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 The Changeling Trials

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PostSubject: The Changeling Trials   Fri Aug 27, 2010 11:50 am

Chill was recovering from his injuries he got while killing some annoying pests. Zohrod entered his chambers at the Imperial palace. "Mylord, someone has asked for you at the front gates." Chill sat up straight and looked at Zohrod. "Who was it Zohrod?" Zohrod gave him a letter and stepped back. "Appearantly I'm invited in a bar in the center of the city." Zohrod gave Chill his medicine. "Lets head off Zohrod, some minor injuries like these wont stand in my way." Zohrod bowed and got to the hangar to prepare for transport.

After a few minutes driving Chill and Zohrod arrived at the destination: Café Frozen Solid. "Stand on guard Zohrod, just in case." Zohrod nodded and got back in the hoover. When he entered the bar, Chill saw a changeling looking at him. He approached Chill and gave him a letter. "A battle royal at the Imperial colloseum?" The unknown changeling nodded and gave him a slip of paper with an addres on it. "You should see this man he can tell you all about it." Chill grinned and punched the changeling in the gut, causing him to sink true his legs. "I am not to be ordered only to be asked is this clear, lowlife?" The changeling got back up and looked at Chill. He bowed and asked for forgiveness for his rudeness. Chill turned around and headed outside.

Zohrod was already standing by to leave as he knew his master hated to wait on his servant. "To this addres Zohrod, at once." Zohrod started the engines of the hoover and floored it. Chill was thrilled, perhaps this training would let him blow of some steam.

They arrived at the location written on the slip of paper. A large house with the flag of the empire hanging outside. Chill went to the door and knocked very loud. From the inside a voice answered his knocking. "Come in, Lord Chill, I've been waiting for your arrival."

Chill entered the house and found out that a largely obese chngeling invited him in the livingroom. "Who are you?" The fat changeling laughed and pointed his chubby finger at a poster hanging on the wall. The poster showed a muscular changeling in the prime of its life. "You, thats you?" Chill smiled and the changeling answered him. "Yes that is me thirty years ago, before I indulged myself with the pleasures of eating." Chill sat down in one of the chairs and asked the changeling why he had to be here. "Ah, they haven't told you. Well today it is the day of the trial of power, I won thirty years ago and now I want to be your agent, as I know you will win this fight." Chill smiled and shaked the changelings hand. "Deal, I'll win you this tounament, just for me to blow off some steam."

Both changelings drank some wine and Chill left the house. Outside he found Zohrod sitting in the hoover ready to leave. "Zohrod we'll be leaving again." Zohrod answered this question by starting the hoovers angines and by taking off. What is this misterious battle royal he heard his master talk about? Zohrod was worried, his master was in no shape to participate at such event, not now at least.

At the Imperial palace Chill went to the mainframe database and searched up all information he could about the "Trial of Power". Only to find that its the ultimate spectacle a changeling can participate at. A true way to test and hone your skills. "Perfect, I'll win this and become even stronger." Chill laughed maniacaly and was heared over the entire palace. "Lets have fun...WHAHAHA!!" His determination had made it impossible for Zohrod to change his mind. Chill really wanted this occasion to show his true power to the people.

The colloseum attracted thousands of people that day, the entire Imperial family was there. The "trial of power" was about to begin. Chill was excited, never did he participate in an event of such proportion. He felt the adrinalin rush trough his veins. Absolute power should be a step closer when he would win this tournament. His mind was completely focused on victory. The guards of the arena approached him. "Its time for the elimination rounds Lord Chill, prepare yourself."

The light was bright when he entered the arena's centre battleground. The icecold winds rushed over his small body, causing him to shiver. Chill looked around and saw the Imperial family at the centerseats. He wanted to show them his newfound strength. They would surely see that he was not just a member of the family. No, after this they would've seen that he was one of them, a prince by power and status. Chill looked down and saw his opponent. It was a big and bulky changeling, definitly no royal blood changeling. Just a low level outcast.

The horns sounded, the start of the fight. The opponent flew high up in the sky and started to power up. Chill waited for the changeling to rush down again. wrong decision, the opponent fired a very strong double energy blast at Chill. Chill tried to run away but suddenly he fell to his knees. "Those damn injuries, not now.." KABOOM

The arena was covered in dust and rubble. The big changeling looked happy. He waited for the dust to clear and looked down. Chill was lying there, motionless. The bulky changeling got back on the ground and greeted the royal family. "I dedicate this victory to King Cold, and I ask forgiveness for killing his nephew...what?" The changeling saw that King Cold gave away an eerie grin. Then he felt it, it was like his lowerbody went completely numb. No, this wasn't just a feeling. In the middle of his chest he saw five fingertips ripping through his flesh and thus creating a hole through his body. "Never, will I be defeaten by a lowlife like you..." The changeling fell to the ground lifeless. The first round was over, Chill had passed to the next round...

The tournament became harder with every round. Chill felt his injuries harder and harder, yet did not give up. He passed the second round as well and was on his way to the semifinals. "Aaah, damn my injuries are killing me." Zohrod refreshed the bandages that were completely purple of Chills blood. "Master you can't keep up doing like this, you'll get hurt." Chill coughed up some blood and looked at Zohrod. "I destroyed your planet, I scold you every day, still you do this for me, why?" Zohrod tried to smile while working the bandages. "Its because I have no one else besides you mylord." Chill tried to stand up, but fell on his knees very quickly. "I think its time to use it..."

The horns sounded, the semifinals began. Chill stepped on the battleground and examinated the changeling that supposed to be his opponent. "Heh, this was harder than I thought after all."

Both changelings rushed towards each other. Jabbing, punching, kicking. The speed was incredible. Chill grabbed the opponent by the throat. " Its over." The opponent smiled and kicked Chill on his wounded chest. Blood came vissible through the bandages. Chill was in no state to fight. The opponent got ready and took Chill by the throat, squeezing the life out of Chill.

Chill suddenly cackled loud. "Surprised I guess" The opponent looked at Chill. He felt a slyther crawl up his leg. Chills tail wrapped itself around the other changelings body. "This is where you die, you filth."
A loud crackling and popping sound filled the arena. Chill had broken every bone in the opponents body. "Prepare to lose."

Chills tail lifted in the sky, the end pointed at the opponents back. "Done!" His tail rushed down, ripping through the opponents back. Its time for me to show what I've got.

The semifinals were over Chill went to the finals.

The crowd became excited, people cheering and booing for their favorit participant. The entire imperial city was at the arena to watch how changelings intend to surpass their limits by beating the crap out their opponents. It was truely a spectacle.

The final contenders were being announced. " Lord Chill and Izah will fight for the price and the glory." The crowd made more noise then the raging battlecry of an entire army. Today was his day, his day of glory.

Chill slowly entered the centre of the arena, stepping on the final battleground. He looked at his opponent. He seemed a bit bigger then Chill, more rough in body features. His blue shields really did make a good match with Chills green armor. " Time to fight, begin!"

The announcement was clear and both contestants were ready to fight. Chill examined his opponent carefully. According to what Zohrod said, his speed would be his best advantage. Chill knew his injuries limited his speed and drained more Ki then any attack he would do.

"Rhaaah!" Izah went head on and rushed straight towards Chill in the blink of an eye. Chill tried to jump aside, but was hit in the side by a strong nudge of the opponents fist. " He's measuring me, rhoahgg..." Chill coughed up some blood and stood back up. He charged his opponent and began throwing some" uppercuts, left hooks and right hooks. But none of them hit the target.

Izah took his turn now and began with a strong uppercut, throwing Chill in the air. He jumped and hoovered on the maximum hight he could reach. He jumped down with lightning speed, tried to plunge his knee in Chills guts and thereby claiming the price and the glory.

Chill did hit the ground, but the knee never landed his target. Chill had jumped aside and yelled fiercely, "Die you vermin!"
Chill rushed towards his opponent from the moment he got back up.

He grasped his opponents fists, one in each hand. He shoved the changeling closer, face to face. His hand suddenly let loose of his opponents hand and gave him a hard blow in his abdomen followed by putting his finger against his opponents head.

"This is your end"

A deathbeam, incinerated his opponents head, gone was the threat.

Chill claimed power, price and glory.

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PostSubject: Re: The Changeling Trials   Fri Aug 27, 2010 11:55 am

87,000 ki and pl and zeni

along with 17 bp
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The Changeling Trials
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