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 Goshun Bio

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Race: Sayian With a tail

Home Planet:Vegeta

The Youngust of Nappa’s sons, Goshun, was born to a low ranking mother. His birth Ki was average, and no one expected him to surpass his projected 3rd Class status. Before his first birthday, the infant Goshun was sent away on mission to conquer a planet at the outer edge of the Saiyan Empire.

If Saiyans kept track such trivial things, they would have known that the seven year old Goshun was the youngest infant missionary ever to return to Planet Vegeta. His age of return was not remarked. No one took notice that his Ki had already surpassed the meager prediction of 3rd Class. The stories he told of his seven short years, however, were never forgotten.

The boy could recount his very first memory of the full moon, which was impossible. Nobody remembered moons at such a young age. Yet it was clear that in those seven years he had seen several hundred moons, and he loved to speak about his fantastic “monkey dreams”. He told seemingly endless stories; of destruction and death, of rampaging through vast wildernesses, of firing wild blasts of energy just for the sake of enjoyment. The gleam in his eyes was unmistakable. He remembered. He had no control, he had never mentioned wanting control, but he remembered .

His love for the moon was intense. Goshun was constantly asking his instructors for another transformation. As disturbing as it all was, they could not fault the boy his enthusiasm. As soon as he was old enough, he was assigned to an off-world Ouzaru Squad, specializing in the Moonshine Blast.

Squad mates spoke of the young Ouzaru’s ferocity in battle. He was insatiable! Moon mad, they called him. “A legend in the making”, they said. All awaited the day the warrior would learn to control the form he craved …

Years of faithful service to King and Empire increased his reputation as a cunning and fierce warrior. Despite his enthusiasm for the off-world forces and the time he spent as an Ouzaru, he couldn't help wanting more. Something was missing, he felt. It was time for him to see what was beyond the moon in the sky.
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Get what it calls for ethe one without miultiplying
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Goshun Bio
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