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 Daichi's Bio(complete)

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Daichi's Bio(complete) Empty
PostSubject: Daichi's Bio(complete)   Daichi's Bio(complete) Icon_minitimeFri Dec 10, 2010 9:12 pm

Daichi was a saiyan. He was never willing to give up a fight until someone had reigned victor in the battle! He had no friends because he was not much of a socializer. He would much rather train by himself or with someone stronger. Daichi didn't have any plans on making friends anytime soon. He was one day wondering the earth and came across a mystical creature. It had giant black horns, it was a brown giant beast, with sharp teeth, terrible breath, red shining eyes, and sharp claws. The beast also stood on all fours. Daichi comfonted this beast. Daichi does not atack because he doesn't judge a book by its cover. "This beast could not be as evil as it appears to be." The beast charges at Daichi and prepares to attack! Daichi jumps back and says "You don't stand a chance against a saiyan so i advice you to withdraw from this battle." But the beast continues charging. Daichi sighs as he jumps up and punches the beast in the face! It falls to the ground in pain. The beast begins crying. "I told you not to comfront me and you defied me...Now face the consequences." Daichi then turns around and begins to walk away in a cool fashion. He then falls down a huge crater. "Dang it! That totally killed the effect!" Daichi shouted. He then stands up and turns around and he spots something of interest. Its a saiyan spaceship. He walks up to it and begins to observe it. He then see's a interesting emblem on the ship which was different from all of the other saiyan ships. He notices that this was his old space ship! He then opens the ship and see's some saiyan armor. He puts it on and then smirks. "Hahahaha!" Then he feels a great pain in his temple. He grips his head as he begins seeing images! He see's a saiyan space pod crashing to the earth...He then see's a mysterious lady. "AHHH! Grrr....Who is this person!!?!?!" Daichi screams in pain. He then spots a baby who seems to resemble him. "Is this me!?!?!" The lady had bright red hair, pale skin, purple eyeliner, black lips, she wore a torn set of armor. She then carries baby Daichi out of the crater. Daichi looked so happy and cheerful! Then the lady finds a flat rock and sets Daichi down as she walks off to find food for her and the child. Hours passed and the hours turned to weeks. Finally Daichi hears a huge explosion! He hears the lady screaming as if she were in trouble! Daichi was still an infant and had no idea what was occuring. Finally, A man appears before Daichi wielding the dead body of the lady. He drops food and makes Daichi eat. He then throws the ladies body into the air. He charges a blast into his hands and releases it. He blew up the lady without even breaking a sweat. The man is recognised as a saiyan warrior. He then says "Hahahaha! You mother was always too soft. Now she has paid the ultimate price. The saiyan race has no room for do gooders. Hahaha!" He then flies away and returns to his planet. Daichi see's a bright light as his vision comes to an end.A tear falls from Daichi's eyes. "Who was that man in my vision?...He will pay for this sin! I will make him suffer!" Daichi yells as he dashes off trying to find some information on this man whom had killed his mother.
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Daichi's Bio(complete) Empty
PostSubject: Daichis bio   Daichi's Bio(complete) Icon_minitimeSun Dec 12, 2010 3:09 pm

You get 2,000,000 pl and ki and 5,000,000 zeni
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Daichi's Bio(complete)
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