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 Suggestions for the Site

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Suggestions for the Site Empty
PostSubject: Suggestions for the Site   Suggestions for the Site Icon_minitimeTue Oct 12, 2010 11:27 pm

I just thought since some people were talking about some ideas for the site we could make a suggestion page. If you have some thoughts on how to make the site better or things we could do then just post it here. I'll list a few general ones that I saw people were talking about and then you can go more in depth or suggest something else.

-- Better names for moves, more moves from show
This is a Site I found with a huge list of moves

-- A system of fighting that can be used in a systematic way / using stats to determine winner instead of just RPing

-- An in-game reset / lowering of powerlevels for those who are over 10,000,000 to give newer members a better chance

-- Better transformations / less powerful / more powerful

-- Group sagas

i'm sure there's more, and im not saying all of these have to be done, just ideas / suggestions
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Suggestions for the Site
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