000 zeni what do you want me to do with it

Can Android 17 please Grade and tell me what i get and tell me if i can keep the zeni

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Android 17

Android 17

PowerLevel : 75,850
Ki : 75,850
Tehniques : Power Blitz, Energy Field
Zeni : 500
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Just a story  Empty
PostSubject: Re: Just a story    Just a story  Icon_minitimeTue Sep 21, 2010 6:52 pm

nice little story Golden well i guesss you get to keep the zeni and you gain 50,000 pl and ki
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Just a story
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