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 Training session

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PostSubject: Training session   Thu Nov 11, 2010 12:46 pm

Training log

Goshun, the teen Saiyan, rose with the Sun as he usually did each morning. After standing up and stretching his limbs, he fought back the urge to go back to bed. This too became common for the man. He hated that he woke up so early, but he would punish himself if he passed up anytime that he could be training.

The Saiyan lived in a hut that was large enough to be considered a very, very small house. It was located just outside the forest to the south of the city on Planet Vegeta. Goshun stepped out of his home and jumped up and down a few times to get his blood flowing. The crimson skies never ceased to amaze him, he just loved the color. It reminded him of blood, love, and passion. Goshun was a compassionate individual, unlike most Saiyans. However, he also had a passion for fighting and loved making other bleed. No matter how hard he tried his Saiyan instincts were alive and well inside him.

Time to begin my training....right after I get a drink and something to eat. Goshun craved a cold drink from the river, so he made his way to the banks of the nearest one. The closest water source from his hut was only a 15 minute jog away. The saiyan jogged lightly, his thick Saiyan hair only slightly wavering in the breeze. The climate was perfect for an intense training session. The temperature hovered in the low 70s, although by noon it would surely hit 80. Vegeta-Sei was a naturally warm planet, due to its tropical climate. The teen didn't mind though, anything below 90 hardly bothered him at all.

When the sound of rushing water hit the Saiyan's aware ears, Goshun picked up his pace. He really wanted a drink. He made his way down the riverbank, and saw clear blue water moving quickly. He cupped his strong hands, filling them with cold, fresh water. He sipped, allowing the water to fill all the crevices in his mouth before swallowing the H2o. When the teen drank his fill, he took one last "cup" and splashed it on his face. "I'm ready!" he said as he climbed the river banks.

Emerging from the shrubbery, Goshun stepped into a wooded area. The trees weren't very dense, and the forest floor was actually pretty clear of plant life, save for grass and small weeds. The Saiyan wanted to start his training by working up a good sweat. So after stretching for a few minutes, he began his morning's workout.

Goshun started off by walking up to the tallest tree near him. He was going to repeatedly climb the tree without using any Ki energy so he could work on his physical conditioning. His method of climbing was to climb like any normal person would. However, due to his amazing physical capabilites, the Saiyan scaled the 100 foot tree in the matter of just 30 seconds or so. He repeated this several times, until he could taste the salty sweat beading on his face. [Enough of this, time for things to get interesting.[/I]

He now would begin working on his physical attacks. The lack of a training dummy made the trees his targets by default. Goshun held back his strength, not wanting to cause the trees to collapse quickly. After clenching his fists, the teen began throwing every punch in his arsenal against the rough bark. Right hook, left jab, right body shot, spinning back fist, bitch-slap, Goshun was putting on a clinic. After delivering a powerful left overhand strike, the teen heard a loud crack, and knew what was next. The tree split at the spot where Goshun was attacking, and after a few seconds, the tree hit the forest floor with a loud thud.

Moving on with his training, the Saiyan found another tree, this one slightly thicker than the last. The teen wanted to work on his footwork, and he didn't intend to begin taking dance classes. Goshun pummeled the tree with repeated roundhouse kicks, straight kicks, leg sweeps, flying leg drops, and strikes from both knees. After a few minutes, Goshun again heard a loud crack, however this time the tree flew off it's base, flying 20 feet in the air before crashing into a few trees to the right. "That was cool," the saiyan said.

Satisfied with his physical attacks for the day, Goshun moved onto his Ki techniques. The teen had only a few at his disposal, but wanted to make sure he had them mastered. He went through the attacks he knew in his head...Mouth blast, thats a fun one..Mesposo

"Alright, I only know two but that'll do, at least for now," Goshun said as he got into a wide stance, his feet shoulder width apart.

The Saiyan began flexing his muscles, bringing his dormant ki energy out of his body. As his power level rose, an aura began to form around the teen's body. The aura was the same as it always was, mainly red with a hint of purple. He wasn't sure why it was the color, but he was happy with it. Red and purple happened to be 2 of his favorites.

When his aura was as big as it was going to get, the saiyan flew straight up into the air. He flew just over the tree tops so he had a bird's eye view of the forest. with the sun directly above him, Goshun wrapped his tail around his waist and began practicing his Mesposo attack. The attack wasn't that strong, but it never missed, and that's why the teen liked the technique so much. It was reliable, and the teen could trust it. Something that was very important to him.

He extended both hands and began aiming at the trees below him. The technique was a one handed move, but Goshun wanted to practice it alternating hands. "Mesposo!" he yelled as a small ki beam formed in his hand. It was reddish in color, a lighter red than the sky was above him. The beam shot out from his hand, fast as lightning. The Saiyan watched as it struck a tree, putting a hole the size of a fist through it. He shot well over 50 of the beams, alternating hands each time, honing his accuracy. He also learned how to shoot the beam without yelling the techniques name each time. He knew that would prove valuable when he needed to get the attack off on a moment's notice.

Happy with how that went, The saiyan practiced his Mouth Blast technique. To perform the attack, all he had to do was open his mouth, and think about the move, channeling the ki inside his body. The technique differed from the Mesposo beam, because the ki came out of his mouth in a blast, meaning that it exploded on contact with its' target. It also could dish out a lot more damage than the beam could.

Goshun aimed his mouth at a tree below him, and sent a powerful purple Ki blast directly at it. The blast cut through the air like a knife the butter. When it made contact with the tree, the blast exploded, causing the tree to split and splinter. The saiyan smirked as the tree fell. He repeated this technique until all the trees in his direct vicinity were laying on the forest ground. "I should work for a lumber company, ha," the teen said laughing.
The teen was satisfied for his training for the day. He was big on pushing his limits, but he also understand that there were drawbacks to training too hard. Save some for another day was something he frequently told himself.

After taking one last look at the devastation he caused to the forest, the son of Nappa slowly rose into the crimson sky before jetting through the air till he ended up at his home a few minutes away.

Next Day

Waking with the sun, which had become the norm for him, Goshun once again began his morning with a stretch to get him limber. His body was sore and tender from his recent training regimen, but he knew he had to ignore such petty agony and proceed in his quest to become stronger. If he were to succumb to such pathetic difficulties, he would surely never become a true warrior.

After grabbing a quick bagel and downing a pint of water, the teen Saiyan was ready to begin his training. He flew as fast as he could to same area of forest where he was yesterday. He concentrated on doing everything full speed, battle speed. It was a wise decision. The more effort and energy he put into his training, the more comfortable he would feel when he got into an actual battle.

The young warrior arrived to his destination, and mustered up a small grin when he saw the log covered forest floor. Man, did I do a number to this forest yesterday or what? Ha...Today I'll have to do even more! He thought as he descended to the forest floor.

After working on mainly energy attacks yesterday, the Saiyan wanted to focus on his physical attacks. At this time, the teen's repertoire of attacks was fairly limited. He could do the Mesposo beam, the Mouth blast, he had recently bought a Dragon Amulet which had given him the ability to perform the technique Dragon Dive. However, beyond those few moves the teen was limited to using his own fists and feet to inflict the damage.

The ultimate goal of the Saiyan was to be a strong, solid, spectacular warrior in every facet. He wanted to be a skilled ki user, a dominating, bruising boxer, a fleet and light of foot martial artist, clever, smart.....the list went on and on. Goshun knew he had a ton of work ahead of him, and he worked as hard as he could to get himself inches closer to his final destination.

To start his training, the teen got into a fighting stance and just began shadow boxing. The sun was high enough where his body cast a large shadow along the grass covered ground. And thanks to his work from yesterday, there were few trees in his immediate vacinity to block the sun light. He focused on his straight jab and right hook. Goshun put all his strength behind his powerful attacks, overhand rights, hooks, uppercuts. When he began to sweat the teen switched from throwing heavy handed knock out blows to putting together quick and technical combos. Combos that would have an opponent reeling, combos that would be damn near impossible to block.

He felt good about the work he had put in after almost an hour of shadow boxing. It was time to work on his lower body. The teen started on the ground and began sending swift kick through the air. At first he only utilized basic kicks that didn't require much shifting of the body or changing of his feet. As he grew more comfortable, Gohan did all the kicks he could possibly think of. Leg sweeps, roundhouses, spinning back kicks, flat footed attacks etc. His legs were burning now, but the Saiyan just kept pushing himself, not allowing himself to give into his weak body.

Confident that he was well versed in the standing fighting style, the teen levitated off the ground, until he was about fifteen feet up. Most battles that occured between warriors like him rarely took place on the ground, and if they did it was typically for short stints. Before the sun was even overhead, the teen was beginning his 3rd training routine.

He floated freely in the air, almost weightless. Being airborne added a whole 'nother dimension to a fight. The many ways to manipulate one's body were limitless, but it was also easy to get out of control. With no ground to push of or balance on, it was quite easy to misuse ones leverage and get out of position. In a fight, every inch mattered, every second mattered. One minor slip up can mean the difference between victory and death.

The teen shadow boxed in the air, this time at a much faster rate. He put his all into his training. Wanting to switch it up a bit, Goshun also used his feet, training almost like a kick boxer. He also wanted to make the most out of the training in the air, so whenever he possible he floated in each direction, did back flips, twisted his body. Basically he did things that did not come naturally to him or his body. He needed to train himself physically and mentally to handle fight in the skies.

If someone were to watch the teen train on this day they would surely think he was the least coordinated, most awkward fighter they have ever seen. That was due to the fact that he purposely was taking himself out of his comfort zone, doing all the things he had never done in an attempt to diversify his fighting style. sometimes you needed to struggle to succeed.

With the sun reaching a 30 degree angle on the Saiyan, he realized he only had a few hours left to train before night fall. With his physical training nearing completion, he decided he wanted to work on his speed. After all, speed kills, especially in a fight. With no fresh ideas, the teen took a seat on a tree stump and gathered his breath as he thought to himself. [Today has been great. I can feel it, my body might hate me right now, but tomorrow it will love me. After all that weird twisting I was doing in the air my body should be acclimated to all kinds of battle situations. Ok now I need to work on my speed. I must be a faster fighter, quick and agile.....I got it![/i]

The teen jumped up from his seat and took a deep breath. Suddenly, he began running his fastest towards where the forest became more dense. moving quick and precise, the Saiyan darted through the trees, shifting his body weight and when he needed to jumping to the side to avoid colliding with the thick plant life. He looked like a ball going through a peg board, changing directions every few steps, avoiding all of the trees with ease.

The forest became progressively thicker and thicker and slowly but surely the teen had to dial back on his pace. After about a minute Goshun realized that the trees had become to close to each other and he needed to train another way. After a great idea came to him, the teen jogged back, following the same path. After going a few hundred feet to where the distance in between the trees was more manageable the teen flew into the air, about 10 feet up. He was high enough off the ground to not run into any bushes and he was low enough to not be affected by any of the branches coming out of the trees.

After glancing around, the teen bolted ahead, cutting through the forest as if he were a skilled jet fighter plane dancing through enemy line. Barrel rolls were his evasion technique of choice, the dizzy ness created never got old to him. He had a few close calls and even tore his shirt on the bark of one jagged tree but he was improving his flying ability. The ability to manuever in tight, precise, quick bursts is one that translated directly to the battle field. Goshun would be able to attack his opponent and get out of the way before they even knew what hit them.

The young fighter danced through the trees, slowing his pace as his energy dipped low from a long day of pushing his body. His Saiyan blood was something he never took for granted, especially on days like this. After he got home ate and drank plenty, he laid down. As he relaxed, he felt his muscles melt into his mattress. He fought sleep, but after putting up a weak defense he fell asleep.

Groggy and sore, the teen opened his eyes and peered out his window. The sun was already above the horizon and the day was upon him. He moved slowly, not wanting to put any exertion on his muscles until he at least got breakfast in his stomach. AFter eating a full meal, the teen jumped up and down a few times. He felt better and said aloud, " This is why I love being a Saiyan. I can push my body til it is damn near ready to give up on me, and after a good night's rest and some food, I am good as new. Heck, better. Man do I already feel stronger!"

Already running late for his daily routine, the saiyan rushed himself out of his home. The teen lightly jogged towards the river...he was in dire need of a bath. As his freshly sprouted muscles pushed his lean frame on, the anticipation to jump into the ice cold, clean water grew inside of him. He grew antsy, and his light jog turned into a slow run. That run soon turned into a full speed gallop as soon as he heard the sound of running water.

The river was moderately deep, approxiametly five feet at its deepest point. Shedding his clothes off as he ran towards the river bank, the naked man jumped high into the air and yelled, "Cannon ball!" as he plunged into the refreshing water.

This is amazing, I can feel the stress leaving my muscle tissue already! he thought to himself as he washed his exteremities. The teen turned the bath into a bit of an Rest and Relaxation session, floating in the river allowing the current to take him several meters before swimming back to his original position. There was no denying it, water was truly a miracle. Not only did it cleanse him, it also helped refresh his sore body.

The teen stepped out of the river, dressed and dried everything except his hair. He wanted his wet locks to provide a cooling effect as he walked back towards his home. Today would not be a day of training. Well, at least not in depth training. The teen would still perform his basic cardio exercises, as well as his deep muscle stretches and pushups, situps etc. But he would preserve his Ki, and live the rest of the day as if he did not have that special ability to manipulate the energy inside him.

Goshun walked back to his home. He allowed his senses to take over for his mind, and observed his planet, his home. The red skies, the green grass...the vibrant colors painted a relaxing picture in his mind as he headed back to his living quarters. A few hard days of training brought him great satisfaction. He knew that he could constantly improve, and as long as he stayed determind, and always went that extra mile he would fulfill his potential to be a great warrior.

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PostSubject: Re: Training session   Mon Nov 15, 2010 6:52 am

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Training session
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