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 Battle for Ris'eneu

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PostSubject: Battle for Ris'eneu   Fri Aug 27, 2010 1:57 pm

“Incoming Transmission from the Supremacy, Overlord. Should I accept the connection?” Came the cool, female voice of the onboard computer. A screen slowly lowering in front of the stoic face of the Overlord, and he turned slowly in his high-backed chair to face it.

“Sure. I could do with a bit of fun,” Nappa grumbled, thoroughly bored with the whole experience of war thus far. The constant waiting irked Nappa to a high degree. Coupled with the rationed food, Nappa had experienced a pretty boring adventure so far.

The monitor flared up in front of Nappa, and the bearded face of General Maada slowly came into focus. Nappa crossed his arm over his chest in salute, causing Maada to wave him off. It seemed that Maada was still in the war cabinet, where he and his fellow commanders had held their meeting just hours before. Maada looked stressed, even though his command had so far been short, and thoroughly uneventful.

“General. To what do I owe this great honour?” Nappa asked drily, his eyes slowly moving away, back to the crossword puzzle that lay on the nearby table. As much as he disliked crosswords, it seemed that they were the only half-enjoyable thing that the ship was loaded with, other than the multitude of female Saiyans that Nappa had requested into his personal troop...

Maada clicked his fingers, and Nappa’s attention was quickly brought back to the monitor. “Eyes on me, Overlord. I‘m sure you remember our meeting, not a couple of hours ago? Well, it appears that there is a change of plan.” Maada said in his deep, gravelly voice. As he spoke, his beard seemed to waggle, which gave Nappa great pleasure from just watching the creature. “Nappa! Are you listening to me?” Maada yelled, and Nappa once again focused quickly on the General.

“Yes, General! I was just... Doing nothing,” Nappa said, quickly avoiding the General’s famed anger. “Please, carry on. I care what you have to say,” Nappa muttered, a hint of sarcasm in his voice. Fortunately, Maada did not notice it.

“Yes, well, it appears that we miscalculated when we were planning for any planets we expect our enemies to take. The Valkyra have moved to plan, but the Legion has made a move that could possibly be fatal for us,” Maada said, his eyes darting around, looking at something below the monitor. It seemed that he was fumbling with some papers for a moment, before looking back up at Nappa. “They have moved in such a way that we expect them to invade Ris’eneu, and from there we expect them to attempt to flank us. I’m transmitting data now.”

Another screen lowered in front of Nappa, and he turned slightly to get the best view of it. “Starting familiarisation program,” said the computer, and the screen started to flash.

Ris’eneu, the ocean world. This scarcely populated planet has little to no significance in the modern Universe, without any major trade routes or raw material plantations. The few cities are largely empty, but it is rumoured that the inhabitants have found a way for their cities to float upon the water. Further study would be required to certify. The current Leader is: unknown.

The broadcast stopped, the monitor slowly rising back up to the ceiling. Nappa turned once more to the ever-present face of General Maada, a look of general unconcern on his face. “And? What does this have to do with me?” Nappa asked, his level of caring dropping dangerously low at this point.

“You’re going to be going there, and stopping the imminent assault. Any questions?” Maada said, keeping a straight face. Nappa, on the other hand, let his anger flow out through his roughly-chiselled features.

“Me? To defend against the Legion? You’ve got to be kidding me! Send Raditz, or somebody,” Nappa said, rising up out of his chair. The monitor, controlled by the built-in computer of the Calvus Vir, followed him to the observation window which rested in front of his chair. “What can they really have that make you so worried as to send me? What are you hiding?” Nappa asked, suddenly suspicious of the mighty General.

Maada sighed in defeat, his eyes connecting with Nappa’s. “The ship leading the assault. It is the Orizaba,” Maada said, before his head dropped. Nappa’s mouth followed suit, and he turned away from the monitor.

“Seta will be there?” Nappa asked, more to himself than anybody else on the bridge. He turned quickly, looking right at the monitor. “I’ll be there. My fleet will be prepared, General.”

Maada smiled, before saluting to the Overlord. “Fight well, Nappa. Don’t go dying on me,” He said, just as the transmission faded, the monitor turning black.

Nappa turned, looking out of the observation window into the depths of space beyond. He sighed softly, his thoughts unruly. Seta... Revenge will be mine...

Turning quickly, he strode to his chair, before throwing his arse into it, and pressing a button on his armrest. “Send the broadcast, computer,” Nappa added, just as red lights began to flash all around him. “All troops to deployment deck. I repeat, all troops to deployment. We’re going to war, people! Yeehaw!” He yelled down the intercom, which in turn was broadcast to the whole ship.

The bridge around him exploded into activity at the announcement, and, within seconds, all the stations were filled with a very capable Saiyan. Looking around, Nappa failed to see one of his Commanders. “Where is Kabu?” He asked, and confused looks were spread across the terminals, each Saiyan unaware that she was missing. Nappa groaned softly, before going back to his chair.

Pressing the intercom button again, he cleared his throat. “Commander Kabu! If you’re not too busy, would you mind reporting to your station upon the bridge? I don’t have to want to send another of my troops into space today,” he said calmly, but with an underlying tone of authority in his voice. The officers around him chuckled slightly, reminiscing about the incident earlier that day, which ended in Nappa forcefully removing a soldier from the Cruiser.

The huge double suddenly burst open, and Kabu almost fell right through them. Panting heavily, she looked up at Nappa, before giving him a hasty salute. “I’m sorry, sir. My tiredness got the better of me,” Kabu said, her breathing still heavy. Nappa said nothing, but simply smiled at Kabu.

“Prepare the troops, Kabu. We’ve got a planet to invade,” Nappa said, grin still on his face. Turning, he walked back to the observation window, looking at the empty blanket of space before him.

Time to kick it up a notch.

Raising his hand, he clenched it tightly into a fist. “Engage warp drive. Destination, Ris’eneu. The whole fleet moves with us,” Nappa ordered, before lowering his arm. The darkness before him quickly lit up, revealing the true speed at which they were travelling. Within seconds, the darkness had returned, but had been blotted out largely by a huge planet.

Ris’eneu was mostly water, but several small dots of green littered the planet. Ships began leaving Warp Space around him, causing him to look around, a soft smile on his face.

Three Royals, One Scepter, Four Warships, One Enroacher, two Dominators, one Super Carrier. And, of course, one Battle Cruiser, Nappa thought to himself, quickly tallying up the ships under his control. Seven thousand Saiyans, ready for battle.

He turned slowly, his thoughts brooding on the confrontation he knew awaited ahead. “Kabu! Get ready for deployment. Commence Operation Facial Hair.”


Pan rubbed the back of her head as she gazed at the female in front of her. She was vaguely aware of another Saiyan standing next to her, and a part of her was screaming out one name. Bra. But she had no time to look over. "First, I need to know why I was called here. Then I'll go do whatever you want me to do," she said, without using any sort of term of respect.

This one is interesting... she knows nothing about me, but she already says she will do what I say. Nemesis looked the saiyan woman up and down. "I am the Supreme Goddess Nemesis, and I am out to get revenge on Zeus and the Olympians for throwing me from Mount Olympus. Does that sum it up well enough for you?"

Pan frowned a little bit as she realized perhaps the goals were similar. "Indeed. And perhaps... we share a similar goal. I was demoted by the King of All Saiyans. I only have my small arsenal of ships to my name. Every crew member is loyal to me, however. So if we are going against the United Alliance, I will go where I am most needed," she said. "I wish to show it is not wise to demote the first Super Saiyan."

Nemesis grinned. "Is that so? I knew you'd be perfect for the job. I dub you Archigos Pan, Supreme Overlord over all of my forces. You take orders from me, and me only. You are now a second-in-command to an Olympian God. How does it feel?" Nemesis said, certainly playing on Pan's need for revenge and glory in losing her previous rank.

Pan's body shifted to one that could only be considered 'attention'. "It feels... amazing," she said. She felt her heart thudding hard against her ribcage. A part of her was still trying to stay loyal to the Saiyan Empire, but she had to get rid of that part. She took in a breath. "What are my orders, M'Lady?" she asked.

Through thousands of years of controlling others, the goddess had learned to put forth the perfect outward appearance to do so. "I trust you want to strike quick, and hard at the one that likes to call himself King of Vegeta?" Nemesis said, seemingly looking away from Pan and gazing about. "You will strike him quick, and you will strike him hard. He will learn what a true Super Saiyan is, and how it feels to be stripped of everything you had."

She touched her fists together behind her back as she loosened up just slightly. "Striking quick and hard is all I ever do," she said. "If you're going to destroy something, you better put everything into it," she said. "I trust you know where he is striking first?"

Grinning again, Nemesis nodded. "I like you, Pan. You will go far, no doubt. My experience and power combined with your will... we'll be unstoppable. The United Alliance is a force of those such as the Saiyans that think this galaxy belongs to them. They have reached out to the nearby planet known as Ris'eneu. There they have gathered their entire army. You are to hit them with most of our troops in a bloodbath. I don't want a single one of them walking away alive."

Pan smiled a little bit. "Would you happen to know who is leading them? I like to know the names of the commanders I kill..." she said. "And you can count on it, none will be able to tell of the battle except in the Afterlife," she nodded firmly.

Nemesis thought back to her scouts report. "I believe his name is Nappa. I am told he is a high ranking General in the Saiyan Army, and has ascended quickly in the United Alliance due to a little pushing by King Vegeta."

Pan's smile turned into a smirk. "Nappa hm? He has no idea what he's getting into. A foolish move by the King for putting Nappa in charge," she murmured. "I shall leave immediately for the planet Ris'eneu with your blessing, M'Lady," she said.

The goddess looked into Pan's eyes for a moment. Despite having had her powers as a god taken away long ago, she could read most people like a book. Nemesis knew upon first seeing her that Pan was a very young woman whom had been through a lot for a mortal, and there was tons of emotions hiding behind the face she put up for herself. "Very well," she said. "You may go. General, escort and brief her."

Pan glanced at the General nearby. With a crisp salute--a hand to the chest--Pan turned from the Goddess then made her way from the war room with the General in tow. She listened as he explained her troops in addition to the troops Pan herself had acquired throughout her time as a Saiyan Overlord.

"Thank you General," Pan said before climbing the ramp into the Orizaba.


Pan jerked her gloves up higher on her hands. She wore a new type of armor, this one was a better version of her Saiyan Armor. On the chest was her new rank painted upon it. Instead of a red cloak that would usually be attached to a high ranking officer's armor, she wore her usual silvery cloak that caught the light and reflected.

The woman lowered herself into her Captain's chair. As she did images burst up from the console in front of her. On the left was an image of a vaguely reptilian humanoid. In the middle was the image of a woman with stark white hair. On Pan's right was the image of a woman with pointed ears and oddly shaped eyebrows.

"Ishan, Tyrena, E'Tyshra. Stand by for boarding of new troops. Do not be alarmed by their appearance. We will also be having a carrier following us as we make our way to Ris'eneu," Pan said.

"Sir, it appears you have a new rank upon your armor. May I inquire as to what we shall now call you?" the woman with pointed ears said.

"Archigos, my dear E'Tyshra. But it matters not what I am called other than Victor," Pan said. A smile formed on her face.

"Set a course for Ris'eneu. In twenty standard minutes lift off and go to maximum warp!" Pan ordered.

"Aye sir!" the three commanders of Pan's three ships called out. They cut their connections. Pan then keyed in a new address.

"General, I want you to be in the middle of my four ships. We'll be in a diamond shape. I will give you the order to release the landing parties. Until I do, you do nothing," Pan said.

"Aye sir," the oddly shaped humanoid general said.

"Good," Pan said. She glanced over at a nearby clock.

"In about fifteen standard minutes we will all lift off. Everyone will need to go to warp factor nine," Pan said.

"Aye sir," the general nodded. The carrier would barely be able to go at warp factor nine, but it should hold up until they could get to Ris'eneu.


As one all of the ships fell out of warp space. Pan smirked as she gazed at the planet. She was on the opposite side of the planet from Nappa's forces. She brought a hand up and raked her fingers through her hair.

"Maneuver around to get a better position to send down our grunts," Pan ordered.

She closed her eyes as the ship moved, but it was mostly imperceptible to those on the ships. They moved just enough that Pan could get a glimpse at Nappa's ships. She recognized them all.

Pan took in a breath then let it out.

"Celran, you have the con," Pan said before rising to her feet.

"Where are you going?" Celran inquired.

"I'm going to get my sword then get ready to go down to the planet. What type of commanding officer would I be if I wasn't getting my boots dirty with my troops?" Pan said. She offered a peace sign to her former commanding officer then headed off.

Pan touched an odd symbol upon her chest.

"Elaine, would you please join me in the shuttle bay? I have need of you," Pan said.

"Aye," Elaine responded. They had all been given new uniforms before leaving the planet Rath. They all had communication devices affixed to said uniforms for better communication in battle. Pan knew it was better than relying on the scouter over her eye.

The woman entered the turbolift.

"Deck 3 please," Pan said pleasantly. She only had to wait a few moments for the turbolift to arrive on the proper deck.

"Deck 3," the computer said.

Pan flicked her cloak behind her shoulders as she made her way along into the shuttle bay. In front of her she took a look at her personal shuttle. She made her way inside then put in the proper coordinates.

A few minutes later, Pan's 'slave' entered the shuttle bay decked out in her new uniform that mimicked Pan's.

"I am here, mistress," Elaine said.

"How many times do I have to tell you not to call me that? You can call me by my rank which is Archigos," Pan said patiently.

"Sorry sir. Habit..." Elaine murmured, ducking her head down.

"Let's go," Pan said, re-entering the shuttle.

Once in the pilot's seat she touched the symbol on her armor again.

"Celran, send a message to all the ships to release our troops," Pan said.

"Aye sir," Celran said.

The shuttle bay doors opened and Pan hit the throttle. As one, all of the other shuttles shot out from their respective bays. Pan leaned back as she waited to arrive upon the planet.

When she did, she ordered all of her troops into phalanxes. She stood upon a nice hill, overlooking a field. On all sides of the hill and field was water.

"Wait for my signal! Tonight they will dine in hell!" Pan called out. With her on the hill were her guard, all of them Saiyans and all of them loyal. Behind her were the grunts, hidden by the hill so it would look like she and her group of fifty Saiyans were the only ones going to be battling.


The cool ocean breeze swept softly over Nappa’s perfectly waxed head, creating a soft whistling sound in his ears. His armour was positioned nicely upon his broad frame, with his tail, quivering in excitement, wrapped around his waist. His Overlord insignia shone brightly upon his breast, with his newly obtained red cape flowing gently behind him. He took a few steps away from the space pod he had just clambered out of, onto the top of a large hill.

He panned his vision slowly, and, upon seeing no enemies, raised his clenched fist into the air. Saiyan space pods hurtled down towards him, crashing heavily into the moist soil around him. Six in total hit the ground, and behind him, numerous separate ships landed upon the wide space behind him. His own cruiser rested in the near-orbit of the planet, ready to take off at a moment’s notice. All of the other troops and ships, however, were almost emptied, with all troops being brought to the battle.

“Battle formations!” Nappa yelled out to the troops as they emerged from their ships. Group by group they formed themselves into rows, all facing towards the hill upon which Nappa stood. Many were excited – Nappa could see several Saiyans literally wagging their tails at the prospect of the battle ahead. Good job they don’t know about Seta, Nappa thought, as he couldn’t bring himself to tell his troops that it was likely that each and every one of them would die at her hand.

Before long, each and every soldier was ready to march on. Nappa, however, turned to his six respective commanders who stood before him, nodding at them. Each moved in front of a battle group, before turning back to look at Nappa. 5000 Saiyans, 500 Keliouxians and 500 Avalanians... What better could I ask for? Nappa thought to himself, a grin sliding onto his rough face.

“Warriors of the Alliance! We are gathered here today to eradicate a great threat! These Bitches,” he said, pointing behind him, where, thanks to a scouting party he had sent to scour the planet, he knew the Legion of Syn resided. “Think that they can march over here and take our land from under our feet. The whole universe will fall under their tyranny unless we stop them here today. Are you with me?” He yelled out, causing an eruption of cheers and yells to explode before him, causing him to grin. He saw Kabu standing in front of her group of Elite Saiyan warriors, not moving an inch. She had a stoic expression on her face, causing Nappa to grin even more.

“Today is the day that we prove our might to these outsiders. Today is the day that we once again reign over our own universe. This Legion will not be able to hold back the combined might of the Avalanians, the Keliouxians, and the Saiyan War Machine!” He yelled out, resulting in more cheers from the crowd of soldiers.

“Tonight we will dine of the bodies of the Legion! Hold nothing back, my warriors! No quarter!” He yelled, resulting in a chorus of “no quarter” in exalted voices from the crowd.

One of Nappa’s officers, however, looked confused. Pointing down at him, Nappa smiled. “You. Saiyan. What do you not understand?”

The Saiyan shuffled about a bit, before looking straight up at Nappa. “Well, Overlord, sir, are we actually going to eat our opponents?” He said, stuttering. Several bouts of laughter burst out between the ranks, until Nappa raised his fist.

“That we will, Commander. Do you have a problem with eating flesh?”

The Saiyan looked taken aback. “W-well, I suppose not, sir. But it is kind of disgusting...”

Nappa put a fake expression of disgust on his face. “Well, it’s better than Bug people,” Nappa muttered, before reaching into the single pocket that his Saiyan armour consisted of. He pulled out a chocolate bar, and, grinning, began to unwrap and demolish the small confectionary. “Mmm, a delicious Butterfinger.”

The Commanders began to grin, except from the one, disgusted Saiyan. “Why do you have that in your pocket, may I ask, sir?” He asked, and Nappa lowered his arms from his face, here he had been wiping his mouth of any remnants of chocolate.

“Why, in case we have to eat bug people, or Legion members. Both are terribly disgusting,” Nappa said, and the commander’s jaw dropped. “Butterfingers are so delicious...”

“GIMME THAT DAMN BUTTERFINGER!” The commander yelled, overcome by the divine beauty and elegance of the simple Butterfinger. It’s soft, chocolate texture seemed to metaphorically melt in his mouth, causing drool to dribble uncontrollably down his chin. Quickly sobering up, he cleared his throat. “Sir,” he added quickly, but Nappa simply laughed.

“War is upon us ladies and gentlemen. Let us march.”


“The enemies have been sighted, Overlord,” the messenger relayed to Nappa, who sat on a small fold-up chair atop a hill, discussing some final strategy adjustments with his Commanders. He turned towards the Saiyan female, who was dressed to run – short, skimpy shorts, matched with a black tank top, which must have been a size too small, bearing the Saiyan insignia.

He stopped for a moment, a grin on his face, before waving away the messenger. As she jogged away, Nappa sneaked in a quick look at her retreating rear end, before turning back to the table. “That’s some fine ass right there. What is her name and rank?” He asked the gathered commanders, but Kabu butted in first.

“Sir, we have more important things to do!” She said, a disgruntled tone in her voice. And was that... Jealousy?

Nappa sighed, before waving his arm. “So be it. How are we going to engage our opponent, then?” He said, looking around at the Commanders surrounding him. One of them, an Avalanian captain, spoke up.

“Well, judging by their numbers and our superior fighting ability, we plan to attack them head on, right over the battlefield,” he said with a deep accent, a proud tone in his speech.

Nappa scratched his head, deliberating over the situation. “Ok... Not gonna’ lie: Dick move, guys. Dick move. We know Seta will have a plan, so here’s what we have to do...”



Nappa stood atop a hill, overlooking the plain before him. And, in the near-distance, Seta stood in a similar situation, upon her own respective hill. Nappa turned slowly, looking at Kabu beside him, before nodding.

She yelled, pointing forwards, before flying off into the air. Her own troop followed suit, staying in close formation as they flew across the plain. The other two commanders next to Nappa followed suit, flying straight across the plain to confront their opponents.

“Phase one...” Nappa muttered, and then smiled as the Saiyans flying before him stuck to the plan.

As they neared the Saiyans surrounding Seta, they began to bombard their opponents with all manner of ki attacks. Lights flared up across the battlefield, flashes of red filling the cool crisp sky. Before long, all that remained atop the hill was a large column of smoke, with Nappa’s Saiyans floating in the air a good few hundred metres away. They turned to each other, not knowing what to expect next.

Kabu, however, did. She raised her arm into the air, fist clenched, before pointing down at the smoke cloud. “Phase two!” She screamed, and the troops around her looked bewildered. She, however, simply smiled.

Water erupted at the sides of the island upon which they battled, with Nappa’s Saiyans, as well as Avalanians and Keliouxians, flying out through the fine droplets of water. They flew right up to the enemies, before continuing the bombardment started by their allies, hundreds of ki blasts flying down towards the hoard of the Legion. The smoke cloud grew and grew, causing many of the Alliance to yell in victory.

The Avalanian commander, however, had sharper eyes. He, unlike his Saiyan counterparts, had surveyed the area, and saw the rest of the troops behind the hill, numbered in the thousands. He turned back to where Nappa stood upon his hill, and fired off a deep green ki blast – a warning signal.

Nappa sighed as the signal flared into existence. He turned to his own troop of warriors, grinning widely. “Time to bail them out. For Vegeta!” He yelled, before blasting off from the ground. His own Saiyan troop followed suit, and they flew quickly and calmly across the plain.

As they reached the opposing forces, the smoke cloud had started to clear, but Nappa was taking no chances. He flew over to the Avalanian commander, who quickly pointed out the other troops. Nappa grinned, flying slowly towards them.

He raised his hand up, his arm crossing over his chest. He extended two of his fingers, before quickly building up a large amount of ki in them. They began to glow a deep red colour, and Nappa smiled maliciously. “Exploding Wave!” He yelled, before throwing his fingers in a diagonal pattern across his body, releasing his ki.

The resulting explosion was huge – it hit the majority of the troops below, and the explosion made a wind so fierce that Nappa had to turn away to protect his eyes. He turned to his commanders, a grin set deep onto his face.

“Keep on your toes! Seta will not be defeated this easily!”


Pan smiled a little bit as she felt Nappa's power level drawing closer and closer. She reached a hand up, her fingers slowly curling around the hilt of her sword. Elaine mimicked her mistress' movements, though her sword was attached around her waist. Her eyes glanced at the scouter over one eye as power levels popped up all over the place on the tiny monitor.

Her brows furrowed as she turned her gaze to the horizon. Her eyes took on a far away look as she slowly sent a tendril of thought out to Nappa. A smile formed on her face as she was able to see exactly what he was planning on doing. In one fluid motion the Saiyan female removed her stolen Paladin longsword from its sheath on her back.

The arachnid looking creatures behind her were starting to get antsy, they were getting impatient to show what they could do for their mistress, the Goddess Nemesis.

"Steady!" Pan called out. She knew what Nappa was going to do before he did it, she was confident. Nay, she was cocky. But she had every right to be as such. She had learned much from the likes of King Vegeta, Grandmaster Adel, and most of all Luther.

At the thought of the man who had helped her the most, she touched her hand to the symbol upon her chest.

"Seta to the Orizaba," Pan said. She had a small amount of time before Nappa and his army of misfits would arrive.

"Orizaba here Archigos," Celran's voice rang from the badge.

"Send a message to Luther. Tell him that his favorite pupil, Seta, is in need of his help tactically," Pan said.

"Anything else?" Celran inquired.

"Tell him that the King has demoted me, that should be enough to set Luther off and get him to help our cause. Tell him to send troops to Rath," Pan said.

"Aye sir," Celran said. The link was cut off which allowed Pan to return to the task at hand.

Pan smiled as she caught sight of a swarm of Saiyans headed directly for her.

"Steady!" she shouted. Clacking was heard behind her as the grunts clicked their mandibles together. They shifted their multiple legs in the grass. She had been given a brief rundown of the anatomy of the grunts she had been given, and knew that even if they were hurt, they could still kill someone. Their unique blood would cause such a thing.

Click, bitches

Finally, the opposing Saiyans got close enough to the fifty-two soldiers upon the hill for them to attack. Pan smirked before lightly touching Elaine's shoulder. With that cue, a massive invisible barrier erupted around the soldiers and the creatures behind the Saiyans. The bombardment hit the barrier, making it look like those within said barrier had been harmed. Smoke floated up, everyone unharmed.

Pan's gaze swung to the left and right as more Saiyans seemed to appear on either side of her. She simply laughed, she could not believe it. Was Nappa such a fool to think Pan did not know tactics? Was he such a fool to think that Pan was not aware of the dangers of being on that small stretch of land?

"Steady!" she called out again. Her smile turned into a smirk as she gazed right into the eyes of Kabu.

"STUPID BINT!" she shouted, her voice making its way to the female that served under Nappa.

The grip on Pan's sword tightened before she disappeared, only to appear above the barrier her loyal servant had erected around her troops. With a shout that echoed near and far her white aura flared into existence around her. Moments later it took on a golden hue while her hair took on a sheen of red. Her pupils and irises seemed to disappear from her eye sockets.

"Many will die by my hand!" she shouted as her power level shot through the roof. Pan smirked before she began to spin in her spot. As she did, she fired off ki blast after ki blast, aiming to pick off the soldiers hovering in the air around her. She could hear shouts of surprise and anguish but did not care to count who she had hit.

A spark in the back of her mind informed her of Nappa's impending arrival on the battlefield that Pan had chosen for herself. She turned around in time to watch Nappa attack the grunts hiding behind the hill. Unfortunately for him, the barrier was still intact which meant her grunts were relatively unharmed.

"You are a fool!" she shouted.

"Attack! For Nemesis!" Pan ordered.

The invisible barrier fell after the last syllable left Pan's lips. Elaine shot into the air to 'stand' by her mistress. The two women stood close with their swords drawn and ready to taste the blood of their enemies.

The arachnid type creatures sprang into action, leaping into the air to grab onto the ankles of the hovering soldiers. Screams erupted from the soldiers as they were dragged down by the grunts. Pan did not know how many were taken down by her grunts.

Pan touched the communication badge on her chest.

"Pan to Orizaba. Engage Buzzer. I repeat, engage Buzzer. Cut off their communications!" Pan ordered.

"Engaging Buzzer," Celran said. Pan shifted her sword as she smiled wickedly at Nappa.

"Cleared hot. I repeat you are cleared hot! I want you to light them up like a fucking Christmas Tree!" she shouted.

"Roger, cleared hot," Celran said. Pan released the badge on her chest then rocketed high into the air with Elaine right beside her. She listened as the screams continued as the grunts attacked without mercy or compassion. They had one thought on their minds: kill in the name of Nemesis.

She watched as a massive shadow appeared as her Oozaru Class Battle Cruiser hovered over the battlefield. She brought her eye shield down as lasers arced from the ship, aimed for Nappa's troops.

"Threat of Blue-to-Blue! I repeat, threat of Blue-to-Blue! Stay back!" Pan ordered of her Saiyans. They floated backwards to get away from the white hot laser beams. Seconds later missiles came down, aimed for the other Saiyans.


Pan spun her blade in her hand before launching towards the man who had taken over her rank of Overlord. Ki flared off of her blade as she sliced towards him. Elaine followed closely behind. Pan shot up and over Nappa in order for Elaine to slice at Nappa's muscular middle.

Together the two women began to ferociously attack the large, bald Saiyan.

"No turning back! No surrender! No quarter! No mercy!" she called out. The sun caught her sword, which was a miracle in and of itself thanks to her massive flagship hovering over them.

"Cease fire!" Pan said after hitting her badge.

"Roger, ceasing fire," Celran confirmed.

Pan brought a hand up before firing a blast at the bald man's face.

Elsewhere, Pan's Saiyan guard were doing a marvelous job at holding their own against their brethren following Nappa's orders. They were all loyal to their dying breath to their commanding officer and would not retreat unless told to retreat. Ki blasts were going everywhere, it was utter chaos on the battlefield.


Saiyans dropped around Nappa like flies as his face flushed a deep red. “She’s telepathic, men! Empty your minds!” He yelled to the remaining Saiyans who nodded softly, before continuing to bombard the newly unshielded enemies with ki attacks.

Nappa raised his hand quickly, pressing the communications button on his scouter. “Phase three, commence!” he yelled into it, but all that came back was a faint buzzing.

“We’re sorry, but your call cannot be taken at the moment. Please leave your message after the tone,” came the feminine voice that his telephone company provided in the event of a lost connection. He raged silently for a few seconds, before looking back up towards his Saiyans.

He grinned softly, before raising his arm into the air, and firing off a huge green blast, which flew into the air, before exploding in an array of green sparks. He turned back to Seta, hoping his message had been received. Suddenly, he remembered to empty his mind, and thought of a blank brick wall, rather than the strategy he had been planning.

Brick wall... Brick wall... Brick wall... Butterfinger... Mmmm, butterfinger... he thought, concentrating his mind fully on the activity. His body, however, was left on auto-pilot, randomly firing off ki blasts at the opponents below them, a grin set onto his face.

Fortunately for Nappa, his fleet had received the message. His ship was a flurry of activity, unable to broadcast any messages due to the block upon their communications. “Activate phase three!” Yelled the commander upon the Cruiser, his voice drowned out by the hustle and bustle of the people around him.

He rushed quickly to a free terminal, before pressing some keys on the dashboard before him. The screen before him flashed blue, and he dropped his head in disarray. “God damned Windows... Couldn’t you give me the Blue Screen of Death at any other point?” He said to the computer, banging his fists heavily upon the dashboard. The screen suddenly came back to life, and the commander grinned. He pressed several buttons again, and all the monitors around his started to flash.

“Phase three initiated!” He said to the bridge, before walking over to the observation window, skirting carefully around the Overlord’s chair. “I just hope the others got the message...”

The other ships, luckily, had also garnered the same information from the relayed message – initiate phase three. The ships that were still in orbit began to fly down towards the battlefield, arming all the weapons at their disposal. Others, however, were closer.

The ships that had carried the troops down to the ground had already blasted off from their landing positions, and within seconds, they had reached the battlefield. The ships rushed forwards to enter the confrontation, led by a Liberator-class Cruiser, the only Avalanian vessel in the fleet. It’s shields were quickly activated, and drew much of the enemy fire in the form of laser beams.

The missiles, however, were a different problem. Nappa’s stature shrunk as he saw the missiles flying towards them. He raised his arms quickly, sending huge balls of ki at the incoming missiles, exploding them before they reached the Saiyans. “I can’t do this on my own!” He yelled to his men, who, jumping out of their shocked states, jumped forwards to help Nappa. Through all of their efforts, however, some missiles managed to stray past their line of fire.

Hundreds of Saiyans were killed by the missiles, as well as one of Nappa’s commanders. A single tear rolled down his face in memory of them, before he quickly shunned them from his mind.

“Re-commence phase three!” He yelled out, and the Saiyans around him echoed the order, resulting in even the crew of the spaceships to hear.

The ships organised themselves into a wedge formation, with the stronger ships leading the assault. Whilst they were getting prepared, Nappa’s Saiyans rushed the enemy position. They landed on the ground softly, before engaging in combat with Seta’s army. Whilst Nappa’s troops were strong, they still sustained losses against the brunt of Seta’s army. Nappa growled softly as he watched, just as he sensed a huge power level coming towards him.

He turned quickly, just in time to spin his body to the side, narrowly avoiding the incoming ki attack from the disgraced Overlord. She rushed towards his position, and he quickly drew his own sword, which he had picked up from the armoury on his way out of his ship.

He held his sword in a defensive position, ready to compete against the disgraced Saiyan’s overwhelming strength, but the competition was never instigated. Seta instead jumped right over his head, causing Nappa to yell as her magician tried to slice him across the stomach.

Nappa quickly deflected the blow, before kicking at her in an attempt to throw her back, and spinning quickly to deflect another attack from the traitorous Saiyan. This attack, however, was much more challenging to deflect, and left Nappa’s arm shaking through the effort. He grunted, before slicing his sword towards Seta’s shoulder in an attempt to remove it from her body. He threw his sword to his left hand, catching it expertly, before spinning in the air and throwing a punch towards the fast approaching magicians face.

His ships, however, were having a much more gratifying experience. They had fallen quickly into formation, and concentrated all of their fire upon the Ouzaru-class cruiser that belonged to Seta. Several Mauler Bombers led the assault, aiming to fire through the Orizaba’s shields, before allowing the remaining ships to have direct access to its hull.

From far away, Royal-class missile boats began to launch their own tirade of missiles, this time aimed for the high concentration of grunts that comprised much of Seta’s army. Hundreds of missiles were fired, and, unless they summoned up another magical shield, there was little chance of all of the missing.

Nappa, however, had found himself in another predicament. Seta, in her infinite wisdom, had decided to send a ki blast right into Nappa’s face, sending him sprawling backwards, right into Elaine, who started to descend with him. He felt her struggling below him, and threw his elbow back to where he believed her face to be, before pushing off her in an attempt to stabilize his flight. He managed to grasp at is ki just in time, and floated back up to Seta’s level.

“You are a traitor to our race,” Nappa said in disgust as he drew up in front of Seta. “I knew all along that you weren’t worthy of being an Overlord. It sure is a good job that I was here to maintain discipline within the army. You were nothing but a bitch, and then you became a traitorous bitch. You don’t even deserve to breathe the same air as me.” He spat towards the traitorous bitch, aiming at her new breastplate. “After everything you did to try and fit in, you abandoned us when we needed it most. And you call yourself a war hero? Ha! Vegeta was right to strip you of your rank. I’m sure that even the Earthlings wouldn’t accept you now. You should just go crawl up on some deserted planet, and die. Or, better yet, die now, by my hand!” He yelled, rushing forwards at Seta, his fist infused with ki.

He threw it towards her stomach, before quickly switching his sword hand and aiming a huge upwards slice diagonally across her body. He spun the sword quickly in his nimble, yet huge hands, throwing the hilt down towards her undefended head. He raised his monstrous, tree-trunk like leg, and kicked out at her abdomen, before realising the blood pouring down his face. It seemed that the blast had been more effective than Nappa had first thought. His vision began to blur, his adrenaline wearing off.

He swayed slightly in the air, before shaking his head, and wiping the blood off his face with his huge paws. He placed his sword in a more defensive position once more, before looking down at his Saiyans. “Phase four!” He yelled to them, and they nodded up at him.

As if out of nowhere, a huge Slave-X Super Carrier came over the horizon, with Slave-X fighters buzzing around it like flies. The Saiyans on the ground began to fight more ferociously, knocking many of Pan’s Saiyan’s to the ground. They flew up into the air, which was now littered with fighters.

Kabu floated at the head of them, a line of blood softly trickling down her cheek. “Go!” She yelled, and the Slave-X fighters rushed towards the Saiyans, their explosive charges primed. Nappa’s Saiyans began to charge up huge balls of ki, and started to rain them down upon Seta’s guard. “Traitors!” Came the yell from many of Nappa’s Saiyans, infuriated at their own race’s desertion. The bombardment continued for a few seconds, before all that could be seen was smoke. Nappa’s Saiyans, however, did not give up that easily. They continued to rain down blasts upon their opponents, whether they were there or not.

Nappa had restarted his confrontation with Pan simultaneously. He threw his sword at the Saiyan, before spinning, feeling a power level behind him. The Magician stood there, and Nappa grinned. “I guess that magic isn’t only for cheap shield tricks, then?” He asked, grinning broadly. He rushed towards her, throwing punch after punch at her delicate body, before raising both hands to her face, and firing two successive ki blasts right at her.

Untrusting of Seta’s sportsmanship, he turned quickly, resuming his attack on her. His arm, however, was starting to feel the strain of their previous encounter, and, before long, he was left fighting one handed against the monstrous Saiyan. Finally, after all his options had ran out, he resorted to throwing his head right towards Seta’s face, which lay quite a bit down from his own. He dropped quickly towards the ground from the two, and landed heavily upon the ground.

He raised his arm into the air, before spinning it in a circular fashion. “Re-group!” He yelled to the Saiyans around him, but it seemed that bloodlust had driven them crazy. They were attacking Seta’s grunts, the blood from the creatures burning away their limbs, but they wouldn’t give up. Nappa’s heart started to beat faster, partly through admiration for his fellow Saiyans, but mainly through the amount of blood he had lost through his fight.

Shaking his head softly, he pointed both of his hands at the large group of grunts and Saiyans before him. Charging up for a few seconds, his aura flared dangerously around him. Stones began to raise off the ground, and his moustache started to wave uncontrollably, as if struck by a sudden breeze. His hands were quickly enveloped in a huge red aura, and Nappa’s eyes closed. His thoughts wandered for a second, before settling on one thing – Victory.

“FINAL FLASH!” Nappa yelled, and a huge beam flew from his outstretched hands, flying right into the hoard of grunts in a cone fashion, aimed to hit all of them where possible. Many of his own Saiyans, remembering the plan, had flown high into the air, out of the way of the blast. A few, however, were overcome with the battle, and had perished in his attack.

They died fighting... It was a death any Saiyan would ask for... Fighting for their King... Nappa thought, before flying up to float with his Saiyans, overlooking Seta and her magician.

“You want to fight us? Well, come and get some!” He yelled to the pair, before crossing his arms over his chest.

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Pan smirked a bit as she watched Nappa turn an odd shade of red. Apparently he had forgotten that she was telepathic thanks to her time on Kanassa beheading the local population and learning their mind techniques. She could not help but laugh as he ordered his men to clear their minds. He really was that big of a fool.

Her eyebrow quirked as she watched the man fire off a blast of ki straight into the air. Her eyes rolled as it exploded into a bunch of green sparks in the form of a flare. How absolutely... barbaric and obsolete. She ran her fingers through her hair as she watched him.

She smirked as she easily darted from side to side as some of her missiles got off track and tried to blow her to bits. Her golden aura flickered around her body.

Elaine smiled a bit as she gazed at the large Saiyan in front of her. She moved her katana in just the right way so that the flat of the blade met his foot. She then twisted the blade so that the sharp edge dug into the sole of Nappa's boot. Elaine flipped backwards away from the Saiyan.

The two women worked in tandem, knowing exactly what the other was about to do thanks to their mental connection that had been bridged before the battle. It was a necessary thing but was also dangerous. If one was hurt, the other would feel the same pain.

Pan blinked as her scouter chirped at her, informing her of a mass of power levels making their way towards her. But it was not troops that she had to worry about but rather the whole mess of ships on their way to try to harm her Oozaru class battle cruiser.


Zukov lumbered his way through the corridors, making his way to the bridge of the Orizaba.

"Captain, picking up multiple signals closing in fast!" the young commander at the sensor station called out.

"Right," Zukov grumbled in his odd thick accent. He lowered himself into the chair that would normally be occupied by his mistress, Pan.

"Captain, they are bombers! They are raising shields and moving into an attack formation!" the commander called out.

"Red alert!" Zukov ordered. The red alert klaxon began to sound. In other parts of the ship everyone was rushing to their respective battle stations. The fighter pilots rushed to their ships.

In the engineering portion of the ship, the chief engineer was working his ass off to get everyone on the same page.

"Dump anything non-critical!" the man shouted, his voice able to be heard over the din of the noise as well as the red alert klaxons.

"Move power to shield, sensors, and tactical! Nothing else!" he boomed out. He watched as his underlings scurried to follow his orders.

The first round of enemy fire hit the shields. Warning lights burned orange all across the panels in the engineering room.

"How many hits can we take?" shouted a young officer.

"About 3 or 4 lasers! They're using Maulers!" boomed the chief.

"Shit shit shit!" the young officer cried out before rushing to put out a fire nearby.

Zukov gritted his teeth as he stared at his console which was lit up with warning lights from all departments.

"Fire the missile pods! All hands to their fighters!" Zukov ordered after slapping his large hand down on the intercom. His voice was heard throughout the ship. His order for the fighters to get to their ships was unneeded, as they were already there.

The bay doors opened and forty-eight starfighters launched from their berths. As they were launched, missile pods were also launched, aimed directly for the mauler bombers. Some had EMP bursts so when they hit the maulers their shields were taken out with one single hit which then allowed for the other missiles to destroy the maulers with a direct hit to the engines.

"Balthazar!" Zukov ordered as a screen came up on his console.

"Aye sir?" the androgynously beautiful demon said.

"I need you to send half of your fighters down from orbit," Zukov said.

"Aye sir!" Balthazar said before signing off.


The grunts screeched as their numbers dwindled from the missiles being shot at them. However, the Saiyans that were fighting them were also hit by the missiles. Acidic blood shot out everywhere. The acid hit the occasional unlucky Saiyan who screamed and fell towards the water in a desperate attempt to stop the acid from melting their skin.

The sai-ruk Familiars brandished their weapons and sliced at the Saiyans that were crowding around them. The Familiars ordered the grunts around in their own language that Pan had no hope of being able to translate, she just had to hope the sei-ruk knew what they were doing.

Elaine disappeared from underneath Nappa before his elbow had a chance in hell of hitting her. She then appeared standing on top of one of the maulers. She spun her sword then sent it crashing down into the cockpit. The pilot of the mauler was killed instantly as the blade entered his cranium, seeming to completely ignore the helmet he wore.

Elaine then disappeared again, only to appear at Pan's side. The two grasped each other's wrists and spun in a circle, slicing through the Saiyans that were trying to get at them. Their enemies fell to the ground, bleeding profusely.

Pan watched as her oozaru class battle cruiser launched fighters to combat the maulers. A smile formed on her face as explosions ripped through the air and maulers began to drop like flies thanks to her well-trained fighter pilots.

The smile drifted away from her sweating face as Nappa began to shout at her, slandering her name. She barked out a laugh as she shifted her beautifully made longsword in her hands.

"Keep firing you fuckers! Keep firing!" Zukov boomed. Ki cannons boomed as the users aimed at the maulers around them. They were aiming well enough that only a few maulers remained and they seemed to lose their nerve. However, a few more cannons lashed at the Orizaba's shields. Power was diverted to fill the gaps in the shields, preventing another attack from being able to pierce the hull. The crew had learned from the Second Damaskian War how to better fight and defend against such attacks.

"You are the biggest idiot I have ever met!" Pan shouted at the lumbering fool of a Saiyan.

"You seem to think you know everything, but you don't! You seem to think you know who I am, what I am! You seem to think you know how everything went down! Well you don't so don't even think you do! King Vegeta stripped me of my rank before I even joined this fucking war! My rank was stripped away because of jealous blockheads like yourself conjuring up fake evidence of my treachery! I have remained loyal to the throne since I learned of what I am! You truly think you have any room to say anything when you have spoken poorly of the King? You think you earned that rank? You didn't! I did! I saved millions of Saiyans in the Second Damaskian War! I risked my life to find a way to destroy our enemies using a virus they had intended for us! I lost friends and loved ones in service to the crown! And this is how I was repaid: My rank stripped away and relegated to being no better than a common officer! You think I switched loyalties before that? You are wrong!" Pan shouted.

"I aim to show the King that I earned everything I was given! I aim to show the king that even while I am working for Nemesis that I am a true Saiyan! A Saiyan knows when not to blindly follow their superiors!" she called.

Pan shifted her body so that her fist collided with Nappa's in a clear counterattack. She knew that a person's body did not always show how physically strong they were. Pan, being in her Giji Super Saiyan form, still was not as bulky as a Saiyan like Nappa but she was many times stronger than the blockhead in front of her.

The longsword she wielded crashed against Nappa's sword, easily deflecting the blow aiming to at the very least slice her armor off of her body. She easily ducked the blow then swiped her sword at the man's neck in an attempt to open up his jugular vein so that he would bleed out.

Zukov! Retreat! Get the fuck out of here! Go back into orbit! Tell E'Tyshra, Balthazar and Ishan to stay far away from here! We're about to get company! Pan shouted mentally at her loyal mercenary follower.


"Go back into orbit!" Zukov screamed as the order from his mistress entered his head. Taranis swiveled in his chair to gape at the executive officer.

"But Seta still needs our help!" Taranis argued.

"You heard me Taranis! Get us back into orbit around this shithole of a planet!" Zukov barked, glaring with his good eye at the Saiyan.

Taranis' shoulders slumped, he did not want to lose Vega again and he was afraid the order spelled death for both Pan and Vega.

The enormous ship rumbled as its boosters kicked in. It floated high into the air. The heat from the exhaust turned a few of the remaining maulers and floating enemy Saiyans into ash.


The fighters that had been launched from the battle cruiser were having a jolly good time piercing through the enemy Saiyans. Each Saiyan under Pan's command was loyal to one person and one person only: Pan. The King was second-best when it came to their loyalty. If Pan said to go somewhere, then damnit all they were going to follow her orders.

The squadron commanders immediately ordered their fighters to engage the Slave-X fighters. They knew that the brain-washed slaves were not Saiyans, so it would be immensely easier to dispatch them without feeling any remorse.

Pan's guard was down to about half of its strength. Those that remained were the stronger in power level than the ones who had died. Instantly they brought up ki barriers around themselves as their opponents began to bombard them with ki blasts meant to kill them. They were all exhausted and the barriers fell after only a few blasts. But the bombardment continued, prompting them to quickly dodge the blasts the best they could. The dust that sprang up blinded them and made their eyes water but they continued to fight. When they felt their opponents thought them dead, they fired off blasts of ki themselves. The ki burst from the cloud in a move that could take someone's breath away.

As the cruiser was going up, it fired the cannons nestled upon its belly. The slave-x fighters were not expecting such a move so many of them perished from the hits. The Legion fighters screamed in victory but kept fighting against the slaves.


Elaine smirked as she gazed at the man.

"My magic is only used for defensive purposes. I use ki just like anyone else to get from place to place," she said. The beautiful redhead was easily able to dodge the man's attacks, her speed greater than his but less than Pan's. Very few people were as fast as Pan.

Pan smiled as Nappa turned towards her and she almost seemed to be bored as she dodged his wild flailing. She eventually snatched at his good arm and brought her other hand crashing down towards the crook of his elbow in an attempt to break it in half.

Pan watched as Nappa concentrated his ki and used it against the group of grunts and United Alliance Saiyans. She gaped at him.

"You fucker!" she screamed. She was outraged that he would willingly destroy his own troops. She may not be on the UA side, but she still was not someone who would kill people on her own side when there were other options.

Pan ducked as one of her fighters buzzed just over her head and fired its cannons straight for Nappa's barrel chest. Pan used the distraction to rush forward, her sword flashing. Her sword caught the sun as her Oozaru class battle cruiser was now in orbit. She lashed furiously at the man, rage in her eyes.

Pan's guard fought furiously against their former brethren. They would die honorably in battle, the Legion Saiyans told themselves. They would all meet in the afterlife at the end of their lives.

Pan! Pan! Calm down! He probably did it on purpose to piss you off! Vega said.

I don't care! I don't give a fuck! He killed his own men! Pan said. Tears formed in Pan's eyes as she continued to slice at Nappa, her pain and anger was her strength. Her golden aura flared up even more around her.


Nappa dropped his head quickly, but not quite fast enough to avoid the blow from Seta’s sword. It sliced lightly across his beautiful face, leaving a deep scar engraved along his cheek. He yelled out in pain, grasping at his face.

“Ahh, no! My face! My precious modelling career!” Nappa yelled out, a single tear running down his perfectly chiselled face. Oh, what would his agent say now? He had promised not to injure his face. “Y’know, I was trying to be a team player, trying to be a nice guy! But now, you’re toast!”

He rushed forwards at the Saiyan, throwing his good arm in a wide throwing motion, but his hand was caught in the iron grip of the traitor. She threw her arm down upon his elbow, and he felt it crack under the pressure of the hit. He yelled out once more in pain, and his arm flopped, useless, to his side. His head dropped in pain, and he breathed heavily.

However, he suddenly felt a disturbance in the air, and quickly moved himself to the side, narrowly dodging the blast fired at him. The blast itself continued down, heading straight for where Seta’s grunts were situated. Nappa himself felt his vision blaring, and started to sway in the air. He expended more of his ki to steady himself, and stared Seta right in the eye.

“So, you couldn’t defeat me honourably? You had to disable my arms before you engage me in combat? And you call yourself a Saiyan? You’re nothing but a dishonourable traitor. You don’t even deserve to lick the mud off of my boots. You made a mistake coming here, Seta. You won’t be leaving this place in one piece,” Nappa said to her, a deep anger present in his eyes. His short speech, however, seemed to have touched a nerve with Seta, who rushed at him, her sword flailing wildly.

Nappa’s eyes closed as he felt the end coming, and he turned his head slightly, hoping for it to be quick. The feeling of death, however, never came. He opened his eyes slowly to see Kabu floating in front of him, Nappa’s discarded sword in her hand.

“K-Kabu?” Nappa muttered, believing her to be an illusion conjured up by Seta’s magician. It was, however, no illusion. Somehow, Kabu had stopped Seta’s assault, her blade holding back the fierce traitor’s own.

“You bitch! You would attack a defenceless fighter? Well, you can fight against me!” Kabu yelled, her voice infused with anger. She yelled loudly, kicking at Seta’s abdomen, her light blue aura flaring up around her. She rushed forwards, her sword flashing through the air at incredible speeds, slicing repeatedly at Seta’s body. She then raised her left hand, where her sword wasn’t, and fired off a huge ki blast right at the disgraced Overlord.

She growled viciously, before floating back slowly to the awe-inspired Nappa. She rummaged her pocket for a second, before withdrawing a small, inconsequential bean. She handed it to Nappa, who gulped it down ferociously. He felt his body rejuvenated, and rose to his full height, his aura jumping around him. His right arm, which had previously been out of service, was once again usable, and his left, which had had its elbow destroyed, was slightly manoeuvrable. The cut on his face had healed up, leaving a deep scar in its place.

He floated forwards, Kabu at his side, and their two auras seemed to merge, Nappa’s red with Kabu’s blue, creating a purple light where they overlapped. Nappa turned to his second-in-command, before nodding at her. She understood his message, and they both rushed at Seta, Nappa using his strong, meaty fists to inflict damage, and Kabu using Nappa’s sword.

“Your time is up. Pan,” Nappa muttered as he threw his huge fist towards her face. Kabu attacked simultaneously, throwing Nappa’s sword in a stabbing motion towards her undefended abdomen. “This is your last chance. Collect your dead and leave, or you will all perish here. And your dead will be burned here, their ashes scattered to the wind. It’s your choice.”

The duo’s attack continued, Nappa’s sword swishing about with extreme speeds, and Nappa’s fists moving with less speed, but a lot more power. Every now and then, ki exploded between them, with one of the pair releasing powerful ki blasts, emitted from either their weapons or their hands, intent on destroying the traitorous Saiyan.


Nappa’s troops, on the other hand, were coping a lot better. The blasts that had been sent towards them were quickly knocked away by use of a combined shield, maintained by Nappa’s five commanders, whilst returning fire had been increased, thousands of ki blasts raining down upon their opponents.

“Keep on the offensive!” The Avalanian commander yelled, as he had quickly taken control of the troops in Kabu’s absence. He himself began to fire more powerful ki blasts at the troops, spending some time charging them up between each release. He turned quickly, looking towards the Calvus Vir . He scratched his head softly. I just hope they remember the plan... He thought to himself, before turning and engaging the enemies once more.


Upon the bridge of the Calvus Vir, everyone was set in panic mode. Officers rushed from terminal to terminal, all attempting to take down the communications buzzer that disrupted their communications. All of a sudden, one of the officers yelled out in surprise. Lights flared up on his console, and then a green bar appeared on every terminal.

The officers all began to cheer, finally having broken through the buzzer. They all sat down at their respective terminals, broadcasting messages to their troops. The message was the same:

Commence Final Phase.


In the many other ships on and around the planet, the message was received. Weapons were all primed, targeting the traitor as well as her troops. Lasers were charged up to full capacity, and all the missiles were primed, ready to fire at a seconds notice. All they had to do now was wait.


The battle between the traitor and Nappa was still ongoing, with neither side managing to get a foothold against the other. The combined might of Nappa’s strength and Kabu’s intelligence almost matched up to Pan’s brute strength, resulting in a fierce battle of wits.

“Last chance, Seta,” Nappa said, having received confirmation of the Final Phase. “Leave now, or we destroy you. And there won’t be any bodies to bury.” It was, of course, an empty threat. Whilst the destroying part would happen, the bodies would be handed over to their enemy regardless – even Nappa respected the rules of war.

“What say you?” Nappa yelled to the traitor, placing his hand in front of him, charging up a huge ki blast. Kabu distracted the Saiyan as Nappa charged, ready to take out the Seta if her response was negative.


The troops on the ground began to follow suit. They had fought well against the traitorous Saiyans, with little of their number being lost. A small contingent of them stayed behind to keep the remaining traitors in check, whilst the rest flew higher, aiming their palms at Seta. They all began to charge up their ki, a huge collective aura flaring around them.

They all quickly joined arms, with one Saiyan at the front placing his hands onto the Avalanian commander’s shoulders. All of the potential ki of the soldiers was pumped into him, and his eyes turned bright white, a huge aura jumping around him. He cupped his hands behind him, and began charging up a ki blast with enough power to take out a whole planet, never mind one renegade Saiyan. Within a few seconds he was ready, and spoke softly into his scouter, relaying his preparedness to Nappa. He nodded, before requisitioning Seta once more.

“Leave or die, traitor!” Nappa yelled out to Seta, the ki in his hands growing to monstrous proportions.


"You're the one who killed your own troops when there were other choices! You're a monster who does not deserve an honorable death! You betrayed them!" she shouted, tears continuing to stream down her face. She could feel the dam about to break. She did not care about re-enforcing it. It did not matter anymore. She knew the type of man Nappa was now.

Pan quirked an eyebrow as miracles upon miracles Kabu, the weak little bitch that Nappa had brought along, managed to parry her blows. Each and every one of them. She gritted her teeth. Her aura turned an even brighter shade of yellow as the dam was straining to keep everything in check. She should not show her Super Saiyan strength for such a monster.

Pan allowed the foot to connect with her middle, and even made a show of making it seem like the kick really had a lot of power behind it. She flew backwards with the aid of her ki, and went far enough that Kabu's subsequent sword strikes missed Pan entirely.

The young woman brought her sword up. The tears were drying on her face, making her visage look strange with the pock marks the dried tears made. Blood dribbled down from her nose from trying to keep her power in check, though it would look like the hit she had taken had caused it. She tightened her grip on her sword then swung heavily at the ki blast that was sent to her. A crack resounded through the air as she hit it straight back at the originator like a batter hitting a ball back at the pitcher.

Pan's sword clanged against the sword that was intent on ripping her to shreds. Kabu apparently was inexperienced in using a sword, or at least not as experienced as Pan. So too, was Nappa. Pan had trained day and night in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber to become as good with the sword as she was.

As Pan parried blow after blow using her sword, yes even the ki blasts, she managed to slam her hand down on the mostly undamaged communication badge on her chest.

"Elaine!" she shouted.

"Aye sir?" Elaine replied over the din of the noise of metal going against metal and ki sizzling against metal.

"We're aborting mission! I repeat aborting mission! Get the rest of the guard and get the fuck out of here! Have the general beam his fucking spiders back on the God damn carrier!" Pan ordered.

"What about you?" Elaine asked as Pan parried what could have been a particularly nasty slice to her neck.

"You know I can join you at a moment's notice," Pan said softly.

"Be careful," Elaine said.


In the distance Elaine was shouting at the rest of the Saiyan guard under Pan's command. They all powered up and fired off a volley of blasts to shield their retreat then followed their ground executive officer up into the sky. In the distance the belly of the Oozaru Class Battle Cruiser could be seen. A ramp lowered, allowing the remaining twenty-five Saiyans and single Alrician entrance.


Elaine, have the general beam aboard our dead Saiyans. I don't give a fuck about the Sai-Ruk. They don't need a funeral. But the Saiyans do, Pan ordered mentally.

Aye sir, Elaine said. She wanted to say something to Pan, to comfort her. To tell her that the superior numbers meant they would lose anyways. They did not have the proper ground for it. At least it was not like the battle of Thermopylae. They still had their lives and could have a funeral for the dead even if the Saiyans could not be interred on Valhalla.


After the order was given, the bodies of the dead Saiyans seemed to fade away as they were beamed aboard the carrier with express orders not to eat them. The Sai-Ruk were an unknown entity to Pan so she had no clue what their eating habits were. Once the dead were on the ship, one of the Familiars covered each with a cloth.


I failed... again... Pan thought to herself. Her sword dropped down to her side as she began to kick herself. She had gotten good Saiyans killed because she had not properly looked at the planet. She had blindly followed the order to arrive on Ris'eneu and had not offered a different plan. This was all her fault. Aye, she had also gotten the United Alliance Saiyans killed when there could have been other options available. Nappa had killed them physically, but she had signed their death warrant.

"Have fun knowing you're a bastard who doesn't deserve to command these people! Have fun knowing good Saiyans were killed because you don't know tactics from your asshole!" Pan called out.

She brought up her left hand and two fingers separated from the others. She then touched them to her temple.

"Cuiusvis hominis est errare, nullius nisi insipientis in errore perseverare!" she shouted before her body faded away.

She appeared on the bridge of her cruiser, which was already flying out of orbit.

"What now?" rumbled Zukov.

"We're going back to Rath and giving those who died a proper funeral. Something I doubt Nappa would ever do for his troops," Pan said, taking over the captain's chair from her second-in-command.


Nappa stood with his arms crossed as Seta raged at him. His mind went blank to everything, simply ignoring the traitor who didn’t even deserve to fill his ears with her voice. He started to hum softly to himself, tapping his foot on the non-existent ground beneath him. Suddenly, his attention was brought back with the mentioning of a dead language.

"Cuiusvis hominis est errare, nullius nisi insipientis in errore perseverare!" Seta shouted at him, before her body disappeared using a technique known only too well to Nappa. He grinned softly, before shaking his head.

“Είστε μια πόρνη σκύλα. Φύγε. Και να μάθουν μια σωστή νεκρή γλώσσα, πριν να επιστρέψω και πάλι. Ή μουστάκι μου θα τρώτε. Και δεν θα είναι ωραία. Και δεν μπορείτε να ακούσετε αυτή τη στιγμή. Ανάθεμά σε!” Nappa shouted to the nothingness before him, keen to show off his intelligence to the empty space around him. His attempt was wasted, however, as nobody heard him, even Kabu, who was tending to her wounds from the previous battle.

Nappa glided softly over to her, and placed his hand upon her arm, which was bleeding. She looked up at him, pain in her eyes, and Nappa smiled. He expanded his ki quickly, and both of the Saiyans disappeared from the planet, appearing in the medical facility of the Calvus Vir. Medics rushed over to the pair, fussing around them, but Nappa waved them off himself, instead diverting their attention to Kabu.

“Help her. I have things I need to do,” Nappa muttered, before disappearing from the ship, appearing once more on the moist soil of Ris’eneu. He strolled forwards towards where his troops stood, barely 2000 in number, and they all quickly stood at attention. Nappa cleared his throat, before addressing his soldiers.

“It was a hard fought battle, my soldiers. Our loss was great, but, thanks to each and every one of you, the Legion has been halted in its dreadful path. No more will the shadow of their foul creatures darken our doorsteps. They have been repelled, and this alone could lead to victory in this war. Remember this day well, Saiyans, for it will be recorded in history for all time. The day that the great Seta was defeated. The day that the United Alliance fought off the Legion of Syn. The day of heroes,” he said, before falling quiet. There was no cheering now – the soldiers’ loss was too great for any happiness. Their friends, their relatives - their comrades, dead upon the plains of Ris’eneu.

Nappa cleared his throat once more, feeling tears well up in his eyes. “Many have died today. But they will not be forgotten. I will personally ensure that a memorial will be set up on Vegeta-sei, not just for the Saiyans facing to good fight, but those turned by evil at the hands of Seta. Every Saiyan has the right to a decent burial upon the ancient grounds on Valhalla, no matter what they have done in their lives. Even if we have no bodies, their souls will be remembered for all time, no matter what they did during their lives. For they are Saiyans, and, even in their darkest hours, they are our brothers,” Nappa said to his troops, and silence was once again present over the whole planet. He turned slowly, his back to his troops. “Back to your ships, my warriors. We must defend the rest of the Empire.”

Nappa once again expanded his ki, appearing upon the bridge of the Calvus Vir. He walked slowly over to one of the officers, who had taken command when he and Kabu had left. “A small portion of the troops will stay here. We need to reinforce this planet in case of attack. One of my commanders will lead them,” Nappa said to him, before walking over and dropping himself into his comfortable leather chair. He rested his head in his hands, and breathed heavily. “Beam the men up to the hold. And then, we leave. Head for Valhalla,” Nappa said to the pilot, who nodded shakily.

How many died today? And how many of those died at my hand?


They were close to Rath by then, it would only be a matter of hours until they arrived. But Pan could not stand not looking upon the faces of those she had led and gotten killed thanks to her recklessness. Quietly the woman walked the corridors of the carrier where her loyal soldiers were currently being held. The Sai-Ruk scuttled around her, snapping their mandibles out of nervousness. She was as much an unknown entity to them as they were to her.

Pan shoved one of the Familiars out of her path as she entered the cold cargo hold where her twenty-five dead guard lay, all covered in sheets. The cold would keep them from decaying until they could be put into proper coffins. Elaine followed behind her mistress.

When Pan entered the hold she was extremely surprised to find Balthazar within, on his knees beside one of the dead Saiyans. In a fury Pan rushed over and shoved the demon against the bulkhead. He squirmed and gasped in surprise at being tackled head on into the wall.

"What the fuck do you think you're doing?" Pan demanded, glaring into the demon's eyes furiously. Balthazar's mouth worked but no words came out. He feebly pointed to the dead Saiyan, as if the dead body had the answers he himself could not give.

"M--Sir," Elaine called from her spot. Pan paused to glance over her shoulder.

"He was paying his respects to the fallen," Elaine explained, pointing her foot to an odd looking flower resting on the broken breast plate of the Saiyan. Pan swung her gaze back to the demon in her grasp.

"What do you care of my Saiyans?" Pan asked, tightening her grip on the squirming demon.

"Just him," Balthazar gasped out.

"What do you mean just him?" Pan queried.

"I loved 'im," Balthazar said, the last word coming out strangled as he was finding it even more difficult to speak. At the demon's words, Pan released her grip. She ducked her head down then took a few paces backward.

"I apologize," she said softly. She could feel tears forming in her eyes anew, as she was reminded of her own loss.

"I would have done the same thing, sir," Balthazar said, one dark hand rubbing at his throat.

"They will all have a proper funeral when we arrive on Rath. With or without Nemesis' blessing. You are welcome to attend and if you wish... you may speak of Nion," Pan said, her voice still low as if speaking any louder would be disrespectful to the dead.

"Thank you," Balthazar murmured, ducking his head down. Pan brought a hand up to gently clasp the taller demon's shoulder.

"He was a good soldier and he died fighting the way a Saiyan should," Pan said.

"I know," Balthazar said, trying to force a smile on his face but it would not come.

Pan turned back to the lined bodies. One by one she uncovered their faces for only a couple of moments to see which of her loyal guard she had lost. A number of good loyal men and women who believed in her to protect them and lead them to victory. She had failed in both.

The grief finally got to Pan so much she had to take leave of the hold. She could never forgive herself for what had happened.

She returned a short time later to the Orizaba where she gave a brief speech to all of the Saiyans under her command, broadcasting to the other ships as well.

"We fought well. We sustained losses that should not have happened. It is my fault that good Saiyans died and for that I am sorry. I failed in my duties as your commanding officer. I swore to lead you properly into battle but my seething anger over my demotion and the knowledge that I am no longer trusted by the King blinded me. I was not as tactical as I should have been. For that, I am sorry. All of those who fell in battle on Ris'eneu were loyal and good soldiers. They did not deserve to fall because of my poor leadership. I will not forgive myself of these shortcomings..." she began.

"I promise each and every one of you that I will do better. I will make sure I have all the intel necessary to lead us to victory. I will not allow what happened on Ris'eneu to happen again today! So help me if it does you may kill me as if I were a traitor," she said firmly.

"I implore each and every one of you to come to me if you have misgivings. If my orders give you pause I ask of you to come to me and give me a better working solution. My door is always open. If the deaths of the twenty-five guard and the pilots who lost their lives on Ris'eneu have given you as much grief as they have given me, I ask you to see a counselor regardless of whether it does not seem masculine. Your mental health is important in the days to come," Pan said. She took in a breath as her throat began to close up as the tears welled.

"If you are angry at me, I completely understand. If you wish to take your leave of me and the Legion I will understand. I will not force you to stay. I will not have any ill will towards you if you wish to join the United Alliance or simply stay out of the war altogether. I want you to do what you think is right. If you are not sure, see a counselor, myself, Zukov or Elaine and we will do our best to help you decide. I will not force you to stay. That is not my policy. A soldier forced to stay when their heart is no longer in it is a liability. It is also not fair to you to force you to stay."

Pan pinched the bridge of her nose as she gathered the rest of her thoughts.

"When we arrive on Rath we will have a funeral for the pilots and the guard who lost their lives on Ris'eneu. I ask all of you, no matter what your plans are, to join me in honoring our fallen brothers and sisters. To confirm, we lost seven pilots and twenty-five guard. I do not know the total number of Sai-Ruk lost and to be honest they do not matter as much as our Saiyan brethren," Pan said, swallowing the lump in her throat.

"I thank you for listening and I will see you at the funeral," Pan finished. She cut the line then leaned back in her seat. Moments later she bent over to put her face in her charred hands.

Words: 13,942

How do I get this graded? Also, I'll post up the second half of this thrilling tale later on.
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Battle for Ris'eneu
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