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 The Terrible Mistake

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PowerLevel : 34,808,250
Ki : 34,808,250
Transformations : Potential Unlocked, Enlighted, Power Weighted,Fufilled
Tehniques : Kamehameha, Ki Cannon, Chocolathe Beam, Instant Transmission
Battle Points : 23
Zeni : 5,0678,250
Posts : 24
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PostSubject: The Terrible Mistake   The Terrible Mistake Icon_minitimeFri Sep 17, 2010 4:19 pm

Uub while training how to use his Instant Transmission technique appears suddenly on Frieza 79, he notices that a bunch of people that looked like what Goku descrbied to him to be Frieza. Uub then notices on of them floating in a pod being followed by 5 other men, the dude then scans Uub's powerlevel and notices that it is extremly high to be Human. You! Most of your people are weak, why is your power level so high? Well, it could be because Goku trained me, or maybe because im the reincarnation of Majin Buu, one of the deadlisit creatures that ever lived in the Universe, or maybe because i absorbed Good Buu, it's complete opposite... The alien starts to get ticked off, as he thinks that Uub was being Sarcastic when Uub was being completly serious. Well then, would you wanna join my Frostbite squad. Umm, I think I will pass on that dude, I really didn't come here for that, I came to take back the Earth dragonballs back to Earth, someone has seemed to take them here, and it's really important that the Earth Dragonballs are used on Earth or else. What if i told you where they are, then would you join. Look, I really don't have time for this, i really have to... The Changeling cuts him off as he takes out the first-star dragon ball as his men all take out dragon balls, revealing they all have six dragonballs. Where's the seventh. I'll only tell if you join my squad. I;m not joining your stupid squad, now give me the dragonballs right... The alien hops out of the pod revealing he was sitting on the last dragon ball, as they all put the dragon balls back in the pod and they then walk up to Uub. You may have a high power level, but all of us combined, it is pretty tiny. Uub gets into his stance, as one of them, who looks similar to that Goku described to be Zarbon, attacked, Uub grabed his arm as he kneed him in the gut and tossed him toward Frostbite, Frostbite grabbed his minion by the arm as he put him back in place as Frostbite then fires a death beam at Uub as he descends dodging it, his minions suddenly teleport over him as they one of them kicks him toward the ground, as the two others tackle him into the ground. Distracting Uub from the others, they repeatedly stomp him into the ground as the other three charge up a blast, the other two fly away as they fire it and it attacks Uub. Uub who is sitting in a crater of the Earth is unconscious as the minons pick him up and fly him to Frostbite's ship. Uub is placed in a rejenuvation tube.

2 Days Later

Uub wakes up with no clothes on inside of the rejunvation tank. Uub punches the glasses as he looks for his Gi, it is on the table completly swen back up from the battle. Uub puts it back on as he walks down the hallway, as he sees another one of Frostbite's minions and the minion tries to attack Uub, but Uub kicks him in the stomach as the minion grabs it's stomach, Uub takes it by the neck and he fires a ki blast blowing open a hole in the wall, as he sees the ship is not active and he throws the minion outside. Uub continues walking in the ship, as he notices that the dragonballs are still inside of the pod and Frostbite must have left a while ago, it gave Uub plenty of time to teleport back to Earth, but an alarm sounds as he notices that many of the aliens of the ship appear in front of Uub with Frostbite in the middle as Uub smiles as he fires a Ki Cannon, knocking them all aganist the walls of the ship, knocking them all out. Uub then sees Frostbite charging toward him, Uub kicks him in the gut as he takes him by the tail and throws him out of the ship. Uub then fires a kamehameha at Frostbite, but frostbite easily dodges it as he fires a death wave at Uub. Uub is hit as cut a part of the ship off, Uub then looks as Frostbite is collecting energy for an attack, Uub then looks as he fires it, Uub teleports right behind Frostbite as frostbite turns around, Uub already fired off his Chocolathe beam, turning Frostbite into a piece of chocolathe, Uub grabs it as he bites the head off, he can hear tiny screams as he spits it out, it tasted terrible. Uub touches the pod, with the dragonballs inside of it, and teleports right back to Earth.
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PowerLevel : Good bye
Ki : 77,447,800
Transformations : Oozaru <> kaiokin <> False super sayian <> super sayian <> super sayian 2 <> super sayian 3 <> golden oozaru <> super sayian 4 <> super sayian 5 <> Super Sayian 6 <> Super Sayian 7 <> Super Sayian 10 <> Super Sayian 11 <> Super Sayian 13
Tehniques : Super Duper Final Mega Big Bang Blast Kamehameha X70 <> Super explosive wave <> Super Mega Final Big Bang Kamehameha x20 <> Revenge death ball <> violent thunder <> super slining slasher basher <> solar flare <> fusion dance <> after image <> Super Mega Death Ball <> Super Final Big Bang Kamehameha <> Kamehameha <> Spririt Bomb <> Super Dragon Fist <> Instant Transsmission <> angry kamehameha <> energy feild <> Super Kamehameha <> Final Kamehameha <> Big Bang Attack
Battle Points : 154
Zeni : 600,048,050
Items : 5 ultimate senzu beans, prince's scouter, king's armor, Z-sword Sword, Weighted armour
Posts : 601
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PostSubject: Re: The Terrible Mistake   The Terrible Mistake Icon_minitimeSun Sep 19, 2010 5:46 pm

40,100 pl ki and zeni and 8 bp
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The Terrible Mistake
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