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 What if Golden was human

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PostSubject: What if Golden was human   Thu Sep 30, 2010 8:11 am

It was a normal day for Eric he gets up and gets ready for school but just during the summer after 9th grade he learned how to fly. So instead of riding the bus to school he just flew to school and he goes to Subway, McDonalds, or Burger King everyday before school for breakfast. Before school he eats the food in the cafeteria with his friends Eric Gyo, and Tyo because he brings them food sometimes too. Ericwas very strong so no one messed with him he was strongest in the whole school.
During class everyone one heard a bang and then left the school in case of an emergency or a fire. Ericwas yelling, “Yes lets hope someone one is there who made this bang hey teach can I go check this out”. The teacher replied and said yes. Ericflew off and yelled “hey coward where are… oh my gosh what is that thing” Ericflies back and told the principle that there is a space pod so that is what caused the explosion. Ericwent and grabbed his friends and went to show him that aliens are real. Then Troy, Tyo, Eric, and Gyo landed and looked at the space pod. Eric was surprised and asked the gang “hey guys do you think a sayian is in there”. Ericsmirked “honestly Eric I don’t know its really weird if you ask me though”. Every one replied whispering “yeah”. Ericwalked to the space pod and then looked inside and then he saw a person in there sleeping then all of a sudden the lights turned on then the person woke up from the sound of his alarm saying “wake up Zook it is time to desEricall life forms on planet earth”. The door opens then Erictook his friends back to the teachers and tells them to leave now. The principle asked me “why Ericwhat is going on hmm” Ericreplied “there is a alien of some sort I don’t know what planet he his from but if I knew then I would tell you believe me now leave I might not know where he came from but I do know why he came”. Everyone was shocked by Troy’s news and everyone replied “ why what is he here for”. Eric yells “HE IS HERE TO DESERICTHE PLANET NOW LEAVE IM GOING TO TRY TO DEFEAT HIM”! Every one screamed and left but some stayed and they were all Troy’s friend and said “Eric we know you can win but still you might need our help you might not know this even though we can’t fly we still are you friends so we had to lift weights to keep you under control we are strong but not as strong as you so we are staying”. Eric lands on the ground and walks to his friends and then says “you guys hang around me too much huh oh well it can’t be helped well guys what are we waiting for him to blow up the planet we can’t let him hurt any innocent people”!
Eric and his friends ran but while they were running they were saying their nicknames so the alien doesn’t know their true names and Eric was Eric, Eric was Eric, Tyo was Mike, and Gyo was Bruce. Once they got to where the alien was no one was there and then Eric flew hey guys I’m going to go this way anyone want a ride or do you want to run there I can sense his power he is this way”. Everyone said yes and then he flew to where the person was and on the way he sees clothes on the ground with no one around then Eric got angry and went faster and then he caught up to him then landed and Eric and friends went up to him while he was absorbing someone then Eric, Mike, Eric, and Bruce punched him together then he fell but it was to late to save the man. Eric got angry and yelled “YOU WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS WHO ARE YOU AND WHERE DID YOU COME FROM TELL ME NOW, THIS
MAN DID NOT DO ANYTHING TO YOU, ANSWER ME NOW”! The alien got up and said “you are so pathetic you earthling you think you are all so powerful but you aren’t well I guess I can tell you who the one is who well kill you” “my name is Zook and I am here to destroy the inhabitants on this planet from the orders from my lord Caswoks on planet Caswoks is that what you wanted to know”? Eric replied “yes thank you know I will only ask you this once leave this planet and I won’t have to use force”. Zook laughs “hahaha you think you can make me leave by force humph yeah right who do you think you are”. Eric replies “me well my name is Eric and I am the one who will destroy you”
Eric gets into fighting stance then flies towards Zook an punches him then grabs him then he flies high up then he flies down and before he touches the ground he chucked Zook and then a beam came out of Eric’s hands and it heads towards Zook. Eric had a worried look then he looks in the sky “oh no he is still alive he must’ve doge the blast” Eric says surprised. “Hahaha you think you could ever defeat me yeah right you a mere human beat me haha don’t make me laugh” Zook laughs. “Hey Eric go get my sword now that is the only way to beat him go now its at my house here is the keys and hurry now” Eric yelled at Eric. Eric runs to Eric’s house then Eric lands bring it Zook “I’ll take on without I just wanted Eric to leave so he can beat you if I can’t so bring it on” Eric lied to Zook “muhahaha I know your type you can’t win and you know so just admit death now”. “NEVER”! Eric yells at Zook then charges at Zook to come in with a punch. “Hahaha you are very weak take this” Zook punches Eric to the ground and when hope seemed lost here comes Eric with Eric’s sword “here Eric”. Eric catches the sword then puts it around his body then pulls the sword out and then says “get ready Zook here I come” Eric starts spinning his sword then he throws the sword while spinning towards Zook. Zook held out his hands then perfect timing Zook reflected the sword back to Eric then Eric catches the sword then Eric yells out “you can’t win Zook this is my ultimate attack not even you can doge this Super Slinging Slasher Basher” Eric started to glow then charges towards Zook and then slashed and slashed like so fast all you see is a bunch of swords and Zook is still put together. Once Eric stopped Zook was in a million pieces and then a beam came out of the sword and then there is no sight of Zook anywhere Eric had won. Eric and friends went back to the school and found the group of students and adults and then tells them that Zook is dead. Everybody cheered and screamed “yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa”.

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Android 17

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PostSubject: Re: What if Golden was human   Thu Sep 30, 2010 8:14 am

122,200 pl ki and zeni along with 12 bp
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What if Golden was human
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