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 The Trial of King Vegeta

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PostSubject: The Trial of King Vegeta   Thu Aug 26, 2010 8:53 pm

Tehran’he shook the droplets from her smooth skin. It was early morning, and she had been brought from her room in Digu’s ship to the king’s throne room.

There she stood, about twenty feet before the proud saiyan warrior who ruled the planet with such an iron fist that even the prince of her own race dared not challenge him in a fair battle. King Vegeta possessed unimaginable power, she knew, and could crush her with his pinky if he so wished.

She had not been told exactly why she was summoned, especially this early, but she assumed it had to do with her final test. For the last few weeks she had been training under King Vegeta, which could acclaim, at least partially, for her rapid increase in power recently. The king had taught her things even Digu could not, but more than that he simply possessed greater knowledge than her former master, but he presented it better, having trained many before she came along.

She had only just arrived, but even still, she was surprised at the king’s apparent thoughtfulness. Usually he knew what he wanted to say and said it without second thoughts, but knew it seemed he was unsure, making it a first for Tehran’he to see.

Tehran’he had already scanned the room and had made mental note at the unusually small amount of witnesses here. As per usual, a saiyan elite soldier stood on both side of the king’s throne, and two more at the base of the stairs before the king.

A further two elites stood behind the female changeling, ready to stop her in the off chance of her trying to injure the king.

The massive columns that ran all the way down both sides of the entire room usually had a soldier, either an elite or a promising first class saiyan, in front of it. In this case, there weren’t there, and neither were the servants that often walked this way and that.

This was a secret operation, Tehran’he decided.

Tehran’he’s eyes shot back to the king as the sound of him clearing his throat to speak.

“I am torn,” the king said, almost so plainly that Tehran’he raised her eyes in curiosity. “You’re my student, a promising one at that. You learn surprisingly faster than most of my past students, excluding only a few, and you possess valuable traits such as intelligence, loyalty, determination, and charisma. Besides that, you’re not the usual hot-headed young warrior itching to get into combat and get killed because he is unprepared. All of these things prompt me to give you your final test, and send you out in the name of the Saiyan Empire. One thing stands in the way of that… you’re a changeling, a race that has a long a bitter rivalry with that of the saiyans. Many would look upon it with distaste if I were to graduate you from my trainings so quickly, although you have earned it. I’ve spent many long hours arguing why I took you in, in the first place.”

Tehran’he let these words soak in for a few moments, her mind already working furiously. “Yes, m’lord, I understand your situation. I assume that is the reason the throne room is so unusually deserted, and your lack of guards?”

The king nodded, smirking softly. “Ah, so that did not escape you, either. That only proves what I’ve just said, and have been thinking. You are very observant, and intelligent. Once you have had experience, you will make a very fine warrior, I have no doubt. Especially with that saiyan, Digu, teaching you and helping you along, you’ll be great in times to come, and perhaps I will call on you should another war such as the Damaskian War rise up. Yes, you’re correct, that is the reason for those things, I wish this to be unknown to the general public. These soldiers are my most trusted. I am sure you are eager to embark on this final mission, but I must hear it from you myself. Are you ready?”

Tehran’he needed no time to think it over. Almost before the king had finished speaking, she had begun her reply. “Sir, I am truly ready to take on this mission.”

The king nodded. “Than here is your debriefing. You are being sent out into the wilderness with nothing but what you wear now. You are not to use any form of Ki while you are out there, or you will be detected and never will you be able to complete your training. After three days you will return to this room and will be tested on what you have learned, as well as tested on your physical ability. Go now, and remember, despite my liking for you, I will not teach someone that disobeys orders. Good luck, my student.”

Tehran’he bowed and turned, marching down the long room and out of the massive double doors, the two saiyan elite soldiers escorting her.

Outside, another saiyan met them and the four walked for a short distance of around a mile, and arrived before a massive gateway, on the edge of the city.

“Remember, three days you must remain gone,” the saiyan that had met them outside of the throne room reminded Tehran’he. “If you use any form of Ki, we will get it on radar and a task force will be sent to retrieve you. After the sun has risen twice, and night has come again, you may return. You must find your own food and water, as we will not give you any. Are you ready?”

A nod from Tehran’he.

The saiyan signaled to the two guards, who promptly opened the gates. “I wish you luck in this difficult journey. Good bye.” He moved to the site and motioned for Tehran’he to proceed through the gate.

She stepped through, and without looking back, kept walking, unsure of where it would take her and not particularly caring of this, either. Three days was nothing. Training with Digu was harder than this was going to be.

The morning was gone, and the late evening sun hung in the air like a spider hanging from a web, waiting to take it’s prey in.

Tehran’he had been walking since she had left the city, nonstop. She felt fine, like she could run a marathon.

Is this supposed to be difficult? This is nothing! I’ll be graduated from King Vegeta’s training in just two days, then I can go to Planet Cold for some more training. Soon, I will be unstoppable!

Tehran’he took this time to look back at her life over the last few months, since meeting the saiyan, Digu, who’d taken her in as his student and trained her. By now she had mastered her transformation, and knew that soon she would be ready to learn the secret of the next stage, furthering her power. Since meeting Digu, she had grown more than in the rest of her entire life. She’d learned how to fight better than she had before, and her power was constantly rising, threatening to outstrip the pace that she learned battle tactics and such. She had also learned some powerful new techniques, her newest and most devastating, the Big Bang Attack, could destroy almost anything if she charged it up to it’s maximum capacity.

I must keep up my training if I am to succeed. If I slow down even the least bit, it will all have been in vain.

The changeling stopped. Her scouter had picked up movement nearby. She stared to her left, were it had detected it.

She saw nothing. Perhaps it had been the relentlessly hot sun, playing tricks on her eyes. Just as she took another step, she saw something move, this time in her peripheral vision, something she put more faith into.

“Show yourself!” the changeling called out to the seemingly barren and empty desert.

After waiting a moment, a head popped up from behind a dune. It looked strange, so much so that Tehran’he took a moment to recognize what it was at all.

“Come out!” she ordered the thing, unsure of what it might be.

The head rose higher and bobbed up a down, symbolizing that the creature was walking up the opposite side of the dune. The creature kept going up and up, without reaching the top.

Finally, a foot thudded down on the top of the dune, followed by another. Tehran’he looked this alien from top to bottom, then bottom to top. It was huge.

Tehran’he, a changeling of about five and a half feet, tall for her race, was at least seven feet shorter than this beast that stood before her. “Is it a fight you want?” she asked, never cowering from a fight due to her opponent’s sheer size.

The alien looked thoughtful for a moment, but soon replied with a slight nod.

“Right, then… shall you start, or shall I?”

The creature looked as if he was thinking it over again. Suddenly he charged at Tehran’he, clearing the ten to twelve yard distance in just two, maybe three steps. He must have decided to start it off.

Tehran’he ducked the alien’s clumsy grab for her head, and began to gather energy for a mesposo on her index finger. Just in time, right as she was aiming for her opponent’s bottom, she remembered the rules King Vegeta had given her, and let the tiny orb fade away.

That was too close… I’m going to have to be more careful of that.

Before she could get her mind back to the fight, the fight came back to her. The alien’s massive hands, probably larger than dinner plates, closed around her head.

Tehran’he felt her feet leave the ground. Suddenly a pain so unbearable it forced her to release a bone chilling scream enwrapped her head. It took her a moment to realize what was happened; the alien was squeezing her head, his massive strength threatening to pop it open like a cherry.

She squired and wriggled, but the tremendous pain made it hard for her to really put her mind on trying to escape. Finally, after flailing about with her legs, she got lucky and one of them hit her captor in the face, causing him to drop her in surprise, rather than pain.

She landed on her back, but quickly half crawled half rolled away, managing to evade her opponent’s massive foot, which he tried to stomp on her with. She popped to her feet quickly, but the headache she had now and the light-headedness that this action caused resulted in her falling right back to the ground.

Tehran’he rolled over, just barely missing being stomped on the head again. For the second time, she tried to rise to her feet, this time more successfully. Just before she could get her balance, however, she reached the top of the dune they had been fighting on, and stepping off the other side, the unexpected few inches made her fall again.

Luckily, she rolled down this side of the dune, putting a small distance between herself and the alien trying to squash her.

This distance finally allowed her to get up and get her balance, with enough time to sidle to the left to dodge a kick from her opponent.

They stood on flatter ground now, this bit more rocky and level. She was in her element.

Now it was time to go on the offensive.

She dodged another attack, a punch to face, like most of the others, she presumed it was because the alien had to duck to be able to reach any other part of her body. Then, seeing a very small opening for attack, she sent her fist forward, landing a swift and strong blow to the alien’s side. She heard a rib crack, but the alien turned on her and attacked again as if nothing had happened.

The surprise from this allowed her opponent’s attack, a backhand slap to the face, land, sending her spinning through the air.

She hit the ground hard, but pulled herself back up.

“Why… won’t… you… go… down?!” she roared, throwing herself at the alien. She used her superior speed and agility to her advantage, allowing her to land several attacks before her opponent could react.

After a few minutes of this she began to feel the strain on her stamina. The only thing that kept her going was that she noticed her opponent was also lagging slightly.

If I can just keep this going a bit longer.

Suddenly her opponent shoved her backwards. She managed to keep her balance, and side-stepped the alien as he tried to bull rush her. Seeing another opportunity, she dove on his back and tried to get her arms around his throat. If all else failed, and it had, then she could always finish this by strangling him.

Finally she got both arms around the alien’s neck. She pulled as hard as she could, cutting off his air supply. His neck muscles tightened and his hands shot up, trying to pry Tehran’he’s much smaller arms from his own throat.

He pulled, but she pulled back, managing to keep her grip. Despite the immense pressure on his wind pipe, he continued to fight her for dominance. Finally, seeing that she was getting no where, Tehran’he pulled one hand back, then punched him in the throat.

They both dropped to the ground, where Tehran’he quickly regained her footing and watching the alien rolling around.

He clutched at his throat, but it was in vain. Tehran’he punch had crushed his wind pipe, making it impossible to breathe even the slightest. He struggled for a few more minutes, but finally stopped and laid there limp.

Tehran’he watched for another few minutes, making sure he was truly dead and not faking it.

Satisfied, she fell backwards, landing in a dune. She fell asleep, the battle having tired her out.

She slept for nearly a full day. That was mostly due to having missed out on a lot of sleep the day she had set out, and the drain the battle had put on her.

She awoke slowly, her eyelids fluttering for a few moments before she opened them fully, blinked several times, then finally stayed open. It was night, again.

I seem to have slept a day off. Well then, two days down, only a piece of one left. I’m almost there.

She rose to her feet and noticed the body of the alien she had slain before her long nap, turned in disgust, and stretched out her tight muscles.

After getting herself loosened up, she walked off, leaving the body lying there. Her scouter told her that the city was to the north. She followed that path, thinking that she would arrive roughly just after dawn, meaning her time limit would be up and she would be free to return to the city to complete her training.

She judged it perfect, the sun just poking it’s way into the horizon whenever she reached the top of a particularly large sand dune and the edge of the city came into site.

The thought of how close she was to finishing prompted her to start running, virtually halving the time it would have taken her to get to the city from that point, meaning she arrived in about ten minutes of sprinting.

She stopped just outside of the wall and spent about two minutes catching her breath.

Now… how do I get back in?

Almost immediately it donned on her to knock. She put this simple plan into affect by banging on the large iron gate as hard as possible. It rang out loudly, so loudly, in fact, that she worried that King Vegeta might hear it and get angry at all the racket.

Luckily this didn’t happen… but neither did anything else. She banged again and waited. Nothing.

Fine, I’ll just do it myself.

The changeling rose into the air. Although she was indeed using Ki, she figured since he time period was over it was fine.

Inside she noticed that no one was around the area. She cocked her eye in confusion, but flew on towards the throne room. Even in the late night, there was usually a guard.

Even if King Vegeta had removed the guards for the night so that she could return undetected, it seemed to her that he would have someone wait for her at the gate.

Either way, she was nearly to the throne room now. In fact, she could see it, rising above all the other buildings in the area. It dominated the entire center of the city.

Tehran’he noticed that the lights inside the throne room were on, all of them, it seemed. That was odd, as well.

She landed just outside the front door and stepped forward to open the door. Immediately a the lights blinded her. She shielded her eyes as she felt the hands of someone close on her shoulders and pull her through the door. After blinking for a few moments, she was able to open her eyes.

She almost closed them again.

Before her seemed to be the entire saiyan race, at least, those that were on Vegeta at the time. The saiyan population was low due to the fact that a couple hundred saiyans were always gone on missions, but even with them, it was only about a thousand total.

It seemed every one of those were in here. The King, with full guard and regalia, sat on his throne smiling.

Tehran’he noticed a bulking saiyan elite on either side of her. They gave her a soft push, telling her she needed to walk to the throne.

They crossed the hundred yard distance quickly, marching fast, and stopped before the throne. The two guards stepped away from Tehran’he and turned to face the crowd on either side. They must be there more to protect Tehran’he than to protect the king.

King Vegeta stood and spread his arms wide, his grin wide. “Ah, so you have returned. You have done excellent, my student. One more test remains. You are to defeat on of my finest warriors in unarmed combat.”

The king turned and motioned to someone behind his throne. A saiyan, about six feet two inches tall, walked from behind it.

“So, you think you can beat me, eh?” the saiyan asked Tehran’he as they circled each other. The floor had been cleared in front of the throne, about twenty yards wide and twenty long, forming the arena.

Tehran’he kept quite. She knew she could beat this buffoon. He was all show, with nothing to back it up. Talking was a waste of time for a battle that would end as quickly as it started.

King Vegeta raised a hand to the air and a small orb of Ki appeared on the end of it. It grew to the size of a baseball. He looked around, glanced at Tehran’he and nodded, then sent the orb into the air and through a hole in the ceiling.

The battle had begun.

The saiyan jumped at Tehran’he, but stepped back. He was trying to get Tehran’he off balanced, but more than that, he wanted to make her look like a fool and a coward.

She didn’t take the bait, standing her ground at the false start.

“You’re done, you filthy changeling. Just give up now and I won’t hurt you.”

Tehran’he bit her lip to prevent her from bursting out an insult. She had to concentrate, she was still facing a warrior who was more powerful than her.

The saiyan took another step at here, this time proceeding to try and land a punch on the changeling’s shoulder.

She took it like it was a poke, and stayed on balance. Nothing would throw her off here. She had her eyes on the prize, and they weren’t moving.

Before the saiyan could withdraw to a safe distance again, Tehran’he caught his arm and pulled his upper body down low, landing a powerful chop to the back of his neck.

The saiyan growled, and grabbed at her. She easily flicked his flailing arms away and countered with a knee to the chin, followed by an elbow to the lower back as he doubled over in pain.

He managed to stay on his feet… something Tehran’he changed with a simple shove on the butt with her foot, he face planted, arousing a roar of laughter from the saiyan crowd.

He got back up, red faced and in pain, but was quickly sent back to the ground as Tehran’he hit him in the center of the chest with a flat-hand ‘punch’.

The saiyan scrambled to his feet, now beyond angry. He started to kick and punch at his opponent, hoping something would come into contact.

Luck wasn’t with him. Tehran’he took a step back, avoiding a close call with his swinging arms, and kicked him with the bottom of her boot on the center of the face, causing him to flip backwards. His head slammed into the ground and he immediately went out, down for the count.

King Vegeta roared laughter and motioned for some guards to take the defeated saiyan away, then for Tehran’he to come half way up the stairs.

Once the crowd had died down he began a short speech. “Tehran’he! You’re come beyond my expectations! I just watched you defeat a warrior of nearly twice your power, with much more experience, as if he were a bug. I cannot delay this any longer! You graduate from my teachings!”

Tehran’he’s arms shot up in triumph.

Yes! I knew I could do it! Now, it is time for some serious training with Universal Terror and Ravinia on Planet Cold.

Tehran’he bowed, turned, and left the throne room.

It was time for her to get off the planet and set off for Planet Cold, her alliance’s planet. For that, she needed Digu’s ship. For that, she needed Digu, whom she presumed was asleep in the ship.
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The Trial of King Vegeta
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