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 Sun Stones!

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PostSubject: Sun Stones!   Thu Aug 26, 2010 10:29 pm

The salt water burned Jeice's eyes as he swam around Master Roshi's island. This was his new training exercise, and a very tiring one. Jeice was now on lap number four hundred and two, he had to do one thousand every day. Roshi was just chilling on his chair, sipping a martini and reading his usual magazine.

Jeice finally finished his smimming exercises and walked onto the sandy beach, sand clung to his wet feet as he walked. He walked over to his hammock and grabbed his towel to dry off. He was beat, his whole body was sore from the swimming. He didn't know the purpose of swimming when he could just fly though. After drying off he went to get a bottle of beer, then take a shower.

The warm water felt nice on Jeice's body, the sea water was cold and salt was all over his body. He felt refreshed after the nice shower and put some fresh clothes on. The red alien put on a orange shirt with Roshis symbol on it, and some blue pants. He walked out onto the beach and fell asleep under the warmth of the sun.

Jeice woke up to a mad Roshi, who was complaining about Jeice's phone ringing from some text messages. "Shut up, I'm trying to sleep you old coot!" said Jeice tiredly. He wasn't in the mood for Roshi's whining today he just wanted some rest. Jeice went inside and opened the fridge. He found the last Monster tucked away in the back of the fridge, waiting for someone to open it.

Jeice opened the can and took a big sip, letting it cool down his throat. He was very thirsty and really needed that drink, the energy boost never hurt too. He was now wide awake and alert, ready for the rest of the day. So Jeice finished the Monster and put his scouter on. He was about to go on a adventure, going to some random place in search of somthing to do.

Jeice was now way up high in the mountains, he flew above the snow covered peaks. It was snowing in the high altitude and there was a cold wind. Jeice's scouter said he was near the end of this mountain chain. He went faster, for he was very cold. He wasn't used to this temperature. He was used to Roshi's island, which had a tropical temperature.

Jeice finally left the mountain chain and went lower near the tree line. Now a warm breeze met Jeice's face, a pleasent suprise. The sun was now shining bright, it was now very hot as Jeice flew over a desert. He stoped in mid flight, he suddenly became engulfed in red aura. He now flew much faster, traveling through the desert very quickly.

Jeice was now directly above West City, he flew down and went to shop. He entered a shoe store and bought a new pair of Air Jordans. They were some nice sneakers, but they sure were expensive. Jeice put the red and black sneakers on now, making sure not to crease them as he walked. To make his life easier he hovered, completely preventing a crease in the sneakers.

Jeice was very hungry by this time, he had not eaten since breakfast. It was now four O' clock in the afternoon, almost time for dinner. Jeice entered a nice resteraunt, he was greeted by a waiter. The waiter showed him to his table, and gave him the lunch menu. Jeice looked down the menu and finally found some meat, a sirloin steak. Jeice looked on the beverages menu and found, once again no Monster. So he settled for a shot of Johnny Walker Blue, great hard liquer.

"May I take your order sir?" asked the waiter politely. "I'll have the sirloin, medium rare and a shot of Johnny Walker Blue." responded Jeice. The liquer was served immedeatly, Jeice took a small sip. It was ok, he should have gotten a martini. Not too long after Jeice's meal was served along with a fork and steak knife. Jeice scoffed down the meal and finished the shot of liquer in one sip. The liquer had no effect watsoever on him, at least he was full.

Jeice's bill was on the table, the waiter waited for Jeice to take some money out. "Well, put it on my tab." said Jeice. "Sir, you don't have a tab." replied the waiter. "Well, I have one now. Just remember I owe you one, I will pay you back eventully. Maybe." said Jeice as he got up from his chair. The waiter pulled out a walkie talkie. "Don't try and call security, it doesn't work." said Jeice while forming a energy ball. The waiter put down the walkie talkie.

Jeice got a free meal, from a nice resteraunt too. Jeice walked through the streets of West City, looking for somthing to do. Then he stoped to look at a huge poster, it red ink it read:

Strong Warrior needed for Experiment
Talk to Dr. Hemin for more info, base located in mountains near Yagille.

This interested Jeice, he was looking for an adventure anyway. He looked around for a map, he had no clue where Yagille was. He searched for four hours, untill he remembered his scouter. It had a map built into it, Jeice forgot about that.

Jeice looked in his scouter and looked in the map, Yagille was very far from here. A four day trip by air, and a seven day trip by foot. It was a small town in the mountains, it was near the biggest waterfall on Earth. There could be some sight seeing at lease if this offer was fake.

Jeice took off, he decided to go by air. It was easier to fly, no traffic and foot cramps. Jeice took off and soon got bored after five minutes, he had a very little attention span today. He listened to his ipod to occupy him while he flew. He was listening to his favorite band, it was called Disturbed.

Jeice soon got hungry and opened his backpack and found a cookie. Jeice took it out of the bag and quickly ate it. Not very filling but it helped. Jeice's body became engulfed in his aura as he sped up. He was now at his top speed, going extremely fast. Jeice was hoping to get there soon.

Jeice was passing over a small town called Mepo, he looked down and saw many small houses. He flew down, looking for a place to spend the night. It was already sunset and Jeice had a long day. He walked around and knocked on doors untill a nice old couple invited him into their house.

The couple fed Jeice a hearty stew, Jeice enjoyed him self there. After dinner they played a game of cards. Jeice lost, the old man was quite good at the game. The couple showed Jeice a bedroom that was for him to sleep in. Jeice walked into the little room and went to sleep instantly. He awoke the next day and thanked the old couple for sharing their home.

Jeice flew off and soon arrived at the town of Yagille, it was big for a town. In the center of the town was a huge building, it must be where the doctor was. Jeice walked in and found the labratory was huge. It had tile floors and nicly decorated walls, he spent some zeni on this place. Jeice walked around the place aimlesslly, he just wanted to look around.

A old man appeared infront of Jeice after a few moments. He studied Jeice and came to the conclusion that he was strong. He started to tell Jeice about his plan harness the suns energy in four stones. Jeice understood what the doctor wanted, he also understood the risks. These rocks were no larger than softballs, but they had a lot of potential.

Jeice looked down at the stones and tried to figure out how they get the energy from the sun. He looked at them looking for some special marking or somthing like that. The doctor handed Jeice an energy tracker to find the best mountain peak to absorb the energy. Jeice had to beware the possibility of any dangers these stones might cause.

Jeice looked down at the energy tracker, it was a confusing peice of metal. It had tons of little buttons that could do anything. Jeice looked on the back and he found a instructions manuel taped to it. He read the manuel and found out the basic functions of the machine. Jeice searched the tracker and eventully found the power button, he turned it on and a screen appaered.

Jeice looked at the bright high definition screen, it was beautifly clear. He gazed at the blinking mountain tops. It looked like the bigger the mountain the more energy, but Jeice did not know which mountain top was the right one. Jeice put the tracker in his pocket and flew off to where the mountains were.

Jeice arrived at the foot of the smallest mountain there. He climbed up and when he arrived at the top he took the stones out of his pocket. The stones began to glow and wind swirrled around, a ray of light shone down and hit the stones. Jeice looked up and a hole in the sky was formed, it soon closed up though. This was not the right mountain. The stones returned to normal.

Jeice flew over to the next mountain, it was slightly bigger and much more rocky. It was a jagged and narrow peak so Jeice was extra carefull. He held the stones up in the air, the same thing happened. The wind swirled around Jeice and light flashed on the stones. The rocks glowed a bright yellow this time, then the hole in the sky appeared again. A creature tried to get out of the rip in the sky, but there was not enough energy in this peak. The stones returned to normal and so did everything else.

Jeice knew he was close this time, he had a feeling he was almost there. He went to the next mountain, it was the biggest mountain in the range. The peak was covered in snow, it was at a high altitude. Jeice held up the stones, and somthing different happened. A tornado started to form infront of Jeice, the sky became dark and there was no rip in the sky. There was too much energy this time, the stones began to rumble in Jeice's red hand. They were turning a dark color, Jeice flew off before somthing terrible happened. It wasn't that mountain.

Jeice had a new idea, to charge one stone at a time. He decided it wouldn't hurt him in any way to try. He went back up to the mountain he was just on and only held up one stone. It was glowing a bright yellow and began to shake. A lightning bolt came down and struck it, unleashing a beam of light into the air.

Rocks rose into the air, a lot of energy was being created. Wind swirled again around Jeice, picking up dust and leaves as it swirled. Jeice looked down at the rock, a picture of a sun was begining to form on the front. The picture was getting clearer by the second, there was now a small rip in the sky. Leading to some unknown place, but nothing came out. The rip was too small for anything to fit through.

The wind settled and the sky cleared, the lightning went away and the stone stoped shaking. The first stone was now created, Jeice looked up to the heavens and thanked whoever just created this rock. He was now tired and went down to the town to rest.

The doctor showed Jeice a room with a small bed. There was a window and a light, the ceiling was really low. Jeice had to squat to avoid hitting his head, but he managed to sleep. Jeice woke up, and he looked down. The one sun stone he made was shining brightly. It emited an enormous ammount of energy, it was amazing how a rock could store energy like that.

Jeice picked up the stones and put them in his pocket, he was now very hungry. And the smell of bacon was in the air, along with the noise of eggs being cooked. Jeice walked in the kitchen and took a meal that was already made for him, lying on the table. There was a fork next to it, along with a huge can of Monster. "We did some research on your favorite foods Mr. Jeice, I hope you enjoy it." said the cook. Jeice ate with a pleased look on his face, he was being served breakfast too. Not a bad deal here.

Jeice scoffed down his breakfast, it was delecious. Jeice was full and ready to make the other sun stones. He looked around to see what was going on in the labratory. There wasn't much today, just a few guys playing with some test tubes. Jeice ran out the door and flew off towards the mountains. He took out the energy tracker to find another mountain with energy in it.

Jeice looked down at the energy tracker, the next mountain was north of here. Jeice looked up and saw a flock of birds flying across the sky, bringing a breif darkness. Then when the sky cleared Jeice saw the small rip in the sky from before. It hasn't grown, nor has it shrunk. It was tearing away at this dimension, weird.

Jeice tried to blast the hole shut. "Kaaaameeeeeehaaaaaameeeeeehaaaaaaaa!" screamed Jeice while unleashing a huge blue ki wave at the hole. It went at great speed, when it hit the hole it just got sucked in. Jeice heard a feint scream from inside the hole, and it got a little smaller for a second. Then it regenerated, regaining its full size.

Jeice didn't notice the reappearing of the hole and flew off towards the mountain. It was a big mountain and it was not rocky at all. It was covered by a forest, it was lush and full of life. Jeice saw a mountain lion jump a bear as he flew, that lion was one tough cat. Jeice reached the top and gazed out over the town. It was a beautiful view, Jeice just looked. He was absorbed by the peacefull moment, a rare thing for Jeice.

Jeice's pockets shook as the next sun stone was ready to be made. This awoke him from his daydream and he was now alert again. He took out the stone, it was glowing like the last one. This time no wind came, but it started to rain. The sun was out but it was a downpour. Impossible. Jeice looked up and a thin beam of light energy sped into the rock. It glowed, it was now unbearably hot. Jeice threw it in the air above him and the rock unleashed all the excess energy, sending it across the mid-day sky. A new sun stone was created.

As the new sun stone fell down to Jeice's hands the rip in the sky grew ten fold. Then a weird zombie like creature jumped onto Jeice's back, followed by a few more. Jeice power flew and the fell off, but they got up fast. Jeice checked his scouter and they had a power level of one thousand each. The problem was that there was five of them, Jeice had to actully try. He started to power up and his aura grew, higher and higher the red arua went. Jeice reached his full power and charged at the monsters.

They were quick, not as fast as Jeice though. They all jumped into the air and flew next to eachother. They formed a circle and started to form small ki balls. Jeice speed teleported infront of them and shot a mouth blast at one of them, knocking that one to the ground. Then Jeice shot an eye beam at another hitting it square in the neck, killing it right there. Jeice now flew backwards and fired an energy dan, the multiple ki waves hitting all of the monsters.

The creatures fell to the ground and only one of them survived. The one hit by the mouth blast still had some spare energy, it jumped and grabed Jeice's hair. Jeice loved his long white hair, and nobody but him could touch it. Jeice put his arms behind him and grabbed the gruesome creature. It was a fiesty guy and flailed at Jeice, slapping across the face.

Now Jeice was extreemely pissed off at the creature. He went beserk and flew above the creature, to come down with both hands together. Jeice sent the monster flying down to the forest below with a hammerblow. The monster died when it hit the floor, its skin shriveled up and discentegrated. What a discusting creature, it didn't deserve to walk a beautifull planet like Earth.

Jeice looked to the left and saw the massive hole in the sky, Jeice had to destroy it somehow. Jeice looked at the new sun stone in his pocket, how could a little stone cause so much trouble? That was a question Jeice had no answer too, nor did anyone else.

Jeice walked down the mountain and saw a little boy passed out on the ground. He was pale and barely had a pulse. He was in a state of shock, somthing happened to him. Jeice thought the kid saw what Jeice did at the top of the mountain, that would scare most people. Jeice picked up and boy and flew to the town in search of a doctor.

Jeice found the home of the doctor, it smelled like a hospital. It was a very sterile and neat house, and very large. The doctor was sitting by the fire on a plastic covered couch. Thats a little extreeme even for a doctor. Jeice tapped the doctor on the shoulder and asked if he could help. This guy must have been high at the time, he had a look in his eyes like he was baked like a chip. Jeice turned around and looked for the wife, who was in the kitchen making some stew.

Jeice walked across the hardwood floor and into the kitchen, it smelled good. Jeice asked the lady if she could help the kid out. She nodded and went into the cabenit and started to move things around. She grabbed this little contained of a white powder thing, she removed the red lid. Then she stuck his finger in the container and rubbed the stuff around the kids nose, his nose twitched and he sneezed. He woke up and was fine.

The kid thanked the old lady and Jeice for saving him, the lady asked if Jeice and the kid wanted some stew. Jeice and the kid gladly accepted and chowed down on the hearty meal, he enjoyed the meal so much he completely forgot about the sun stones. He thanked the lady and walked out of the house to show Dr. Hemin the new stone. He was 2/3 of the way done and soon he would be done.

Jeice walked into the labratory and looked around for the doctor. He found the doctor playing with a test tube and Jeice approached him. Jeice took the stone out of his pocket and showed it off. "Wow, I didn't expect you to make it so quickly. I am impressed Jeice, take a break for today though. You have done enough for today and you deserve some rest." said Dr. Hemin. Jeice walked into his bedroom and turned off the light. He instantly went to sleep ready for the next day.

Jeice woke up to the smell of breakfast again, a pleasent smell. Breakfast was the one time a day Jeice could relax and go slow. Nothing to worry about since its early in the day, and nobody expects him to run around when he just woke up. Jeice walked down the hallway into the kitchen and found the cook making his plate.

Jeice walked up to the table and sat down in the chair and yawned, he was only half awake. His eyes were barely open, just enough to see. The red alien looked down and saw his plate covered in eggs and bacon, Yum thought Jeice as his mouth watered. He took his fork and began to chow down on the meal, and washed it down with a Coke. Apparently the place ran out of Monster, but Jeice liked Coke too.

Jeice finished off the last sip and walked back into his room to get the sun stones. The two made sun stones glowed and let off tons of light. They lit up the room completely, emmiting lots of energy. They could light the whole labratory if all three were made. Jeice pondered what the doctor wanted these stones for, some evil plot. Or it could be a great unlimited energy source to power the whole world, what ever it was for Jeice didn't really care aslong as it didn't hurt him or children.

Jeice grabbed the stones and ran out the door, he looked at the energy tracker to find the next mountain. He flew off towards the mountain the tracker pointed too, hoping to make the next sun stone. Jeice arrived at the top of the mountain and reached in his pocket. The last stone was already shaking in his pocket. He held it up and it started to burn. Weird, it was burning this time. The stone was instantly filled with energy and the fire went out.

The new stone made the rip in the sky enormous, it was unbelievably big. This could be a problem. Somthing began to stick its hand out of it. "Ohhh God, thats not good." said Jeice while looking at the hand.

The hand reaching out of the rip in the sky was now pulling itself up. The head of the creature was now visable and it was not a pretty sight. It had a disfigured face and seven eyes, with no mouth. The creature looked at Jeice and hopped out of the hole, it landed infront of Jeice. It jumped at Jeice, trying to claw his eyes out.

Jeice jumped out of the way and checked his scouter for its power level. The green screen read a power level of 2,000. Not too strong but it would put up a good fight. Jeice turned his back on the creature and bent over low, putting his head between his thighs. He smiled and opened his mouth, a red ball of ki started to form in his mouth. Jeice unleashed a mouth blast at the creature and laughed as it went flying into the next mountain.

The creature was burried in rubble, it struggled to get out. After ten seconds of flailing its arms around it freed up from the rocks. It jumped at Jeice, thinking it could fly. To its misery it fell to the base of the mountain and discentegrated. Now it was dead, what a stupid creature.

Jeice looked back up at the black hole and saw two more hands reaching out. Jeice checked his scouter and their power level was equal to his alltogether. This could be a problem for Jeice. He powered up and prepared for an attack. The creatures both jumped out and landed below Jeice. Apparently they couldn't fly either. Jeice now had an advantage.

Jeice used Shiyoken to even the odds with four arms. He flew at the first monster and punched it in the face four times. Then gave it a roundhouse kick, "I am Chuck Norris!" yelled Jeice after the kick. The creature was knocked to the ground while the other rushed at Jeice. Jeice grabbed its neck with one arm and beat it to a pulp with the other three. He then threw that one near where the other one was. They weren't that tough, they were also very stupid.

Jeice looked down at the two creatures, one of them was moving a bit while the other one was dicintegrating to ash. Jeice turned around to look at the rip in the sky and nothing was coming out of it. Maybe more creatures only came out when the previous one were defeated, Jeice thought. He then felt a sharp jolt of pain in his back. He turned his head and found the creature that was moving before. It had regained enough strength to attack Jeice again.

Jeice thrashed about, the creature had a tight grip on Jeice. He power flew, trying to get the thing off his back. It wouldn't move. Jeice stoped flying and powered up, his aura engulfing him. The creature was barely hanging on now, holding on with one hand. Now was Jeice's chance, he flew and the creature fell off. In a desperate appempt to stop falling the creature flailed its arms and legs around.

Jeice's jaw dropped when the creature was there floating, it learned to fly in minutes. It took Jeice a whole week to learn to fly, it took some dumb monster about ten minutes though. Jeice was now P'od, he flew at the monster again with a fist held in front of him. The monster dodged Jeice's move at the last second with amazing speed. Jeice looked behind him and the monster was forming a ki ball. "Ohh no! Your not gonna hit me with that you little twerp!" yelled Jeice while sticking out his right hand. "Take this!" screamed Jeice while he shot a red power blast at the monster. The monster's eyes opened wide as the energy beam came closer.

Jeice knew the monster couldn't avoid that attack, it was too fast for it. And Jeice was right about that. The blast made a hole in the monsters stomach, leaving it groaning and moaning. It began to dicentagrate like all the others, screeching as it finally died. Jeice couldn't keep on fighting like this forever, he had to think of a way to close up that hole.

A bead of sweat ran down Jeice's forehead as the sun beat down on him. He really had no clue about how to destroy that black hole. He reached into his backpack and took out a Monster. He took a big swig and felt a rush of energy jolt though his veins. He was now energized and could fight untill he found out a way to close up that dimensional rip.

He finished up the can of monster and looked up at the rip, it was now glowing and it started to move violently. It spat out three creatures that were stonger than the other ones. Jeice looked at the green screen of his scouter and it read that they each had a power level of five thousand. Thats barely lower than Jeice's own power level.

Jeice powered up and stuck out both of his hands. They were glowing red as he powered up. He stared down at the creatures that were standing there clueless. Jeice started to fire a barrage of red ki attacks at his three enemies. He kept on firing that energy dan untill it looked like they were all beaten. Jeice looked down and saw only two of them unconcious. He looked behind him and saw the other charging up a energy wave at Jeice.

Jeice was taken by suprise and was frozen. He was too astonished to move. The ki wave hit him directly, knocking him back near the mountain. Jeice got up and stared at the creature which was laughing maniacly. Jeice's eyes bagan to glow and he opened his mouth. He stuck out one of his hands and began to form energy. His eyes unleashed a eye beam aiming for the head of the creature. At the same time Jeice unleashed a red mouth blast and a red energy wave aiming for the creature. Jeice wasn't in the mood anymore to tollerate this.

The creature tried to move but it was too late. It was hit by all the blasts, sending it rocketing down to the ground. It hit the ground and went though the dirt floor. It made a imprint in the ground in the shape of the creature, it lay there helpless against anything else. Jeice looked down at what he did, he was really mad. He never knew that he could do that.

Jeice had some time and tried to figure out a way to close up that dimensional rip. He flew up to it and stared into it. It was creepy, just a swirling pit of darkness. Who knows where it leads too, it could lead straight to Hell. Jeice stuck his hand through and he pulled it out quickly. Somthing bit his hand.

Jeice looked down at his bleeding hand. It was now swollen and covered in blood. The blood just gushed down his hand and dripped down hundreds of feet to the ground. Jeice took a towel from his bag and tied it across where his hand was bleeding to soak up the blood. Jeice took one of the Sun Stones out of his pocket and stared at it. Hoping it would give him some kind of clue on how to close up the dimensional rip.

All the staring just bored Jeice, it did nothing whatsoever. The stone just glowed and glowed. It still emitted energy and was slowly releasing a little each time it glowed. Jeice now had an idea, the sun stones were made of light energy. So maybe putting one of the stones in the black hole would close it up a little bit. It was Jeice's only idea, it had to work.

Jeice reached out into the dimensoinal rip and put his arm through. He had the sun stone in is hand, and his hand wasn't being bitten. The hole began to glow a bright yellow-orange and flashed. It lit up the whole evening sky, like one big picture. After a few seconds the light vanished and went into the rip in the sky. Making it considerably smaller.

Jeice took looked at his hand, the sun stone changed. It was not as bright and had more energy. Amazing how it gained energy from the rip. Jeice took out the other two stones and held one in each hand. He stuch them into the now small rip in the sky. There was another flash the filled the sky once more. But it lasted longer this time. The light cleared and somthing amazing happened.

The dimensional rip was completely gone! Jeice had finished what the doctor wanted Jeice to do. Jeice now headed back to the lab to confirm that he was done. The doctor greeted Jeice with a Monster in his hand. "Here have this," said the doctor. "Doc, I'm done! Look at these things!"

The doctor took the stones and stared at them in amazment. "Remarkable! Great job Jeice! I got a little something for you now." The doctor reached into a box and pulled out a orange cloak. This will help you train, it is full of energy like the sun stones. I don't need it so you can have it." said the doctor.

Jeice looked down at the orange cloak that was now his. It did hold a tremendous ammount of energy simmilar to the stones. Jeice put it on and he liked how comfortable it was. Jeice ran out the door, he had to tell Roshi about this thing.

Word Count: 5349
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Sun Stones!
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