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PowerLevel : 127,680,700
Ki : 127,680,700
Transformations : False Super Saiyan, Super Saiyan, Legendary Super Saiyan
Tehniques : Big Bang Attack, Flight, Energy Dan, Mouth Blast, Eye beam, Single Finger Blast, Deflect, Kiah, Power Blast, Final Flash, Ki Sword, Ion Beam, Ki Shockwave, Power up, Wolf Fang Fist, Electric Jaws, Summon Skoll, Solar Flare, After Image, Fusion Dance, Instant Transmission, Super Final Big Bang Kamehameha, Kaio-Ken
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PostSubject: Revolt!   Thu Aug 26, 2010 9:05 pm

OOC: I can't believe I forgot to put this one down. I had this written up before I was accepted as well.


With a final shuddering crack, Blackfire's cast split open and fell to the ground. The teen ran her fingertips over her bare leg. It seemed smaller than her other one at a glance, but it was most likely because of the cast constantly pressing against it. Whatever it was, it felt good to have the air hitting her skin once more. She wondered if she wouldn't even wear her usual pants for the day. Her purple eyes darted up towards the doctor who was now studding Komand'r's leg with a frown.

“Is everything all right with it now?” the orphan asked shakily. She didn't like the idea of having to put yet another cast on it. The doctor shook his head and got up, crossing his arms across his chest.

“You should be fine Blackfire,” he replied. “But take it easy still, your leg has only just healed. The bone inside of it will still be a bit brittle.” Komand'r nodded and slowly slid up, gingerly putting her right foot to the ground. “Well?” the doctor prompted when Blackfire winced. The teen only let out a small breath though.

“Not bad,” she admitted. “Its just a bit stiff, that's all.”

“It will be for a bit,” answered the saiyan, walking away to grab a clipboard from the nearby wall. He scribbled on it furiously for a moment before looking back up at the purple eyed saiyan. “I'm releasing you for small missions and gentle exercise,” he grunted, putting emphasis on the word gentle as if he was teaching a young kid a new word. The white coated saiyan tore off the paper from his clipboard and thrust it towards Komand'r. “King Vegeta wanted a report, so here it is. Make sure you give that to him.”

Blackfire nodded and took it, squinting her eyes as she tried to read the saiyan's writing. But it was almost impossible to decipher the scribble. Even here, a doctor's handwriting was a doctor's handwriting.

King Vegeta’s eyebrows furrowed as he tried to read the slip of paper that Komand’r had given him. Finally he tossed it aside. “I can’t read that!” he roared. He glared at the teen. “I’m just going to take your word for it and-“ The king of saiyans paused as the doors to the throne room burst open and a saiyan guard ran in, falling flat on his face halfway through. Blackfire raised an eyebrow, but King Vegeta looked even more furious at being interrupted. He opened his mouth, but the saiyan royal guard spoke first, scrambling to his feet.

“My liege! There is an emergency!” For the first time, Blackfire saw the multiple cuts and abrasions all over the saiyan’s body. He had obviously been in some kind of fight. However the saiyan teen held her tongue as King Vegeta placed his gloved hands on the arm rests of his throne and pushed himself to his feet. He stepped forward, and Blackfire quickly dipped her head and scuffled out of the way as the saiyan royalty stopped in front of his guard, studding him through narrowed eyes.

“Speak Grancor,” Vegeta ordered, “What is going on? Why are you injured?” Yes, that is what I would like to know! The guard’s legs buckled and he fell to his knees, a pant escaping the saiyan’s lips as he gripped his side. There was no doubt that he was injured internally. He would need to go to the rejuvenation chambers if he were to live. But knowing King Vegeta, he wouldn’t allow the saiyan relief from his wounds until he had answered King Vegeta’s questions. “Well?” the king of saiyans roared, the room shaking a bit as the saiyan royalty started to lose his patience. “Speak up will you Grancor? I have a kingdom to run!”

Grancor flinched and Blackfire could sense Vegeta's rapidly growing impatience. The saiyan king would not be getting any nicer if this saiyan guard insisted on finding his toungue. If the king of saiyans balled his fists any tighter, the saiyan orphan was sure that he would break his own hands. But she said nothing. The short tempered king would not appreciate her input. The first class saiyan seemed to find his wits though and his mouth fell open, the waterfall of words coming out rapidly like a tide.

“My liege, there has been a revolt within our system. The low class grunts are getting tired of being ignored and have formed their own system!” Blackfire gritted her teeth. They probably thought that they might have some hope due to the assassination attempt only weeks ago. Only a fool would try to overthrow the kingdom when they had a power level less than a thousand at best though!

“What!” King Vegeta roared, causing Blackfire to become alert again. “And you are telling me this why? Go out there and deal with them. Slaughter the flies!”

“My king, it is not that simple!” Grancor protested with his eyes wide, but the saiyan king was in no mood for excuses. In fact, the fury was almost visible on the angry king. Blackfire was sure that an aura would flare about the saiyan man at any time.

“And why not?” Vegeta asked icily, “Are you telling me that one of my First class warriors cannot deal with a third class?” The saiyan swept forward, picking up the wounded guard by the throat. Grancor let out a gurgling cry as he was lifted into the air, his legs flailing and his hands vainly tearing at the king's gloved hands, desperately attempting to free himself.

Blackfire crossed her arms and waited while the sad, yet funny scene unfolded in front of her. For once, the king's anger was not directed at her, and the orphan was enjoying every moment of it. But one thing was for certain. If King Vegeta did not release his vice like grip from the saiyan guard that was convulsing feebly, he would most likely die from suffocation. It seemed like Vegeta was in a loving mood though and released the guard roughly, letting him crumple the ground. Grancor let out a single gasping breath and started coughing.

“If you can't even handle a bunch of third class dogs, then why the hell are you even a high class?” King Vegeta growled, turning his back to the winded saiyan and stomping back to his throne.

“My King! It's not that I can't handle them, the problem lies in their greater numbers. There is thousands of them and only a handful of us holding them back!” The guard exclaimed, taking a shaky step forward. Part of Blackfire understood what the royal guard was saying. Only a month ago, King Vegeta charged her with destroying some mutant saibamen that were loose. Though each of them individually were weaker than the orphan by far, their strength were in numbers. Blackfire almost loss her life fighting them.

King Vegeta didn't seem to understand though. Or he simply didn't care. Komand'r had a sinking suspicion that it was the later. “You are useless!” King Vegeta roared, suddenly spinning around. A purple orb of Ki was in his gloved hand. He rushed forward, kicking up an invisible wave of air that slammed into the saiyan orphan, and fired off a massive one handed beam towards the unlucky guard.

The deadly wave of energy slammed against Grancor and the guard's eyes went wide. The payload exploded though, and the charred body of the now dead first class slammed against the far wall.

Blackfire let out an amused huff as King Vegeta let out an angry snort towards the charred body of the now dead saiyan guard. But her face grew serious as King Vegeta turned his attention to her, surprise registering in his eyes as if the spoiled king didn't realize that the orphan had witnessed everything. Silence stretched out for what seemed like an eternity before King Vegeta opened his mouth to draw in breath. He stroked his beard with a gloved hand and began to speak.

“You've heard what that guard said I presume. I don't have time to deal with this kind of insolence in my kingdom!” He put emphasis in the word 'my' as if he were trying to put Komand'r in her place. Blackfire didn't care. She had no desire to try and overthrow the king. He may be cranky and mean, but the responsibility of ruling an entire warrior kingdom was no easy task. “So I want-” The king was cut off as the doors to the throne room burst open again. A growl rumbled deep within King Vegeta's throat.

“My King!” the voice of a saiyan rang out. Blackfire could hear the panic on the guard's throat. “We-” the guard shut up though as King Vegeta raised up a gloved hand, the edges of his fingertips glowing purple with ki. Blackfire could hear the throne room door slam as the guard made due with his escape.

Vegeta lowered his arm and locked Blackfire with ebony eyes. “As I was saying,” he snarled. “I want you to sort this out.” Blackfire raised an eyebrow. How was she supposed to curve an entire uprising of people. She would fare no better than the unlucky guard that had to report his failure. She opened her jaws, but the king of saiyans silenced her with a glare. “Now!” he roared.

The king's last words were obviously a dismissal and Blackfire saw no point in arguing with him. King Vegeta already looked pissed enough as it was, and her mouth would most likely get her killed like the guard's failure did. Instead, she dipped her head and turned around to exit the throne room. On the way outside, she stopped by the armory to pick up some upgraded armor and a black cape. Quickly putting a hair band on to keep it out of her eyes, Blackfire exited the royal chambers.

The orphan took off to the skies, clicking a button on the side of her scouter to bring up the contacts where she opened a communications link with Omega. After all, the teen would need some help with this mission.

“What's up Blackfire?” Omega's voice sounded as he picked up. The boy sounded groggy. It was pretty early in the morning though, the second class probably just got up.

“Hey,” Blackfire greeted him curtly. “Any chance you could meet me at the central plaza? I need some help with a mission.” There was a pause and then a yawn from the other end.

“Yeah sure,” Omega grunted. “I'll be there in a few. What's up though?”

Rapidly, Blackfire explained everything to Omega, starting with her removal of the cast, all the way until King Vegeta released her to the mission.

“Jeeze,” came the reply. “He sounds like he's grumpy today.”

“Yeah,” replied Blackfire dryly. “But that's not the point. Are you coming?”

“I'm already here Blackfire,” Omega's voice seemed to echo and Blackfire looked behind her, almost falling out of her flight as she saw Omega behind her.

“What the- Don't scare me like that!” She flashed at him angrily.

Blackfire came to a halt and floated in the air, crossing her arms and frowning at Omega as he skidded to a halt next to her. He pushed a gloved hand through his hair and grinned sheepishly. “Heh, heh! Sorry about that!”

Blackfire let out a small sigh, but she could hardly be angry at Omega. She couldn't explain it, but the teen was starting to feel at ease around the boy. More at ease then any other saiyan she was with. Omega's eyes suddenly widened. “What happened to your tail?” he gasped.

Blackfire looked down and shrugged. “Cut it off,” she replied indifferently, pushing her hair back as the breeze suddenly changed, pushing it the other way. “I can't control my Oozoru form and I have no need to.”

“But why?” Omega asked, sounding completely dumbfounded. “You are so much stronger as an Oozoru!”

“It depends on your style of fighting, I suppose,” Blackfire shrugged, jabbing a finger downwards to tell Omega to land with her. Both saiyans dropped from the sky, landing on the ground below. They were in some kind of city, one that Komand'r had never been to before. “I told you before, the Oozoru gives you a lot of power, but it's at the cost of speed. What's the point of being super strong if you can't hit your opponent with it?”

“I guess so,” muttered Omega, glancing away at a drifting leaf in the air. Blackfire could tell that he didn't agree with her, but it was still a mater of opinion. Everyone had one. It didn't necessarily mean that it was right.

Suddenly feeling a rush of happiness to see Omega again, she jabbed at his shoulder with an light punch. “So what have you been up to?” she queried.

Omega let off a good humored shrug and turned his ebony gaze back to Komand'r. “Nothing much really,” he admitted with a yawn. “I've been doing missions to keep myself busy, but-”

“First class scum!” A loud shout startled him and both saiyans turned to see a throng of people that had gathered around them unnoticed. The hostility was coming off of the lower classes in waves. Omega backed up until his back was pressed up against Blackfire's an impenetrable defense to make sure that nobody could take their back.

“That's a lot of saiyans,” muttered Omega, a hint of fear creeping up in his voice. He cast a swift glance towards the orphan. “Do we really have to kill all of them?”

“Not likely,” Blackfire thankfully admitted, her purple eyes darting back and forth as she tried to judge how many saiyans had gathered around them. The numbers seemed endless. “If we kill enough of them, the message should be sent.”

“And what message is that?” Omega whispered, a bead of sweat traveling down his cheek. A smirk crossed Blackfire's lips.

“Oh you'll see soon enough,” she promised. Raising her voice, she addressed the angry mob around them that was inching ever closer with each passing moment. It wouldn't be long before the dam burst loose and the tidal wave of third class saiyans engulfed them like a storm.

“Third Class warriors!” she roared out, wary of using the typical 'grunts' as a suffix. It didn't look like it would take much to cause this bee's nest to explode into fury. “I am Blackfire, student of King Vegeta. You have one chance to back down and no harm will come to you. If you continue to press though, prepare to forfeit your miserable lives.” With a grin, Blackfire balled her fists and brought them before her. The challenge had been issued. The only thing that remained was for the saiyans to take her up on her generous offer.

The throng of revolters seemed unnerved by Blackfire's fierce challenge. They started yammering among each other, looking a bit uncertain. Even Omega looked surprised by her sharpness. “Blackfire?”

The saiyan orphan didn't give him time to finish whatever was troubling him though. “What's the matter?” she roared. If you want to revolt, isn't it the logical choice to down me? I am after all the king's student. If you can't destroy me, what hope do you have against the king?” Without warning, a saiyan from the crowd broke loose, tearing down towards Komand'r with a wild look in his eyes. A devilish grin crossed Blackfire's face and she sidestepped his charge, her arm a blur as she sliced the saiyan in half with one swipe of her Katana.

Twirling the blade, she lurched it downwards, suddenly stiffening her hand to let the blood fall off of her blade and splash against the dirt. “Can you see the diffrence yet? This is why a third class saiyan can never hope to outclass an first. You aren't even needed. Look at you now, scared like the dogs you are.”

“We aren't scared!” Cried a voice from behind Blackfire. The cry was quickly taken up by several of the saiyan's buddies.

“Then strike me down,” sneered Blackfire. She drew an invisible 'X' on her chest with a fingertip. “Do your best. I dare you.” The entire throng of saiyans seemed to erupt with a roar as they surged forward. “Now!” Blackfire commanded Omega. The saiyan boy seemed dumbfounded, but suddenly brightened. Lifting two fingers, the entire ground around the besieged saiyans erupted in debris and fire. The pounding explosion was met with the dying screams of third class saiyans. Finally, the attack halted, and nothing remained.

Omega let out a deep breath and a soft pant escaped his lips. He turned to Blackfire. “How did you know about that technique?” he asked. “I never told you about it. Or at least I don't remember it.”

“You didn't need to,” Blackfire started, but then paused as her scouter started to ring. Placing a hand on the button, she allowed communications to come through.

“Blackfire you're going the wrong way! Return to the palace and go straight behind it, that is where the base is located… Sector 6 .” The voice of a female rang out into the air, sounding panicked. The com link suddenly ended in static before the orphan even had time to reply though. Blackfire shook her head in confusion.

“W-who was that?” Omega stuttered, scratching his head with a gloved hand.

“Damned if I know,” Blackfire grunted with a shrug. “I think we should go check it out though. It would make sense that the revolters would have a leader. He could be there.”

Omega fixed her with an unwavering gaze. “I'm coming with you,” he announced stubbornly. Blackfire glanced at him, opening her mouth to tell him no, but the orphan could not find the right words. Even if they were there, she could not bring herself to speak them. Reluctantly she nodded.

“Alright, but try not to get yourself killed,” she ordered him. The two saiyans blasted off to the sky in unison, twin auras flaring as they made their way towards the coordinates given by the unnamed saiyan.

It didn't take long to find the actual hideout. It wasn't as well hidden as the rebels would have liked to believe Then again though, it was right behind the royal palace, few would think to look there. The multiple guards stationed outside were swiftly dealt with by the saiyan pair. Though Blackfire could sense Broli inside, he seemed to be holding his own to say the least. He'll be fine on his own, Blackfire decided.

Word Count:

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Ki : 127,680,700
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PostSubject: Re: Revolt!   Thu Aug 26, 2010 9:06 pm

Yeah, I had this written up while waiting for approval and completly forgot to put it in here. Stumbled up on it today.

Ti's ready. Its a small one, but still pretty good.
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74,500 zeni

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