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 A Great Saiyan

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PostSubject: A Great Saiyan   Fri Aug 27, 2010 6:57 am

A saiyan woman yelled in pain, it was the greatest pain in a saiyan woman's life. The pain was childbirth, something all saiyan mothers would eventually go through. Saiyan Women were always classified into two occupations, weaker women would become birth mothers and the stronger would become Planetary Pirates under the employment of the space tyrant Freiza.

A loud scream came out of the birthmother's mouth as a small baby came out. The baby immediately cried and was taken into the ward. Suddenly something unexpected happened another baby was coming out. The woman cried louder than before and let out another identical baby boy. Despite the Freizan medical technology the saiyan mother died after having her children. She died without leaving a name in history.

Freiza maintained a strict population control law on Planet Vegeta, the birth of twin saiyans was a strict violation of Freizan Law. The doctors of the Medical Ward had to terminate the life of the weaker saiyan baby. The lizard like doctor, Gembori picked up an in-depth scouter and picked up the first born baby, " Power level 2.25 on baby one, did you get that Kekem?" stated Gembori. Gembori's subordinate Kekem recorded the first baby's power level and motioned an affirmative.

Gembori picked up the second baby and turned on the scouter. "Power level 2.20 on baby two," said Gembori, " I guess I'll go give baby one to Planthor for further procedures. Kekem will you handle baby two for me?" Kakem looked at Gembori and said, " It's a damn shame we have to kill a baby, damn that Freiza!"

"It's standard Kakem unless you can make Freiza change the law we can't do anything." said Gembori.

Gembori left with the first baby. Kakem picked up the toxic syringe and pricked the baby lightly and the baby began to cry. Kakem dropped the syringe into the disposal and ran off the ward with the baby in his bag.

The baby was lightly injected with the toxin so he was close to dying. Kakem made it to his living quarters and took the saiyan baby out and laid him on the bed. Kakem knew that if the baby healed he would be immune to the harmful effects of any other toxin.

Kakem picked up a scouter and it blipped a power level of 5.5. "Amazing the toxin made him even more powerful than before." said Kekem to himself. In all the events that happened that day it finally hit him that he committed a Freizan crime and the penalty was death. Kekem needed to get the baby out of Vegeta somehow.
Kekem left the baby at home and left to the medical center for work. He was early so he went to go see the saiyan's twin brother.

"Kakorot, his name is Kakorot," said Kekem. Gembori came to Kekem and said, " Kakorot's father is back from Kanassa." Kekem went to the healing center to see Bardock with major injuries.

Both babies looked just like Bardock, but that was the usual look for the lower class. After 8 hours of work Kekem ran home and fed the saiyan all of the milk he had. Kekem left the saiyan again and went to the docks to talk to one of his friends. Kekem talked to the dock manager Lamnek.

" Lamnek I have a problem…." said Kekem.

Kekem told Lamnek everything. "Kekem why do you have to break Freizan laws, I can't just send an unregistered baby to an official planet. " Sir we have a death," said a worker. Lamnek looked at Kekem and motioned him to go get the baby. Kekem ran to his living quarters and grabbed the baby.

Kekem ran to the docks and switched the babies, Lamnek said, "His name will now be Goku the same name of the baby who died, he will be en route to planet Tancoin." Four hours later planet Vegeta was destroyed by Freiza. Goku lands on Planet Tancoin the next day.

Goku had landed in the jungle region of the Green Planet of Tancoin. He was just a baby but the saiyan baby adapts easily to its environment. Exactly ten days after his landing Goku was found by the less primitive race of Tancoin and was immediately fed and clothed. Goku was quite the nuisance and was angering his adoptive family and finally he was thrown out into the wild at age 5. Goku had already learned how to communicate and to adapt by eating and drinking.

Goku spent seven years surviving in the wild; he would go to his spaceship and listen to his commands on the planet. "Goku destroy all intelligent life forms on planet Tancoin.

Goku trained diligently and worked to his limits. Living on the outskirts of the planet Goku studied his planet and what he needed to do. Due to the speaker instructions he was told before he attacked a city he needed to see a full moon. Since Goku didn't get amnesia he had full knowledge of Oozaru and his other saiyan heritage.

Goku had grown to age 14 and knew he needed to fulfill his conquest. Twice a year a full moon would arise and Goku took his opportunity to attack the western capital of Tancoin. Tancoin consisted of five large cities one on each cardinal direction and one in the center. The Oozaru attacked the western city and killed everyone with no obstacle.

Goku retreated after the full moon ended and hid for another six months. The Tancoin people looked everywhere for the monstrous monkey, but Goku stayed in the dark always running. When six months passed Goku attacked the southern capital and completely annihilated everything in his path. The next six months came with increased pursuits and Goku had to engage The Tancoinians many times.

In the next year at age 15 Goku successfully destroyed The Eastern and Northern capitals and the Tancoinians had to act quickly. The Tancoinians sent their best assassin Kalkan, a lizard like being adept in speed and energy attacks with a power level of 350. Goku had been resting when Kalkan had gained knowledge of his whereabouts.

Goku felt a presence coming and awoke quickly. Kalkan said, "So monkey man it's about time to die!" Kalkan quickly used an afterimage attack and hit Goku in the back of the neck. Goku fell and quickly jumped up and launched a generic blast at Kalkan. Kalkin quickly dodged and kicked Goku and launched an energy attack called Kakomaken, a lightning based attack that shocked Goku greatly. Goku fell and his heart stopped beating. Kalkan flew away thinking Goku had died.

Goku’s heart began to beat and crawled to a river to drink water. After a week Goku had healed fully and saw that his strength had doubled (due to the saiyan healing) Goku was angry and he wanted to fight Kalkan again. Goku had begun to attack small villages hoping Kalkan would come again. It worked Kalkan and ten soldiers confronted the saiyan. "So you've come again Kalkan," said Goku.

Kalkan ordered the soldiers to attack. Goku launched ten blasts and killed the soldiers. Kalkan looked amazed and said," So you improved, monkey." Goku jumped and kicked Kalkan in the face. Kalkan fell, but recovered quickly and punched Goku in the torso.

Goku launched a few energy blasts. Kalkan dodged and launched a Kakomaken. Goku was hit directly and fell. Kalkan looked and said," I better finish the job." Goku opened his eyes and launched a large blast in Kalkan's face killing him instantly.

A month had passed since Goku defeated Kalkan and the people of Tancoin were in a panic. The searches for Goku had tripled and the Tancoinians were getting desperate. Goku was watching the moon and saw a red beam hitting the moon. Goku looked and saw a crack growing on the moon and it suddenly exploded. "What the Hell!" yelled Goku. The moon was gone; with no moon it meant no Oozaru. Goku had one more large city to take care of and his hidden power was now gone.

Goku was desperate he had to give it his all to destroy the Center of Tancoin. The Mad Goku had rushed into the Capitol and began to destroy buildings and people. The military rushed and began to blast at Goku. Goku launched hundreds of blasts and killed many. With only his will, Goku had overcame all obstacles and the Central Capitol of Tancoin was decimated. In the two weeks that followed the villages fell at the hands of Goku.

Goku was instructed to destroy all intelligent life on Tancoin. After his mission was fulfilled he was instructed to hit a homing beacon and await further instruction. After another month of waiting alone a spaceship landed and Goku was about to learn how life was under the Freizan Rule.

Some men in identical uniforms picked up Goku and informed him that he was the last few of his race the saiyans. After that Goku was removed of his primitive Tancoinian leather clothes and fitted into Freiza grade uniforms and was taught how to use the scouter. Goku had a power level of 500. Most of the ship crew had powers of 400 and the captain had a power of 700. Goku walked to the bridge of the ship and asked," So how powerful is this Freiza?"

The Captain answered," If all 100 of us on the ship and with your impressive saiyan transformation, Freiza could…." Goku' eyes widened and asked, “What?" The captain opened his mouth and said," He would annihilate us with one finger, his battle power is 530,000." Goku surprised at the power went to rest in the quarters.

The moment Goku had landed he was put in rigorous training, energy concentration exercises, fighting saibamen and dealing with the torturous drill sergeant with a battle power of 2,000. Goku had made two friends in the camp his right hand man Amond with a power of 300 and Diez with a power of 250. They had always stuck it out and lived through the Drill Sergeant, Veuk. In the next year a set of twins named Rezun and Lakesei were enrolled with low powers of 100 each, however they did have impressive abilities.

Two months later a cyborg-like being named Cacar came with a power of 250. Goku had welcomed all of them since in a year it was exam time, the test was to conquer a powerful planet with a five man strike force, the purpose was to emulate the glory of Freiza’s best Corps, the Ginyu force.

Goku with a power or 750, Amond with a power of 550, Diez with a power of 400, Cacar with a power of 450 and the twins Rezun and Lakesei with powers of 250 each posing as one man. The six were set to conquer the Planet Suinsinju, a weak semi-decent planet. The six landed on the planet and immediately begun the massacre. The six easily killed the residents on the planet until they looked to the left and saw a large tree.

They flew to the tree and saw a Suinsinju citizen of with a weird looking piece of fruit. The man had a battle power of 500 and it quickly grew to a power of 800 with one bite. He flew to Goku and kicked him, Goku flew into the trunk. Amond jumped in, however the man easily blocked all the hits. The rest of the men jumped in, but the hits felt like nothing to the man.

Instead of jumping in recklessly Goku flew into an opening and discovered a large amount of fruit, the same fruit that the Suinsinju man had eaten. Goku grabbed a piece and ate all of it, his power grew from 750 to 1,000. Goku ran back just as the man was ready to kill the rest of his men. The man was instantly killed with one punch.

Goku , Amond, Rezun, Lakesei, Diez, and Cacar all ate the fruit. Since the fruit had unstable energy many had rotted, however there was enough fruit to give Goku a power of 2,500, Amond a power of 1,800, Rezun and Lakesei with a power of 1,000, Diez a power of 1,500, and Cacar with a power 1,650. The men now called the Goku Corps saw the tree disintegrate into nothing, but saw a small seed. Goku had picked up the seed and stored it.

In his days on Planet Freiza 69, Goku was looked down upon as an inferior saiyan. Goku was belittled and beaten by the drill sergeant and he opted for Revenge.

The six men renamed themselves The Crusher Goku Corps. All of them now had power levels that rivaled the most powerful officers of the training camp. They all arrived at the planet and were immediately chewed out by the drill sergeant assistant Hjek. Amond shot a blast right into Hjek's heart. After that all five jumped and started destroying everything in sight.

Goku had strayed away from the group and was snuck up by the drill sergeant, Veuk. Goku was kicked on the head and fell. " So monkey, ready to die, I always hated you!" said Veuk. Goku stood up, he knew Veuk was strong. Goku stood up and charged at Veuk and elbowed him on the stomach. Veuk jumped back and punched Goku in his face.

Veuk smiled and said, “You know you can't win, what is your battle power?" The scouter blipped, “W-what 2,500, no way!" Goku executed an attack shaped like a ring and killed Veuk. “If I die now, I'll see you in hell," said Goku as he flew to the main city.

The rest of The Crusher Goku Corps was getting overwhelmed with all the officers and trainees. Goku became a much more intelligent fighter over the years, he knew he would not be able to get out alive unless he used a technique used by his saiyan ancestors. He had been studying old techniques a year ago and discovered how to make a simulated moon.

At this point the five men of Goku had fallen, exhausted from battle. Goku knew it was time to act now; he jumped into the heart of the training center and threw his simulated moon-ball into the sky. The man known as Goku began a monstrous transformation, the One hundred remaining men desperately tried to destroy the transforming ape. The Oozaru returned, and launched an attack called, “Chou Makosen," a series of large blasts that destroyed everything in its path.

Goku awoke in a ravaged city ruins, bewildered he stood up and flew to the underground bunker of the training grounds, there was nobody hiding there, all of the Freizan loyal died. Goku fit himself with a new set of clothes and a new scouter, there were 5 tiny blips on his scouter. The five men were all sent into rejuvenation chambers by Goku.

Now was the time to plan an escape, at this point Freiza was already informed about the attack, Anybody could come to investigate, the Ginyu Force, or even Freiza himself, The underground bunker yielded a circular spaceship enough to fit ten men. The ship was readied and in less than one hour, Amond, Diez, Cacar, Rezun and Lakesei were fully healed and Goku, left ready to execute their next plan.

"What!" yelled a voice that struck fear in many, that man was called Freiza, “My training planet was wiped out!" A small man dressed in Freizan grade uniform, stood as Freiza was finished reading his report via scouter text, the man was scared stiff and his emotion did not change when a small red beam hit his heart, he was just one of the millions who felt the anger of Freiza. Freiza set his eyes on another man next to the one he just killed, "

If you want to live you will check the ship logs of the training planet!' yelled the tyrant as the man quickly ran to the computer. After a few minutes the man came back with reports of the ship the Ravager, leaving the planet 12 hours earlier heading towards a Non-Freizan Planet called Harigon.

Goku, Amond, Cacar, Diez, Rezun and Lakesei landed on the trading planet of Harigon. Goku knew all of the Freizan Empire was after them so in order to combat them all he had to plant the Susinju Tree once again. Goku sent his five men to the country-side to find good soil. When his men left Goku made a deal to trade his Freizan-Grade ship for a lower grade Harigon Class Vessel.

Goku was a smart man he knew the Ravager, was equipped with trackers and he knew within a day the Freizan Military would be in Harigon, he had to Plant the tree, eat the fruit, get stronger and combat the Freizan Military, he only hoped it wasn't the Ginyu Force.

The Five Men of the Crusher Goku Corps found suitable soil to support the Suisinju Tree and threw the seed and guarded it just in case the citizens found it. Harigon was a non-Freizan Trading Planet, so Goku was not getting friendly hospitality from the locals. Goku was able to barter some equipment for Scouter Mods, attachments for scouters so the men can communicate in a separate channel outside of the Freizan Standards. Goku later on flew the new ship to the site of the Suisinju Tree. After 12 hours the tree grew and started sucking up the planet's nutrients. It bore an unripe green colored fruit.

The citizens of Harigon Marched in a militia-grade fighting force to combat the Tree and it's planters. The men were weak however and many died on the way of to the tree, since the conditions worsened on the planet. As soon as the remaining militia approached the tree they were ambushed by the Crusher Goku Corps.

The people of Harigon were massacred. After the battle, the fruit was a deep red color and was fully ripe. The men feasted on the fruit since they were able to eat all the fruit before it rotted the men grew even stronger than the previous time on the Planet Suisinju. Their power levels grew,

Their powers grew substantially and the tree withered away leaving its seed. All that was left was to wait for the Freizan Military. In ten hours twenty Freizan Pods fell to the site of the ruined planed. The men exited and approached the Crusher Goku Corps. The Freizan Military had power levels ranging 500 to 2,000. Goku laughed at the men and walked to his ship leaving his men to kill the Freizan men. In a matter of five minutes all twenty of the men were killed and The Crusher Goku Corps left the Planet of Harigon.

In the deep reaches of the Northern Galaxy the ship of the Crusher Goku Corps flew, after a year of pillaging weak planets and attempting to find suitable soil for the tree, the saiyan and his men were running short on resources. Since they were wanted fugitives of The Freizan Empire they couldn't venture in too close.

"So, men we're in a state of emergency we are low on resources and we need a host planet to establish base," said the voice of the Saiyan Leader Goku, “My planet is clearly out of the question since it has been destroyed by a Meteor, does anybody have a planet outside of the Freizan Empire?" Four of his five men shook their heads all of their planets were taken by Freiza.

"Sir my planet recently seceded from the Freizan Empire about 6 months ago," said Goku’s right hand man Amond. Goku smiled and said, "En Route to Planet Amondium!"

The Crusher Goku Corps landed on Amondium and were immediately greeted by the locals. Amond was the son of the Emperor Amondsun so they lodged in the Castle. The planet was prosperous before the Freizan Military had taken it. One of Freiza’s first demands was to give a tribute soldier.

Sadly Amond was taken from his place. 6 months ago Amondium gave a ten percent tribute of their natural resources to the Freizan Empire in exchange for secession. All of the men were replenished and were in a state of relaxation. Goku was beginning to get romantically involved with the sister of Amond, Alican. They had to keep it secret however since Amondian Law prohibited the mixture of races in the Imperial Family. All in all the men were happy, they were happy for once in a very long time.

Despite losing Amondium to secession there were still Freizan Loyal living on the Planet. There was an informant who told Freiza everything, the Crusher Goku Corps and even the Suisinju Tree. Freiza called his most trusted men Dodoria and Zarbon to call Planet Freiza Five and to dispatch the Ginyu Force to Planet Amondium along with a fifty man strike force.

Goku was about to march to the Emperor and demand his daughter's hand in marriage when the Military was in a panic. They had received a message from Captain Ginyu himself, “Give us the fugitives and their seed! Or you shall feel the wrath of Ginyu!"

Goku and his corps along with the Amondian Military stood at the outskirts of the civilization awaiting to fight the Ginyu Force.

"Let me speak to Freiza, he is clearly violating the secession agreement!" yelled Emperor Amondsun. "Mr. Amondsun, you are clearly harboring Freizan Fugitives!" said a tall man, with horizontal angular horns, that man was Freiza’s most powerful soldier Captain Ginyu, his power boasted to be 120,000. "Captain Ginyu, if you allow my daughter and I to escape, I will let you know the weakness of the Saiyan Leader Goku " pleaded the once mighty Emperor.

"Interesting, very interesting I will accommodate two pods, tells me the weakness," said the Captain.

They had powers ranging from 1,500 to 3,000. And there were about fifty of them. Goku leading the military of Amondium, signaled a charge for an attack. The Amondian military was about 500 strong; however had power levels only in the 200-500 range. Goku and his Corps stood ready. Okay men!, Fire!" yelled Goku , as he launched a great amount of blasts to the Freizan Military men.

The battle began with many Amondian Men dying. The battle raged for about fifteen minutes with 400 men dying in the Amondian side, and all 50 men dying in the Freizan Side.

Victory seemed assured, when four men arrived in the Battle Field, two very tall men, a normal sized man, and a short stubby man all with very high powers, three had powers over 50,000 and one had a small power of 5,000; however Goku knew better than to underestimate a man by his size. The Four Men began to pose in a very eccentric way, "Guldo!," yelled the short man." Recoome!" yelled the muscular man.

"Jeice!" yelled the normal sized man. "Burter!," yelled the very tall man, and suddenly a man with horns at the side of his head jumped in, posed and yelled," Ginyu!" The men gathered together and yelled in unison, "We are the Ginyu Force!"

Goku yelled," Attack!" The five men instantly blasted all of the Amondian Men that remained, leaving only the Crusher Goku Corps. Then all of the men used a Zanzoken to fight the men they selected.

The two short men merged into one and flew to Guldo, just as they were about to use their favorite move, "Split" just as they were about to execute the attack, they were both somehow immediately attacked faster than light. Guldo used his time freeze move. The twins couldn't hit Guldo at all so they eventually succumbed to Guldo.

Diez vs. Jeice
The two jumped into a rush battle, both throwing punches Jeice threw stronger ones though throwing Diez into some rocks. Diez jumped out and threw a generic blast, and Jiece just took it head on. "So weak, mate, How could Freiza have been so worried about you guys?," laughed Jeice as he posed again, but something came out of his hand and he yelled, "Crusher Ball!" the red ball hit Diez so hard that he couldn't get up.

Cacar vs. Burter
Cacar was the fastest member of the Crusher Goku Corps, he was a cyborg being that had rocket power in his body. He was pitted against the fastest member of the Ginyu Force though, Burter. Cacar used a full force rocket plunge directly at Burter, with only three feet between them Burter acted fast and pushed at Full speed only a spilt-second after Cacar did. The clash only lasted a pico-second throwing Cacar off into the air. Burter jumped and hit Cacar full force throwing him into the ground. "Blue Shot!," yelled Burter, a series of Blue Blasts hit Cacar head on. The Battle of Speed ended before a minute's past.

Amond vs. Recoome
Amond punched Recoome in the face throwing him into a cliff. Recoome flew and went for a kick; Amond used a high speed spin attack throwing off Recoome again. "Oh, Prince you're so powerful, too bad you won't get up after this one…" laughed Recoome, as he threw a blast out of his mouth, "Recoome Renegade Bomber!" the blast hit Amond knocking him out as well.

Goku vs. Ginyu
"Alright Captain, you're gonna regret facing me!" yelled Goku as he charged for Ginyu. He dodged the attack and elbowed Goku n the back, and laughed as he grabbed his tail. "Ahh!," screamed Goku as he faded away into a deep sleep.

The Prisoners
Goku awoke with his arms chained up in the Amondian Prison, "w-what," he said as he opened his eyes to see a very sinister face of Captain Ginyu. "so you finally awake you little devil, you're really good ya know?" said Ginyu as he went behind Goku . Goku was wondering what was going to happen when he felt a pressure in his back, " What the hell are you doing!," yelled Goku as he felt the
excruciating pain time after time. After 5 minutes Goku felt Ginyu exit his body.

"So honey where's the seed!" said Ginyu. Goku looked at him in fear and said," I lost it a while back." Ginyu smiled at him and said," Is that so, if you want to lie to me I'll give you the Ginyu Treatment." laughed Ginyu as he went behind Goku and started his treatment again.

The rest of the Crusher Goku Corps, were stuck in another wing of the prison. They were being watched by an Amondian Guard. "Rezun, we need to fuse bodies," said Lakesei. The twins fused and split instantaneously letting Lakesei free from the chains. Lakesei then walked to the area behind the guard and blasted his back, taking the keys from him. The small purple man then unleashed the rest of the Crusher Goku Corps. "We have been sold out, by my own people," said Amond, " It's about time for us to leave this place."

The five men walked cautiously to an area where nobody was guarding. "So here's the plan," said Amond as he fixed on his scouter, "The Ginyu Force is still here so we can't be seen, okay Rezun and Lakesei you two will have to secure our ship and make sure it is on standby until our arrival, Cacar you will have to break the docking bay mechanism so the Ginyu Force can't pursue us when we leave, and Diez, you and I will go rescue Lord Tullce." The five men separated to do their tasks.

Rezun and Lakesei snuck their way into the docking bay, and killed a few guards and took them out easily. The two entered the ship and saw it was clearly ransacked, "Probably to find the seed of the Suisinju Tree," said Rezun, "Lakesei, I will put the ship on standby and you will need to find the docking bay equipment room and find us those soil testers and robots." Lakesei exited the ship and entered the room next to the dock and took Two robot kits and many soil testers. The twins Rezun and Lakesei finished their part.

Cacar the Cyborg Being was experienced in dealing with mechanics so a job like this was something all familiar. The red-skinned man flew inconspicuously to the motorized engine of the dome-shaped dock and pulled out a vital component in the engine where the Freizan Ships were docked. Cacar laughed and made his way to the ship.

Goku had been hanging naked by the chain for five hours he was clearly angered with that hideous purple man having his way with him. The door opened and Captain Ginyu entered, "Since you won't cooperate, I've called Freiza, I'm pretty sure he can get you to give up that seed." said the Purple Man. Goku didn't say anything for he was terrified, terrified that the Emperor of The Northern Galaxy, Freiza was on his way. Ginyu exited.

Amond and Diez had defeated all of the guards and were waiting for a person with a power level of 120,000 to exit the area. The man walked out of the cell and made his way to the Palace, the man was leader of the Ginyu Force, Captain Ginyu. The two men of the Crusher Goku Corps jolted to the cell and quietly killed the last guard in the way.

They picked up the key and opened the door to see their leader hanging naked by chains. "Lord Goku ," said Amond as he blasted the chains and Diez went to the corner to pick up Goku 's Armor.

Goku had dressed up again and asked, "So where do we stand at this moment Amond?" Amond frowned and said, " Lord, my people have sold us out, we have no allies, however we did organize and escape and will leave as soon as you're ready." Goku fixed his scouter on and said, " Okay, Amond, you and Deiz go to the ship, I have to go pick up the Suisinju Seed, I left it in the palace."

Amond and Diez both looked dumbfounded when Goku quickly ran away to the palace. Goku discreetly exited the prison, he knew in a matter of fifteen minutes Captain Ginyu would come to do the routine check-up. He flew all the way to the palace and flew to the window of his love, Alican. Goku entered the room.

Alican was a pink-skin humanoid being, with reddish hair similar to her brother Amond. "Goku !" yelled Alican, she rushed over and grabbed on Goku and kissed him. " Alican, my love, I need to leave, I need you to stay safe for me, Freiza is on his way." said Goku as he grabbed on her necklace and opened the locket, containing the Suisinju seed. Goku kissed Alican and flew to the dock where The Crusher Goku Corps waited.

Captain Ginyu entered the Amondian Prison, to see all the guards were dead. Ginyu rushed to the main cell to see the saiyan was no longer there. "Ginyu force, report to the docks now, we have some escapees!" yelled Ginyu.

Goku was almost to the docks when his scouter picked up 4 massive powers, The Ginyu Force. Goku contacted his men to start up the ship. A blast was shot at him, but dodged in the nick of time. Goku picked up a power of 55,000 closing in on him fast, Burter the fastest member of the Ginyu Force. Goku entered the docks and flew to ship. The entrance was so small and Burter was in range of and effective blast. Burter shot a blue blast out of his hand and just as it was about to hit him five blasts countered it, The Crusher Goku Corps. Goku entered the ship and closed the door. The ship took off faster than even Burter.

The Ginyu Force immediately flew to their ships and attempted to open the second dome dock door where their ships were resting at. " Danmitt!," yelled Jeice as he realized the door was rigged.

The Ginyu Force was immediately punished by their Captain. They were beaten senselessly, however the punishment was even worse for the Captain when Freiza came. "You're lucky I'm letting you live, I'm feeling generous," said Freiza to his subordinates the Ginyu Force, "Even if this Suisinju Tree gets this monkey and his crew stronger, they cannot beat someone who is immortal." Ginyu looked in awe when he asked, " Lord Freiza, immortality?"

Freiza smiled, " Yes, you know I have 3 saiyans under my control, my mistake two now, but I heard from them there are artifacts, that can grant any wish." Freiza smiled as he signaled one of the lower soldiers to pour him a cup of wine, " I feel Vegeta is going to rebel soon, I'm going to use him and Nappa for one last time, they will offer us the vital information of these artifacts, if I knew the Planet I would go myself, but I'll sit and wait until things go in my favor." Freiza laughed and entered his ship and said one last thing to the Ginyu Force, " Kill everyone in the Planet, just keep the Planet in tact."

Goku and his crew had narrowly escaped the wrath of Freiza on Planet Amondium. "Sir, our scout bot has found a viable planet for the Suisinju Tree." said Rezun. Goku who had been resting at the time opened one eye and asked, " What is the Planet?" Rezun entered the coordinates on the computer and found it was an infant planet newly giving life it rested on the site of an old planet called, "Cacodoin" so for all intents and purposes the new planet would be called "Cacodoin." In a matter of hours the ship landed and the six men exited the ship.

Goku put a soil tester in the ground and found the soil could support the Tree. Amond blew a hole in the ground and Goku threw it into the ground. Goku and his Corps retired into the ship.

In a full day the tree had grown and the fruit ripened. The Crusher Goku Corps had a feast on the fruit. Their power levels grew,

"All right men we have grown in power, substantially, maybe enough to put up a fight against the Ginyu Force," said Goku as he ate the last portion of his fruit. The Crusher Goku Corps had figured out the nature of the Suisinju Tree and it's fruit. One bite would give a surge power, but would eventually wear off, so the fruit had to be supported by another piece.

The men clearly looked scared, " However, I was listening on a Scouter Conversation with Freiza," said Goku as he smiled in an evil way,

"There's a Planet my saiyan brethren are planning to invade, a planet that another saiyan failed to destroy, so if I could track down the two saiyans En Route to this Planet then I could find it, and plant the seed and grow even stronger."

In six months Goku and his men had found out that the Saiyans, Vegeta and Nappa had attacked Earth, however were thwarted by another saiyan, by the name of Kakorot. Goku was interested on how he would fare against a saiyan who thwarted the Prince of all Saiyans.

Disclaimer: The following Part is based on the Dragonball Z Movie 3: The Deciding Battle for Planet Earth( The Tree of Might) For all intents and Purposes the four men who died fighting Vegeta and Nappa; Yamcha, Chiaozu, Tenshinhan and Piccolo will be alive and the battles will be interpreted another way and will have an alternative ending.

A lone space satellite flew into the beautiful blue planet called, "Earth." The purpose was to scout the earth for soil suitable for the Suisinju Tree. It landed and set a fire into a forest, however that was not a concern of the satellite that now turned into a walking bot. After a half a day of searching for the richest soil it was found in a newly restored forest, that was once burned, but miraculously was brought back to life.

"So that's Earth," said Diez, as he smiled at the beautiful blue planet. " So Kakorot failed to extinguish the life forms," said Amond. "Yeah, I can't believe it, are you sure Kakorot didn't perish when he was a mere child," said Lakesei. A voice came from behind, " No, he's a saiyan and saiyans never perish." Rezun hooked up the long range scouter and picked up many power levels over 2,000 the highest power came to be around 20,000.

The ship landed and the five men of Goku exited and flew to the future site of the Suisinju Tree. When getting there Amond blasted used his Ki, to uproot the ground for a hole large enough to plant the seed.

There was some sort of flying vehicle to the distance that blew up with the impact of the force. Diez smiled and threw the seed to the ground and the five men waited for the seed to sprout into a tree.

In a matter of hours the tree had fully grown and according to their calculations one bite from the fruit could power up the eater ten-fold.

" This fruit is possibly the most potent fruit grown yet," said Deiz. "Yes, and as soon as we eat it all, there will be no one to stop us," said Amond. "Yes even Freiza will be easy to handle," said Rezun. Goku had been standing there in awe of the fruit. His awe was broken when a blip on his scouter showed five power levels coming this way. "Men deal with them," said Goku as he retired into the ship.

The Crusher Goku Corps walked to the outside to see all five of the men, attempting to destroy the tree. They all blasted the three at once, but with no avail. One of the men somehow knew that the Crusher Goku Corps were above them.

Soon after a while all five men flew to face the Crusher Goku Corps. "So you're the one who planted this tree and you didn't even ask." said the man, who bore an uncanny similar look to Goku , he was Kakorot. "You should be privileged, this tree is the lone pillar of strength on this pitiful planet," said Deiz. " You're the ones who destroyed my flying car, you'll pay for that!" said the long-haired man, Cacar gave him a look and signaled that this one was his to fight.

Then the little bald man with a scared voice said, " These guys don't look like saiyans, but I got a bad feeling about this. Deiz grabbed a rock and crunched it, when that happened all of the Crusher Goku Corps and the Earthlings all used Zanzoken and the battle begins.

The twins Rezun and Lakesei vs. Tenshinhan and Chiaozu

Rezun and Lakesei fused into one being and charged for Ten and Chiaozu. Ten was able to dodge, but was surprised when the twins split up and hit him and Chiaozu. "Rezun and Lakesei, we are twin brothers!" yelled the twins when suddenly a voice yelled, "Taiyoken!" and a blinding light hit the twins. Ten and Chiaotzu charged for the twins and launched, "Dodonpa Waves."

The blasts hit the twins, but didn't do much damage. Rezun and Lakesei split up to fight solo. Lakesei punched Ten in the gut and threw him into the last piece of forest. Lekesei pursued the fallen man and gave him a finishing blow by kneeing the man in the gut. Rezun however was having his fun with Chiaotzu.

Amond vs. Krillin

Amond was clearly larger and stronger than Krillin was. The battle started with Krillin charging at the Amond, "Ha!" yelled Krillin as he readied a punch aimed at Amond. Amond smiled and executed a punch at Krillin's face, the small man flew and hit the ground, however Krillin recovered quickly and used his head to hit Amond on the gut. Amond flew back and recovered to find Krillin getting ready for a rush attack. "Go to hell!" yelled Krillin as he launched a series of punches and kicks at Amond. Amond fell to the ground again.

He used his scouter to pick up a power of 3,700 on Krillin. Krillin rose one hand in a weird stance and readied a disk-like attack and yelled, "Destructo Disk!" as he launched at Amond. Amond had to act fast so he spun fast to throw off the disk. "Damn it," said Krillin quietly as Amond went on the offensive. Amond threw many punches and kicks knocking out the little bald man.

Goku vs. Deiz

Diez attempted a rush attack, but Goku dodged it and countered with a kick. Goku then went on the offensive punching Diez until he flew back. Diez was outmatched in everyway, Goku was absolutely better.

Cacar vs. Yamcha

Yamcha executed a Wolf Fang Fist Attack at the Cyborg, Cacar. All the hits were landed ,but with no effect. Cacar then used and electric punch and sent Yamcha falling. Yamcha then recovered a launched a Kamehameha Wave, However Cacar dodged it and used his jet power to fly directly at Yamcha. Yamcha stood up again and readied his favorite attack, "Soidikan"

The ball launched, but missed Cacar the first time, but the attack was fully controllable and Yamcha directed the blast to hit the cyborg. In a split second later Cacar launched a direct assault at Yamcha. Yamcha tried to escape using Zanzoken, but Cacar used his jet rockets to catch up to Yamcha and did the finishing blow. Just as he was about to kill the earthling a blast hit the cyborg saving the earthling for now.

Goku vs. two

Cacar and Diez decided to double team the strongest member of their enemies. The two attempted to rush Goku at once, however Goku blasted the two away.

Gohan Enters

Rezun had been chasing Chiaotzu toying with him, but was beginning to get bored he began to blast the little man, just as he was about to kill Chiaotzu, a voice yelled, " Stop messing with my friends!" the little boy blasted the finishing blast meant for Chiaotzu. Rezun had lost sight of the little boy when he was suddenly hit on his side. Gohan had bested one of the Crusher Goku Corps.

Goku had been watching this child and came to the conclusion that he was a saiyan child, "Kakorot's son." said Goku as he quickly flew to the location of Gohan. Goku had intentionally put himself in Gohan's way, when Gohan bumped into him he said, "Father?"

Goku smiled and said, "Son of Kakorot, nice to meet you," Gohan immediately went to the defensive and said, "You're not my father!" Goku quickly grabbed his fist and said, "So I resemble your father, low-class saiyans come in very few types, power level 10,000" Gohan clearly couldn't break free and asked, " Who are you?" Goku smiled, "I am Goku , mightiest of all saiyan warriors, and your father is a weakling." Gohan's face angered and yelled, "No he's not!"

"Join me, kid we can conquer the universe," said Goku . "Never!" yelled Gohan, then Goku started gripping Gohan's fist, but stopped when his scouter picked up a power-level of 18,000.

Soon after the power level was picked up, a green man in purple and white clothes entered. "Who the hell are you?" asked Goku . "Everything you fear," said the green man. "Yay!, Mr. Piccolo!" said Gohan. Piccolo opened his fist a readied a blast and said, "Let the boy go now!" Goku had thrown Gohan right into Piccolo's torso, "Are you alright kid?," said Piccolo with a sense of concern when the evil saiyan appeared behind him blasting him away.

Piccolo recovered, but did not attack right away, he knew that attacking Goku head on was a bad move.

Goku had stepped on Gohan on the ground, and saw that a tail had grown on the kid, that's when he decided to have some fun, he launched a false moon and picked up Gohan to make him see it ,Goku kept his head down in order to not transform. "Gohan!," yelled a voice, and Goku saw it was a man that looked just like him, Kakorot, he was too late, Gohan fully transformed into his Oozaru form. Goku immediately blasted the false moon, Gohan had a good five minutes of monkey rage.

The Oozaru had his sights set on Goku, he swung, but Goku used an attack that made him a violet-red color and he got away quickly. Goku thought to himself, "Clearly Kakorot, wouldn't hit his son despite his son trying to kill him." Goku had flown far away, but was intercepted by Diez and Cacar, but Goku brushed them off like they were nothing.

"Gohan!" yelled Goku. "Son Goku, cut off his tail," yelled a voice as he flew into Goku's sight, it was Piccolo. Gohan hit Piccolo down and Goku blasted Piccolo again. The blast had a large impact on the area sending Goku and Gohan falling into a cave.

Goku and Gohan fell into a body of water in the cave. Goku flew in the cave and saw Goku surface. "Gohan!, Gohan!" yelled Goku as he felt a large force surface it was the monkey. Goku was now in the Oozaru's grip, Gohan began to squeeze the life out of his father. Piccolo had awoke again and knew that he had to gather energy to perform the Demon Ray.

Just as Gohan was about to finish his father a purple dragon appeared and seemed to calm down the young saiyan. Goku was free and smiled to see his son had a gentle side in his saiyan form.

"Kakorot, you've raised your son too much like and earthling!" said Goku . "Hey I'm gonna tell you now, were not saiyans were earthlings!" yelled Goku. "You'll see how much of a saiyan your son is," said Goku as he blasted the dragon making the young oozaru angry.

Gohan had begun to blast out of his mouth making the cave a very dangerous for caving in. Just as Gohan was about to destroy the cave he stopped and set his sights on Goku he jumped to grab the evil saiyan. Goku quickly dodged and blasted a ring-like attack called, "Kill Driver."

Just as the blast was about to hit Gohan, his father launched a disk-like attack aimed at his son's tail. The tail cut and Gohan returned to his base form before the ring could get him. Goku caught his son and Gohan said, "Dad, save the world." Goku responded to his son by saying, "I don't know about Earth, but I will stop this guy." Goku placed his son down in a safe area.

After making short work of the Z-Senshi, Amond and the rest of the Crusher Goku Corps used their scouters to figure out where Goku and Kakorot were. When they arrived Goku and Kakorot were staring each other down. "Mighty Goku , let us handle this weakling," said Amond. Goku put himself in a stance, "And said, all of you are going to pay for hurting earth and Gohan." he said as he looked at Goku ,

"Your next"

Diez rushed in first, Goku blocked him and then Cacar flew in, then Rezun and Lakesei, a few got a few hits on Goku, then Amond jumped in and punched Goku in the face. Goku fell and all of the men aimed at his body, but nobody was there, Goku used his Kiaoken to fly away quickly.

Goku was watching in amusement when a green arm grabbed on his arm, "Why not join the fun?," said the voice. Piccolo used his other arm to punch Goku , but missed. Goku then went on the offensive and started punching Piccolo. Piccolo clearly desperate used his demon ray and it hit Goku on the hand directly. "That kinda hurt," said Goku as he launched many blasts at Piccolo directly sending Piccolo falling. Goku clearly getting bested by the men, used a Kiaoken times two and punched all of the men knocking them all out.

Goku vs. Kakorot

"I'm really glad I hit my head as a child, otherwise I would have been just like you!" yelled Goku as he began to power-up. "30,000..." said Goku , "Good, I have a power of 60,000." Goku went to punch Goku in the face, but Goku dodged and kicked him on the side. Goku recovered and threw many blasts at Goku , but Goku just dodged all of them and rushed to hit Goku. Goku punched Goku and threw a blast that hit him directly. Goku stood up again, and yelled, "Kaioken attack!" Goku turned a violet-red color and rushed to punch Goku , his hit landed and followed up with a kick sending his enemy flying. "45,000, your power can rise 50 impressive." said Goku as he stanced himself,

"Time to get serious."

Goku powered up, and began to launch a rush attack. "Kiaoken Times 2!" yelled Goku as he countered with a rush attack. The two saiyans clashed equally and both flew back. Goku 's scouter blipped 60,000 for an instant. Goku then yelled, "Kaioken x3!" Goku powered up even more. Goku began to stutter, "90,000!" Goku kicked Goku in the face and followed up with a rush attack and a final Kamehameha. Goku fell, and recovered. "So Kakorot, How much more can you power up!" Goku breathing lightly and said, "I can probably go 5x easy." Goku was clearly bested, he had to plan.

Goku retreated from the battle and flew to the Suisinju Tree, Goku chased him. Goku entered the fruit area and grabbed a fruit and exited the area with Goku following. Goku stopped and said, "I won." He bit the fruit and felt a surge of energy of witch he never felt before.

Goku bulked up and immediately flew to punch Goku at a high speed. Goku landed a punch on Goku , but with no effect. Goku then kicked Goku to a wall and was slammed down to the ground. In only a matter of seconds Goku stood again and yelled, "Kiaoken Times 10!" Goku became dark violet red. Goku 's scouter picked up Goku at 300,000. Goku then flew to Goku , but he dodged, Goku flew again and attempted a kick, but missed.

Goku spun in a pinwheel movement. Goku finally hit Goku and was about to follow up with a move, but the quick movement of Goku did not allow him to do so. Goku had pinned Goku on the ground. "Kakorot, I'll give you one more chance, apologize and bow to me and I'll allow you to work for me," said Goku . "No!, my name is not Kakorot, It's Goku!" yelled the fallen Saiyan. "Then die you low class scum!" said Goku as he launched hundreds of blasts directly at Goku.

Goku had been on the ground without any energy to spare. Goku decided to eat another fruit to keep is power from leaving. Goku flew up to the cavern to see five men blocking his way, "Back for more I see," said Goku as he picked up a sudden blip of 45,000. "Kakorot…" Goku looked to see Goku on the ground still, then Piccolo stretched his arm to grab Goku .

Goku dodged and began a ruthless assault on the namek. The other four then attacked at once. Goku stood up and put his arms to the air, "Planet Earth lend me the rest of your power," he said as he saw his friends getting beaten senselessly. Goku sent the rest of the Z-Senshi flying to all parts. "Power level, 100,000!," yelled Goku . Goku gathered energy into a ball, and yelled, " Take this Goku , from planet earth!," yelled Goku as he launched the ball. Goku quickly countered the blast with his own and sent the ball flying.

The Fruit?

This is the beginning of the alternate ending of the Dragonball Z Move 3.
Goku flew to his cavern and ate a piece of fruit and balanced his power. Then he saw all of the fruit glowing and picked up a power on his scouter, "1,000,000!," yelled Goku as he flew outside to where Goku was laying.

Goku picked up Goku by the neck and yelled, "What the hell did you do to my fruit!" Goku smiled and said, "Behind you…" Goku felt the large power flying at him fast, he moved quick enough to dodge the bomb, however the tree was hit. Goku dropped Goku, and flew to the base of the tree and broke his way into the roots to grab the seed before it exploded. Angered Goku flew to Goku, and said, "You are too much of a nuisance, sorry I have to do this my fellow saiyan." Goku then snapped Goku's neck killing the good-hearted saiyan.

Goku had looked at the earth, it was barren, he glanced and saw his men, the very men who stuck it out with him through thick and thin. Then he glanced to all of the Z-Senshi and shot hundreds of blasts to ensure their deaths. Then he turned his attention to his men, he then blasted them all as well ,they were hold back now. He walked over to the cave to see, Gohan sleeping. He decided to take the boy with him, he had great power that can be tapped out.

Goku entered the ship with the sleeping saiyan child. He inserted sedatives in the boy's blood to keep him asleep, he couldn't have the boy on a rampage in outer space. Goku then went to the control area and decided where to go. Then he decided to liberate Amondium, not for the people, but for the love of his life. Goku was pretty confident he could combat the Ginyu Force single handedly. He then started up the ship and left the abandoned planet of Earth.

Goku, Piccolo, Tenshinhan, Yamcha and Chaiozu all dead decided to receive training from Kiao Sama in order to combat the threats lying ahead. Goku, who had done the training before, decided to forge ahead to get a head start. Piccolo followed him and the other three followed behind.

In only two days Goku made it to Kiao Sama's Planet and was put to a special training where he had to go to other planets, the first was Planet Jampkin with a gravity 20x Earth's. Before Goku left he was taught Instant Transmission. Five Days later Piccolo arrived and began the Kaio Training. He caught Bubbles and bonked Gregory in the fist day. Ten days after Piccolo; Yamcha, Tenshinhan and Chaiozu arrived. Then they began the training.

Goku landed on Amondium expecting hostility, but the Planet was barren. Amondium was stripped of it's natural resources and it's inhabitants were killed, he could see the bodies. Goku took Gohan to the medical center or what was left of it and stuck him in an isolation healing chamber. Goku then went to the room where his love once lived.

He could remember him and Alican making love in the room on the bed. He decided to lie down and suddenly a holographic image of Alican appeared, "Goku , I'm sending you this message, I don't know if I will be alive when you read it, but I just want to say I love you and I'm preg- AHH!" The image faded and Goku yelled and powered up to his limits.

The power was breaking even the Castle Walls. Goku had thrown his scouter on the ground and when he finally calmed down he picked up his scouter and there was a sudden message. The log stated that it read a power of 600,000. Goku was astounded that he was that powerful. "Freiza, only has a power-level 530,000, I can beat him," said Goku to himself as he made his way to the medical center to pick up

Gohan. Goku entered the room to see the isolation chamber was empty, then suddenly picked up a power of 70,000. He turned to see Gohan angry. Gohan kicked Goku on the face sending him flying. Goku quickly recovered and attacked Gohan until he calmed down. Gohan's power then regressed to 10,000 again. "Kid, your father was weak, he couldn't live," said Goku as he looked around to see a small Freizan Grade Uniform on the ground and threw it to the naked child.

Gohan knew he had to be smart in this battle he needed his father more than ever. Goku and Gohan entered the ship. Goku changed his scouter to the Freizan Official Channel and picked up a conversation saying Freiza was En Route to Namek. "Namek," said Goku as he set the course to the Planet. "Namek," said Gohan quietly,

"Piccolo's from Namek."

Goku had advanced to a Planet called "Tybeam" it had a gravity if 40x. He was able to go Kaioken 10x easily now. Piccolo was trailing behind Goku at Planet Jampkin.

To Namek

Goku and Gohan were watching the surface of the Planet called, "Namek" when they suddenly a pod ship flew past them and landed. "Another, saiyan," said Goku . Gohan stood frozen, "Is…Is it V-Vegeta?" he asked as he saw Goku smiling, "Perfect."

Goku 's ship landed and he turned on his scouter and picked up many power-levels. One was by itself with a power of 18,000, probably the one that landed earlier.

Then there was another that landed after them with a power of 22,000. Finally a large group with the highest level of them all, one was 530,000. Goku looked on his scouter and saw the power-level that was once 18,000 skyrocketed to 24,000 flying their way. Goku got into his fighting stance and saw the Saiyan Prince Vegeta.


yelled Vegeta as he charged for Goku . Goku easily dodged and elbowed Vegeta in the back and pinned him down. "Listen Here your highness, I am not Kakorot, I am Goku the one who killed Kakorot," said Goku . Vegeta lay there bewildered and said,
"You killed Kakorot!"

Goku smiled and let Vegeta go, "Sure did." Vegeta looked around to see Gohan with a face of anger. "And you took his kid, ha ha ha!" laughed Vegeta until the scouter blipped with four large powers coming their way. "Freiza" said both of the Saiyan Men. In a matter of minutes Cui, Dodoria, Zarbon and Freiza himself.

"So you're the infamous Goku , my number one fugitive,"

said Freiza as he signaled his men to attack. Goku threw one simple blast at Cui killing him instantly. Vegeta picked Dodoria to fight and Goku took Zarbon. Vegeta dominated Dodoria and killed him quickly. Goku used one rush attack to kill Zarbon. "Freiza, before I fight you I demand you tell me where Alican is!" yelled Goku . "Alican?" asked Freiza, "Oh the woman who resided in Amondium." Freiza smiled and stanced himself then said, "Lets just say she was good."

Goku vs. Freiza

Goku immediately rushed in to attack Freiza, he punched the tyrant in the face sending him flying. Goku then followed up with a kick, but was blocked by Freiza and he countered using a head butt. Goku was then getting punched by Freiza until he flew into the water.

Freiza then jumped into the water to find his saiyan prey. Freiza’s scouter picked up the 600,000, and in an instant it appeared in front of him with a series of punches and kicks sending him flying. Goku continued his pursuit of the airborne Freiza and followed up with a haymaker punch sending the tyrant falling fast. Freiza stood up again and started launching a barrage of death beams at his adversary. Goku dodged many, but was nicked by one on his leg.

Goku then rushed recklessly to Freiza, but was intercepted by horn stab courtesy of Freiza. Freiza’s horn impaled Goku in the arm. Nobody in history had ever escaped Freiza’s horn. Goku wanted to challenge what nobody ever accomplished. Goku stuck his other arm out, then launched many blasts sending his body flying freed from the horn.

Goku then surprised Freiza by using Zanzoken, and elbowing the tyrant in the back. Freiza fell. Freiza had never came across a battle like this ever. Goku then launched a hundreds of blasts which he now called, "Meteor Blast." directly at Freiza. Goku then flew back he looked at the astonished Vegeta and the fearful Gohan, then at the recovering Freiza. Freiza was weary, like never before, he was angered and then yelled,

"Lets see how you fair with my second form!"

Freiza began to power up to his limits and his scouter broke. The tyrant began to grow in size. Goku looked bewildered and his scouter began to blip, "w-what!, his power is exceeding 800,000!" yelled Goku as he attempted to blast Freiza,
however with no avail.

Goku hadn't experienced fear in a long time, the last time being Ginyu having is way with him. Freiza finished his transformation he was a giant. Goku looked in fear, "His power level is One Million," said the saiyan as he threw a punch at Freiza, but missed. Freiza then kicked the saiyan to a cliff. Goku was clearly in no shape to fight, he had been in a tiring fight with Freiza in his first form, and Freiza seemed to be not phased by their previous fight.

Vegeta decided to intervene, he rushed for an attack. Freiza seeing Vegeta, he extended his arm and Vegeta ran right into it. Seeing Goku and Vegeta getting dominated, Gohan decided to run away. Gohan flew quickly, but was intercepted by Freiza,

"Now Now where are you going kid?" asked Freiza as he punched the young saiyan to the ground.

Freiza was laughing when a sudden force hit him on the back. Goku had head butted Freiza sending him flying shortly. Goku then stanced himself when Freiza recovered. Freiza then rush attacked the saiyan sending him falling.
Freiza was clearly the strongest man in this battle.

He picked up Goku and signaled Vegeta and Gohan to go to an area, and as soon as they went the area he threw the barely living Goku to them. Freiza then started powering up a blast.

Goku then woke and knew they had to escape. He looked on his scouter log and saw a move one of the earthlings used on earth, "Taiyoken, the Fist of the Sun" Goku then stuck his hands by his face and yelled, "Taiyoken!" The area was blinded and Goku signaled Vegeta and Gohan to run with him. They flew to the water, and swam deeply. The saiyans barely escaped the tyrant.

Goku , Vegeta and Gohan settled in a cave. Goku examined his injuries then looked in his boot and pulled out a seed and a little device,

" Vegeta, hold the seed, it's the only way to beat Freiza," said Goku as he threw the device at Gohan, "Kid, I need you to search the planet for soil, rating over 500 detos, don't worry about Freiza he has no scouter so he won't find us." Gohan flew away to find the soil.

"Vegeta as soon as the boy gets back with the area, Plant the seed and a tree will grow, I should be better in a few days, and it'll take the boy a few days to find suitable soil in this dump of a planet."

When Freiza had his eyesight again he could not find the saiyans. He looked around for a scouter, but all were broken. Angered, Freiza flew to his ship and told his lower grunt Appule to contact the Ginyu Force and to bring scouters that would take a few days.

Gohan had been sent to locate soil, for the Suisinju Tree, however since he was able to sense powers he found a Namekian Village, Dendae's Village that was going to be Freiza’s next target, but that was spared. Some Namekians came out and heard Gohan's plea. "Go to Guru's House, he will help you, but in the meantime we will relocate the Dragon Ball," said the Namekian Chief. Gohan flew to Guru's place to see a large, old Namekian Man.

"So son you've come for something?" asked the old man. "Yes, sir I've-" said Gohan when Guru interrupted and said, "Wait child, I shall read your mind." Guru placed his hand on the saiyan child's head and read all of the events leading back to Vegeta and Nappa's attack, then the assault Goku led that killed his father.

"Son I will give you my dragon ball later," said Guru, "You need for this Goku and Vegeta to get distracted and my assistant Nail will help you retrieve the ones from Freiza." Gohan frowned and asked,

"How?, how can I do it?" Guru smiled, "Follow your heart child, wait I have a gift for you." Guru then placed his hand on Gohan's head again and suddenly Gohan's power rose. Guru had unlocked Gohan's Potential. Gohan now had to hide his true intentions.

Word Count--10,913
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PostSubject: Re: A Great Saiyan   Fri Aug 27, 2010 6:58 am

After 5 days Gohan returned and told the fully healed Goku and reported no suitable soil. Goku who had not trusted the saiyan child yet sent Vegeta to find the soil and in a matter of hours the Saiyan Prince returned with a location not far. Vegeta even took the liberty of planting the seed.

In about five more hours the tree grew full size and began to bear unripe fruit. "This fruit will show Freiza, not to mess with Goku ," said the cocky Saiyan as his scouter blipped with five large powers in outer space and one of them had a power of 120,000, Captain Ginyu.

Goku had been itching for revenge after Amondium. Goku picked up a piece of unripe fruit and gave it to Vegeta, "This will give you a small power-up enough to handle the Ginyu Force." Vegeta ate the fruit and his power grew from 35,000 to 100,000. Goku then looked at Gohan and said, "Kid as soon as the fruit gets dark red bring out two of them, got it?" Gohan said, "Yes sir." Then Goku and Vegeta flew to an area far from the tree waiting for the Ginyu Force to come.

The Ginyu Force landed and Freiza immediately ordered them to combat Goku . Their scouters picked up two large powers exceeding 100,000 waiting half a planet away. Freiza on the other hand had not forgot his original plans he wanted the Dragon balls. He used his scouter to pick up a namekian village not far.

Gohan was left to watch the fruit, but left to Guru's. Upon reaching Guru's, Gohan was intercepted by Nail, Guru's watch. Nail had the Dragonball and was ordered to fly to Freiza’s ship and wait for him there. The two flew to the spaceship. Nail ordered Gohan to hide and mask his power very low.

"Kid, we have had a plan all along," said Nail as he gave Gohan a sad look,

"Guru knew this planet was going to die soon, be it Freiza or that Tree, but don't fret, Guru would like for you to use the Dragon balls for your wish, wish back your father and another powerful fighter to help combat, Goku and Freiza."
Gohan asked, “Why can't we ask the Dragon to destroy Freiza, Goku and Vegeta?" Nail laughed and said, “Sorry kid the dragon can't do anything that exceeds Guru's power.

" Gohan then went to hide, when Nail said, "To summon Porunga, our dragon, you must chant, "Takarapto Porunga, and state your wishes." Gohan then flew to hide by a cliff when Nail said one last thing, "Kid, whatever Freiza does to me, don't interfere just grab the dragon balls and hide."

The five members of the Ginyu Force flew to see two saiyans standing confidently. Ginyu landed and saw Goku and said, "Hey sweetie, I never thought I'd see you again." Goku gave Ginyu an angry look and said, "I'll forgive you if you tell me where Alican is!" Ginyu smiled and said, "Freiza orders your deaths, don't worry I'm into necrophilia."

Goku responded by punching the captain in the face sending him flying. The other four members rushed. Vegeta blasted Guldo killing the small thing instantly. Recoome rushed to fight Vegeta.

Vegeta vs. Recoome

Vegeta kicked Recoome in the gut, but the giant recovered quickly and punched Vegeta in the face. Vegeta now angered rushed attacked Recoome and blasted a sharp blast right at Recoome's throat killing the giant.

Goku vs. Jeice and Burter

The Ginyu Force men, Jeice and Burter rushed at the saiyan, Goku but the saiyan wanted to end things with them quickly in order to interrogate their Captain Ginyu. Goku then used his Meteor Blast to end the lives of Jeice and Burter.

Goku then had his sights set on Captain Ginyu, "Alright Captain, now you Will tell me where Alican is!" said Goku as he used a simple rush attack, hurting the Captain severely. "Never!" yelled Ginyu as he attempted to attack Goku, but with no avail. Goku was clearly better since the last time they fought.

Nail had been waiting for Freiza at his spaceship. Freiza had collected all the last three dragon balls and was on his way to his spaceship when he picked up a power level of 48,000. Freiza flew faster to his ship he felt that there may be someone trying to steal his dragon balls. Nail had collected the dragon balls and gave them to Gohan to hide in the water.

Nail watched as the tyrant made his way to where he was standing. Freiza landed and said, "So what the hell, is the Namekian doing." Nail stood and said, "I will be the cause of your end," said Nail as went to punch Freiza. Freiza easily dodged the punch and started a rush attack of his own.

Using a series of punches and kicks Freiza sent the Namekian flying. Nail slowly stood and started a powerful blast and launched it. Freiza decided to take the blast head on, the blast hit, Freiza just laughed and stuck out a finger and said, "Sorry, but you're no fun anymore, DEATH BEAM!" Freiza launched his signature move piercing the heart of the valiant Namekian warrior.

The fight end so fast, Gohan wasn't able to grab the dragon balls. Freiza was making his way towards the ship when his scouter yelled a distress message, "Help me lord Freiza! These saiyans arghh!" Freiza then used his scouter and found a fading power against two large ones. "Damn you monkeys!" yelled Freiza as he quickly flew away leaving the dragon balls.

Gohan quietly made his way to the dragon balls and grabbed them. Gohan now had all of the dragon balls, but decided to wait for Freiza to engage Goku in battle before using the balls.

Captain Ginyu attempted to body switch Goku, but Vegeta knew exactly what that move was and had Goku move out of the way. After that Goku and Vegeta began to blast the Captain killing him in a matter of minutes. A few seconds later the Tyrant Freiza entered the battlefield furious. "You monkeys are dead!"

Goku and Vegeta quickly powered up and jumped right to battle with Freiza, Vegeta kicked, but missed and Goku managed to land a punch sending Freiza back a few steps. Vegeta then was able to execute a rush attack sending the tyrant flying back and the Goku followed up with a Kill Driver attack hitting Freiza directly. Freiza then recovered and realized there was a slim chance that the saiyans can overpower him at this point.

Freiza said, "Alright Monkeys, there's now way you will be able to escape this time!" Then Freiza began to power-up to his limits and his body began to deform, however he grew in size. Goku and Vegeta's scouters were picking up a power of 2,000,000 in the end of the transformation.

Goku began to think to himself, "Where the hell is that kid!" Goku looked at Vegeta and saw that his tail reformed, probably due to the fruit he ate earlier. Goku then made a ball and launched it into the sky. "Alright Freiza, now it's time for our transformation!"

Gohan had all the balls and recalled the incantation Nail told him, "Takarapto Porunga." Gohan then yelled the incantation and a large dragon, larger than the earth's dragon Shenlong. The dragon, Porunga started speaking in the Namekian Language, Gohan couldn't understand it so he flew to the closest Namekian Village and saw one lone child, "I need your help," cried Gohan. "O-Okay," said the child named, Dende.

The two flew back to the ship and Dende asked, "What are your three wishes?" Gohan thought for a second and asked, "Can you please restore the Earth to its life, before the Saiyans attacked?" Dende then said the wish in Namekain. Gohan then asked to restore all of the men killed by the saiyans.

Porunga said, "I can only bring back one life per wish." Gohan then decided to use one wish to bring his father Goku and his mentor Piccolo to life. "Thank you Dende, I promise as soon as we defeat Freiza and Goku we will use our Dragon Balls to bring back Namek.

The Saiyans transformed into their ape-like forms called the Oozaru's. Freiza who still had his scouter intact picked up Vegeta's power at 1,000,000, and Goku’s at 6,000,000. Freiza knew his form would not stand a chance so he said, "Alright Monkeys, time for you guys to face the ultimate form." Freiza then began to transform in his final form.

Freiza finished his transformation and his launched his power at 50. The Oozaru's attacked the tyrant. Goku launched a Chou Makosen mouth blast and hit the tyrant directly. Vegeta then used many punches and hit the tyrant. Freiza was angered and launched a death beam and hit Vegeta directly in the heart.

Goku flew to Vegeta, "Vegeta!," yelled the large monkey. "Goku, I need you to kill Freiza, for me, for the saiyans." said Vegeta as he coughed up blood, "You are the last saiyan, beat him." Goku then went on the offensive hitting the tyrant hard. Freiza knew either he had to beat the Saiyan with full power or end the transformation. Freiza then used a death beam at the fake moon. The moon was destroyed. Goku then transformed back to his base form.

Goku and Piccolo had gone through the most intense training Kiao Sama had to offer. Goku had now grown to a power-level of 1,000,000 and had the ability to use Kaioken Times 25. Piccolo had a power level of 700,000 and could go Kaioken Times 10. "You guys better show up those space thugs!" said Yamcha.

Kiao said, "You guys may have a good chance to defeat either Freiza or Goku after they have worn each other out, only fight the winner, and if the planet destroys get out." Goku and Piccolo had learned instantaneous movement. They both felt out Gohan's power and went all the way to Namek.

The two appeared and both said, "Gohan!" Gohan ran and hugged both Goku and Piccolo. "Alright son, were going to face the winner," said Goku angrily, "Nobody threatens Earth!"

Goku was wondering why Gohan had not come when he realized he needed to make a break for it. Goku then flew as quick as he could to the Suisinju Tree. Freiza then pursued the saiyan. Goku was getting blasted, he dodged a few, but was hit, and however he still carried on. The tree was in his sight, and he immediately flew into the tree.

Freiza then used a large blast aimed at the whole tree. Goku saw the large blast hit the trunk directly and felt the tree begin to collapse on all sides. Freiza then laughed as he saw the mighty tree, the very tree that was responsible for the deaths of many of his trainees, officers, soldiers, elites, planets and his Ginyu Force, burn down.

Freiza laughed for a while until he saw a figure emerge from the ruins of the tree, It was Goku, Goku then confidently flew straight to Freiza. "I will give you one last chance, Freiza, tell me where Alican is and we'll leave it at that," said the saiyan.

"Well what makes you think you can tell me what to do now?" said the Tyrant Freiza. Goku then pulled out a spherical red object and ate it whole. Goku then quickly rushed the tyrant hitting him hard. Freiza recovered and attempted to hit the saiyan, but missed and was hit even harder than before. Freiza recovered and launched a death beam barrage.

Goku dodged all of them and countered with his favorite move Meteor Blast. Freiza was hit by all of them.

"What the hell!, How the Hell!" yelled Freiza as he began to power up to his limits, "I will show you how it is to fight me at 100" Goku waited as his opponent powered up all of the way. Freiza was finally at full power and rushed at the saiyan.

After getting punched and kicked many times Goku recovered and assaulted his own rush hitting Freiza even harder. Freiza was getting weary and knew he had to think of something. Goku then used a kill driver, but used it to bind the tyrant.

"TELL ME WHERE ALICAN IS!" yelled Goku as he gave Freiza a haymaker sending him falling to the ground.

Freiza couldn't get out, he was trapped. Goku then rushed the bound Freiza and punched and kicked the tyrant. Freiza was standing on his last leg, he knew he couldn't win.

Goku and Piccolo flew to the battlefield waiting for Freiza to die. "Gohan you stay here, Piccolo and I, will wait for Freiza to die, then we'll attack Goku , he should be tired from this battle anyway," said Goku.

Since Freiza wouldn't talk Goku put his finger right on the tyrant's throat, and said, "Death Beam" A red beam came out of Goku 's finger the beam was so sharp it cut off all of the tyrant's head. "See you in Hell Freiza," said Goku when he was instantly hit by something strong.

Goku had recovered to see his former rival Kakorot and Piccolo. Goku and Piccolo then yelled, "Kaioken times five" and attacked the saiyan warrior sending him flying. Goku , was clearly exhausted and he needed to think fast, he looked at the corner of his eye and saw a burning piece of Suisinju Fruit. He quickly grabbed the fruit and ate what was left of it. Goku had gained a small power up and his energy was restored. Goku first set his sights on Piccolo.

Goku was angry he used Zanzoken to appear on top of Piccolo, he quickly grabbed the Namekian's Head and ripped it all the way off. Goku was angered and yelled, "Kaioken times twenty five!" Goku then rushed his saiyan rival and hit him hard. Goku recovered and began to match his fellow saiyan blow for blow.

The series of standoff hits continued for five minutes until Goku was tired from his Kiaoken attacks and that's when Goku went on the offensive. Goku began to rush Goku sending him on his knees. "Goodbye Kakorot," said Goku when he was hit by another force. Gohan was angered and began to hit the evil saiyan harder and harder.

Goku finally gained the advantage and began a ruthless assault on the young half saiyan. He ended the battle by lodging his hand into the boy's heart and ripped it out. Goku was angered and was changing color, his hair was brightening and his pupils turned green. Goku felt Goku's power growing so he had to act very fast he then yelled,

"Death Beam!" hitting Goku in the heart, killing the transforming saiyan.

Goku was the man left standing being the battle of Namek.
Goku looked at his surroundings and saw five dead bodies in the area, Vegeta, his fellow saiyan with the ambition to kill Freiza, the Namek, he never bothered to learn his name, but the did find him very persistent, the saiyan child, he could have been even more powerful than him it was good that he was defeated, Freiza, the tyrant of the Northern Galaxy Goku and his corps were fugitives for over five years and he was now done.

Finally Kakorot, the saiyan who looked just like him, he felt a strong bond with Kakorot and was astounded by that near transformation that almost occurred. Goku then flew to the area where the Suisinju Tree once stood.

The ground was filled with ash and Goku searched for the seed, but everything was destroyed, Goku no longer had his seed, so now he had to obtain power on his own merits.

Goku then flew to his ship and saw it destroyed, probably by Freiza after their fist battle. He decided to see if Freiza’s ship was destroyed. After searching the planet he found Freiza’s Command Ship. Goku entered and went to the bridge of the ship and found a log computer and it was accessed already, Goku went to the log that was called, "Tree fugitives, Amondium" Goku entered and it said:

Freiza: We have figured out that the fugitives of my training planet have settled in our recently seceded planet, Amondium. I have no knowledge of how powerful the men have become so I shall dispatch the Ginyu Force.

Ten Hours Later,

Freiza: The Ginyu Force has landed on Amondium and has successfully defeated the Amondian Military and the Fugitives. I shall go to the planet myself, and recover that dreaded seed.

Ten More Hours Later,

Freiza: Those damn Ginyus, the damn fugitive escaped. Well I will take Amondium and strip it of its resources, the king and princess of Amondium will go to the prison brigade, Planet Freiza 12, well after all they did sell out the weakness of the saiyan leader.

End Log

Goku was angered at the fact he was sold out by the Amondians. He knew Alican wouldn't do it, but the king would. Goku then started the ship and set it to Planet Freiza 12. The ship flew into space, leaving Namek the barren planet.

Goku fit himself with new Freizan Grade uniform and a new scouter. His scouter picked up his power to be only 3,000,000, since Goku wasn’t able to eat a follow up fruit so he lost much power. 3,000,000 were sufficient enough to free Alican.

Three days after Freiza’s Death. "King Kold, sir there have been rumors that Freiza has been killed and worse by a saiyan." said a lower level man of King Kold, Father of Freiza. "Oh my poor little boy, those rumors must not be true, contact Freiza’s Flagship," said the man. The lower level man then patched the frequency of Freiza’s flagship. "Son, It's me your loving father, I see your ship flying towards the prison planet, may I ask why?" Nobody responded.

"Whoever is in the ship, you had better answer this INSTANT!" yelled King Kold. "Hello Koldie," said a voice, "I am Goku, and I am the one who killed your son, if you would really want to give the weakling a proper burial he's on Namek." King Kold then stood up and got closer to the microphone, "You are now wanted under the Koldian Empire!, we will see you at the prison planet, be ready to get arrested." King Kold then yelled, "Call Cooler, I must speak with him!"

A man with the same body structure as Freiza, but with a purple colored skin was sitting down after conquering a planet on his division of the Eastern Galaxy. His father King Kold, owned the western part of the galaxy. His little brother was the Tyrant of the North. "Lord Cooler, your father has contacted you," said Cooler's right hand man Salza. Cooler then made his way to a ship and turned on his telecommunication, “Father what is it?"

"Cooler, your little brother Freiza has been killed," said the voice of his father King Kold. "Freiza, dead?" asked Cooler, "Good, I haven't seen much action in my eastern end; I guess I'll go claim his Northern End."

King Kold's voice said "Son!, I know you and Freiza didn't get along, but-"
"I was getting ready to kill the little shit, he was beginning to have his troops invade my end anyway, since everything is at a standstill ,time for the Northern Galaxy to be mine," said Cooler.

"Son If word gets out of Freiza dying, by an underling, then the local planets will rebel and soon enough convince our ends to rebel on us making our whole operation worthless." said King Kold, "If you can kill the man who killed Freiza, I will allow you to have the Northern Galaxy, and when you are ready, have all rights to invade the Southern Galaxy when your forces are sufficient."
Cooler asked,
"Any leads?" King Kold responded,

"Yes he is heading toward Freiza’s Prison Planet, probably to rescue someone he cares for, Son maybe you should check the logs from this man he says his name is Goku , and rumors are he's a saiyan, we could get the Prison staff to give us the prisoner and use for bait to trap this Goku ."

Cooler then went to his computer and typed in username:Freiza Password:Couald Empire. Freiza’s logs opened up and he typed in the keyword Goku . A whole bio on Goku opened up.

The saiyan Goku was reported to have destroyed all of the officers and Trainees with the help of five men, Amond, Diez, Cacar, Rezun, and Lakesei. He was caught and detained by the Ginyu Force on Planet Amondium, however escaped.
Cooler then decided to check the logs on Amondium, and found out a prisoner by the name of Alican, princess of Amondium. Cooler sent his underling Niez, to contact the Freiza Prison Planet.

Goku landed on the planet in the supreme landing port. Goku then exited and was intercepted by some officers. "Welcome to Freiza 12, sir where is Freiza?," asked an officer. "Dead," said Goku as he blasted the first officer. The second officer jumped back and used his scouter to find Goku power to be 3,000,000. Goku then rushed the officer lodging his fist into his gut. Goku then made his way to the computer and entered the date and planet. He found that two prisoners in cell block Z, sub section 50.

Goku then made his way to the area. "Stop," said a guard, "What business do you have in the Prison?" Goku then fired a death beam at the guard. Goku then walked to the subsection 50 cell number 67, the cell was empty. He looked at the cell next to it and saw King Amondsun.

Goku blasted the cell open and grabbed the former King of Amondium. "Where the hell is Alican!" yelled Goku as he heard the alarm sounds. "W-what, Goku what the hell has been going on I-" said King Amondsun when he was interrupted,

"Cut the crap, WHERE IS ALICAN!" yelled Goku louder as some soldiers were about to engage him.

Goku quickly flew and punched every single one and flew back to Amondsun. "Tell me where she is." said Goku calmly. "Goku , Alican was taken by some men, outside of the Freizan Empire, I believe they were men of Cooler, Freiza’s older brother." said the King, " I don't know where she is, Goku let’s get out of here we can save her together." Goku smiled and put his hand on Amondsun's Throat.

Amondsun then quickly put his hand on Goku’ tail and squeezed. Goku then smiled again and gripped the throat and said, "Sorry, but my tail is no longer a weakness, but your throat is, thanks for selling my men, your son and me out." Goku killed King Amondsun and left towards his ship. Surprisingly nobody engaged him.
Goku entered the ship to see an incoming video call coming. Goku pressed the button and an image came, It was Cooler, Freiza’s brother. "So you're the monkey who killed my twerpy little brother."

Goku then gave Cooler an angry look and said, "You better tell me where Alican is!" Cooler laughed and had the video panel to Alican pregnant with the child of Goku. "We are on Planet Alponie, face us there." said Cooler. Goku quickly charted a course to Alponie. It was in the Eastern Galaxy so it would take about six days.

Goku entered the lower area of the third floor ship and found there was a graviton machine. The machine could go up to 300x normal gravity. Goku set the machine to 150x and began to train. He felt it would be a great idea to try and mimic the Kaioken move Kakorot. He was successful in copying many of the earthling’s moves, the Taiyoken, Destructo Disk, even the demon ray. He wanted to try the Kiaoken.

Goku decided to hone his skills in 150x gravity before tackling the kaioken. Goku easily got used to it so he moved to 200x and it posed difficulty. Goku then powered up to his fullest and started turning violet-red and then he yelled,

"Kaioken Attack!" Goku finally executed a Kaioken. Then was still struggling with 200x Gravity. Goku began to learn how to feel out powers with his mind. Then was able to handle 200x gravity.

Goku then moved to 250x Gravity and was fully able to comprehend sensing powers. He was able to execute Kaiokens up to 5x. Goku moved to 300x gravity and trained to his utmost limits and was burn

t out at the very end. Goku decided to sleep the last day to regain his strength.
Goku awoke with the sight of the lush green planet of Alponie in his sights. Goku found that there was some uniforms left in the storage and put one on, he affixed himself with a new red scouter, even though he didn't need one to find his opponents he would still like to see the power levels. Goku used his scouter to find his own power level which grew to 4,000,000 and had the ability to go Kaioken times five.

Goku also learned how to conceal his power. The ship landed on Alponie and Goku saw three men, Cooler's Armed Squadron. The three men, Neiz, Doore, and Salza were waiting with excitement when their leader, Cooler entered the docking bay. Cooler looked just like Freiza, but with purple skin. Goku used his scouter to pick up their levels,

Goku knew that engaging all of the men at once might end up in death so he decided to make a plan. In a matter of minutes Cooler would become impatient and decided to make his way in.

Goku found an escape hatch and waited for the door to become blasted. His scouter picked up all four of the levels so he decided to escape. Goku lifted the hatch and jumped out. The saiyan then made his way into the building; he was able to mask his power completely so the enemy scouters didn't pick up. Goku then used his scouter to find a low power of about 20.

Goku then rushed to the area to find his love sleeping, she was so beautiful. Goku walked to the door when somebody said, "Going somewhere monkey?" Goku turned around to see three men. "See you outside!" yelled Goku as he blasted the ceiling and flew with the three men following.
Goku started with kicking Doore in the face sending the man flying.

Salza then made his arm into a saber and tried to attack the saiyan, Goku dodged, but was hit by Neiz. Goku fell down and had all three men going at him at once. Goku then yelled, "Kaioken!" Goku turned violet red and punched Neiz right on the neck killing the tall man with the retractable head. Doore then tried to attack Goku, but missed.

Goku then launched a Galic Gun killing the large man. Salza then used his saber arm and hit Goku directly in the back. Goku then turned around and grabbed Salza on the neck and crushed the man's windpipe.

"Good, Good saiyan" said a voice. Goku turned around to see Cooler. "So I take it you're pretty mad that I killed your little brother." said Goku. "No, I was getting ready to kill the little shit myself, but I can't let a saiyan get by killing a Tyrant, it's just not good business." said Cooler as he rushed in to attack Goku .

A punch landed on the saiyans face sending him flying to some trees. Goku then recovered and rushed his own attack, but missed the Tyrant. Cooler then used his eye laser and hit the saiyan directly. Goku then yelled, "Kaioken Times Two!" Goku’ power grew and hit Cooler directly with a series of punches and kicks. Cooler then looked at the saiyan and said, "This will be the first time anyone has seen this!" said Cooler.

Cooler then powered up to his utmost limits, Goku’ scouter then started blipping to 12,000,000, about the same as Freiza’s Max. Cooler then started bulking up similar to Freiza’s 100 forms, but instead of stopping there Cooler began to grow instead of bulking up.

Cooler's power level then was skyrocketing to above 20,000,000 when Goku’ scouter broke from the tension of power. Cooler finished his transformation with being twice as large, his head with horns, and with red eyes.

Cooler started the battle by rushing the saiyan, all of the punches and kicks landed with a haymaker punch to finish off. Goku was thrown all the way to the other side of the facility. Goku tried to recover, but kicked again.

Goku fell to the ground, and stood up yelling, "Kaioken Times five!" Goku powered up and landed a punch on the Tyrant, but was then again punched by cooler sending him falling. Goku landed and was stomped on by Cooler. Goku coughed up blood. Then Cooler started blasting Goku directly. Cooler was clearly stronger than Freiza and the killer of Freiza.

Goku stayed lying on the ground after cooler finished blasting him, he was bested once again. "I guess I will be having my way with that pretty woman," laughed Cooler. Goku then yelled, "Her name is Alican!, You will address her as Alican!" Cooler then responded, "She will be called Ms. Sex Slave." Cooler then started laughing hard.

Goku stood up and yelled, "YOU WILL NOT BE DOING ANYTHING WITH ALICAN!" Goku then started powering up, his hair stood up his pupils left his eyes and suddenly a gold aura surrounded the saiyan.
Goku then flew to Cooler and said, "There's going to be a death here, Mr. Cooler." Cooler was punched and kicked and sent falling to the ground.

Goku then used his Meteor Blast to hit the mighty emperor. Cooler knew that fighting the sort of Super Saiyan was going to end in his death so he decided to get desperate and flew to the sky and powered up a large blast. The Death Ball, the very move that destroyed many planets and was set to blow up Alponie.

Goku then saw the blast heading towards him, he had to act quickly, after thinking he did know anything smart to do, so he just used his strength and took the blast head on. He flew to the blast and it started pushing him back, but the Pseudo Super Saiyan didn't give up, he pushed on, and with perseverance the blast started falling back towards Cooler, and then started flying faster toward the tyrant. Cooler then saw his blast coming back; just when the blast made contact with the tyrant it exploded.

When the smoke cleared only a head of the tyrant known as Cooler remained. Goku then finished off crushing the head with his foot.

Goku powered down and ran to the area where Alican was, Goku found she was in a hibernation chamber. Goku shut down the hibernation chamber and saw his love awake. Goku ran in the room to see his bewildered love. "Goku!" yelled Alican, as she stood up and kissed her love. Goku smiled after that and saw Alican's stomach she was pregnant, "Alican is it mine?" asked Goku, "Freiza said that he did things with you also."

Alican gave Goku a sad face, "Yes Freiza did abuse me sexually, but I have control of my birthing functions and when Freiza did his things with me, his seed did not penetrate, when I was with you my birthing functions were letting in yours." Goku then smiled and said, "Let’s get out of here Alican, we can find a new planet to settle."

Goku and Alican entered the ship and started it up, and then Goku asked, "So where should we go?" Alican smiled then quickly frowned and said, "Amondium has been stripped of its resources making it unlivable."

Goku then looked at the Navi-Charts in the Northern Galaxy and saw the most desirable uninhabited planet and it was called, "Earth" Goku then looked and said, "Earth?, I thought that planet was depleted.

"Then Goku remembered that the saiyan child revived Kakarot and the Namek, he probably restored Earth also. "Alican, I have found us a planet, we will go to Earth." Goku started the ship and flew into outer space.

Just as he was about to set the

navigation to Earth, Goku saw an armada of Western Empire Ships waiting. After that a video message came on and it was King Kold. "Monkey you will face the wrath of the Koldian Empire!" yelled the King. Goku then set the ship on manual and flew southward. The ships then began to pursue Goku’ ship. The Koldian ships were armed with small lasers and began to shoot.

The ship was sustaining damage.
Alican started breathing heavily and fell down. "Goku, I-It's coming, the baby is coming." Goku set the ship on auto and came to see his love. "Alican, just hold on were going to get out of this!" Goku then set the ship on manual.

Goku then saw a vortex in outer space, he heard of black holes there is a possibility of being sucked into another dimension or loosing memory or even obliteration. Goku then knew he had to take a risk; another 10 seconds of pursuit would end up in obliteration to the ship. Goku steered his ship right in the hole. After that none could be seen, felt, or heard. The hole took the ship.

"Ahh!" yelled a voice, "Goku!, it's coming!" The voice belonged to Alican, lover of Goku. Goku in a daze stood up and limped to his love. "Alican, I can barely see," said Goku as he continued his limp. "Ahh!," yelled Alican as it was followed by another cry, "Wahh!" Goku then ran to the area and his vision finally fixed up.

Goku then cut the umbilical cord and held his new child and they gave it to Alican, "What should we name it?" asked Goku as he began to smile, he was truly happy, for once in a very long time. "Goku lets name him, Canto," said Alican. Goku then saw that everything was perfect, except for the fact that there was no food or means of medical attention in the ship and another problem did not know where the black hole had taken them.

Goku left his family and went to the navigation deck. Goku looked into the location and it was in an unnamed planet, Goku then set the options to galaxy location and it was in the most dangerous part of the universe, the Southern Galaxy.

Alican stood up with the baby in her arms. "Okay I really don't know too much about the Southern Galaxy, but I'll set the course for Planet Earth again and we'll be fine." said Goku. Goku then set the course to the Earth and started the ignition, but nothing happened. The ship was broken. Goku exited the ship and saw that the whole engine was charred.

"Sir are you lost?" a voice called out, Goku turned around to see some men in some sort of Freizan Grade uniforms not seen before. Goku asked, "Where do your loyalties lie?" The men went into a defensive stance, "We are the ones asking the questions?" Goku was about to attack when he remembered that he had a family to think of. "Sorry, I have a family in the ship and we are stranded," said Goku. "We'll take you guys to our leader," said one of the men.

Goku, Alican and the baby, Canto along with the men walked to a rag-tag castle and were escorted to the royal chamber. "A saiyan, I knew we had a few left," said a voice from the front of the royal chamber. Goku and Alican turned around to see, two men, one old and battle worn, and another young and scrawny. Goku then spoke, "You know that I am a saiyan?"

The older man walked up to Goku, "I am Paragus and I too am a saiyan." Goku then looked bewildered and asked, "So are there any more saiyans?" Paragus then responded, "I don't believe so, we died out by Freiza, and I believe other than you, my son Broly, the saiyan Prince Vegeta and his comrade Nappa and myself are the only saiyans left."
Goku then began to share his story, covering his baby conquest, being a fugitive of Freiza, encountering another low-class saiyan, the deaths of Nappa and Vegeta, and ultimately the deaths of Freiza and Cooler.

"Paragus, I have a Planet called, Earth on my sights and all I need to do is bypass the Space Navy of King Kold," proposed Goku. "Intriguing indeed, Goku we’ve been needing to take a new planet, the Southern Galaxy is not having any promise," said Paragus, "We'll fix your ship and move out we have an impressive army, maybe we could combat King Kold."

Paragus exited and sent Alican and Canto to the medical facility. Goku was awarded new clothes by Paragus, he no longer wanted to bear Freizan-Grade uniforms. Goku had learned how to sense power levels so he no longer needs a scouter. Goku put on his new clothes; they were full black, a sort of style of Kakarott’s Orange Gi. Goku looked at himself in the mirror and liked his new set of clothes better.

Goku then began to walk to the medical facility when Paragus' son, Broly stopped right in front of him. "Out of my way scrawny, I have somewhere to go," said Goku. "YOU ARE KAKOROT!, KAKOROT!" yelled Broly as he began to power up and his hair turned blue-yellow and he bulked up, he was a full-fledged Super Saiyan.

Broly punched Goku sending him flying to an area of cliffs and waters. Goku recovered and used a Kaioken attack times ten, Goku then surprised Broly by kicking the Super Saiyan in the stomach sending him flying upward. Broly recovered and began to blast the low class saiyan.

Goku was getting ruthlessly blasted, he had never fought anyone this strong before, Broly made the battle with Freiza, seem easy. Just as Broly was going to use a finishing blast he stopped. Paragus appeared with a sort of device that seemed to calm Broly down.

Goku then looked at Paragus and asked, "Why the hell does your son want to attack me? And why does he find me to be Kakorot?" Paragus used his gadget to set Broly to sleep. "Let’s head indoors, Goku," said Paragus as he picked up Broly. Paragus then went inside and set Broly down on a bed and signaled Goku to come to his intelligence room.

Paragus then went to an old-style computer and turned it on, "Before Freiza destroyed our old planet Vegeta, our saiyan intelligence agency sent out the last week of the Planet's life to the backup center to the Freizan Planet 43 as is customary of other planets in the Freizan Empire, all need to make logs, and my son and I recovered it later on," said the old saiyan.

Goku then went to the computer and said, "So this can help me find out why Broly mixes me up with Kakorot, since many low class saiyans look like us it can't be an identity mistake." Paragus then typed in a lot of codes and opened up the page, "Goku when your spaceship said you were born?" Goku then remembered that the spaceship said, "Born on 12/19/1969."

Paragus then typed in that date in the birth log, and found a baby named Goku born on that day and a picture opened up, however the baby did not even look like him in any way whatsoever. Goku’ eyes widened and said, "That's not me, what the Hell!" Paragus then quickly typed in the name, "Kakorot."

The page came up with a picture of a low class saiyan infant named, Kakorot.
In the information page it stated, that there was a twin that had to be eliminated due to be with Freizan Population Laws.

Then Paragus typed in Broly, and it opened up a page stating the baby with a power of 10,000 as an infant, before being ordered to die, Broly was stationed next to Kakorot. Paragus then remembered a loud low-class baby crying. "Goku , I've pieced it together," said Paragus, "Broly has a hate for the deceased Kakorot, because he annoyed Broly as an infant by crying loudly, and the reason Broly thinks you're Kakorot is because…"

Goku then looked at Broly in suspense and said, "What?" Paragus then opened his mouth and said, "You are the supposed to be dead twin of Kakorot, and by a circumstantial turn of events you were switched with the real Goku and sent to Tancoin." Goku then laughed, "So it all makes sense, I always felt a strange bond with Kakorot, too bad my twin is dead."

Paragus then looked at Goku and said, "Being here with Broly is unsafe, we are almost done with your ship you better leave, I don't wish to see a fellow low-class killed by the Legendary Super Saiyan."

Goku then asked, "Legendary Super Saiyan?" Paragus then looked at Goku and said, "You saw the transformation occur in Broly that's only a quarter of his power, he has the power of the Legendary Super Saiyan." Goku was never as terrified as he was before, this Broly had the power to take Freiza, Cooler, King Kold along with all their men single handedly.

In about three days the ship was completed and stocked with food and supplies ready to make the trip to earth. Goku, Alican and their child Canto got ready to leave the barren planet in the southern galaxy.

Goku looked a Paragus and said, "Thank you; sorry this will be the last time I see you." Alican holding Canto entered first, Goku was about to enter the ship when suddenly a blast his back. "Kakorot, you're not leaving," said the voice of Broly. Goku turned around and said, "Look Here, I'm not Kakorot, I'm Goku."

Broly began to power-up, first the regular super saiyan Transformation. Goku then yelled, "Kaioken Times Ten!" Goku then charged, but was blocked easily as Broly continued to power up. "Goku lets leave!" yelled Alican as the baby began to cry.

Paragus intervened and started to use his gadget that controlled Broly's power. It didn't work. Broly was so angered that even the gadget wouldn't work, "You will DIE KAKOROT!" he yelled as his muscles began to bulge and his pupils began to disappear.

"KAKOROT, TIME TO FACE THE DEVEL!" Broly's hair turned green and his muscles grew to large size, he was the Legendary Super Saiyan.

Broly started by attacking Goku ruthlessly. "Goku!" yelled Alican. Broly began using haymaker punches and Goku was finally able to dodge the hits and followed up with hits of his own, however the hits were nothing to the Legendary Super Saiyan. Broly then blasted Goku sending him flying into an ocean.

"Damn it!" yelled Paragus, "Broly is no longer under my control, I can't stop him." Alican then walked to Paragus, "There has to be something," she said. "No," said Paragus, "He is out of control now, the only way he will calm down is…, if he kills Goku.”

Goku recovered and went underwater and thought for a while, and resurfaced. Broly was blasting the water yelling, "Kakorot, come out, come out." Goku then realized that not even a kaioken times twenty would work.

Goku then was scared stiff, then suddenly the fear turned into anger, he could not, and he would not let this mindless brute take over the man who liberated the Northern and Eastern Galaxies. Goku then thought of his love, Alican and his child, Canto.

"I WON'T LET YOU BEAT ME!, BROLY!" yelled Goku as his hair began to stand, then his eyes turned green, then his hair began to glow and finally a yellow aura surrounded the once low-class saiyan, he was a Super Saiyan now.

Goku then rushed and landed many punches at the brute, and it did a little damage. Broly then started ruthlessly attacking the new super saiyan sending him flying. Goku knew even with his new power it was still not enough. Goku started to charge up a blast, his favorite blast, Meteor Shot. Broly then began to charge his Omega Blast. "Take this Broly!" yelled Goku as he launched the large blast. Broly followed up with his blast, the blasts clashed.

Goku knew this was the only change to wear down Broly so his hits could have an effect. The blasts clashed at each other, Broly's blast was initially more forceful due to his power. Goku only had his drive and his need to defend his new family to back him up. Goku was beginning to struggle when he yelled, "ALICAN!, I WON'T LOOSE!" Goku then surged with new power and his blast then overcame Broly's and went straight toward the Legendary Super Saiyan.

Paragus, Alican and Canto all stood in the outskirts of the torn up planet. "Stay here, I'm going to see if I could stop my son," said Paragus. Paragus flew to the site of the battle and saw the smoke clear up. When the smoke cleared up Broly stood with only a small wound on his side.

"Nice hit Kakorot!, you kind of hurt me," laughed Broly. Paragus then flew in front of his son and said, "Stop it now, Broly he's not Kakorot, he is the one who killed Kakorot." Broly then smiled and said, "Father, if you get in my way-," Broly then flew and executed a punch that impaled the saiyan, "You will die."

Paragus then began to cough up blood, "B-Broly, I hate you," said the saiyan as he died. Broly then threw his father and yelled; "NOW IT'S REALLY TIME TO DIE!" Broly began to rush Goku. Goku then had to think fast, "Super Kaioken Attack!" yelled Goku as he turned an orange-red color.

Goku then rushed at Broly, he dodged the brute's attack and followed up with his own attack on his back. Broly fell down and then Goku used his Super Kaioken Attack to hit the fallen Legendary Super Saiyan. Goku then flew back as Broly stood up. "Surprise, that barely hurt," laughed Broly, "You can't even hurt me!"
Goku then thought to himself, "I'm done, he's just too strong." Broly then began to walk towards his Super Saiyan Enemy.

Broly then rushed Goku and hit him harder than ever. "Just Kill me now Broly!" yelled Goku. Broly then walked slowly to him, that's when he saw Broly holding his side, the wound that Goku inflicted with his meteor shot. "Okay Time to die!" yelled Broly.

Goku then yelled, "Super Kaioken Attack Times Two!" Goku flew back and then flew straight to Broly and yelled, "Super Kaioken Attack Times Three!" Goku directly hit the small wound.
Broly yelled loudly. Then Goku followed up with a Kill Driver on the wound increasing the size of it. Broly then punched Goku on the face sending him flying; "Omega Blaster!" yelled the brute as Goku was directly hit with the most powerful attack. "Damn Low Class."

The smoke cleared up and Broly saw that Goku was nowhere to be seen. "He's gone," laughed Broly. Broly then began to power-up, "Now that Kakorot is gone, time for the planet." Broly then began to form a blast larger than that of Freiza. "Bye, Bye Planet!" yelled Broly.

Just as the blast was about to be executed Broly felt a large force hit his side. Goku had flown directly at Broly using a Super Kaioken Times Five. Goku hit the brute and began to penetrate his side.

Within seconds Goku fully penetrated Broly leaving a large hole in his body. Broly was finally dead, however he still had a large blast hovering over him and it was beginning its penetration on the planet. Goku then flew to the direction of his ship. Goku then saw his family along with one hundred Paragus soldiers.

Goku landed and saw the one hundred men, and asked, "Who do you pledge allegiance to?" All of the men yelled, "Hail Lord Goku!" All of the men then flew to the city and grabbed their families. Goku and his family entered the ship and started it up and said, "En Route to Earth!" Goku’ ship exited followed by ten large passenger ships. Goku now only had one final obstacle before Earth, King Cold and his fleet, hopefully they broke off.

Goku’ ships followed by ten passenger ships were En route to Earth. They had finally exited the southern Galaxy and were in the Western Edge of the Galaxy. Goku was finally able to rest for once, he was reunited with his love and now he was a father as well.

Goku was sleeping when Alican yelled, "Goku we have a call!" Goku awoke and turned on the video phone and saw the video image of King Kold. "Goku, I have my entire fleet ready to engage, how about you die like a man and come to fight me alone."

Goku was given the coordinates. It was the Earth's moon. Goku wasn't sure if King Kold was bluffing or not. He had no choice though; King Kold probably established a base on earth, by now.

Goku decided not to take everyone with him and took a one man space pod to earth's moon. Goku then was contacted by Kold, "Land on the moon."
Goku then landed on the moon, King Kold established a false atmosphere over the rock. Goku exited to see one hundred men all lined up to fight the saiyan. "So King Kold!, I thought you were going to fight me like a man!" yelled Goku .

King Kold exited and laughed, "I lied" All of a sudden all of the one hundred men attacked. Goku yelled, "Kaioken Times Fifty!" Goku then rushed and killed many of the men within seconds.

Twenty were gone. Goku then laughed, "Hey Kold let me share a move I found in the southern galaxy" Goku then began to power up until the point where his hair turned yellow. He had become a Super Saiyan Again. Goku then yelled, "Hey Kold men, let me show you my favorite move!" Goku then extended his arm and yelled, "Meteor Blast!" Goku then annihilated the eighty other men.

Goku then started his walk towards the father of Freiza and Cooler. King Kold was frightened by the Super Saiyan and begged, "L-let’s talk about this, tell you what, have the Eastern Galaxy!, you can have it."

Goku continued his walk. King Kold stepped back, "Uh-uh th- the Northern Galaxy, have the whole Northern Galaxy" said the King. Goku then stopped, "Why make an ultimatum?, I can have it all." Goku then punched King Kold, Kold fell, "Get up!, fight me!" King Kold knew he was outclassed.

King Kold delirious would rather commit suicide than die at the hands of a saiyan. He made an energy blade and cut his head off.

Goku then jumped out of the moon base with a temporary oxygen barrier, and blasted the rest of the fleet, ending the rule of King Kold.

Freiza, Cooler, and King Kold all tyrants of the most active parts of the galaxy, The universe suffered for a brief while, with no standardization of laws, space pirates sprung. Goku kept his new planet, Goku sei, under control of all planetary crises.
Goku, Alican, and Canto along with the people of the Southern Galaxy Planet people all settled on Earth, now called Goku sei. With no intelligent life civilizations flourished, under the rule of a now good hearted Goku.

Goku stood at the altar of the highest point on Goku sei, Mt. Everest, and knew he truly had everything he could possibly want.

Word Count--8,697

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Story i've had so may be a little boring but it's still a RP lol
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A Great Saiyan
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