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 Killua is done writing the apply. Then he writes: Killua's app..Lol

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PostSubject: Killua is done writing the apply. Then he writes: Killua's app..Lol   Sat Dec 18, 2010 3:49 pm

Character you wish to be(name): Killua

Characters Gender: Male

Character's Race: Customed


Zenni: 500

Alignment: Killua is a good boy.... (Rip-off from Tobi is a good boy)

Character's appearance (image):

Killua using ex balls.

Age: 13

Height: 6 foot

Hair Color: Whiteness owns

Eye Color:Black

Side Note: Looks like a human, like saiyans does. Only eyes are bigger.

Characters Techniques:
Ex balls (Exploding balls)

Killua has the ability, to manipulate his will. As he manipulates his will in a form of a ball. And let them fly out of his mouth like bubble gums. When it comes in contact it doesnt explode. It explode's, when coming one centimetre.

Firing butt/Flaming tackle: Killua uses Ex balls on himself. Behind him, to boost his speed. And unsconsciously, run to the oppenent. And gives them a headbutt. Or a tackle.

Flight: Seriously, almost everybody can do this in dbz.
Kamehameha, Can use ki, Instant transmission, Deflect, Big bang kamehameha, Dragon fist, Super spirit ball,

Dragon fist: He developed it, when he saw a show of using it to kill somebody. The gentlemen, Killua is. Who fights for justice, and womens at such a young age. Avenge'd the man. As he saw he was no match. He used his will power, to force himself to learn that technique. And defeated him.

Super spirit ball: Learned from the great great Dragon master.
Big bang Kamehameha: Same as above.

Will Deflect: Dan deflect any technique used to attack the mind, the soul. Or inside Killua's body. Tough it doesnt work, if only his body gets attacked.

Planet you want to start on: Earth

Ability: Will power rocks!

Powerlevel Requirement: 15,000,
Powerlevel Gain: 2x Original Powerlevel

Will unleashed: Getting beated up by a person who orders you around is harsh, he? Well now your mad. When you try to fight back, he beats you up worse. Before he is leaving. Cause he thinks your dead. You stand up. There is just one thing that mathers. This person is gonna die.

Not human: You haven't focused on one thing for a long time. And you feel more passionate to do things. Finally getitng the guts? When getting beated up. You always still stand up. They call you "not human". When did they figure out?

Powerlevel Requirement: 50,000
Ki Gain: 100,000 added to your current Ki

Super Strong willed: Your gonna get powerfull no matther what. No matther how, and no matther how long it will take.
Powerlevel Requirement: 600,000
Powerlevel Gain: 2x Original Powerlevel

Ultimate will: You have gone to be so strong willed. To control people's body, only using your eyes. "Whoops, i winked.", You said. before you let that guy's arm fly into the water.
Powerlevel Requirement: 5,000,000
Powerlevel Gain: 3x Original Powerlevel

holy god's will: You have expanded your every potential. Only using your will. You know that this will thing is getting effective. You feel like you can create things, only using your will. Like god can. in a battle, you will get your echo to big. Its time to show this guy who here is the god.
Powerlevel Requirement: 20,000,000
Ki Gain: 50,000,000 added to your current Ki
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Battle Points : 17
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Items : Weighed Armour,Saiyan Combat Sword,Z-Sword,Kings armor,Prince Scouter,30 Super Saibamen grade 2,30 Regular Saibamen
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PostSubject: Re:Killua   Sun Dec 19, 2010 5:32 pm

Just give your race a name and I will approve you.
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Killua is done writing the apply. Then he writes: Killua's app..Lol
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