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A wonderfull Dragon Ball Z RPG that is really fun and is really the best of them all!
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 Daichi's Journey(Incomplete)

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PostSubject: Daichi's Journey(Incomplete)   Sat Dec 11, 2010 8:46 pm

Daichi flies through the earth and tries to find any information about the man who murdered his mother. Daichi looks around. "It might be a little impossible to find the man who murdered my mother fourteen years ago...but...AGH!" Daichi screams as he has another vision. He see's the same man...he has long black hair, Saiyan armor, black eyes, white gloves, saiyan boots, he was wearing a blue scouter, and he has a tail. On his armor he see's an emblem on it. It was the same emblem that was on Daichi's spaceship. "This man must be on planet vegeta." Daichi says as the image fades away. He then flies towards his spaceship. He lands in the crater and opens the door to the spaceship. He sits in the ship and sets the coordinates for Vegeta. The ship lifts off the ground and takes for the sky. Daichi decides to pass the time and he takes a nap.

A bright light flashes! Daichi is having another vision. He see's the same man...The cold blooded murderer! He see's a huge temple. "This must be his hide out." Daichi wonders. "Alright! Now atleast i know the location!" Daichi says to himself. Daichi wonders the powerlevel of the opponent he would be facing. Daichi opens his eyes and waits for his trip to planet Vegeta to end.

Months later

Daichi crashes down to planet Vegeta and prepares for battle!
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Daichi's Journey(Incomplete)
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