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 Chill: the raging shadow (complete) (not for kids)

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PostSubject: Chill: the raging shadow (complete) (not for kids)   Fri Aug 27, 2010 2:51 pm


fear crept up his spine as he collapsed to the ground. He was shivering, not from the icey cold air, nor from the blood that was trickling to the floor, seeping from his severe wounds. No he was shivvering out of fear, an eerie feeling, he tought never to feel again. His heart pumped at insane speeds, rushing his blood and adrenaline through his veins. The feeling his heart might explode, his veins may one moment burst. It was all due to his fear. He didn't understand, nor did he want to. He had clearly lost everything, clearly lost his grip on the situation.

His hands rose to his head, covering his eyes, while almost crying, as a wet sensation began to spread accros his eyes. He wanted to scream, but no sound came from his lips. He wanted to cry, but who would hear him, who would hear his pleas for help in this hellish nightmare where he was, after all...alone.

A noise came from the deepest and darkest part of the ruins. He heard it coming closer, he saw the shadow slide over the walls of the place he was losing his mind. This was not how it was ment to be, this was not how this was supposed to go. Why didn't he listen, why did he do that what he should not have done. It was all His fault, he was to blame for this mess they had been dragged in. Damn Him, cursed be His ignorance.

The noise came closer again, the tapping of feet on the floor, the sound of something sliding accros the floor. It was coming, It was coming for him. He could no longer refer to Him as him, but now it had to be refered to as It. It was no longer the man he used to know and obey, no, It was a monster. Nothing more and nothing less than a monster. A shadow consumed his own on the floor. he turned around with eyes filled with tears. He saw the blade go in the air, just as a final cry for help escaped his lips.

", please...someone,"
approximately two thousand years ago

The white halls were filled with doctors and scientists, researchers from all over the universe. They all were wearing the same suits, white coats and Shadow's emblem. All carrying all kinds of documents, some wearing a white overall and latex black gloves. At the furthest end of the hallway a lab was filled with those men in white overalls. They seemed to be monitoring one single testsubject, named Suigintou. Their goal was to create the ultimate lifeform, the perfect warrior.

But there was a catch, the perfect lifeform had to be obedient to one person and one person only. They succeeded in their task, creating a lifeform strong enough to absorb any kind of power from other sources. A creature that could adjust its body to whatever it needed to change. Capable of creating large amounts of Ki out of nowhere, the perfect warrior.

Yet, their was a second test, a second task they had. They had to create a weapon, a biological weapon, to wipe out the entire race of their leader's enemy. A weapon capable of killing everything it comes in contact with.

Carefully putting the containers in the suitcase, the scientist walked towards the elevator and used a device on his wrist to call someone. After a few seconds the elevatordoors opened and a large armored man came out of them, strolling through the hall to look at the progress of his ordered tasks. Looking at Suigentou, he ordered to end the procedures and to free her, as she was coming with him.

The scientists bowed and pushed a few buttons, releasing her restraints and opening the door.

"Come to me Suigintou, come to your master.

The man's deep, dark voice seemed to reach her, as she slowly opened her eyes. Yet as she walked to him, the alarm of the building suddenly sounded. several steel shutterdoors locked away Suigintou. The armored man walked back to the elevator as he saw that all laboratories were being sealed off, mostly with the scientists in them.

"You were a bit to early Calam, now I have to make a new subject.

the elevator doors opened, letting the armored man inside, the smaller man awaited his turn to go in, yet he was knocked back out of it by the large armored man. As the smaller man fell, the suitcase broke open and several vials fell to the ground, making the small man widen his eyes as he tried to get back up and run to the elevator.

receive your judgement as a man Calam, whaahaahaa!Part Two: Through the eyes of sergeant Yamada

First day on the job, always nice. We were ought to explore some ruins at the northern quadrant of our system. A planet called Rath, seemed to be the home of a strongly advanced race of some sorts. Dont really remember the details. We were supposed to investigate the planets resources and those ruins. A special team was handpicked by Lord Chill for this mission, hah it all seemed so cool when we first got the news. Do our job, find some stuff and get paid greatly for our help. Sadly nothing ever seems to be as beautifull at the end as it did at the start...

"Alright men, this is how we're going to do it, we're all picked by lord Chill to accompany him on this mission. So we each form a team of ten men to aid him. The names of the teamleaders are already known but I'll just say it once more: Sergeant Keichi Yamada, Lieutenant Garret, Sergeant Gallagher, and Lieutenant Nanako. Now all of you go to the respective sleepinghangars on lord Chill's ship, Sir Zechs and Lady Spectra will provide you the details of the mission. Ready Hut!!. Allright at ease men, and save journey."

Running through the hallways of the launchingbay, sergeant Yamada made his way to the Warship which was in lord Chill's possession. The Marauder as it was called was the pride of his fleet, a massive black and silver warship which was actually only used once in a war, but mostly for missions like this.

"Sergeant Yamada reporting, sir."

Zechs looked up from his list and nodded.

"Welcome aboard sergeant, you and your men shall be living in quarters B and C. Prepare yourself for launch in T minus four minutes."

As I walked aboard the ship, I finally understood that Royalties did have more refinement and luxury than us normal folks. The entire inside of the ship was decorated with fine arts and luxurious materials, which actually was most impressive. But it was not like we had time to admire those arts. We had meetings, schedules, training, the works. Man I really wanted that it didn't got so fucked up.

So finally after a whole week of flying through space we arrived at our destination, not knowing yet what horrors we would encounter. We were just glad to get out of the ship for the first time in an entire week, allthough happy is a bad word, because planet Rath was nothing different from the wastelands on planet Frieza, cold dark and ruthless. Little did we know the time of judgement came closer with every step we made on that damed and cursed planet...

"Allright men, the ruins should be located at a good five miles from here, teams prepare for departure."

All soldiers walked back to their quarters equipping themselves with the specific armors and weapons they were given. It seemed lord Chill had already taken notice of Frosts new soldier outfits and just improved his to their standards. The finest armors, able to withstand a rocketlauncher's attack. The weapons were equally strong, able to vaporise pure steel in a single blast. Offcourse the standard riffles and manditory barretta were also included in the equipment. After having dressed themselves they went to the exit and started heading for the location with lord Chill leading them. Zechs and Spectra kept guard of the ship with one team.

And so our journey to the pits of hell began, I wished I knew everything from the start, that bastard Chill didn't tell us the full reason why he wanted to explore this place. No traesures were found, we found something not made of gold or precious ores or metals, no this was far worse than any of us could've imagined

It begins

They all stood in front of a massive statue in the icey dessert. A statue made of a metal they had never seen before. It seemed that a greater part of the statue was still covered under the ice, and as such they could not even comprehend the shear magnitude of the statue. With the scanners one of the teams had brought with them, they could make an estimation of how big the visible part was. Everyone dropped their jaw as the screen gave way that the visible part meassured up to sixhundred and sixetysix meters. Yet this was only half of the structure, as the scanners meassured an equally large mass inside the cover of the ice.

Chill did not really seem to care for the figures, as he walked straight towards the statue and began touching it with his hands, searching for some kind of entrance it seemed. A sudden click could be heard, followed by the loud thumping of mettalic levers and wheels. Pumps that seemed to activate a certain mechanism, which slowly opened a large portal, as two massive cracks appeared in the frost on the statue. As the layers of ice fell down, the gate opened and gave way to the inside of the statue.

Tough the outside was on a massive scale, the inside was just as massive and amazing. All kinds of decorations and texts filled the walls, with in the center of the entire hollow complex, a simple single elevator.

"Sir, I thought these were ruins of an ancient civilization, what's an elevator doing here?"

"My dear sergeant Yamada, there were civilizations more advanced than we are today. Or at least equal to us in a somewhat lesser extend."

Three teams followed Chill in the elevator, as the doors closed they looked towards the team outside and awaited the next step in their mission.

What I saw then was something I could not describe. I didn't know how to call or name it, but I had a sudden raise in body temperature and seemed to have hallucinations as I heard someone scream and at the same time someone giggle. Yet when I opened my eyes we were all just in the elevator, going down to the lowest level...
My team was comprised out of good men, men I knew from childhood or from the job. They were all somewhat part of my life, before and during the time I joined the army. I chose them to be in my team just because I could trust them and could trust me. We always were good in a team.

"Yamada, Yamada!"

"Huh, what, what's up Devon?"

"Are you allright, you were spacing out there man?"

"Yeah, sure nothing is wrong, I'm fine, really."

Tough sergeant Yamada knew something was wrong, he had to lie. He was in an elevator with thirty men, hardened through war and battle. They would not believe what he had just experience, they would laugh if he told them that there was something down there. But the thing he feared the most was lord Chill, from the moment he stepped in the elevator he was quiet. Silent as the eye of a storm, most likely he knew what Yamada had just experienced, which is why he was affraid to tell this to anyone.

With a loud squeeking noise the elevators doors opened, revealing a dark and dusty hallway. Several shutterdoors seemed to close of the rooms that were connected with the long hallway. A split second after all teams had left the elevator, the doors closed and without anyone having pressed the buttons, the elevator got up again.

"Allright men, split up in your teams and examinate this level."

Sergeant Yamada and his team were send to the left wing of the level. Tapping on, the flashlights on their weapons brightly flared through the dark hallway they passed through. As they entered through the door, Yamada found a red switch behind it and swiftly pushed it. With a loud creeking noise, the steel shutterdoors opened all rooms in that hallway.

Suddenly they felt a ghust of dusty wind through the hall. covering their eyes with their spare arm they could not react as suddenly all lights, including their flashlights went out for a split second. A creepy sound was heard by all of them, as a hissing sound came closer and closer in just a matter of seconds.

As the lights flickered, suddenly they saw a creature that could've once resembled a humanoid being grab hold on one of their teammates and drag it accros the hallway.

"AARGH, Help...HELP!!"

Even tough, I am not one to talk, I bet all my friends were scared looking at that creature. It was tall and skinny, with an unordinary set up of its bones, it looked twisted around, with large and long prying fingers as it grabbed Devon and dragged it to who knows what place...

We couldn't react, but only with our military training. Our only goal from that moment was get Devon back and kill that bastard. We went crazy when it all happened, an all out war against something unknown and unseen, yet most important, on their territory.


"Shit, guys, did you saw that, come on we got to help him."

"No talking, move move!!"

Sergeant Yamada and his men clicked their flashlights back on and bgan running through the hallway, but as they passed the first two doors, they hear more and more noises, more hissing sounds coming from all around them. It seemed that just in that very same minute all hell broke loose.


"Shit those fuckers don't know when to quit, jesus christ."

Turning around one of Yamada's men fired a round of blasts with his blasterrifle, obliterating one of those eerie and creepy monsters that were hunting them.


"yeah motherfucker, I'm redhot, gotcha bitch!"

"Don't waste your time on the dead ones Rico, we've got to save Devon."

"That is if he's still alife."

"Shut up Rico and go forth."

"Aye sir."

The soldier ran up to the front, happily killing and vaporising every twisted freak they encountered along their way.

"Left secured!"

"Right secured."

"Allright, move move!"

"Shit, my ammo is down, I'm using my gun now, falling back sir."

"Allright, Francis go up front!"

"Yes sir!"

They passed the first hallway as they suddenly heard a familiar voice screaming. It was Devon, without a doubt in a struggle for his life. Francis was covering the front as in a second something happened. A window next to him shattered and in just a split second one of those filthy, twisted black creatures jumped through it, just aside from Francis and crshed through another window.

"Francis are you allright?...Francis?"

The soldier up front turned around, his eyes widened as a thin red line appeared on the armor protecting his throat. With a squishy sound, his head fell backwards, bumping on the ground with a clang, made by the helmet coering his head. Blood sputtered from his veins as the lifeless and headless body fell to its knees and then on its back.

"Shit Francis... Allright, Rico grab his gun and blasterrifle, you take the front again!"

"Yes sir, what about that creature."

"Fuck it, we move forward."

Without hessitation, Rico jumped over the corpse while grabbing the blasterrifle as he heard a sudden hiss coming from the other window. Without second thought he pulled his gun as the creature jumped at him, shooting it square in the head, he smiled feeling the warm blood of the monster splatter on his face.

"Yeah, die motherfucker!"

"Shut up Rico, move, move!!"

"Yeah, yeah I'll move, I'll what the FUCK!!"

As he turned around, he saw it, it ran passed the door, but it was quick, much quicker than the monsters they had just encountered. And bigger, way bigger.

"Jesus, you saw that?"

Swiftly Rico ran away from the group, trying to follow the thing he saw running in the shadows just a second earlier. He wanted to know what that was at any cost.

"Fuck Rico, dont fucking break from the group without warning, shit, Waylen mason, you follow Devon, I'll get Rico back and guys, watch yourself, this isn't the time for horsing around. Now go, go, we'll see eachother in the mainhall. Find Devon and return to the front, I'll meet you there."

Last time I saw them alive, the poor bastards didn't have a chance at all. I didn't seem to realise the danger that lurked in all corners and shadows of that place...

It was all strange, I couldn't believe what was happening around me, things that seemed to happen in seconds had really happened in an entire hour. I guess my adrenaline was pumping at an excessive rate, making me dellusional and paranoid. It made me make the wrong decisions. I never thought I would snap at such a moment, but still, this wasn't an ordinary day, nor an ordinary problem. This was Hell itself, and it wanted us inside it's bowls.

Running through the maze of halls, sergeant Yamada had lost track of his teammate Rico, who as usual had brashly and boldly engaged against the enemy. Usually it was thanks to Devon that Rico survived, but this time it was Devon depending on what help his team had to offer. Yet even so, with only Waylon and Mason going after him, chances of being rescued were slim. For now sergeant Yamada had to concentrate on keeping Rico, who again ignored his orders, alive and well, as this wasn't some kind of game, but hell.

"Rico, Rico come back, where are you?"

Yamada did not hear nor see Rico, not close or far. Yet he constantly had to twitch and turn firing of several blasts to avoid being killed by those twisted freaks they came accross.

"Rico, answer me, where the fuck are you Rico!"

Running faster and faster through the halls, sometimes following his gut as he tried to track down the friend he lost in this maze. Yet all of a sudden he heard several men scream behind him, most likely in the main hall. Grabbing at his scouter, he tried to call them up.

"Shit, Waylon, Mason, come in, Waylon, Mason. Where are you guys, come in, Waylon, Mason, answer goddamnit."

Without any hesitation, he dropped down his helmet as it was stifening. He dropped down his armor as it hindered his movements. He dropped his blasterrifle, because he was out of ammo. Grabbing both the regular barretta and his hunter's knife he readied himself for a dangerous sprint through the dark corridoor he was standing in front of.

All that was left, was to run, to run for my life and that of my fallen comrades. This was truely hell...

What happened next was far to difficult to explain. All I know is, that Hell never came close to being that demonical.

Running through the corridoor sergeant Yamada seemed to run on pure adrenaline, as right in front of him one of those twisted creatures jumped through a window, its arms spread out, its mouth wide open, showing its foul teeth, sharp as razors. Yet despite the creatures surprise the sergeant was quicker, driving his hunter's knife in the creatures gut, while pushing his gun in the creature's mouth.

"Die, you filth."

while he pulled his knive upwards, the creatures rotten intestines fell to the ground, staining it with its black blood, while it still struggled to get away, Yamada fired a bullet through the creatures brain, instantly killing it. With a thump, the creature fell to the ground, gurgling up its own brains through its mouth.

"Christ, where's Rico, Jesus those monsters are tough."

While running further, Yamada could hear an earpiercing scream not so far away from his position.

"Rico, is that you, Rico?!?"

"Aargh, Help, aarghurgl...."

As he ran around the corner, Sergeant Yamada suddenly saw that the wall was broken open, giving way to some kind of subteranean cave, still paved with the white tiles and the same neonlights on the ceiling. He saw something twitching and turning on the floor, like something having spasms of some sort. As sergeant Yamada came closer, his eyes widened as they began to form a wet layer as tears fell out of them.

"No, Rico!"

"Sarge, I'm sorry sarge, I couldn't stop it, it was to strong. Run sarge, run while you still AARGH!!"

A massive black sword pierced through Rico's chest, cracking it open like a fresh egg, bones and flesh flying all around, splattering accros the floor and Yamada's face. As he looked up, Yamada could not believe his eyes as he recognised the thing that did this heinious deed.


A massive black beast, with horns reaching and scraping against the ceiling was standing in front of him. From its blade, red warm blood was dripping from the freshly slain soldier Rico. Its eyes dark as a starless night were looking straight into those of Yamada. Fear crept up his skin and spine when he recognised this person.

"This can't be happening."

"Hiaaaargh, haahahaahaa. Nowhere to run anymore, nowhere to hide. Blood will rush with the tide.

Part two: Through the eyes of Chill

The statue, it was immense, massive even. Something he had not ever seen before. A building on that scale was just not possible by the normal standards, as it would fall because of the elements or crumble under its own weight. It would and could not be built in the modern civilizations.

Chill felt like he had seen this place before, walked towards it before. It was like he was reliving his past, but he never even went to this planet. Vaguely he reminded some kind of switch to open a certain door or gate, but he didn't understand how he could possibly know that. The readings said that there had not been a single lifeform on this planet for over a thousand years.

Squirming around, touching every inch of the statue, he suddenly found a small lever, made out of the same material as the statue, also covered with a layer of ice. Tough he never had been here before, it all seemed to go as he knew it would go. The lever opened a massive gate in the center of the statue, giving way to the inside of itself.

Inside the statue was perhaps even more impressive, as it was carved with countless figures, picturing battles and things that happened in the past. But what and why. What was this, wasn't this something he knew, was this perhaps the history of the monster inside him.


memory of pain and power

"Bring him forth right this instant and let our lord decide over his faith."

A few armored men brought a blackhaired man to the altar, throwing him at the steps. the man was covered with steel chains and shackles. He was musculair and had a long black, furry tail around his waist. His eyes were wild and savage compared to the eyes of his captors. He squirmed and growled like a caged beast, nothing more than an animal, as he suddenly looked up towards the feet of the statue.

"Haha, is that your god, your master. Hahaha, I'm a saiyan, I belong to a proud race of warriors, I am..."

"Shut up! I am the one who speaks, not you, you little monkey. Do you even know what I am, do you even know who I am? I dont think so, thus you shall hold you tongue or I'll rip it out."

"Are you there leader, what do you want from me?"

"Isn't that obvious, I'm going to show them that they dont have to fear the so called supersaiyan legend. Remove his restraints at once!"

"You are either very brave or very foolish."

A few men released the blackhaired man from his chains and shackles, only to be instantly killed by the saiyan, as he violently broke their necks with a single punch against their head. He slowly walked upwards towards the dark and tall armored man, who looked at him with a pair of dark hollow eyes.

"You will whitness the power of a true god, you will perish under the light I bring forth in the name of my race."

"Then come to me and show me your power, let me feel and whitness that rage of yours. Show me what you can do, but remember, you'll only live if you kill me."

the saiyan began to roar as his hear turned into a golden shade, spiked up and standing on its end. A golden aura of pure power flickered around him, while his muscles bulked up considerably. His slow tred began to shift, his pace increased as he began to fly superfast at the dark armored man that had taunted him. He crashed upon him with his muscular body, pushing him backwards against the massive statue.

"Is this all you have, false god, pathetic."

The now blonde saiyan began to pummel the armored man with great force, denting every inch of the armor with every punch he threw towards the man. suddenly he drove his knee upwards into the the armored man's gut, causing him to hunch over. His muscular left fist crashed against the man's helmet while his right hand grabbed for the armored man's throat and slammed him against the base of the statue with great force.

"Beg for mercy and I'll let you live."

"Is this...all? Is this all you could muster?"

"Heh what, you lost, just surrender."

"hehe, heh heh... WHAAAHAAAHAAA!!"

The armored man's battered armor began to bulge up and fell off him, clanging against the ground or through it. His arm grabbed that of the saiyan while its muscles began to grow, the helmet that covered his face shattered in pieces, revealing a monstrous face with two pairs of eyes piercing through those of the saiyan, right in to his very soul. The armored man began to grow larger and larger, reaching a full two feet above the saiyan. Two leathery wings spread out behind him, giving him a fearfull sight when he opened them completely.

"Now, I'll show you my power."

His large hand that had clenched itself around the saiyans arm began to squeeze tighter and tighter until a snapping sound of bones and flesh sounded, followed by the earpiercing scream of the saiyan. With a little twitch of his wrist, the monstrous man ripped off half the saiyans arms, blood spattering accros both men's faces.

The saiyan screamed while grabbing at his stompy arm. He couldn't stop the bleeding, nor defend against the rockhard fist that landed against his lower jaw, instantly breaking it and throwing it out of its sockets. The saiyan yelled while gurgling as the jaw obstructed his capability to fully scream. His eyes were widened as the monster, the god of this place came closer to him. A second punch was thrown at him, ripping through his abdomen with ease, damaging his intestins, liver and stomach while the fist was pulled out again.

blood began pooling on the ground as the saiyan fell to his knees. His golden hair reverted back to its original black color. Fear had overcome him as he looked at the monster. He didn't understand why he lost, was this creature that powerfull?

"I told you, you were already dead before you challenged me. Your fate was already sealed when you threw the first punch, well then let me show you my mercy: death, whaahaahaa!!"

A single punch directed at the saiyans head, did the gruesome job of silencing the crying, fallen warrior. As his fist crushed through the saiyans head and as the blood splattered all around the steps, the monster began to laugh loud and deep, as if he sincerely enjoyed this barbaric bloodshed.

"Let the universe know it, I am Shadow and nothing can stop me, whaahaahaa!!"

"Shadow, so it was you after all, these were your memories, this is your planet."

Chill smiled, this was getting interesting. He walked inside the elevator and looked at sergeant Yamada s a few other soldier yelled at the man...
He did not care for what could happen to the other men, tough he did find the reaction of sergeant Yamada interesting or rather intrigueing. It was like he had some kind of premonition, like Chill had his memories of Shadow. Nonetheless, he couldn't care much more, he was here for his own reasons. He had his own secret agenda concerning this place. he had nightmares, dreams of a laboratorycomplex. he dreamed of a woman who was supposedly an angel of some sorts, created or modified by the laboratories in Shadows employement.

He needed to know the truth, he wanted to know more of Shadow's eerie past and if she was still alive, he would have a chance of learning more about it. About his and Shadow's past and what had really happened, he wanted to know it all.

"Allright team, move it move it."

He looked ta how his teams dispersed ad began searching through all wings of the lowest floor. This was where he had seen that dream. He walked through the halway, the lights flickering above him, the steel shutterdoors closed on all sides. he needed to know, it was his right, his duty, his destiny to know his past, Shadow's past.

"Come to me, I am waiting for you, come to me, mylord."

He heard the voice in his head, soothing and sift, but who was it that talked to him. He did not know, but his mind was working on overdrive, he was attracted, hypnotized by this voice. Who was it, he needed to know.

"Come to me, find me, I need you as you need me. Come to me mylord."

Walking through the hallway, he finally reached the end of the hall. His hand began caressing the last shutterdoor, he didn't know why, but he had the feeling this one was important. Slowly he searched for a switch to open the shutterdoor. After several seconds he had found the red switch to open the door. With a screeching sound it opened and the lights inside went on, giving way a chaotic sight of a blown away laboratory.

Slowly Chill went inside, a soft ghust of wind leaving in his trail, switching the shutterdoor's lock on again, letting it slide close behind Chill. The lights went of, the chaos began with screams and howls as the thing was awakened in this hellhole...

Inside he saw it, the blown away laboratory, charcoaled corpses of researchers laying all over the floor. Yet as he mover, they seemed to turn their head towards him somehow. A freakish experience for any man, woman or child. walking straight through the hissing and growling pack of people or rather monsters and corpses.

"Come to me, you are almost there mylord, almost there.

faster and faster did Chill walk untill he entered a sort of cave far beyond the place he just was, a cave covered with ice and rock. Yet filled with hundreds of those monstrous creatures that sprawled the labs just minutes earlier.

"I've waited for you, finally you are here."

Looking through the ice, he saw a woman, a beautifull woman frozen in the ice, yet restrained with leather shackles and cables. he remembered her from his dreams he had lately. This was her, this was the girl, the woman, who was reffered to as the perfect being made by Shadow, but her history was unknown. Who or what was she before Shadow began to controle her?

"Are you Suigintou, the perfect being?"

"Yes, are you Shadow, my master?"

"No, I am lord Chill, supreme commander of Universal Terror, I am..."

" Foul creature, how dare you enter this domain, this is Shadows domain, this is MY DOMAIN!!"

A massive shockwave shattered the ice covering the cave, crackled the floor and blew Chill backwards. He knew he had to do something, but not what. He was frozen solid, his legs could not move, his arms trembled. Was he affraid, was the supreme commander affraid?

"I shall break your will and your spirit, you will forget who you are and why you are here.

Chill knew he was hallucinating, as he saw everything change around him, he saw his parents, his cousin. He saw it all, his past, what he had done. Every painfull memory seemed to haunt him, over and over again he saw his parents die, his cousins scold and laugh at him. He snapped, roaring load and violently, his black aura burned away halve of the creatures in the cave as he reached for his black blade hanging behind his back.

"That aura, that evil aura, it can't be. You are his reincarnation, he has died? That is impossible, a god cannot die, prove to me that you are him. Kill all intruders, kill them, kill them all.

"What what are you asking me? I am not your toy madam, I am a royal changeling, one more powerfull than you could imagine."

He tried to bluff himself out of this mess, hoping he could somehow sooth her mind, ease her up and have a chance to attack.It didn't take long before he would lose all reason, he felt his innerself struggle to maintain controle, so he had to give it a shot before it was all over. Stretching out his arm, he made a swift swipe towards the woman, hoping to cut through the ice and let her lose controle over him.

Yet with a single scream, the attack he had launched was dispersed and vanished in to nothing. Her eyes were wild as she yelled and screamed at the creatures that were surrounding him. Without hesitation he began drawing his blade and awaiting the incoming of those monsters. And he was right, seconds after he had drawn his blade, the monsters attacked ferociously.

"You cannot survive, surrender and I'll spare you."

He ducked down as one of the creatures jumped at him, sending his elbow upwards, he crashed at the monster, looking aside he saw another one take a shot, slamming his fist against its head, it silenced. He had to fight to survive, life in order not to die. Turning around again, another monster jumped at him, violently he stabbed with his zweihander of glory through the creatures ribcage. A soft gurgling sound came from the creatures filthy mouth when Chill began to slice his blade upwards through the creatures chest.

"Kill him, show me that he is not my master."

An entire horde of those monsters began to attack Chill, swiftly turning around, he sliced the monster at his blade in two, only to slash with his blade through another one's gut and yet another one's head. His hand grabbed one by the throat while his tail smacked one against the icey walls. Blood began to drip from Chill's body, black and rotten blood, not his, but from those monsters.

With a single twitch of his hand, he broke the neck of the hissing creature he had grabbed by the throat seconds earlier. He turned around and kicked through one of those creatures gut, another one dropped from the ceiling on his shoulders, no time to thing, he transformed in a mere instant, ripping his muscles to new legths. Now he was bigger and more muscular, but also more able to eliminate the threat. Another one dropped from the ceiling, easily being smacked to the ground by Chill's tail, ten of them were sliced in halve by a single daichiretsuhan. His sword violently stabbed a bigger one, while he hauled it all over his shoulder, the monster slid of the blade and was squashed against the icewalls of the cave.

"Beat him, kill him, do not let him live. Show no mercy, do not let him leave while still breathing, slaughter him."

They attacked even more fiercely after being given that command. Chill was struggling as he almost lost controle of himself while fighting. The woman was still playing tricks with his mind while he was fighting to stay alive, fighting to stand strong in this horde of monsters.

"Raah, give me your best shot, filthy monsters, I'll just have to kill you all. Hahaahaa, you can't even scratch me you filth."

His zweihander of Glory and Wind did a perfect job as he was fighting those eerie and ugly monstrous creatures. Chill was proud of the fact he had bought this blade from King Cold. It waved through the air like a fan, but sliced through the creatures like a chainsaw, merciless and ruthless. As yet another horde of those filthy creatures jumped on him, he lashed with his massive tail, the sound of cracking ribs filled the place as his tail connected with a few of those monster's ribcages, instantly smashing their unnatural life in pieces.

This was followed by a precise sworddance, slicing a few of them in half and while their corpses and guts splattered accros the floor, his blade already connected with another creatures head, splitting it open and revealing what was left of its brain while falling to the ground.

"What are you doing, kill him, kill him!"

Chill began to laugh while he was slaughtering dozens of those filthy irrational creatures, a deep and eerie laughter filled the halls of the cave while he smashed and bashed another pair of those monsters against the ground. His aura began to flare up and form an image of a dark and sinister creature, looking at the woman with two pair of dark eyes and an insane grin. Suddenly a dark and grim voice ressonated through the cave.

"Stop this insubordination Suigintou, you can not defeat him, nor me. He is my new form, my reincarnation as a god. You can not touch him nor harm him. He is me and I am him, I will not tolerate this any longer, you want proof, fine. I'll kill every soldier I brought with me in this place. I'll kill them all."

Another booming insane laughter filled the halls of the caves, followed by a loud screech of all monsters that surrounded him, as if they understood that fighting Chill was futile. Now they had a new leader, a powerfull leader. Chill had snapped, he was yet again fully under controle of the Shadow, but somehow he liked it. He needed this, he wanted this, this was how it was ment to be.

"Let the hunt begin, whaahaahaa!"
Part 3: Through the eyes of private Mason

I dont know what happened, but it was awefull. We were split up from sergeant Yamada, as he went after that idiot Rico, we had to try and rescue Devon, really scary shit happened while we tried to save him. If I had known that this would've been such a disaster I wouldn't have enrolled myself in this mission.

"Devon, Devon can you hear me?"

"Waylon what's the status, any news from the other teams?"

"Nope, communication broke down half an hour ago. I guess they're experiencing the same shit as us."

"Fuck I knew it, that bastard has just brought us to our doom."

"Hey watch out Mason!!"


The lifeless body of one of those monstrous creatures fell down to the ground, right next to private Mason. Black blood dripped from Mason's face as he looked back at private Waylon. This mission was starting to wear them down, as their ammo was almost gone and who knew how many of those creatures were left.

"Be glad I saw that one, haha."

"Yeah thanks, shit Waylon duck, fuck, down, down!!"

Behind private Waylon a large shadow appeared, with two dark and evil eyes looking down. Something was shining, as it went up, Mason saw it was some kind of blade, a black blade. he suddenly recognised it as Chill's Zweihander of Glory and Wind.

"Jesus Christ, Waylon, down, what am I saying, fucking run Waylon!!"

"What why?"

Just as he turned around to look for the reason why private Mason looked so terrified, the blade struck down and got stuck in his ribcage. As blood spluttered from his cleaved open chest, Waylon grabbed with his still working left arm to his belt.

"Run Mason...I'll hold him down... run."

Mason turned around, tears swelling in his eyes. He didn't know how many times he owed his life to Waylon, but he knew damn sure he wouldn't let him die in vain. As he ran through the hallway he heard Waylon yell loud at the thing that struck him down followed by a deep roar.

"You will die with me, motherfucker!"


The sound of a grenade filled the hall, followed by a massive shockwave that shattered every window in the hallway. Covering himself with his arms, Mason ran as fast as he could, away from the thing that attacked Waylon, because in his gut he knew that the grenade had failed to kill it.

If I was just a few seconds earlier, I could've saved him. I could've shot down that bastard.

fear crept up his spine as he collapsed to the ground. He was shivering, not from the icey cold air, nor from the blood that was trickling to the floor, seeping from his severe wounds. No he was shivvering out of fear, an eerie feeling, he tought never to feel again. His heart pumped at insane speeds, rushing his blood and adrenaline through his veins. The feeling his heart might explode, his veins may one moment burst. It was all due to his fear. He didn't understand, nor did he want to. He had clearly lost everything, clearly lost his grip on the situation.

His hands rose to his head, covering his eyes, while almost crying, as a wet sensation began to spread accros his eyes. He wanted to scream, but no sound came from his lips. He wanted to cry, but who would hear him, who would hear his pleas for help in this hellish nightmare where he was, after all...alone.

A noise came from the deepest and darkest part of the ruins. He heard it coming closer, he saw the shadow slide over the walls of the place he was losing his mind. This was not how it was ment to be, this was not how this was supposed to go. Why didn't he listen, why did he do that what he should not have done. It was all His fault, he was to blame for this mess they had been dragged in. Damn Him, cursed be His ignorance.

The noise came closer again, the tapping of feet on the floor, the sound of something sliding accros the floor. It was coming, It was coming for him. He could no longer refer to Him as him, but now it had to be refered to as It. It was no longer the man he used to know and obey, no, It was a monster. Nothing more and nothing less than a monster. A shadow consumed his own on the floor. he turned around with eyes filled with tears. He saw the blade go in the air, just as a final cry for help escaped his lips.

", please...someone,"

Dancing with death

"Yes indeed, boohoo, someone help me, haahaahaa!!"

Part 4: Silent ending

Dead silence

Together, hand in hand they walked through the hallway, Suigintou and Chill. Both covered in the blood of soldiers and monsters, smiling like newlyweds walking from the ile. Between the dozens of dead monsters, a few soldiers looked up, their eyes widened and already glazey. They had faced their worst fear, only to be killed or slaughtered by what was even worse than their worst fear.

As they passed each laboratory, the shutterdoors closed, trapping the few monsters that survived inside for yet another few millenia to come. Chill had found his purpose, a new reason for his existance. As with the discovery of Suigintou, he came yet another step closer to fullfilling his lifelong dream: the creation of the perfect lifeform, the perfect creature.

His methods were the same as his predecessor, everyone else but he himself was expendable. he did not care for their lifes, he only cared for himself and what he needed to find. Soon, very soon would he unleash his terror into the universe, but not yet, not yet. As the couple reached the elevator doors, he simply smashed them open and flew upwards untill he reached the upper level, the place from which both came.

As he walked outside, he looked back and smiled as he saw the last team of surviving soldiers anxiously await the arrival of their partners. While grinning, he pulled the lever on the outside, closing the doors. Before they understood the situation, the men were already locked inside the statue.

slowly both he and Suigintou arrived at the Marauder, Chill's personal flagship. Awaited by Zechs and Spectra he and Suigintou walked inside.

"Yet again shall we find perfection, as we again embark on a mission for power, hahaha."

Inside the statue the soldiers switched on their flashlights, screamed, yelled for help. Yet no person heard them, at least indeed not a person.

We did not scream, we did not yell, as we knew this was our end, it came closer, much closer. It smelled us and felt us untill it finally fed upon us.

wordcount: 8001
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Chill: the raging shadow (complete) (not for kids)
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