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A wonderfull Dragon Ball Z RPG that is really fun and is really the best of them all!
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 Will Golden ever have a chance to train?

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PostSubject: Will Golden ever have a chance to train?   Wed Aug 25, 2010 9:39 pm

Golden just wakes up from a long party and finally gets in to action heading to the gravity room where he can train as high as 5,000 times planet vegeta's gravity but right when he opened the door to the room he heard a big boom near his friends house and Golden muttered to himself "hmph why would there be any explosions or any kind of action or anything and Shadow's house when he is away on his mission so who could it be. Golden walked out and put on his fighting gear just flew towards there.

10 min. later

" hmph i never ever will have a chance to train i mean all these peopl coming and attacking planet vegeta and i always have to save it too" Golden just flys over to his friends but not in a hurry because he is thinking just once mybe another sayian would come and do it for but he is not getting his hopes to high because he knows everone is propaly on missions and know one else realy cares about Shadow not even king vegeta since he has been going on very few missions for him but he is a little bit powerful already.

30 min. later

"yep i knew it that nobody would be here to help will i guess not even the bad guys are even here then i can just go to my own hou....

boooooom! Golden didn't even get a chance to finish his senteces so he yellled " DARN IT THIS STUFF ALWAYS HAPPENS TO ME"!

Golden has a mad stare on his face looking the direction his house is then he puts his two fingers on his fore head then he just all of a sudden disappears

Golden reappeared back at his rubble house that made him say " hmph i guess i can always just rebuild it when this is done because he knows who did it and it was an old friend that he saw in planet earth along time ago

"so Fredy it has been a while so why is a pathetic human like you on planet earth hmph"
" hi Golden yes you are right and it has been a while and im here to kill you and shadow and i already killed shadow since he ain't comeing out of his house after i destroyed it"
" Thats because he is gone on a mission "
"ok i will just have to deal with you then got that "
" sure but i will end this quickly "
Golden teleported behind Fredy before he could say any thing so he just used a weak but strong enough super dragon fist to kill fredy
" so fredy it looks like this is the end for you so good night and now i will vaporize you Ka ... me ... ha... me... haaaaaa" a giant beam came out of Golden's two palms and made Fredy vanish

1 month later

" finally i rebuilt both of mine and shodow's houses and now im going train finally and maybe one day fight more stronger opponents".
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PostSubject: Re: Will Golden ever have a chance to train?   Wed Aug 25, 2010 9:52 pm

6 battle points

60,000 pl and ki

30,000 zeni
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Will Golden ever have a chance to train?
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