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 Sagas(Introduction and Help topic)

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PostSubject: Sagas(Introduction and Help topic)   Sagas(Introduction and Help topic) Icon_minitimeMon Dec 13, 2010 2:03 pm

Ok.So I think every body knows what a saga is.In sagas a super villian will arrive,he will be played by a mod or admin and of course the person playing the villian will get pl,ki and zeni.Now,all saga villians will be npc characters and they won't be from the dbz series like a villian might be a Cell from another timeline.In sagas,Those with evil and neutral alignments will have the choice of helping the villian and if you are good aligned and want to help the villian,you can,but your alignment will decrease to evil.If you want to play the villian just PM Golden or me you have to be a mod in order to apply.In the sagas you will face villians much stronger then anybody in the rpg(most of the time) so,you will have to team up with other people and maybe even fuse with them.Now the good thing about sagas is that once its done and you participated you will get an enormous amount of pl,ki and zeni.But,you might die,again the thrill is the most fun part.

Good:Can only beat the villian and if you help your alignment will become Evil
Neutral:Can do both but every time you beat the villian your neutral level goes up to close to good and if you help the villian your alignment level goes a bit down to evil
Evil:Can help the villian and if beats the villian then alignment will go up to neutral.

All sagas will be played on the corresponding planets.Any questions just post in this topic

To enter a saga just put a reply to the saga post as an introduction like :vegeta sensed a huge powerlevel and flew towards its direction
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Sagas(Introduction and Help topic)
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