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A wonderfull Dragon Ball Z RPG that is really fun and is really the best of them all!
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 The last laugh(Incomplete)

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PowerLevel : 25,467,825
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Tehniques : Galick Gun,Big Bang,Final Flash,Super Galick Gun,Instant Transmission,Fusion Dance,Self Destruct,Final Shine,Solar Flare,Kaioken,Super Slither Slasher Basher
Battle Points : 17
Zeni : 1,585,350
Items : Weighed Armour,Saiyan Combat Sword,Z-Sword,Kings armor,Prince Scouter,30 Super Saibamen grade 2,30 Regular Saibamen
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PostSubject: The last laugh(Incomplete)   Fri Aug 27, 2010 11:44 am

Vegeta after finishing his training feels that he needs some fresh air and goes outside.Vegeta says to himself"Hmm... how many days has it been since i had some air'' ''WHAT THE WHERE IS THIS POWERLEVEL COMING FROM'' ''ITS GETTING CLOSER''.And suddenly vegeta finds himself in front of a saiyan.
Saiyan:So,You are the one who's powerlevel i sensed.Time eradicate you.
Vegeta:Ha Ha Ha,Eradicate huh,You are the one who is going to be eradicated.
Saiyan:That will be your last laugh.
Vegeta:I will laugh all i want.Why dont you stop me.
Saiyan:I will be the king of planet vegeta and you will be my first victim.Now time to shut that big mouth of yours.
And the saiyan attacks Vegeta punching him at the chest and throwing him to the ground.Vegeta gets up and fires his galick gun at the saiyan.The siayna says''Your litle beam just breaks my saiyan armor is that the best you can do'' and attacks at vegeta with a large and powerful beam of energy at him,Vegeta shocked at this gets hit.Vegeta flies up and says''YOU THOUGHT ITS OVER BUT THE BATTLE IS JUST STARTING'' ''TIME TO SHOW YOU THE LEGEND OF THE SUPER SAIYAN"''
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The last laugh(Incomplete)
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