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 A new challenger appears!

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PostSubject: A new challenger appears!   Fri Aug 27, 2010 2:15 pm

The stench of sweat filled the heated training room as Nappa lay on a weights bench, slowly lifting and dropping a huge weight above his body. Kabu stood at the head of the bench, acting as the Overlord’s spotter. Nappa’s face turned bright red as he lifted, and his moustache quivered where it sat, creating an almost comic expression upon his face. The scar forged by Seta’s sword, however, ruined the illusion as it widened slightly due to the increased pressure.

It served as a reminder of his victory – but also a reminder of all the lives that had been lost. Thousands of Saiyans killed – thousands of Saiyans that he failed to protect. He grunted softly, pushing out one final rep with the weight before allowing it to rest upon the holder near his head.

Kabu smiled at him from above, her face covered with bruises and cuts from the very same battle that ruined Nappa’s modelling career. Her injuries, however, were mostly superficial, and would cause no lasting damage to her body. Nappa turned his head slightly, looking at the gravity machine that rested in the middle of the training room.

“Computer, change the gravity level to that of Vegeta-sei,” Nappa muttered; he felt the strain on his body disappear entirely as the computer reset the gravity to it's original level. He threw his legs over the side of the bench, and rose to his full height, stretching out the aches and pains in his muscles. Grabbing the weights with one hand, he strolled casually over to the weights bracket - where all of his lighter weights resided - and deposited it on the bottom rung.

“I need to work harder...” Nappa muttered, mainly to himself, but loud enough to be heard by Kabu. “I’ll never catch up with Seta at this rate. She’ll always be one step ahead of me.” Nappa walked over to where his armour rested, and picked it up. His attire at that minute consisted of a pair of loose trousers, with his tail acting as an impromptu belt. His upper body, on the other hand, was completely naked.

Sweat glistened off his tanned skin as he walked towards the exit, turning to see Kabu following him. “If you head to the bridge, I’ll meet you there when I’m properly clothed,” Nappa told her, resulting in a giggle from the younger woman. Nappa grinned softly as Kabu saluted, before she walked away in the direction of the bridge.

Turning in the opposite direction, Nappa strolled off towards his quarters, his mind still residing on the battle, as it had for the past few days.


The bridge snapped to attention as Nappa strolled in. All of the Officers faced their Overlord. “At ease,” Nappa muttered, before walking over to his chair, and taking a well deserved sit down. “Any news from... Anybody, Kabu?” Nappa asked, and his second-in-command appeared right next to his chair.

“General Maada requested an audience with you while you were training. We’re re-contacting him now. And there are no other calls. Were you expecting something?” Kabu asked, honestly intrigued. Nappa simply shrugged his shoulders, and said no more to the Saiyan. She walked away quickly, fully aware of Nappa’s emotions, and when to back off.

Nappa grinned as he stared out of the observation window before him, proud of the sight of Ris’eneu, the first conquest of the United Alliance. Maybe we can win this... Nappa thought to himself, but doubt sprung up in his mind. They had won one battle, and there was no way that they would be able to hold off another attack from Seta. At least, not without losing half of their army. Nappa sighed dejectedly, surrendering his will to the idea of the eventual loss of the Alliance.

“General Maada on line two, Overlord,” the communications commander relayed, and Nappa nodded thankfully. Finally, something to clear his mind of these thoughts.

“General Maada!” Nappa yelled, happy to see his old friend. “I trust you heard of my victory. What brings you here today?”

General Maada looked annoyed as his hologram flickered into view. “Ah, Nappa. Yes, I heard that you triumphed over Seta. However, I heard it from the hundreds of injured that you had sent to me. You may have won the battle, but you took heavy losses. Our reserves of troops are not infinite, you know.”

Nappa’s face grew red at the comment, but not through embarrassment – it was anger that boiled his blood this time. It was as if Maada counted the brave Saiyans as simple numbers, rather than lives, and Saiyan lives at that.

Maada brushed a nonexistent speck of dust off of his impeccably clean armour. “However, you are one of our best commanders, and so I've decided to send you out again. After conquering Ris'eneu, we opened up a path to the planet Draburat. It has vast amounts of resources that could be invaluable to the United Alliance in the time to come. I want you to capture the planet, and I want it done with fewer losses this time. However, I realize that you would take losses regardless of what I say. So I am sending you and your fleet alone, with no extra ground troops to assist you.”

Nappa jumped up from his seat, his eyes flaring with a fiery anger. “You would punish me for doing your bidding? And condemn my whole fleet to an almost certain death? You’re an even worse General than I thought, Maada,” Nappa yelled, just as the hologram shut off. He dropped back into his chair, breathing heavily. I suppose I’ll face the repercussions of that later… Nappa thought to himself, before swivelling round in his chair.

“Engage Warp Drive. We’re headed for Draburat,” Nappa said, a scowl set upon his face. One of the officers raised his hand to ask a question, and Nappa pointed to him. “You. What do you want?”

The officer cleared his throat, keen to seem intelligent, as the Overlord had addressed him personally. “Shall I prepare the Warp command for the other Alliance ships, sir?” He asked, a slight smile on his face.

Nappa sighed dejectedly. “Just for our fleet, Officer. This time, we ride solo.”


“Disengage Warp Drive!” the pilot yelled, and the ship slowly came to a halt, floating idly above the gray planet before them. Nappa grinned softly, rising from his chair.

“Draburat. We have arrived. Order the ships to land,” He said, turning to the officers on his bridge. “Kabu, let’s go,” he muttered, grabbing hold of his second-in-command’s arm and exerting his ki, appearing down in the pod docking bay with Kabu. Looking around slowly, he saw that all of the pods had yet to be ejected. Turning, he grinned at Kabu.

“Take your pick,” he said happily, before crawling into his own personal, enlarged Space Pod. Closing his eyes, the door closed behind him, sealing him in. He pressed several buttons on the panel before him, and a crisp feminine voice rang in his ears.

Please buckle your seatbelts. Pod will be ejected momentarily.

Nappa chuckled as he heard the voice. Seat belts? Why would he need the-

“WOAH!” Nappa yelled as the pod ejected, bumping around on his way down through the atmosphere. He banged his head multiple times, and stabbed his side with the hilt of his sword.

As the pod landed, Nappa rolled out of the open door. I told you to fasten your seatbelt. The feminine voice of the pod spoke, before the door sealed up. Nappa turned away, disgusted.

“God damned AI…” He muttered to himself, before walking forwards, to where many of his ships were already landing. Kabu walked up alongside him, her expression telling of a similar journey to the planet. “Organise the troops. It’s time to go to war. Again.”


The last few days had been, quite possibly, the most exciting and unusual of the young Prince’s entire life. What had started as a massive distraction and annoyance had turned into the opportunity of a lifetime; one that Vegeta could simply not ignore. He had arrived on Rath and was immediately drawn to a large, stone built, building which seemed to be older than the planet itself. At first he was hesitant, concerned that such a force which yielded the power to infiltrate his mind and influence his action could prove to be something too powerful to pursue; but with each step he took he found himself moving close and closer to the structure. Before he knew he was standing just inside the main hall, guarded by two gigantic stone doors which seemed to glide open upon his arrival and shut behind just as quickly.

The main hall was dark and cold and the faint smell of rotten flesh immediately filled Vegeta’s nostrils. He struggled to see anything in the dark and his stomach turned under the distress of the odor, but still he could not managed to force himself to turn and leave. Then without warning the entire room flashed with a bright light which forced the Prince’s eyes shut – by the time they opened the room was filled with the familiar looking black smoke which had haunted his dreams.

“What is this?” Vegeta shouted. His fingers instinctively curled into fists as he spun in place, trying to find anything to hit. “I am the Prince of the mightiest race in the universe; if you think you can defeat me you are gravely mistaken!”

“Silence!” the voice was staggeringly loud and Vegeta could not tell if it was public or inside of his own mind. “A great struggle has begun, one which will decide the balance of power in the entire universe. You have been recruited to help lead my forces in this, and should you succeed you will be rewarded beyond your wildest dreams.”

“I have no interest in your bid for power, and if you think you can bribe me you underestimate the benefits that being the Prince of the Saiyans yields.”

“Ah. Well then what if I could give you what you really desire?” the voice relaxed. “I can promise you immortality. Perhaps not in your mortal form, but those who win today will be remembered for every tomorrow until the end of time.”


The warship was elegant and yet devastatingly powerful and the Prince enjoyed captaining it immensely. He thought back to his experience on Rath, the orders given down by a being that he still had not yet seen nor did he fully understand. All he knew for sure was that he was on his way to Draburat to occupy the planet in preparation for further military action. Vegeta hoped that in doing this he would be privy to more useful information, or at the least that he would have the chance to find someone whom he could extract it from.

Vegeta had also been appointed half a dozen personal guards which had been awaiting his arrival on-board the warship, which he had affectionately named “Lucifer”, as well as armor (which he already had). The computer in the cockpit had been programmed with a layout of the planet as well as a brief rundown of what to expect, a currently unoccupied planet which was expected to become a very occupied and contested battleground. That was what he had hoped for, and with the troops he had been given to command he was sure that it would soon be his. The Prince was excited for a chance to not only show his dominance and occupy a planet, but to exercise command on the field of battle; something which his father had still felt him unready to do.

Inside the command room he sat with three other Saiyans, unfamiliar to him until arrival, who seemed warn and torn enough that Vegeta knew they had been in battle before. It was reassuring to the Prince, who although supremely confident in his abilities, to have other Saiyan warriors under his command to help lead the rest of his forces. They sat circled around a small table, a map laid out before all to see.

“Once we land we will quickly move from the ships and set up a perimeter.” Vegeta said, placing his finger on the map as to illustrate his targets. His three captains looked on. “Fifteen hundred troops will be broken down into three platoons, of which you will each lead one. You must have your troops combat ready in no more than one hour after our arrival.”

“Yes sir!” they replied almost in unison. Vegeta grinned, unable to contain his jubilation that not only was he on the verge of battle, but that he had loyal Saiyans ready to die under his command.

By the time they had finished reviewing landing plans and procedures they were quickly closing on the planet, the time for discussion had ended and now it would be time for action. Vegeta quickly stood from the table and moved to the computer, punching in the final location of the landing area which would be transmitted back to the cargo ships which were transporting the rest of his troops. He knew that everything would need to be executed perfectly and with great haste, the time of the impending battle was unknown to him but he knew that they would be ready for when it arrived.

The descent was calm, probably due to the massive size of the warship, and he wondered if his troops were having a rougher time on their entrance. He hoped not, the last thing he wanted was damaged and disoriented soldiers landing unready to take orders on the field. There was no time to think of such things though, as it was now out of his control. It would be his captain’s duty to ready their men and Vegeta was certain that they will execute their orders perfectly; a confidence boost that the Prince knew would help ease his nerves.

“Lucifer” landed in the targeted area, a clearing that was pre-appointed as their destination, and Vegeta quickly made his way through the ship to the main exit. The door slowly dropped, along with the Prince’s stomach, and he stepped forward out onto the foreign planet. He slowly took a step forward and surveyed the area, watching the accompanying cargo ships slowly touch down besides his own. Finally he would have his time; finally he would secure his legacy.

“Form ranks; secure positions, move, move, move!” Vegeta shouted as he looked off to the horizon. “Glory awaits!”


A messenger sprinted through the tents that had been set up upon one of the plains of Draburat, avoiding all questions that were thrown his way as to the cause of his running. Before long, he skidded to a halt outside the largest tent, panting heavily. He paused for a second, before facing the Saiyans that guarded the entrance, who were looking at him in disgust.

“I... Overlord... See...” The messenger stuttered, slowly regaining his lost breath. The guards looked at each other, seemingly understanding the message. One of them nodded curtly to the messenger, who offered a quick salute, before rushing into the tent.

Inside the tent stood some of the most powerful people that the messenger had ever seen – Admiral Rangi, the famed Avalanian strategist; Commander Cimno, the Saiyan head of battle operations; Commander Kabu, second-in-command and battle Captain; And, of course, the mighty moustache-wielding Overlord Nappa, victor over Seta, and the leader of this very operation. The messenger stood in awe for a moment, causing the heads of the people in the tent to turn towards him.

“Yes?” Barked Nappa, causing the messenger to jump. He chuckled softly on the inside. Oh, how he loved scaring those weaker than him. The messenger threw his arm across his chest, giving Nappa and his fellow leaders a full military salute. Nappa sighed softly, before waving him off. Why did they always salute?

“Sir, we have reports of the enemy touching down just on the other side of the mountain range!” The messenger said in one breath, before pointing to the direction where the mountain range was situated. Nappa slowly stroked his fine moustache, looking down at the map of the planet that was set out before him. His fingers slowly traced the direction in which the messenger pointed; the mountain range in question was relatively far away, and would allow Nappa enough time to gather his small guard, as well as prepare for... Other aspects of warfare.

“How long ago did they land?” Nappa asked casually, as if ordering a sandwich, or another such task that gave cause to a casual tone.

“Under 10 minutes ago, my Lord. I was the fastest of the scouts, so I flew here at full speed,” the messenger said, pride deeply intoned in his voice. He was the fastest in his class at Saiyan Military school, and he knew that he was the fastest Saiyan –

“How slow are you?” Nappa asked, chuckling softly. “That journey would have taken me seconds, not 10 minutes!” The messenger’s shoulders drooped, and he looked up at Nappa, tears in his eyes.

“Is that all, Sir?”

“Yes. Go, and prepare for battle,” Nappa said, and the messenger saluted before leaving, causing Nappa to groan. “Do we have a battle plan?” Nappa asked the congregation of minds before him, but nobody spoke.

“We have, at the most, two hundred soldiers, Sir,” Kabu finally spoke, breaking the silence. Nappa stroked his head, looking down at the map.

“Well... I guess we’ll just have to do our best then,” Nappa said, grinning at those around him. “Get all of the available soldiers to congregate on the plain. Rangi, alert the ships. You have free reign as to what to do with them. Do not let me down.” Nappa said to Rangi, who grinned widely, before rushing out of the tent, his mind whirring with possible strategies and weapon placements.

Nappa nodded to the other two before departing from the tent himself, and walking slowly to another nearby, where a single guard stood.

“Sir!” The guard yelled as Nappa passed him, causing him to sigh audibly, before grabbing the Guard’s armour straps on the way past, causing the breastplate to fall with a crash to the ground. The guard started to say something, but Nappa raised a hand, silencing him.

“Problem?” Nappa asked fiercely, causing the guard to shake his head viciously, before picking up his breastplate and reattaching it. “Good.” He finished his entrance into the tent, allowing the flap to descend slowly behind him. Once inside, he quickly threw off his clothes, before going over to the chest where he kept his armour.

He placed his hand over the Overlord symbol that rested upon the lid, and closed his eyes. “Από τη δύναμη της του προσώπου τρίχας,” he muttered, sending a small amount of ki coursing through his body. The chest clicked, revealing its new state of being unlocked, and Nappa quickly threw it open.

Inside rested his Saiyan armour, the Overlord insignia visible on the chest piece. He withdrew it slowly, attaching it over his bare skin, before clasping it into place. Grabbing at the gauntlets inside, he positioned them carefully over his wrists, making sure that they would cause him no trouble in combat. He withdrew his boots next – huge size 15 shoes, capable of crushing a man’s head with little effort. He slipped into them quickly, before rummaging around in the chest and withdrawing his scouter. He placed it delicately over his left eye, before reaching in one last time and slowly withdrawing his long, red cape. Throwing it over his shoulders, he fastened it securely to his back before turning to the exit.

He began to walk slowly out, before stopping at his coat rack and taking down his sword, as well as its leather strap that attached it to Nappa’s back. Attached to the black leather was an ornate sheath, which had silver patterns trailing along the length of it, ending in a large silver tip. The hilt of the blade itself followed a similar pattern – whilst it held a simple cruciform cross guard, the grip was ornate, with lengths of silver criss-crossing down the handle. The silver ran off the edge of the hilt, wrapping around a deep red ruby that shone even in the low light of the tent. Nappa fingers slowly caressed the ruby, before he grabbed the hilt, pulling the sword free from its sheath.

Its solid steel blade cut right through the light of the day, reflecting it off at various odd angles. Nappa swished the huge blade casually through the air a few times, admiring its beauty. He grinned for a second, before hearing a shout from outside.

“Shit! I’m late!” He yelled, quickly depositing the sword in its sheath and positioning the strap over his chest, the hilt just visible over his shoulder. Placing two fingers on his head, he expanded his ki quickly, appearing next to Kabu, with his troops standing before him.

The troops all quickly moved to attention, and Nappa waved them off before turning to Kabu. “Are we ready?” He asked, to which Kabu replied with a curt nod. “Good. Any idea when the enemy will approach?” To this question, Kabu had no response, so Nappa shook his head irritably.

Turning, he faced the nearby mountain range. He slowly closed his eyes, and broadened his ki senses around him, feeling out for any kind of reading. Within seconds, he had latched onto something, and he opened his eyes. “They are approaching. Be ready!” He yelled to the few troops behind him, before pressing the communications button on his scouter.

“Rangi? Are the ships in position?” Nappa asked, and received a positive confirmation from the Avalanian. He grinned softly, before cracking his neck loudly.

“Let’s do this.”


Vegeta watched anxiously as his captains scrambled to get their units into fighting formation. At first glance the look alone of the soldiers appointed to his command would shake the confidence of even the most experienced warrior, akin to a massive spider that took to its opposition as dinner. Just ahead of the standard soldier in rank was the sergeant, also a menacing looking beast with wings as sharp as razors and a tail which Vegeta was eager to see in action. Finally being filed into the front of the formation were the Brutes, massive beasts with three massive horns protruding from their heads. They would be used to break down any resistance in front, giving a clear path for the grunts and sergeants to unleash their wrath. The Brutes were an interesting creature to the Prince and he wished that he could somehow recruit a few to return with him to Vegeta, after this whole mess was over, as they would be a great asset to the Saiyan army.

“My Prince!” the familiar tone of a Saiyan voice came from just over Vegeta’s shoulder. “Your armor is ready, a special gift from the leader.”

Before Vegeta could respond he was already pulling the Prince towards the rear command post, which was really just a portable awning sitting atop a wide trench, where two of his favorite Brutes stood guard. The Prince walked down the makeshift gravel stairs and immediately was taken aback by what lay before him. His own personal armor had been taken and restored to perfect condition, the rank of commander sat on the chest below a foreign symbol he did not recognize. Accompanying the chest plate was elegant straight armor which would snap onto each of his legs as well as a pair of black gloves. Vegeta quickly lifted the chest plate and snapped it on, along with the leg guards and glove, whilst his Captain reached into a small wooden chest which sat near the steps.

From the chest was brought forth a silver helmet with a faceplate that slide down from the top, the expression of a stern male covering all but the eyes of the young warrior. Atop the helmet was engraved a golden crown embroidered with jewels, a perfect addition to a magnificent collection of armor. Vegeta dropped the helmet on top his head and slide the faceplate down, allowing his body to become used to the weight.

“Excellent.” The Prince’s voice was slightly muffled under the helmet but was still firm and bold.

“Retrieve my sword and alert the others of higher race that we will prepare to enact phase one shortly.”

“As you wish, my Prince.”

Outside the entire army had been unloaded, along with their armor and weaponry, and the cargo and warships had moved to defensive positions along the perimeter. The scouts, a collection of sergeants with the least amount of service time, had taken to the air and were in search of enemy movement or perhaps even evidence that the enemy existed. They had – after all, made quite a bit of noise landing and surely the time to strike would be when they were at their weakest. If whoever was outside looking in was waiting to strike they had made a mistake, one that would probably cost them dearly considering the firepower that Vegeta commanded.

The first squad, codenamed Alpha, had started to fortify their forward positions which were a few miles away from the edge of the back perimeter. From this position they could leave a defense force as they moved forward and still protect the cargo ships which would be using their cannons to fire on designated positions of interest as reported by the scouting parties. This would be a key part in the Prince’s plans as a strong defensive front would be crucial, though with no resistance being shown it seemed they would have ample time to dig in and fortify a position.

The second group, Beta, had divided itself in half and moved behind the rear command center on two sides. They were to take positions in a horseshoe formation in support in anticipation an oncoming assault. Beta was also in charge of providing reinforcements to Alpha and Gamma should it be required. Vegeta was fairly certain that the damage they would do with their bombardments would force the oppositions hand and bring the fight to them, which was what he was preparing for. Gamma waited idle for the battle to begin; although Vegeta contemplated sending them forward in an attempt to draw the opposition into a fight should he feel it necessary. The key was not to overextend your forces, a lesson that he knew from the tales of his father, and it was something he would be sure not to do.

Vegeta moved forward to the center of the encampment, his sword hanging in its sheath around his waist, and commanded attention. He looked forth at his men once more before drawing the Sword of Vegeta and lifting it high into the air, the blade pointing upwards as to spite the heavens.

“FIRE!” he shouted, the deafening sound of the cannons exploding drowned out the echo of his voice.


“Incoming projectiles!” said one of the few Avalanian troops on the mission. He sat before a terminal within a hastily built command tent, tapping away relentlessly at a keyboard before him. Behind him, a second Avalanian rushed past, right up to a large monitor where Rangi stood watching the battle unfold.

“Sir, should defensive action be taken?” The Avalanian asked, and Rangi pulled his eyes away from the screen to stare at him. His hand ran slowly along his rounded chin as he thought, his eyes presenting a deep concentration from the humanoid.

Rangi turned quickly, and a large keyboard with foreign letters appeared from beneath the monitor. His hands moved like lightning, hitting hundreds of keys in the space of a few seconds, before a huge blue light flared across the monitor.

“Defensive action four has been activated,” he muttered to his fellow Avalanian, his concentration still betrayed by his features. “I just hope the order is received in time.”


As soon as the order was sent, hundreds of small fighter ships burst through the atmosphere. Moving at massive speeds, they closed the distance between their entry point and Nappa’s army in a matter of milliseconds. Spinning wildly, they entered a tight formation before opening fire on the incoming projectiles.

Debris fell heavily from the sky, landing not too far from the Saiyan front line. The fighters were unrelenting – They piloted their ships expertly, having to double back several times to hit any stray projectiles that had been missed. Several, however, sailed right through and landed within the confines of the small troop that stood behind the Overlord.

After a few minutes, the projectiles had disappeared from the darkening sky and several of the remaining ships circled back, moving off to regroup.

“Active Offensive Action Two,” Rangi announced over the intercom, his clear voice filling the small cockpits of each ship.

“Red leader, standing by,” one of them muttered into the intercom, moving into a central position among the small crew.

“Blue leader, standing by,” another said, moving just to the right of Red leader.

“Yellow leader, standing by,” a third murmured, pressing several buttons on her dashboard before moving into position to the left of Red leader.

“Err... guys?” One of the ship pilots said as he scratched at his head. “I... sorta’ forgot what colour I am. Can I just, y’know, say ‘Tom leader’, or something?” He asked, resulting in a chorus of sighs from the other pilots.

“Tom, we went over this five minutes ago. You’re GREEN leader. Green, like all that weed you smoke. Got it?” Replied Blue leader with a rather angry tone. Tom, however, simply nodded happily before clearing his throat.

“Tom, standing by,” he said proudly, before pulling into position behind Red leader, much to the dismay of the others. Their resulting squadrons, colour-coded Red, Blue, Yellow and Green, pulled into position behind the diamond formation of their leaders, each comprised of twenty Slave-X fighters.

The four leaders, piloting Scimitar Starfighters, turned magnificently in the air, their course once again set towards the army of the Legion. Each relayed commands to their squadrons, before quickly engaging their enemy.

The Starfighters pulled straight up as the Slave-X fighters ploughed their way through, laser cannons blaring as they fired upon the opposing army. Many of the slaves piloting them sought a way out of their dismal career, crashing down into the army in a huge inferno, the self-destruct sequence activated on their crafts. Numerous resulting explosions came from the battlefield, and the majority of the slaves lost their lives.

“Strike pattern Delta!” Red leader yelled across the intercom, and his counterparts – even Tom – turned swiftly, rushing down towards the Legion. “Fire missiles!” Came the command from Red leader, and eight missiles sprung from the hull of each ship, aimed for the heart of the troops. Accompanying the missiles were various streams of lasers, released from the cannons mounted upon the Starfighters’ large hulls.

“Strike over. Commence Evasive manoeuvre Theta!”

The four Starfighters pulled up quickly, moving high into the atmosphere before dropping once more, this time at a further distance from the Legion’s army. Although running low on ammo and fuel, the ships were barely worse for wear, with each only sustaining minor damage in the assault.


Nappa watched from afar as his ships bombarded the opponent back into the stone age. He cracked his neck loudly before turning to Kabu, a grin resting upon his wide face.

“Time for us to do our thing again,” he said to her happily, a sentiment which was shared between the two. Nappa began to float gently off the ground, before turning to his limited troops of Saiyans and Avalanians.

“Offensive Action One!” He yelled to them, and they quickly positioned themselves in an arrowhead formation, with Nappa right at the head. All of the soldiers started to float slightly off the ground, and Nappa faced towards his opponents. “Charge!” He yelled, and he, as well as his troops, rushed towards the enemy with their auras blazing.

As they neared their opponents Nappa’s army prepared ki blasts, before raining them down upon their foes. Spiralling back they repeated their assault, with hundreds of ki explosions going off every few seconds.

Moving slightly away from the army, the troop landed solidly upon the ground. As soon as their feet touched the rock beneath them, they blasted towards the Legion, many drawing swords to engage their opponents. Nappa, however, had only one goal in sight – the leader of this portion of the Legion.

“Vegeta!” Nappa yelled out, rushing towards the small prince. With both hands he drew his huge sword, waving it experimentally in front of him. “You’re with the Legion?” He asked incredulously, his anger threatening to boil over.

He growled loudly - not waiting for a response - and jumped towards his opponent. Swinging his sword wildly, he aimed to dismember to small Prince and hopefully break the morale of his troops. Something inside, however, kept him from using his true strength. What would King Vegeta say if he found out Nappa had killed his son? And the Crown Prince as well?

Quickly clearing his mind of the thoughts, Nappa threw his sword high into the air, before firing two subsequent ki blasts from each hand at the Prince. As the sword fell down, Nappa grabbed it by the hilt and re-commenced his assault, his sword moving in a huge arc due to its incredible size.

“Offensive Manoeuvre Three,” Rangi announced over the intercom embedded into each of the soldiers scouters, and they slowly began to move backwards towards Nappa’s position, fighting the Legion as they went. Nappa risked a quick look behind him, and saw several of the ships preparing for the manoeuvre.

He turned back quickly, grinning at Vegeta. “Sorry about this, My Prince, but one of us won’t live to see the morning!”


The initial fire from the cannons sent dust and debris upward into the air that Vegeta could see from the command station. He watched in silence as time and time again they unleashed their payload, shells the size of the Prince’s leg, onto various targets in hopes of laying a foundation for a formal invasion. The front lines had finished their trenches and sat dug in, with around half moving forward still to secure more area, idle expressions painted their faces as they watched the horizon. As the first wave slowly died off Vegeta shook his head resentfully, no response yet. He quickly moved from the center of the area over towards the front, in hopes of finding reassurance from Beta leader. Just as he arrived towards the first line of entrenchments the second wave began unloading and, to the Prince’s confusion, an incoming missile struck only a few feet away and the recoil sent Vegeta flying forward into a trench.

“INCOMING!” somehow he heard the screaming over the screeching hellfire which was now raining down.

Vegeta looked up, his eyes somewhat impaired by the position of the silver helmet which had fallen out of place as he was tossed forward, and watched as his own bombardment fought to land home through dozens of small fighters. As they moved they unloaded their own weapons, smashing up the front lines and blowing several of the entrenchments into dozens of pieces of stone. The Prince watched as the second unit, idle Beta which was awaiting orders for invasion, scrambled towards cover. Several grunts launched themselves upward and attempted, somewhat successfully, to latch onto the low passing crafts in hopes of bringing them down. The sky looked as if it was on fire as shell met craft, giving the Prince at the least an entertaining show.

When they passed Vegeta quickly ran backwards to the center of the command post and demanded a list of casualties, which he assumed would not be devastating due in large part to only a third of his forces sitting idle when the counter-attack took place. As he frantically pushed through the remains of several of his grunts in hopes of getting to his Sergeants another attack began and before he knew he was laying safe under the protection of several of the nearby grunts who had used themselves as a shield to protect the Prince. He quickly shoved one dead off and scrambled back to his feet, his eyes immediately catching what appeared to be an oncoming invasion force. At first he was in shock, unable to even believe his luck. With the front positions still mostly intact he almost smiled when he watched his men intercept the main force.

Hundreds of grunts immediately rushed forward and swarmed the attackers, attempting to latch themselves onto their prey before viciously ripping them apart piece by piece. Several of his sergeants also took to the fight, waves of pure energy flying forth from their locations upward before they themselves took to the sky. Vegeta wondered who would lead a head-on assault vastly outnumbered into a heavily defended enemy position, at least for a moment, before the question was evidently answered.

“Vegeta!” a large Saiyan with a bald head and the facial hair of a jester had somehow managed to identify the Prince, even with his helmet down, and make his way to near the center of the command center unhindered.

“You’re with the Legion?” he looked as if he head was going to pop from anger and without even so much as a courtesy pause, to allow the Prince to respond, he lunged forward.

Vegeta quickly drew his sword and managed to lean back ever so gently, just enough to avoid the tip of the large man’s sword from opening up his neck. His attacker was swinging wildly and the Prince was doing all he could to simply deflect the oncoming barrage, relying more on natural instinct then any real swordsmanship. Then, as if a light bulb turned on inside the brute’s massive dome, he took off upward into the air. The young Prince watched the energy form in his hands and winced a bit as he anticipated their arrival. Just as the blasts rocketed forward towards Vegeta several grunts again managed to intercept, pieces of their spider-like frame were shot into every direction. There was no time to think about that though, as by the time the Prince regained his composure he again narrowly avoided being cut in half by the massive oncoming blade.

“Sorry about this, My Prince, but one of us won’t live to see the morning!” the man grumbled, pleased apparently at the distress he was causing to Vegeta.

“You are outnumbered and completely surrounded, if you surrender yourself now you will not be harmed.” Vegeta figured that surrender probably wasn’t going to happen, but as he spoke he gave time for more of his soldiers to circle the area. “No? Alright then.”

Vegeta removed his helmet quickly and dropped it to the ground, the sweat which had built up inside immediately rushed down his face. Just as the helmet connected with the ground at least a half dozen grunts lunged forward at the man. As they moved two of his sergeants unleashed two massive ki beams which followed just behind. Clearly there was no regard in their eyes for the survival of the grunts, but Vegeta knew that the time for compassion was long past and every soldier was expendable in the pursuit of victory.

Words: 10,406

Continuing on from my previous story.
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40,000 pl ki and zeni
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Why the hell are my gains so low?
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i think that was a typo hold on
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520,300 pl and ki and zeni
100 bp
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A new challenger appears!
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