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 Training in the darkside Goshun

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PostSubject: Training in the darkside Goshun   Sat Nov 20, 2010 11:52 pm

Goshun had gotten back from his previous mission and decided to do some more training.Goshun was in his home, sitting down, thinking on what to do. He then got up and went outside, he stared at the horizon of Planet Vegeta, it was getting darker in that side and then Goshun said, "The dark side!".

He ran towards their and jumped up to start dashing to the dark side of Planet Vegeta. He'd then been flying to that place about 1 hour and 30 minutes until he powered down and went down to the ground. Everything was quite, trees were destroyed, hills, and rocks. He looked all around him until he heard a slight noise behind a boulder. Goshun quickly put his hand towards the boulder and shot a KI Blast. Right as it hit he heard a yell behind their.

Goshun walked to their and saw a rouge saiyan that he had killed. He figured out that if there is one here, there must be more around here. Goshun jumped up and floated in the sky, looking down everywhere until he spotted a small fireplace far away.Goshun quickly dashed and floated down. He looked around and saw tons of rouge saiyans and said, "Party's over!".

One of the saiyans responded, "There's no par-" Goshun quickly punched him in the face and then upper knee-kicking him in the chin sending him flunge backwards. "Silence! See that, that could be you if you would of never left the saiyan army and become stronger!". Goshun dashed to every saiyan quickly hitting them in the neck with the side of his hand.

He then stopped then nobody moved until everyone put their hands on their necks. Goshun smirked and powered up, his blue aura appeared and then suddenly he put both of his hands to opposite directions and yelled, HA! force pushing the saiyans backwards to the hills, and ground crashing. He had force pushed 2 of the sides and then he spun and did the same flunging the saiyan backwards crashing into the hills.

Suddenly, two saiyans came from opposite directions to jump on him but Goshun put his hands towards them and pushed them up into the air. Goshun dashed up but the rouge saiyans fiercly started throwing combinations of kicks and punches. Zero was dodging every single attack from both of them until one of them was punching with their right and one with the left. Goshun ducked down and both of them hit their selfs falling down to the ground.

Goshun was in his Saiyan Wave stance making a red ball of energy in his hands and unleashed the wave towards the ground. As the wave faded away their was a crater. Goshun started spinning down to the ground and landed with his legs and his right arm, cracking the ground a bit. Goshun didn't expect this kind of training but at least he got to kill people. Goshun was then heading back home..

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PostSubject: Re: Training in the darkside Goshun   Tue Nov 23, 2010 5:54 pm

Please do a word count
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Training in the darkside Goshun
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