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 A date with destiny (COMPLETE)

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PostSubject: A date with destiny (COMPLETE)   Fri Aug 27, 2010 5:13 am

Vegeta-Sei seemed quiet after the attack from the ruthless Avalonians. After the citizens thawed out and got on to their regular, orderly lives, any stranger not in knowledge of the attempted take over would never know what happened. Things were peaceful once again. Schedules were returned to normal. Even King Vegeta seemed to be getting over his little frantic and constant fear of sabotage from within his own inner guard. The king of saiyans had finally released Blacfire from her patrol duties which the teen happily welcomed.

Now the purple eyed saiyan was in fierce training in the highest gravity that she could manage without collapsing from the extreme strain that her body was constantly under. The gravity chambers, though not as high callaber of technology as the avalonians could muster, were extremely welcomed amongst the saiyans as a very great jump in technology. King Vegeta had not summoned the girl for several weeks and even halted training her personally. Privately, the teen was glad for the break, but another part of the orphan was worried that she had somehow lost favor with the pridefull king.

Blackfire shook the thought away quickly though as her fists pumped in the air with stunning speed even though her current weight was more than the entire royal palace that held the gravatrons. She had done nothing but serve the king loyally and even risked her life to save Vegeta-Sei. It was only a matter of time before King Vegeta called on her services once again, wasn't it? She would train, and she would wait.

And wait Blackfire would.

The saiyan teen stopped training and reached over to the control panel, slapping her palm against the red button. Instantly the gravity returned to normal and Blackfire almost lifted upward as her weight returned to normal. The exit door slid open with a hiss and she left the chamber, taking a towel from the rack as she left, wiping the massive amount of sweat that covered her face. The reek of it covered her body, causing the teen to wrinkle her nose in disgust. She needed a shower badly.

The heated water washed over Blackfire as she looked upward to the nozzle of the shower, beating her body with the never ending cascade of water. Steam billowed everywhere, condensing against the mirrors causing them to become misty until one could not even see their reflection. With a sigh, the saiyan teen turned off the shower and the water trickled down into a small dribble before dying completely, the last of the water dripping off of Blackfire's naked body. She stepped out, and padded to the closet, taking out a single dry towel and wrapping it around her body.

The teen was so lost in thought now and days, everything seemed to pass her like a blur, her brain overflowing with confusion from her newest revelations on her past. However, Blackfire forced herself not to pursue finding out who this Tarnaris character was. Though the orphan was certain that he was her father, the fear deep within her prevented her from actually pinning the elusive saiyan down. The fear of rejection. What if he didn't want her? What if he denied her? It weighed heavily on her mind.

Beep! Beep! Beep!

Frowning, Blackfire looked up at her scouter as it vibrated violently on her counter. The teen reached down and strapped it to her ear before clicking the button on the side, allowing incoming transmissions. “Hello?”

“Blackfire!” Omega's voice sounded relieved. “I haven't seen you in a week! I heard King Vegeta has put you on ice. Is everything alright?”

“You heard wrong,” Blackfire growled, her stomach lurching at the thought. Was the third class saiyan right? Had she really done something to piss off the king of saiyans?

“Blackfire?” The purple eyed saiyan turned her attention back as her companion's voice reached her ears once again. She realized that he had been calling her for several seconds. “Blackfire, are you there?”

“Y-yeah,” the teen replied shakily. “I'm here.”

Omega seemed to sense that something was wrong, and though there was silence for several seconds, the siayan orphan could almost hear the boy's brain working, thought it hardly compared to Blackfire's own, swarming like a bee hive.

“Umm,” Omega seemed uncharacteristically uncertain of himself, causing Blackfire to raise an eyebrow. Finally he seemed to find his wits and his voice rang out more clearly than before. “Would you like to get something to eat today? I know this place on the ocean's beach that has some great burgers!”

The ground seemed to lurch underneath Blackfire and she remained silent. Though she was not fully there in the sense, anybody with an ounce of brains could see that Omega had just asked her out. And Blackfire did not have time for such things. So why can't I say no? The teen orphan gritted her teeth and struggled with her feelings witch seemed to well up from inside of her like a well ready to overflow. Surely the life of a saiyan didn't have to always include battles and training. Couldn't she be a normal girl as well sometimes?

“Fine,” the saiyan teen submitted, biting back a spurt of laughter as she could hear Omega's sigh of relief on the other end of communications. “I know what place you're talking about. I'll be there in an hour. Be there.” Without waiting for a reply, she lifted her finger from the button on the side of her scouter, ending the link between the two saiyans. Dropping the towel, Blackfire peeked into her closet. Though most of her wardrobe consisted of battle gear and standard saiyan armor, she did have some regular clothes in there stashed away. Finally she found what she was looking for: a jewel incrusted neck piece, lilac shirt that allowed her abdomen to show with two half gloves that allowed the palms and fingers of her hand see light. A gem encrusted both gloves on the backside. Long black boots were put on soon after. Finally, a skirt of sorts that wasn't revealing. She wasn't a slut.

She stared at herself in the mirror for several moments, realizing that she had a totally different look to her when she wasn't in her normal garb. The teen almost looked soft. Exiting her house, Blackfire made a mental note to not wear her civilian clothes for a while after this night. It made her too self-conscious for her liking.

The night's cool wind tugged at Blackfire's long hair as she waited outside the restaurant that she agreed to meet Omega at. The sky was clear and countless stars pierced the atmosphere, illuminating the planet in a soft glow. There was no moon on Vegeta-Sei, and understandably so. If every single saiyan on the planet, man or child transformed every time there was a full moon, the effects could and probably would be disastrous.

Another breeze picked up, causing Komand'r's skin to prickle with goosebumps. The frail teen let out a shiver and wrapped her arms around her body, and rubbed herself vigorously, trying to get some warmth into herself. She could here the idle chatter of other saiyans around her as they gathered around the wooden building. Once again, Blackfire's eyes darted around, trying to pierce the throng and pinpoint Omega. However, she could not see the saiyan boy anywhere.

Several minutes passed and the crowd thinned out as more of the saiyans went inside to eat. Just as Blackfire was about to give up and fly back home, the sound of boots landing on the ground behind the teen orphan startled her. Komand'r turned around and locked her gaze on the friendly Omega.

“Hey!” he puffed cheerfully, seemingly unaffected by the slight chill in the air. “Glad you could show up!” His eyes were bright and his cheeks were rosy. Blackfire only hoped that it was because of the cold, not something else.

“Yeah,” Blackfire trailed off, unsure of what to say now that Omega was here. Shifting uncomfortably from foot to foot, she could feel tension in the air, crackling like lightning as the silence stretched out for what seemed like a week. Another gust of wind buffeted the poor girl, causing her eyes to squint and yet another shiver grip her frail body.

Komand'r was relieved when Omega finally waved a hand towards the restaurant. “Shall we go inside?”

It was much warmer inside than it was outside, and after the barrier of uncertainty had been broken down, the teen found herself enjoying Omega's company. The time passed quickly while the saiyans ate and talked. That was one thing that held true for all saiyans though. Their stomachs were basically bottomless pits. As long as the food kept coming, there was almost limit to what one could eat. Finally, Blackfire sat back in her chair. She was stuffed. Omega looked the same. No more words were spoken. The night was drawing to an end, and Blackfire wanted to get to bed so she could start an early morning mission.

However, unknown by Blackfire, Omega and her were not the only ones at the table. A tiny spider like creature, the size of a pin's head was climbing up Blackfire's arm until it made its way under her shirt, biting down hard on her shoulder. The saiyan teen let out a yelp and leaped up from the table, smacking at her shoulder. Omega's eyes went wide as he stood up.

“Blackfire, what's wrong?” he asked , looking all around as if he dared any of the dining saiyans to say anything about Blackfire's sudden outburst. The orphan said nothing though, only bending down to inspect the spider that fell off of her shoulder onto the ground. It was dead, but not from Blackfire smacking it. Something was wrong though. Though Komand'r had felt fine only moments ago, something inside of her seemed to be changing. A sudden wooziness slammed over the teen like a wave, and she crumpled down to the ground, her breathing becoming shallow.

Omega was at her side instantly. “Blackfire!” He called out urgently. “Blackfire! Somebody get help!” he screamed to the other patrons who were only watching with wide eyes at the scene unfolding before them. “Get help!” Omega screamed again.

POV of Omega

Omega looked up as footsteps approached, saiyan boots clicking on the stone hall. The boy's eyes were haunted as he tilted his head up. A saiyan in a white robe looked down at him with a frown crossing face. Omega opened his mouth as he struggled to find his voice. It seemed like ages since he used it last. Blackfire had been stuck in the medical bay for over a week now. Omega hardly even did anything besides wait. And wait. And wait. Ribs pushed against his chest. He had hardly eaten. Every thing he tried to devour only came right back up. The saiyan was literally sick with worry.

“Well?” he managed to croak out, it felt like cobwebs lined his throat, and he let out a dry cough. The boy looked gaunt and pale. The doctor's eyes flashed with sympathy.

“There is no change yet,” he admitted to the saiyan boy. “She still is in a deep coma. We've never seen anything like it. All of her vitals are normal except her brain waves. Usually, when a saiyan is in a coma, the brain waves slow down, but with Blackfire, they have almost doubled. I tried giving her tranquilizers, but we almost lost her then. I had to give her a shot of adrenaline to bring her back.” The saiyan shook his head in defeat. “I don't think there is anything else I can do for her Omega.”

NO! That was the last thing that Omega wanted to hear. Suddenly, strength flooded his limbs and he leaped up, grabbing the doctor roughly by the front of his robe. “Don't say that!” he roared in fury, tears starting to form at the corners of his eyes. “You can't give up on her! There has to be something you haven't tried yet! Anything!” His strength left his body, and the boy stumbled back down to the bench, shivering.

The doctor didn't seem angry. He only smothed out his robe and sat down next to the broken Omega. “I'm so sorry Omega. I understand your grief. And I also know that you care for her more than just a friendship.” Omega looked up in surprise. It never occurred to him that he liked Blackfire more than he admitted. Do I actually.... Maybe. The doctor swept on though. “But perhaps it was never meant to be. We have done everything. I have to shut off the machines keeping her alive.”

“No,” Omega's voice came out in an agonized whisper. “Please. Please don't.”

“It was King Vegeta's orders,” the doctor told the grief stricken teen gently. “I would keep her on for you, but I am bound to his orders.”

“Can I at least sit with her for a bit?” Omega asked, his eyes pleading as he gazed up at the saiyan. To his relief, the saiyan's eyes softened.

“I will keep her on for one more night, you may stay with her until I close the medical bay.”

Blackfire almost looked innocent as she slept. A single hanging light bathed her unmoving body in a soft glow. Her long black hair was splayed out around her head, some of it hanging off the edge of the table. Hardly daring to breathe, Omega sat down on a nearby stool and studied the teen girl. Only the faint rise and fall of her chest showed that she was still alive. He reached forward with a gloved hand and touched her hand, before gripping it loosely.

“Please come back,” Omega whispered, trying not to let his voice waver. “You can fight and hold your own against monsters twice your power. You can't let this beat you. You just can't!” He wasn't sure if the saiyan orphan could even here his voice while in the coma that showed no signs of letting the teen loose. But every fiber of his being longed for it to be so. A tear trickled down his cheek as he berated himself for not confessing his feelings for the girl to himself. Or to her.

“Come back,” he once again whispered, as if sheer willpower would awaken the teen. He gasped as he felt her hand tighten, but when he glanced down, the boy saw that nothing had stirred. It was only his imagination. A hand landed on Omega's shoulder and he looked over to see the doctor with a grim look on his face. “It's time,” he said simply. “I'm closing down, you will have to leave.”

Omega took in a sharp intake of breath. “Are you going to-” His voice shook as he couldn't even put his fear into words. The doctor shook his head.

“I'm going to keep her alive overnight. She can have one final chance.” Omega's heart skipped a beat and he stood up from the stool.

“Can I come in tomorrow morning then?” He asked hopefully. But to his dismay, the doctor shook his head.

“I'm turning off the machines pretty early in the morning. And you are a wreck. Get some sleep.”

Omega turned his head away with a sigh. “How can I sleep?” he muttered irritably and cast one final glance at Blackfire. He wanted to say goodbye so bad. But what could he do? Reaching forward, Omega brushed Blackfire's hair away from her forehead and gently placed his lips to it.

“Have faith Omega,” the doctor placed a hand on his shoulder when he stood back up and guided the broken saiyan to the door. “Anything can still happen.”

Anything can still happen.

As hopeless as the current situation seemed, Omega hung onto the doctor's words like cellophane. The door clicked behind him and the boy turned to see the saiyan giving him a nod and walking down the darkened corridor, his figure seemingly vanishing as the darkness enveloped him.

Omega stood still for a moment before turning around and heading the opposite way towards the exit of the royal chambers. His shoulders sagged and he almost tripped over his own feet several times. As he exited, the cold night air washed over his body, as if an omen. The boy shivered and started to lift up to the air to go home. However a voice hissed out in the darkness.

“Komand'r! We need to speak to you!” Landing lightly back to the ground, the saiyan turned around to see two figures that tore themselves from the darkness. They were not saiyans, the blue skin and hooves gave that away. One was male, and the other was female. Both of the aliens had blades strapped to their sides, made out of a strange blue metal that crackled with electricity. It looked almost deadly in itself if it were not for the fact that power radiated off of them like an aura.

Omega instinctively brought his guard up. “I don't know who this Komand'r is,” he replied slowly, shifting to a lighter stance so he could dash away if the aliens showed any signs of hostility. Both hooved creatures exchanged a glance as if they were not sure what to do.

“Are you sure you wish to take this route, Komand'r? We wish to exchange words, not fists,” the female creature said, placing a hand on the hilt of her blade. All of the crap that Omega had been through the entire week seemed to suddenly pile up on him, and the air crackled ominously like lightning in a heavy storm.

“I don't have time for this!” Omega roared, surging forward. His fist lashed out at the male alien, but to his dismay, his attack went right through the alien. A sharp pain could be felt on the back of his neck, and Omega fell to the ground, unconscious.

A bright light pierced Omega's closed eyes and he stirred, letting out a low groan. His neck hurt, but when he tried to lift a hand to rub it, the saiyan found that he couldn't move it. Actually, he couldn't move any part of his body. He was strapped down tight. A single light above him swung in an arc, casting a harsh light in his eyes. He could feel a presence of somebody in the room and Omega craned his neck to see two shadows standing nearby.

“You're awake,” a voice rang out and Omega recognized the voice of his female assailant. He let out an angry growl in response and struggled vainly aginst his binds. “Easy,” she warned, placing her palm near his face. I am sorry that our meeting had to turn out this way, there was a slight mix up. You attacked my comrade, so I had to defend him. But now that you are here, Komand'r, we need to talk.”

“I told you that I'm not Komand'r, my name is Omega!” he snapped at them hotly. The hooved alien seemed to visibly recoil and backed up, shaking her head.

“Oh no..” she murmured to herself and grabbed the male's arm with a hand. “We're too late!”

Omega stopped fighting and turned a puzzled gaze towards the blue skinned creature. “Too late for what?”

But the male gave an agonizing look towards his companion, not even acknowledging Omega's question. “We can't be!”

The female shook her head helplessly. “If Komand'r is already in her awakening slumber, than there is nothing we can do.”

“Will you stop talking like I'm not here!” Omega roared out and both aliens looked at the strapped down saiyan.

“Perhaps he can though,” the male grunted, pointing a blue finger towards him. The female seemed to brighten.

“Yes,” she said happily, “Untie him so I can tell him what is going on.”

The male alien padded forward and hovered his giant hand over the straps that held Omega down on the bench. “We mean you no harm young one. You must trust us.” Without waiting for a response, he waved his hands and the straps broke instantly. Omega didn't get up right away until the male alien retreated back with his companion. His face looked like it was chiseled out of stone, no emotion could be seen on him.

The saiyan boy slowly got up and rubbed his wrists. “Now are you going to tell me what's going on?” he asked evenly, wary of making his captors angry.

“This is in regards to Komand'r. Do you know the saiyan by that name?”

“No,” Omega replied, eyes wide. “Why would I?”

“Because she is the one in the coma,” the female alien replied gently, her voice almost sing song.

“Blackfire?” Omega asked, mystified. “Why are you calling her Komand'r?”

The pair of aliens exchanged yet another look. The male shrugged his massive shoulders. “Our Intel said that she would be going by another name,” he told his companion.

“Another name?”

“Yes,” the female replied, fixing Omega with a unwavering gaze. “Blackfire is not her real name. Her real name is Komand'r” The ground seemed to lurch from under Omega at this. All this time, and he had no idea of Blackfire's secret. “Now to tell you why we are here,” the female swept on. Omega shivered at the intensity of her voice. It felt like he was about to jump in a large chasm. Suddenly, the saiyan boy wasn't sure that he wanted to hear what this alien pair were about to say.

But Omega knew deep down in his heart that something was about to change. “Go on then.”

The female paused hesitently and glanced once again at her companion, who nodded at her slowly. Seeming to draw strength from his gaze, she took a step forward, clasping her hands together and letting them swing down to her waist.

“As you know, Blackfire is in a coma, yet her brainwaves do not show the signs of a coma. My name is Fanrin and my companion's is Lantrok. We are from a different galaxy. I believe you could call us bounty hunters. A scientist from our planet has a bounty on his head. We were sent to destroy him, yet he has evaded our grasp several times now, it is rather frustrating.”

“Wait,” Omega protested, interrupting Fanrin. “What has this got to do with Blackfire though?”

“Easy young saiyan,” Fanrin said soothingly. “All will be revealed in good time.” Omega sat back down with a snort, and after a few moments, the female alien continued with her story.

“Right before he dropped off the radar, he developed a deadly chemical. However something went wrong with his experiment and a parasite was born from it as a result. Our target harnessed it and placed it inside a nanobot before sending it across the universe in an attempt to take us off of his trail.”

“And we let it,” Lantrok growled suddenly. Fanrin let out a gasp.

“Of course! We had to! I could never live with myself, letting that thing destroy a planet!”

“What!” Omega exclaimed, leaping up again. “What are you talking about?”

The female alien bowed her head with a heavy sigh. “That nanobot has landed on this planet and infected your friend. That is why she is in a coma.” A bead of sweat dribbled down Omega's face, but he still couldn't wrap his brain around the entire story.

“How is this parasite capable of destroying a planet though?” he sputtered out ungracefully.

Fanrin's voice became quieter. “The parasite that is inside your friend magnifies her brainwaves, tonight will be her last sleep. What she dreams will replace this world by destroying it, then creating a new one from the ashes.”

Omega opened his mouth to protest, but he couldn't find any words to say to the alien's chilling revelation. His mouth closed, then opened, only to close once more. “I know this is a lot to take in,” the alien said gently, reaching out to lay a blue hand on his knee. “But I wouldn't bother telling you if there was not hope.”


“And what am I supposed to do to stop this?” Omega's voice was hardly a whisper. But it suddenly hardened as he fixed Fanrin with a fierce glare. “If you are going to tell me to kill her, then you can forget about it!”

“No, I would never ask you to do that dear child,” she murmured. “However, you are the closest to her right now. Once she creates the new world, which is unavoidable, you will need her to want the old world over a new one. This will cause her to create the new world as an exact reflection of this one. Once the new world is created, the parasite will leave her and find a new host. We will be ready to capture it and extinguish it then.”

“And how do I do that?”

“I am not in power to tell you Omega. Just know that you are far closer to Blackfire than you can ever imagine.”

“That's no answer!” Omega protested. “What am I supposed to do?”

“I cannot tell you. However I can leave you with a clue. Do you know the story of Snow White?”

“Yes, but-”

“That is all Omega. The rest is up to you.” A huge flash brightened the area and when the saiyan boy's vision returned, he was back outside in the cold weather.

“What the hell was that?” Omega muttered to nobody in particular. A wave of exhaustion crashed over his body though and he stumbled home. When he climbed into bed, he half expected worry to keep him up, but his body refused to stay awake, and he fell into a deep slumber.

“Omega! Omega! Wake up!” The saiyan boy groaned as his body was shaken. His eyes opened slowly then flew open with shock as he saw Blackfire over him, worry glittering in her purple eyes. At once, the boy scrambled up to his feet. He was standing on grass. The air about him was freezing, yet when he exhaled, no condensation came out.

“Blackfire? How? You-” But the saiyan orphan never gave him time to finish.

“Where are we?” she asked, sounding uncharacteristicly nervous. Omega spun around to take in his surroundings. The building ahead of them was the saiyan academy. But Blackfire wouldn't know that. She had trained under King Vegeta, completely bypassing the advanced combat school. She padded forward, suddenly letting out a yelp as she crashed into an invisible field. “What?”

“Hang on,” Omega started, but the hot headed teen backed up a pace and a blue orb of ki lit up in the orphan's hand. With a yell, she launched it forward. The entire space in front of the saiyans exploded. Blackfire didn't even flinch, but Omega was forced to bring his arms across his face to stop the stinging debris from hitting him too hard.

When it finally cleared though, Komand'r let out a gasp of mixed shock and outrage. The ground before her was completely devastated, yet the ground on the other side of the barrier was completely unscathed.

Blackfire fell silent and Omega opened his mouth, but she suddenly grabbed him by the wrist, spinning around. “Blackfire?” Omega asked, wrenching his hand free and walking on his own behind her. “What are you doing?”

“I-I don't know,” Komand'r replied nervously, sending chills up and down Omega's spine. The saiyan teen kicked open the door to the academy and padded inside, the darkness seemingly swallowing her whole.

The clicking of Blackfire's boots was the only way that Omega could follow the speedy teen. Up a flight of stairs, across a hallway, back downstairs. Finally, she vanished inside of a room. As Omega entered, he could see the teen looking out the window with a look of shock covering her face. Omega followed her gaze and almost cried out in alarm as thousands upon thousands of Avalonians descended from the sky, blotting out the sky with their masses.

An explosion of energy rocketed from Blackfire. “We need to get out of here!” she roared, surging out the room. Omega turned to follow, but noticed that one of the computers in the room that was previously off had flickered to life, a blue screen radiating the room in a blue glow. Omega crossed the room and looked down at the blank screen. Suddenly, words appeared on the screen.

“Omega. Are you there?” The saiyan boy stared at the screen for a moment before his hands reached down to the keyboard.

“Yes.” Several moments went by until more words appeared.

“A sleeping beauty.” Omega stared at the screen, utter confusion clouding his thoughts. Just as he reached back down to the computer though, the screen died, shutting back down to black.

“Omega! We don't have time!” The saiyan boy looked up to see Blackfire standing in the doorway. She rushed in and grabbed him by the wrist. “Let's go!” It only took a couple of seconds to get out of the saiyan academy thanks to Blackfire's superior speed and when they exited, the first wave of Avalonian's crashed down upon them.

The two saiyans fought furiously for a moment, but when one attacker fell, three more took its place. Finally Blackfire looked up to him, fear showing in her eyes. “We can't fight them!” she gasped. “Run!” Both saiyans dashed away, with the Avalonians at their heels. The saiyan orphan's breath was coming out in gasps.

Wait, Omega suddenly realized. This is all Blackfire's dream! She lives for a challenging fight. It would be like her to put herself up against impossible odds like this. I need to get her mind off of it. But how?

Omega looked behind him. They had put some distance between themselves and their attackers, yet the fish like aliens were hardly giving up.

A sleeping beauty

Omega's was vainly aware of Blackfire's hand still gripping his wrist as they dashed away until she suddenly skidded to a halt, almost causing the saiyan boy to fall flat on his face. “Enough!” Blackfire spat, some fire returning to her eyes. “We make a stand here. I won't be chased off!” Omega glanced at the surging wave of Avalonians with fear filled eyes. As if a revelation, he knew what he had to do. It was now or never.

He reached forward and grabbed Blackfire by the shoulder, turning her around until the two saiyans were face to face.

“What is it?” she asked, her eyes wide.

“I have a fetish for ponytails actually,” he admitted. Wow, nice start Omega!

“W-what?” Blackfire took a step back, but Omega had a firm grip on her shoulders so she couldn't get free. But she didn't exactly struggle either.

“You wore a ponytail for a while back whenever, and it looked so good on you it was criminal!” Omega exclaimed. Blackfire let out an outraged cry.

“Omega! Have you gone insane? What are you talking about?” But she seemed unnerved by the strength of his gaze. Once again, Omega was awestruck by the teen's beauty. Her purple eyes only added to the effect. There was no more time to waste as the Avalonians were bearing down on top of the pair already. Omega leaned in towards Blackfire. In that instant, he could see, for the first time, everything on her face, plain to see. All her emotions, thoughts, insecurities - he'd never felt so close to her before. Omega pressed his lips against hers. To his delight, after a brief hesitation, she returned the kiss.

The saiyan's heart beat faster as the kiss continued and he grasped her shoulder tighter, running a hand through her long hair. His emotions were flaring. All of the times that he never admitted his love for the saiyan girl did not matter anymore. It was all on the table now. Omega could only hope that Blackfire felt the same for him. The saiyan's lips parted as he gently took her lips between his. Omega could feel Blackfire's breath hot on his cheek as she pulled away, leaning her forehead against his.

The whole realm seemed to shift around him. Omega thought he was imagining it, but as he watched, it literally did shift. The entire scene around the saiyans seemed to buckle and contort, finally vanishing altogether, shifting into a black darkness until he could no longer even feel Blackfire's body against his.

His eyes flew open at the dawn light peeking into his bedroom through the windows. He lay there for a moment, unsure of what to do. “You've gotta be kidding me,” he muttered to nobody. “This whole thing was a dream?”

He quickly got dressed and flew back towards the medical bay. When he got there, he saw the doctor exiting the room. “Oh, Omega! I'm glad you are here!” the saiyan exclaimed.

“Blackfire!” Omega yelled. “Where is she!”

“That's exactly why I wanted to see you Omega! When I came in this morning, the girl had woke up from her coma!” Relief crashed down on Omega, and he staggered backwards into the wall, leaning up against it for support.

“Where is she?” he asked, peering behind the saiyan doctor.

“Well once she was steady, I sent her off. Last I heard, King Vegeta sent her out on a mission.” That was all Omega needed to hear. It only took a couple of minutes for him to make it to the liftoff bay. One saiyan warship was there. But as he stepped forward, a hand grabbed him and spun the saiyan boy around. The two blue aliens were standing before him.

The female stepped forward. “You did it Omega. I cannot thank you enough. Now that the parasite is destroyed, your world is safe.” She paused for a moment before looking down at her blade. She wrapped a hand around its hilt and unsheathed it. Omega took in a sharp intake of breath. It was truly an impressive weapon. “Give this to Blackfire.”

Omega searched the female's eyes but only found kindness. He hesitantly took the blue blade from her and as soon as he did, the pair vanished in thin air. With a smile, Omega turned back to the ship that was now humming from the engines warming up. He dashed to it but was stopped by a saiyan guard.

“Hold it kid, you can't go abord, Blackfire is about to lift off.”

“I will only be a moment, I need to give her something.” The guard looked down at him for a moment.

“Very well,” he finally grunted, “But make it quick.” Omega's head spun as he entered the massive war cruiser. Whatever mission Blackfire was sent to do, it must have been important. A sudden thought crossed his mind. Is this really a brand new world? How can I be sure? As Omega stepped into the cockpit though, he was sure. A smile crossed his face. Blackfire had her hair pulled back in a ponytail. She didn't seem to realize his presence though. The teen had her face towards the window, staring outside as if she was deep in thought.

“Yo,” Omega said, coming forward and sitting in a seat near Blackfire's. “How are you feeling?”

“Miserable,” Blackfire complained. “I had a nightmare last night before I woke up, yet I feel like I haven't gotten any sleep. I've never wanted to skip out on a mission any more than now.”

“Really?” Omega asked, unable to keep the amusement out of his voice. Several seconds passed without any comments and he leaned in closer. “Blackfire?”

“What?” she asked, sounding irritated.

“Your hair. It looks good on you.”

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PostSubject: Re: A date with destiny (COMPLETE)   Fri Aug 27, 2010 6:38 am

WOOT, My biggest RP here. Finally done. This one took me a bit longer than the others.

Total WC: 6133

Edit: Whoops, this is supposed to be under Vegeta.
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PostSubject: Re: A date with destiny (COMPLETE)   Fri Aug 27, 2010 11:47 am

it is 450,000 pl and ki already been doubled
225,000 zeni
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PostSubject: Re: A date with destiny (COMPLETE)   

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A date with destiny (COMPLETE)
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