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A wonderfull Dragon Ball Z RPG that is really fun and is really the best of them all!
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 Vegeto's Bio

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PowerLevel : 27,936,045
Ki : 1,649,885
Transformations : Oozaru-False Super Saiyan-Super Saiyan-Super Saiyan 2-Super Saiyan 3-Golden OOzaru-Super Saiyan 4- Super Saiyan 5-Super Saiyan 6-Super Saiyan 7-Super Saiyan10-Super Saiyan 11-Sup[er Saiyan 12-Super Saiyan 13
Tehniques : -Buster Canon -Double buster -shining sword attack -Masenko -galick gun-Instant Transmission
Battle Points : 11
Zeni : 1,107,175
Items : Elite Combat Sword-weighted armor
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PostSubject: Vegeto's Bio   Vegeto's Bio Icon_minitimeFri Oct 01, 2010 7:39 pm

Vegeto was a son of two elite parents. He trained hard everytime. While his mother and father were on missions Vegeto would ask the king for some missions to do. He enjoyed sparring with his family. Soon he and his family left Earth. There Vegeto learned many great moves and achived super saiyan. Later on he met Golden a powerful warrior. He and Golden soon became friends. Vegeto later on achieved super saiyan 4 and learned the Final shine attack that soon became his ultimate attack. He fought powerful warriors and became stronger. As a kid he showed a talent to fighting. Vegeto also was great at using weapons, especially swords. When he was 10 he received a blade that he used often. At the age of 14 he returned to Vegeta and continued doing his missions. He hardly ever destroyed planets thanks to him being pure of heart. The only planets he destroyed where ones where evil beings lived, but he would usually give a warning. Vegeto then returned to Earth. He then competed in the world martial arts tournament. Vegeto didn't win, after the tournament he went to different planets. Vegeto went to yardrat and learned the instant transmission .He became strong and then entered the double team tournament.
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PowerLevel : Good bye
Ki : 77,447,800
Transformations : Oozaru <> kaiokin <> False super sayian <> super sayian <> super sayian 2 <> super sayian 3 <> golden oozaru <> super sayian 4 <> super sayian 5 <> Super Sayian 6 <> Super Sayian 7 <> Super Sayian 10 <> Super Sayian 11 <> Super Sayian 13
Tehniques : Super Duper Final Mega Big Bang Blast Kamehameha X70 <> Super explosive wave <> Super Mega Final Big Bang Kamehameha x20 <> Revenge death ball <> violent thunder <> super slining slasher basher <> solar flare <> fusion dance <> after image <> Super Mega Death Ball <> Super Final Big Bang Kamehameha <> Kamehameha <> Spririt Bomb <> Super Dragon Fist <> Instant Transsmission <> angry kamehameha <> energy feild <> Super Kamehameha <> Final Kamehameha <> Big Bang Attack
Battle Points : 154
Zeni : 600,048,050
Items : 5 ultimate senzu beans, prince's scouter, king's armor, Z-sword Sword, Weighted armour
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PostSubject: Re: Vegeto's Bio   Vegeto's Bio Icon_minitimeSun Oct 03, 2010 5:11 pm

man what is up with you and vegeta barely over 200 well get what was given you should know
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Vegeto's Bio
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