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 Dance With The Devils Part 1 (COMPLETE)

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PostSubject: Dance With The Devils Part 1 (COMPLETE)   Thu Aug 26, 2010 11:19 am

“What the hell were you thinking Blackfire?” King Vegeta's roar took the young saiyan teen by surprise. King Vegeta was furious. Even more angrier than usual. His face was bright red and only inches away from Blackfire's.

“W-wh, I-I completed a mission,” she stammered, trying not to shrink away from the king's fury. She held out the paper that held the mission details out as if it would help. But to her dismay, the king of saiyans only ripped it out of her hands and tore it in half, letting the ruined paper fall to the ground.

“I know what you did!” Vegeta screamed, his voice booming around the throne room. “You were gone when I summoned you. I found out that you were away... dancing!” The last word was spat out as if King Vegeta could not think of anything more atrocious. “And to top it off, you took on a mission that I did not approve nor even know about! I expected more from you Blackfire, I really did.” He let out an angry snort and turned away, his red cape almost whipping the saiyan teen in the face. “It is obvious that you cannot handle a leadership responsibility so I am dismissing your team until you can prove that you will not stray again.”

“Bu-but!” Blackfire's eyes widened in horror.

“Is there a problem with my orders Blackfire?” Vegeta turned sharply on his heels and glared at her with a look that warned her not to argue.

Blackfire bowed her head in defeat. “No, my king. I submit to your will,” the words were dragged out and the saiyan orphan barred one hand across her chest in a salute. The king of saiyans continued to glare at her for what seemed like an eternity before finally dismissing her with a wave of his gloved hand. The small teen turned away, her eyes brimming with sadness. I was just having some fun! Is it really that wrong? As she neared the exit towards the throne room, the stone doors slid open. Blackfire's heart sank as Jagex and Serina stood waiting for her.

Judging by the twin smiles on her former team members' faces, both brother and sister had no idea of what transpired within the throne room only minutes ago. Jagex stepped forward. “Medical is releasing Omega from their care tonight, so while we are waiting why don't the three of us hit the -” The look on Blackfire's face stopped his offer mid sentence. The older saiyan glanced at his sister in concern.

Serina stepped forward. “What's wrong boss?” Blackfire gazed up into Serina's eyes. There was no trace of the former hostility that the third class saiyan harbored towards her leader when the group was first formed.

“I am no longer your team leader,” Blackfire managed to choke out, lowering her gaze to the ground. Her shoulders sagged. “King Vegeta saw me with you at the pub the other day. Our group is disbanded.” Unable to meet the shocked faces of her teammates, the saiyan orphan shouldered her way between them and started down the hallway.

“Blackfire,” Jagex's voice rang out and a gloved hand grasped her shoulder, stopping her. “I'm sorry.”

Blackfire gazed at him, her purple eyes twin pools of regret. “I don't blame you,” she whispered, tearing herself from his grip and turning her back on her former teammates. Jagex, Serina. Thank you. Thank you for showing me what it meant just to be a normal saiyan, even if it was only for a couple of hours. Thank you for letting me be normal. Letting out a small sigh, Blackfire picked up the pace. There was only one more person she had to break the news to. Omega, she thought with growing dread. Turning sharply down a corner, Blackfire made her way to the medical bay. The lights overhead flickered and a huge crash of thunder sounded somewhere above in the heavens. Finally the stone doors of the medical bay came into view. The saiyan orphan's hand quivered as she reached up to place her palm against the scanner to open it. What am I going to tell him?

It only took a second for the green line to flash up and down her palm, allowing the slender teen access to the medical bay. The stone doors slid open and she padded in, nodding a greeting to the receptionist. “Can I help you?”

“Yes, I'm looking for Omega. He's a third class warrior.”

The saiyan woman frowned and looked down at her computer for several moments. “Ah yes. The boy is being held in room twelve. You can go ahead and see him if you like.” The lithe saiyan bowed her head in thanks and turned away from the desk, making her way down the right hallway. Omega's door was open and the saiyan teen was turned away from her on his bed, gazing out the window. Blackfire stopped at the doorway and softly cleared her throat. Omega spun around.

“Blackfire!” the saiyan boy sounded delighted. “What are you doing here?” Is he always this cheerful?

“I came to tell you that you are on your own once again,” Blackfire choked out, wincing as Omega's smile seemed to drop off of his face. “King Vegeta has disbanded our team.”

“Why?” Omega's voice cracked as if a small quiver would shatter the young warrior into pieces.

Because I went dancing. Shame burned inside Blackfire, but her face remained flat. “King Vegeta feels that I am not quite prepared to handle a leadership role yet. He wishes for me to train more first.”

Omega bowed his head, his brows furrowed as if he was deep in thought. Suddenly he looked up, his face bright. “Well that doesn't matter!” he exclaimed, taking Blackfire by surprise.

“It doesn't?” questioned the saiyan teen, taken aback by her former teammate's dismissal.

“No!” his eyes shone, “We can still hang out!” Cheeky boy! Blackfire thought, anger churning inside of her. There was something in his eyes as the saiyan boy gazed at her. He likes me? Blackfire suddenly put her finger on it in dismay. She let out a growl and turned around.

“No! I told you, you're on your own from now on. I don't want anything to do with you!” She heard Omega gasp out in pain, but she swept on, her words sinking into Omega like knives. “If you think there is anything between us then you are sadly mistaken and quite foolish.” With those words, she exited the room and stomped out to the hallway, fury making her vision blur.

“Taranis? Is that you?” A saiyan woman stepped out of the shadows, her eyes flickering nervously from left to right as she tried to pinpoint the noise. She didn't wear any armor as she was a regular civilian. The only thing that covered her was a brown robe.

“Why have you called me here?” A deep voice met the pregnant woman's ears and she flinched. A saiyan soldier fell from the sky, landing on a puddle, shattering the woman's reflection into pieces. “I told you not to contact me during the day. We agreed on that Valese. The woman let out a sigh.

“I know Taranis, but I had myself tested. The saiyan soldier raised an eyebrow but remained icily silent as she swept on. “I'm pregnant.” Silence stretched out for what seemed like hours in the shadowed alley.

“Impossible,” Taranis spat out, beginning to turn around. “I used precaution. And yet you come to me, telling me these lies?”

“No,” Valese eyes were shadowed as she bowed her head. “It is true.”

“What?” boomed the saiyan soldier, anger making his voice shake. Whether it was completely from rage or fear of what the woman said was unknown. “What do you want? Money?” Suddenly reaching deep into his armor, he pulled out a small bag that rattled with zeni and threw it to the ground. The tie came loose and a gold coin spilled out, rolling forward until it hit Valese's foot and fell to the ground with a clatter. “Take it you whore, and never speak to me again.” He leaped into the air, and took off with a snort of disbelief.

“Taranis, wait!” the woman shouted, “If you do not want this child, than neither do I!” But Taranis was only a spec in the sky. Utterly defeated, the saiyan woman swooped down and picked up the small bag and vanished into the shadows once more, leaving the single runaway gold coin on the ground.

Why have you shown me this? Blackfire begged silently, What is the meaning of all these dreams?

You asked for the truth, did you not young Blackfire? A voice in her head answered.

You're... Blackfire gasped in realization.

The orb of truth. Blackfire's vision suddenly filled with a bright light, and she found herself into the endless sea of white that she was in when the young saiyan first touched the orb. A quiet humming filled her ears, promising peace, love, and happiness. We have fulfilled our purpose. The voice seemed to still be in her head, yet all around her as well. What yo do with the information is up to you, young Blackfire. With a shudder, darkness slammed back over her vision and the whole realm vanished.

Beep, beep, beep, beep! Blackfire's purple eyes flickered open and she found herself in her room, the alarm clock beside her ringing. The young saiyan groaned and turned to her side, shutting off the device and sliding off of her bed. A chill ran down her spine.

“Taranis,” she mumbled aloud. “Who are you?” She expected no answer and none was given. Heaving out a sigh, she slipped out of her clothes, tossing them into a bin to be washed later. Flinging open the door to her closet, she rummaged through the pitifully small amount of clothes and finally pulled out some saiyan armor with a frown. King Vegeta would be sending her out on a mission today and apparently it was reserved for second class saiyans only. She hated armor. It was scratchy and too bulky for the saiyan's taste. However if the mission was going to be difficult, she wanted to be prepared.

Her hands flew back to her long hair and she tied it at the end, throwing it over her shoulder. Next a black cape was attached to her shoulders and the end unfolded downward, the bottom of the heat resistant cloth almost brushing the ground. Her mind still churning from her dream, she closed the closet and exited her room, heading down to the throne room.

“I've sent several third class saiyans there but they have never returned.” Blackfire nodded blankly as she stared at planetary map rolled out on a table. King Vegeta was beckoning to a spot, explaining her mission. “Aparently though, the aliens can summon demons. I want you to find out about this cult, and shut it down for good.”

“Yes my king,” Blackfire bowed her head. “Will I be going alone on this one?” King Vegeta stared at her for a while, making the young saiyan shiver.

“No,” he finally growled. “You will be taking Omega with you.”

“What?” Blackfire couldn't keep the dismay out of her voice. “His power level is only-”

“Twenty five hundred,” the king of saiyans interrupted her, crossing his arms across his chest. “Thanks to his near death encounter, his power level has jumped. He will be completing this mission with you.”

The saiyan teen let out a sigh. “Does he know about this?”

King Vegeta nodded and turned away, sitting back down in his throne, cracking his knuckles into an open palm. “He will be waiting at the docking bay. You are dismissed Blackfire.”

Well that went well, Blackfire thought ruefully as she turned around and exited the throne room. Why does he keep putting me on missions with Omega? I don't even like the kid! Luckily for her, Omega wasn't under her command though. If he went and got himself killed, it would be on his own head. Her black cape flew out behind her as she whisked around a corner, exiting the royal building. Bright sunlight greeted her.

And King Vegeta won't even be able to protect that brat if he gets in my way! A purple aura exploded around Blackfire and she took off from the ground, rocketing towards the docking bay. However to her dismay, when she arrived, Omega wasn't there.

“The boy seemed restless,” a voice behind the teen startled her. “So we went ahead and set him off. You must be Blackfire.” The girl turned around and saw a giant saiyan, much taller and more muscular than the teen. He held a pod on his shoulder. “Alright,” he grunted, setting the pod on the nearby track. “This one will be yours.” He banged on the pod with a fist and the door opened up, revealing the cushioned red inside. “Good luck,” he said turning around. “You'll need it.”

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Ki : 127,680,700
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PostSubject: Re: Dance With The Devils Part 1 (COMPLETE)   Thu Aug 26, 2010 12:31 pm

This is Complete. I'm splitting it into two parts. I am typing up the second part now. Should be done by tonight.

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PostSubject: Re: Dance With The Devils Part 1 (COMPLETE)   Thu Aug 26, 2010 1:19 pm

ok thats fine with me and on thye part you gain

22 battle points

55,000 zeni

and 110,000 pl and ki and its already been doubled
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PostSubject: Re: Dance With The Devils Part 1 (COMPLETE)   

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Dance With The Devils Part 1 (COMPLETE)
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