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 Vengence of a Legendary Saiyan

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PostSubject: Vengence of a Legendary Saiyan   Fri Aug 27, 2010 12:05 pm

Goku sighed as his space-ship made its way back to planet Vegeta. He had just conquered a new planet and was ready to submit his report, when an odd sight befell his eyes. It looked like a fight was going on near the spaceship of Freiza, which seemed to be around the saiyan home-world.

"Daiz, what the hell is going on?" Goku asked his crew-member.
A man with a green ponytail, earrings and a jewelry necklace tried to find the best way to answer.
"It would appear that something is going on at Freiza's ship up there," Daiz said.

"I see that, you idiot! I want to know what that something is!" Goku yelled. He glared at another one of his crew-members, this one was of large build "Amond, is there any possibility in moving the ship closer."

"No, my liege," Amond said. "The scanners have registered great power signals coming from there. Attempting to get closer would be suicide."

"I see," Goku noted. "Can you zoom in?"

"No, it's too static," the henchman of large-build said.

"Damn it!" the saiyan cursed. "Well, I guess we just have to wait to see what happens."

Bardock created a ball of energy in his right hand as Freiza held up his index finger, charging up a mighty ball of energy.

"This will change everything," Bardock said as he continued putting more energy into his power ball. "Planet Vegeta's fate, Kakarot's fate, and mine..." he glared at Freiza, now was the time to strike. "And yours too!!!"

Freiza remained silent as he observed his opponent. The tyrant gazed upon his own ball of energy; it was almost at the size of a moon.

"This ends now!" Bardock shouted as he threw his concentrated ball of energy at Freiza. But even though Bardock had laid everything he got into that one blast, it simply disappeared into Freiza's energy ball.

"What?!" Bardock was shocked. How could this be? Was Freiza really that strong? He had laid all his energy into that attack, and it didn't help.

Suddenly Freiza laughed as he unleashed his mighty Death Ball attack. The massive concentration of energy slowly moved toward Bardock, as the saiyan warrior saw his entire life pass before his eyes. Everything was there, his birth, his teenage years, all the innocent people he and his team had killed in Freiza's name, the birth of his oldest son Raditz, and his youngest son Kakarot. Everything...

Goku spat out his drink when he saw the powerful blast of energy coming toward planet Vegeta.

"That thing is going to destroy planet Vegeta!" he shouted. "Daiz, is there any way to stop this?"

"I-I'm trying to find a way," the crew-member stuttered and desperately tried to think up a plan.

"Hurry up, dammit!" Goku hasted. "Every second is important now!"

"It's no use," a cyborg said. "We have no capabilities of stopping that blast."

"Silence, Cacao!" Turled demanded, even though he knew that the cyborg was right.

He could do nothing as the planet was engulfed by the supernova. Only one thought ran through the saiyan space-pirate's mind. Shit!

As the ball swallowed Bardock into its core, the saiyan felt how his body started burning up. He knew that if he didn't find a way out, he was as good as dead.

There must be something, the brave warrior thought desperately as he looked around, and there he saw it, A space-ship in the distance, his only chance of survival. He desperately tried to fight his way out of the infernal supernova. He somehow managed to get out and was now on his way to the distant ship, but he was to weak. Bardock looked behind and saw the explosion.

I...failed, thought the saiyan before he lost consciousness.

Freiza laughed victoriously. His plan had worked. Planet Vegeta was gone, no one could threaten his reign anymore. The tyrant was still the superior being of the universe.

"Look, Zarbon! Look, Dodoria! Isn't that a pretty firework?" the tyrant asked, referring to the explosion.

"It's magnificent, my lord," a male alien with light blue skin, braided green hair, a tiara and ear-rings said.

"Yes, that last saiyan who tried to stop you is gone," a plump, pink alien agreed.

"No thanks to you, Dodoria," Freiza growled.

The heavy alien gulped, when Freiza was angry, someone would usually disappear without any trace.

Freiza glared at Zarbon. "Were there any saiyans who were not on the planet?"

"There are five," the feminine looking alien said.

"What are their names?" Freiza asked.

"Well," Zarbon said as he downloaded the information onto his scouter. "First there is prince Vegeta and his bodyguard Nappa, then a space-pirate saiyan named
Goku, and finally Raditz and Kakarot. Sons of Bardock, the very same saiyan who attempted to stop you, my lord." Zarbon said. "Further more, Kakarot is a baby that was sent to planet Earth to destroy it."
Freiza growled. "I'll announce that one dead."

"Why?" Dodoria asked.

The tyrant glared at his henchman. "Why do you think, idiot? If I want these four to conquer planets for me, I can't have them babysit some little brat, and I refuse to sit and pamper a saiyan baby. Now, shut up and summon the four others to Planet Freiza."

"As you wish, my lord," Zarbon said and left.

As the explosion occurred, Goku and his crew were temporally blinded by the explosion. But now that it was clear, the saiyan could open his eyes again. But the sight that met him filled the space-pirate with grief.

"Holy crap," he slowly said and looked at the empty space where planet Vegeta was.

"Sir! The planet is gone!" Daiz stated.

"Thank you, mr. obvious," Goku said sarcastic.

"Sir! Sir!" two small, purple aliens who looked exactly the same shouted and ran up to their leader. "Our scanners have detected a weak power signal not far from here."

"Thank you, Rasin and Lakasei," Goku said. "Let me check."

The saiyan activated the main screen to see what it was, the sight fuelled him with fear and shock. It was a man whose entire body was covered in burns, his hair was erratically spikey, and most of his armor had been incinerated. "B-Bardock..."

"Hey lord Goku, " Rasin said. "That guy looks almost exactly like you."

"Get him in..." Goku slowly said.


"GET HIM IN!" the saiyan demanded.

"Y-yes sir," Rasin and Lakasei both said and took on suits that would prevent them from suffocating in space. They then jumped out of the spaceship picked up the wounded warrior, and got back into the ship with him. The saiyan was slowly regaining consciousness.

Goku immediately rushed to his fellow saiyans side. "Bardock, what happened? Who did this to you, and who destroyed planet Vegeta?"

Bardock looked up in the space-pirate's face. " us..." and then he once again lost consciousness.
Goku stared at the unconscious saiyan for a few moments, before he began barking orders at his crew.

"Rasin and Lakasei! Get Bardock into the rejuvenation chamber! Amond! Move this ship over to the space station! Cacao! You look out for possible enemies, As for you, Daiz, get me a new drink!" Goku said smiling.

Goku sighed as he got an incoming call from one of Freiza's henchmen.
What does Frieza want now? the saiyan wondered.

A small screen on his control-panel activated, and showed the face of an indigo-skinned, fish-faced alien. Goku placed his palm on his forehead as a sign of frustration. Oh, not that obnoxious Cui again.

"Is this Goku who I'm speaking too?" the alien asked.

"Of course it's me, you dumbass, "Goku stated.”Make it quick!"

"Sheesh, what's your problem," Cui asked.
Well, for starters, planet Vegeta has been blown to smithereens, I find an old friend of mine barely alive, and he then tells me that your leader is behind the destruction of my home planet, the saiyan thought ratter bitterly. "Nothing, I'm just grouchy today," he then said.

"Well, don't take it out on me then! I'm only following orders," Cui frowned. "You saiyans should really learn some manners."

"Get to the point, fish-face," Goku shouted, rather irritated of the alien's constant whining.

Cui was shocked over the fact that Goku dared to insult him, one of Freiza's self-proclaimed elite soldiers. But he remembered his orders and gave the message calmly: "Lord Freiza wants to see you on planet Freiza. Don't keep him waiting."
Goku rolled his eyes. "Of course..." he then mumbled and turned off the screen. "Freiza is going to pay."

"Lord Goku?" Amond asked. "What should we do?"

Goku sighed and stood up. The other members of his crew gathered around as the saiyan gave out his orders: "Amond, fly this ship to planet Freiza. Also, if Bardock wakes up during my absence, then you have to treat him with the same respect as you give me. Is that understood?"

"Yes sir!"

A few hours later the ship landed on planet Freiza, one of the many bases of the evil tyrant of same name. Goku walked out, arms crossed and a cold expression on his face. The saiyan looked around and saw several tall, white buildings where parts of Freiza's enormous army were kept in groups.
Goku bumped into a large, pink alien, who in return turned around and shouted at the saiyan to watch his steps.

Goku recognized the alien, "Dodoria, what a pleasure to see you again." He said in a rather sarcastic tone.

"Goku,” I see you're still a good for nothing smartass," the large alien said

"And I see that you're still a tub of lard," Goku mocked. "Seriously, you should cut down on the meals."

Dodoria grabbed the saiyan by the collar of his armor and lifted him up. "I'll watch my tongue if I were you."

Goku wasn't really bothered, in fact he was confident that he could kill this freak with ease if he wanted to, so instead of shivering in fear, like most others did when they awakened Dodoria's anger, he decided to add more fuel to the fire.

"Now, now, Dodoria. Don't come up with empty threats."
Dodoria roared and was about to punch Goku in the face, when he was stopped by Zarbon, who walked by.

"Dodoria, don't lose control, he is not worth your anger."

The heavy, pink alien calmed down and let go off Goku. "You're right, Zarbon," he said. "This punk isn't worth my time." He then leaned close to Goku and whispered into his ear: "We'll settle this some other time. After this meeting then you better come to the abandoned canyon."
Works for me, Goku thought and laughed on the inside. You're just slowing down your own demise.

"Now, enough of these childish shenanigans," Zarbon said. "Lord Freiza wants to see you now. Don't let him wait."

"Sure, Lord Freiza won't be waiting very long," Goku said, mocking the word 'lord'.

Later, Goku and three other saiyans were gathered inside Freiza's throne room, where the evil overlord sat on a throne, Zarbon and Dodoria by his side.
Goku saw three saiyans, two kids and one adult. The first kid was a young boy with long black hair, Goku recognized him as Raditz, the oldest son of Bardock.
The other boy was slightly smaller than Raditz, his hair stood up like an onion-shaped flame, his face that of a strong warrior. This was Prince Vegeta, son of the late King Vegeta.

The adult was a muscular man with black hair and moustache. His name was Nappa, the commander of the late King Vegeta's army and now guardian of the young Prince Vegeta.

All three wore standard Saiyan Armor, Vegeta's was the only one that stood apart as it had the symbol of the royal saiyan family on it.

"Now, you might wonder why I have gathered you," Freiza began. "You see, it is with my deepest condolences from the bottom of my heart..."
Yeah right, Goku said inside his head as he resisted his urge to roll his eyes.

"...that I tell you this, but planet gone," Freiza said, trying to sound as compassionate as possible. "It was destroyed by an asteroid."
Asteroid my ass, you did it, Goku frowned upon Freiza's attempt at winning the trust of the remaining saiyans.

"W-what," Raditz asked as he fell to his knees. "Destroyed? W-what about my parents...and my new born brother, Kakarot."

"They are dead as well," the tyrannous liar claimed. "Your brother was in a space-pod on the way to Earth, but the space-pod was caught in a meteor storm and crushed.

Raditz almost broke down crying, he was all alone. No family, no friends The young boy fell to his knees, trying to hold his tears back. Goku couldn't help but feel sympathy for the young saiyan, the saiyan kid's father and brother were indeed alive, but right now he had to believe they were dead.

"So...lord Freiza. What should we do now?" Nappa questioned. "We have nowhere to live, and most of our race has been destroyed."

Under his compassionate facade, Freiza struggled to suppress an arrogant smile. "You may be a part of my forces and conquer planets for me. Fair enough? I give you a place to live, and in return you work for me."
Nappa thought about it for a few moments, before he finally made his decision.

"Deal," the guardian said. "We help you, and you give us a place to live."

"Splendid," Freiza stated. "But remember, this means that you have to work hard for me. No slacking or anything."
Fiendish scum, Goku thought and glared at the evil tyrant.

"That is all the announcements I have. You may leave now," Freiza said.
The saiyans left the throne room, three out of four of them were shocked over this whole event. It did however seem a little suspicious that a random asteroid would strike at that particular time, without anyone knowing that it would happen.

The saiyan who wasn't shocked was of course Goku, who already knew the truth. He made his way out to an abandoned canyon, where he stood and waited for Dodoria to arrive, so they could settle their little dispute from earlier on.

Bardock woke up inside the rejuvenation chamber in which he was put in. At the exact moment his eyes opened, the glass-door that kept him inside the healing machine opened, and the saiyan walked out, feeling partially refreshed.

"I see that you have waken up," a voice said. Bardock looked at the direction of the voice and saw Goku' right-hand man, Amond.

"And you are?" the saiyan asked.

"My name is Amond. A servant of Lord Goku," he said and kneeled before Bardock.

"Lord Goku?" Bardock questioned as he put on some new armor and scouter. "I thought only the elite class saiyans could call themselves lords."

"We merely call him that out of respect," Amond explained. "Lord Goku asked us to treat you the same way we treat him."

Bardock smirked. "Good old Goku." He then looked around. "Care to tell me where this ship currently is."

"Our current destination is at planet Freiza," a cyborg who came by said. "Lord

Goku and the other saiyan survivors are currently having a meeting with Freiza, regarding the demise of your home-planet."
When he heard the word 'Freiza', Bardock instinctively clenched his fist and ran out of the ship, before taking flight toward Freiza's palace, which stood tall and made all the other buildings look like small logs.
Freiza, this time I'll have my revenge!

"Wait!" the saiyan heard Amond shout after him. "Your power haven't fully returned yet!"

Bardock didn't care, he was too focused on finally getting his revenge.

Goku didn't have to wait long until Dodoria approached him, clearly wanting revenge.

"Well if isn't Dodoria?" Goku asked and crossed his arms. "So you decided to come."

The large alien growled and clenched his fists. "Listen you snot nosed punk-monkey. I don't care if Freiza wants you and the three others alive. You insulted my pride, and for that I'm gonna make you pay!"
Goku laughed. "Snot nosed punk-monkey? Was that supposed to be an insult or something?"

"Will you stop mocking me!" Dodoria roared and stamped on the ground. "Or do I have to shut that mouth of yours myself!"

The saiyan smiled. "Is that a challenge?" He then got into a fighting stance. "Because if it is, then you have lost beforehand, dear fatso."
Dodoria growled. "Yeah, yeah. You got a big mouth. Let's see if you can actually make up for it in strength!"

Goku' smile became wider. "Let's!"

The pink alien charged toward Goku and attempted a punch, which was easily blocked, before the saiyan kneed Dodoria in the face, sending the large alien upward, before the ladder stopped.

"You little bastard!" Dodoria shouted and charged up energy in his palms. "I'll kill ýou!!" He then unleashed the energy as a powerful beam, which Goku merely frowned upon.

The saiyan dodged the attack with relative ease before landing several punches on Dodoria's face.
"Come on, Dodoria," Goku taunted. "At this rate, a Saibaman would be a better challenge than you!"

"Shut your mouth!" Dodoria shouted and threw several energy blasts at Goku, which the saiyan effortlessly dodged before smashing the pink alien into the ground, creating a small crater. The alien was heavily wounded, but still alive.

"In the end you are just a fat weakling," Goku said.

"Bravo Goku," a voice said, the saiyan turned around and saw Zarbon leaning up against a cliff. "You have definitely become much stronger since last time," the alien then got into a fighting stance. "But you're still no match for me."
Goku smiled and got into a fighting stance himself. "We'll see."

The two warriors charged into fight and were locked in a high speed rush, both of them landing several hits on each other. Goku eventually gained the upper-hand and punched Zarbon several times, before kicking him down to the ground.
The right-hand man quickly got up and launched a powerful energy wave, which struck Goku, causing a small explosion
As the dust cleared Goku stood with a few injuries.

"Not bad. That actually did hurt a bit," he then prepared to attack again. "Let's continue!"

"You fool," Zarbon said. "What makes you think that you can win?"
A vicious glint appeared in Goku' eyes. "Oh, I know now."

Goku and Zarbon stared at each other, both waiting for the right time to strike. The saiyan attempted to scan Zarbon for any weak spots, while the ladder gave an arrogant stare.

"I know exactly why I can win," Goku said and prepared to attack.

"Fool! You don't know what I am capable of," Zarbon stated. "I will not go down as easily as Dodoria."

Goku snorted. "Alright then, come and get me if you can!"
Zarbon lunged himself toward Goku and attempted an uppercut, which the saiyan merely blocked before kicking the alien in the stomach and then punch him several times, before smashing Freiza's right hand man upwards.

Zarbon quickly stopped and activated his scouter, localizing Goku' position right behind him, the alien barely managed to block an incoming punch, before kneeing the saiyan in the stomach, and then smacked him in the face, sending Goku away.

Zarbon quickly followed up by charging against the saiyan, who grabbed both of the right-hand man's arms and gave the alien a head butt, before swinging him around like a rag doll.

"Disappear, girly!" Goku shouted and let go of Zarbon, sending the alien hurling downwards, this however wasn't the end as Goku rushed after Zarbon, and proceeded to land several hits, before kicking him in the stomach, smashing his opponent down in the dirt.

Despite this severe beating, Zarbon still managed to get up on his feet again, his face had several wounds, and a relatively small amount of blood dripped from his forehead. The alien was furious. How could he be so wounded by what he considered to be scum? It made no sense!

The saiyan king, who was supposed to be the strongest of the race only, had a power level of 11.000. Zarbon's power level was 23.000, but somehow this one particular saiyan seemed to be even stronger than that.

Goku laughed. "What's the matter, Zarbon? Aren't you supposed to be a part of Freiza's elite? Come on, show me what you got!"

Zarbon spat some blood on the ground before turning his attention to the saiyan who was currently mocking him.

"I underestimated you," he said in a rather emotionless tone.

"Either that or you overestimated yourself," Goku commented with a smug smile. "Seriously, I have fought insect creatures stronger than you."
Zarbon chuckled. "Laugh while you can, because when I unleash my true strength, then nothing can save you."

"True strength?" Goku asked. "What do you mean?"

Zarbon's chuckle evolved into a mad laughter. The alien pointed at his face. "You see my current form that you are fighting, is my beauty side."
"Not when I'm done with it," Goku commented.

Zarbon growled. "You can really talk a lot, eh? Well, in a moment it will all be over. It's time for you to face my other side, the beast."
With that, the alien began undergoing changes. His body became bulkier, with his elastic body armor taking shape after it. His face was no longer what he considered handsome, but instead he now looked like a reptilian monster.

Goku immediately checked the power level of his transformed adversary, and was shocked to see that it was at 30.000.
Impossible! 30.000?! My power level is only 25,000. I really need to watch out, the saiyan thought as he tried to plan a strategy for the upcoming fight.

"What's the matter?" Zarbon asked. "Have you finally realized that you are no match for me?"

Goku growled and got into a fighting stance. "I will kill you, no matter how strong you become!"
The reptilian alien laughed. "Oh, please. You might have become stronger since our last meeting, but you're still no match for my transformed body!"

Goku charged against Zarbon and punched him several times, the alien however didn't move as much as an inch.

Zarbon then merely punched the saiyan in the face, before giving him a gut-punch, causing the saiyan to spit out saliva in agony. The alien then gave Goku an elbow to the face, before swiftly kicking the saiyan into the dirt.

However, the assault didn't stop there. Zarbon picked up Goku and began to brutally beat the unfortunate warrior, before throwing him into a nearby cliff, causing it to break and cover Goku in boulders.

"Die in peace, saiyan scum," Zarbon taunted and prepared to leave, when a powerful ring of energy was shot straight at him, the alien didn't manage to dodge and so got caught in the blast. However, it left little to no injuries on the powerful elite warrior's body.

When Zarbon looked at the place from which the attack came from, he saw a badly beaten up Goku gasping for air.

"You're still alive? I must admit that you are a tough nut to crack," the alien said. "But I'm going to end it now."

"It's not over until I say it is," Goku roared.

Zarbon laughed at this statement. "Look at you. You can barely stand up straight. Give up and maybe, just maybe I'll spare your pitiful life."
He's right. I have lost quite a bit of energy. Dammit! I could use a false moon, but it's too risky. I would go on an uncontrollable rampage, Freiza would easily dispose of me, the saiyan thought. Alright then, what the hell am I supposed to do?

Zarbon straightened his right arm, his palm was in a straight position pointing at Goku as energy gathered in it, the alien prepared to fire his deadly Elegant Blaster attack.

"See you in the next--"

Before Zarbon could finish his sentence, he was cut off when he was kicked in the face by a new opponent. Zarbon managed to get a glance off of this new enemy, it was the same saiyan who tried to stop Freiza during the destruction of planet Vegeta, no doubt about that. He had the same green armor, the same scar, and most notably, he had the same hair style as Goku.

"You!" Zarbon shouted surprised before regaining balance. "Why are you still alive?!"

"Tsk," Bardock growled. "It'll take more than a supernova to get rid of me."

"Then I will gladly finish the job myself," Zarbon said and prepared to attack.

"Bardock, you idiot!" Goku yelled. "You're still weakened. He'll crush you!"
Bardock glanced at Goku. "Maybe that's true. But I refuse to back down from a fight." He then turned his attention back to Zarbon. "Come on, Zarbon! I'm gonna kill you first, and then Freiza!"

"Oh, please. Don't be so delusional. If Goku here couldn't keep up with me, then what makes you think that you can?"

"Shut up and fight, you monster!" Bardock shouted and charged against Zarbon, only to be smacked across the face and kneed in the stomach.

"I thought you were going to kill me? What's the matter?" Zarbon asked and grabbed Bardock, before head butting him several times, until the saiyan was knocked unconscious. The right hand man then threw Bardock into the dirt. "Weakling."

That forsaken idiot! Goku thought. What am I to do now?
At that moment, Goku felt something strike his back, a fist. He looked behind to see who had punched him, it was Dodoria! The heavy alien wasted no time and pummeled the saiyan into the ground, before ascending up in midair with Zarbon right behind him, the ladder of who was back in his normal form.

"Let us put an end to this charade," Zarbon said. He looked at his comrade. "Do you want the honor?"

"My pleasure," Dodoria responded in a sadistic tone, before charging up ki energy in his mouth. He then unleashed it against the spot where Goku and Bardock were, blasting them both deep into the ground, with boulders covering the crater.

"That should have done the job," Dodoria said. "If the blast didn't kill them, then they'll probably die from their injuries."

"We need to report this to Lord Freiza," Zarbon stated and took flight toward the tyrant's palace, with Dodoria right behind him.

"Uh, Zarbon. Could you do me a favor?"


"Don't tell Lord Freiza of how Goku almost killed me."

Zarbon nodded. "Alright then. But you'll have to give me half of your next payment."
Dodoria growled. "Fine, you bloodsucker. We have a deal."

Goku growled as he managed to break free from the boulders covering him. The saiyan quickly helped Bardock up.
Seems my plan worked. Faking death was the only way out, he thought and sat up.
Bardock then regained conscious, angered at the fact that he had been defeated so easily.

"Curse that Zarbon," the saiyan warrior said. "He is going to pay for this!"

"I agree," Goku said. "But in our current shape we can't do anything. We need to get back to my ship and plan our next move."

"You're going nowhere!" a gruff voice shouted.
The two saiyans turned around and saw a soldier from Freiza's army. All of the tyrant's foot soldiers were hard to distinguish as they all wore the same armor, and almost the same shapes and faces. They were like an army of clones.

"You two are stupid to think that you could mess with Lord Freiza," the generic soldier said. "Prepare to die!"

Darn it, Bardock thought. If I and Goku weren't that weakened, then we could have easily killed this piece of trash!

As the Freiza soldier prepared to unleash an energy wave, he was struck by what seemed to be an orange, razor-sharp energy disc that cut the unfortunate minion in half, thus killing him.

Goku only knew one person who could do that, and his suspicions were validated when he looked at the direction from which the energy disc came from. It was Amond.

"Amond, you're just in time," the saiyan said as his second in-command descended to the ground.

"Lord Goku, I see you and Master Bardock are still alive," Amond said. "It's a good thing I made it in time. What happened? You both look awfully beaten."

"Long story short, we got our asses kicked," Bardock admitted.

"I see, well let's get back to the ship and be gone from this place. Freiza will surely order the ship destroyed because it belongs to Lord Goku."
Goku nodded.
"Yes, let's get away from here."

Bardock growled. He was angry. Not because they had to flee, but because he knew why. Because they knew that they wouldn't stand a chance against Freiza in their current shapes. So fleeing like cowards was the only thing to do. They could call it what they wanted, fleeing or tactic withdrawal, it still meant that they had to turn tail and run away.

"Alright, let's go," the saiyan warrior reluctantly said as the three went back to Goku' space-craft.

The trio of Goku, Bardock and Amond had just made their way back to Goku' space-craft, it was no easy matter as they had to hide every five second from Freiza’s henchmen who were constantly patrolling the area.

Had Goku and Bardock not been so injured and exhausted after the fight with Zarbon and Dodoria, they would have probably been able to just rush through the masses, but even that was risky as Zarbon and Dodoria could be right among the crowd, waiting to finish off the two saiyans.

Amond had to make sure the path was clear, so that they could get back, and when they finally arrived, Amond had opened the doorway through a remote.
"Let us get in, Lord Goku and Master Bardock," the second-in command said.
The trio entered, and Bardock was mildly said impressed at this technological wonder of a ship.

It had at least seven rooms in it, some chairs that seemed very comfortable, and a control panel that seemed very easy to use. Several screens above this panel showed the outer space that the ship was currently flying through.
It didn't take long before the rest of Goku' crew came to greet the trio.

"So, how did it go?" Daiz asked.
Goku glared at the henchman. "Don't ask."
Bardock groaned and sat on one of the chairs, placed before the control panel.

"How did you afford all this fancy stuff?" the saiyan questioned.
Goku shrugged. "Space piracy is a very well-paying business." He then looked at his henchmen. "Bardock and I need to speak privately. Get out of here!"

"Yes sir!" the crew shouted and left the room.
Bardock rolled his eyes, before remembering that they needed a plan to defeat Freiza.

"We need to think up our next move."
Goku nodded. "I agree. Do you have anything in mind?"

"Where there any other saiyan survivors?" Bardock asked.

"Yes there are. The prince, an elite soldier and your older son, Raditz," Goku responded.

At the mention of Raditz being alive, Bardock sighed out of relief, but he quickly came back to reality. "We can't get back to planet Freiza and pick up the remaining saiyans. The majority of Freiza's army are weaklings compared to us, but then there is Zarbon and Dodoria, and of course Freiza himself."

"So what? You just want to leave your fellow saiyans with that freak?!" Goku yelled. "I can't believe you, Bardock."
Bardock sighed.

"Trust me when I say that I would rather want to be eaten alive by a thousand worms, but we don't have a choice. Besides, I don't think Freiza would plan on killing them. As long as he thinks that he can keep them under control, you know what a power hungry bastard Freiza is. He want the entire universe under him."
Goku nodded.
"Sounds logical. Then what is your plan?"

Bardock smiled. "We must go to planet Earth and pick up my son, Kakarot."

"Kakarot?" Goku asked. "What could he possibly do to help us?"
Bardock sighed. "Goku, there is something I must tell you. After my squadron and I cleared planet Kanassa, a surving kanassan forcefully gave me the ability to see into the future."

"A gift of precognition?" Goku asked.

"Exactly," Bardock confirmed. "Now, with this 'gift' I saw visions in which Freiza destroyed planet Vegeta, and one in which Kakarot faces off against Freiza as an adult."

"So, what's your plan?" the space pirate questioned.

"I could not prevent my vision of planet Vegeta's fate from happening. But the vision of Kakarot fighting Freiza, that I will make sure becomes reality."

"So, our destination is planet Earth?" Goku asked.
Bardock nodded. "Correct."

Goku then issued the order to his henchmen that their destination was planet Earth."
Kakarot, I will make sure that you will become strong enough to defeat Freiza, Bardock thought. You will grow up to avenge our race, and I will make sure that it happens.

The ship landed in a mountainous area, Bardock was the only one to walk out as Gokuand his crew remained on the ship. Goku didn't want some random Earthling to come and steal his ship. Throughout the universe, earthlings were generally stereotyped as a bunch of selfish savages who found no shame in stealing from others.

The saiyan warrior sighed and activated his scouter, searching for any sign of life in the area. After a few seconds the device picked up two power levels. The first one was at 130 and the second one was at two.

One power level at 130 and another one at two. Maybe Kakarot is one of those two.
Bardock charged toward the place where his scouter picked up the signals from. He rushed far through the mountainous area and arrived at a small hut. It was nothing special as it was made entirely of wood.

I knew that Earthling-technology was inferior to ours. But this is just laughable.
Bardock then knocked on the door, waiting for someone to open it. It opened and Bardock came face to face with an aged man. He had a white moustache and wore an orange vest which covered a black jumpsuit, the old man also had a green cap on his head.

The man looked at Bardock. "That hairstyle..." he mumbled, before trying to figure out a way to ask this next question as politely as possible. "Excuse my sudden question, but I found a baby in the forest a few days ago. Would you happen to be a relative of it."

Bardock nodded. "I am the father of the child."
The old man nodded, but suddenly slapped himself across the face. "Oh, where are my manners?" he then lifted his arm to shake hands with his guest. "My name is Gohan, what's yours?"

"The name is Bardock," the saiyan said and shook Gohan's hand. "So, Gohan...can I see him?"

"Most certainly," the old man confirmed. "Let's get in."

The two went inside Gohan's house and into his living room, there on the floor sat a small child. It only wore a diaper, but the thing that really got Gohan's attention was the fact that this kid, as well as Bardock, had the exact same erraticly spiky hairstyles. The saying 'Like father, like son' was very literate at this point.
Bardock picked up the child, and for the first time in the warrior's life, he could hold his son in his arms. The young Kakarot seemed to know that the person who currently held him up was his father, as he playfully placedhis young and fragile hands on Bardock's face.

Bardock then sat the child back on the floor, before turning his attention to Gohan.

"I appreciate that you found and took care of my son," the saiyan said.
"Thank you," Gohan said and bowed. "Now if I may ask: How did your son end up here, and why exactly do both you and Goku have tails?"

"Goku?" Bardock asked.

"That's the name I gave him," Gohan explained. "May I ask what his real name is?"

"His name is Kakarot," Bardock told. "And to answer your previous question: Kakarot and I are both saiyans."


"Yes, allow me to explain."

And so Bardock told the old Gohan everything. How the saiyan race had worked under Freiza’s command, conquering planets and killing the inhabitants in his name. How Freiza treated them like trash in return, and reduced the saiyan race to a small handful, and how Bardock and his friend, Goku, were now trying to reunite all the saiyan survivors so they could defeat Frieza together.

"I see," the old man said and nodded.
Bardock was surprised that Gohan believed him. Earthlings were generally known to be very ignorant to life not from their planet. "You believe my story?"
The old man chuckled. "To others it may sound farfetched, but in my life I have witnessed quite a lot of things, so this doesn't come as much of a surprise."
Now it was Bardock's turn to nod. "Is that so? What have you experienced during your life then?"

Gohan smiled and began his speech about his life: "In my young days I trained under Master Roshi, who is quite possibly the greatest martial artist on Earth. He taught me everything I know, and I am honored to have been a student of his. I have travelled around the world, witnessed many strange phenomenon’s: devils, monsters, magical beings and much more."

Bardock was surprised. It seemed that the stereotype of earthlings being selfish and with no shame seemed completely false. Earth certainly had a lot of qualities to it, maybe it would be best to have Kakarot grow up on this planet, the child could be in peace here without the fear of Freiza and his army tracking him down, since Goku told Bardock that Freiza didn't want to waste his time by sending a squad to Earth to capture or kill Kakarot.

"Gohan...could I ask for a favor?" Bardock asked.

"Sure," the old man said. "What is it?"

"Could you watch over Kakarot for me? I'll be here with you the first couple of years to train him in basic hand to hand combat, and then I'll leave him in your care until he reaches an age of fifteen."

"Sure, but why do you want to leave your son here?" Gohan questioned.

"Earth seems to be a rather quiet planet, perhaps it is best for my son to live here without any fear. You see, in space it would be easy for any potential enemies to attack and kill my son, and that must not happen. Therefore I ask for this favour."
Gohan carefully considered it. "Sure, it means that at least I will have some company here."

"Alright then," Bardock said. "I'm off to tell my partner about my decision."

"Okay then," Gohan said. "Give him my best regards."

"I will," Bardock said and took flight, something that shocked Gohan.
Bardock yawned as he took a sip of his drink. It was twelve years since he had left Kakarot in Gohan's care alone. Now he and Goku had spent their years searching the galaxy for allies.

Many planets had been visited, but everywhere the population refused when they were asked to help them in their crusade against Frieza.

"You must be crazy!"

"Our people may be brave, but we are not suicidal!"

"Forget it!"


"He would slaughter us all."

"Frieza is too powerful for us!"

Those were some of the answers they had received. On every planet they visited, the answer was pretty much the same. Except for one planet: Yadrat. The beings on that planet wanted to help the saiyans, but not by fighting Frieza, instead they offered to teach Bardock and Goku one of their most prized techniques: The Instant Transmission, a method of teleportation that would allow them to get to distant areas in mere nano-seconds.

Not only that, Bardock and Goku was also taught how to sense ki signatures so they wouldn't have to rely on their scouters. This was necessary in order to learn the Instant Transmission.

"Why so long in the face, Bardock?" Goku, who was sitting right next to Bardock, asked.

"Nothing, I was just thinking about our journey through space."

"I see," Goku noted. "Today we are going to pick up Kakarot. Did he give you information about where he is waiting for us?"

"Yes, he said he was going to wait on a remote island in the oceans," Bardock explained. "We'll just follow the signal from his scouter in order to find him."

"Lord Goku and Master Bardock," Amond spoke. "We'll land on Earth in ten minutes from now."

"Thank you, Amond," Goku replied. "Daiz, follow the coordinates that Bardock's scouter picked up.

"Yes, my lord," the crew member said.
Even now that Bardock and Goku knew how to sense ki signatures they still used their scouters, mostly because the handy devices could be used as walkie talkies, so they could keep connection with each other.

Suddenly Bardock's eyes widened as he saw something in his mind. He saw a blue alien standing in front of his son, Kakarot, who was wearing a red gi.

"You're coming with me, kid. Whatever you like it or not," the alien said.

"Don't count on it," Kakarot growled and lunged himself at the alien.
Bardock then came back to reality. He knew exactly what had happened: It was his ability to see into the future. It had not been active for almost fifteen years, but now it had shown him a new vision. Bardock was worried because the opponent of his son wore the same armor that he, Goku and his crew wore. And the only others aside from them who wore that type of armor were Freiza and his men.

"Goku, can we get to Earth any faster than this?"


"I just got a vision. Kakarot is about to fight someone, and based on his opponent's clothing, I assume that the attacker is one of Freiza's goons."
Goku was stunned. Freiza had lied to Raditz, Nappa and Vegeta that Kakarot was dead, but had now sent a soldier to pick him up. He could only wonder what the tyrant was planning.

"Curse that Freiza," the space-pirate growled. He then turned around and began barking orders at his men. "Rasin! Lakasei! I need you to activate our nitro boosters. We must get to Earth right now! Amond! You make sure that there aren't any asteroids in the way! Daiz! Cacao! You two must make sure that the ship goes in the right direction!"

"Yes sir!" the crew members responded as soon as they recieved their orders and went on to fulfill them.

“But Goku you can’t come with me” Bardock said

“And why the hell not” Goku said glaring at his long sided partner

“In my vision I saw you and you were killed trying to help me. My fate is sealed, but yours isn’t please leave this ship at once. Freiza will never think you would leave this ship and when he blows it up he will think you have died also. Once that happens you will be long gone in a escape pod we have.

You can control the outcome if something was to happen to me or my son. Watch over him and make sure all of Freiza’s power hungry allies are destoied. I need you to do this for me” Bardock said stepping closer to him

Goku turned around and closed his eyes. Thinking of the great battle he would miss, and a great friend he was going to lose.
“Fine but you own me one in this life or the next” Goku said
Both warriors smiled raising their arms grabbing each other’s forearm and shaking.
Goku ran to the pod and sat inside, Bardock followed,
“Good-Bye my brother” Bardock said
“We will meet again so this isn’t good bye my brother” Goku said as he nodded and closing his pod door.

The pod shot out blasting off into space towards an unknown planet where he would be safe. Not knowing what he had just done or what was going to happen all he did know was that he would live up to his promise and make sure Freiza’s name would be erased from the universe for all time.

The End:


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Yet another wonderful Story i've written
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Vengence of a Legendary Saiyan
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