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 the bicycle store

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PostSubject: the bicycle store   Fri Oct 01, 2010 5:58 am

majin perdue in his spare time that he didnt fight ran a used bicycle shop. he sold bicycles that were used. he sold blue ones, brown ones, yellow ones, red ones, pink ones, aqua ones, burnt sienna ones, turqoise ones, maroon ones, purprpleones, blue ones, yllow ones, and he also sold rainbow ones. he sold horns too for the bikes because everyone knows that to have a good bike you need to have a good horn on the front that you acn honk whenever you want to honk it because a good bike needs a horn.

majin perdue ate some eggs and gravy becasuse he likes them alot. they are his favorite.

majin perdue walked to the window and saw that there were several people gathered outside his shop.

they must be waiting for me to open" he thought.

so he opened the door but the people didnt come int otthe sop. they waited outside. they must have been waitin for next doo. perdue was hurt and looked to see what the store was that was next door and found out that there was a blue sedan waiting for him.

that reminded majin perdue.

My 1960 Plymouth Savoy was purchased new by my father on June 13, 1960

from Rossmeyer Chrysler/Plymouth in Metuchen, NJ Since the purchase of the 60

came not long after having moved into a new home, my father wasn't exactly flush

with cash with which to buy, or run a new car. However, the 1949 Plymouth he was

driving was on its last legs, and a replacement for it was imperative. Therefore,

though a new car purchase had been decided upon as unavoidable, the car had to be

reasonable in cost to purchase and operate, thus a six cylinder Savoy model became

the vehicle of choice for my father. As time went on, and the miles rolled by, the

choice made in 1960 proved to be a wise one, as the 1960 Plymouth provided many

faithful, economical years of service as the family Taxi, grocery getter, etc. The Slantsix

which powered what is now my Plymouth definitely gave the economy of

operation my father needed from the car, while giving ample power to haul a full

complement of passengers comfortably, (six at least), and their luggage.

My Plymouth was the household mainstay until June 1972, when it was

displaced from its top dog position. By 1972 my Plymouth was starting to show the

effects of 12 years of heavy duty service, and my parents decided it was time to

purchase a new family car. Unlike its predecessor though, my Plymouth was not

traded in on its replacement, but as can be surmised, just demoted to second banana.

Unfortunately for my Plymouth, demotion wasn't the worst fate it was to suffer.

About a year after its demotion, a "friend of mine", convinced this then naive

teenager that my Plymouth's engine needed to be rebuilt, and lucky me, he could

help me in that endeavor. It seems that my Plymouth's engine would smoke upon

start-up, and for short time thereafter. So knowing little about engines, or cars in

general, I believed my friend had to be right about the need to overhaul the engine.

Well, you know 20/20 hindsight is wonderful, in that now I can say, what a mistake

that was believing my friend's astute observations, not to mention my unbridled faith

in his mechanical abilities. After the "rebuild", the Plymouth's engine wouldn't even

turn, didn't smoke, but it also didn't do anything else. The first thing that dawned on

me at that point in time, was I should have checked with an experienced Mechanic

regarding what to do about the smoke problem. The next thing I realized, was I

should have asked my father if I should even think of getting involved in such a big

job as an engine overhaul, without his supervision, after all dad was a Mechanical


After the ill-fated engine overhaul, my Plymouth sat for about a year. At one

point during that year of sitting idle, my father considered simply junking the car, but

the paltry $25.00 he was offered for the car, if he hauled it down to the junkyard,

dissuaded him from doing so. At the end of the year of idle time, I made yet another

not so good decision. I decided I was going to purchase a "good used engine" from a

well know national automotive mail order firm. The engine turned out to be a piece of

junk, and since it took my High School Auto-Shop teacher three months to get around

to installing it, the mail order company refused to take back the engine. The end

result of this latest fiasco, was still more idle time for my Plymouth, until I could find

an engine rebuilder who would be at least willing to look at the used engine to

determine if it was at all salvageable. I finally did locate an engine rebuilder through

my Aunt, who happened to be doing accounting work for the rebuilder. The rebuilder

looked over the used motor, and determined that it would cost more to salvage it

than it was worth, and offered me core credit towards an already rebuilt motor. The

rebuilt engine was installed, and the rebuilder also replaced the transmission they

damaged due to errors made by their workers doing the engine installation. Six

months after arriving at the rebuilder's shop, and what ended up being 1-1/2 years

after my original fateful engine rebuild decision, plus some threats of legal action

brought on by the rebuilder's foot dragging in the engine installation process, my

Plymouth emerged from the shop under her own power for the first time. The year by

this time was 1975, the month was February.

I then embarked on the long, arduous task of restoring my Plymouth to her

former glory. The task was complicated by my lack of knowledge as to where to

source needed restoration parts from, (i.e. fenders, patch panels for the rear

quarters, and trim pieces), and an over exuberant youth's driving technique. Needless

to say that between what was already deteriorated from age, what broke by my

pushing the old gal to the limit quite often, compounded by my lack of knowledge as

to where to get many of the parts my car needed, slowed the rate of progress in the

restoration of my car. Though it took a few years, some dented fenders, and lots of

hard earned money, I did finally wise up, treating my aging Plymouth more carefully.

I also started attending car shows, as well as joining a couple of car clubs, finding

along the way, that through the car clubs and shows I could get information on

where to locate parts for my car. I also made many new friends through my

involvement in the clubs.
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PostSubject: Re: the bicycle store   Sun Oct 03, 2010 5:24 pm

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the bicycle store
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